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> The Eldarin Expeditionary Force [WFB Campaign Reports]
post Feb 22 2010, 08:40 AM
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The deep howling of beasts filled the air as the line of silent Eladrin waited. Duke Erevan stood with his guard and considered the coming battle. Several days ago his forces had been bolstered by the arrival of Earl Varis and his contingent of warriors. Now they faced the forest, waiting for the beasts his scouts had told him were rampaging southwards.

And suddenly they burst into the light; a line of wolves and behind them the towering Minotaurs. Here they must be stopped. “Open fire!” Duke Erevan shouted.

Eladrin Recon Force (High Elves)
Noble with Great Weapon and Armour of Caledor
Noble with Great Weapon, Dragon Armour, Shield, Reaver Bow
22 Spearmen with Champion, Standard and Musician
10 Archers
10 Archers
12 Shadow Warriors
5 Swormasters of Hoeth
Repeater Bolt Thrower

Andrews Beastman Army
3 Minotaurs
3 Minotaurs
5 Wolves
5 Wolves
2 Beastman Chariots
5 Centigors including Ghorros Warhoof

I had a small hill on my right flank with a forest nearly in the centre of my battleline. There was another forest and a small hill in Andrews deployment zone, but they had no effect on the battle.

I placed my archer units in line on either side of the woods, the Repeater on the right of the archers in the middle of the battleline. The spearmen went on the right, the Archer Noble next to them with the Swordmasters guarding the far right flank. The Shadow Scouts infiltrated into the woods in my battleline.
One unit of Minotaurs went on the far left, opposite my lone unit of archers and the rest of the army went into the centre ready to charge across the board. The wolves were first, behind them were the Minotaurs with Doombull, Centigors and the Chariots taking the flanks.
We rolled off and I won first turn.

Turn 1
The ground shook as the rampaging horde charged towards the thin line of Eldarin warriors. Duke Erevan watched the distance closing and waited until the perfect distance before issuing the order to fire. Arrows lofted into the air and rained down onto the onrushing beasts.

My spearmen edged forwards with the archer noble and the Swordmasters marched down the hill towards the Beastmens flank. The rest of the army stood still to open fire.
The archers on the left opened fire on the Minotaurs, bringing down one of the massive beasts. The Shadow Scouts then fired on the first unit of wolves, killing 3 and sending them fleeing from the field. The archers and Noble combined their fire, wiping out the second unit of wolves. The Repeater fired a single bolt at the rightmost chariot, causing a single wound.

The beasts had no shooting or magic so the turn was quite fast, with the entire force charging forwards as quickly as possible.

Turn 2
The first volleys had thinned the ranks of the beasts but more was needed, he knew the powerful monsters could not be allowed to reach their lines. Around him warriors pulled back their arrows once more.

The spearmen turned slightly to setup for the charging beasts while the swordmasters tried to tempt the nearest chariot into an ill-timed charge.
The rest of the army opened fire once more, though with less success. Each regiment of archers only managed a single wound against the Minotaurs they fired upon. The Noble drew back his Reaver bow and unleashed a flurry of arrows on the right Chariot; killing the beasts and crew and leaving it useless. The Repeater fired a volley on the Centigors and killed 3 of the cavalry beasts.

Andrew now decided it was time to show me how seriously I had underestimated the beast forces. Both Minotaur units charged into the woods at my Shadow Warriors, who failed their fear check but held their ground. Ghorros and his remaining Centigor charged my archer Noble while the remaining chariot trundled forwards.
The combined charge of the Minotaurs shattered the Shadow Scouts, killing 10 for no loss to themselves. Under such pressure the scouts fled from the woods and ultimately the battle.
The Noble struck first, killing the last centigor and wounding Ghorros. But Ghorros struck back, inflicting 3 wounds and the Noble fell to his blows.

Turn 3
Duke Erevan watched in shock as the Minotaurs crashed through the woods hunting the scouts. He could hear the screams and cries before several scouts emerged, but so few.
The thundering of hooves sounded and he saw the centauroid beasts charged past his guard at Earl Varis. He stepped aside at the right moment, his blade flashing and cutting one down before wounding the other. But the momentum of the beast could not be stopped and the noble was smashed to the ground by the charge.
Duke Erevan shouted orders and his warriors moved to face the Minotaurs once again.

