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> Southern Kill Team, War Hammer 40,000 Kill Team Campaing
post Nov 24 2015, 08:04 AM
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War Hammer 40,000 Kill Team Campaign

First Sunday of the Month but games can be played any Sunday

Campaign Master - David Sidler
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post Dec 1 2015, 08:52 PM
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Hello Everyone!

I'm finally able to post on the Forum! smile.gif

So far I have interest from 6 people who would like to participate in this campaign, so I have built the campaign around 6 teams. Should more players desire to join I should be able to draft a decent rotation, or perhaps allow players to play additional games for no experience points just so no-one falls behind.

Races will include:

Astra Millitarium

Races may be substituted, but I have already created generic army lists for fluff purposes that players may choose to either use, or discard and create their own.

There will be 30 missions, that will be played over 10 weeks, each race being given 10 missions that are designed specifically for their army. (Don't bother doing the math and trust me that it makes sense).

I have only written about half of the missions at the Moment (10 Astra Millitarium, 2 Eldar, 3 Kroot, 2 Ork, 1 Ultramarine and 5 Tau)

To wet your appetite I will post the beginning of my Fluff here:

Deep within the forest world of Pech, Home World to the Kroot our Gue-Vesa spies report a hive of Tau involvement on the planets surface.
It has been reported that a large weapon codename: Doomsday has been smuggled to the planet in pieces to be assembled in an as yet undisclosed location.
The Imperium has decreed that such a large defensive weapon could potentially solidify the Tau in their position on the Eastern fringe for a potential 4th expansion. In the interest of the safety of the Imperium, full out war with the Tau Empire has been considered undesirable as the potential losses will far exceed any gains by taking the eastern fringe worlds.
Sargent Harker, you; and a squadron of your finest veteran warriors, have been chosen to take a small force down to the surface of Pech, find Doomsday and sabotage its construction. Once deployed all knowledge of Imperial involvement will be destroyed and in the event of death or capture the Imperium will deny all knowledge and will be branded as Gue-Vesa renegades.
Due to the planets location on the eastern fringe be aware that Ork or Eldar involvement may be present as a Craftworld has recently been recorded in the vicinity and the planet has been attacked by 6 imperial recorded Ork invasions over the past century, discretionary caution is advised. Be aware that the Kroot will be ever present in overwhelming numbers and are likely to devour all who stand between the Tau and the Doomsday weapon.
In the event of your death or failure Sargent Telion of the Ultramarines will be sent as reinforcements in 6 days time to complete your mission.

Mission One: Landing
The Tau have at least a 3 day head start on us, and they had the luxury of at least landing out in the open. We haven't been so lucky, our Valkyrie was shot down upon our encroachment on the Pech outer atmosphere, we crash landed in the heavy forest. This has turned out to be both a blessing and a curse for us, as the forest will keep us well hidden from the Tau warships that fly overhead, but it also keeps us in the dark. Night is coming soon and commanders have told us stories of Colonel Shaffer and his Last Chancers and their encounters with the Kroot Carnivores, their desire to consume us for our essence, much in the same way as the Tyranid swarm.
Our first mission will be to scout and purge the immediate area and set up a base of operations, to monitor Kroot hunting tribes throughout the forest as well as locating Tau patrols that are said to be transporting one of each of the 4 pieces of Operation: Doomsday to an undisclosed Kroot fortification.

For more information I will leave a link to my Kill Team rule book, which is Live and I am adding to it daily if you have any desire to go over mission parameters, game rules specific to Kill Team. My goal is to write a booklet containing all 30 missions, as well as all rules/stats for all models in all 6 teams making the book a complete compendium of everything necessary so that you need not purchase a rule book at all and simply use my Booklet for the campaign.

Feel free to comment, I am open to ideas and expression of interest, and hey, if you're a Necron or a Chaos ect... player and you can inspire me and demonstrate that you want to join in, I may just write you an additional 10 campaigns so that you can participate too.
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