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> Admonitions of a Suss Sufferer: Mark 2, all about Mark 3
post Sep 8 2018, 10:56 PM
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Game 352 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs High Reclaimer1 (FM)

Alas, some of the WTC list tech has immediately appeared locally as High Reclaimer runs the double Signs and Portented Judicator of Doom. Few rules have ever felt as pointless as Inaccurate on the rocket.

Dropping the Rask all the Bone Swarms list (well, 5 iterations of anyway), as he's my more likely Menoth drop while Harby continues to stalk my waking nightmares (The sleeping ones are to messed up to post anyhere, even this quiet dusty tumbleweed plagued corner of the inertwebz).

Aside from the Judy the Menites have double Idrians, double the whatsit cannons, double Mounter Wall dudes and....sigh.....double kicky monks.

Far and away the most important terrain piece is a lvoely big central forest.
I win the die roll and pick first, I end with a fog in the left zone, a trench in my rectangle and a wall in the right zone.
Menites have a not super relevant water/forest deal on their flanks, they have a wall that crosses the border of the left/rectangle zone and plonk down an equivalent wall from the theme force on the opposite side. Whatever, just look at the damn picks and it'll make sense.

Beyond moving up and feating, not sure how this will go. Long term game plan is to get Brine into the Judicator. Said big Pig sadly looks delicous to the native tribes the Menites have forcibly inducted into their cult, so they both Prey him. Totem Hunter preys the left unit of Idrians, though it doesn't feel like a great choice.

IPB Image
Round 1: Dahlia is chilling out on the left, quite concerned about the possibility of her being Ashes to Ashes to dead, so anticipating her staying up back in super brave mode.
She walks up a way, puts haunting Melody up and mist Walker on la Snek, who Riles and runs up into the cloud.

Bone Swarms move up the centre, Rask puts Admonition on the front one, uses Veil of Mists to extend the centre forest and Furies up Brine.
Ninja Pig moves up shy of Idrian pew pew range, all the support staff chill out back.

The Pots shuffle up on either flank, one Bone Swarm goes up to the wall on the right zone.

Menites run the centre Idrians up, sending a couple to jam. Admonition triggers to move a Bone Swarm up. Right unit moves up and does some CRA's on the Bone Swarm behind the wall, maul it pretty good.
One of the Sunburst pew pew guns (Both of which are on the left) manages to clip the Totem Hunter with an AoE and set him alight, so that wasn't cool. Nice guys don't set FA1's that used to be a character aflame like that.

In a shocking wtist of events, the Judicator got Hand of Fate. It runs up the centre leaning toward the right side.

IPB Image
Rask 2: Standard top of 2 for Raskalosk, feat and set up positioning. Send something in as a missile.

Rask moves up, kills an Idrian, feats, throws down spells including a Veil of Mists in the left zone. Wrastler moves in front of him and Animi's.
Centre two Bone Swarms kill some Idrians to feed the left Pot. Totem Hunter kills another pair and Sprints to my objective.

Alten Ashley got magic weapons off the objective, moves up and kills the Wrack. Its explosion pops a pair of Sunburster crews, so some things are working out.

In this instance the missile it's the left most Boneswarm, who gets Boundless Charged, Fury and Rage. He goes into the left side Champion of the Wall. Alas I completely forgot to add the Puppet Strings and corpses of the left pot, so it misses its charge attack. Does dismount the the dude, only to then lose its mind to a return attack that it didn't have the corpse token to heal. Lot of wasted resources for just a dismount.

Skarath gets to move up, sprays down the Idrian Officer and toughs out a kicky monk. Come on Corrosion, you can do it!

Other solos just run around, Ninja Pig stays back, right Boneswarm forgets to activate.

IPB Image
Menoth 2: The Judicator discovers it is in a positioning nightmare, as it can't get over the objective and the theme wall.

Why yes, your honour, my reminder notice that I hadn't finished this one had in fact gone into the pitiless void that is the...I dunno, feeding ground of Weeboos who are wrong about the best Full Metal Alchemist character or something.

