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> Admonitions of a Suss Sufferer: Mark 2, all about Mark 3
post Jun 3 2017, 08:56 AM
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QUOTE(Master Chris @ Jun 2 2017, 07:07 PM) *

So, Ossrum confirmed good but not necessarily fun?

5 Gunners feel like the right number against you?

Playing against mileage will vary, playing with I've always found Ossrum powerful but snooze worthy. I find his inclusion as a caster in the Journeyman leagues utterly baffling.

You could get away with less Gunners, if we assume running in Rhulic theme I wouldn't put forward an "ideal" number of bunnies until the final form of Siege Crawler comes out in a month or so. If Fire for Effect Crit Stagger makes it through then I'd struggle arguing against its inclusion, which would be a lot stronger into my list (I like to bunch up around Def 9 heavies. Seems bad.) that's a handful of Bunnies.

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Master Chris
post Jun 3 2017, 11:59 AM
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Because Ossrum, Gunner and Energiser is *exactly* what newer players need to see on the table.

Everything that existed before I was born is irrelevant, everything that exists after I die is lucky.
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post Jun 5 2017, 12:47 AM
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Rolled into a lazy Sunday game. Kind've. Sort of. Not really. In the woke-up-late-dropping-all-my-models kind've way. Sigh.

I'm already starting to feel the pull back to Mercs, so better get some Minions going before the enthusiasm dissipates entirely.

Cribbed a quick list off the interwebz, adjusted for models I had available.
Arkadius (Thornfall Theme) - 2x Road Hog, 3x War Hog, 2x Gun Boar, Battle Boar, Targ
Dat model count....

Into some sweet vision haters:
Morghoul3 + Escorts - Gladiator, Shaman, Despoiler, Legends, Pain Givers, Willbreaker, Marketh Puffinator, Swordsman + UA, Nihilators, Master Tormentor

Scenario is Epic Recon, one side has a large central defensive forest so we both pick the pathfinder one (I do like this change to the scenario rules, if few others).

I win the die roll and pick first, the forest of inconvenience presenting an issue for me either way, either as something to go around or for the Skornites to hide behind. Dominaidon correctly takes the defensivey side of the forest, as Rush and Mirage gives Skorne better options to use the forest against me.

IPB Image
Round 1: My stuff runs up as a line, Road on either flank. Most of the beasts go in a line up the centre, with the right most Roadhog joined by one of the War Hogs to stop him feeling lonely.
I put up Guardian Beast, as the opposing list with sod all guns doesn't make Aggravator that appealing. I put Forced Evo on the Battle Boar based on no reasons of value (One of those any decision is better than no decision, it should have just gone on any of the heavies).

The Master Tormentor, feeling truly valued by management, runs up on the left and engages that sides Road Hog.
Nihilators go on the left, Swordsman on the right and everything else is behind the forest of defence.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Time to feat and alpha. There's a few too many things I want to kill this turn, I end up deciding to pop Despoiler, the Legends, the Swordsman UA (Get rid of that Power Swell) and the Willbreaker (If Haidenon has dice fixing, how is he meant to tilt?!).

I start off by walking one Warhog back into the bottom of a trench, he's the reserve beater for all the stuff I'll lose in retaliation for the alpha. This also creates room for one Gun boar to move across into min scatter range, hit the Master Tormentor with blast damage, boost and kill.
The left Gun Boar hurts himself for speed, assaults into a Nihilator, the spray kills the Willbreaker. He then maxes Fury killing the Nihilator in melee then sprinting back with his Animus. He'll still get charged and punched up a bit, should be less than would otherwise happen hopefully.

Arkadius, moves across, primals the right War Hog and feats. Various hogs frenzy forward, in the midst of which I realise the far right Primalled War Hog can't actually get into Despoiler. Nuts. I send up the remaining Warhog and Battle Boar, who can get to the Skorne heavy.
The Battle Boar charges up and Adrenalizes, popping a Swrdsman in the way of Despoiler. He then Berserks across, turns out Legends are bad targets to go for as he takes a Defensive strike and hits nought. Needed that Primal elsewhere it would seem.
The right Road Hog Assaults in, sprays down the Swordsman UA, kills a Grunt and sprints back.
Both Warhogs then go, given their Primalled better to have them face that way. One easily bins Despoiler, if not for the MAT buff of Primal probably wouldn't have got it done. The other gets into the Praetorians, eats three of them.
The remaining Gun Boar then shoots at the Battleboar, misses and hits all the Legends, I boost the damage and kill none of them. Hmmm. Could have gone a little better, in the same way Pixel could have been a better film. Targ Ancillaries him to try another shot, this one scatters and hits a single Legend with a couple boxes left, doesn't kill him either. Phooey!

IPB Image
Skorne 2: One the left, the Nihilators charge the Road Hog, four get in. Eyeballling that they'll miss once and do about 5 damage on each, so should have about a third of a Hog left. Nope. 2 boxes. The shaman then moves into the defensive forest and tries to finish off the Roadie, misses and knocks down a Nihilator.
One of Morghouls escorts walks around the Battle Boar, another goes into it while the big man himself goes into the War Hog. Blinds happen, Morghoul stabs the War Hog a fair few times, doesn't do that went.
The Legends stab the Battle Boar, they roll poorly, barely killing it.
The Gladiator charges said War Hog and finishes it off.
The few remaining Swordsman go into my right Road Hog, scratch it a bit. One positions to take the remaining Primalled War Hog attack to its face.

IPB Image
Minion 3: I don't really have a lot of choices to make this turn, I pull in as much fury as I can. The Primal War Hog eats the snackrifice swordsman, the centre Gun Boar frenzies into my objective for a couple points, the left Gun Boar passes his frenzy roll, the Road Hog that is barely held together by some staples eats a Nihilator.

The right Road Hog eats the two Swordsman who stabbed him, then he sprints to the back corner of the zone. Targ ancillaries, misses the last Praetorian in the zone. Arkadius throws out a Primal Shock to clear out the right zone, Maltreats, Pscho Surgeries and a tries an unboosted Primal Shock on a Nihilator that misses.
Reserve Warhog Riles and runs to be near Arkadius.
The only other activation is the left Road Hog, it hits a Nihilator who toughs.

Minions go to 1 CP off the right zone.

IPB Image
Skorne 3: Starting on the left, with the Shaman aiming and trying to kill the super hurt Road Hog. This is a pretty key event, if he screws this up then the Nihilators are gummed up around him and can't go into a Gun Boar. He got healed up to 5 boxes, with an aim it's a touch over 60% chance for him to live. He doesn't. Oh dear.
The Nihilators then charge the left Gun Boar and put it in the dirt.
Goodbye flank, it was nice knowing you.
Morghoul runs to be scoring both the flag and zone.

Marketh goes behind the forest of safety, which the Gladiator goes and sits in.
The Legends charge the up the board War Hog on the right, they roll in true underwhelm style, taking off about half his health. The Hog also gets slammed, but the dance are garbage and he stays in Arkadius control range.

Skorne pull ahead, 2v1.

IPB Image
Minion 4: So........haven't played Minions in mark3 at all. What do we do at this point in a game again?

Targ Ancillaries the Road Hog, he sprays the Legends, killing one. Arkadius throws Forced Evo on the Gun Boar near him, puts out Psycho Surgery and Primal Shocks an Escort dead (Movie Pitch: It all starts when the evil mad scientist kills an Escort by psychically blasting her through his cyborg pig beast. Script writes itself.). He then walks across to cower behind a small forest.
The Road Hog advances a short distance, we have a short convo on the epic wonderness that is the Spray template and it's illogical shape to hit the Gladiator for some damage and be outside of its threat range. It does a mighty damage point.
The left War Hog tramples, killing two Nihilators and toughing another, he toes into the left zone.
Gun Boar goes, he throws the toughed out Nihilator into one of his fellows, killing both.

Both sides get a point (The right zone and the flag). 3v2 to Skorne.

IPB Image
Skorne 4: Fire on the Gladiator goes out. Morghoul goes into the War Hog contesting the left zone after the Nihilators do poorly, he manages to kill it without to much effort after it gets blinded.
Shaman moves up, pings my objective down to 9 health.
I ingeniously placed the Gun Boar to be exactly in the Gladiator's charge range. He goes in, struggles but eventually manages to kill it before smashing the Objective.
A paingiver goes into the top War Hog and hits him for a Fury, because he's a cheeky git. Also contests my zone.

Skorne again gain two points, (left zone and Objective), now 5v2.

IPB Image
Minion 5: I think this is the point we realise we didn't have a round counter? I hate having to that, feels like pointless minutiae.
I'm not in a terrible position, but contesting the left zone is really difficult. Time to just do things and hope I have a moment of cognizance at some point, I focus on clearing models that can contest to try to level the scoring somewhat. I can't put Arkadius on the flag, as he then gets Blinded and killed. Morghoul hasn't even feated at this point.

Arkadius goes in, Crippling grasps the Gladiator by poking my own small defence forest, then repoing out of it. He Psycho Surgeries and tries to kill the Paingiver on the War Hog, but misses. Alas.

The Road Hog walks across a bit, flamethrowers Marketh, leaves him on one box on fire. Targ Ancillaries him to burn a couple Paingivers. The War Hog eats the contesting Paingiver.

Scores go to 6v3, both off zones.

IPB Image
Skorne 5: Fire goes out. Throw that Birthday Cake to the ground.
Gladiator frenzies into Morghoul, does 9 points that flock back to him.
Morghoul goes back to the flag, Marketh and the remaining Nihilator run in the way. Last Paingiver goes into the top of the right zone to contest.
The Cyclops Shaman moves up and tries to one shot Arkadius, lands the hit, needs a 17 on the dice to kill. Doesn't make it, puts him on about 6 boxes. Marketh is livid at Morghouls lack of a ######ty nuke.

Now 8v3.....

IPB Image
Minion 6: Targ Ancillaries the Road Hog, knocks down the Nihilator. Arkadius then has to go, Primal Shocks that dude away.
The War Hog goes up and kills the Skorne Objective.
Road Assaults Marketh, planning to Sprint into contest range of the Skorne flag.
The Assault spray misses Morghoul, hits and kills Marketh, ergo I can't Sprint and pay for my greed in trying to set Morghoul on fire. Dangit.

It goes to 9v4, Skorne autowin on scenario at that point so it gets called.

Well, screwed that up a few times. Need a few games of maximising that Crippling Grasp + Repo, definitely out of practice with Fury, specifically the right selection of whose frenzying and mitigating that Arkadius rolls into towns with.
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post Jun 22 2017, 09:56 PM
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T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-tursday gamz. Or gam anyway.

The good ship Minions hasn't tipped me off yet, so once more into the frenzy breach!

Arkadius1 (Thornfall) - 2 Roadies, 3x Warries, Battle Boar, 2x Gun Boar, Targ
Thagrosh1 (Children of the Dragon) - Typhon, 2x Nephilim Soldiers, Nephilim Protector, Hex hunters + Bayal, 2x Nyss Swordsmen + UA, Nyss Warlord, Shepherd

So....that's how far I got before I had to unexpectedly go interstate and deal with serious real life stuff, you thought my batreps were vague and likely incorect before? Ha! You Jon Snowed this bitch.

Legion has loads of doodz. Absolutely should have dropped the Jaga list I ingeniously invented ripped off Gaston with Nyss and the Vault. Maximising the feat is more critical than normal.

Scenario is Recon2 in its end-of-CID form, which we now know is being altered in the official release (Owned by Akira Toriyama...nope, that's DBZ. Nm. #UnrelatedI'mBadAtTwitter.), as is Outlast2.

So it's two rectangles vertically placed on either side controllable......wait....

This is the point I realised I was looking at the wrong pics and the horde of Legion doodz was in fact Skorne doodz. Forward to the right matchup and....

...It's Standoff, so two Circle/Warrior model zones on either flank, each side gets a defensive rectangle zone with an objective in it.

My list being 80% Warbeasts is problematic for the broad multi scoring deal, I'm beginning to see why the third Warhog wasn't in the original Arkadius list I knocked off in place of various solos. Incidentally, that list percentage math becomes super easy with 10 models.

Vague Cluster terrain deployment, with a hut in the middle. Other key features being that one side gets a forest in its rectangle zone and a wall in the right circle zone, the other gets a trench.

We both pick the Pathfinder objective in case we get lumped with the largish forest.
I win the roll and pick first, sure enough I get saddled with said forest. The Objective helps a small amount, but only a small one due to my single model list composition. However, this does get me a tasty wall that can be abused in contesting terms by making a model difficult to attack.

IPB Image
Round 1: I have a line of beasts that rolls up the board. The forest causes a division, so around my Objective ends up being Arkadius, the Gun Boars, the Battle Boar and Targ while the other two War Hogs go to the right side of the forest. Road Hogs are on either flank, their loss of Pathfinder in the Mark2>3 transition causing me some minor gripes.

The Dragon nutjobs response is to advance, though not as aggressively as they have the ability to, a mischievous attempt to make me feat for distance. Odds of that working are reasonable.
The Hex Hunters go extreme left, three of them ducking into the forest in the left circle zone so not cheek score from me.
One Swordsman unit tepidly advances into the Legion rectangle zone, set to come around the left side of the house.
Thagrosh and the Protector stay central, going behind hte objective.
The right side sees the most aggressive advance, with Swordsman running as far as they can and Typhon/Nephilim Soldiers leaning toward the circle zone as well.

IPB Image
Minion 2: I forget to use the Objective ability at the start of the turn. It's even been simplified brain, why must you fail me so often?!
I could feat and get stuff in Legion's grill, but it doesn't really tempt me, not enough on the board to entice me. Had Typhon been in a position to get War Hoged that probably would have done it, as at this stage I'd already utterly vanquished any sensible notion about remembering that Thagrosh has a feat. Pro plays.

Aggravator gets upkept, as does Forced Evolution which is on the centre War Hog.
The Gun Boars moves up a short distance, staying in my rectangle zone. They take pot shots at the Hex Hunters in the forest, clipping and killing one. Targ Ancillaries, also to poor effect.

The left most Road Hog toes the left circle zone, flamethrowers another of the Nyss. The Hex Hunters held far enough back that only the remaining jerk in the forest can get an attack, so that suits me fine.
A War Hog and the Battle Boar go behind the Gun Boars in the rectangle zone. Arkadius toes the rectangle zone and goes next to the forest.

The Forced Evo War Hog advances to the tip of the forest, starting a whole "Who pokes their head around this house first and gets it bitten off" gambit. Ah, just like being a prospective home owner. Memories.

The right War and Road Hogs toe the bottom of the right circle zone, they are sadly unable to use the wall to good effect.

That turn was so conservative it could've fallen for the politics-as-a-circle fallacy and become communist. My next round plan is fundamentally arranged now, the left Road hog will be a snackrifice to the contesting gods for the left zone, holding up the Hex hunters or better yet drawing the swordsman across. The Lights in the centre will suicide forward, hopefully taking out that central swordsman unit. I'll be on the receiving end of some charges on the right side, hopefully I can navigate via the feat to attrition that out, I've eyeballed it as my heavies should survive over there.

