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Posted by: Stinkingyeti Mar 20 2019, 02:19 PM

Personally i think the chaos models look pretty damn awesome.

I just wish they'd stop auto making all the marines smurfs.

It's been a few years now since i've played any 40k so i'm way behind on the rules, can you learn enough from one of these sets to get going again?

Posted by: Maxo_Q Mar 20 2019, 08:58 PM

The rules are reasonably basic. The game with the full range of codecies is pretty full on now. It would be fair to say that yes you could learn the game from one of these boxes but knowing how to play is just the tip of the iceberg in this edition.

Posted by: Krefey Mar 21 2019, 09:00 AM

QUOTE(Stinkingyeti @ Mar 20 2019, 03:19 PM) *

Personally i think the chaos models look pretty damn awesome.

I just wish they'd stop auto making all the marines smurfs.

It's been a few years now since i've played any 40k so i'm way behind on the rules, can you learn enough from one of these sets to get going again?

Smurfs are the poster boys and it's easier to keep adding to the existing collection so they can keep a uniform look when they take photos of large groups of minis etc. Plus Calgar *is* in charge of Vigilus' defence.

Posted by: Blackhearts Reaver Mar 21 2019, 02:16 PM

Well they pretty much have just remade all the basic marine units as Primaris and convinced people they are different. Buy them now.

The new units have not really added very much to the marine arsenal. (except Rowboat, of course)..... The restrictions of unit sizes esp the 3 or 6 sizes has made units much less useful than they could be. The indirect unit that just got added is probably the most useful unit in all the primaris std units.

The CSM units coming up seem to add something to the arsenal or buffing for existing things. smile.gif The new CSM look cool but not cool enough to warrant a complete overhaul of an existing army. lol. the next Centipede Daemon engine looks even better. smile.gif

The basic rules are 8 pages. Much easier to understand than before. (no vehicle rules is the biggy >> just high T and wds like MC's). A good mid level strategic and tactical game can be achieved fairly quickly as well if you played a lot previously. Just Aura buffs and picking the right units to deal with likely threats.
Broken into 2 basic categories:
-chaff > Weak bodies that cost little and just soak up damage and hold objectives / give board control.....
-Big things > High Toughness T7-8 and many wounds (10-28) you need AT weapons that are str8+ that do either 1d6 or 3 flat damage....

People will bring some mid level stuff (terminators/bikes/Primaris 2 wds units / etc) but can be handled by you AT+ chaff killing weapons. Plasma is a good inbetween weapons (and there are others) but if all you have is jack of all trade weapons you will often be fighting up hill battles at both ends of the spectrum.....

Posted by: Emperor Fooble Apr 4 2019, 12:33 AM

I am absolutely loving the eliminators. Sure they fill a similar role to sniper scouts, but they are far more resilient, more versatile and harder hitting against anything not carrying a storm shield, aka where you rely on mortal wound fishing.
I've ran 3x3 a few times, and absolutely adore them.

Cheap character assassins with a 1+ armour save in cover, long range and scout deployment shenanigans means they are great backfield objective sitters.

The Librarian is also a big hit with me, mostly because the new spell lore is incredible.
The hex that halves a targets move, advance and charge has won me a few games.
The most noticeable has been when a Knight Gallant was 11 inches away from my unit holding the key, 3vp game winning objective.
I cast that spell, and instead of it being an auto charge, the knight failed its charge even after moving, by a mile.

The suppressors are just 'nice'. Nothing amazing, but they have been useful. A little squishy for their points, but overall not a bad investment.

The infiltrators are groovy. I really do wish the sergeant could take a power weapon though. And, sexxxyyyy models.

The biggest disappointment are the two characters. Both the Captain and LT seem completely useless. Anyone disagree?
120pts for a captain with zero melee potential, no special rules that a normal captain doesn't have (apart from the deep strike denial) and an 'ok' gun. His rifle is cool and all, but for his points you could have 10 sniper scouts.
Considering he costs the same points as a smash captain...

The LT is in the same boat. Offers literally nothing that a jump pack LT doesn't, and he comes with worthless gear. Again, zero combat potential and an average gun.

And lastly, a big shoutout to the new deceit warlord trait. Being able to re-deploy up to three squads is some serious Space-Elf level of trickery.
It it works on <chapter> infantry, not just Phobos models.
So you can do all sorts of wild shenanigans.
Take Wulfen off the table and outflank them, move your devastators to a better spot, play a refused flank strategy, fix up any poorly deploy screening units, so many applications!

Posted by: Blackhearts Reaver Apr 5 2019, 09:27 AM

the Lt is only good is you are going to take 20+ snipers/eliminators and are filling 2x Battalion > looking for cheaper HQ that are semi useful

Posted by: dvaston Apr 11 2019, 01:45 PM

I have some questions:
How does the new vanguard and daemonkin mini codexes work with existing space marines and chaos marines codexes?
Can the units from the mini codexes be taken as part of the same detachment as units from one of the existing codexes? Or would they have to be in a separate detachment by themselves?
Also would the units from the mini codexes benefit from chapter tactics / legion traits?
Thanks smile.gif

Posted by: Blackhearts Reaver Apr 11 2019, 02:54 PM

After reading the Minidex they have the same rules with regard to Keyword [legion] and keyword[Mark of Chaos] so it would seem they can fit into a detachment with normal CSM units as long as they satisfy those same items.

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