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Posted by: dvaston Jan 3 2019, 11:42 AM

Hi guys,
Just had a couple of rules questions for 8th edition. If you could please point me to the relevant place in the rules / FAQ that would be appreciated thanks. smile.gif

1) For matched play missions, when both players are alternating deploying their units one at a time, can you "deploy" multiple units at the same time in a transport vehicle? for example a rhino with a squad of 5 marines and 2 characters inside it.
Or would you have to deploy the rhino first, and then after your opponent has deployed something of theirs, then you say your marine squad is "deployed" inside the rhino thats already on the table, and so on?

2) Daemonic summoning - it says in the chaos marines codex that a character has to be standing still to perform this. However could they do it if they are embarked on a transport (either a stationary or moving one)? Or does the section of the Core Rules that talks about embarked units have no effect on the game take precedence?

3) How does re-rolling hit rolls of 1 from being near a Captain work if you roll a natural roll of 1 when overcharging a plasma gun?

4) If a model has a -1 on any to-hit rolls that it makes, (e.g. because you were advancing, or shooting at ravenguard more than 12" away etc) if you roll a natural roll of 2 when overcharging a plasma gun, would this "count as" a rolling a 1 (i.e. your model would be slain)?
Also what about if there was cumulative negative modifiers e.g. you were advancing while firing an overcharged assault plasma incinerator at a ravenguard, would a natural roll of 3 also count as a 1 for the purposes of being slain?

5) At the end of the close combat phase, when a unit is either piling in or consolidating (after destroying an enemy unit) - can it move some models within 1" of enemy units that were not involved in the close combat this turn?


Posted by: Blackhearts Reaver Jan 3 2019, 01:45 PM

1) yes all things in transport count as 1 deploy.
2) in a transport= not on the table>>> cant affect the tabletop unless they have a specific rule that overides that EG Boarding plank for orks specifically says they can attack with 1 h2h attack per passenger.
3) get to reroll (only a second 1 means an overheat >> overcharge away!!!:) )
4) yes you will overheat on a natural"2" >> but his also works the other way eg if you rend on "6" and have +1 you rend on 5-6.... wink.gif
5)yes you can lock a unit with your consolidate(bearing in mind you have to consolidate to the closest enemy model) but the catch is>> they then get to attack you this round (after they have piled in as well) and you will not get to attack them till next round. So if it is a vehicle or a devastator squad go for it.... If it is 30 skarboyz or khorne berzerkers you might want to rethink it. (both can spend CP and fight you twice as well... eeek).

Posted by: Krefey Jan 3 2019, 03:13 PM

QUOTE(Blackhearts Reaver @ Jan 3 2019, 02:45 PM) *

4) yes you will overheat on a natural"2" >> but his also works the other way eg if you rend on "6" and have +1 you rend on 5-6.... wink.gif

I'm not sure this one is correct. Wasn't there something about dice rolls being different to results post modifiers?

Posted by: dvaston Jan 3 2019, 04:23 PM

Can you point me to the reference (e.g. page number) in the rules for these?
These questions came up in a game recently and I wanted to be able to show my friend to clear up any confusion.

In some cases it seems like the 8th ed rules Don't explicitly say that you Can't do something, so you just have to assume that you Can do it.

e.g. with re-rolling 1s for overheats, I remember back in 7th ed there was a paragraph in the rulebook explicitly talking about "twin linked" and "gets hot" weapons.

Posted by: Blackhearts Reaver Jan 3 2019, 11:46 PM

QUOTE(Designer Commentary)
Q: When making a hit roll with a
supercharged plasma weapon, do you
determine whether a ‘1’ was rolled before
or after applying re-rolls and modifiers?
A: You apply all re-rolls and modifiers first.
For example, if, after re-rolls and modifiers,
the final result is then a 1 (or counts as a 1, as
explained above), then the supercharged plasma
weapon injures or kills the firer.
Q: If a rule states that an ability triggers
on, for example, ‘hit rolls of 6+’, does this
refer to the result of the dice rolls before
or after modifiers are applied?
A: It refers to the final result, after re-rolls
and modifiers (if any) have been applied.
The only exception to this would be abilities
that specifically state, for example, ‘unmodified
hit rolls of 6’, or ‘hit rolls of 6 before modifiers
are applied.’

Posted by: Krefey Jan 4 2019, 10:53 AM

QUOTE(Blackhearts Reaver @ Jan 4 2019, 12:46 AM) *

Cool, must have been remembering it wrong.

Posted by: dvaston Jan 4 2019, 11:59 AM

Thanks smile.gif

I also found answers to some of my other questions as well:

1) Page 183 of BRB "Transports" boxout -
"when you set up a transport, units can start the battle embarked within it instead of being setup separately - declare what units are embarked inside the transport when you set it up"

5) Page 177 of BRB - Movement:
"... When you move a model in the movement phase, it may not be moved within 1" of enemy models"

Page 182 (Pile In move) and 183 (Consolidation move) of BRB:
"You may move each model in the unit up to 3" - this move can be in any direction so long as the model ends the move closer to the nearest enemy model "

I had missed the part about in the movement phase - so the implication is a movement done in any other phase e.g. close combat allows you to move within 1" of enemies.

Just curious - would a movement in the psychic phase (I think Harlequins can do that) allow you to move within 1" as well?

Posted by: Blackhearts Reaver Jan 5 2019, 12:48 PM

Psykic > depends on the wording. Chaos also has Warptime psy power. Most say as if you were in the movement phase. Or use the rules "as if Movement".

There are also a few Stragems that also allow movement under other circumstances. eg tyranid can do a full movement instead of consolidating if they wipe out a unit >> for CP. But again they are usually pretty specific with wording so if it feels like you are being duped just ask to see the rule. People often read the first paragraph (the good bit) and forget to read the full explanation (any penalties in the later paragraphs).

Posted by: dvaston Jan 17 2019, 11:17 AM

Thanks BHR smile.gif

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