IPB Image
Legion 2: On the left, the Hex Hunters move up a small bit, one toes the back of the circle zone. The lone grunt that was in the forest moves up and pings the Road Hog for some points, I opt to not Hyper Aggressive given he had a fury and my control area was getting tenuous.

The Centre Swordsman unit spreads a bit, Countercharging dude in the forward ranks.
Thags, the Protector and one Soldier camp out in the Rectangle zone, smoking blunts and trading stories of their uni days. Typhon hides behind the house, fulfilling the house corner gambit.

Right wise, aside from Typhon, the other Soldier runs into the zone onto the hill. The Swordsman unit on this side charge up, a pair gets on each Hog, they do average damage. Countercharging dude is in the non engaged group.

My rectangle zone wasn't contested (which I agree with, wasn't worth it for Legion to come in for it), so both sides go to 1 CP.

IPB Image
Minion 3: This is definitely feat turn, though it'll mostly be for Fury management over getting the speed buff.

Prior to feating, I *think* the following happens:
1 - The left Road Hog assaults the lone Hex hunter, lining up the spray on Bayal. Double boosts, hits and kills. Lands a melee attacks, which then allows him to cast Sprint, which he uses to advance further up and arc his facing to be on the Hex hunter toeing the back of the zone.
2 - The Gun Boars advance up the centre, they shoot down the Countercharge Nyss and the Warlord, catching another Nyss with some Blast damage.
3 - Forced Evo'd War Hog in the centre, having received Pathfinder from Objective, charges the Nephilim Soldier on the hill, maxes Fury but sadly leaves him on a couple boxes.
4 - War Hog on the far right kills three of the four Nyss blocking him and the Road Hog in.

Arkadius then goes, he feats.
The left Road Hog charges the Hex Hunter in the forest and kills him using sweet facing tech from Mark 2. Not fully redundant Hordes skillset woo! He drops all his Fury.
The Gun Boars charge up and eat another pair of swordsman.
In the right zone, the frenzy attack from the Forced Evo War Hog kills the Nephilim Soldier, he drops all his fury. The other War Hog charges the remaining Nyss on the Road Hog, this triggers a countercharge, it thankfully doesn't take out any aspects. His frenzy attack (And subsequent Fury cleanup) frees up the Roadie, who then Frenzy attacks the Counter Charger and kills him.
Arkadius Primal Shocks, which I think kills one of the centre Swordsman. He maltreats and Pscho Surgeries in the midst of this junk as well.
The looney bin warlock then has an attack of the braves and falls back to be jsut behind the forest, the left Road Hog is out of control which given his status at contesting chump doesn't bother me. Not as much as the prospect of Thags getting up in my business, or realistically Typhon somehow getting in a position to do some sprays.

That nice and simple feat part done.......remaining normal activations.
The right Road Hog sadly frenzy charged at an angle that puts Typhon out of his line of sight. He's unbuffed, so killing Typhon isn't on the cards anyway with his weedy P+S and the inherent armour buffs. I should have set things on fire, didn't think about that. He goes up to Typhon, manages to get the one hand throw off which chucks Typhon on top of Thags, slightly bruising their skin and...I guess kneecapping their pride?
The Battle Boar moves across in the rectangle zone, hoping that the swordsman surround the Gun Boars to open up a sweet Berserk chain.
Back up War Hog just runs to block LoS to Arkadius, the turn had run suuuuper long and protecting the old mans stats leader of the army is a reflex.

One of the Gun Boars toed the opposing Rectangle, so I get up on CP's 2v1.
Running Arkadius still mind boggling, though slightly less so. It's something.

IPB Image
Legion 3: Dragon recovery time.
On the left, the Hex Hunters charge the Road Hog, they roll on the low side, taking out about a third of the Hogs health. Looks like he might live longer than expected.

The centre Swordsman charge into the Gun Boars, one of them puffs into a fine enough mist that it doesn't leave stains. The other Gun Boar gets three charges, which he manages to live through with a handfull of boxes.
The Nephilim Protector and Thagrosh chill in the centre of the Rectangle zone.

Typhon moves in, starts eating the Road Hog on the right flank. I finally remember Retaliatory Strikes, though it doesn't do squat. After killing the Roadie, Typhon has a bite at the Forced Evo War Hog, who turns around and also doesn't get the low odds crit knockdown. Oh well.
The remaining Nephilim soldier charges the Forced Evo Hog, discovers that being a three Fury beast that wants to boost to hit is super lame.
Three Swordsman remain on this flank, they go into the right most War Hog, leave him on about half health.

Both sides Rectangle zones ping, 3v2 CP in my favour.

IPB Image
Minion 4: Aggravator/Forced Evo upkept. It's looking pretty good for me, so I default to just attrition playing it out.

Left wise, the Road Hog eats a Hex hunter. Nom nom. He's healthy enough that he'll last a turn longer than predicted, so that's nice.

Back Up War Hog runs on the spot.
Arkadius puts Primal on the Battle Boar, maltreats his protecting War Hog, Psycho Surgeries, tries an unboosted Primal Shock that does nought. He stays hiding, having moved forward as little as he could to keep his control area relevant.

The Battle Boar Adrenalises, charges a centre Swordsman, I roll 7's like a loon for him to cruise through all bar two of the unit and contest the Legion rectangle. The Gun Boar then punches those two remaining Swordsman to death.

Right zone time! Typhon isn't quite in the circle zone, so plan is to nab a score here and keep that slow 6 ahead to win thing going (Prior to them downgrading this to 5).
The Forced Evo War Hog goes up to three Fury to kill the Nephilim Soldier, then maxes to attack Typhon for a good hit that takes out an aspect.
Last War Hog to go clears the three Swordsman in the right zone that attack him.
Targ then runs over to be behind the wall.

I score my rectangle and the right zone, now up 5v2. Like Bon Jovi's followers, we're halfway there. Status of Prayers lived on unknown.

IPB Image
Legion 4: Out on the left, the Hex Hunters do their pew pew on the contesta-Hog, taking out his Body aspect, the least relevant. He's now injured enough that he's doomed.
Thagrosh tires of my Light Warbeasts shenanigans. He goes into the Gun and Battle Boar, burns a bunch of his stack to mulch them both and put up Excessive Healing.
Right side, Typhon Regenerates himself to gain his body back, uses his first two initials to eat the Forced Evo War Hog then sprays at Targ, fortunately for me he misses.
The Nephiilim Protector runs to toe the right circle zone then gets his fury knocked off by the Shepherd.

If memory serves, Thagrosh put himself and all his beasts out of his rectangle zone, so I go up a point off my rectangle to 6v2.

IPB Image
Minion 5: I really want to get the left Road Hog back in my control area and score the right zone. Neither option is viable, putting the Hog in my control means arkadius gets charged and killed by Thagrosh and I definitely can't pop both Legion beasts contesting the right zone. At this stage it's just play it out, maintain the CP lead and see if we get the full 7 rounds in.

On the left, the Road Hog stomps more Hex Hunters, leaving three alive. That's actually sufficiently auspicious a result then my pessism about his death may be incorrect.

Arkadius moves up, Crippling Grasps Typhon, Repo's into the forest. The right War hog then charges Typhon and easily bins him. Targ moves across to be barely toeing the right zone, outside of the Nephilim Protector's charge range.

The reserve War Hog runs to be between my objective and the house. Thags can come forward and kill him, that will however let my War hog go into the Legion objective and score up their, which will balance that out. In that event Arkadius runs the hell away toward the right.

I go up 7v2, just plugging at that rectangle zone. Again, pre official launch, so win condition is 6 up not 5 up.

Legion 5: Under clock, ye old photos have to stop.
Thagrosh flies to be behind the house and feats back Typhon in front of the War hog. Ah. Ayep, that got me pretty good. He puts Bad Blood on the War Hog that previously murdered Typhon. The Nephilim Protector runs up and engages Targ. The Hex Hunters finally kill the left side Road Hog.

Legion score off the left zone, alas nothing is in their Rectangle so we go to 8v3.

IPB Image
Minion 6: After some double checking to make sure I've got the CP's correct, the reserve War Hog runs to contest the legion Circle zone. Arkadius gets to 9 CP's and that's the game.

Slogathon. Think I feated well, but skated through in the end. Far to cautious with the reserve War Hog, had he been up in the fray at the same time as the Battle Boar Thag's feat probably doesn't rubber band back enough. Very much seeing the drop-the-Warhog for mixed support pieces perspective. Adding a small unit would likely also be good given that they are now the Circle zone scorers.
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post Jun 24 2017, 12:07 AM
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Glorious return to mercdom. Enchanty man had a pretty decent Git Gud podcast that basically informed a decision to try to play Thexus into everything rather than worry about pairings at the moment, so for my inglorious return I unpacked Cephalyx regardless of who I would end up into it (Also handy to unpack early because getting Drudges out takes time).

List altered from the OTC variant, dropping the Wreckers and Agitator to add in toolbox heavies and give a better option to arc node with. Drops the ability to apply force in a single point, think the Drudges can lift that without to much issue.

Thexus - 2x Wardens, Subduer, Agitator, 3x Max Slavers, 2x Max Benders, Alexia1 + Risen + Dominator, 2x Free Overlords

Initially lined up against Abe's Gearheads, alas they rusted out, so German Traveller to the rescue!
It's Canberra, ergo when it's not a pre-arranged match there's a 55% chance of it being Skorne.

Zaadesh2 - Sentry, Aradus Soldier, Gladiator, 2x Cyclops Savage, Immortals (Max), 2x Ancestral Guardian, Karax (Max), Pain Givers (Max)

SR2017 with the Insider Updates (Solos score flags, units score Circles, win by 5 points up). Each side gets a flag, a rectangle zone and a central circle to shove each other over.

I threw out Cluster terrain, because at this point I'm addicted to LoS blocking stuff in the centre of the table. If we get a slam think I'll explicitly avoid that for training purposes.

Additionally I have a bad habit of putting obstructions as the initial terrain piece, so I explicitly wasn't going to do that. At first I put down a cloud, then looked at my Eyeless Sight army, decided that was a tool move to make and made it a forest.

Irrelevant nonsense aside, the most applicable terrain ends up being the central forest and an obstruction that pinch access to the circle zone, or at least make it awkward. I will happily admit that the rest of the terrain I put on the board ended up not being relevant (Trench, two hills, a wall, a cloud).

I lose the roll, Skorne take first. Ultimately I choose the wrong side, giving to little weight to the fact that the opposing list not only has no guns, it doesn't even have a ######ty nuke, so I take the side with the forest pinching for unnecessary LoS blocking purposes.

IPB Image
Skorne 1: The Evil totes-not-Elves deploy and run up with a slant toward the right side of the board. Karax are on the left, the Beasts are central and the Immortals are on the right. Ancestrals divide themselves between the units.
Battle Charged spell up on Zaadesh, Inviolable Resolve on the Immortals.

IPB Image
Mercs 1: Thexus allocates everything out, with the extra heavy and no weak opposing attacks to accidentally fuel them I had some concern about their focus thirst in future turns.

The Drudge blob essentially mirrors the Skorne list in board position, with the same rightward slant. I put a few Drudges in charge ranges, the odds of them successfully baiting are minuscule but it costs me nothing. I purposely have one Bender unit in position on the right flank to affect the ambushers popping in next turn, the Skorne deploy essentially makes the Ambush side pretty clear.

Overlords stay super flanking per the usual, Alexia walks up in the centre and crafts a Thrall, intending for him to be the scoring model on that left flag.

IPB Image
Skorne 2: Spells upkept.
The Karax Shield Wall, most go behind the obstruction with a grouping of four behind the forest. Also behind the Obstruction goes one of the Savages to score the Rectangle zone in the future and Ancestral Guardian

Immortals run up the right side, mostly ending up between the Skorne flag and my rectangle zone. The other Ancestral Guardian camps the Skorne flag behind them.

The remaining Beasts go up behind the forest and Immortals, Zaadesh plonks a couple clouds in front of them. Zaadesh feats.

IPB Image
Mercs 2: So, I'd planned this super malicous kill everything turn, right up until Zaady feated at the very end of the Skorne turn. Plan sunk.

I thought through a couple plans that all came unglued. The ambush Drudges came in on the right, I tried to get a position where I could Adrenal two ambush Drudges, have them use the move up to charge the right side Ancestral Guardian in the back. Fell apart on positioning.
The next consideration was Rampager being used to pull the Aradus forward and around, drag him in with the Subduer and kill it with his attacks plus some Adrenal charging Drudges. I should have done this plan, I essentially pulled out of it because I'd maxed the time I'm willing to spend in the tank on a list where clock is always a consideration.

The Thrall Warrior goes to my flag for sweet scoringness. The far left Overlords run, one of them toes the Skorne rectangle to contest.

Centre zone wise, on the left against the Karax Pink Slaver Drudges run up. The Subduer walks into the forest, knocks down the grouping of four Karax.

Right side, Risen run up to be in front of the Skorne Beasts/Immortals, as do some of the Green Slaver Drudges.
The other Overlord unit literally hugs the table edge.
The ambush Drudges run around to be behind the Skorne flag, one of them in contesting range.

Thexus chills up the back, toeing outside of the killbox. Arcs a Rampager on the Aradus to turn him around and away, then Psycho Surgery heals the channel damage.

I get up by a point off my flag.

Wasted turn, though I am content that I at least did some stuff rather than sink into analysis paralysis.

IPB Image
Skorne 3: Time for the delayed Alpha smash.

On the left, in Skornes Rectangle the Ancestral charges across and kills the contesting Overlord. The Savage on this side stays in hiding behind the Obstruction.
The Karax reassemble and Shield Wall, the knock down ones joining their bros in a blob, they get a few ineffectual attacks on Drudges, DEF 11 turns out to be OK. Three of them go around the other side of the obstruction, get up to my flag and stab down the Thrall Warrior. Sadness.

Centre wise, the Aradus Tramples to the Subduer after getting Enraged, drags him in with the Pull attack, buys some bite attacks. Rolls very well on damage, leaves the Subduer on one box of Brain. The other Savage (Note: I defaulted to thinking of them as Brutes the entire game. My only knowledge of Cyclops Savages is gained by proxy, via the medium of owners of the Skorne battle box complaining about them) moves up to the Subduer and easily bins it.
The Sentry walks behind the forest, can now see the luscious, glistening abdomen of the Aradus.

The Immortals shuffle forward, staying in command range of the Ancestral Guardian. They kill a couple Risen and the sacrifice Drudges.
Behind them on the Skorne flag the Guardian sits on the flag, turning to face the ambushing unit. The contesting Drudge died earlier in the turn to a Paingiver, who are pretty elite combat troops when you fight against Drudges.

Skorne score their flag and rectangle zone, getting up 2v1 in CP's.

IPB Image
Merc 3: If I wrote a gaming self book at this juncture of life I guess it would be called "How to handle throwing away your Subduer". Sort of anyway, lining up a Hex Blast on Zaadesh is annoying and few things hurt a measly range 6 gun like Countercharge.

