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> Admonitions of a Suss Sufferer: Mark 2, all about Mark 3
post Dec 10 2017, 01:02 AM
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Game 269 - Arkadius1 (Will Work for Food) vs Ashlynn1 (Llaelese Resistance)

Weekend up pickup game. My brain had been frozen and shattered by miniature gnomes versus Big J who hadn't played for some time, so this probably doesn't go well? I'll remember it when I get to it.
It's Ashlynn in opposition. I was probably in the mental state where Rask would be better as a simpler list to play, but sod it, wanted some Pigs to drool on the board.

Arkadius1 (WWfF) - 2x Road Hog, 2x War Hog, 2x Gorax, Battle Boar, 6x Razor Boar, Targ, Orin, Hutchuck, Efaarit, Swamp Gobber Chef, Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew
Ashlynn1 (LR) - Sylyss, 2x Freebooters, 2x Nomads, Trenchers + Grenadiers + Officer/Sniper, Blythe and Bull, Thorn Gun Mages, Ragman, Gibbs, Llaelese Gun MAge Chick Whose Name I can't Process Right Now I Should Stop Capitalising.

Scenario being Breakdown, so central rectangle for battlegroup scoring and flanking circle zones for units. Not ideal for me, as my scoring stuff for the flanks is Arkadius and the Bellows Crew.

Realistically, in this matchup you have to realise that the horrible tyrannical invaders is the Llaelese Federation, whilst the able defenders of Klendatu are the Bug Pigs.

Surveying our glorious literal world of hives, I won the roll and elected first for board presence.
My side has a potentially annoying forest in the centre of my roll out zone, plus a trench on the left I forgot was there until I looked at the photo and a hill on the right that intrudes into the zone.
Centre line has a long wall on the left in that circle zone, while a large building intrudes into the centre. Right side has a forest placed unobtrusively.
The Federation Team has a math score of 35% (Very nice, point it out Doogie Howser). They also have some clouds and a small wall that don't prove super impactful.

IPB Image
Round 1: I maaay be paying more attention to Starship Troopers right now.
The Science teacher pointing out the advances of Pigs is pretty nice, and my god they don't wear gloves while dissecting things and grabbing organs. Never spotted that before.

Stuff runs forward. Arkadius and the Swamp Gobbers started centre until I'd know what side to focus on. The Mercs had put all of their hard hitting on the left, while I'm essentially forced to split my forces evenly it means I focus on having long term contestors left and ensuring I can clear out on the right.

To that end, left side gets the Efaarit, Gobbers, Tinker, The Gorax Preyed by Blythe and Bull, the Forced Evo'd War Hog, a Road Hog and three Razor Boars. They face off against the Storm Lances, Nomads and Freebooters.

Centrally Llaelese has their piece of rubble terrain (They've got a magic rock patch in a pocket thing. If 3.5 wasn't horribly outdated I'd find a way to make that a worthwhile custom item), Ashlynn, the Quickened Trenchers, Gibbs, Gun Mage Chick. I don't really have anything directly countering because there's a giant sodding building in the way.

Right side, I've got the rest of the battlegroup (Three Rabo's, War Hog, Road Hog, Gorax, Battle Boar), Arkadius, Orin facing off against Blythe and Bull and the Thorn Gun Mages.

As the Mercs move up and pop smoke, Trencher shots also kill a rightside Rabo.

IPB Image
Winions 2: Well, opening gambit to force the defensive Ashlynn feat has failed.
Wait, no, I can frame this better.
Ashlynn is so bad, you don't *need* to use your feat. Yep. Totes.

Out on the left, the Efaarit moves up and misses a shot on a Storm Lancer, repositions back. Continues camera shyness.
Razor Boars form the Bacon Trio in the left zone, War Hog and Road Hog behind them. The Preyed Gorax goes out front to block the Freebooter coming in on them.

Right side of the building I stupidly move the War Hog to early.
Razor Boars eat a couple Trenchers. A shame, I was hoping a tough roll would be passed. Instead Arkadius had to boost, managed to land a Crippling Grasp on the Trenchers, stab the right Road Hog with Raw Adrenaline then repositioned to behind the building with Targ. They share crumpets and reminisce about those games Targ didn't become a bloody smear. Plus trying to not talk about the topless Casper Van Diem in the room.

That War Hog movement forces the Road Hog into an awkward spot, so instead of killing Gibbs I settle for killing Taryn (TARYN! THAT'S IT! Sure, I could have looked it up, but sod that) and a few Trenchers.

Orin Stealths on the right hill. Hutchuck ambushes in on the outflanking Thorn Gun Mages and kills two.

Content with the decision not to feat, can't pop Ashlynn nor get control area up enough for the Forced Evo War Hog to eat a pair of Nomads, necessary for appropriate trading.
I'm super unsure about the Hutchuck dropping into the Thorn, just as I was at the time. I wanted him to pop out on the left and contribute to killing Storm Lances, however I fell for the convenience. It was probably the right call?

IPB Image
Mercs 2: Left wise, a Stormlancer walks up and stabs a Rabo, rest shoot pigs a few times. Spirits get knocked out but no little piggies die. The most forward Freebooter burns a movement box and charges the preyed Gorax, puts it down with minimal effort. Prey cycles to the rightside Road Hog.
Other Jacks fan out on this sides backfield.

Centrally, Ashlynn moves into the Llaelese rubble (That's gotta be depressing right? Like, here we are, as always battling in the shattered ruins of our ancient, venerable, crapped out city.) and pops feat. Gibbs does a shot that allows a Razor Boar to Hyper Aggresive in and be in the way. Trenchers pop their mini-feat to throw down some cloud, they charge into the pigs on the right, Crippling Grasp and Dark Field being way out on the other flank stops things being to problematic. Damage gets thrown around, we have the magics, it can be forcefully healed without anesthesia.

Right wise, B&B don't do much. The Thorn Gun Mage shoots Hutchuck with a double Barrel shot, sets him on fire and does a damage box.

No one scores, so the 7 round game can now begin.

IPB Image
Winion 3: Continue the plan, if nothing else going invasion on the first planet on Ashlynns feat turn gets you slaughtered under Ace's really #### leadership.

Left wise, the Efaarit kills a Storm Lancer, retreats once more.
The three Razor Boars over here manage to kill the Storm Lance that came forward, one pops the Counter Charge Animus.
War Hog can attack the Freebooter without being in Ashlynn's Control Area so kills it with ease.
The Road Hog backs up to be the reserve Heavy Beast on this flank, though ultimately it wasn't an ideal position.

Targ twiddles his thumbs behind the building. his time can be later.

Through Boosted Back Strikes, lightning attacks from Orin and the Road Hog Flamethrower I manage to clear out the right zone.
Arkadius, who activated earlier, pops Surgery healing then moves over to toe the right zone.
Hutchuck misses the last Thorn Gun Mage.

I score up the right zone, 1-0.
Because I'm an absolute moron I didn't realize that I controlled the centre zone as well. Ug.

IPB Image
Mercs 3: Left wise, Storm Lances come in and damage Rabo's pretty badly, killing one. A reposition allows one to Counter Charge, potentially stopping the Nomad going in on the Forced Evo War Hog. Until the backup Nomad polishes it off.

The remaining Freebooter and Nomad go in on the Forced Evo War Hog, critically the 'booter misses an initial attack, stopping the knock down and ensuring the War Hog survives, though somewhat dinged up and Mindless.

Bit pieces contest on the right, Blythe and Bull leave a Razor Boar on one box after charging in.
The Thorn Gun Mage shoots Hutchuck down to one box.

