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Posted by: VisOne May 13 2017, 01:03 AM

So I finally got round to getting my little force for Shadow Wars: Armageddon and who knows maybe even 8th Edition 40K started.

I've always being an Eldar player so if I am going to start back in its always going to be there so here is what I could be bothered getting an Autarch the new plastic one which is not a bad model I would have loved a option without the swooping hawk wings but what ever its a nice model. A box of Dire Avengers which I quickly remember I hate soo soooo sooooo much got to be one of the worst models to build this is my 4th time making the bastards. A box of guardians which aren't much better than Dire Avengers and the new plastic Wraith Guard so I can have CC plebs and shooty plebs cause why not?

Ohh and a cause I have always loved that model almost as much as I love the Super Heavies but I ain't made of money or insane so yeah a Hornet will do.

I'm a massive Aspect Warrior chump but I have never liked painting white so Biel-Tan as much as I dig them was out. I used to run Ulthwé before I could paint cause black priming is a colour right? So this time I decided no I will do something different push my skills a bit and take on yellow because I'm an idiot and if I have a bunch of Wraith Bone zombie plebs why not just go Iyanden? Plus they are!

So I have my Autarch and Dire Avengers assembled after much fluffing about and swearing and they are still covered in mould lines since I got super angry and just went screw it they are table top plastics I can live with it.

IPB Image

My Autarch will get a name at some time using some random name generator crap for Eldars but now he shall be Captain Cockatoo since I'm pretty sure if I don't get some you know not Blue and Yellow on this dude soon he is going to look like a complete idiot.

IPB Image

The Dire Avenges have suffered from the age old yes you have 7 Shades of Blue but none of them work here so lets just use two and hope it works out fine. Ignore the gloss they just got varnished I'm going to panel line all these #### for brains to hopefully make the airbrushing gradients pop who knows?

So yeah there here I am once again painting plastics and just trying to get the foot plebs busted so I have an idea on how to approach the other larger models like the Wraith Guard and Hornet. Feel free to join me on the rage ride that is batch painting!

Posted by: VisOne May 13 2017, 08:49 AM

So just messed around with the Autarch a little this morning before I head to the club.

IPB Image

Standing by the name of Captain Cockatoo for now.

IPB Image

I've quickly realized that the standard clean pop right off the table Eldar look isn't my thing these guys are going to be washed out, gritty and clearly stuck in a long campaign of on going battles but that kind of suits Iyanden I feel as the Craft World that gets things done.

Posted by: flying poo May 13 2017, 12:01 PM

Liking the look so far. Gritty Eldar will be a nice change.
Keen to see this works out.

Posted by: VisOne May 18 2017, 01:49 PM

So some progress,

I ruined him a whole bunch since I'm not used to working with light plastics any more I dropped him not once, not twice but three times into my paint station.

So I have to redo the wins and other areas with the airbrush but that can wait till after I finish the last of the details. I've given up on the idea of edge highlighting well anything ever since I just am not that patient. tongue.gif

Posted by: Zenithfleet Jun 19 2017, 11:08 PM

Looking very noice mate.

Captain Kho-Katyu perhaps? (Hyphen represents dignified Eldar pause that connotes a thousand meanings incomprehensible to more primitive species and is generally accompanied by a disdainful raised eyebrow)

Posted by: Fluffy05 Jun 19 2017, 11:27 PM

Very nice brushwork:)


Posted by: VisOne Jul 25 2017, 09:34 AM

Right so Shadow Wars isn't really my thing it seems but enough of my mates and old garage gamer buddys are giving 8th a go I'll finish these bad boys off this week in between work. Progress shots up again soon expect speed painting!

Posted by: VisOne Jul 27 2017, 12:36 AM

IPB Image

Plebs painted up and based.

Waiting on magnets to fix the Exarch up.

Posted by: VisOne Aug 1 2017, 08:31 AM

Next batch of things are under way. With the extra boxes and boxes of stuff Joshie gave me I've got like 149 Power worth of Aeldari now mostly Spirit Host things. Which I guess is fortuitous since I've being painting them as Iyanden more or less.

IPB Image

So since I he had stared building some of it and my mate from Paroxysm Games has arranged to throw down with my at 50 power I knocked up the following list.