This is feat turn, though it won't be a super impressive use comparatively speaking. Things to keep in mind are Countercharge and using Hex Blast to strip the Immortals immunity to pushes in the right order.

On the far left, the Overlords move up, one of them toes the zone, the other keeps back to make it impossible for the Ancestral to kill both. They spray the Guardian, do reasonable damage but don't kill him.

Thexus moves across and forward a short distance in order to get the Gladiator under feat. It wasn't super vital, but it's a small effort for potentially forcing Rush to be cast. Thexus arcs a Hex Blast on the Immortals and TK's the Aradus and Savage forward and turned around. Feat pushes split up the Karax Shield Wallers, plonks the one nearest the flag out of command. The Aradus and Savage move forward, the Sentry and Gladiator go backward. Only 2/3rds or so of the Immortals are in range, they get pushed toward the right and bunched up.

Looking at the pics, it seems I spaced on activating the left Bender unit. Whoops. Not terrible, all they'd have done is kill the out of formation Karax member.
The Pink Drudges shuffle to not make attacks from Zaadesh' cloud, they eat three karax and do some sweet Prepping for Surgery. Enter the Rainbow Drudge!
The Agitator advances and Instigates. The left Warden charges the Aradus, leaves it on about six boxes. The Aradus is in range of Thexus so has to die, I had wanted Alexia to spawn a Thrall to score on my left flag but oh well, she charges in and kills the Aradus with her initial attack, however I also sent some Risen forward into the remaining Immortals, which triggered the Sentinels Counter Charge. The Risen toughs, more to the point I become super concerned about him being to near to Thexus. Even after a trample an enraged Sentinel still gets a low odds one shot assassination chance.
In any event, the other Warden goes into the savage and toes my right rectangle zone, he kills the Savage with just his initials.

On the right, the Overlord unit leaves the edge of the table and sprays down most of the Immortal unit. The Bender unit then moves up and sprays down the remaining four. The Green Slaver Drudges run around lamely in the backfield, three of them running to deny the Sentinel a trample spot.

In Ambush land, half of the Drudges charge into the Paingivers/Ancestral around the Skorne flag. One does to Defensive Strike as I definitely planned, he owed me money and wasn't ever going to pay up. They make the pair of Paingivers they got to don Fish Bowls, one gets into the Ancestral and spikes the roll, leaving him on a handful of boxes.

I score on my rectangle zone, scores level at 2 apiece.

Yeah, that went super sweet for me. Thexus feat remains a great spray enabler.

IPB Image
Skorne 4: On the lonely left side of the board, the Ancestral on Rectangle zone clearing keeps at it, hacking down the contesting Overlord once more. The Savage that keeps scoring that zone sticks behind the obstruction, chilling in his vital yet distinctly boring job. He would go on to be an accountant.

The Karax form up again in the space between the forest and obstruction, Shield Walling and finally gaining some overall competence as they put down three Slaver Drudges.
Also in the centre, the Enraged, Rushed Sentry walks up to Alexia and the left Warden. He does some light damage on the Warden, plus a fully boosted attack on Alexia. It hits, alas the damage is paltry considering the P+S and I lose a few Risen and put Ciannor on 1 box.
Zaadesh hangs out in the cloud.

Around the Skorne flag, the Ancestral Guardian starts swinging as efforts to clear out the 6 contesting Drudges begin. Tough rolls suddenly leap to the fore, so he ends up only killing a couple and blowing his load of Souls. The Gladiator, after Rushing the Sentry, wanders backwards to said Drudges and maxes Fury to be super unimpressive, as tough and low hit rolls neuter it considerably, it kill a Drudge and leaves one Knocked down. Lastly one of the Paingivers makes it over and roll their eyes at the Heavy Beast as they easily pop a Drudge.

The flag clearing efforts falling short alas means that both sides only score their Rectangle zones and go to 3 points apiece.

IPB Image
Merc 4: Grinding on!

On the left, the last Overlord on that side toes the zone to contest, sprays the Ancestral that murdered his comrades and kills it, saving him from that imminent demise at least.

Right side, the Overlord move up and spray at the Skorne stuff around their flag, managing to kill one Paingiver. Imph.
The Ambush Drudges charge in to finish things off, one pops to the Defensive Strike, they CMA and manage to finish off the Guardian over here as well. The Gladiator is slightly damaged, it isn't really in a position to affect the win conditions though.
Green Slavers and Purple Benders just flood forward around the Rectangle zone.

Centre land:
Thexus Pschyo Surgeries and heals the more damaged Warden, then Spell Drivers a TK through him to turn the Sentinel around (The healing was required to ensure that the Spell Driver damage didn't take out the Brain system).
I send the left Warden into the Sentinel. I foolishly didn't Instigate first, so his damage is garbo.
Instigate then happens, the other Warden comes in and manages the kill.
Alexia spawns a Thrall that runs to my flag.
Pressed for time, the Pink Drudges just shuffle and make a couple attacks on the Karax that don't do a great deal.

I get up 4v3, it was definitely a turn affected by rushing. The Sentry should have died to the Instigated Warden and three Adrenalled Drudges, allowing the other Warden to score.

Nothing can get to Thexus, my clock is low but so is Skorne's, I'm winning on scenario. I've got just over six minutes, I can cram some Garbo turns in of mostly running and scoring, using TK/Rampager to get rid of contesting stuff to get to the 5 point lead.

Exulon is a hard match for a good slew of Skorne. 2016 killbox changes that dramatically, 17's 12 inch is quite workable.

Didn't Adrenal once all game. Something went wrong. Horribly wrong.
Liking the new mixed battlegroup. And enemies that can't attack Thexus, need more of those. Definitely feel a long way from getting good with the chewed up Redskin (I was so much happier with his model till Shep converted him to have a sensible body. Sigh.).
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Master Chris
post Jun 24 2017, 11:11 PM
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Weren't we all mocking some Internet-Nobody who made the outlandish claim that Thexus Drudge spam was literally unbeatable a while back?

...I see a lot of Drudges in your list. smile.gif

(Side note: I have a muck tonne painted if you need to worry about other things prior to WTC).

Everything that existed before I was born is irrelevant, everything that exists after I die is lucky.
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post Jun 25 2017, 10:39 AM
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QUOTE(Master Chris @ Jun 25 2017, 12:11 AM) *

Weren't we all mocking some Internet-Nobody who made the outlandish claim that Thexus Drudge spam was literally unbeatable a while back?

...I see a lot of Drudges in your list. smile.gif

(Side note: I have a muck tonne painted if you need to worry about other things prior to WTC).

Indeed we were, my stance on the vid is unchanged. It certainly isn't unbeatable, it's simply good and my most practiced caster with Gorten in the Sin Bin.

Silly Missy, I've sadly got all those Drudges already painted tongue.gif
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post Jun 27 2017, 05:56 PM
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Saturday pick up game into the Narrow Road that goes over the Pont Des Arts bridge.

So....in the spirit of the firm affirmation of last Batrep to play Thexus, I promptly drop Arkadius.

It was trolls ok! They haven't gone into a CID, they're are the new Skorne rank faction! Your Mum is probably a nice lady!

Arkadius1 - Triple War Hog, Double Road Hog, Battle Boar, Double Gun Boar, Targ
Ragnar1 - Mauler, Axer, Impaler, Bouncer, War Wagon (Pre-CID), Champions (Max), Fenblades (Max), Stone (Min), Whelps

Foolish Trolls, they only outnumber glorious Bacon by 2v1! Huh!

Scenario is Barbell (Breakdown, flank circle zones for units and a centre rectangle for Warbeasts/Battle Engines)

Didn't do Cluster, realised I couldn't remember how to do the sector junk so just mimicked what 95% of tourney orgs will do and threw random pieces on the board.

I won the roll and picked first, the primary features of the side I ended up with is an inconvenient forest in front of my deployment, an obstruction on me left and a hill on my right.
Trolls have an inconvenient forest in the top of the left forest and a hill that pokes into the rectangle zone. There's also a trench on the right, it doesn't end up doing much.

Most relevant thing is I once again have no units, making actually getting points problematic. I out threaten the Trolls for days, if they feat early then there's an awkward waiting game while they close distance and probably get some control points, if they don't then I alpha super hard, have a couple turns meandering then probably finish it up pretty easy.

IPB Image
Round 1: I have a War Hog go up on the far left, no Troll units there so he is my sole commitment to the left zone at this point. The rest of my list splits up to go up either side of my forest of inconvenience, with a Road/War/Battle/Gun blob going up the left toward the centre zone and a Gun/War/Road/Targ bunch going up the right side toward either the centre or right side zone.
Arkadius cowers behind the forest. My basic expectation is that Arkadius won't move very far, but Targ's Herding will be needed for polishing off the Troll Fennblades who are making a beeline for the right zone.
Forced Evo goes on the left Road Hog, there's some Fury Dropping, Maltreatment and Psycho Surgery actions to make sure everything in the list can get

Trolls run up, per their deployment it is heavily slanted toward the right side of the board, notably with no real units making a line for the left zone.
The Beasts and Champs make a line above the Rectangle zone, the Battlegroup on the left side with some of them on the hill and the Champs base to base on the right. Ragnar feats and charges up behind this mob, and is joined by the Stone unit popping their Aura.
The War Wagon runs up to be on the trench, essentially nullifying it.
The Fennblades run up in a pair of lines into the top of the right zone.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Alas, Trolls have completely feated. Alphaing the stuff that matters is now beyond me, the only thing not under the feat and Stone Aura are the Fennblades.

Nearly everything hangs back, with just minor re-positioning. The far left War Hog moves up into the left zone, though not in a position of any danger.
Arkadius moves into the forest and puts up Aggravator, which he should have done in round 1. Oh well.

On the right the Fennblades are attackable and it is unlikely they'll ever be more sprayable. The right Road Hog Pain Dials for speed, fails a charge on one of them to spray across the unit. He doesn't quite get far up enough for the ideal circumstance, but still manages to do pretty well taking out half the unit and touching another couple. The Gun Boars chilling near Targ get some pot shots, one them advancing to toe the zone. The Fennblades are reduced to four members, with one of them knocked down. The right side War Hog also contests the zone and pops up onto the hill.

IPB Image
Troll 2: Bad photomanship at its best.
The Fennblades Vengeance forward, doing a couple ineffectual stabs on the Road Hog. They then charge around, with one of them coming forward and engaging the Gun Boar and War Hog at my end of the right zone.
The Champs charge the Road Hog. To my immense surprise it lives on 1 box, also knocking a Champ to a tough roll with a Retaliatory Strike. Behind that melee the War Wagon keeps chilling, it shoots the Gun Boar that sits in front of the forest, knocking him down and demolishing its Spirit aspect. How enterprising of it.

The Beasts form a line above the Rectangle zone, with the Axer/Bouncer poking into it, Ragnar and the Stone unit behind them.

Trolls go to 1 CP off the centre zone.

IPB Image
Minion 3: There was a sudden Earthquake. Totes.
Time to feat for the alpha and murder stuff hard. Planned end point is a dead Mauler, one of the other beasts and the champs. There is, however, a massive spanner in the works, being the Fennblade engaging my stuff in the right zone and worst of all that damn Roadhog not being dead. He's essentially there to create a perfect War Hog landing zone amidst the Champs, doesn't work if he's sodding alive.

The nearly dead Road Hog frenzies, achieves nothing.
Battle Boar activates, throws Primal on the left Road Hog (The one with Forced Evo).
Targ heals the knocked down Gun Boar.
After some wasted time, I end up putting Arkadius in the forest, he boosts a Crippling Grasp into the back of a Champ and hits. He then repo's back into the forest with a couple camp.
Arkadius feats, this pushes the centre Road Hog and War Hogs forward, stands up the knocked down Gun Boar, the Battle Boar frenzies to clear Fury and stays in the backfield by being blocked by said Gun Boar.
On the right, the feat attacks kill the forward engaging Fennblade.

After that, on the right the Gun Boar moves across, stays toeing the zone and kills a Champ.
The right War hog just walks up and pops a pair of Fennblades, it wasn't the best Heavy activation. Worse would come.

Both Gun Boars shuffle and shoot at the Kriel stone unit, one shot gets Shield Guarded, the other pops a couple Stone grunts.
The Road Hog moves to the left to stop any cheeky scoring from the Trolls, he flamethrowers down the Stone.
One centre War hog goes into the Mauler. First hit is fine, then Whelps start spawning. He buys loads of attacks, the Whelps Annoyance rule turns the balance and the Mauler lives on a few boxes.
The other War Hog, the Primalled one, I opt to pop his Bulldoze animus as I really wanted the mauler dead. He walks up and...the pushes don't clear enough room for him to get to the Mauler. Oh balls. He then walks into the Axer/Bouncer, now without the beneficial side of Primal. It was awful. He attacks the Axer and leaves him also on a bare handful of boxes.

Damn good jumping into a well there. It's going to be a shovel hard time from here.

Troll 3: Missed the pic, can only assume from pre-shovel trauma.

Ragnar heals the Axer a bit, he then....does something? Ends up lower on Fury, but doesn't Hex Blast away Crippling Grasp. To much going on, everything is fading, fading, fading.....

The Mauler eats four of the Whelps, eats the War Hog that tried poorly to kill him. Plus a Regen he ends up on about half health. The Impaler stays next to him, throws a spear into the Road Hog that misses.
The Axer goes, he eats the last Whelp, both him and the Bouncer attack the Primal War hog, they roll less than ideally and don't kill him, though leave him with only body. The Axer, which went first, only got one attack as a Retaliatory strike spiked hard and left him on three boxes of Mind.
The Stone guy hangs behind the Beasts and pops his Aura, sticks in Shield Guard range of the Bouncer.

The Champs shuffle around, one into the damaged as hell road Hog, one into the right War Hog, two into the right most Gun Boar.
War Hog takes a tiny amount, then kills the Champ with a Retaliatory. The Road Hog lives again, missed by both Champ attacks. The Gun Boar gets mauled badly but manages to live.
The Fennblade does a tricky walk around the War Hog, gets into the back of the Road Hog and finally fells him. That was weird.

The War Wagon shoots the back Gun Boar, knocking him and the Battle Boar down. Takes out the Gun Boars Spirit. Stop that! He repos to the left, ending up behind the Axer/Bouncer.

IPB Image
Minion 4: Well, that could have gone a lot worse.
The War Hog that lived frenzies due to the botched Primal, does sod all due to a missing Mind.

Take 2 of kill the damn Mauler. The Whelps are finished now, unfortunately it has to be the rather weedy P+S 14 Road hog that has to go into him. Well, he is Forced Evo to 16 I guess. Other than that I can't really leverage anything onto the Axer/Bouncer, so the right War Hog will have a go on the remaining Champs.

The Battle Boar moves up, toes the centre zone. Puts Primal on the Road Hog (Can only go better this time I reason).
Arkadius moves out of the forest to the left, Psycho Surgeries everyone's Aspects back. Kills the Stone with a Primal Shock.

