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WargamerAU Forums _ ANUCON _ ANUCON2016 - October 15-16th

Posted by: MrMoo Jul 24 2016, 07:59 PM

Hi everyone!

That time of year again, when the ANU Tabletop Gaming Society is organising ANUCON!

Currently slated for October 15-16th, but TBC as we're awaiting confirmation form ANU.
Dates now confirmed!

Will be much like last year's ANUCON
- previous player's pack at:
- I will release an updated pack for this year when dates have been confirmed.


Critical information summary:

What: friendly 1500pt 40k tournament, 6x games (5x maelstrom of war, 1x paired non-battle-point-scored), BBQ lunch included for both days
Where: ANU, Canberra - Moran G007/8/9/10, Building 26, Parking off Kingsley St
When: Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October 2015, 9am - 6pm each day
How Much: $40
- $35 for early payments received by Friday 7 October
- $20 for one-day entries (if you only want to/are able to attend one day)
- Payable by cash or bank transfer (email for details)
- Payments are refundable in full prior to Friday 7 October, after that the entry fee is forfeited
Tournament Organiser (TO): Luke Nguyen-Hoan (me!) 0422265826

This is, like our club, aimed towards being a friendly tournament rather than a competitive one. Bring an army, have some fun playing people you don't usually play, and enjoy the weekend!

Army lists: due Friday 7 October.
- Include warlord trait table and 1000pt list for the paired game
- Submit by email in txt or pdf format

To register: Email Luke at with:
1) Your full name
2) How you would like to pay (bank transfer, early cash, cash on the day)
3) Any special requests for the BBQ (we normally do: sausages, onion, and hash browns)
4) If you are under 18, contact details for a parent or other legal guardian (just in case something happens - we've never had any issues before, but this to make sure we're prepared just in case!)
5) If your army was not modelled and painted by you, please let me know (this does not affect your scores, only your eligibility for army prizes)

I hope to see you all there!



Posted by: MrMoo Aug 29 2016, 05:37 PM

Hi everyone,

Dates now confirmed!

I'll get an updated player's pack out as soon as possible, but I'm a bit swamped at the moment so no guarantees on timeline. Apart from dates, I don't expect anything major to change between last year and this year.



Posted by: MrMoo Sep 9 2016, 08:31 PM

Updated player's pack is here!

5 weeks to go...

Posted by: MrMoo Oct 7 2016, 09:37 PM

Hi all, if you're thinking of coming along to ANUCON next weekend it would be greatly appreciated if you can send lists through tonight - just makes the job for me and my list-reviewing-crew a lot easier if you can. I still will accept later registrations though, but the earlier the better!

Also, I'm removing the codex/army list restriction (originally 1st September release cutoff) so all the new GW releases over the last month (Blood Angels, Chaos, Genestealer Cult, Deathwatch) are allowed for the tourney smile.gif Too much cool stuff got released for me to say no!

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