6 - Autarch w/ Swooping Hawk Wings
3 - Warlock
3 - Dire Avenger Squad w/ Exarch
4 - Guardian Defenders w/ Heavy Weapons Platform
10 - Wraith Guard Squad
10 - Wraith Guard Squad
7 - Wraith Lord
7 - Wraith Lord


Its not really min/maxed or anything its just a what I can get to the table fastest sort of thing and it kind of has the spirit host/Iyanden vibe going. The Autarch can be swapped out for a Farseer (6) or Spiritseer (4) without messing anything around as can the Wraith Guard/Wraith Blades they cost the same regardless in power level. Haven't point costed it yet I'm magnetizing weapons on everything anyway so I don't have to worry about WYSIWYG.

IPB Image

Anyway I'll get the Guardians and the 2 Wraith Guards built, primed and at least the yellow down today hopefully I refuse to play unpainted but I might accept partially painted at least. tongue.gif

P.S. Ignore anything you see that is odd like Wraithlords without hands/blades weapons etc its all going to be there once I do a great big magnetizing session. I seriously think I will play without weapons for a bit while I learn the rules in these fun games. Besides all of my weapons are going to be black with mild grey to white highlights I think easy to do all the vehicle/platform weapons all at once.

Posted by: VisOne Aug 6 2017, 10:16 PM

Ok so last post was on Monday and I've put about 2 hours into this project each night up until now and this is the results.

IPB Image

A perfectly reasonable but not fully WYSIWYG force but hey beggars can't be choosers and for LoS play purposes its all there. I feel a lot better about the colours and theme at this point too the Autarch and Avengers were really throwing me and made we feel like I missed the mark.


cough cough

So yeah happy enough now.

Plus this?

IPB Image


I think it will look better on a Falcon Chassis but for now this is what I have and its not terrible.

Posted by: morsla Aug 6 2017, 10:28 PM

I think it looks great. Keeps the dominant colour as Iyanden's yellow, but adds enough blue (and a nice pattern) to sit somewhere between the guardian/spirit colours and the aspect warriors.

If you wanted to be really fancy, you could add the same patterning to shoulders of the two Wraithlords wink.gif

Posted by: VisOne Aug 7 2017, 07:24 AM

QUOTE(morsla @ Aug 6 2017, 10:28 PM) *

If you wanted to be really fancy, you could add the same patterning to shoulders of the two Wraithlords wink.gif

Actually I did the inverse colours on there helmets on both the guard and lord's but the hexagon pattern is too large for the area.

I'll do the Wraith Knight though it's got surfaces large enough I think.

Posted by: Ronin Aug 7 2017, 09:07 AM

Nothing says space age fancy tech like hexes. I like how subtle it is too, just the right touch.

These look great man, makes me wish id cut my teeth playing eldar with an airbrush.

Cheers, Ronin

Posted by: VisOne Aug 7 2017, 11:02 AM

QUOTE(Ronin @ Aug 7 2017, 09:07 AM) *

These look great man, makes me wish id cut my teeth playing eldar with an airbrush.

Me too I wouldn't have sold off 7000 point's of built and magnetised Eldar if I had my airbrush back in the day. It's so much easier to get things to the table with one.

Now if only someone made a machine that did edge highlights. tongue.gif

Posted by: VisOne Aug 8 2017, 01:11 AM

Well had my outing tonight took us a good 4 hours to get through the game just choose good old killy killy No Mercy as the mission and rolled up Search and Destroy for deployment. I choose my table edge based on line of sight and piled force Mellow Yellow into it.

IPB Image

As expected it was a blood bath it took me a good couple of turns to work out how to get the most out of my Farseer using Guide on my Guardians and Doom on anything I just wanted dead. Plus to get good effect out of my ability Battle Focus which basically is fleet of foot these days. So I soon found I could move + advance pretty much my whole force and take no penalties for doing so.

IPB Image

My biggest issue though was the Dual Onager Dunecrawler bubble with dual Tech Priest Dominus keeping the damn things up and running and rerolling 1's. These things just wasted everything they could see the Neutron laser is no ones friend in the old Power Points games thats for sure. I will have to be more creative in how I go up against them in the future. I need to break there bubble get those rerolls away from them and stop the rerolls for the Emanatus Force Field as well. All in all these things will forever be a PITA I'm sure.