On the right side, Targ toes the right zone in the hill. between the Gun Boar and the flank War Hog the remaining Champs all get finished off.

Centre wise, the Gun Boar who has been quite demolished by the War Wagon moves to body block Arkadius.
The Road Hog walks up to the Mauler and Impaler. Maxes his fury, rolls extremely well, kills both targets. Wasn't expecting that. Juicy.

Dice save me from my poorly executed feat! Skillz!

IPB Image
Troll 4: The Bouncer tries to finish off the War Hog to give the Axer a good activation, it screws up and the Axer has to finish him off. Low on pipeces now, Ragnar sticks behind the hill outside of the Road Hogs future frenzy. The War Wagon aims, knocks down the right War Hog and repositions away from him.

IPB Image
Minion 5: Well ahead, have to score at least a point so I don't blind side myself into a loss.
The Road hog frenzies into the Axer and kills it. Targ moves up to get his Herding aura up their, the right War Hog charges into the Bouncers Back and kills it.
The Battle Boar and two Gun Boars spread out at the back of the rectangle zone, plus contest the side zone. Arkadius moves up and across the top of the forest, camping four, threatening the right zone score next round.

IPB Image
Trolls 5: Time to pray for tough rolls and brazen madness.
Ragnor charges into the centre zone, manages to kill the Forced Evo Road Hog. The War Wagon charges the War Hog, takes out his Mind and knocks down the healthier Gun Boar.

IPB Image
Minion 6: The War hog frenzies into the War Wagon, does sod all.
Arkadius moves up, Crippling Grasps Ragnar and repositions to the right zone.
The Battle Boar Primals the nearest Gun Boar, walks into Ragnar's back arc and whiffs his attacks.
Primalled Gun Boar moves up, takes three attacks to force the tough roll that fails.

Sweet attrition win. Didn't screw up the reserve War Hog at least. Will hopefully remember to change the list the next time I want to brain melt from mid turn frenzy activation's.
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post Jun 29 2017, 10:19 AM
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Huzzah! After three months, another Slam I get to disgrace myself in. Also my 200th Mark 3 game, so sweet.

Holding true to my intent this time, I brought Thexus. Ostensibly there was a second list of Bart with jacks, I never intended to drop it, ultimately that wouldn't matter to much as we will get to.

Thexus - 2 Wardens, Subduer, Agitator, 3 Slavers Max, 2 Benders Max Alexia + Risen Seervants + Dominator Evil Vizier

First game into Soup Company man, leaving his Mercs/Skorne behind to try some priestly lunatics (Yes! my Snowflake quotient is raised another notch!).

Kreoss1 (Exemplar Interdiction) - 2x Reckoner, 2x Bastion Seneschal + Redeemers, Errant Seneschal, Errants (Max), Errants (Max) + CA, Choir (Max), Wrack, Vassal of Menoth

Yeah, Exemplar Interdiction gives Blessed to the jacks guns. Bart, you ain't the Menoth drop I thought you were. Good to know.

Scenario is Barbell again, so two side circles for units and a centre rectangle for battlegroups.
Terrain was once more throw stuff down in a vaguely jumbled way. Cause lazy.

I lose the roll, get given first. My side has a blob of inconvenient water, Rubble in the left zone, a long hedge in the centre Rectangle and a shorter iteration in the right zone.
Menoth have a not so great forest on the left, a very good wall in their centre and a long trench on the right that pokes into that sides zone.

Deployments are essentially informed by the list sizes. Mine is long and spread out with flanking Overlords, Menoth is a central block of jacks with Advance Deployed Errants.

IPB Image
Merc 1: The Errants can assault forward a good distance, I opt to not care about it. Deceleration is doing nothing for me this game aside from Kreoss' nukes, so that isn't worth casting.Thexus allocates out all of his focus to the Monstrosities.

Everything runs forward then, heedlieslly into the danger of Errant pew pews.
The Overlords mirror each other by going up either flank. The Drudges split up to go around either side of the water blob. Subduer is out front, going to the left of the water, one Warden goes up the centre to the right of said theoretical liquid with the third out to the right. The wardens Slammed for the free movement.
Alexia only walks up, I spawn a Thrall off an outlying Risen who runs up into the Rubble in the left zone. I'm mildly hopeful that the irritant that is the forest will keep attacks off him so he can be an annoying model in the Menoth backfield in two rounds.

IPB Image
Menoth 1: The Errants come forward, most of them Assaulting. A Pink Drudge dies, as two a pair of Green fellas on the right. One Green Drudge also toughs it.

Kreoss puts Defenders Ward on the right Exemplar unit (The one with the CA), charges up to be behind the wall. The Reckoners run up next to him, Redeemers and their controling solo chumps go either side. The Vassal goes up behind the forest.

IPB Image
Merc 2: The Exemplar unit didn't pop their mini feat, so I reason this is the easiest turn to get rid of the hard unit.

I ambush from the right, it's a line of doodz staring at the Exemplars.
Thexus mostly hangs onto his focus, he's got stuff to do.
I put Risen agressively up front, we then catch an error from last turn in which the left Errants didn't have Assault, so a Pink Drudge returns to life and a Risen vanishes in unceremonious fashion.

Thexus moves forward and toward the right, he feats catching about 70% or so of the Errants, they get pushed around. The right unit end formation isn't super great, the left does get a nice blob of five them hugging together.
I then have have an IQ crash, as Thexus goes to cast spells. He misses the Hex Blast on the Errants, I then decide that he will cast Deceleration instead of trying again. Decel. The spell I worked out at the start of the game is functionally useless. Happy Birthday to the Ground!

The Agitator floats above the water, pops Instigate. This helps out the Subduer, who assumes the role of "Sacrifical Pawn", advancing to toe the rectangle zone and knocking down the clump of Errant knights, plan essentially being for them to either do nothing next round repositioning or stay in spray victim formation.

In the left zone, the Thrall Warrior runs to be behind the forest. Two more rounds until this Thrall loan pays off! The Overlords in that zone float forward, they spray down three of the left errant unit.

Slaver Drudges all run up, with a fewe members of each unit contesting the centre and right zone. Bender Drudges follow up behind, the left blue unit pretty firmly backfield, the right unit get half it's squad in the right zone.

Also on the right, that sides Overlords advance and spray at Errants. The Defenders Ward bungle starts to be felt pretty badly as they only kill a couple Menites.
The ambush Drudges charge in, I luck out on the Menite inexperience as I get to Prep Surgery some Errants and create a couple new Drudges. I utterly fail to kill the unit leader, leaving him on a couople boxes after fourish attacks inclusing Overlrod sprays. Imph.

Alexia moves up the centre, spawns a centre Thrall who walks into teh right zone and kills an Errant who sacs to the Standard bearer.

Yeah, I'm hoping this style of Thexus feat doesn't become the norm for me, that was pretty bad.

IPB Image
Menite 2: Time for a magic trick. See that horde of Slaver Drudges? Just watch!
Defenders Ward upkept.

Kreoss stays chilling behind his defence wall and feats. A part of running Thexus here (Beyond Bart not having a great time) is that he can sit in Sac Pawn range of both Wardens and relax, so the feat is an attrition play. It gets the Subduer and a stack of the forward Slaver Drudges, including the full ambush unit (Somewhat expected).

Choir Battles, the Reckoners then shoot the Subduer (I straight up didn't believe they had a base POW of 14. Weird how that has never come up, think I've just always thought of them as POW 16 without really processing the Choir aspect. Oh well.). They do some good damage.
The Redeemers and Errants don't really move around, the knocked down blob in the centre size standing up with one dude toeing the left zone to stop my Overlords triggering the score. After all teh gun shots, I've lost 5 Pink Drudges, 4 Green, 12 Yellow + the Cephalyx unit leader, a Risen and the right side Thrall Warrior. The Subduer is also left on 12 boxes. Ouch.

Insult to injury, the Vassal walked around the back of the forest and pew pewed the round 1 Investment Thrall Warrior.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Damn Old Faith scum. Killing all those innocents I blinded and forced to run at pointy/explody things. Monsters.

I've lost a lot of Slaver Drudges, which is saddening. Fortunately this is alleviated somewhat by the Menites remaining extremely static, so even though I think I can still fight this out the scenario play is extremely strong for me at this point. Yeah yeah, words were said about SR2017.

Seven Risen reinforcements pop out like weasels, they go out as a blob in front of the rectangle zone.

Thexus advances a short distance for future Sac Pawn positioning, this time he manages to Hex Blast off Defenders Ward. He then Pscho Surgeries and chills out, far further up the baord than I have become accustomed to.

The mission then becomes clear out and score zones.

For the Rectangle, the Subduer now has his gun and was lucky enough to keep a Brain box, so has his focus. He should have shaken to stand to get the aim bonus, he just has to live with Instigate and a boost. He re-knocks down the five fellas he got last turn.

The Left Overlords walk across, they spray at the left msot Errants, killing the one toeing their zone to free it up and killing most of the unit, aside from two of them that got snake eyes on the to hit. So much for knockdown I guess.

The Risen then go in, they CMA and get the centre zone Errant kills to clear the zone. Alexia spawns a Thrall Warrior from one of them, I promptly forgot to actiate it. Oh well.

For the right zone, the Overlords move in and spray down the Errants that are contesting. This zone then gets a bunch of Purple Benders run into it to make it hard to reclaim.

The Wardens move up, stay in Thexus Sac Pawn range. One toes the Rectangle, the other the right circle zone.

Mercs go up 3 CP.

IPB Image
Menite 3: It's an uphill turn for the Religously inclined.

The Vassal of Menoth moves to toe the far edge of the left zone.
The Reckoners finish off the Subduer without to much issue.
Redeemers ping the right Warden, hurt it somewhat. It Hyper Aggresives Forward, promptly gets blased by Kreoss.
The handful of Errants and Seneschals go into the centre and right zone, killing some Bender Drudges and an Overlord.

IPB Image
Merc 4: It's clear two zone to win.

The left Overlords spray down the Vassal, so that's done.
The Risen surround and kill the Errant Seneschal with a 6 man CMA.
Thexus arcs a TK to move the central Bastion Seneschal out of the zone, everything else doesn't activate and I get the win on CP's. Both sides have 14 and a half minutes left.

Definitely forsee Menoth as being a Thexus annoyance in the future, will be a much harder game after Soup Man gets some more reps with them.
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post Jun 29 2017, 10:24 AM
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Round 2 Slam, Dolly!

Thexus (Operating Theatre) - 2 Wardens, Subduer, Agitator, 3 Slavers Max, 2 Benders Max Alexia + Risen + Dominator

Ostensibly paired with Bart, however round 2 is into Wad's Destruction Initiative faction, with Shield Guards, Steady and Armour Buffs for days so.......I mean Convergence. Technically the faction is Convergence, pending their presumed infantry based theme list.
It's Lucant/Axis. I wasn't really surprised by the end drop, given one list had twice as many Fun Engines as the other.

Axis1 (Destruction Initiative) - 2x Inverter, Conservator, Galvanizer, Diffuser, 2x Repair unit dudes, 2x TEPs, 3x Reflex Servitor, Flare Servitors

Scenario is Spread the Net, so uses each side has a friendly rectangle/flag and a centre circle to fight over.
I win the roll and pick first, ending with a patch of Rubble next to my flag, an inconvenient blob of water on an edge of the circle zone, a small hedge in the actual zone, then a trench in my rectangle. Sounds like an innocent version of garbo slang "Sonny, I got a trench in my rectangles I does if you know wut I mean."
CoC get a foreest that bridges their rectangle and the circle, a solid wall poking into the circle and a long hedge in front of their flag.

The walls/water are the standard annoyances for me pathfinder wise, so just something to deal with.
Both sides having almost all of their ranged/magic attacks as sprays makes the Rubble/Trench on my side very dead, whilst the walls are all about positioning rather than the defensive bonus.

IPB Image
Merc 1: Super symmetrical deployments. My unpack goes out a little different to normal, with the left Slaver unit shunting to the centre get up the board past the water. The Subduer goes out to the left, as the Wardens might need to cop a load of sprays on Thexus' behalf (Or at least be placed to stop said assassination run). Alexia spawns a Thrall who runs far to the left, ready to be my friendly flag scorer (I do love how she helps out in this kind of scenario, I remain a big fan of flags being scorable by solos).

IPB Image
CoC 1: Continuing to abide by what I presume is a memo shared by al my opponents, Convergence move up with a leaning toward the right side of the board. It's reasonable enough, given the left TEP can happily sit on the inner edge of the CoC rectangle and score/Spray it clear.

The Reflex Servitors all move out the front and Dig In, Axis and Bro-bots behind them. He puts out a Razor Wall at my edge of hte circle zone to block off the forward most Slaver Drudges.
The repairy dudes go behind both TEPs.

Onslaught goes up.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Bit of a dream scenario happening here. The right TEP ran up to the outer edge of the CoC flag, putting it in prime Ambush Drudge murdering. A TEP that doesn't get to make an attack is a good TEP as far as anyone not playing Convergence should be concerned.

Ambushers appear, start leering suggesting at the mighty phallus before them.
Thexus holds onto all his focus.

Starting on the right, the extreme edge Bender unit moves up and Adrenals three of the Ambushers, who use the out of activation walk to move up in front of their unit.
The ambushers (The Yellow Slavers) then charge the TEP and one of the repair dudes, the three Adrenal guys kill the Battle Engine before the three back up attacks even get a chance. The ones mobbing the repair guy easily fish bowl him, making a new Drudge bro to engage the next member in the repair unit.

Alexia moves up the centre, spawns a Thrall Warrior who runs across into the trench in my right Rectangle, plan being for him to eventually score the CoC flag once I've cleared up around it. The other Thrall Warrior runs to my flag.
Thexus casts Deflection, then TK's two of the Pink Drudges into the Razor Wall.
The left Bender unit Adrenals the mid line Pink Drudges, getting them in a line to also get past the Razor Wall.

Green and Pink Drudges charge/run a few of their members up into the circle zone, intending to gum up the works and have the Reflex fellas explode themselves. Alexia moved up first to collect their corpses. One Drudge dies, two tough and a few of the Servitors go away, though not as many as i would have liked.

The Overlords keep making their way up each extreme flank. The Subduer joins the lot on the left, at the extreme edge of Thexus' control area.

That was a long turn, the Adrenals on the centre Drudge unit were a waste, though it was mroe about threeatening the Vectors if they counter charged forward than anything else.

IPB Image
CoC 2: The Convergence force compacts even more on itself, the left TEP moving to jsut tag the right side of the CoC rectangle. One Inverter and the Conservator move into the middle of the Circle zone, the Donginator at the back end of the small hedge. Axis himself hides behind the proper wall at the back of the zone with the Corrolary. The Lights and second Inverter hang near the flag.

The TEP's sprays and other assorted Vector attacks kill seven Drudges in the Circle, the Diffuser kills out the one ambush Drudge contesting the CoC flag.
Axis puts out a Razor Wall in front of the ambush Drudges. Is not nice.

