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> ETC 2018 Croatia - A captains view
post Aug 27 2018, 03:37 PM
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OK peeps here is a write up re ETC 2018.

As a precursor I am very happy with our final placing 6th overall which is simply an amazing placing based on the quality of teams.

Right we had the following team this year.

Akhter (Captain) - Vamps
Jack - Orcs
Dave – Daemons
Glen – UD
Frederick – Beasts
Stefan – Warriors
Hazel – ID
Herby – Ogres
Henrick – Coach

As you can see we had 4 mercs and Henrick re coaching, it was a very hard year for us getting a team together, we had 6 aussies up to 2 weeks before we announced a team but real-life events ment 2 dropped so thanks to the non-Australian chaps for joining us they are GREAT guys.

OK we had a team and we started working on lists and testing. I personally had been vamping all year so I was pretty much locked in it was just now what style of lists, aggressive/block/mixed etc.

Jack had multiple lists to choose and was zoning in on Highborne Elves or Orcs, Dave was always gonna be Daemons but it was what type, Glen was on the fence with UD or Dwarves. Our Mercs were pretty solid Stefan warriors, Hazel ID, Herby Ogres and Frederick was Beasts but he was thinking about other lists. We soon locked in lists and started testing away.

Australia at ETC has a reputation of good players tough games but solid fair play, we were as an example strong on our process and were the only team in the top 10 with zero penalty points.

We started homing in on the event and locking in lists and prepping for the event. We had 4 new ETC players so a team with plenty of learning required.

In prep we setup 3 test games Ireland Wed, Then Thursday kiwis for the Bledisloe Cup and England for the Ashes.

I was very impressed on how fast our team gelled with 4 mercs and a new coach. Really the whole team were great re bonding. I am very grateful for all team members joining it’s a massive commitment time/money especially for the Aussies in the team.

I also want to thank many of the event organisers across the year who helped the team with teams events and the frequency of new small 1 day events keeping the scene active, examples are Simon T, Jack and Glen/Haig amongst others.

We had spent a lot of time on matchups and Frederick and Dave were allocated to pairings.

Ok I will jump straight in to the Games, Ireland is ALWAYS a great game they are top peeps great relaxed guys love it.

We paired well in our opinion and we were on. I got the warriors Barry. My list is super aggressive and my 2 lords were very strong vs warriors with Barrys setup I was able to focus my units on his knights and zone out his daemon prince. I got first and was able to put pressure on from the get go. I got 3 critical charges off and was able to take strong board control and pretty much secure the objective. Barry got a lot from the game understanding how my list deploys and I got up 20. After a good chat if Barry setups a different way and changes his DP setup he can get me still Barrys a quality guy and loved playing him a great chap.

We got 4 good wins and Daves opponent was still in transit so that was marked a draw in the end 102-58 so happy with a cap.

15 stefan
20 Frederick
19 hazel
20 Akhter
5 herby
6 glen
7 jack
10 dave

OK next day we had the kiwis, a few stragglers were coming in that morning but we had a full 8v8 and many thanks to Ben Wadsworth for a great trophy for the game the first one of its kind,
Again we played the Kiwis who are super chill and not usurpingly the best players this year 2 in a row and well done chaps!!!

I drew Dave as no one on our team wanted to face the Scourge, to be honest I was not too happy either as it can kill the world. We had a super cool game so easy to play no issues as expected and tight decisions. The scenario was better suited for me so was very hard for Dave to claim we did a lot of zoning and I grabbed 2 points so in the end it was 15-5 but the game was much closer than the score portrays.

19 stefan
20 Frederick
11 hazel
15 Akhter
7 herby
5 glen
5 jack
20 dave

102-58 all up another cap so happy with that. Plus I have the trophy on my cabinet 😊

Ok the ASHES this is a big deal and historically we have had many a close game. This did not disappoint it was as expected a real nail bitter.
Matchups were tight out prediction was only a 2-3-point win so we had a hard game ahead!!

I got Tom Harbison with UD, Toms a great guy and we had a super good game, Tom and I had a UB game earlier in the month and I got up but Tom figured out my list well so this was gonna be hard. Tom gave me an early chance with an unlucky large overrun and I was in on his bus with lords and spawn the dice gods were unkind and I got stuck in a grind. At one stage I lost my baby vamp and my big vamp survived with 1 wound after crumble – phew I was on the rack!!!!