The various solos sod up killing the left Bone swarm, so High Reclaimer feats back the Idrians that didn't get RFP'ed and gets the job done.

Idrians swarm up on the right, they CRA down the Boneswarm that was behind the wall, repo to positions of annoyance.

Judicator ends up fanging to the left in the Menoth Rectangle, targets an Idrian to spray the two central Bone Swarms in the forest. Messes them both up super hard. Thankfully there weren't targets after that so they hand on with a couple boxes while being on fire.

Menites score their rectangle and the right zone, 0-2.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Snek passes its Frenzy check and only one of the central bone swarms dies to fire, so it's trivial for the Swarm to kill the solo blocking Skarath. Skarath then gets every buff under the sun, charges Reclaimer and dirts him with ease.

Hard opening game for the Menoth list, positioning not sussed out yet and the central forest is pretty helpful to me. About to swappsies my Menoth Mystery box, so expecting the future sadness that is double Judy builds soon.
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post Sep 10 2018, 12:34 PM
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Game 353/4 - Cyphon1 (OT) vs Locke1 (DI) plus Footnote

Ye old weekend pickup Gamerooos!
Drought has actually caused a marked increase in giant jumping rats pondering onto roads hereabouts, the corpses are becoming more frequent than normal.

Took a few different lists along to mix it up for opponents. It's Locke in CoC, the best of form of the mechanical fastening person. Now mixing it up by dropping out the Axiom, not sure that's a decision I agree with, though I seem pretty bad at accurately measuring how much output it'll give out.

Rocking some Cyphonage, having dropped all the funky stuff to end up with double eliminators, min Drudge Bender unit, Machine Wraith, max Agitators. Numerous desperate attempts to get a 7th Monstrosity in just didn't work without losing to much other stuff.

Locke has a bunch of Vectors with questionable names that do stuff.

Mirage. Awkward for the Agitators, they don't really want to get up and score that much.
Central small forest, fog on the right, flanking trenches. I win the roll for first, giving Coc a wall near the left most flag. There's other terrain, it doesn't have an enormous effect.

The Reflex Servitors are proxies for Elimination ones.

IPB Image
Round 1: Everything moves up, it's a front line of Monstrosities. Onslaught goes up in case the CoC Cipher lands some annoying rough terrain.
With Kayazy stabs a few focus ends up sitting on the right flank Heavies.
The Machine Wraith runs off to the right, feeling somewhat starved at the complete lack of cortexes (Basically a Vector for it is an empty pizza box to a hungover youth).
The horde of support/secondary models buzz around in my backfield.

Convergence run up, the two Conservators go up behind the central forest, awaiting being super mean with Road to War.
Assimilator and Donginator go out on the left, light vectors in the back centre and the Cipher/2d Donginator on the right. Servitors throughout.

IPB Image
Ceph 2: The real issue with playing the Rask list at the moment is it has a load of Puppet Strong effects, creating an expectation that any roll of middling importance with have a mulligan.
In any event, the Corrolary has a clear drag line, so Cyphon shuffles around, pops a Drudge and...fails to land the 6 to hit. Oh well, Gallows is the height of hoping for perfectly average dice, so a fools errand.

The Monstrosities bundle up in front of Cyphon, CoC having done a good job of policing the threat ranges. Eliminators run around, one goes at the top of my zone as a blocker, other unit goes around the right flag.

IPB Image
CoC 2: Assimilator Grounder Pounders away an Overlord to move forward a Conservator. Said Vector moves in, kills a Kayazy to move his bro in. Both Shield Guard Floaty Bots end up in my zone where they murder an innocent Subduer (Truth. Monstrosities are basically kidnapped dudes stuffed with more flesh and steroids than an 80's Wrestler. Another bizarro conversion idea I'm to lazy for, alas the team of Immortal Warrior, Rick Rude, Brutus Beefcake, British Bulldogs and the pre-governator/predator Jesse Ventura).

Locke feats defensively, chills up back with stuff in the way. Primary concern being that going for the Conservators will generate the Catalytic tokens.

CoC score the left and centre flags plus their own zone, so 0-3.