Servitors fly around, one contests my flag, another goes to score on the CoC flag.

CoC go up 2 points off hteir Rectangle/Flag.

IPB Image
Merc 3: The worst thing about the TEPs as far as Thexus is concerned is that the little dudes that got dropped base to base are an annoyance I actually have to do something about in order to TK it. That generally isn't hard, it is; however; annoying. Like my poor use of semi-colons.

This is likely to go pretty close to the clock wire, so need to start scoring to get the leg up.

The left Overlords move up, one of them toes the Convergence Rectangle. They spray down a couple Reflex Servitors and one of the TEP's little drubs. This includes the nong that contested my flag last turn. The Subduer then moves up and toes the CoC Rectangle.

The left Bender unit goes, a couple Grunts get up and spray down another of the TEPs little fellas.
This frees up the centre Monstrosity to move up into the water and arc a load of TK's from Thexus, hitting the TEP, Conservator and centre Inverter and spinning them around, plus getting the TEP out of the CoC rectangle. A Pschyo Surgery then pops to heal the load of arcing damage.
Alexia and Risen then go, they run up and jam everything in the centre zone.

On the right, the Overlords move up and spray down the Reflex Servitor on the CoC flag. The Green Drudges then get Adrenalled by the Purple Benders, they charge up and do good damage on teh right Inverter and some on the Diffuser. The Warden on this side just moves into my Rectangle.
Lastly the yellow ambush Drudges walk around the Razor Wall, eat the two repair guys for some new membership.

I get 3 points from the Rectangles and my flag, score is now 3v2 to me.

IPB Image
CoC 3: The Galvaniser repairs the right Inverter. Axis stays behind the wall and pops feat, puts the Razor Wall down in a spot behind the Drudges engaging that right side Donginator and casts Unstoppable Force.

That Inverter charges my Warden in the Mercd Rectangle, pushing the blocking Drudges into the Razor Wall. They fail their toughs, so he comes forward and pops the Warden. Well, definitely wasn't expecting that, I blame previous Rhulic biases in my expectations.

In the circle zone the Conservator and Inverter turn around and kill a load of Risen and a couple Drudges.
The TEP turns around and re-toes the CoC rectangle, sprays down the Thrall Warrior on my flag and flails at Alexia, failing to land the boosted 9's to hit.

No scores this round.

IPB Image
Merc 4: Clocks tight, but I've got good scoring points available. Have to make sure I pop that damn Battle Engine.

The left Overlord unit moves into the CoC rectangle, spray down a repair dude and the TEP's little buddies.
Thexus moves to the left, TK's the TEP up and away from him, keeps it within 10 for the Aggression trigger. Casts Decel. The Subduer, who got fully loaded, charges the TEP, spikes hard on the dice and easily kills it.
The remaining Warden sticks near Thexus just in case.

The Risen Swarm around engaging everything in the centre zone, do a big CMA on the Diffuser that hurts it a fair bit. She spawns a new Thrall Warrior who runs to my flag.

The few remaining Pink/Green Drudges hover around in contesting zone spots, including a bodgy CMA into the damaged Inverter that doesn't do that much.

Around the CoC flag, the Overlrods spray ineptly at the Galvaniser, the ambush Drudges then pile in and do a good whack of damage but sadly fail to kill it. The Thrall Warrior on this side runs to the right board edge in position to run to the CoC flag next round.

I score my flag and the CoC Rectangle, now at 5v2.

The scenario win is now very hard to stop and the assassiantion run appears undoable, so CoC concedes. I had 7 minutes versus 13.

Sweet ambushers. Which I'd feated last turn for safety and the second TEP should have been killed earlier, unfortunately struggled to get Slaver Drudges positioned well enough to get Adrenalled Grunts into it. Still want to be quicker on the clock, to much spent on turn 2.
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Master Chris
post Jun 29 2017, 12:09 PM
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How do you rate Kreoss1?

Maybe I need to revisit him but I sort of feel like he's just a training-wheels 'caster for players to learn the game and doesn't have a huge impact on the high-end meta.

Did the Feat do anything of value (either directly or in influencing your table position)?

Everything that existed before I was born is irrelevant, everything that exists after I die is lucky.
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post Jun 29 2017, 12:15 PM
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QUOTE(Master Chris @ Jun 29 2017, 01:09 PM) *

How do you rate Kreoss1?

Maybe I need to revisit him but I sort of feel like he's just a training-wheels 'caster for players to learn the game and doesn't have a huge impact on the high-end meta.

Did the Feat do anything of value (either directly or in influencing your table position)?

In theory I've always thought him respectable, the practical issue is I've so rarely seen him across the table. The old pop and drop threat is always a nice thing, it certainyl would affect my drop in my previous tourney (Gorten probably just dies. Is super sad.).

In this isntance, it doesn't affect my positioning much due to Sac Pawn making the assassiantion play unviable. I did lose far more Slaver Drudges than I consider acceptable, that only really happened because the feat cancelled tough and all the engaging going on, it wasn't great looking at the table after having 25ish models removed.
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post Jun 30 2017, 12:53 PM
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So.......got in a game against the local Redster, to be blunt I played it poorly. Even a bunch of the photos get Khador shy and just picture the glistening exposed flesh of the Drudges, so this one will be short and likely followed by severe lamenting.

Managing to stick to my plan of playing predominantly Thexus, it's him and the Drudge Horde versus a local favourite that I for various reasons (Mainly pairing based I think) have seen very little of.

Vlad2 - Conquest, min Mechaniks, 2x Eliminators, Outriders, 2x Manhunter, Yuri, 2x Drakhun

Playing Standoff, so flanking unit zone, a battlegroup defensive zone which has an objective in it.

Opening wise Khador stuff runs, stays shy of giving me anything valuable.

IPB Image
Khador 2: Vlad feats on the Outriders and an Elimiantors, they come forward and maul the crap out of the Drudge Slavers, everything else holds relatively back.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Thexus wonders forward a short way, feats to clear out the friendly rectangle and do some bunching up. Arcing through the Subduer turns a Drakhun around, he thumps his bro who ends up dying to a Thrall Warrior that contests the Khador rectangle.
Risen engage the Outriders after a few magic attacks fail to roll the required stupidly high amount in order to do stuff to Vlad feated models.

I killbox myself, so the scores go to 2 each.

IPB Image
Khador 3: Conquest moves to contest the left zone, Vlad goes to the right to toe the Khador rectangle and and the right zone.
Outriders shuffle, do loads of sprays and kill more infantry. The Drakhuns kill the Subduer.
Eliminators get up aggresively.

Due to an un-noticed Risen, Khador only gets one point to get to 3v2.

IPB Image
Merc 3: I have a good clock lead, but Thexus can't get anywhere and live, so I go for the kill Vlad plan. One Warden slams an outrider, then arcs TK's to move vlad across, where a pair of Adrenaled ambush Drudges go into him, it's a pretty bad low odds assassination so it doesn't work out. A Thrall Warrior spawns and tries the 2%, doesn't get it. Risen chock up on the Outriders.

IPB Image
Khador 4: Hand of Fated with Arcane Might support Eliminators easily kill Thexus.

Bit dispiriting, did not have pre-planning or focus all game. When the plan becomes "I sure hope my savvy and intelligent opponent doesn't recognise these things he should do", you done screwed it.

I'm not going to analyse specifics of the game, as I'll get hung up on my far too many errors. Better to think on the matchup in a vacuum.

Conclusion 1: I should work out my pre-game steps and write the damn things down, as I've forgotten multiple steps at times with poor results. This game had the worst on table results of that, though player interaction issues have also emerged sporadically in tournaments.

I roll dice in tray/take pictures spiel
Defined "Cocked" for both players
Define terrain BEFORE list selection
Pick lists
Read opposing feat. READ DUDE. READ IT.
Thexus drop - Work out assassination loss vectors

Conclusion 2: I need to go through more thoroughly and determine Thexus' specific problem opponent models. Write the damn things down. Off the Cuff:

Cygnar - Haley2, Nemo3. Problem lists in general (Infantry Mulch, electro leap threat on Thexy)
Menoth - Reznik1, Choir annoyance in general though that's manageable
Khador - Outriders. Just......ew......particuarly in combo with any defence boost that makes them hard to kill early (Vlad2 feat)
Cryx - Skaverous1, Ghost Fleet (Long game, possibly playable)
Retribution - Rahn1
CoC - I think I'm good
Trollblood - Nah bro
Circle - Kromac1, Wurmwood1
Legion - Alright I think. Now that I've worked out how to play into sodding Fyanna.
Skorne - Ferox
Grymkin - Heretik bad?
Mercs - It's complicated.
Minions - Vaults would suck
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post Jul 8 2017, 03:55 AM
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Alas, it's been a week between games, and in this one I was sadly distracted (Selling your car: Sometimes it goes wrong).

In any event though, at least it was into Abe, who emits a gentle cloud of sugar in his surroundings (In the good way, not the sticky and attracting ants iteration).

It was Convergence,where I got a little bit thrown by it not being Axis. The pair was Lucant and Mother, both in tier. It sure ain't going to be Bart, the matchup ended up being what was most likely.

Thexus1 (Operating Theatre) - Subduer, double Warden, Agitator, Triple Slaver, double Bender, Alexia + Dominator
Iron Mother1 (Destruction Initiative) - Prime Axiom, 2x Assimilator, Corollary, Mitigator, 3x Reflex Servitors, Puncture dudes, Flare bots

It's Spread the Net, got to enjoy that last minute SR17 practice before Wintercon's 14 inch killbox bones me. Central unit unit zone,both sides have a defensive flag and rectangle.

I win the roll and pick first. Convergence takes the correct side, which had a pair of forests Thexus and friends would have loved to use defensively. They also get a wall, while both sides have to deal with the obstruction in the centre of the circle zone. I have a trench and cloud that don't impact the game much.

Deployment wise is even for me, while Convergence anchors either flank with a huge base, the Axiom to the left and TEP to the right.

IPB Image
Merc 1: Stuff rolls out! At this point I realise I've mixed up the Drudge units on the right flank, confusing the Benders and Slavers. Honestly a first for me, thankfully rectified without to much hassle. Given everything is basically running short of the CoC max range my formation doesn't get to screwy. I spawn a Thrall Warrior who runs up on the right to be a future scoring element.

I have a concern that Iron Mother could run up one of her Vectors, who are all nodes, and start spelling Thexus to death, so my basic plan is to run both Wardens in front of the sexmeister for line of sight block.
I had a Monstrosity out on the far left originally with the vague intent of scoring the Convergence rectangle, the Axiom damages that plan rather badly.

IPB Image
CoC 1: A bunch of the Reflex Servitors form the front line and dig in as everything runs forward. Making use of experience from my previous shenanigans, the Assimilators go behind the wall to stop easy TK madness, though ultimately the important stuff stays out of convenient attack range of my stuff. The TEP just waddles forward.

TEP gets Tactical Supremacy.

IPB Image
Merc 2: As the CoC was thrusting back and forth in the opening fold out, I basically crossed my fingers in the hope the TEP ran. If it doesn't pop it's doodads around the base and gets up the board, than I can kill it early and at least have the sprays of doom out of my pile of concerns.

It wasn't to be, and there wasn't anything placed near for me to casually nab early, so run up and take a load of casualties plan it is.

Drudges run up, going more aggressively up the left against the light and Axiom, while hanging back to only give up a few to the TEP.
The Overlords move up on either flank, both units spraying down a pair of Reflex Servitors (4 down, 274 to go!)

The two Monstrosities on line of sight blocking duty advance and toe the centre zone, can't make scoring to easy after all. Thexus goes behind them, such that a drag won't pull him to his death. I wanted to block them with stealth models, alas such models are all valuable and easy killed by Grounder Pounders. The other Monstrosity gives up on its dreams of getting to the CoC rectangle anytime soon and moves across toward Exulon.

Alexia spawns a Thrall who charges the Axiom to start chipping at its health (No repair in the opposing list for a change). The other Thrall runs to a stupid spot to die, as I critically fail roll-to-have-plan.

Decel is up, has value in making annoying choices for the TEP.

IPB Image
CoC 2: The Convergence light vector, it turns out, isn't a Diffuser. It's a Mitigator. Three Bender Drudges evaporate.

Between the TEP moving up and repoing back, Axiom, Iron Mother and one Ground Pounder I lose another eight Drudges, all Slavers plus the Thrall Warrior. Imph. The Axiom advances, Tow cables the Subduer. He Shield Guards. Does the second Tow cable I'd not considered. Oh God, or whatever version of a Brain Golem the Cephalyx use as a suitable equivalent. Subduer gets dragged in, roughed up by the Axiom then finished off by the second Assimilator.
Iron Mother chills back out of the zone, content to not give me any easy shots.

CoC go to 2 points off their Rectangle and Flag.

IPB Image
Merc 3: CoC had a reasonable turn, it was somewhat lengthy though (Even the briefest holiday from Induction to the easy smeasy Fury causes memory muscle depreciation).

I pop out ambushers, they go in place to kill the TEP as the Axiom is out of their reach and in range of various attacks anyway.
Risen Spawn, primarily in the centre zone. Gum up the works lads!

On the left, that sides Overlords advance and spray down some Servitors and roll badly on the Mitigator.
This frees charges by four Green Drudges, three of them Adrenalled by the Purple Benders, plus one of the Wardens who boosts all his damage rolls.
It gets left on three boxes, so when Alexia moves up her Risen, she pops out yet another Thrall who charges in, sadly only does a pair of boxes leaving the Axiom alive. Fortunately it's only got one box of movement, it is still not ideal.

Thexus had to TK in the midst of that, he stays hanging back with the other Warden in Sac Pawn range, Decel up. I hadn't gone for the TEP yet, I left him out of its range just in case.

Flipping over to the right, the Overlords get out of the way, spraying down another Reflex Servitor.
The Blue Benders Adrenal three of the yellow Ambushers, they charge into the TEP and leave it on three boxes. Unlike the Axiom, that it legitimately unfortunate for me. Oh well, not having an Attrition win this time around.

Thrall Warrior mistakes and desperation means I don't score this round.

IPB Image
CoC 3: Iron Mother stays were she is, her little bots Imperil the Yellow Ambush Drudges and the Warden that flailed at the Axiom. She feats.

A Reflex Servitor kills the Thrall Warrior, then the Mitigator eats some of the Green Drudges in Melee. The Axiom tries to have a go at attacks, spawning an optimistic healing bot, it's attacks are poor at best.

The forward Assimilator goes into the forward Warden, awkwardly leaving him alive on 3 box with just the left claw going. The other Assimilator moves up to behind the centre obstruction, pew pews more Drudges down.

The TEP spews out at the Ambush Drudges, leaving three grunts and the Ceph leader alive, with one of the Drudges knocked down from tough.

CoC score off the Rectangle and go to 3 CP.

IPB Image
Merc 4: I'm in an excellent position clock wise, however I should push scenario to ensure there isn't a dramatic turnaround and have to keep Thexus reasonably safe.

