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> [40k] Vissy's: Codex Creep What Codex Creep?, Aeldari Done Cordonblue
post May 13 2017, 01:03 AM
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So I finally got round to getting my little force for Shadow Wars: Armageddon and who knows maybe even 8th Edition 40K started.

I've always being an Eldar player so if I am going to start back in its always going to be there so here is what I could be bothered getting an Autarch the new plastic one which is not a bad model I would have loved a option without the swooping hawk wings but what ever its a nice model. A box of Dire Avengers which I quickly remember I hate soo soooo sooooo much got to be one of the worst models to build this is my 4th time making the bastards. A box of guardians which aren't much better than Dire Avengers and the new plastic Wraith Guard so I can have CC plebs and shooty plebs cause why not?

Ohh and a Eldar - Hornet cause I have always loved that model almost as much as I love the Super Heavies but I ain't made of money or insane so yeah a Hornet will do.

I'm a massive Aspect Warrior chump but I have never liked painting white so Biel-Tan as much as I dig them was out. I used to run Ulthwé before I could paint cause black priming is a colour right? So this time I decided no I will do something different push my skills a bit and take on yellow because I'm an idiot and if I have a bunch of Wraith Bone zombie plebs why not just go Iyanden? Plus they are the Craft World that gets #### done!

So I have my Autarch and Dire Avengers assembled after much fluffing about and swearing and they are still covered in mould lines since I got super angry and just went screw it they are table top plastics I can live with it.

IPB Image

My Autarch will get a name at some time using some random name generator crap for Eldars but now he shall be Captain Cockatoo since I'm pretty sure if I don't get some you know not Blue and Yellow on this dude soon he is going to look like a complete idiot.

IPB Image

The Dire Avenges have suffered from the age old yes you have 7 Shades of Blue but none of them work here so lets just use two and hope it works out fine. Ignore the gloss they just got varnished I'm going to panel line all these #### for brains to hopefully make the airbrushing gradients pop who knows?

So yeah there here I am once again painting plastics and just trying to get the foot plebs busted so I have an idea on how to approach the other larger models like the Wraith Guard and Hornet. Feel free to join me on the rage ride that is batch painting!

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