IPB Image
Ceph 3: In which hitting things is difficult and Monstrosities have to become Proxy bases.

Plan is to remove four opposing heavies, which should set me up pretty well for the attrition win.
Cyphon is outside of Locke's control area, so gets to upkeep onslaught, allocate all his focus and back up while feating.

Left most Agitator shuffles a bit and Instigates. Right most fella moves up to the flag on that flank and does likewise.
The back Wrecker gets stabbed by different Cephalyx models to get fuelled up, charges the Assimilator on the left and kills it with its initials.
So far it's looking pretty good.

Central Wrecker can't get out of Locke's control, so has to give away toeksn as it bashes on the Conservators. It misses most of its attacks, handing out tokens and causing the turn from a pleasant muave to a horrible sticky Hexxus.

The Subduer charges the right Conservator in the back, misses his charges and does very little.Mmmm.

A Kayazy brutally murders an overlord to let the right Wrecker charge in, he at last manages to kill one Conservator and leave the other with just Movement left.

Only Monstrosity I've got left is the Warden, he charges the Cipher to toe the CoC zone. Only had one focus, so it's down to initials. Puts an alright whack of damage down, hindered somewhat by being unable to be in an Instigator aura.

Kayazy Eliminator on the left contests the left flag and kills a Servitor.
Machine Wraith runs to contest the CoC zone, sits on the hill.

I score just the right flag, 1-3. Pretty sure at this point it's curtain. Lacy, gently wafting curtains.

IPB Image
CoC 3: The right Inverter has Redline, if the Warden is killed to allow a spot for the arcnode dude to run to then no camp Cyphon easily dies to a couple Jackhammers.

Fortunately the Warden is reasonably tough and the Cipher fails dismally to kill it. The right Inverter then comes in and gets the job done, however it means I am safe from the assassination run.
Locke casts Bombshell at the Machine Wraith. In a better world he misses and the innocent undead creep gets to chill out and contest, alas instead the ghosty fella explodes.

The Heavies on the left aren't able to get in on an induction chain, so the Conservator swings impotently and the left Inverter spends its time trying and failing to kill the contesting Kayazy.

At this point I've survived to get another turn as all flags are unexpectedly contested.
Convergence still get their zone, 1-4.

IPB Image
Ceph 4: The feats are expended, I've got four Monstrosities still ticking albeit the healthiest is on about 2/3rds health. I drop Onslaught as it won't be needed for the forseeable future, I fuel up Monstrosities.

Unfortunately the left Agitator isn't in run range of the left flag, so I won't be scoring it. Instead he shuffles to do the run next turn, casts Instigate.
One Wrecker shuffles and Threshers, plus a couple bought attacks lets it kill a Servitor, the Conservator and the left Inverter. Other Wrecker in this vicinity can't really do much so just shuffles up to ensure the left flag is contested.
Eliminator in this vicinity kills a pair of Servitors, the Dominator runs up to be next to the wall.

Centrally the Agitator shuffles up and Instigates. I try to work out how the Wrecker and Subduer are going to kill the remaining Cipher/Donginator. I completely space on shield guards and waste the Subduer activation to drag a Servitor one inch. Strong stuff.
The Wrecker then easily kills the Cipher, the right side green Eliminators charge the Donginator to be in the way. They spike hard on their combo strikes and do a good chunk of damage.

Their Dominator just had one job, clear out the contesting Servitor for the right flag. Misses the back strike, after a short head scratch I find my only remaining option that doesn't involve potentially killing the Agitator with an Overlrod Spray. Cyphon shuffles across behind the wall and uses his spray, leaving the far left Monstrosities out of control. It is Cephalyx, can always hurt ma doodz to make them concentrate.

I score my zone and the right flag, 3-4.

IPB Image
CoC 4: Inverter tramples over the Kayazy after bit attacks fail to remove them. With jackhammer manages to pop the central Subduer and Wrecker. Diffuser tries to pop the Eliminator on the left, lets the team down. Servitors run around to contest and score.

CoC score the central flag, 3-5.

IPB Image
Ceph 5: Just have to pop the Inverter and we're good. Also ahead on clock, so things are sitting alright provided we don't slip up and lose on scenario/assassination.