The left Overlords have a burst of hyper competency and spray down the Mitigator. They also fail to kill the Axiom, but oh well. The super damaged Warden also fails at that. The Green Drudges go into the Axiom, though it's a non-charge Drudge and the unit leader (Should have Adrenalled the Drudge, but oh well) they do one damage to leave the Axiom back on technically alive. Took out the Induction box at least.

The Instigator drifts to my flag, Thexus toes the corner of my rectangle and keeps a Warden close by.
Risen jam up the centre zone.

On the right, the Ambush Drudges go into the TEP and manage to finish it off, the Pink SLaver Drudges also move up around them and manage to kill some Servitors.

Alexia had spawned another Thrall Warrior who runs to the CoC flag.

The scores now tie at 3 apiece.

IPB Image
CoC 4: The Convergence stuff basically doesn't really move and just attacks my remaining doodz. They barely move however, and I start rolling some tough.

I lose a few Drudges and the super damaged Warden, however nothing I was scoring got contested or killed so I went up 6 to 3, then won without having to do anything meaningful in my next turn (Aside from finishing off the Axiom. Risen and Overlords failed, it took Thexus Hexblasting). CoC finished on 40 seconds to my 15ish minutes, so it was somewhat cut and dried at that point (Hard to do that many attack rolls quickly).

Number of errors, some quite glaring. Happy with my recovery though, only a few more games prior to Wintercon alas. Haven't played my second list at all. Oh dear.

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post Jul 12 2017, 12:06 AM
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Ye old....Sunday game? Happened three days ago, time is a vapor. Printing Who's The Boss Cards was a service I volunteered without doing a time calc, so....whoops.

Wintercon being just around the corner, I decided whatever happened I was oging to do a game of Bart and double downs. Abe answered my feeble call, leading to....

Bart1 - 2x Galleon, 2x Kayazy Eliminators, Aiyanna and Holt, Tinker
Iron Mother1 + Floating orbs (Destruction Initiative) - Axiom, TEP, 2x Assimilator, Mitigator, 3x Reflex Servitors, Flarebots, Puncture dudes, Corrolary

...balls. Balls is what it lead to. Basically along as CoC is Destruction Initiative based this kind of list is awful even on paper.

I have memorised the scenario names yet, I think this one is Standoff, I'm too lazy to confirm that in time to edit (i.e ever). It's got flank unit zones, both sides have an objective on their side in the midst of a defensive battle group zone.

There's a central forest, my side ends up with a cloud in the defensive rectangle, has an obstruction to the forests left and a trench in the right zone.
CoC gets terrain that doesn't matter.
I lost the roll, CoC correctly picked first, I went with my side to use the cloud to hide behind, deny the trench and use the obstruction to block charges on one Galleon. Hopefully anyway.
We both took the heal objective.

IPB Image
CoC 1: Everything runs forward, TEP on the left, Axiom to the right of centre. Mother stays behind the forest.

IPB Image
Merc 1: Sigh, needs to be a theme list with Anastasia. Llael? You dropping anytime soon?

Not going first means no opening turn up getting board presence, so we'll be hanging on by the nails.
The Galleons advance, Hot Shot goes on the right one. Random scatter shots pop a distant Servitor.

IPB Image
CoC 2: Mitigator moves forward, arcs a Backlash onto the right Galleon, who also gets Imperriled.
Axiom, Assimilators and some Puncture dudes shoot said Galleon, Bart takes 8 damage.
The TEP moves up on the left, Servitors float around in Shield Guard land.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Well, that back foot didn't wait long to appear. Plans of Battening some Hatches are thoroughly imploded, Bart will have to spend his time staying alive while waiting for an opportunity to present itself. Otherwise its just move through activation's, keep the game going and hope the far longer and more complicated CoC turns eat the opposing clock to nought.

It's trivial for Iron Mother to put Backlash on a Galleon, however making her do that is at least some work and might leave a meaningful target to swing on.

Ergo, Aiyanna and Holt start, she stealths and hangs back, he moves forward and shoots down a Sentinel. This frees up the right damaged Backlashed Galleon to walk backwards, Harpoon and dragit in. shots are then thrown up to try to scatter onto more Shield Guards, it doesn't work out.

The left Galleon advances to toe my rectangle and the left unit zone, he kills Iron Mothers unit members to at least start limiting her options, ends up killing a couple more Servitors.
Bart walks behind this Galleon, feating to buy time, though it is of limited value. He heals himself for four, camping one in case something gets a shot on him.

The left Kayazy hang back for future work, the right runs to score the right flank zone.

Ambushing Anastasia comes in on the right and pops another Servitor.

Scores pop at 2v1, both sides getting their respective rectangles while I also have the right zone.

IPB Image
CoC 3: Convergence stuff hangs out of Barts feat range, either advancing to the edge or hanging back.
Iron Mother puts Backlash on the left Galleon. Everything then shoots said Galleon, leaving Bart on 2 boxes (15 damage in total). The objective also ended up on 5 boxes, while the right most Assimilator made sure to toe the right zone.
Reflex Servitors charge and kill Anastasia, it takes two of them but Arm 10 ain't the biggest fan of...well....any damage source whatsoever.

Both sides score their rectangles, is now 3v2 to me.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Naturally, Bart being super damaged isn't ideal. After my objective, the left Galleon is left on 18 boxes, potentially after some Puncture attacks it might just die to regular ones.
I have a definite clock advantage, it's roughly on point if I can eke a few more turns. In the meantime, the plan is to keep threatening scenario.

Only thing that has to die this turn is the right most Assimilator, its down to one shield guard and took some light dings from an AoE earlier in the game.

The Hot Shot Galleon shuffles to be just in range, then proceeds to generate 5 shots and hit the Assimilator once. Awkward. Def 11 mightier than expected.
The left Backlashed Galleon then fallback to just eke a line of sight to said Assimilator, rolls minimal shots. Yeah, that Vector ain't dying now. Said shots miss, one scattering and killing a Puncture bot, so that's something.

The left Eliminators run forward as a mechanism to buy time, one goes into the CoC rectangle, this triggers a Reflex to charge, miss and explode. The other Eliminator runs into the cloud.
Right side Kayazy get a Combi strike charge into the Assimilator, do average damage.

Bart burns focus to heal for 5, runs to the left outside of TEP range.

Score goes to 4v2 for my rectangle.

IPB Image
CoC 4: Backlash upkept, Iron Mother, the Corralary and some Servitors try to kill the forward most Kayazy, they fail, so the Imperil bot ends up dying to a freestrike. Swoosh. Iron Mother also feats.

The TEP then activates, kills both Kayazy.
The left Assimilator and Axiom kill the left Galleon and Objective,backlash leaving Bart once again on 2 boxes.

A Sentinel runs up to contest my rectangle,the right Assimilator boosts attacks to kill the Eliminators on it.

Convergence get two points, Iron Mother claiming the leftzone while Axiom has the CoC rectangle.
Scores now level at 4 apiece.

IPB Image
Merc 4: CoC only has a couple minutes left, I decide to pull back and wait it out. Not that I had a crazy amount of options with four models left on the table.

Bart heals and runs to the left board edge. Aiyanna stays in my Rectangle and Stealths. Tinker moves up, heals the right Galleon who walks backwards and achieves nought.

CoC go up 5v4

IPB Image
CoC 5/Merc 5: Alas, Abe has done that thing I suck at and learned from past mistakes. Most of his models do nothing for the sake of time, an Assimialtor comes forward and kills Aiyanna, Iron Mother stays put.

Either my recollections are off or we miscounted in the game, as CoC should win by getting three points in their turn, somehow we limp to me having another go? It's a non-event as my stuff runs forward and can't stop the inevitable scenario loss.

This was the most interesting game I've had with Bart that I can viscerally recall, into a difficult matchup that required careful play. He was still not that interesting and the list remains not that valuable actually on the table, only having value in scaring away those that haven't played it and know how manageable it is. Therefore I decided as soon as we finished that Bart was out. Alas mighty Piratemans.
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post Jul 13 2017, 01:07 PM
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In stuff that should matter more to me than indulging my inherent susceptibility to Trolls...the local Red Dawn Don (In my version of that movie the scrappy american Teens are killed in seconds by professionals willing to explode towns) brought forth a favourite, whereas I got out...well....

When I was at the last game prior to playing the Montador, our local Apostle indicated the sadness of me not bringing my favourite caster to Belgium. And by the silent and empty void I know to be out there, he's right. I'm not content with my current list, so I'm throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks, it's time to throw down stuff I haven't given a chance.

Thus we end up with:
Gorten1 - Earthbreaker, Dahlia + Skarath, Tinker, Rorsh + Brine, Eiryss1, Saxon1, Anastasia1, Orin1, Ragman1, Thor, Harlen Versh, 2x Eliminators
Vlad2 - Ruin, Destroyer, 2x Drakhun, Outriders, 2x Eliminators, WGRC + Rocketeers, Kovnik Joe

If I had a Siege Crawler ready for Wintercon, I'd drop a Lesser lock and a solo. Otherwise has loads more pathfinder than I'm used to, something Gorten can actually hide behind, mix of high armour plus blast immune stealth stuff. Let's get rekt.

Scenario is Outlast, which is destined to change, but oh well. At present is flanking unit zones with both sides getting a defensive flag.
I won the roll, picked first. The terrain doesn't super bother me and when in doubt make a lazy call.

I have a trench, cloud and right side rubble, there's an obstruction centrally, Khador gets a hill in each zone and a forest/cloud in their backfield. not super worried about the hills, cause knock down torpedoes don't care, woot woot. The reds took it to stop the defence bonus against Outrider sprays, seems fair enough.

IPB Image
Round 1: I throw forward an outer line of stealth models (I opted not to ambush Anastasia, wanting to threat the Espionage move which Gorten would super love). Eiryss runs up behind the obstruction, I envisage her disrupting Ruin and repo'ing back every turn, will be totes sweet.

The Snake and Harlen go into my cloud, ready to battle stupid murder ponies.

Earthbreaker runs up and tilts slightly to the left, the Ninja Pigs ends up behind him as they were counter deployed by the Rifle Corp.
Gorten is going straight up the guts with Solid Ground up.

In response the Khadorans generally advance, the Rifle corp, Drakhuns and one lot of Eliminators going for the left zone, Vlad hides behind the Khador cloud which also has the Jacks in it. Outriders make a loose line on the right side, with a pair of Eliminators in front of them.
Hand of Fate goes on the Rifle Corp.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Keep Solid Ground, load up the Earthbreaker. Let's do some bit attacks!

Earthbreaker gets Tuned up, advances, throws out rough Terrain on the Drakhuns, shoots the right one, managing to knock him off his horse and put him on one box.
Continuing on the left side, my brain ejects the good plan I had from last turn and gets laser visioned on killing the Rocketeers, so Eiryss and Saxon move up, kill one, tough one, then Repo back. Good Saxon. Bad Eiryss.

Gorten goes into the Trench, I um and arr about putting a wall up in front of the left most Drakhun to save Eirys. I opt not to, if I camp zero then Feated on Outriders and the Destroyer can do attacks with hand of Fate and the Dorf dies. Alas poor Elf Terrorist.

Pigs and Orin go in my cloud to threaten up toward Vlad, keep him super honest with my feat threat. In Orin's Vortex range goes Skarath, who contests the right zone, with Harlen next to him to raise his eyebrows at the Outriders. Skarath also sprayed an Eliminator and Outrider, missing the enemy Kayazy and putting the Pony man on one box.

Kayazy and Dahlia hang back, aside from one Eliminator that ran way up into the left zone to engage the mounted Drakhun and stop Counter Charge shenanigans.

I didn't activate Anastasia because I suck.

IPB Image
Khador 2: Corrosion kills the Outrider, delayed success!
Vlad stays bravely perched behind his cloud, can't say I blame him. Ruin stays chilling out in front of him. it's Khador feat time, the dice roll on the low side, so that was nice for me. The Drakhuns and the right Eliminators get the feat buffs of doom.

On the left, the Rifle Corp advance and paste poor Saxon. The dismounted Drakhun waddles across and kills my Counter Charge blocking kayazy from last turn. The Mounted chump then charges Eiryss, killing Anastasia with an Impact. Eiryss disintegrates like newspaper in an industrial washing machine. He then repositions to just engage the Earthbreaker. The Eliminator unit on this side then toes the back of the left zone for the score.

Right side, the Destroyer stumbles forward, scatters a shot on Dahlia who is an inch out of Solid Ground. Does five damage, so that has to get transferred to the Snake.
The feated on Eliminators charge Harlen and gut him like a fish, plus do some damage to Skarath. The Outriders had Hand of Fate juggled to them, they advance. One tries to pop one of my Kayazy and misses, the rest mess up Skarath, leaving him on about 6 boxes overall with just his mind left (I finally remembered to use the coloured cube idea I knocked off Bobliness!).
The Outriders then all repo to the back of the right zone.

Khador go to 1 point from the left zone.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Vlad feat survived. The challenge here is dealing with stuff while retaining my feat, keeping Vlad honest is super useful given the lack of opposing Solos. Solos is something I presently have in abundance, so I can start suiciding them to score on the flags while we fight over the zone, once the Earthbreaker contests the left zone it'll take some major board state changes for Khador to have a chance at that zone again.

Ragman Deathfields on the Earthbreaker, which makes the feated on Drakhun midly more manageable. Rorsh moves up, mildly damages a feated kayazy with a Blast, then falls back. Brine walks over to the left side, pops Animus and eats the Drakhun. I mis-manage my fury a little here, I should have used a Kayazy in round one to put a damage on Brine, the free charge makes the kill Drakhun math work out the weight I intuitively eyeballed it.

The Earthbreaker again gets Tuned up and is fully fueled, he toes the left zone. He knocks down the dismounted Drakhun (Should have put Rough terrain, oh well) and shoots down about seven or so Riflemans, with one Rocketeer surviving from being further back by dint of the Saxon Orrick shot. Oh well.

Gorten stays in the Trench, the Tinker runs to my flag.

The remaining left Kayazy runs into my cloud, intent being for her to be a late game zone scorer.
Dahlia heals Skarath, then falls back as far as she can while keeping the Snake in control, leaving her a couple inches shy of Outrider range and this time in Solid Ground range.
The Snake leaves the zone to line up a spray, killing one of the feated Kayazy Eliminators, Corrosioning the Destroyer and missing an Outrider.

Lastly, the right side unit of Eliminators charge in and kill an Outrider. Ponymans must die!

I score my flag, points level at 1 apiece.

IPB Image
Khador 3: On the left, the Riflemans advance and put shots into Brine. The Trench does sod all, as they hit with their attacks and scuff him quite badly. The Khadoran Eliminators shuffle around the edge and stay as contesting nobs. The dismounted Drakhun runs to the Khador Flag.

Vlad stays chilling behind the cloud.
The Eliminator left on this side charges in and kills the Tinker. Alas.

It then takes the Outriders, Destroyer and lastly Ruin to kill the pair of Eliminators in the right zone. Good work you random chumps, put those ciggies out in your homelands nose I guess.

Khador scores their flag and the right zone to get up 1v3.