The spearmen moved up slightly again and the Swordmasters moved to face Ghorros but the archers held to fire again.
The left archers fired on the Minotaurs with Doombull, but inflicted no damage. The other archers and Repeater fired on the last Chariot, causing 3 wounds.

The Doombull and Minotaurs charged the nearest archers while the second unit moved through the woods to face the other archer unit. The chariot attempted to charge the spearmen but fell short. Ghorros didn’t want to fight the Swordmasters and moved around their flank.
The Doombull and Minotaurs shattered the archer regiment they charged, but lost another Minotaur to a desperate archer.

Turn 4
The left flank had been shattered and he could see the warriors fleeing the battle. But Duke Erevan knew he could still drive them back and he led his warriors in a charge against the beasts wooden chariot. He would not give up.

The Doombull and his remaining Minotaur were basically out of the battle in the corner so I focused on the rest of the force. The spearmen charged into the damaged chariot while the archers moved backwards to allow the Repeater to fire on the other Minotaur unit. The Swordmasters moved to block Ghorros from charging the Repeater.
Unfortunately, the dice deserted me this turn. The archers caused only a single wound which was saved by the light armour of the Minotaurs. The Repeater fired a volley of which only one shot hit and failed to wound.
The Duke attacked the chariot with his great weapon but rolled triple 1 and the rest of the spearmen failed to cause the last wound. Happily for me the chariot was equally useless and failed to cause any hits. The spear regiment pressed forwards and the chariot fled.

The Minotaurs charged into the archer unit while the Doombull got turned around again. Ghorros circled the swordmasters, looking for a way to charge the Repeater. But the last chariot failed to rally and fled the battle.
Yet again the Minotaurs easily shattered the archers and send the survivors fleeing the field.

Turn 5
Duke Erevan and his guard turned from the fleeing chariot and marched back towards the Minotaurs. His archer units had been shattered by the giant beasts and he was determined to destroy them.

This was a very short turn as no units could charge (except Ghorros, who didn’t want to). Each unit moved to avoid being attacked as much as possible.
The only shooting was the Repeater which fired a single bolt into the flank of the Minotaur unit, hoping to skewer both of the monsters. But they panicked and the shot missed the towering creatures.

When we counted everything up we found that we were within 30 VP of each other, giving us a Draw.
I made quite a number of mistakes this game:
- I underestimated the power of the Minotaurs on the charge. The S5 meant every hit was wounding and I didn’t have the armour to withstand that.
- I divided and isolated my forces by placing them on either side of the woods. I should have used the hill for my archers. I also failed to support the archers with the spearmen or swordmasters, leaving them out of the battle.
That said, this is only my 3rd game so I am still getting used to the system. And I’m pretty sure I forgot a number of rules (I need to re-read the rulebook again).
Despite all of it I managed to hold it down to a draw which I am still happy with, and next time I will be better prepared.

Man of the Match:
Nothing in my army was a particular stand-out this battle, though my General has to get a mention for whiffing his one chance to kill something. So instead I will give the honour to Andrews Minotaurs, just six of the buggers took out most of my army.

Beast of the Match: Minotaurs!

The Minotaurs had retreated back into the forests, their bloodgreed sated for the moment. Duke Erevan stared sadly as his fallen warriors were laid in rows, many of the bodies badly mangled by the vicious creatures.
Earl Varis stood beside him, a bandage around his head. “We will recover, the beasts have returned to the forest and we still hold these lands”
The Duke nodded, “I will send for reinforcements. We know more of the creatures of these lands and we shall not shrink from out duty”

The remnants of the Eladrin warriors silently stood by as a Spiritcaller walked down the line of fallen heroes, sprinkling the fey dust over each one and singing the lament of the fallen. The magic user reach the end of the line and halted, looking to the nobles.
Duke Erevan stepped forwards. “You will be remembered. You fell in battle against the forces of Chaos, serving this world and ours. Every drop of blood you shed stemmed the tide of Chaos. You will be honoured. From the fey we came and now you return.”
He nodded to the Spiritcaller, who raised her hands and blue flames sprang from them to the dust on each body. The flames surrounded each body and flared briefly, sending glowing sparks into the air. When it cleared the fallen were gone.

Duke Erevan turned to his warriors. “Make preparations to march, our duty continues!”

Pic will be added later.

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post Mar 5 2010, 06:53 AM
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It takes 42 muscles to frown...but only 4 to slap the person that annoyed you.

Aren't you worried you're evolving a race of sociopaths who care more about rapid transportation than human lives?
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