Eliminators and Drudges charge the Inverter and manage to pop it.
Cyphon hovers across, sprays down the floaty orb on teh centre flag and rewards a Drudge by making him tough out.

One Wrecker shuffles across in my zone, pops the contesting Servitor.
Other Wrecker moves up and kills the Diffuser.
Agitators run to every flag.

I score the flags and my zone, 7-5.

IPB Image
CoC 5: Locke does a couple bombshells and runs stuff around, ultimately nothing can really stop me winning out on scenario in my next turn.

Well, that was a thing. Better Cyphon list for sure. Locke still seems solidly overrated to me.

Had another game after this, using Rask into Locke Crucible Guard. Not much to write up, Vulcan came to far forward and died top of two to Brine while two jacks were left out of control, so not much to say on that one.
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post Sep 22 2018, 05:14 PM
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Game 355 - Cyphon1 (OT) vs Krueger2 (BoO)
Spread the Net

What? You hunger for lackluster reporting?! Allow me fine peeps!

Also I got annoyed at Facebook posts and have made a thing.
Probably unwisely so.

Through numerous real life bumbles, have lacked sufficient sweet game-age of late. Do a bit of travel over the next month to get some tourney games in elsewhere.

I also totally sideswiped myself here, knew the opposing caster ahead of time and somehow thought it was Kromac2 and the list I wanted to try out of range 12 attacks would be completely hosed. Really should have got some Winion practice in.

Anyway, ignoring those points of the multiverse where the screw ups didn't happen, down goes the little brother of the Cephalyx into my Mark2 horror match. Mini report, to be honest one side was learning and my mistakes were glaringly obvious, so lack the motivation to spew forth a load of details.

Circle get first turn, I take the side where I can get out my deployment zone better.
They Run. I Run. I didn't calculate for Kruegers feat, so my stuff gets pushed back enough that my plan to feat aggressively on scenario bottom of 2 isn't doable. Instead, Krueger is out in the open on one camp, if I gallows him 2 inches he easily dies to a pair of Monstrosities.

IPB Image

I land the Breathstealer, land the Gallows, drag him 1 inch. Sigh. Really wished they'd change that to D3 + 2 or something. Cyphon and an Overlord unit all Spray him, Cyphon sadly missing the anti-spell casting spray which at least would have been interesting. Krueger ends up on one box with no transfers, I desperately scrabble for any other attacks at all and come up short (Range 1 Subduer guns are pretty damned sad).

Monstrosities swarm around Cyphon to at least make him hard to shoot down even with TK's. I also balls up on the right flank and use a Subduer to bring a Wold pew-pewer into my rectangle to contest for Circle. Eugh.
Bottom of 2 we both score a point.

Circle then spend to long trying to manufacture scoring on all the scenario elements to get up 6-1 and I win on clock. If I have another turn Krueger dies anyway as he didn't run away to be behind the building. Looking at it in glorious hindsight, Krueger could have used the Wold Warden animus to stop the Gallows, Wind range penalty spell thingy wasn't worth it against this list. Even with the Breathstealer speed penalty he could probably also use Warden TK's to get up, charge Cyphon after TK'ing a Monstrosity and just stab him to death. Maybe.

Real problem with my current Merc ideas, being built to answer the big dogs doesn't mean you can answer random other drops.
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post Sep 24 2018, 12:33 PM
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Game 356 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs Gunnbjorn1 (KC) - Sydney SR Rnd1

Travelled up to the wild north for a 3 rounder, slothful contentment outwieghed exuberant experimentation and Winions it was. Still Rask and Arkadius, though I'd changed the Arkadius list a little for the first time in yonks, dropping the third pair of Razor Boars for a Gorax and a Road Hog out for another War hog.

Those changes didn't matter that much in the opening round, as it was Trolls. I don't really get Trolls at the moment, the lists being Gunnbjorn and Madrak2. I opted for Rask, there'll be some form of game there. Realistically Arkadius might have been fine, except this is one of those lists I would have preffered to have a pair of Road Hogs instead of one.

