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> Briscon Day 2
post May 4 2018, 11:04 AM
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3k day

OK Briscon day 2, 3k event. I decided to go with a cutdown of my current list for really ease purposes I had no need to carry 2 armies to brissy 😊.
I have actually never done a 3k event and vamps typically scale up in point and scale down in smaller systems so I was not hopeful.
I decided to run the same lord add a Barrow King and run some vampire knights as I have not run them on a table since last edition. I also dusted off the coach. So the list was essentially 2 characters, a vamp knight bus of doom, ghouls, coach and a lonely dog unit – tiny.

Objectives were gonna be an issue but I decided to apply a lawn mower ethos, if you mow over all the enemy objectives don’t matter. Its not the best idea but kinda worked.

Game 1 – King of the hill

Ryan Kerr – SE
Ryan had what I thought was a very good solid list, kestrals, thicket beasts block, dryad block, Rangers, archer bunker and some characters. The Shapeshifter character was going to be a problem. The list is good flexible and I like what SE get for 3k.

The table and scenario helped me as I won the roll off, Ryan really had only 1 side to setup re holding an objective and we setup opposite each other.
Ryan did as I expected the pathfinder was sweeping around and manoeuvring to my flank with the kestrels supporting, the 3 blocks moved into position and waited. I held the ghouls back with the coach and moved up the knights.
I then got some luck Ryan forgot his thicket beast were big vs his archers and they had no LOS on my dogs who then were able to chaff his blocks and the knights setup for a charge on the rangers. The kestrals and shifter started smashing my ghouls and my knights began to run through the blocks. The vamp, barrow king and vamp knights are crazy good and literally ran through all the blocks one by one. The ghouls faded and died but the coach was able to get the shifter and I was able to claim the objective with the knights.
Had the dogs died I would not have got as many points and could not engage as freely as I did.

Highlights: The bus was as good as I though on paper, crazy good on the charge.
Lowlights: I got dominance re a rule rather than play so felt bad for Ryan but he knows what he is doing so expect he will do well in his other games was just something anyone can miss.

Objective was taken

Predicted 14-6 (was not sure the objective was something I could take)

Game 2 – Hold Centre

OK this is not going to be cake walk. Haig’s clearly a top end player so I knew I needed some dice going my way. His ID list was great vs me he had great units, Kadim, Incarnates, Taurukhs, 3 blocks and an alchemy wizard who I knew would ruin my day. I knew if I get the charges I need he just crumbles.
I predicted anything between 7-13 score either way. I felt this was what was coming outside a huge variance on dice. I could not get the objective and no way Haig was gonna let me run over his units easily without dangerous counter charges setup. I had a lot of points in one unit and he has to kill it to win big.

The objective was clearly toast no way I was getting it and Haig got first turn and pushed up at me. I took one side and pushed up the knights and had the ghouls and coach for counter charges.
The Mexican standoff was set, the incarnates were offered up I setup a charge on them and haig then used them effectively so my knights would be in the danger zone with a lot of potential charges.

I felt I had to take the risk the alchemy mage was so effective my knights were getting pinged and I could not raise more than I was losing, that also if I even got the spell off.
The incarnates died and Haig got some bad dice I got a new unit raise off vs 3 defence dice and that stopped the Kadim and the counter charge was aborted. He then failed a 9 LD march and the Kadim was blocked. Then the vamp started flying into units killed the Taurakhs the ghouls kept the kadim in check and then I killed some orcs and homed in on the mage bunker. The mage had my knights down to 1 model and in the last turn of the game. Haig magically flew his bunker to safety and I in turn rolled a big roll and raised back the knights to stop ½ points.

Highlights: The newly raised zombie unit were MVP’s and have been promoted to skeletons
Lowlights: No answer to alchemy it ripped me

Objective lost
Predicted 7-13 points

10-10 in the end, I think had the dice been more even it would have been a win to Haig
Good tough game

Game 3 – Breakthrough

Glen Weston
UD, Chariots, Cav, Shapti, Sphinx, and Colossus and architect and hierarch
This was issue for Glen my bus literally deletes his units. I felt I could push through the units and claim the objective. Glen setup well and immediately started chaffing up my vamp bus.
I pushed forward and pushed the coach into the sphinx to just hold it and the ghouls setup for counter charging and the bus went to work.
Glen moved his units well I could not get overruns or decent facing on this blocks and we got into a dogfight in the middle. The vamp bus was unstoppable but was stalled many times the ghouls eventually broke through to take the objective. I was never getting to the characters.
I predicted a 14-6 I felt the objective was going to be drawn or lost

Highlights: The coach held for ages vs the sphinx and the ghouls getting the objective
Lowlights: failing a 3+ vampiric on the coach 3 times in a row

18-2 and if I did not make the last long charge to kill the sphinx and just sneaked the ghouls into the deployment zone (was 15” re scenario) it would have been around 13-7

Great day and 3rd place in the end so decent placing however I am not sold on this list type being able to win such events, too much risk re objectives I got 2 this day but barely.

Predicted 40 points got 48

Briscon gets 2 thumbs up.

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