I didn't really have a MVP things did there jobs more or less they got dead because of me more or less everything was ok except the Dire Avengers they are poop they will be getting replaced by more Guardians ASAP me thinks. tongue.gif

Posted by: VisOne Aug 10 2017, 11:21 PM

So serpents are in and built but now I have a serious conundrum.

IPB Image

Is the blue turret toooooooo much?

IPB Image

Should I stick to the overall yellow scheme and just have a yellow turret.

Maybe it would look better if I blend it in so the edges aren't so garish?


Posted by: Fluffy05 Aug 11 2017, 12:19 PM

It looks good!

maybe use The Hex pattern again with the yellow?

Posted by: Caliginous Aug 11 2017, 12:59 PM

Yeah man, looks great as is - but I like your idea of blending on the turret too, I think that would work a treat.

Posted by: VisOne Aug 11 2017, 01:44 PM

Consensus is blending the turret here and elsewhere. So I'll go yelow base's up to blue but no more hex it becomes too busy to the eye otherwise.

See if I can get it done tonight.

Posted by: VisOne Aug 12 2017, 08:50 AM

Much more better'er'errr

IPB Image

I'm dreading finishing the assembling and airbrushing stages here once I start block painting and detailing I'm sure I'm going to go insane. tongue.gif

Posted by: Caliginous Aug 13 2017, 12:07 AM

Yep, nailed it.

Posted by: VisOne Aug 16 2017, 12:48 AM

Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Guardian RUNS AWAY!

IPB Image

I'm pretty happy with the way the cockpits came out. I tried using the hexagon pattern on them but once again it looked silly on such a small area so I went with this.

The Guardians well I just need more blebs and Guardians are pretty cheap and kind of useful plebs especially compared to my other options.

Posted by: Ronin Aug 23 2017, 01:19 PM

Very tasty. Like whats been done, and im sure doing weapons and such things will bring it all together nicely.

Agree the cockpit cant be hexed, its be wierd as hell.

Posted by: VisOne Aug 25 2017, 08:26 AM

Cheers man,

I had a game the other day 1000 points using this list.

++ Battalion (CP +3) (Aeldari_Unified) ++

+ Troops +

Dire Avengers: Dire Avenger Exarch
. 4x Dire Avenger: 4x Avenger Shuriken Catapult
. Two Avenger Catapults: 2x Avenger Shuriken Catapult

Guardian Defenders: Bright Lance, 10x Guardian, Heavy Weapon Platform

Guardian Defenders: 10x Guardian, Heavy Weapon Platform, Shuriken Cannon

+ Elites +

Wraithguard: 5x D-Scythe, 5x Wraithguard

+ HQ +

Farseer: Singing Spear

Warlock: Singing Spear

+ Heavy Support +

Wraithlord: 2x Aeldari Missile Launcher, Ghostglaive, 2x Shuriken Catapult

+ Dedicated Transport +

Wave Serpent: Shuriken Cannon, Star Engines, Twin Shuriken Cannon

Sits right on 999 and I played against a pretty much out of box Death Guard army but with Typhus in it. Just took so long to put a dint in his forces since everything had Disgustingly Resilient and my opponent rolls 5/6's like its going out of fashion.

I quickly realized why I like Bolt Action more as D6 game not having a billion rerolls and armour type saves makes the game way less triesome thats for sure. I just stopped asking why he was rolling after a while too many special rules to keep on top of. mellow.gif

I realize now that Disgustingly Resilient/Fortune/Feel No Pain etc aren't armour saves there is armour saves which can be out right mathed to auto fail and ALL THIS OTHER GUFF that comes into play after armour saves but it still irks me a little.

Posted by: VisOne Sep 3 2017, 10:02 PM

Being really busy at work with well basically everything going wrong fridge broke, lost and employee for the best part of a week due to an incident in the family, freezer broke and we got audited by council (standard operational thing) so the hobby front has being slow.

But I have got this far after some wheeling and dealing.

IPB Image

My favorite Autarch is back in my possession, as well as my favorite Phoenix Lord who is a short bastard in dire need of a resculpt. I even got the limited edition Ranger feeling out a 5 or 10 man squad there so I'm pretty happy now to prime and start the layering process on this lot.