I lose the roll, get given first. Sold! Table has a central forest, I get a trench, there's rubble to the right and some other bits that don't have any effect. The opposing list has double War Wagon, no stone, bunch of shooting units, Dozer/Smigg and an Impaler.

IPB Image
Round 1: I forget to nominate a Prey with Totem Hunter, I'm just that good.
Stuff runs up, the Trolls do have an ambush unit, so Dahlia goes on the left to neutralise them, if they pop up on the right then that's a problem to be solved in later rounds.

Ninja Pigs go up on the right, across from the War Wagons.My other stuff is mostly central, Totem Hunter goes up behind the forest with Fury on him. Pots throw out Corpses.

Trolls move up, their's an advance deployed unit of small mini-Troll whatsits who get Snipe, then CRA a Bone Swarm for a whack of damage taking out his body.
The War Wagons runs super far forward, which seems unadvisable.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Well, they're right there. Kill some Wagons time.
Rask pops feat, Brine and one Bone Swarm get Boundless Charge, Fury (One cast by the Wrastler) and Puppet Strings (One Eilish, one Pot).

Brine goes in, easily kills the right one. Rorsh drops his Fury, Souie's him back and has a Bone Swarm run to mini-Pigs side to body block the Ambushers trying to come in, walk up and pop him.
Good start. Living the dream. Lack of a Stone made that a lot easier than my brain calculated for.

Other Wagon gets charged by the suped up Boneswam (My mental picture here is a Bone Swarm forcibly melded with a Hot Rod). It isn't a Ninja Pig obviously, puts the other Wagon on 15 boxes.
I do some serious umming and arring here, Totem Hunter could try to pop it then Sprint back, the math is against it though. WOULD'VE BEEN A LOT BETTER WITH PREY FUTURE ME IF YOU EVER READ THIS AGAIN.
I put Puppet Strings on Totem Boi, he goes in. Alas it left on one box, so into the wastebin he goes.
This is considerably salved by Alten Ashley popping a shot and doing the last damage point exactly.

Other stuff runs around, Snek puts up Counter Charge while Dahlia hide in the trench.

IPB Image
Troll 2: The ambushers pop in from the left, a few get in rane of Alten and try to pop him without success.
Gunnbjorn throws out a wall, various CRA's pop the forward Bone Swarm and (sob) the Totem Hunter. It was for the great non-Battle Engine good is the lie I tell myself as his life partner stares at me from the models shelf.

Tinker runs to contest the right zone.

Gunnbjorn also pops his feat, no one scores.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Time to get some points on the board and wait out the scenario grind.

Left wise, the ambushers are well out of Gunny's feat range so they are vulnerable to ranged attacks.
Alten and Skarath kill all bar one, who toughs out and is corroded. Snek also puts up Counterblast, though isn't ideally placed to cause issues for contestors coming in. Oh well.
Dahlia goes up to hide behind the forest and be super painful to deal with.

One Boneswarm goes into the Troll Highwaymans, 7's to hit and no knock down tough is super awkward so I end up giving up after a couple attacks and casting Swarm. When in doubt, throw up and Animus and see what happens.

IPB Image

Another Bone Swarm charges in and pops the Troll objetive. I gave it Fury to do so, which is madness when it's disposable and not stacking with Rage. Just objectively the wrong choice.

On the right I'm unable to kill the Tinker as a resultof mispositioning previously, should have had Rorsh further in to be safe from ambushers and had the other Bone Swarm in range of arcing from the Bone Shrine to charge up. Oh well.

Swamp Gobber and a Veil of Mists extends the forest down the centre of the board, invested in ensuring that nothing gets up my objective.

I score the left and objective kill, 2-0.

IPB Image
Troll 3: The forward two Bone Swarms prove surprisingly resistant to the Trolls, one of them needing to be punched down by Dozer while the other Swarmed up fella lives on.

Minja Pigs and right Boneswarm get shot by Rockets, Gunny himself with a crit Devestate and the titchy troll pew pew unit, turns out to be pretty tough Bacon though and it lives on.