Then the other spawn and other units arrived and I rallied, I could not get to the objectives in time and then made a tactical error and tried to save an objective but should have just consolidated and let it go, Tom did well and killed a few units and in the end we ended up 11-9 but 8-12 to Tom after objective and he deserved the win.

I don’t have the scores as I am doing it from memory but in the end we went down 77-83, we were super close across many tables and we all crowded around the final table.

Again just missed out but again had a great time and good banter we had our traditional dinner and good company, well done Mikey and Craig and team England.

ETC Game 1
OK ETC propers up and we had Latvia games one, this is funny 3 times in a row we got Latvia game 1 so what’s the odds on that. Ironically Ivan was mercing for Latvia so off we rocked, we had a good pairing we thought and I got KOE which I have as a positive.

I was able to push hard and aggressively chase his lances with my lords and spawn and some good charge rolls enabled me to dominate the board. My opponent Sergejs great we played the year before also and we had a great game he was very good despite bad rolls and my list being very strong vs his setup. In the end I was able to push forward and engage multiple units and get a big score 19-1.

We did well in the round and got up 96-64 a great start.

16 stefan
20 Frederick
11 hazel
19 Akhter
12 herby
4 glen
8 jack
6 dave

ETC Game 2
OK we got Switzerland now we know they are a solid team and I got Xavier with a solid different KOE list. We had a tough pairing and away we went. My game was the hardest of the event and Xavier was excellent at his play, moves and tactics I really enjoyed this game solid play from great players. He was very precise and was anticipating my play well. In the end I managed to hold the centre and get objective but I missed a trick re a flee on 6 from a unit destroyed check, I got lucky with him rolling low and they held (had they run I would have be combo charged). I was in the end going down but I managed to kill his bsb on the last turn and 3 unlucky break tests turned the game and I got up 12-8.

10 stefan
13 Frederick
5 hazel
12 Akhter
8 herby
1 glen
3 jack
10 dave
Switzerland got us good we went down 62-98 just avoided a cap.

Cumulative score
33 Frederick
31 Akhter
26 Stefan
20 Herby
16 Hazel
16 Dave
11 Jack
5 Glen

Day 1 over a half decent result 158 points for the day just under average (160) so we were in an ok place.

Day 2 Game 3
Croatia I played a great guy really had a good game and was a top guy we had a nice easy game and he was a really nice chap. We had a good potential win matrix here and Dave/Frederick got me this pairing as I had a good win potential. I got the first turn and I was able to push hard on his units and I got some good magic phases and the right flank of his collapsed after a unit fled and forced panics and I was able to sweep around. In the end I got all the key units and objective to force a 20. We did great in the round with a big cap 121-39.

20 stefan
20 Frederick
19 hazel
20 Akhter
6 herby
19 glen
1 jack
16 dave

Cumulative score
53 Frederick
51 Akhter
46 Stefan
35 Hazel
32 Dave
26 Herby
24 Glen
12 Jack

Day 2 Game 4
YES we got the USA they are another cool team so very happy to play them, we also did a pre ETC UB round with them so it would be fun. I ended up getting Joel KOE and in the end we felt it would be ok and predicted a small win.

I had a great game with Joel good banter and his lord was super scary on the charge, if he gets charged then its over, he also comes back from the dead so was a major threat. We jumped in and I was able to dominate the board with my 4 flyers. Chaff in the middle of the table helped me re the table top and I then managed to get a huge charge on both flanks of his main lance I did something like 40 wounds and Joel yolo’d 7 kills only with killer armour and ward saves. Then the lord of doom charged and in 1 attack yes 1 he killed 1260 points he was a baller!!!. I was able to hold with my lord and other units broke free to enable me to lockup his units and get his lord on my turn so I managed to get 19-1. Was a crazy swingy game.

We got a big win that round something I did not expect 96-64 great round with great guys.

20 stefan
1 Frederick
20 hazel
19 Akhter
0 herby
2 glen
20 jack
14 dave

Cumulative score
70 Akhter
66 Stefan
55 Hazel
54 Frederick
46 Dave
32 Jack
26 Herby
26 Glen
Brilliant day 2 with a total 196 out of 200. 3-1 re wins and 354/400 for 2 days.