Plus so aren't far off building and basing after there last dip and polish tomorrow.

So I can run this more or less.

++ Battalion (CP +3) (Aeldari_Unified) [997 Pts] ++

+ Troops [420 Pts] +

Guardian Defenders [110 Pts]: Aeldari Missile Launcher [25 Pts], 10x Guardian [80 Pts], Heavy Weapon Platform [5 Pts]

Guardian Defenders [110 Pts]: Aeldari Missile Launcher [25 Pts], 10x Guardian [80 Pts], Heavy Weapon Platform [5 Pts]

Rangers [100 Pts]: 5x Ranger [100 Pts]

Rangers [100 Pts]: 5x Ranger [100 Pts]

+ Elites [105 Pts] +

Striking Scorpions [105 Pts]: Striking Scorpion Exarch [17 Pts]
. Shuriken Pistol and Biting Blade [12 Pts]: Biting Blade [12 Pts]
. 4x Striking Scorpion [76 Pts]: 4x Scorpion Chainsword [8 Pts]

+ HQ [268 Pts] +

Autarch with Warp Jump Generator [100 Pts]: Forceshield [8 Pts], Fusion Gun [17 Pts], Mandiblasters, Scorpion Chainsword [2 Pts]

Karandras [168 Pts]

+ Fast Attack [96 Pts] +

Vypers [96 Pts]: Bright Lance [20 Pts], Shuriken Cannon [12 Pts], Vyper [64 Pts]

+ Heavy Support [108 Pts] +

Dark Reapers [108 Pts]: Dark Reaper Exarch [5 Pts], Reaper Launcher [31 Pts]
. 2x Dark Reaper [72 Pts]: 2x Reaper Launcher [62 Pts]

++ Total: [997 Pts] ++

Posted by: VisOne Sep 12 2017, 10:45 AM

IPB Image

I'm such a morally corrupt person I clearly have a problem. sleep.gif

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

I could list all the nonsense but I guess its easier to just list what I have left to build.

10 x Wraith Guard/Blades
1 x Wraith Knight

Some misc Howling Banshees and Swooping Hawks but not enough to warrant my time since they can't make full squads.

Than its just a stupidly large amount of batch painting since if I were to finish 'a squad at a time' this will never be done. unsure.gif

Posted by: VisOne Sep 21 2017, 03:19 AM

The batch painting never ends.

But at least it's all tabletop ready now. Each unit is clear enough what it is and there's no white metal or sprue grey to be seen.

IPB Image

Posted by: Fluffy05 Sep 21 2017, 03:12 PM

Ahhh Batch Painting (I hate it but it works).

Nice work by the way! You have some great colour on the figures smile.gif

Posted by: Lextheimpaler Sep 21 2017, 06:24 PM

Nice work, will look mint when all done.

Posted by: VisOne Oct 2 2017, 09:42 AM

Well I'm still painting black on things and I have a game organised today but haven't made a list or what ever.

In more important news my lack of smarts strikes me again and I brought some not guard to be guard who are actually storm troopers but not storm troopers because storm troopers don't exist any more but they will sometimes be storm troopers I think kind of maybe?

IPB Image

I'm an idiot help me make it a fluffy list over in

Posted by: VisOne Oct 7 2017, 10:26 PM

I used to be a big shuricant user now I can finally be a shurican user thanks to the power of magnets!

IPB Image

But seriously was getting sick of running around with no weapons.

Hopefully can do the guardians platforms tomorrow if my back doesn't keep me from the desk.

Also quick question what should I do with the gun shields?

Weapons will be black-ish should I keep it blue to match the turret?

Posted by: VisOne Oct 8 2017, 11:48 PM

Got a filthy casual game in today against sisters.

First of all acts of faiths can die in a hole. Second having a rule that default gives you an invulnerable save to everything in your force (more or less) can die in a hole. Thirdly real shame I can't just run a list with nothing but Wave Serpents I might actually win games more. tongue.gif

IPB Image

Pretty standard little 1000 point game on a 4' by 4'.

He played down to my level at least by not bringing the premier OP bad assery that is the Celestine with he literary of broken #### which would have taken me in an uncomfortable place AND I DON'T MEAN THE BACK OF A VOLKSWAGON!

