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> Admonitions of a Suss Sufferer: Mark 2, all about Mark 3
post Dec 10 2017, 01:02 AM
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Game 269 - Arkadius1 (Will Work for Food) vs Ashlynn1 (Llaelese Resistance)

Weekend up pickup game. My brain had been frozen and shattered by miniature gnomes versus Big J who hadn't played for some time, so this probably doesn't go well? I'll remember it when I get to it.
It's Ashlynn in opposition. I was probably in the mental state where Rask would be better as a simpler list to play, but sod it, wanted some Pigs to drool on the board.

Arkadius1 (WWfF) - 2x Road Hog, 2x War Hog, 2x Gorax, Battle Boar, 6x Razor Boar, Targ, Orin, Hutchuck, Efaarit, Swamp Gobber Chef, Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew
Ashlynn1 (LR) - Sylyss, 2x Freebooters, 2x Nomads, Trenchers + Grenadiers + Officer/Sniper, Blythe and Bull, Thorn Gun Mages, Ragman, Gibbs, Llaelese Gun MAge Chick Whose Name I can't Process Right Now I Should Stop Capitalising.

Scenario being Breakdown, so central rectangle for battlegroup scoring and flanking circle zones for units. Not ideal for me, as my scoring stuff for the flanks is Arkadius and the Bellows Crew.

Realistically, in this matchup you have to realise that the horrible tyrannical invaders is the Llaelese Federation, whilst the able defenders of Klendatu are the Bug Pigs.

Surveying our glorious literal world of hives, I won the roll and elected first for board presence.
My side has a potentially annoying forest in the centre of my roll out zone, plus a trench on the left I forgot was there until I looked at the photo and a hill on the right that intrudes into the zone.
Centre line has a long wall on the left in that circle zone, while a large building intrudes into the centre. Right side has a forest placed unobtrusively.
The Federation Team has a math score of 35% (Very nice, point it out Doogie Howser). They also have some clouds and a small wall that don't prove super impactful.

IPB Image
Round 1: I maaay be paying more attention to Starship Troopers right now.
The Science teacher pointing out the advances of Pigs is pretty nice, and my god they don't wear gloves while dissecting things and grabbing organs. Never spotted that before.

Stuff runs forward. Arkadius and the Swamp Gobbers started centre until I'd know what side to focus on. The Mercs had put all of their hard hitting on the left, while I'm essentially forced to split my forces evenly it means I focus on having long term contestors left and ensuring I can clear out on the right.

To that end, left side gets the Efaarit, Gobbers, Tinker, The Gorax Preyed by Blythe and Bull, the Forced Evo'd War Hog, a Road Hog and three Razor Boars. They face off against the Storm Lances, Nomads and Freebooters.

Centrally Llaelese has their piece of rubble terrain (They've got a magic rock patch in a pocket thing. If 3.5 wasn't horribly outdated I'd find a way to make that a worthwhile custom item), Ashlynn, the Quickened Trenchers, Gibbs, Gun Mage Chick. I don't really have anything directly countering because there's a giant sodding building in the way.

Right side, I've got the rest of the battlegroup (Three Rabo's, War Hog, Road Hog, Gorax, Battle Boar), Arkadius, Orin facing off against Blythe and Bull and the Thorn Gun Mages.

As the Mercs move up and pop smoke, Trencher shots also kill a rightside Rabo.

IPB Image
Winions 2: Well, opening gambit to force the defensive Ashlynn feat has failed.
Wait, no, I can frame this better.
Ashlynn is so bad, you don't *need* to use your feat. Yep. Totes.

Out on the left, the Efaarit moves up and misses a shot on a Storm Lancer, repositions back. Continues camera shyness.
Razor Boars form the Bacon Trio in the left zone, War Hog and Road Hog behind them. The Preyed Gorax goes out front to block the Freebooter coming in on them.

Right side of the building I stupidly move the War Hog to early.
Razor Boars eat a couple Trenchers. A shame, I was hoping a tough roll would be passed. Instead Arkadius had to boost, managed to land a Crippling Grasp on the Trenchers, stab the right Road Hog with Raw Adrenaline then repositioned to behind the building with Targ. They share crumpets and reminisce about those games Targ didn't become a bloody smear. Plus trying to not talk about the topless Casper Van Diem in the room.

That War Hog movement forces the Road Hog into an awkward spot, so instead of killing Gibbs I settle for killing Taryn (TARYN! THAT'S IT! Sure, I could have looked it up, but sod that) and a few Trenchers.