Time becomes short in the real world alas, so Ashlynn comes in hard on the right trying to wipe a War Hog. She rolls poorly and has to burn focus on allocation and casting Chosen Ground, so the beast lives on without issue.

IPB Image
Winion 4: Hutchuck burns to death, Razor Boars and the last Gorax frenzy shoddily.

Arkadius gets the hell out of dodge, if the assassination run fails and he's in stabbing range it's a bad time and I'm ahead every other way in the game, or will be one the left War Hog kills two Heavies.

It is somewhat bull###### that Rico asks Ace to be Squad Leader before Diz. At elast Ace has done some learning and says no.

We skip to the meaningful activations after that, right War Hog gets Primalled. Boosts attacks on Ashlynn. Hits, boosts damage and strips off her one camp. Misses the second, Riposte hits the wrong column so his Mind stays active. Hits the last initial, kills her to the box.

Had that fails I had a Road Hog and Arkadius boosted lightning to go. Can't fail when you've got a POW 10 in the wings.

I'd actually forgotten about not popping my feat in that last round. Whoops.

That house ended up being more a pain than I was expecting, really cut down on early feat options.
Would have been fine from the other side going first, but eh, can't fault correct opposing decisions.
So....how about that CID Gatorman Witch Doc then?
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post Dec 15 2017, 10:30 PM
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Game 270 - Jaga Jaga1 (BC) vs Orion1 (DI)
Epic Outlast

CID Blindwater update happened! Gloriousness! Rask gains a few points and Arkadius gets pathfinder on a beast.

In any event, it's the regular return of Orion, so I did the laziest Jaga list creation possible of just swapping with Rask. Well, more that I suck at writing Jaga lists and it's super annoying.

Jaga Jaga1 (Blindwater Congregation) - Wrastler, 3x Boneswarms, Posse, Croak Raiders, Bokor + Shamblers, Bellows Crew, Totem Hunter, Gatorman Witch Doctor, Mist Speaker, Feralgeist, Tinker
Orion1 (Destruction Initiative) - 3x Assimilator, Cipher, Inverter, 2x Diffuser, Corrolary, single mortal arc node guy, repair/magic weapon unit, swathe of Elimination Servitors

Oh yeah, I changed the Rask list. Trawlers out, Tinker in for Battle Engine Repairs, Feralgeist for offensive contesting, Witch Doc for Death Riding the Bone Swarms. Guess I'm testing it with Jaga, so...yeah....

Orion has tired of losing at poker to the Axiom and dropped him for a pack of robo-bros. The real tragedy is Vectors have no intelligence or personality and really he's just a very troubled boy dealing with a load of his own facsimiles.

Scenario is Outlast, given the difference in unit compilations of the armies I've got a base level advantage. I lose the roll and get given second.
Terrain is of slightly larger size and not in the centre for some variance.

CoC have a house in the centre, it provides a very safe haven outside the killbox, however I was optimistic it would cause problems in contesting both sides. There's also a hill on their left and water on the right.
I get a long trench on the left, a defensive forest in the middle, a forest in the right zone and some clouds way off to the right that do nought.

Going in, I'm concerned about Orion Feat with Grounder Pounders wiping out to much of my stuff and Jaga's feat not doing that much in return. Gravewind basically only exists to make Spell Piercer get cast, which is enough to make me want to do it.

Totem Hunter preys the mechanics unit. If they hold back to deny Prey they won't be scoring, leaving CoC only able to milk points from the zone with Orion. Seems good.

IPB Image
Round 1: Convergence run forward, splitting around the house. Three heavies go left, two go right, Servitors and stuff mix around. A couple of the Assimilators try to scatter templates forward without success. Avenging....Force? Orions Good-Big-Brother-Syndrome is up.

I'd initially planned to throw out my upkeeps and just do some positioning, however a few Croaks can get shots on the right side Assimilator. Gravewind isn't super high value beyond forcing Spellpiercer to be cast, ergo it's Battle Host and Spellpiercer time.

Your list bad and you should feel bad: Ayep, Jaga needs a Bone Shrine, then this wouldn't be an issue.

She does that, hangs way back so I don't randomly die to gunshots.
Posse move up on the left, they bunch in a really stupid way that ensures multiple of them can be ground Poundered. Just indefensibly bad positioning here.
They also get a Bone Swarm, who just walks up. I'm focusing my Fury generation on as few beasts as possible to limit how much of the battle group I lose if Orion feats.

Centrally I have one of those running hot beasts as a Bone Swarm that goes into the forward toe of my defensive forest. Feralgeist and Bokor/Shamblers fan out behind.

Your list bad and you should feel bad: Incoporeal versus Magic Bullet and Spellpiercer guns list. Basically a worse option than the Bog Trog Trawler in its opening outing, not a fan match to weigh the two up.

Right side, half the Croaks move forward, half stay back. This is a matter of attack range, but also preserving the unit while trying to fill up the Vault to max with Souls.
It takes two croaks to get the oil through the Shield Guard Servitor, then three throw Darts. They do reasonable damage and I'm happy with it, much as being a CoC Vector it's weird Grid layout keeps its systems safe.

Incidentally, now that I've played a good chunk of hordes, while beasts are expensive the regualr debat about their cost versus warjacks gives insufficient weight to how much having systems that can die really sucks. No, mad Dog spam was still bull######. Just saying.

The Vault chills out here toward my back flag.
Tinker, Mist Speaker and Swamp Gobbers all fan out in various ways for future work.

Your list bad and you should feel bad: Mist Speaker is obviously a trash model in this list, given he's there for Rasks gun.

The right side also gets the last Bone Swarm who runs hot on Fury and goes into the forest in the zone.
Totem Hunter is trapped in a bit and has to Jump to be behind the vault, intent being that he has the range to charge anything in the zone.

IPB Image
CoC 2: Fire does a good chunk of damage to the right Assimilator.

Orion feats and puts Magic Bullet on a Diffuser, hangs back next to the house.

On the left, the two Assimilators and Diffusers move up, shoot and reposition back. That's not annoying at all.
The Magic Bullet kills the Feralgist, while the shots pop two Posse, the forward most Bone Swarm and leave the Bokor of the Shamblers on one box.
The Cipher targets a Servitor to put some rough terrain in a location inconvenient for the Posse.
The various attacks also whinged the remaining Posse leaving each down a box or two.

On the right the damaged Assimilator gets healed, pops some Croaks Raiders and puts the Totem Hunter on 1 box. The Inverter goes in, kills more Raiders then repo's back, using the forest to stop the Bone Swarm charging it.

IPB Image
Minion 2: The Orion feat felt like it was weathered pretty well really. The CoC flag has three Vectors in contest range, however the centre of the board is looking good for me. Plan is to feat to clear out the repair dudes and bots on the right and clear the Vectors.

Shamblers spawn forward, they charge forward to get into position. The actual attacks don't do very much.
Jaga then moves up, she ends up needing to be far forward enough that she says sod it all and goes to score the flag. Her feat gets 6 models, so pops the repair dudes and most of the Servitors on that flank. Signs and Portents is up.

Jaga is now forward enough that I fear her imminent demise, so the Sacral Vault shuffles in front of her as a blocker. It shoots up the Inverter, does reasonably well.
The Wrastler stays in the back and puts Rage on the right side Bone Swarm.
Said Boneswarm walks up to the Inverter, maxes Fury to leave it on about 6 boxes.
Totem Hunter charges, gets the kill, cycles Prey to the damaged Assimilator and sprints to be behind the forest.
Croaks spread around, they kill the last Servitor toeing the right zone and fail to do anything to the hurt Assimilator (I got one shot on it, should have tried to drift Oil instead of the unboosted Dart).