Anyway fun game stole the win with a Scorpion Exarch grabbing the Objective and cheesing it back into a near by Wave Serpent and running away for the rest of the game. 100% space elf nonsense wins the day. Because I was getting my #### pushed in otherwise.

This was easily the most fun I've had in a while some good old garage gaming.

Posted by: Lextheimpaler Oct 9 2017, 05:34 AM

Lol back of VW. Very jelly, wish i got games.

Posted by: Caliginous Oct 9 2017, 11:30 AM

Looking awesome, mate. Table looks great too!

Posted by: VisOne Oct 10 2017, 12:15 PM

Cheers guys,

I did a thing today in between back pain and family.

IPB Image

I love me an Asurmen but he is literally the worse of the tiny metal space elves so I saw a concept kitbash of the Visarch as Asurmen so now I have both cause magnets and reasons.

IPB Image

He has since being primed.

Posted by: Lextheimpaler Oct 10 2017, 12:41 PM

Very cool. BAck pain is the worst, take it easy hope it gets better soon.

Posted by: Arch_Magos_Kasen Oct 10 2017, 10:36 PM

Damn, that is a cool conversion idea.

Third on the back pain. It is pretty ####.

Posted by: VisOne Oct 11 2017, 03:24 PM

Cheers guys I could have done it better I am of course getting flak off the die hards in the Eldar group that I haven't resessed the magnets enough, used the wrong head and didn't change this or that but hey screw them its my mini and I'm about playing painted not modelling displays.

Also this back pain thing is annoying AF! I pulled a small muscle in my lower back like 7 weeks ago and its still giving me grief. I don't notice it as much at work per say but by the time I'm home or my days off it gives me a lot of grief. sad.gif

Posted by: Maxo_Q Oct 11 2017, 04:53 PM

QUOTE(VisOne @ Oct 11 2017, 03:24 PM) *

Cheers guys I could have done it better I am of course getting flak off the die hards in the Eldar group that I haven't resessed the magnets enough, used the wrong head and didn't change this or that but hey screw them its my mini and I'm about playing painted not modelling displays.

Also this back pain thing is annoying AF! I pulled a small muscle in my lower back like 7 weeks ago and its still giving me grief. I don't notice it as much at work per say but by the time I'm home or my days off it gives me a lot of grief. sad.gif

Time for some physio bro.

I am on an extended period of leave. If you have a free weekday for some Infinity or 40k give me a call. I can run some sisters if you like.

Posted by: Fluffy05 Oct 11 2017, 04:54 PM

QUOTE(VisOne @ Oct 11 2017, 03:24 PM) *

Cheers guys I could have done it better I am of course getting flak off the die hards in the Eldar group that I haven't resessed the magnets enough, used the wrong head and didn't change this or that but hey screw them its my mini and I'm about playing painted not modelling displays.

Also this back pain thing is annoying AF! I pulled a small muscle in my lower back like 7 weeks ago and its still giving me grief. I don't notice it as much at work per say but by the time I'm home or my days off it gives me a lot of grief. sad.gif

Been there and done that. Take care of it as it takes a long time to heal thew soft tissue damage. Do physio or whatever you need to do to make it repair properly and safely.

I have had 3 back operations and it is not pleasant (not the end of the world though). I generally plan my modelling and painting in half hour blocks and then get up and do something else for a bit and come back to it. It works well for me and others may have other tips.

Nice conversion! as you say. Your Model, you paid for it. Build and paint it any way you like armata_PDT_37.gif

Posted by: VisOne Oct 14 2017, 07:05 AM

Thanks for the advice fellas here is some topical nonsense.

Called it early at work yesterday (what a drama that was but screw that noise) anyway back was giving me grief so saw the local GP and its off to CT scans to confirm what I'm 99% sure of that its soft tissue. I'll do physio and what not after that its silly any other job and I wouldn't be in this state I've do heavy lifting, rinse and repeat jobs for years but as soon as I'm back in a dinky pub kitchen I do my back so typical. But thems the breaks when your forced to rush constantly, have no lifting aids and the site hasn't had much or any risk mitigation put in place I.E. no ramps for trolleys which go IN and OUT of cold room constantly. Enough of that!