Orin Stealths on the right hill. Hutchuck ambushes in on the outflanking Thorn Gun Mages and kills two.

Content with the decision not to feat, can't pop Ashlynn nor get control area up enough for the Forced Evo War Hog to eat a pair of Nomads, necessary for appropriate trading.
I'm super unsure about the Hutchuck dropping into the Thorn, just as I was at the time. I wanted him to pop out on the left and contribute to killing Storm Lances, however I fell for the convenience. It was probably the right call?

IPB Image
Mercs 2: Left wise, a Stormlancer walks up and stabs a Rabo, rest shoot pigs a few times. Spirits get knocked out but no little piggies die. The most forward Freebooter burns a movement box and charges the preyed Gorax, puts it down with minimal effort. Prey cycles to the rightside Road Hog.
Other Jacks fan out on this sides backfield.

Centrally, Ashlynn moves into the Llaelese rubble (That's gotta be depressing right? Like, here we are, as always battling in the shattered ruins of our ancient, venerable, crapped out city.) and pops feat. Gibbs does a shot that allows a Razor Boar to Hyper Aggresive in and be in the way. Trenchers pop their mini-feat to throw down some cloud, they charge into the pigs on the right, Crippling Grasp and Dark Field being way out on the other flank stops things being to problematic. Damage gets thrown around, we have the magics, it can be forcefully healed without anesthesia.

Right wise, B&B don't do much. The Thorn Gun Mage shoots Hutchuck with a double Barrel shot, sets him on fire and does a damage box.

No one scores, so the 7 round game can now begin.

IPB Image
Winion 3: Continue the plan, if nothing else going invasion on the first planet on Ashlynns feat turn gets you slaughtered under Ace's really #### leadership.

Left wise, the Efaarit kills a Storm Lancer, retreats once more.
The three Razor Boars over here manage to kill the Storm Lance that came forward, one pops the Counter Charge Animus.
War Hog can attack the Freebooter without being in Ashlynn's Control Area so kills it with ease.
The Road Hog backs up to be the reserve Heavy Beast on this flank, though ultimately it wasn't an ideal position.

Targ twiddles his thumbs behind the building. his time can be later.

Through Boosted Back Strikes, lightning attacks from Orin and the Road Hog Flamethrower I manage to clear out the right zone.
Arkadius, who activated earlier, pops Surgery healing then moves over to toe the right zone.
Hutchuck misses the last Thorn Gun Mage.

I score up the right zone, 1-0.
Because I'm an absolute moron I didn't realize that I controlled the centre zone as well. Ug.

IPB Image
Mercs 3: Left wise, Storm Lances come in and damage Rabo's pretty badly, killing one. A reposition allows one to Counter Charge, potentially stopping the Nomad going in on the Forced Evo War Hog. Until the backup Nomad polishes it off.

The remaining Freebooter and Nomad go in on the Forced Evo War Hog, critically the 'booter misses an initial attack, stopping the knock down and ensuring the War Hog survives, though somewhat dinged up and Mindless.

Bit pieces contest on the right, Blythe and Bull leave a Razor Boar on one box after charging in.
The Thorn Gun Mage shoots Hutchuck down to one box.

Time becomes short in the real world alas, so Ashlynn comes in hard on the right trying to wipe a War Hog. She rolls poorly and has to burn focus on allocation and casting Chosen Ground, so the beast lives on without issue.

IPB Image
Winion 4: Hutchuck burns to death, Razor Boars and the last Gorax frenzy shoddily.

Arkadius gets the hell out of dodge, if the assassination run fails and he's in stabbing range it's a bad time and I'm ahead every other way in the game, or will be one the left War Hog kills two Heavies.

It is somewhat bull###### that Rico asks Ace to be Squad Leader before Diz. At elast Ace has done some learning and says no.

We skip to the meaningful activations after that, right War Hog gets Primalled. Boosts attacks on Ashlynn. Hits, boosts damage and strips off her one camp. Misses the second, Riposte hits the wrong column so his Mind stays active. Hits the last initial, kills her to the box.

Had that fails I had a Road Hog and Arkadius boosted lightning to go. Can't fail when you've got a POW 10 in the wings.

I'd actually forgotten about not popping my feat in that last round. Whoops.

That house ended up being more a pain than I was expecting, really cut down on early feat options.
Would have been fine from the other side going first, but eh, can't fault correct opposing decisions.
So....how about that CID Gatorman Witch Doc then?
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