On the left, one Posse gets a charge on another Assimilator (Ye gawds that is a tiring name to write multiple times), it does...some damage? I don't remember, can't have been to bad.
Another Posse runs up to jam things on the hill, the leader sits in the trench trying to shield this flanks Bone Swarm.

Tinker and Bellows Gobbers just chill out in the wastelands.

I score my flag and the right zone, now 2-0.

IPB Image
CoC 3: The Convergence list proves to really not be a fan of getting jammed, those two Posse up in their face cause far more trouble than they should.

Left wise, the living arc nodey dude dies to a Posse free strike.
It ends up taking both Assimilators on that side and a couple Elimination Servitors to clear them away.
The left Diffuser moves up to contest my flag, hits the left Boneswarm in the Trench for some flareness.
El Cipher had moved up with Avenging Force, then charges the Boneswarm. Brutally kills it and the last Posse, then repositions into the trench.

Right wise, the damaged Assimilator (No Induction node or gun) moves in and flails. The Diffuser on this side has Magic Bullet, it moves into the zone to kill a Croak Raider, the random bouncing bullet goes in one ear of the Totem Hunter and explodes his face.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Game plan isn't going askew, so continue to push the right zone and keep Jaga safe.

Jaga puts Gravewind on the Bokor, throws out Signs and Portents and backs up.
Between the Croaks and the re-Raged right Boneswarm the right side zone is cleared.
The Vault aims, mages to blow up one of the Assimilators on the left (It was daamged earlier by the Posse charge, fire dice were still involved).
The Bokor burns most of his Shamblers to kill the Diffuser contesting my flag, which the Mist Speaker runs to in order to score.

I get my flag and the right zone again, now 4-0.

IPB Image
CoC 4: The Vault gets Flared and charged by the Cipher. It needs snake eyes to miss and is rolling dice minus 2 on damage. Does about 5.

After that the only model that can contest my zone is a lonely Servitor, so CoC concede.

Sign and Portents is good. Yes, I am an oracle delivering fresh news. Jaga replacing Rask doesn't feel super likely, if only because I'm that bad at being content with lists for her.
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post Dec 19 2017, 03:37 AM
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Game 271 - Rask1 (BC) vs Issyria1 (LoD)
Spread the Net

One last gasp of dollies before time is lost to the might of in-laws.
It's some terrorist elves, so that's a nice change of pace. Opposing pairing of Issyria/Ossyan, it feels like Arkadius has a game but it lasts two rounds no matter what, so dropped Rask.

The Issyria drop surprised me, but then again I know sod all about Elves. Because I'm specist.

Rask1 (Blindwater Congregation) - Wrastler, 3x Boneswarms, Posse, Croak Raiders, Bokor + Shamblers, Bellows Crew, Totem Hunter, Gatorman Witch Doctor, Mist Speaker, Feralgeist, Tinker
Issyria1 (Legions of Dawn) - Hyperion, Chimera, Sylyss, 2x Sentinels + UA, Invictors + UA, Sentinel Scyir

Mr Roboto by Styx says "Modren man" instead of Modern. This mildly infuriates me and the justifications given are unsatisfying.

Anyway I'm a little hypothetical on the tier list used by Issyria here as I didn't ask, and according to my PC version it isn't meant to allow Sylyss. It doesn't really come up as an issue anyway.
Edit: Me SMRT, it's the strike of the "select friendly card" thing in Warroom. Sylyss is perfectly fine in the theme.

I won the die roll and picked first, my table side has a defensive cloud.
The line of battle has a hill on the left, a couple central forests and irrlevant water on the right.
The elves get a trench on the left and a rear based combo of hill and fog.

The real test for me is how well I can contest and score lacking my glorious ambushers.

The Totem Hunter Preys the Chimera, as it seems likely that the Arc Node will have to get stuck in to be relevant. Alternatively it doesn't which is the perils and sort've Prey win? Hunter ain't no chump, he does just fine without the Ranger bonus.

IPB Image
Minion 1: My stuff runs up, however such is the nature of the elf ranged threat and speed that I opt to feat on the top of one (WHICH DOES NOT FEEL GOOD). In doing so I become hyper aware that I need to make the alpha on the next turn quite strong in order to reduce the power of Issy's feat.

Rask actually goes first in order to have a reliable gauge on feat distance, I boundless charge the Vault (Who gained three souls), Admonition a left Bone Swarm and Fury one on the right.
The Croaks fan out front, they stay shy of run and engage range. They are my primary hope, as what I really dream of is raining down Oiled shots on the Hyperion.

The left side has the Vault and a pair of Bone Swarms, squaring up against one unit of Sentinels and the central Invictors. Sentinels are basically the Battle Engines dream (They can kill each other, have one wound, hate losing base to base from their own dudes dying).

Centrally has the Posse and Shamblers.

Right lean has the Fury'ed Bone Swarm and Wrastler, an unlikely buddy cop duo out to take out the big evil boss in town (Hyperion. Issyria is just the accountant.).

Random solo wise, I screwed up the Witch Doc activation order, each Bone Swarm should have been able to go forward another inch. Doh.
Feralgeist......is living a vague pseudo dream, the only opposing magic weapon is Hyperion's gun. I can either use him to distract a big gun shot or to super secure my own objective, I opt for super secure as the Geist is weak enough to die to the random Ancillary attack blast damage.
Tinker follows the Vault for repairness.
Totem Hunter and not super useful Bellows Crew go to the right on Ret flag disruption duty.

For future round relevance I looked up the Chimera's weapons. .5 melee range is fine and dandy, makes sense. WHY ARE THEY CALLED GLAIVES?!
Mandatory reference: http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0136.html

IPB Image
Ret 1: Admonition goes on the Chimera, Dauntless Resolve on the right side Sentinels.
The infantry all run forward into various triangle formations. The right side buffed unit pop's it's mini-feat for glorious Armour 22.

Issyria floats onto the hill and basically gets Sylyss to light a campfire for the long haul.
Hyperion moves up favouring the right, stays back away from Croak murder range. Curse my easily avoided plans!

IPB Image
Minion 2: Okay, have to set up for Issyria feating and murdering the world.

Starting on the left, the Admonitioned Bone Swarm charges up and kills a pair of the left Sentinels, not taking their Corpses in order to allow the Vault to get filled up on Souls.
The Vault then moves up and shoots down the Sentinel UA, so at least I don't have to care about Iron Zeal at all after this round.
Feralgeist runs to my flag on the left.

Centrally, Posse Dirge and run around, one eats an Invictor. Two of the Posse jam forward into the Invictors, the other three hang back. The Croaks move around, they set 6 of the right Sentinels on fire,braving the Box cars trigger of Vengeance. I then miss one of the oils and the plan to kill them with continuous fire looks in doubt. Rask chill out back, shoots off Dauntless Resolve.

Wrastler and Totem Hunter to corners of the right defensive rectangle. Bellows Crew run way to the right for future running to annoy moves.

IPB Image
Ret 2: Fire kills three of the six potentials on the right Sentinel unit. Sadness.

The left side Sentinel unit Vengeances forward, gets a swing on the Admonitioned Boneswarms that does a nice slob of damage.

Issyria hangs on her hill, pops her feat. Dauntless Resolve gets puts on the left side Sentinels.

Left Sentinels charge up to the forward Boneswarm, it Admonitions to safety and watches them butcher a Posse.

Centrally, the Invictors remain chocked up on the surviving forward Posse, end up killing it.

Rightwise, the Sentinels come in, kill a couple Croaks and melt the Fury'ed Bone Swarm.
The Scyir moves to score the right flag.