IPB Image
Round 4 + Minion 5: Still playing on the slow end, so the photos stop.

I clear out the left zone, using a Skarath spray to pop the Highway person solo that gives the annoying Opportunistic thing. He also positions with a Counterblast to stop contesting models.
Bone Swarms manage to kill most of the Highway trolls at this point.

Acceding to clock pressure I just contest the centre and right zones, get up 3-0.

I get a point, then the Trolls kill a couple models but are unable to move everything in time, flipping the clock with 26 seconds to go, so I score the left zone in both turns and win.

Hmmm. That was much more of a slow whittle out than it should have been after that alpha on my feat turn. Just lacked an easy means of popping the Tinker.

Anyway, up we go, it's a small tourney so literally anyone else in the room is a potential heabutt partner (Come on pair down! We can do it! We can coast!).
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post Yesterday, 12:45 PM
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Game 357 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Sorscha3(AC) - Sydney SR Rnd2
Epic Pit

Alright, pair down for round 2!

...into a member of the team that won the WTC a week and half prior, who gloriously let himself get Judicator sprayed as they don't care about Sorscha3 popping out clouds.

Oh well, it's Sorscha3 at the very least, she didn't look that impressive but there's clearly something there. Just not powerful spray defence.

It's a Man of War pile of nonsense, part of the reasoning for dropping the second Road Hog so at least that's worked out. Feels weird to finally break through the self imposed barrier of not changing established lists.

Epic Pit, so the scenario is solely along the middle of the board. I win the roll and take first, terrain gives me a forest that could be a hiding spot for things however doesn't extrude into any zone, whereas Khador get a forest that is defensively inclined for the centre circle.
There is a wall toward my side in the centre zone, given my limited pathfinder (One Ghostly from teh Croc Doc) that could be a serious issue, the opposing list also being limited in it's amount of guns so its defensiveness is mroe limited than would be the norm.
Left rectangle has a blob of water in it, right one has a pair of clouds. There's more water on the table as well, though those other bits don't come up.

I took the repair objective, though realistically pathfinder for those forests would have been a better choice.

IPB Image
The fearsome hand of Khador.
Round 1: I run stuff up, pair of Razor Boars and a Chef going up the left.
Key decision point was what to do about the rightmost War hog and whether he went to the left or right of the forest on my side of the board. I opted for left, as that looked to be where most of Khador was headed based off the deploy, leaving the Gorax and a RaBo to kill the MoW Tanker that was lined up to fight over the right zone.
Guardian Beast went up as the War-O-Mans didn't appear to have a massive amount of shooting.

Khador, sure enough, moves up heavily favouring the left, with Demo Corp covering that flank, Iron Fleshed Shocktroopers central and the lone tanker out on the right.
The non-spray Tanker, whatever it's called, pops a shot into a War Hog for some damage. Grievous wounds you say? That's just not politics. That joke used to be about something being to unethical, think it now works in reverse. As in Grievous Wounds is fine as it's not super ubiqitous.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Khador aren't threatening my objective at all, so I'm just going to shuffle and wait it out. I'll take a couple pot shots, but certainly insufficient to entice me into going full pig in when I can do so next turn and score as well.
Or so the theory goes anyway.

The early critical activation is Arkadius moving up with Puppet Strings to land Crippling Grasp on the Shock Troopers. This throttles them down to threating nine inches, so I'm able to position beasts in the zone with minimal concern.

Most things line up on the bottom of the left and centre zone. One War Hog turns into a green proxy base so that it can hang next to the wall (Curse you overlapping arm! What Skorne nonsense this is!).

One Rabo and the Gobber Chef go out left. They could die to Demo Corp, the not super fast infantry doing that works for me.

Rightwise I run over another Razor Boar, being optimistic that maybe a pair of them on a feat turn will kill the nearby Oppresion Tanker.

IPB Image
Khador 2: The super Cage game continues. The Shock Troopers eek back a little bit to be out of Eilish advance and dispel range, Sorscha then feats and pops out a big row of clouds out front. She ends up at the back right of that centre blob trying to stay out of Arkadius Moider range.

