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WargamerAU Forums _ 40k General Discussion _ Who were the 2 missing Legions who were they paired to?

Posted by: Deb May 20 2020, 09:29 PM

It has always been an annoying thing why they left out 2 whole legions. I always wondered who they were, their Primarchs, and possibly what type of warfare, or tactics they used.

I compared all the legions, their tactics, and then worked out which seemed to be paired off, as was hinted at in all the old novels, books, etc.

After checking multiple sources, Wikipedia, lexicums, and more, I found that the list below shows how each legion worked, and those most closely associated the each other and their tactics (although not an identical match in some cases - Night lords and White Scars)

I might have some of it a bit out but you might match the Alpha legion with the Night lords and the Raven Guard and the White Scars.

I believe I know which of the 2 legions are missing a mated pair Legion. See Below.

XIV Death guard XVII Salamanders - tough and able to take damage stoic advance.

IV Iron Warriors and X Iron Hands - lack of fast units more heavy weapons and close ties to mechanicum

XIII Ultramarines and III Emperors Children - mass formations flexible tactics

XII World Eaters and VI Space Wolves - vicious close quarter assault tactics, almost barbaric feral

XX Alpha Legion and XIX Raven Guard - infiltration, harassment, reconnaissance, ambush specialists

IX Blood Angels and XVI Luna Wolves decisive shock assault specialists

VII Imperial Fists - ship borne boarding and fortification defence specialists. I Dark Angels - Void operations, combined arms and specialist formations

VIII Night lords - Terror and Psychological warfare tactics, rely on fast assault tactics hitting enemy on flanks and weak areas, lack of heavy vehicles and weapons. V White Scars - love speed, lightning assaults, flank attacks hit and run. Also have lack of heavy vehicles and weapons.

XV Thousand Sons - Psychic Warfare and magical aided assaults. Missing another that legion that uses their tactics.

XVII Word Bearers - Religious faith based ideology. Missing other legion that uses their tactics

I would surmise that the 2nd and 11th legions were the partners of the XV and XVII legions. One had to be some sort of religious zealots, the other used Psykers and sorcery as part of their way of fighting.

I have theorised that one of them say the 11th legion were Psykers based on some old form of Celtic/ Druid culture. They had a similar thing happen to them like the 1000 sons did, but they failed to stop the mutations, and their Primarch also began to fall to chaotic mutation, and the Legion was Lost. Sugested name for Primarch Caratacus or Vercingetorix. Legion name The Painted Host

The 2nd Legion were probably based on a religious zealot, faith bound legion. Their Primarch I am guessing as they became Fallen was based on a more animalistic/chaotic based faith. I surmise something like A Mayan/Aztec based planet and their Primarch had Chaos beliefs too ingrained. The Space Wolves were sent to kill them off. Sugested name for their Primarch Montezuma or Apoxpalon. Legion name The Jaguar Guard

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