Hyperion advances, wrecks my world. It removes most of the Croaks, a Posse and most sadly the Bokor who was rolling in corpses and chuckling.

Ret score a point on their flag, now 0-1.

IPB Image
Minion 3: I was super content with how things looked, right up until the final moment where the Bokor got hammered into the ground. Glorious images of Shamblers charging in for justice came to naught. Instead the plan comes to push up the left where it's looking pretty good for me and position the Wrastler to threaten the Hyperion.

Rask continues to cower in a circle of Bog Trogs, puts Admonition on the Wrastler, Boundless Charge on a Posse member and Fury on them as well. He does a shot to drop off Dauntless, killing a left side Sentinel in the process.

Said Sentinel unit then gets attacked by the remaining pair of Boneswarms, the Vault and a Posse member, leaving them with two members. The second living Posse charges the Hyperion to block it up a bit, plus engaging Invictors.

Right side the Wrastler eats some Sentinels in that flanks unit, Totem Hunter eats another and sprints to a cowardly spot, the Witch Doctor Sac Strikes with a Shambler to pop another.
I stupidly don't leave something to score the right rectangle, good thing I fell short on killing the last Sentinel contesting the zone.

Swamp Gobber unit leader runs to contest the Ret flag.
The last Croak Raider tries to set the Chimera on fire and misses.

I score the left flag and Rectangle, now 2-1.

IPB Image
Ret 3: I'm including the photo just so that later on I can bask in the day my phone camera started straight up giving up on life.

On the left, the pair of remaining Sentinels chop away and with the help of the Vengeance attacks kill one of the Boneswarms.

Centrally, the Invictors gang up on the Posse that charged Hyperion and knock it down to one box, they also shoot some Shamblers and the last Croak.

Right wise the Sentinels charge in, though they did lose a member to fire started so long ago.
They finish off the forward Posse member, leaving one left in the unit and stab the Wrastler for a bit.

Hyperion moves up, Wrastler Admonitions away to safety, staying engaged by a Sentinel. Hyperion shoots 10 boxes off the Vault and shoots Rask for seven damage. Hyperion gets Dauntless Resolve.

I score my flag, Retribution score the left rectangle with the Chimera, now 3-2.

IPB Image
Minion 4: So....through sheer incompetence, I've utterly failed to note the Retribution upkeeps are out. This could have gone very badly.

Rask shuffle back a bit, puts Boundless Charge on the Vault, Fury/Rage on the Wrastler. Mist Speaker clouds up in front of him.

Witch Doctor use Sac Strike to pop a Sentinel, clearing a spot for the Wrastler to get to Hyperion. Wrastler walks up and starts chewing, at which point I realise Dauntless Resolve is there and this is going to be problematic. Rask should have shot it off.
Dice come to my rescue and I kill it to the box.

Totem Hunter kills the last contesting Sentinel on the right, sprint back (A pair of this Sentinel unit still exist amongst the Invictors in the centre). A Bellows Gobber charges the Scyir dude. To the shock and dismay of all it misses.

Leftwise, the last Boneswarm wipes out the last Sentinels on that flank, the single remaining Posse moves around and eats two Invictors. This makes room for the Vault to charge the Chimera courtesy of Boundless giving it enough speed, the elfmeister forgets to activate Admonition. The Vault manages to explode it.

I score my flag and both rectangles (Left one with the vault, right one toed by the Wrastler), now 6-2.

Ret muck around briefly, trying to line up a last ditch assassination that doesn't function, they had no way of stopping me just winning on scenario.

Well, the build survived Spread the Net better than expected, though this opposing list truly was the Vault's dream. It did involve less than ideal Swamp Gobber usage, it wouldn't shock me if I ended up with double Feralgeist or double Tinker.

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Master Chris
post Dec 19 2017, 08:15 AM
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You can have Sylys in Legions but you have to pick him as your 'Friendly Merc' option.

Good old Order of the Stick...*checks* Huh, still running...nice. I should catch up on it and possibly Erfworld, as well.

Has the Potato Camera finally given up the ghost?

Everything that existed before I was born is irrelevant, everything that exists after I die is lucky.
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post Dec 19 2017, 12:48 PM
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QUOTE(Master Chris @ Dec 19 2017, 09:15 AM) *


You can have Sylys in Legions but you have to pick him as your 'Friendly Merc' option.

Ah, that'd be it then. Isn't an issue that crops up for Mercs/Minions, at least on my devices.

QUOTE(Master Chris @ Dec 19 2017, 09:15 AM) *

Good old Order of the Stick...*checks* Huh, still running...nice. I should catch up on it and possibly Erfworld, as well.

Erfworld does become filled with text updates as the writer cycles through artists.

QUOTE(Master Chris @ Dec 19 2017, 09:15 AM) *

Has the Potato Camera finally given up the ghost?

It's working at the moment, I imagine it was user error. The photo taking isn't my greatest mental priority when the super mportance of dollies is happening tongue.gif
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post Dec 29 2017, 12:00 AM
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Game 272 - Rask1 (BC) vs Rasheth1 (TE)

10 days between games? Makes me a Sad Norway. Well, not really, in the sense I'm not representative of the country in any particular way, but the Angry Oz thing is taken (I think it's a youtuber? Whatever).

J-man of the triple name origin appears, rolling a small blob of flag behind a load of souls trapped in stone bodies.
It feels like I've played sod all against Rasheth. Hypothetically paired with a Naaresh brick blob, I decide that Arkadius was going to be more effort and nuanced for me to bother. Plus Skorne would need sod all models around to kill everything, Pig defensive stats being super sad.

Thus we get:
Rask1 (Blindwater Congregation) - Wrastler, 3x Boneswarms, Posse, Croak Raiders, Bokor + Shamblers, Bellows Crew, Totem Hunter, Gatorman Witch Doctor, Mist Speaker, Feralgeist, Tinker
Rasheth1 (The Exalted) - Mammoth, Krea, Cyclops Savage, 2x Immortals + UA's, 2x Ancestral Guardian, Hakaar, Extoller, Paingivers

Rules Error: I've played to much Convergence of late and completely spaced on the Vault not being able to collect their souls. Woops. Be prepared for that to be mentioned a bunch.

There is something odd about Rasheth being allowed to boss around proper Hoksune dudes.
List wise the Mammoth shooting down the Vault is a concern, however as long as it is alive it is excellent at making the Immortals unhappy.
Outlast works for both sides given we both have plenty of unit models.

I win the die roll and select first, I end up with a slightly impeding forest and a hill toeing the right zone.
The centre of the board has a cloud and a trench.
Left zone has some water, right zone has a forest that favours Skorne contesting.
Skorne have a super defensive wall.

IPB Image
Minions 1: Skorne deploy extremely symmetrical, so all my decision points occur around the terrain and scenario. The existence of the right zone forest makes claiming that zone potentially a massive headache if a Skorne model just hides behind it, so I choose to run the vault from it's central deployment toward the right, as it will be the best contesting model in my possession.

Croaks, Totem Hunter and two of the Bone Swarms (One with Fury) go out left, intending to claim that zone and start the scoring on top of round three.

Posse, Rask and Wrastler sit in the middle to do all the work.

The last Boneswarm has Admonition and is out on the right, intended to be the backup contesting model in the event the Vault gets blown up.

Totem Hunter selected Hakaar as his prey, given he's a killable model that is too valuable to be used to deny the Prey benefit.

IPB Image
Skorne 1: They're coming!

Everything moves forward, Beasts central and Immortals on either flank.
Krea puts up it's Animus, left Immortal unit gets Carnage. One of them also implodes to arc a Sunder Spirit on the left most Boneswarm for a good whack of damage.