IPB Image
Merc 4: That was an amazing Kayazy, hope she led a full life before Khador got her deserved obliteration (Her remains are a good starting point for atomicist theory in the Iron Kingdoms).

This is looking good for me now, the Outriders are in a sweet line so the Snake can spray them all down, which stops non-Vlad scoring of the right zone, otherwise plan is to clear the left zoen and kill that pesky Drakhun.

Left side first, the Earthbreaker gets Tuned Up, advances, I stupidly waste Thor's bonus on the knockdown shot on the Drakhun when it should have been killing Rifle Corp. Sod. The Drakhun had one box and implodes, the other shots kill some Rifle Corp.
Rorsh runs across into the trench, plan being for him to run to the Khador turn in the future. Brine charges up into one of the Kayazy on the left, goes to max fury and fails to kill the Eliminator. Dammit karma!

I've failed hard to clear the zone, so I'll be behind on scoring. Alas.

Centre wise, my last kayazy kills her evil clone that murdered the Tinker. Gorten goes to my flag, shoots down a Winterguard.

On the right, Ragman runs across and stays way up the back, ready to run in to contest.
Dahlia runs up to trigger Skaraths bond, I won't need them late game anyway if this works out. Skarath charges across into the Rubble, uses Gunfighter to spray all the Outriders. Hits them all, fails to kill any, mis-prioritised my boosting (Should have relied on the bond to hit and boosted damage rolls).

I get a point off my flag, scores now 2v3 in Khadors favour.

IPB Image
Khador 4: An Outrider does to Corrosion, which is apparently the deadliest weapon I have against them.

Left wise, Joe and the Rifle Corp ping Brine lightly. The Eliminators charge him and put him on 1 box.

On the right, Ruin runs to contest the Khador flag, under the pump for time the Destroyer tries a scatter shot that does nought.
The Outriders move across, miss a spray on Ragman.
Vlad runs into the right zone on the hill.

I score my flag, Khador gets the right zone, now 3v4, still to the Reds.

IPB Image
Merc 5: Vlad is sadly intelligently placed to be out of my feat distance, not that my assassination runs on him have a good amount of success. Grind on scenario it is, the left is essentially mine so really it's just a matter of holding the flags.

Brine frenzies, still has his mind and yet again misses the Eliminator. You have failed me for the last time giant Pig....
Continuing on the left, the Earthbreaker gets Tuned up, advances up the zone, rolls minimal shots. Shoots Brine with an AoE that kills him and the Eliminators, he then clears out the WGRC member in the zone. i'd hoped shots on Joe or the last Winterguard would be an option, alas.
The last Eliminator runs to toe the left zone and contest the Khador flag just in case.

Centre wise, Rorsh runs to the Khador flag, Gorten walks to the right side of my flag and feats the Khador Jacks and Outriders out to the right, does a ranging shot on Ruin.

Ragman runs and toes the right zone.

I score both flags and the left zone, get to 6v4 to me.

IPB Image
Khador 5: left wise, the last Winterguard shoots Thor, does a couple points. Joe advances, shoots at Rorsh and misses, contests the left zone.

Right side, Vlad charges and kills Ragman, does the matrix hand motion to Gorten. Outriders move across, Winter Storm then reposition, one contests Gorten's flag. The jacks limp their way back across.

I score Khador's flag, Reds get the right zone, 7v5 to mercs.

IPB Image
Merc 6: I'm doing pretty good on time and the round counter is getting their, so I spend a couple minutes sussing my turn out to make sure I can win this turn on scenario trivially.

Rorsh stays on the Khador flag, aims, shoots down the Pony contesting the merc side flag.
The Earthbreaker kills Joe, freeing up the left zone. Plus the last WGRC in case I screw this up.
Gorten runs into the left zone.
Thor runs to the Merc flag.
My Eliminator runs to contest the right zone.

I score on the left zone and both flags, win on scenario 10v5.

Everything worked out better than expected? That time separation from mark 2 is helping, I'd really forgotten how sweet Earthbreaker torpedoes could be. Fueling it was easy this game that might not otherwise occur, it feels workable though. In hindsight this build is vaguely reminiscent of the old Oceans 11 nonsense. Odds are high I'll run this at Wintercon, or last minute change all of it and feel regret.
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post Jul 16 2017, 06:16 PM
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Wintercon time! It's a Dyad Masters, my primary intent is to practice Thexus a bunch of times. Few oddities this tourney, one of which is it became Divide and Conquer 1 on the day (We'll get to that much later), the second being that as it occurred on the Lock and Load Weekend it would be the last hurrah of SR2016.

Regardless, I was running Thexus and all the dudes and the same haphazard Gorten list (Earth Breaker + Solo horde) I'd played a game of into Edeon in the week prior.

Round 1 is into a Droobear, who had done the short and pleasant trip down from Bathurst. It was early in his warmachine career, so hopefully this wouldn't get screwy for him. This would be an ideal time to drop Gorten and un-list lock, alas it was Cygnar with Nemo3 and...something I forgot, wasn't Haley. The result of Gorten going into Nemo is disastrous, so Thexy it is.

Thexus1 (Operating Theatre) - 2x Wardens, Subduer, 3x Slavers, 2x Benders, Alexia with Dominator, 2x Overlords
Nemo3 (Storm Bringers) - Dynamo, Firefly, Junior + Firefly, Storm Strider, 2x Storm Lances, Laddermore, Squire, Storm Smiths

Basically space for lightning leaps and keep Thexus near Sac Pawn stuff. Lose 95% of the list and win on clock.
Scenario is Extraction, so sweet baseball diamond with neutral flags, an objective either side and a killbox.

I won the die, pick a side with a forest Thexus can hide behind. There's walls, another forest, a hill and a trench on the table that I didn't care about.

IPB Image
Cygnar 1 - They're coming right for us! Lances on either flank, Strider to the left of the Cygnar objective, Dynamo to the right, Nemo up the back. Left unit has Arcane Shield, right unit has Electrify, Dynamo has Lightning Shroud. Magnetic Field is up.

IPB Image
Merc 1 - Time to run up and brace!
Thexus and Monstrosities float to the forest on my left for a position of safety, I arc a Hexblast on the left Storm Lance unit that pops Arcane Shield and kill the grunt it hit for a bonus.
Slavers run up the guts and form electro leap lines.
Alexia waits behind the Drudge blob, waiting to print undead Risen money. She creates a Thrall that charges up the right, sadly misses the Storm Lance he got to.
The Overlords run to either flank and spread out.

IPB Image
Cygnar 2 - The swans barely move, aside from a Storm Smith that runs up either flank.
The Thrall engaging the right Storm Lance unit survives Laddermores attacks (She should have shot an unengaged Horsey within leap distance), so Nemo ends up having to do it.
The Lances then move up, shoot the Smiths to leap Lightning to stuff. Looking forward to the errata dropping that turfs that nonsense. They kill two Overlords on the left and do abysmally on the right, ending up killing a single Green Slaver Drudge.
The Storm Strider shoots down a couple pink Drudges and that's it. Surprisingly few casualties, as the Fireflies didn't get into good spots to do super arcs and the Strider rolled poorly on lightning leap rolls.
Junior puts Arcane Shield on the Storm Strider.

IPB Image
Merc 2 - I want to capitalise on the poor Cygnar shooting, so this will be feat turn to ensure I kill as many Swan things as possible. Ambushers appear on the left.

The Monstrosities all run into the forest, if Thexus is hiding on the left then that's also the flag I want to push and it'll take good attacks to pop the stupid Engine now they have big boy hit boxes. Well, accept the TEP, but ###### the TEP.

Thexus hovers up, feats. Pushes Juniors jack out of meager control area, moves the left Storm Lancers towards the Ambush Drudges. Casts Decel and whistles.
There's only a solitary Overlord on the left, he runs up to provide his command bonus to hit.
The left Purple Benders advance and pop three Adrenals on the Yellow Ambush Drudes, who then charge into that flanks Storm Lances. They kill the three they get to and spawn some new grunts, one member of the unit lives up the back. They also miss a CMA into the Storm Smith back.

The Agitator runs to the left flag.

On the right the Blue Bender unit Adrenals two of the Green Slaver Drudges. This unit of Overlords advance and Spray, they do poorly.
The Green Drudges then charge and pop the two Storm Lances they can get to.
Alexia hides behind a wall, pops a Thrall and has Risen line up near Monstrosities to absorb lightning.
I then herp derp it, the Thrall was meant to run to the right flag to score, I get distracted and charge the Swan objective for some points.

I get up a control point, things are looking alright.

IPB Image
Cygnar 3 - Nemo hovers in the background, drops his upkeeps and pops his feat, I think Finch kills the Thrall Warrior.
The Storm Strider charges next to the left flag and zaps things, most of the ambush Drudges die or tough out with help from the Lancer left on that flank and Junior + Firefly.
Dynamo stays hanging back, shoots the right most Warden and leaves it on a handful of boxes, sadly lacking a Brain.
The Storm Ponies on the right maul the crap out of the Green Drudge unit, leaving a small amount of the unit left and just failing to clear out the right flag.

IPB Image
Merc 3 - Well, the stuff is there, lets punch it.
Thexus Hex Blasts Arcane Shield off the Strider.
I screw up with the healthy Warden, forgetting how repulsor works as he charges the Strider then bounces off. Adrenal Ambush Drudges and the healed but focusless Warden then get the job done.
Three Pink Drudges gets Adrenalled, they get up into Dynamo and to my surprise trash him. More Storm Lances also die to that unit while the Overlords maul a firefly with sprays.

I get up another point, however I've killed enough and Thexus is safe so it's essentially over. Weplay a couple more rounds, I end up getting max CP and killing Nemo with the Subduer.

Round 1 success! Dude was sweet to play, hopefully see him next con.
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post Jul 17 2017, 03:22 PM
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Wintercon Round 2! The SR2016ing madness continues.

We go into the Gatling Gun, who gave me one of my two best games at the OTC so a rematch was something to look forward to.

It's Convergence, so at least I have loads of practice into it. Last time was my practiced Gorten into Axis, the current iteration isn't nearly as good into double TEPs so I was a lock into Thexus. The opposing pair had Iron Mother, which is also doable if long and tricky. We end up with:

Thexus1 (Operating Theatre) - 2x Wardens, Subduer, 3x Slavers, 2x Benders, Alexia with Dominator, 2x Overlords
Axis1 (Destruction Initiative) - 3x Inverter, Conservator, Corrolary, 2x TEP, 3x Reflex Servitors, some flarebots, healy dudes unit

It's the same CoC list as the OTC game, it's powerful however a lack of Diffuser makes it's threat ranges manageable if you keep Counter Charge on the Vectors in mind.
It's Recon, the same scenario we played at the OTC. I lose the roll and get to pick table sides, once again choosing the side with a defensive forest. Noteworthy terrain otherwise is a forest in the centre of the zone and wall on the CoC half of the board placed perpendicularly next to the zone.

IPB Image
CoC 1 - They're coming right for us! TEP's flanking, Servitors out front, Inverters central. Iron Aggression goes on the Conservator, repped this day by a flying stand base due to the model being a temperamental Prima Donna.
Axis also puts out a Razor wall between my objective and defensive forest, making getting Drudges up into the zone harder to do.

IPB Image
Merc 1 - Stuff runs up, Drudges stopping shy of the Razor Wall of death. Thexus and Monstrosities hang behind the safety forest with Deceleration up. Overlords actually move in from the flank a little bit to kill three Reflex Servitors. Everything hangs back out of TEP range aside from a few Drudges.
A Thrall Warrior spawns from Alexia, runs up and dies to a counter charging Reflex Servitor (Free model trade complete!)

IPB Image
CoC 2 - Conservative Convergence confluence of circumstances. Which is a lame way to see this is a set up turn and they don't kill anything.
The Razor Wall sticks around, four Reflex Servitors runs forward and jam various points (I really like Gatters' Servitor play, it's done very well).
The Vectors advance into the top third of the zone, the TEP's move....tepidly.....an inch or two forward. Other Servitors just hang around.

IPB Image
Merc 2 - It's the best time of all: Killing TEP time. Ambushers pop out the right, I only get one free Battle Engine kill this game so it'll be the one that can threaten Thexus (Well, the Mosntrosities really, still).

The right Overlords advance and spray down various Servitors in the way of the Ambushers.
The Blue Benders then advance and Adrenal three of the Yellow Ambush Drudges.
One Warden runs around the right edge of the forest, from who Thexus arcs some TK's, moving the TEP on that side across to the Ambushers and turning around the nearest Inverter.
Deceleration goes up.
The Yellow Drudges then charge the TEP and bin it with ease.

The Green Drudges shuffle up to the Razor Wall to contest the centre zone. Alexia spawns a Thrall Warrior that charges into the left pair of Inverters.

Left wise, the Overlords use spray nonsense targeting to clear out most of the jamming Reflex Servitors.
The Pink Drudges get Adrenaled by the Purple Benders, they charge up the board. One of the buffed Grunts doesn't get the room he needs, so goes into a flarebot, the other two go into the left most Inverter (He's turned around solely so the Drudges could get up to the base. Giant Clockwork Robots have huge arms, which isn't a subtle innuendo because it looks like a violent strap on as it is).

A turn in which a TEP dies is hard to complain about. So I won't.

IPB Image
CoC 3 - Ah, Shakey cam. I genuinely enjoyed Cloverfield incidentally, though seeing the actual creature design lessens it somewhat. The Razor Wall goes away.

Axis trundles up the back of the zone, pops feat, gets all my front rank stuff and Battle Group.
The TEP and leftmost Inverter pop Pink Drudges and the Thrall Warrior.

The other two Inverters and the Conservator all get up into my grill in the zone, killing a couple of he Green Drudges and the Objective. Fortunately awkward charge angles leaves some contesting Drudges alive, so the Dominate doesn't trigger.

Convergence finish a point up.

IPB Image
Merc 3 - All my outlying stuff just stumbles forward, with the Overlords doing some spraying.
My main focus is around the safety forest, the CoC Vectors have to be dealt with before they get to Thexus.
We have a tricky line of sight deal go on, in which I really want the Subduer to shoot the Inverter behind the forest without moving, as the Aim bonus is pretty good on a RAT 4 model and his gun shoots at the same distance as the Counter Charge range.
Alas, the forest is just the tiniest bit too wide (Need to trim a single shrubbery).

Thexus ends up feating, pushing stuff around to get the line of sight and otherwise moving CoC models back. Hen then backs up in case it all goes wrong, puts up Deflection and TK's one Warden so he can stumble into melee.

The Instigator walks across in the forest, keeping out of Line of Sight. He Instigates. And is actually called an Agitator, but whatever. Self Editing is work.

The Subduer shoots the Inverter. The Conservator Shield Guards it. I blink at my ingenuity.

Alright, one wasted Heavy activation done, next!

Alexia charges the most forward Inverter, burns every single Risen and manages to kill it. Been a good while since I did that.