Leftwise the Demo Corp keep the company of the Strike/Suppression Tanker, pop their mini feat for Sanguine Bond, one goes over and kills the Razor Boar/Gobber Chef, a triangle with Drago is behind another two of the unit that toe the left rectangle.
The Strike tanker shoots the same War Hog, manages to roll column 5 again to grievously wound out his Spirit. That was not part of my plan.

Rightwise, sure enough the Suppression Tanker runs up to just touch the corner of the right rectangle.

IPB Image
Minion 3: The feat assassination threat is still causing Sorscha positioning headaches and I'm happy to grind it up, so plan is to start the trading by wiping the Demo Corp.
I would have been far more inclined to think about feating if the left War Hog had his spirit and the central jacks/Drakhun weren't all ready with Coutnercharge. Just screamed "not worth it".

Crippling Grasp sticks around, that's going to be a feature for some time.
Leftwise is where the action happens. Targ moves up to get the herding aura up their, Sanguine Bond means that the Demo Corp have to be chipped at before a War Hog goes in to deal with the Tankers.
The flankmost Razor Boar charges the fella that was out on his own in the back, spikes so hard on the damage die that he actually kills him. Damn Glorious.

Road Hog has to Pain Dial for speed, walks over to spray the Demo mans in ma zone, gets some decent damage on the unit.

Battle Boar moves over from the centre to Primal the left most Gorax, who also gets Ghostly from the Witch Doc. Said Gorax that charges through the water into the contesting Demo Corp, gets a few smacks back that fail to break any aspects and he manages to pop one Demo Corp and get some more damage spread through the unit.

Arkadius throws Primal on the Forced Evo'd War Hog then shuffles across into the forest on my side, this means the Razor Boar/Gorax that activated are now out of control. Not a huge issue, they did their part and the Gorax isPrimalled anyway. There's so few guns on the Khador side that he drops all of his fury as I'll have to many I need to grab anyway. He throws a Primal Shock out somewhere that does nothing, madness as I used a Gorax to primal the War Hog which, had I just cast with Arkadius, means I don't leave Fury on any beasts that might have mattered. Oh well.
The Swamp Gobbers shuffle in front of him and pop down a cloud just in case Sorscha has some weird naf windrush magic nuke trick to pull.

Buffed up War Hog Dials for strength, charges up on the left to kill the pair of Tankers, objective and last contesting Demo Corp members via Overtake. he then turns to stare down the Khador blob of death.

Two Demo man's and Drag are alive in the back corner, Drago on 6 and both troop fellas on one.
It is Orin's time to shine. He moves up, lands the lighting, boosts damaged on all of them. Fails to hurt Drago and only pops one of the grunts, so that was a shame.

Rightwise the Gorax primals a Rabo, he charges the contesting Suppression tanker and does two damage. Ah well, it is only a mini-pig.

The other heavies just drop back a bit, awaiting Arkadius to hit the sodding go button already. Eilish wiggles to threaten the full centre zone with his advance and Upkeep remove pop deal.

I score the obejctive and left zone, 2-0.

IPB Image
Khador 3: Time for the return smackdown.
Iron Flesh gets dropped as it's jsut going to be dispelled anyway.

Drago, the last Demo Corp bro and one Kodiak easily kill the Gorax and War hog in the left zone. The Kodiak actually managed it with its initials and a throw, using said throw to kill Orin. Damnable Chain Attacks.

The Shocktroopers commit to the centre zone, the Drakhun and one Kodiak witht eh coutner charge spell up behind them.

Last Kodiak runs to toe the right zone.

Khador score the left zone, now 2-1.

IPB Image
Minion 4: Due to Fury mismanagement the Battle Boar frenzies for a scratch into the Road Hog. Not hugely onerous, given this is not a matchup that plays into Berserk with such a relative low P+S.
Left most Razor Boar frenzies as well, lacks a target in its Line of Sight to go into.

Right most Razor Boar runs to right board edge.

The Swamp Gobbers run to points to be frenzy targets. Primals get thrown on War Hogs and the right Gorax.

