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Posted by: Emperor Fooble Sep 26 2019, 02:24 AM

After a many year hiatus, I'm looking to hop back into the 40k tourney scene, and have roped a buddy into it as well (huzzah for sharing the driving on interstate roadtrips).

I'm really keen to know what the 'standard' comp package is these days - for reference I'm from Vic but will most likely travel to neighboring states for events as well.

I cannot say I'm interested in no comp events. The shenanigans and army cost to compete there might have been fun when I was younger and even dumber, but not so much these days.

Back in my day it was 1500 points, panel comp, and towards the end there was the glorious document that was Community Comp - hey, it was inflammatory, but it did a pretty good job.

So your bog standard two day event with 20+ people, what sort of guidelines are considered the norm?

Thanks for your replies!

Posted by: Blackhearts Reaver Sep 26 2019, 06:34 AM

I can only speak to SE QLD and 6th ed to 7th ed killed Composition scores (and tourney attendance levels 55-75>> 25max), 8th ed has not managed to wrestle back a community driven less cut throat 40K (numbers have returned somewhat while 8th edition is fresh).... So now we have a free for all of the internet's most math crunched. Alot of tournies have defaulted to the ITC rules (USA) cos they don't want to do the work. ITC has tightened it's restrictions but it still a fairly open (non comp) system with just a few restrictions to trim the crazy....
Before people got used to the new meta, I went to a tourney (34?ish player) that was over 50% Imperial knight armies..... (well some had CP AM batteries).

Now there are a wider variety of lists but they are still mathed out. Max firepower or max chaff, or max Psykic, sometimes a mix but always maxed etc....

I will be starting out Tourneys again and will be experimenting with a comp score out of 10 and it becoming a limit to a maximum Battle score....

10/10 is a soft / friendly army,
1/10 is an extremely powerful / Mathed out army.
your battle score maximum per battle will be the out of 20. (pretty standard)

Your maximum battle score will be 10+ your comp score per round... So if you bring a extremely mean list (2/10 say) the most you can earn a maximum of 12/20 per round from battle score.

Posted by: Krefey Sep 26 2019, 01:11 PM

Comp pretty much doesn't exist anymore now that ITC style events are so prevalent.

Posted by: Emperor Fooble Sep 26 2019, 04:11 PM

That is really depressing BHR.

So the awesome Aussie tourney vibe that loved generalship and all aspects of the hobby has caved in to 3++ math hammer lists?

Posted by: Blackhearts Reaver Sep 26 2019, 04:24 PM

yep the Tourney gaming has become an ugly place. I can remember when going to a tourney was about catching up with they guys you played games with. Now it is an ugly "us vs them" small groups (esp podcast/youtuber) not mixing and basically being ego driven tribalism.

Went back for 8th ed and after 3 tourneys I was playing a person who was playing a rubbish 14 psyker list and he insisted on using a chess clock and would turn it off and not inform me he had changed it over to my turn..... So I was waiting for him to say it was my turn and he had already done it minutes ago.... I re-retired right then I am too old and experienced to be bothered spending time on that.
I have dropped in to various tourneys to have a look and lists are still horrible and it is funny to watch a B+ player play a bum net list and still get trounced by a A grade player with a fairer (but still tough ) list.....

I stopped going to tourneys and have focussed on building the community in my area, enjoying painting miniatures and building all the stuff (models and terrain) in my shed of shame smile.gif. Luckily my little local area is growing fast. We have set up a core group and are running an Escalation campaign gathering players faster than bee's on flowers. Will be running the first Reaver cup in 8+ years at the end of the campaign. smile.gif

Posted by: Kingnova3000 Oct 5 2019, 07:09 AM

QUOTE(Emperor Fooble @ Sep 26 2019, 04:11 PM) *

That is really depressing BHR.

So the awesome Aussie tourney vibe that loved generalship and all aspects of the hobby has caved in to 3++ math hammer lists?

Yeah comp is long gone. 40k has been a pretty cut throat and generally a non-gentlemens game since 6th edition. 8th edition is by the far the worst evolution of this, and that's mostly due to GWs marketing strategies, which mostly focus on derp brain dead and OP rules on their latest and greatest kits. 8th edition is a game of who can roll the most dice with the most re-rolls. The last 40k tournament I ran was at the start of 8th after a long hiatus of being away, and the min-maxed garbage people slapped on the table 100 percent drove the last nail into the coffin.

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