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> [40K] Slaanesh warband, GD base coated
post Jul 27 2008, 02:53 PM
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Well , I've almost finished my deathguard, just waiting for a new dreadnought and psker to get me upto 2000 points worth. That should keep me happy regardless of army size. So whats next?

Well the idea is too make a slaanesh warband (1500 points) of just troops and a couple of HQ. Heres a quick list

HQ: 1 Daemon Prince with a lash of Submission ; Mark of Slaanesh

1 Summoned Greater Daemon (just cos I want a FW GD of slaanesh)

16 Chaos Space Marines with 2 flamers & Mark of Slaanesh with an Aspiring Champion with PS

16 Chaos Space Marines with 2 meltas & Mark of Slaanesh with an Aspiring Champion with PF

12 Chaos Space Marines with a Lascannon Mark of Slaanesh

12 Chaos Space Marines with a Lascannon Mark of Slaanesh

12 Chaos Space Marines with a Lascannon Mark of Slaanesh

72 models.

You get the idea, I have made a few mental changes but don't have an upto date list. So lots of slaanesh goodness running all over the place....

Its a modeling project that hopefully will be fun to play with and goood to look at. The modeling idea is to use a combination of a CSM and a Demonette model to make a slaanesh warrior.

Have a look at a test one.

IPB Image

So basically take 1 daemonette to make this model by cutting of shoulder,neck and thing that hangs down (cant remember name at the moment). Glue onto a CSM body and add a demonette head, claw and tail. I was a bit worried re scale but I think it looks ok. I have used the slaanesh shoulder pad from AC sprue. Not sure where I will get 70 of them from though :shock: Mounted on a suitable alien type base .One issue is that I will waste a power load of daemonettes but I might be able to make some GS molds for necks and shoulders. In a deamonnete box you get heaps of arms and 14/15 heads.

Paint scheme, I think I'll do a white, purple and black scheme a lot like the daemonettes in the daemon codex

What do you think, or comments? armata_PDT_05.gif

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