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> Admonitions of a Suss Sufferer: Mark 2, all about Mark 3
post Oct 17 2017, 11:51 AM
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Game 253 - Arkadius (Will Work for Food) vs Siege2 (Grave Diggers)

Ye old random we-don't-know-what-we're-doing pickup game.
I dropped the War Hog and Gun Boars as being.....not quite what I want, they are naturally inclined towards the attrition style I'm trying to have a break from.

Taking their place is the glorious Rabo experiment, of 10 Razor Boars and another Gorax.
Premise being that the RaBo's clear impediments to the assassination run and the Gorax is an extra Primal for that purpose.

Arkadius (WWfF) - 2x Road Hog, 10x Razor Boar, Battle Boar, 2x Gorax, Dahlia + Skarath, Targ, Swamp Gobbers, Orin, Efaarit
Siege2 (GD) - Triumph, 2x Grenadiers, Trencher Long Gunners, 2x Siege Busters, Commandos, Trencher infantry, Cannon Crew, Anson, Finn

Scenario is Standoff, I lose the roll and get given second (Sad armpit. Sad faces are cliche.).
The centre of the table is dictated by a small forest and osbtruction, I take the side that can beter deend it's centre rectangle by bottle necking access to contest, plus with Overtake or Road Hog tramples I should be better able to force my way to the Swan zone if relevant.

Basically no other terrain is relevant for how this matchup plays out, probably should ponder on making more interesting local game terrain set ups.

IPB Image
Cygnar 1: Swans run forward. Sure is a lot of dudes. Infantry/Commandos out front, jacks behind them, Long Runngers on the right. Siege goes behind the objective.

IPB Image
Minion 1: Well, we are experimenting with wonky stuff and the Swan list is super far forward. Let's throw the RaBo's in and see how they go.

Arkadius advances, put up Aggravator, gives Primal and Forced Evo to Razor Boars. He feats, getting all the RaBo's and Road Hogs forward.
The Goraxi and Battle Boar advance and throw out more Primals.

Left Road Hog moves to toe the forest, does a shot at four or so models. Misses them all, however it was 8's with only one boost. Mweh.

The Razor Boars go into the various Commandos and Infantryman. The most effective model is Siege's Turret, that kills three or so dudes with its Sentry shot.
When the dust settles about a dozen various Trencher smucks have died and the left Grenadier has lost it's Axe arm.

The other Road Hog and Skarath get in front of Arkadius, who is also behind the Objective.

Oh, the Efaarit botched a shot on the right at the Grenadier, which I accidentally confused with another model I enver see and called it the Mariner. Such insight.

IPB Image
Cygnar 2: Incidentally my wife blame Vadge Best Guy across the table for "many wows" now being in my lexicon. These are the facts people come here for. Centre?

Swans basically start blatting. I lose the left most Rabo, who was one of the random ones who had nothing better to do than pop it's Animus before charging out of command. Another three die in the centre courtesy of Trencher Commandos, Finn and Siege.

Those kills free up models on the right, so the Grenadier, Triumph and Trencher Long Gunners shoot down Skarath. Bugger. Still, least it wasn't Arkadius. Also the Efaarit dies.

No one scores because we are still stupidly early in the game even though it doesn't feel like it.

IPB Image
Minion 2: It's time. To murder Harley Quinn and indoctrinate a new one in (You can only fail to kill the Batman so many times before you lower your goals).

Five of the Rabo's frenzy, mostly on each other, except for the one out on the far elft who passes the roll. One does get to attack Finn, promptly puts him on one box like a git.

Arkadius moves up, boosts a Crippling Grasp onto Siege, repo's back and casts Surgery to heal the Rabo's, ends with one camp from Maltreatment.
The Road Hogs move in front of him, they both spray Siege and double boost, stripping his fury camp, setting him on fire and doing not terrible damage. however, Siege still has to much health for the fire to reliably kill him.

He advances, lightnings, boosts the leap damage, puts him on three boxes.

Gobbers advances and cloud on stuff. Dahlia/Goraxes run around to try to shield Arkadius, should be fine as I don't think I can be shot off the table and Siege can't walk and jump to get to me.

Oh yeah, Hutchuck comes in from teh right and kills 4 Long Gunners because he is a bro.

IPB Image
Cygnar 3: Fire goes out. Dammit.

Turns out Siege's feat also grants him a 3 inch move. Houston, we done ######ed up.

Dahlia is in the way, after multiple failed efforts the Trencher Buster flanks with Ansom to kill her.
Siege then feats, jumps, knocks down the Gorax and kills Arkadius to the box (The chain gun could have moved up and finished him off, oh well).

Lot of thoughts on this one.

Rabo packs of 6+ on Arkadius are a very interesting puzle to plan around on the operation side. They are idal Primal targets, however you have to combine their desire to bacon each other and be base to base with their impending frenzy, controlled by an Overtake move to get them running butts and not looking at each other.

I think 8 RaBo's might be the optimal amount, which is more than expected.
Dahlia should probably leave the list if it is legit meant to be an assassination style.

Yet another game where I picked the wrong upkeep, Guardian Beast would have been far superior and possibly knocks down Siege hilariously.

I have no good reasoning or logic for that casting of Pscho Surgery instead of camping three. Well, I do, however it's because I didn't ask the relevant questions and assumed I was safe from a melee assassination run.
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