QUOTE(Maxo_Q @ Oct 11 2017, 04:53 PM) *
I am on an extended period of leave. If you have a free weekday for some Infinity or 40k give me a call. I can run some sisters if you like.

I'll shoot you a PM mate see if we can catch a game next week. I assume you have your rug rat I will have James so they can annoy each other. tongue.gif

Posted by: VisOne Oct 14 2017, 09:32 PM

Oh I've got a bad case of pins and magnets.

*ba dum tish*

Tough crowd here.

IPB Image

Anyway I've magnetised these bastard things before but the magnets small enough to counter sink into the platforms and weapons are annoying to use and even N50's (highest easily obtained strength of magnet) aren't amazing at holding them into position. Pins are good but the much harder stainless steel or brass wears the much weaker plastic out over time and they get loose.

So I thought why not have both?

Happy with the execution and when it's seated correctly you have good adherence, hidden magnets and pins. Plus easy to paint since you have something to hold and place into corks/clips/what have you.

Yes they seat flush just like normal I just left that one up high so you can see exactly where I have drilled the hole for the pin.

Magnet is seated underneath so you can't see it normally on the table top.

Posted by: VisOne Dec 29 2017, 09:54 PM

Vissy's back, back again, Vissy's back tell a friend ...... .. ... .... Yeah anyway X-mas is over'ish and that means I have a life again sort of well you know it actually means business will return to a reasonable sedate level and my immediate 'superiors' at work can settle down with the nonsensical requests that effect my home/hobbylyfe.

So I have being doing the things and this is my thread for showing off things so here are the things.

So more mans and little mans in vehicles have arrived or were shaken haphazardly out of the box'o'shame under my hobby bench about this many.

IPB Image

Most are now 'painted' to this level.

IPB Image

I have even had 2 games didn't get pictures of me finally beating Josh's Death Guard with a dual Ulthwe Aspects (sweet sweet FNP's) Vanguard and Alaitoc Ranger and Hornets Outrider list. It was pretty damn cool to finally not get ground into the dirt for once.

However my game with Brendan and his got quite a few. We called it a draw but who knows who would have won in a tournameant as I forgot like 200 points of my force a entire squad of Dark Reapers and he had troops near the final objective and we didn't measure it to the millimeter. We played open war and the objective would not drop to the third turn. I was confident I would get first turn and held every as deepstrike or webway portal strike except for my 2 Wave Serpents both with Wraith Blades inside my Autarch and a Spiritseer accompanied one squad each.

IPB Image

My aggressive deployment wasn't a great idea as you can see he stole the first turn and dropped his immortals and destroyer lord on my flank. Shot the #### out of one of my Wave Serpents and I was forced to wheel and engage them.

IPB Image

I put down the Immortals easily enough but his Destroyer Lord survived and regenerated all its wounds as it flew around the next few turns. I mistakenly left my Banshees out in the open and learnt that Flayed Ones have a stupidly high number of base attacks when they came crawling out of the ruins and charged me next turn. A bucket of saves later my Banshees were gone and my Warp Spiders were called back to eliminate the new threat.

Soon after turn 3 starts and the objective luckily drops in the quarter I have being forced into so I'm in a decent spot to defend it.

IPB Image

Soon after I'm literally getting swarmed by Destroyers on one side and an Annihilation Barge on the other chipping more wounds off my Serpents till one comes crashing down. In return with Brendans help I thanks to the Necrons special shields I need to chip away from them as well so my Shooping Hawks pepper the barge with mortal wounds and laser blasts till it too is gone.

Around this time all my troops are out either all deepstriked on the board, have disembarked the Wave Serpents or if your a Dark Reaper COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT! A lot of #### blocking, shooting, close combat of every type we have this final shot.

IPB Image

He has 3 Swarms left, an untouched Ghost Ark and those 7 Warriors who are either winning or losing the game depending on whether there within 3" of that objectve marker. Which normally I assume would be 32mm or 40mm base not a 25mm like it is. I shot the #### out of them, charged them and this was the best I could do so thats when we called it a draw.

Thanks for reading,

Posted by: Zenithfleet Dec 31 2017, 12:01 AM

Thanks for the battle report mate--looks like it was a fun game.

Those Wave Serpents are looking great too. armata_PDT_34.gif

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