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> Orks, Orks, Orks!.. Orks!!!!!, Whats new?
Blackhearts Reaver
post Nov 3 2018, 08:59 PM
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Looks pretty interesting.

Looks like they have added a lot more anti tanks for the orks and a few more reliable ways to put down damage at range for 8th ed. (see mek guns, flashgitz and new buggies... surprise! . smile.gif ).
There are also plenty of ways of doing 1d3 Mortal wds so orks will be able to wear down the Imperial Knights etc.

A lot of the older models have been relegated to Index only. so your Mega Warboss or Warboss on Warbike are not in the new codex (except Ghaz), Painboy or on bike, or Bigmek (not mega) on foot, the older buggies have not got an entry etc.

-The stratagem add plenty as per other codex.
-the Psypowers haven't changed much. (+1 att and Da jump will be mainstays as usual)
The Kults have add small amounts but nothing groundbreaking compared to previous codex.
-extra hits on 6's (h2h),
-reroll 1's shooting,
-+1" to mv adv and assault rgs,
-Invuln 6+,
-6+ FNP,
-Cover From shooting further than 18" away,
-maybe the Freebooterz if a Freebooterz unit kills something it gives +1 to hit to all freebooterz within 24".

there are also a lot of hidden gems that add small functional power to units like ammo runts are just a reroll (not one off), Tankbusta bombs on 1/10 normal ork boyz (for free), and most places you can add a slugga and choppa for free (eg Nob Bikers/boss nobs/nob squads etc) and then change one or both for better weapons (can be expensive but can add some flexibility in hammer units.).

Big changes like Stormboy IC give fearless stormboyz (6"), Speedmob general rule allowing 1st turn assaults with buggy/ biker units. Old fav's like Da Jump are still in,

So on the whole orks have got a lot faster to assault. wink.gif

More later.

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