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WargamerAU Forums _ 40k General Discussion _ Rending vs vehicle dmg chart

Posted by: meobeou123 Jan 22 2019, 06:16 PM

Weapon in question, the psycannon hit a leman russ on the front.

Str 7 vs armour 14, i rolled a 6, allowing the rend, then rolled a 6 for the extra, giving me a total of 16 for a penetrating hit, i then rolled a 6 on the damage table. (much bs was had with dice in that game). The other part of rending rules was that if you rolled a 6 it became AP 1 or 2, (don't recall exactly).

Now, i think that the idea of it becoming the low AP was just for against non armoured models and as such it does not get a benefit to tank penetration damage rolls, but i just wanted to check. Otherwise i would've blown the tank up instead of immobilising it.


Posted by: Fuggorf Jan 22 2019, 11:42 PM

These aren't current rules anymore, so you might have a hard time finding an answer to this

Posted by: Krefey Jan 23 2019, 09:09 AM

If memory serves, the AP was solely for against infantry as it was based on a "to wound roll" not an armour penetration roll.

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