Rasheth goes up behind the defensive wall and does that thing. The fat wobble laughs thing. Where you mock an innocent sentient egg that fell down and eat it's thinking insides.

IPB Image
Minions 2: Standard Rask top of 2. Advance, make some ranged attacks, not give away to much.
I decide to gamble six Croaks on the left to try to take out that flanks Ancestral Guardian and Hakaar. If they succeed I probably only lose two, if they fail they all die t the movement boosted Immortals. Said Immortals won't be attacked because I've dealt with Vengeance before.
Both opposing light beasts are also forward to allow room for the Mammoth, the plan is to damage the Krea a little and force it to back up and be healed and use a Bone Swarm to trade for the Savage (Took about four questions before my brain was willing to accept it wasn't a Cyclops Brute).

Out on the left we begin the Croak gamble.
Two Croaks move forward and successfully Oil the left Guardian and Hakaar, then the four behind them throw two burny sticks at both the venerable Skorne elders. Hakaar dies to some serious overkill dice spikes, however the regular Guardian only takes a little damage. Alas poor Croaks, you have only yourselves and my incompetent leadership to blame.

Totem Hunter hangs out in the Croaks backline, his Prey moved from Hakaar to the Guardian (Come on fire! You Feel great! You can do it! You can win!).

Centrally, Posse Dirge out of habit and move up to safe from attack ranges (It is mildly easier to deal with no Rush Skorne beasts).
Rask feats, advances as little as he can, puts Boundless Charge on the Fury'd Boneswarm, shoots the Krea to remove it's Animus, gets a good dice spike on the damage.

They Fury Boneswarm is deliberately toeing the forest in front of my deployment for line of sight, allowing the Wrastler to put Rage on it and the Mist Speaker to give it Guidance to let it see through the terrain cloud.

The Boundless Charged, Guidanced, Raged and Fury'ed Boneswarm creaks a little under the weight of the tokens given to it. It then charges the Cyclops Savage, I sweat through some missed attack rolls that might have been worth boosting, it manages to kill it counterpart though on some good damage rolls.

Shamblers radiate around Rask, the Feralgeist sort of flops around.

Right side, the Vault (Who has one soul from a poor start of game soul randomisation) hits the Krea, boosts damage and kills it to the box. As I planned. Ayep. Definitely makes up for the Guardian not dying (Though that's basically a coin flip in hindsight, good enough for the amount of Croaks I was offering).
The Admonition Bone Swarm toes the right zone and ponders a time shared condo deal on the coast, as there is no way it'll die. Light Beasts totally have high survival rates. For sure.

I think my plans were reasonable, though I definitely got more than my share of Fortuna's favour on killing the Krea and Cyclops. It was an unreasonably long turn, enough that I'm disgruntled at my efforts. Turns will have to be quicker after this to compensate, though I doubt I could carry this to a 7 round completion.

IPB Image
Skorne 2: Fire has a go at doing the job, leaves the left Ancestral Guardian on a box. Dangit.

Rask feat turn, so attacks are necessarily limited.
Left wise, the Immortals pop Incoporeal to deal with the water terrain and advance and kill the six sacrificial Croak Raiders, the Guardian stays behind them. A couple of these Immortals are zapped by Rasheth channeling Sunder Spirits at the damaged Bone Swarm, leaving it on about a third of it's health, though I luck out and keep all aspects.
Rasheth lacks the mobility to get over the wall, so he moves to the right behind the Mammoth.

The Mammoth lacks other targets, so it moves up and politely boops the nose of the sacrificial Bone Swarm, who promptly explodes into a billion pieces.
The right side Guardian moves to the Skorne Flag.

Right wise, the Immortals run around and pop their defence/concealment buff, three of them run up and engage the Gator Posse in position of super annoyance.

The point is academic as the Immortals contest, however I failed to place a solo to threaten scoring on my flag. This is an error I will replicate throughout the game.

Skorne score a point on their flag, 0-1.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Still monitoring the game through the lens of scenario being the win condition,the best plan appears to be to try to clear out the left zone, again the right zone being trivially easy to contest in a difficult way and lacking comparative tools to deal with it.

Left wise, the Croaks make a go of it but don't kill enough Immortals to make zone clearing practical. I am forced to accept it will be a longer game in which this turn will lead to me equalising points and setting up for the attrition advantage.
The damaged Boneswarm is the recipient of the Fury/Boundless Charge/Rage buffing this round, it charges the Mammoth to get some damage on it. The hyper hurt Guardian does a Defensive strike, an ability I completely spaced on, leaving the swarm on three boxes with no Body Aspect. So much for that plan. The Swarm does kill the offending Guardian at least.
Totem Hunter has it's Prey shifted to the Immortals unit, charges in to kill two and sprint back to the forest on my side.
All up I leave two Immortals and the UA in the zone, with one grunt on fire.

Centrally, the Posse kill the three Immortals that are jamming them as a necessary action with likely bad consequences. I mistakenly give the sols to the Vault, which then empties itself trying to kill the Guardian on the Skorne flag. It fails utterly.

The right side Swarm with Admonition charges the right Immortals, I reason it will be worth it to stop another pair of Vengeance attacks. It misses every attack, so that was a poor move.

The Feralgeist claims my flag, so we go to 1-1. This was also a long turn, so clock advantage is definitely on the opposing side.

IPB Image
Skorne 3: Fire kills the Immortal grunt on the left.
The Immortals all Vengeance, the left fella and the UA pop the next suicide charged Bone Swarm.
Right side one maneuver around, they pop Admointiion on the last Bone Swarm to make him move to the right. He stays engaging one to be an annoyance.

Regular activations begin, Rasheth shuffles behind the Mammoth and feats, primarily getting the Vault and the Posse.

Left side Immortal and buddy kill a Croak (Model removed after picture, as we retroactively realised he dies due to Rasheth's feat).
Guardian and right side Immortals kill two of the Posse and leave the last Bone Swarm quite damaged.

Mammoth shoots the Vault, rolls poorly and only does half it's health.

Extoller runs to the Skorne flag, 1-2.

IPB Image
Minion 4: The clock is low enough that's it's a race against scoring. Some Shamblers spawn up front.

Left zone wise, the Croaks fail to do their duty. Instead Shamblers kill the last Immortal, while the Totem Hunter Jumps to the UA, guts him, moves prey to Raseth and Sprints toward the backfield for the juicy caster threat.

Centrally, other Shamblers gum up the mammoth whilst the Bokor runs into the open to get his command score up their.
Rask puts Admonition on the Wrastler so it can move up and kill the Mammoth in the near future, he shoots a Fury off it because he's an annoying toad man who can.
Posse get Fury to counteract Rasheth' Strength penalty from the feat, they kill the Guardian and some of the remaining Immortals.

Vault kills the Extoller, shoots the Immortal UA on the right to Sac Pawn and kill Immortal Grunts.

Right wise, Bone Swarm that I forgot to heal with Rask due to time constraints boosts it's rolls and manages to finish the unit off. Alas I didn't have an opportunity to move a unit into that zone to score.

Rask gets clouded up by the Swamp Gobbers and the Mist Speaker, plus has Shamblers in a circle of sacrifice around his booty.

I score the left zone, having flubbed putting the Mist Speaker on my flag. Derp. 2 all.

IPB Image
Skorne 4: Paingivers all die arcing Rasheth nukes around, one of which kills the Totem Hunter.
It's not until the Mammoth tramples forward to kill the Bokor that I realise I've won on attrition.

I play my next turn, it consists of the Wrastler killing the Mammoth and everyone staring down at Rasheth. Skorne concede.