The Green Drudges get Adrenaled, they walk up to the Conservator and knock off some health.
Each Warden then goes in, one toes the zone and kills the Conservator, the other puts the remaining forward Inverter on 5 boxes with no Induction node or repair bots in range.

For an Axis feat turn I was quite happy with that.

IPB Image
CoC 4 - Axis moves to the other side of the CoC objective, away from the Yellow Drudge horde.
The damaged Inverter punches down the Warden that scuffed him.
His fellow comes forward, attacks the Green Cephalyx Slaver, misses everything.
The TEP is inspired, moves across, sprays down three Drudges and misses the left Warden with the bots all in the damage boosting spot.

It was impressive in....I guess a sad way? Maybe it could be considered mathematically exciting for the odds required to miss that many times? Def 10. Sometimes it works.

IPB Image
Merc 4 - I can't reliably kill Axis or the Objective, whilst Thexus isn't going anywhere near the flags. Ergo the plan is grind until points get scored on the centre zone.

The Left Overlrods spray down the TEP's little bots and spike hard on the Battle Engine, each of htem managing to do some damaged. The left Bender unit is vastly rediced, but manages to advance and Adrenal one of the two Pink Slaver Drudges, who charge into the back of the TEP and also spike hard. Last Alexia charges, burns four or so Risen to finish it off. Killing TEP's feels good enough to qualify as sinful behaviour.

The Wardens go into each of the remaining Inverters after the Agitator Instigates, manages to pop both. Drudges barrel into the zone, Thexus stays in hiding.

CoC concedes at that point, with only Axis, the Corrolary and a repair dude left, I've got enough time on my clock to scenario it or kill Axis if he does anything so that's an absolutely fair decision.

I think I would have to add a Diffuser into the opposing list, probably dropping the Conservator. Which is an easy statement to make without considering the non-Thexus matchup.

In any event, sweet game, lovely opponent, he'll probably smash me next time.
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post Jul 17 2017, 11:55 PM
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Well, won 2 of the rounds, that's the minimum goal succeeded at, now to crash like a flaming car piloted by Jeb Bush after he marries Keanu Reeves.

Weirdly enough, it's another matchup I played at OTC, this time Batesinator running Merc ADR of Ossrum and Magnus2. It'll be Ossrum, because I haven't constructed a good answer. In this situation the Thexus list always has a potential win through an odd assassination angle or a lock play, so here we go:

Thexus1 (Operating Theatre) - 2x Wardens, Subduer, 3x Slavers, 2x Benders, Alexia with Dominator, 2x Overlords
Ossrum (Hammer Strike) - 5x Gunner, 2x Siege Crawler, Ogrun Bokur, 2x Horgenhold Artillery, 3x min Forge Guard

It's Outflank, which with these lists sadly won't be super live for either side.

I win the roll and pick first, end up on a side with a central wall of mild use to me. If I recall correctly the rest of the terrain has a minimal effect.

IPB Image
Thexus 1: Everything runs forward, Thexus casts Decel because dying to Herne and Jonne bottom of 1 to blast damage would be slightly embarrassing. A Thrall pops out and runs to the right. There's enough enemy shooting that the Wardens are on babysit Thexus duty.
Going first thankfully means I don't have the headache I got afflicted with last time we played, where bouncing artillerist shots killed Kayazy assassins on the deployment line.

IPB Image
Ossrum 1: The right Crawler gets Snipe, Herne and Jonne get Fire for Effect. Those two units make the long ranging shots, I believe one Drudge dies and another toughs, a lot better for me than it cold have gone.
The Dwarfs hunch in hard, counterplaying the ambush Drudges. Meanies.

Thexus 2: Missed the photo. My dudes ran forward hard. I didn't ambush, lacking targets of opportunity and reasoning I would need more bodies later to extend out the game.
All the Monstrosities form up around Thexus, one Warden keeping in Shield Guard range of Alexia.

IPB Image
Ossrum 2: One Crawler and two Bunnies toe into each zone, the Bunnies form a front line between the Battle Engines. The Siege Crawlers roll like garbage on their main shots, rolling three to miss the mighty defence of the Drudges. They still kill a bunch, however it is not as bad as expected. Ossrum stays way up the back. One Hammer Dwarf leaves the safety box to kill a Thrall Warrior that run up in the right zone.

IPB Image
Thexus 3: I look at this turn as the point where I choose either to go for the long game or scenario. If I give up deflection, I can TK the Bunnies and Crawler out of the right zone, pop the two contesting Hammer Dwarfs and score that zone. Seems bad, as Ossrum then feats and devotes more stuff into the zone, I won't be able to TK or clear it out and down the game goes.

Instead most of the list lurches forward. Two Drudges on the left side that can actually get up there are Adrenalled, they go up and kill a Bunny on the left. The Subduer runs up to arc, Thexus uses it to throw a Hex Blast at Herne and kill him. Feels good. Jonne goes to one box.

The left Overlords run deep into the back field, intending to Influence the Mortars in the future.
Rightside version of the unit moves inward, using Influence on Hammer Dwarfs to wail on the right Siege Crawler for some damage.
The Ambushers charge/jam in, eating a Hammer grunt.

IPB Image
Ossrum 3: The mini-general chump feats and the world explodes. The Crawlers pull their finders out, the left one getting well and truly into its zone. Between them, the various rear shots from the mortars, Bunnies and the Hammer Dwarves charging forward all the Pink Drudges die, the unit leaders of the Blue Benders and Green Slavers also pop, half the yellow Drudges including the leader plus the Subduer.

IPB Image
Thexus 4: That turn was painful. To painful. Enough that not playing for other win conditions is problematic. Making loads of attacks on anything other than Hammer Dwarves is also not worth the effort with the feat buff, so the plan is to wipe out the right most unit and prep a push for the right zone.

The Monstrosities move to the right, one going into the right zone. Thexus arcs a TK that pushes the right Crawler out of the zone and away. He Then places that arcing Warden back so the centre Hammer chumps don't kill him. Decel comes up. I camp one, which should have been an Influence at *someone*. Need to use that spell on Thexus more.

Killing the right unit involves multiple units piling on individual opponents. We start with our elite combat unit of doom in this scenario, which is the right Overlords that charge in and Anatomical Precision half the Dwarves. Overlords are so sweet, if the theme made them FA: U like they used to be I'd try a list of mostly them (8 units, then some Agitators and Dominator on Eliminators or something). Anyway, the plan crumbles as the ambush Drudges charge into the Dwarf they have to kill, do a three man CMA and miss. Their MAT was one point short of the targets defence.

Oh well, plan foiled. Risen run all over the place and engage Hammer Dwarves.

IPB Image
Ossrum 4: The Hammerdwarves clear out all the Risen. The Bokur and Gun Bunnies explode the right Overlords (SAD!). The left Crawler Periscopes a back Overlord, mows down a bunch of the blue Benders contesting the left zone.
Jonne walks backwards to pop one of the super flank Overlords.

IPB Image
Thexus 5: The clock win is looking imminent if I can just hold on another couple rounds, Ossrum has got any points, however the left flank is basically some Benders.

The Overlords, like Darth Vader, come in from behind and spray down Jonne and one of the Mortar units (Little known fact: The Dark Side hates Dwarves. The more you know.).
The Blue Benders run to the edges of the left zone and pray.

Right side, the Agitator advances and Instigates. This proves of little value, as the Warden then charges to far to ensure he engages the bunnies that are in lazy Thexus sniping range. The Monstrosity makes attacks that are somewhat embarrassing, as only a P+S 14 Heavy can be.

Thexus sticks behind the trees and Decelerates, the few remaining Risen and Drudges swarm around.

The last Warden runs backfield, far enough to not be attacked and able to run and contest the left zone next round.

IPB Image
Ossrum 5/Thexus 6: As soon as I ran that Warden I was convinced I'd thrown the game. Thexus is now going to get shot to ####.
Fortunately, Ossrum has only a few minute remaining and spends to much time attacking Risen and Drudges in the centre/right that don't matter. Another Overlord dies to something.

The left Crawler clears out the left zone, Ossrum goes up to a point. There isn't time to kill the Warden in the right zone. Ossrum has started running to the left zone.

I have a quick turn by dint of now having half a dozen models left. The models in the right zone run on the spot. The back Monstrosity runs to toe the left zone. The remaining Overlord runs into that scoring element as well.

IPB Image
Ossrum 6/Thexus 7: Most activation's get ignored, the left Crawler runs up to the Monstrosity toeing the zone and bumps him out. Ossrum gets into the zone, kills the Overlord and Dominates to 3, ends turn with 4 seconds left.

I start my turn, concession happens as soon as the Monstrosity runs to the centre of the left zone as the clock win is inevitable.

By dint of getting horribly massacred, I limp into the cut for the top 4. I really wanted to have a Gorten drop here, theorising that a High armour/box/repair plus stealthy dudes would present issues, which were then handily solved by the Siege Crawler rules being released and other Merc players having the competence and nonce to actually get the sodding models.
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Well, I'm in the Wintercon Semi-Finals, now to truly embarass myself.
I'm going into Vledimir, who has the joy of being my most played opponent, so suffer once more he must (Game 22 in Mark3).

Now Divide and Conquer 1 is hitting me. If I don't unlock, then I'll be stuck into Gorten for the finals, which will either be Khador or Ret. Gorten can fight Khador, but typically isn't a fan of the pointy ears. Being SR2016, I calculate that our remaining scenario's are all friendly to the Dwarf aside from Incursion. The semi's, also Khador, is highly liekly to be Vlad2, as the other list is Legion of Skill that Thexus jsut outright destroys (Pikemen in shield Wall don't like being push and sprayed).

We rock up, to the dismay of the contestants the scenario is Line Breaker. The hell? This thing was even an option? Well, game 2 of Linebreaker it is. Should be dead enough that Gorten can be dropped, ergo we end up with:

Gorten1 - Earthbreaker, Anastasia, Orin, Ragman, Tinker, Harlen, Eiryss2, Dahlia + Skarath, Ninja Pig, 2x Kayazy Eliminator, Thor
Vlad2 - Ruin, Marauder, Manhunter, Outriders, WRC + Rocketeers x3, Kovnik Joe, 2x Eliminators.

I didn't realise until I looked up Warroom to change my Gorten list just prior to typing this that I was over points, having added Tinker and Ragman due to mistakenly remembing their inclusion from my normal Gorten list of SR2016 :-(

Fortunately they didn't have an effect on the outcome, now owe some drinks. Incredibly stupid mistake to make.

Anyway, scenario isn't super live. Our table has one side with a pair of hills, two forests in the centre and a defensive wall on the other side. Plus some other terrain that doesn't matter. I win the roll, would have liked to take the wall side to deny it's feat safety net for Vlad, whilst I don't care about the hills with the Earthrbeaker Guns. Alas, I've played this iteration of Vlad enough to know that getting up the board early is good, so I pick first and duly get the side with the hills, the correct decision for the reds.

Counter deploying would also be nice, from our practice game both sides know that the Winter Guard have a limited range of potential targets, if I don't counter play that then I lose the Lesser warlocks and their beasts, which is pretty awful.
The net result of this is that my force is basically jammed up around the central Earthbreaker. The Khador counter is along a more sane front, woth Outriders left, Vlad and jacks central, Rifle Corp to the right.

IPB Image
Merc 1:Gorten Solid Grounds and charges forward, Earthbreaker has Strength of Granite and runs up beside him.
Eliminators, Anastasia, Eiryss and Saxon run up in a curved line, sticking in Solid Ground range. The Pigs go up the left side of the Colossal, the snake up the right. Solos are scattered behind the Huge base.

IPB Image
Khador 1: Vlad briefly considers feating on Outriders to wipe out the front line of solos, which I would be very happy with. He opts not to do, which I consider a successfull use of Taunt.

The entire Khador force makes a push on teh right, with the Outriders coming in from the left. The Rifle Corp get Hand of Fate and spread out. The Marauder gets Assaiil and moves up the centre, Ruin goes up behind a pair of Outriders keeping one of the forests between him and the Earthbreaker.
The Drakhuns come out front to be mean. One unit of Elimiantors stays on the left side. The Manhunter hugs the Bunker objective for Girded.

IPB Image
Merc 2: I'd really like to use the Earthbreaker to kill Outriders and knock down Ruin, then disrupt him with Eiryss. Alas, I conclude I can't get the distance and line of sight needed, so plan this turn is to pop at least one Drakhun, throw out a wall and wait for the impending Vlad feat (he can't hold it for to long, as Gorten will get up the board and drag the worthwhile feat targets in and murder them).

Earthbreaker (Now sans Strength of Granite, not going to need it this game, that's a habit cast more than anything else) gets Tuned Up, advances, kills the left Drakhun. I throw out a random rough terrain template for giggles, it bounces onto Vlad for no damage (It was the Tuned Up shot and I was hoping to get it into the nearby Outriders. Oh well).

Left side, Brine goes forward and Rorsh hangs back. The Big Pig will most certainly get charged by feated Elimiantors, however that shouldn't be enough to kill him, then I can heal what is needed and either counter kill the assassins or more likely put attacks into the Marauder.

On the right, everything pulls back, the Snake keeping away from early Rifle Corp death.
Eiryss shoots the Marauder, pinging Vlad for a point then repositiing back. I put up a wall to make it hard for a Drakhun to get to her, though I expect she'll die anyway it might take more time and effort.

IPB Image
Khador 2: Sure enough, Vlad hangs behind the wall and feats, picking the left Elimiantors, the remaining Drakhun, the Manhunter and a random Outrider with a spare token.

Left wise, the Marauder moves toward Brine, who gets charged by the feated Kayazy. They maul him quite badly, though he isn't at death's door.

Right side, the Rifle Corp advance and don't do much.
The Manhunter charges Eiryss. Skarath has Counterblast and the Elf is doomed, so I trigger it to put some damage on the Khadoran. He kills Eiryss and misses the Manhunter, oh well. The Obejctive then gets thumped a bit.
The feated Drakhun charges in, misses an imapct attack on Saxon and guts an Eliminator.

The Outriders come to the fore, spraying down an Eliminator I put before the Earthbreaker to make charges annoying, kill the Obejctive and roll pathetically on Brine, leaving him with about 7 health and all aspects up. They then repo to positions on the leftish side of the board.

The un-feated Eliminators run to my right flag.

Khador goes to 2 CP.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Vlads within 14 of the Earthbreaker. Let's try a quick recreation of Mark 2!
Earthbreaker gets Tuned up and a max focus load. Advances, Tuned Up Knock Down Torpedo doesn't care about the wall, lands the needed attack roll on the dot. Vlad only has one focus from arcane might, I shoot him down with two unboosted shots to spare.

Well I'm never getting that again. Glorious asssassination!

My backup plan/if Vlad was 3 inches further back is to Gorten feat on Outrider/Ruin/Drakhun, use Versh to pop a few of them, have Orin and Ninja Pigs kill the left unit of Elimiantors and the Snake to kill the right, then grind out with a left flag capture in the next round.

Anyway, to my surprise I get into the finals and I'm not list locked, into glorious High Decibel version of Khador.
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