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Posted by: Emperor Fooble Dec 31 2018, 07:37 PM

Between flicking through the index, half a dozen FAQ's and 3 codexes, I've baffled myself on how the Ynnari work now. (I haven't played in awhile)

So, please forgive the noob questions!

As I understand it now, Ynnari are now an 'upgrade' to a regular Eldar/Dark Eldar/Clown detachment. So you make your detachment, then add in a Ynnari character, and the detachment becomes Ynnari, loses the various rules and gains strength from death.

Question 1: Once a detachment becomes Ynnari, can they still pick and choose any Aelderi units? (excluding those prohibited such as Mandrakes) For example you have a Craftworlds Biel-Tan Battalion. You add Yvraine and her cat, turn them all Ynnari, can you then cherry pick additions from the Drukhari, Corsair and Harlequins books?

Question 2: Craftworld Attributes/Durkhari Obsessions;
You can assign each Ynnari unit to a various group, such as a Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue warrior squad or Ailatoc Ranger squad.
Being Ynnari, they lose the associated rules benefit, but are they still of that group? Will rules that affect that keyword, still work?
Would an Ailatoc Autarch from a pure Craftworlds detachment, still hand out his aura to that Ynnari ranger squad?

Question 3: Stratagems;
Ynnari detachments lose all stratagems from the parent codexes, however, if you have a pure Aeldari detachment, you unlock the appropriate stratagems.
Can these stratagems be used on the Ynnari unit?
For example, you may have a big old Ynnari detachment, and a little Drukhari detachment, granting you the Dark Eldar stratagems. Could you use the 'onslaught' stratagem on a Ynnari Incubi unit, or the 'eviscerating fly by' stratagem on a Ynnari Wych Cult unit?

Question 4: Clan specific stratagems;
Building on question two, can stratagems that are unlocked by a specific faction be used?
If you had one Ynnari Kabal unit dedicated to 'Kabal of the Black Heart', and then had a pure Drukhari detachment (of any allegiance), could you use the 'Agents of vect' stratagem, while that warrior squad was still alive?
Basically, does dedicating a Ynnari unit to a specific Kabal/Cult unlock that Clans specific stratagems and relics?

Then, if not, can you use Clan specific stratagems on dedicated Ynnari units, if you have the appropriate pure detachment?

For example I have a unit of Ynnari Gaurdians dedicated to Uthwe, and a pure Uthwe detachment, can I use the 'Black Guardians' stratagem on the Ynnari Guardians?

Thank you very much to anyone who answers and clears up my bamboozled brain!

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