The ending felt super abrupt to me. Going over it in hindsight, the Vault surviving Rasheth's feat turn is probably the end point for Skorne. If it dies then the Immortals can push in and keep the match going to time for a Skorne win.

Feralgeist had a disappointing game, dying so ignobly at the end of an Immortal stab I don't think I wrote it in the above. Starting to move toward double Gobber Chef being a better, more flexible option.
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Game 273 - Rask (BC) vs Madrak1 (SotN)
Epic Recon

Troll shenanigans, what is this madness?
A returning player, so based on the Bathurst experience Rask is likely to lead toward a funner game if it ends up as a list mis-match (When Arky noob-stomps, he does it way to hard).

Rask1 (Blindwater Congregation) - Wrastler, 3x Boneswarms, Posse, Croak Raiders, Bokor + Shamblers, Bellows Crew, Totem Hunter, Gatorman Witch Doctor, Mist Speaker, Feralgeist, Tinker
Madrak1 (Storm of the North) - Brawler, Mauler, Runebearer, 2x Champions (1 w/Skaldi), Kriel Stone w/ Northkin UA, Kriel Warriors, Fellcaller, Champion Hero, Bear unit

Recon is good for me. Definitely want to see how contesting that far flag goes.

I win the roll and take first, cause lazy. Also historically getting up the board has done well against the regenerative blue skins.

Sadly most of the terrain isn't super relevant. There's a central forest, some clouds in the right zone and trolls get a right side defensive forest.
Snow Drifts get placed toeing both zones.

IPB Image
Minions 1: I don't feel the need to spread out hugely against the opposing list and on this scenario with the easy toeing of corners, so basically blob up the middle. Plus ambushing is something I like to do, not something I want done to me.

Croaks go front and centre, running up quite far with a few in the Trolls side of the centre forest. Fire can present annoying decision points to Sanguine Bond, however Madrak's stupid Def buff means that they need to be up their in order to aim to have reasonable chances of hitting.

The Vault runs left, as the Kriel Warriors are on that side and they are the logical snackrifice.
Swarms are on either side, left most has Admonition, right one has Fury.
Wrastler and Posse chill out in the middle like damn punk kids at the mall. Before the internet anyway. And that brief resurgent period where Pokemon Go was super popular and it's potato servers couldn't handle it.
Shamblers crowd up on an irrelevant hill and sing Kumba Yah. As Zombie bog amphibians they are super out of tune.

IPB Image
Trolls 1: Kriel Warriors run up on the left and ready themselves to die.
Rest of the Trolls blob up on the right, with the Champs making the front row, Skaldi unit on the left half.
Madrak flings out his Mystical Ax of psychopathy, kills a Croak.

IPB Image
Minions 2: Simple enough, get some fire on Skaldi's unit, see how many we can chip off before Madrak feats on them. If he doesn't then the lines close up and it's about managing what Troll models get damaged as the non-charge factor reduces a little.

The Vault and Feralgeist takes my edge of the left zone, they should be able to hold that without issue until Bears rock up. Worry about that when it happens, which is definitely an approach used by good warmachine players all the time...

Rask moves up in the Backfield, shoots a Champ in a trench with a Paralysing shot, intending to make a Croak Raider target. I boost the damage to get things rolling, I absolutely crank it so the Champ is just allowed to fail a tough roll and die. Woops.
Rask feats, I cycle Fury to the Posse, reasoning that they might have to commit next turn then can have Fury cycled off them.

Half the Croaks aim, enough for the left side Champions minus the one in the trench. Alas I get some imperfect Oils done, I end up with three Oiled and on Fire with some damage on them each.

Posse run around awkwardly, two on the left to get on the Objective if needed and the other three facing the Champs on the right.

IPB Image
Trolls 2: Fire manages to kill off another Champ.
Proxied Bears pop in on the right.

Kriels spread out on the left, Madrak hangs back and feats, axes down another Croak.
Champs, Stone and Beasts blob up in the vicinity of the Troll Flag.

Bears run forward into the cloud terrain,one of them engages the right side Boneswarm.

We both score our flags, 1 all.

IPB Image
Minion 3: I forget multiple times that Madrak's feat stops me charging and makes all sorts of planning mistakes.

On the left, the Vault kills the three contesting Kriel Warriors without to much issue.

Croaks shuffle around, put oil and fire on Skaldi and achieve nought else.
The Admonitioned Bone Swarm walks up and does about half a dozen points to the objective.

The Posse run around after I fail to charge the Objective like an idiot. They just hang back in the guts with Rask and the Totem Hunter.

Wrastler chills contesting on the right, the Bokor moves up and Stationaries one Bear while a Bone Swarm flails at a Bear and misses each time.

I fling out a Veil of Mists next to the forest to stop charges and whisper sweet nothings and lies to convince one of the Swamp Gobbers to run forward and contest the Troll flag.

I score the left flag and zone, now 3-1.

IPB Image
Troll 3: Kriel Warriors swarm up to contest the left side elements.
Madrak toes the Veil of Mists, kills a Croak and misses the Totem Hunter with the Ricochet.
Admonitioned Bone Swarm manages to hold up the left Champs, before it's untimely death to the Troll beasts.
Champs run up in front of Madrak and kill the right Bone Swarm.
Bears kill the Bokor.
Trolls get their flag, now 3-2.

IPB Image
Minion 4: Hmm....this doesn't feel like it's going well.

Left wise is easy, the Vault and some Croaks fail to clear the zone, though the flag is freed up. Two Kriel Warriors live on toughed out and on fire.

Clock is inevitable to me at this point, looking at other win conditions now feels poor without getting that left zone, so it's throw things forward, see if we can pop Madrak.

Skaldi and a Champ are in front of Madrak with two wound battery Champs further back. If I can kill either one then Rask paralyzes the troll Warlock and the Wrastler has an easy time of it.
Posse charge to various spots, alas they fail to get the job done, killing one Champ and leaving the remaining three on about 6 boxes across the unit.

Lacking a good plan occurring to, the Wrastler becomes a green Proxy base, gets Boundless Charged and Rage, goes into Madrak.

It.....was kinda sad. Scroll stops the charge attack that I mostly miss, aside from a hit that gets transferred to the Mauler.

I score the left flag, though I've functionally lost on attrition to my mind.

IPB Image
Troll 4: The clock pings early for Trolls, we play it out anyway.

Injured Champ unit kills the blocking Posse. Healthy Champ unit kills the Wrastler.

Mauler puts Rage on the Brawler.
Brawler charges the Bone Swarm to get a bead on Rask. Woops.
Charging Initial kills the Bone Swarm, bought attacks leave Rask on 1 health with 4 Calls to Sacrifice remaining in range.

Madrak moves up, Rathroks two kill another pair of Call Sacs. Blows stack casting Jackhammer on the Brawler on Rask, first attacks kill the last Sac Pawn targets, last one manages to pop Rask.


Hmm, fair few things to take away from that.

Even Ground is pretty good. Just got to throw these unpopular opinions out into the aether.

Madrak strikes me as being similar to Lylth 2 for me in Mark 2. Good, defeatable with my current lists if I plan a specific means of playing it (In Mark 2 it was realising Gorten could hug the Earthbreaker behind solos Sac Pawning to Gorman. Good times.).

For that game, Bokor throw away was awful, Stationary afflictors are vital and would have saved that entire assassination run.
Croak aiming and the value of oiled fire was there, just misapplied.
Bone Swarms have an Animus which would have been helpful, as well as some actual mental arithmetic on the value of how they are being used.
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Game 274 - Haley3 (GD) vs Orion1 (DI)
Epic Pit

Once more we descend into the dollies den, though this time I'm to be assailed by trying to do a game with Haley3. Madness.