Day 3 Game 5

OK we are on the sharp end of the event top table vs France gonna be rough. We expected a small win/loss but I got an Ogre pairing and away we went. My opponent was Raphael, an absolute gent a very nice chap and we had a nice game. I won turn 1 and aggressively pushed up. I needed some luck so his shooting phase did not takeout my flying characters and units. I managed to get some fortune and he failed to hit or cast any spells in the critical phase. Next turn I was multi charging. I was able to make critical engagements with the scenario I was always favourite to claim it as it was banners and I was able to take multiple scoring units. In the end the flying lord was claiming lots of points and I got up 16-4.

We got a big win that round again something I did not expect 92-68 great round with great guys
19 stefan
9 Frederick
10 hazel
16 Akhter
10 herby
8 glen
0 jack
20 dave

Cumulative score
86 Akhter
85 Stefan
66 Dave
65 Hazel
63 Frederick
36 Herby
34 Glen
32 Jack

Wow just wow we are tracking 3rd !!! 446/500. 4-1 re wins.

OK game 6
we are playing the current leaders Spain we have a real podium chance but they are a potential 1st placers but they need to cap us to guarantee this, we however have never been capped in multiple years so we had a hot potato here a really strong team potential winners so very pleased we made it this far. Pairings were hard it was even at best so in we dove with clearly the strongest opponent for the event.

I got KOE and 2 flying characters on his side. It was tough he zoned me really well good solid game great player Alber. We ducked and weaved I nearly got one of his characters but great saves kept him alive and I was able to kill as much as he did in the end a draw 10-10 my first off the event proper.

The round was tough and we went down 66-94 but no cap so happy it transpired that Spain just did enough to win the event so well done them and we naturally have no shame losing to the world champs.

7 stefan
13 Frederick
6 hazel
10 Akhter
10 herby
1 glen
10 jack
9 dave

Cumulative score
96 Akhter
92 Stefan
76 Frederick
75 Dave
71 Hazel
46 Herby
42 Jack
35 Glen

Day 3 with a total 158 out of 200, Super Happy we finished 6th 512/600. 4-2 re wins.
Such a massive result even more so with 4 newbies to ETC. Highest placing that I have been part off.

Individually peeps need to understand teams events mean many are put under the bus like glen, Herby and Jack were and Stefan and I had good pairs. Still I am ecstatic I got the highest score for an Aus team member on record 96/120. Both me and Stefan got top placings overall across all the players (akhter 8th Stefan 18th) a solid result for Australia. Frederick, Dave and Hazel also posted very solid 70ish results great scores for ETC.

I also was super pleased with a personal 5 wins and 1 draw.

We had our normal team dinner and my favourite part MVP selection after a close vote and a tiebreak Henrik the coach won he was instrumental in our games and so strong re timing and control. Well done Henrik!!!

Brilliant night of drinking and so happy the other teams congratulating our placing. This what makes the ETC so good the social factor.

Again, thanks to all the peeps who helped us get to this result and well-done Australia and team. If you can go to ETC put your hand up it was a killer event such a good laugh and great experiences.

Hope people enjoy this write up and would like to see many applicants for 2019 in Serbia !

Akhter aka Foodmonster
ETC 9th/Fantasy Captain 2018 and a shedload of other years 😊

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post Aug 27 2018, 05:12 PM
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post Aug 27 2018, 06:35 PM
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Great write up. Still shocked that you guys were the only team with no penalty points in the top 10. Etc organiser's really need to step it up. Its a game with plastic man dolls and dice.

*Sean Duxbury - Team DUI*
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post Aug 27 2018, 07:05 PM
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QUOTE(Renagade @ Aug 27 2018, 09:35 AM) *

Great write up. Still shocked that you guys were the only team with no penalty points in the top 10. Etc organiser's really need to step it up. Its a game with plastic man dolls and dice.

Penalties are giving out for multiple things tho. Mistakes in the lists, entering results late. There are many penalties if not most penalties that have nothing to do with foul play or unsprtsmanship.
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post Aug 29 2018, 07:05 AM
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Thanks for the write-up Akhter. It's great to read these reports and congrats to the whole team for a fantastic result.

The Man Cavers PLOG Awesome Sauce
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