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WargamerAU Forums _ 40k General Discussion _ Looking for People/Clubs in Brisbane to play Kill Team

Posted by: Sikosis Aug 2 2018, 04:08 PM

Ok, so I was inspired when I saw the Sydney post ... but basically, I've been trying to get into 40k since last year but haven't been able to find anywhere to play (being a n00b). I've seen some places running tournaments but nothing for the new player. Since Kill Team came out, I'm excited about it as you don't need as much time or as big an army to play.

So, if there are any people/clubs in the Brisbane area that are open to playing Kill Team (and open to new players), please let me know. I live on the Southside and GW Capalaba is my local store. armata_PDT_34.gif



Posted by: b20f08 Aug 2 2018, 08:20 PM

Warrior Lodge (North Lakes) are very much into 40K. They have a fb page; check there. Queensland Gamers Guild use to meet as a club but are now mobile, preferring to run 40K events. But check out their fb page and ask there for assistance. QNK also are into 40K but don't know their club days. Yes, check their facebook page (Queensland Northern Knights). Just some on the northside. More on the southside for sure. Good hunting!

Posted by: Blackhearts Reaver Aug 3 2018, 02:28 AM

South East side:

-GW Capalabah.
- Blind Pig club (Finnish Hall 62 Newnham Road Mount Gravatt QLD 4122. ) dont do too much GW stuff (some) but do do alot of side games so would probably have some people doing Necro/Killteams.
- A new place has just opened up in Coorparoo 297 Old cleveland road. Haven't been there so don't know much about it yet.
- there was a gaming shop out in Wynnum/Manly somewhere? with a few regular gamers dunno if it is still going.
- Irresistible Force (over the Motorway from the Hyperdome) has a good community for GW stuff.

Posted by: Farseer Lael Aug 7 2018, 07:39 PM

Vault Games in the CDB are having a one day tournament this weekend (12th August). Its on their facebook page

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