Haley3 (Grave Diggers) - Thorn, Ironclad, Trenchers + UA + 3x Grenadiers, Trencher Longgunners + UA, 2x Trencher Express Teams, Aiyanna and Holt + Murdoch, Anson Hitch, Maxwell Finn, Gibbs, Ragman
Orion1 (Destruction Initiative) - Corrolary, 4x Assimilators, 5x Diffusers, the arc node solo dude, repair servitors, loads of Elimination Servitors

As far as I can tell all Grave Diggers lists are a blob of Trenchers then some bitter squealing about what 25ish point warjack selections don't suck. This game will be super proxy heavy and have #### hurried photos, so that's just something we'll have to deal with. Given the state of the world we'll probably survive this low level crisis.

Alas Clockwork Legions, you have fallen before the might that is Destruction Initiative, as predicted. A little saddening, more homes for Clockwork Legion lists would be nice.
It's Assimilator spam, having not gone for the ADR option of putting in an Axiom, which feels like the right call to me, I *think* the Haley list has more than enough bodies to handle the Axiom's attacks and control/grind it out.

I do take a couple take backs this game that I'll note along the way, this is necessitated for it to be a worthwhile test game for Lincoln. Orion looks like he has nice tools, though Grounder Pounder not ignoring Cover is saddening, but can be countered by the feat. Spellpiercer and Magic Bullet do good things, though I completely failed to take Spell Piercer into account until the late game. Derp.

Scenario is Epic Pit, so not ideal for scoring the flanking Rectangles for me, reasonable for CoC.
We both take repair for the objectives. Central house obstruction allows easy contesting of the centre zone, I get a wall for Haley and a small forest. CoC have a long trench intruding on the left zone, a blob of impeding water and a pair of clouds in the backfield for Orion to hide behind.

I did win the roll and select first. In hindsight I believe the sides should have been swapped for Convergence, the wall is of greater benefit to Haley and keeping her Echoes in command whereas the alternate side doesn't present that option.

Awful Proxies list:
Anson Hitch - Irusk1
Gibbs - Hernne
Express Team - Boomhowler/Pirate Cannon Crewman
LongGunners - Winter Guard Infantry
Ironclad - 'Ol Rowdy

IPB Image
Cygnar 1: Echoes get popped, Trenchers get Tactical Supremacy. Trenchers moves up, they stay short of Ground Pounder range and Dig In to make scattering AoE's worthless.
Thorn ducks out to the left, CoC have a lean toward that side so I was expecting that throwing out some Slams from Baby Haley would be worthwhile.
Ansom puts Feign Death on the Trencher Unit to try some habit forming.
The Long Gunners move to the right in my backfield, tasked with clearing out the right zone as required.

My first obnoxious play error: I forgot to move the Ironclad, so quickly throw it up the field. I'd failed to recognise the scoring problems, it ought to have moved earlier toward the right zone.

IPB Image
CoC 1: The clockers move forward, the Assimilators waste time trying to fling some AoE's that the Dug in troops have no fear of.

Orion puts his something-gets-angry upkeep on, he goes behind the clouds which leaves him on the right side of the board by default. Otherwise it's mostly an even spread, with the Arc Node guy out on the left.

IPB Image
Cygnar 2: Time to start the shooting, need to get rid of the shield guards at some point.

Thorn moves up a a bit on the left, just within magic slam range of one of the centre Assimilators.
The Haleys go, Past arcs the Slam, lands it and knocks the Assimilator back a little bit killing a Servitor. Thorn Reaction Drives back a bit so that he can go be behind the Trencher clouds.
Left Express team goes, shoots an Assimilator, gets Shield Guarded.

Long Gunners shoot the right most Assimilator, do a bunch of damage trying to core out the Induction node, they don't make it.

The Trencher infantryman then go, send Grenadier shots out on the right, two do nothing, one gets super lucky and takes out three Shield Guard orb. Clouds go out, most repo back, a couple repo forward for the sake of spreading out a little.

Lastly, the right Express team activates and moves across, the Spotter pops the last Shield Guard on the right Assimilator, the Troll shot pops off it's Induction Node and right arm, plus applies that sweet Grievous Wounds.

If it has Go to Ground, it does it.

IPB Image
CoC 2: Left wise, the Convergence Vectors move into the left zone and their side of the centre circle.
Ground Pounders kill a few of the Trenchers, the left Express team and the Spotter of the unit on the right.

Also on the right, two of the Diffusers chill out in the clouds and ping my Objective. The damaged Assimilator charges the Objective, kills it and repositions to engage the remaining Troll of the Express crews on the right.

CoC score my objective and both rectangle zones, now 0-3.

IPB Image
Cygnar 3: Alright, make sure scenario stays on my side, continue the attrition. Likely to be a feat incoming, so neutralizing as many Assimilators as possible is the go.

Haley unit goes, Grandma arcs Ghostly on Thorn (He was just in her control area), he does his free move forward.
Baby Haley arcs a slam on the left Assimilator, sends him way back. Haley Prime then slams the centre Assimilator, both take some damage.
Def buff gets popped.

Gibbs eeks forward, allowing Ragman to move up, Death Field and reposition forward.
Trencher Infantry charge forward, they kill a Diffuser and spread some damage around.
Thorn goes in and brutalises the Objective.

On the right, some of the Long Gunners move up for future turns of aiming. Rest aim and kill the Assimilator on the right, the last Express Troll does a shot at the back Diffuers, goes wide.

Ironclad runs to touch the right zone.

I replicate CoC scoring, now 3-3.

IPB Image
CoC 3: Sure enough, Orion feats.
Random bit pieces surround Thorn to stop Dodge. The left most Assimilator charges Thorn, alas for the Gears Peeps it gets left on 1 box.

Ragman and the front half a dozen Trenchers get knocked off by various attacks, one Assimilator stays at the edge of the zone, another pops behind the house to be super annoying.
The right side pair of Diffusers advance into the right zone, they kill the last Express Team member. Sadness.

No one scores.

IPB Image
Cygnar 4: Well, I survived that feat far better than I deserved.

Remaining Trenchers Assault around, two of them hide behind the house. One kills a model blocking Thorn, two of them finish off the back Assimilator that was quite messed up to begin with.

Thorn moves back and dies to a free strike, necessary to free up attacks.

Haley stays chilling, pops defence buff. Baby moves forward, slams the left Assimilator away a mighty inch, damaging it a bit. Grandma Haley shoots one of the Diffusers on the right for pretty nice damage.

Aiyanna Harms a Diffuser, Murdoch and Holt shoot it for a bunch. Finn shoots it a bit as well, though fails to kill alas.

Trencher Infantry shoot down the right side Diffusers.
Ironclad twiddles his thumbs, outside of the remaining Assimilator being in range to wonder over and kill it (the house blocks it from charging and the angry avenging spell isn't up.

I score the right side, 4-3.

IPB Image
CoC 4: Clock is super tight for both sides now.

Left side Assimilator Pounds some Grounds, kills Aiyanna, Murdoch and Holt. Sadness.
Through unfortunate luck and good toughing on my half, I lose a few more trenchers but not the Sniper contesting the left zone.

A Diffuser moves into the right zone and kills Grandma Haley.

No scores.

IPB Image
Cygnar 5: Baby Haley kills the Assimilator on the left, Grandma Haley returns to us and toes the centre zone.

Long Gunners kill the Diffuser on the right, Ironclad runs to the right side of the zone. He did have a full focus load, but charging my only scoring away would be bad.

Various support solos kill another Diffuser in the Centre.