Arkadius puts Primal and Forced Evo on the rightmost Gorax, then moves across to heal the Spiritless War Hog. After the feat moves he repos as far back as he can.

On the right the Razor Boar that moved before gets a charge into teh Suppression Tankers back and kills him to the box. Savage.
The Gorax in that zone frenzies into a Swamp Gobber and kills him, giving him positioning to walk to the contesting Kodiak.

Centrally the helthy War Hog frenzies and kills the other Swamp Gobber to get into walk range of the Shock Troopers.
Road Hog frenzies into the Kodiak for a scratch, I think the Drakhun counter charges him for a whack of damage and thankfully fails to either crit knockdown or take out an aspect.
Left most War Hog, who has Ghostly from the Witch Doc, goes into the Demo Corp grunt and brutally murders him.
The other Gorax' and Battle Boar clear Fury and frenzy to not super relevant positions.

Normal activation wise, the damaged War hog is a dilemma as should he go in first and trigger a counter charge he has very good odds of losing his Spirit, which would be pretty bad. Ergo the healthy War hog goes in first, chains through a couple Shocktroopers and gets away from the Kodiak before it has a good line. They tough a couple times, so he ends up giving up on that and killing the Drakhun. Concerned at this point, didn't feel like a strong activation for a Primalled Heavy.

Damaged War Hog walks around, kills Drago and the Kodiak.
The Road Hog walks in, kills two Shocktroopers, dials for speed and Sprints back as I need *something* for the late game.

Rightwise, the Gorax goes into the Kodiak. He could have slammed for the score, however I then have little recourse to ever clear that zone in future turns, so the Gorax gets Puppet Strongs and punches it up. Takes out the left arm and 2/3rds of it's boxes, not as good as hoped.

Cleared out the left, so 3-1.

IPB Image
Khador 4-Minion 7: under the clock pump now, so photos stop and memories blur.

Khador counter punches pretty well, one Kodiak easily crunches a War hog and the other gets put down by the remaining infantry. Right side Kodiak easily kills the contesting Gorax.

Round 5/6 are a blur, I make some suboptimal decisions for the sake of not clocking. Road Hog commits and fails to one round a Kodiak, so can't sprint away and dies to Sorscha. Khador get whittled away by lights and I score up the left zone consistently. Khador does manage to clear the centre zone, so on the bottom of 6 'm ahead by 5-2.

I have a Razor Boar out left, and another in the right zone where it frenzied on the my objective in round 6. Eilish was hiding out in my forest. Witch Doctor had moved up to cotnest the centre zone. The Kodiak had gotten jammed up on the other Razor Boar previously, it had gone in and left my objective on two boxes (Was out of control so got no focus).
Khador had that damaged Kodiak, Sorscha toeing the left and centre zone and one Crippling Grasped Shocktrooper on one box in the Khador forest.

Eilish goes in, Mental Forces a Bleed and kills the shocktrooper. Razor Boar moves into the left zone, Arkadius goes into the centre to win on scenario 7-2. If I didn't win that run I straight up die to Sorscha. Had 13 seconds on the clock.

Best game I've had in a while. Still slow.
Should have selected pathfinder obejctive and kept the right War Hog around my forest so it could go in and clear the right zone, this whole wining off one zone in games is way to slow.
I also easily could have contested to stop Khador scoring the left zone in turn 3, just had to toe in with Targ or the Road Hog.

Eilish was fairly critical to how he affected positioning in the matchup, and the third War Hog was a necessity so happy with those changes.

Forgot to deploy a Gobber Chef as well, so played a 74 point list. True Heresy down here.
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Master Chris
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And to think we didn't even need to send you over to Poland to claim *our* Trophy.

When will the Americans and Europeans learn that Warmachine is our game now?

[Laughs in Straya'n]

Everything that existed before I was born is irrelevant, everything that exists after I die is lucky.
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QUOTE(Master Chris @ Sep 25 2018, 01:29 PM) *

And to think we didn't even need to send you over to Poland to claim *our* Trophy.

When will the Americans and Europeans learn that Warmachine is our game now?

[Laughs in Straya'n]

Well....more Sydney than the rest of us tongue.gif
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