I ping the right zone, now 5-3

IPB Image
CoC 5: It's down to Orion, a Corrolary and an Assimilator with sod all on the clock.
Corrolary moves up, Orion tries Lightning frying it to zap some Trenchers out of the way. They both tough, but this allows the Assimilator to move up and try a shot at Haley, does a couple damage. Clock are left with about 10 seconds on the clock to my 2 and a half, concedes. Fair enough, I just jam, run Haley away and wait.

Hmph. Haley3 hard. Probably going to have this more of a go after Cancon.
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Game 275 - Nemo3 (HM) vs Magnus2 (Irr) - 50pts

Did some Proxymachine for the sake of trying the mystery that is 50 point games for the Cancon team games.

Nemo3 (Heavy Metal) - Stormwall, 2x Fireflies, Dynamo, Squire, Arlen Strangeways
Magnus2 (Irregulars) - 3x Nomad, 2x Steelhead Halberdiers, Aleix1 + Risen, 2x Eliminators, Eiryss1, Kell, Anastasia, Hutchuck

Well, I like the opposing list. The Nemo list is essentially a 75 point version cut down to 50 on the day, the Stormwall being in there for Stormpod contesting shenanigans. It's probably the wrong choice in the 75, definitely is in a 50.

Outlast means I do have a foot in the door for the game, as I can contest the back of the zones and just fight it out in the middle.

I lose the roll, take the side with a hill, a left side wall that allows easy contesting, there's a central cloud and a forest on the right. The Merc side terrain isn't relevant to how the game plays out.

IPB Image
Merc 1: Anastastasia and Hutchuck ambush.
Nomads run up the front and try to hide behind the cloud. Halberdiers go up on either side, Alexia and Magnus take the middle. Kell takes the left forest and settles down, Eiryss is to the right of the Merc flag.

IPB Image
Cygnar 1: Well, the list matchup dictates my plan from here with no deviation likely.
Have to feat and try to remove the Nomads, won't need the aditional damage later for all the infantry.

A Firefly runs up and toes the cloud to get the damage aura on the opposing jacks.
Nemo feats, advances to be out of Magnus' charge and feat range. Shoots the left Nomad, does some damage. Puts his Armour buff on the Stormwall.
Other Firely gets a focus from Arlen, does the same shot. A max bounce would have hit Eiryss, alas I was overly optimistic and it didn't happen.

Fully Loaded Dynamo easily kill the left Nomad (Who did have Bullet Dodger, it proved not relevant) and does a shot into the middle one.
Stormwall moves up, tries to block line of sight to Nemo. Covering fire gets placed to prevent Eiryss trying to move up and shoot ye old Warcaster because that would be the worst.
Big Guns shoot the right Nomad, don't roll super great.

At the end of it I've only killed one Nomad, however the other two have 3 and 8 boxes respectively with no Cortex in either, so it's manageable.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Magnus charges up and feats selecting the deployment edges, he gets all my jacks.
Kell shoots the Firefly that is upthe board, starts trying to core out the Cortex.
Nomads advance on said Jack, do a small amount of damage due to mostly crippled arms.

Steelheads flood forward, Alexia stays up the back. Eiryss touches the Merc flag, disrupts Dynamo.
A Thrall Warrior charges Dynamo, misses.

One Kayazy unit goes up the left, the other chills back in the right.
Anastasia and hutchuck run in from the right, I'm surrounded. Technically.

IPB Image
Cygnar 2: I think for a couple minutes, weighing up how I'm doing this, My plan from last turn had been to run my solos from the back into either zone and use that to survive it out, however now a plan of excellence is possible.

Nemo moves up, shoots a Risen to lighting Eiryss to death.
He then boosts a Force Hammer at Magnus, if he gets pushed back a couple inches then my jacks can move up to contest, Stormwall kills Alexia and things are looking super good for me.
I miss the Force Hammer. Also the re-roll.

At this point I realise I've failed to leave the squire far enough up to run and toe the left zone. Not an issue if the Firefly contests, alas the failed slam wrecks that.

Stormwall tries a half hearted assassination on Magnus that flops, after this I'll be to jammed up to do much and Mercs cruise to an easy scenario win so I concede to free up space and opponents for more games.

Well, it almost went well. Starting to super love Force Hammer, going to be doing that loads after Cancon.
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post Jan 18 2018, 09:03 PM
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Game 276 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Tannith1 (TWH)

It's.....hippies? What is this madness? No matter what I was playing Arkadius, it's been two months or something and Cancon is right around the corner.

Arkadius1 (WWfF) - 2x Road Hog, 2x War Hog, 2x Gorax, Battle Boar, 6x Razor Boar, Targ, Orin, Hutchuck, Efaarit, Swamp Gobber Chef, Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew
Tannith1 (The Wild Hunt) - Loki, magic werewolf with a spray, not so magic werewolf that needs some manners, a two headed dog that gives Mark for Target, Reeves Max + UA, Reeves Min, Wolf dudes that pierce the thickest armour, Gallows Grove, Reeve solo, teleporty stone things, Feralgeist

I don't comprehend Circle, which has always ended well. Totes. Run up and feat at some point I guessed? I could barely remember Arkadius' spell list at this point.

Scenario is Breakdown, two flanking unit zones which aren't great for me scoring wise. Swamp Gobbers, get me through! Central battle group zone, so that's something. It's not a super quick scenario, so that's not happening. Attrition it is, rush up for attrition and hope the feat hits hard enough.

I win the roll and go first, the terrain doesn't super mesmerize me versus being able to get the pigs up the board, always a more comfortable point to feat on top of 2 versus bottom of 1.

There's a central blob of fog. My side has a hill, wall and forest. Circle gets a forest and a trench on their side of the zones, and a blob of water and a hill in their Advance Deployment line.

IPB Image
Minion 1: I can contest the back edges of the flank zones, so it's rush up the middle. Plus ambushing Wolves can suck it.

....in the shadow of space....

Realistically not many decision points to make, I opt to put Forced Evo on the Road Hog on the right, don't exactly need the War Hogs to be buffed on hitting power (Future me, take note of what you thought here).

IPB Image
Circle 1: Reeves flank it up, they pew pew Razor Boars poorly.

...you can find your hero....

Loki and the Feral Warpwold hang back, the Pureblood gets Admonition and moves forward, waves his arm and starts dreaming of the 80's. By which I mean does a spray that messes up one Raxzor Boar and takes out the Body of the Battle Boar.
Tannith hangs back, the Argus sticks with the Reeves on the left.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Step 1 is kill overpriced Circle heavies. Step 2 is wait?
*Contemplates Phlegm monsters instead of trying to remember how Arkadius feat turns work*

...find your own place...

The objective is to kill the beasts, especially Loki, because being dragged to death is lame.
Four of the five Razor Boars have all their aspects, so move up first.
First little piggy runs up behind the Feral.
Second little Piggy puts up it's Animus and charges said Feral, which is on the verge of being trapped so Admonitions to the side.
Third and Fourth piggies charge the Feral,between them they do some mediocre damage.

Gorax' move up either side, left one Primals a War Hog, right one does the same to the Forced Evolutioned Road Hog.

Arkadius walks up to the left Road Hog, stabs it with a Raw Adrenaline needle, casts Surgery to get heals out, puts Primal on the Battle Boar.Feats.
Feat activations cause the Rabo's to do more fail attacks, everything bar them and the Gorax' move up the board toward the Circle dweebs. I really wanted the Battle Boar to go up the right and attempt to Berserk chain his way through the max Reeve unit, alas Arkadius' position and line of sight issues caused this to not be feasible so it went up the centre of the board. Pro plays.

Begin the madness.
Left most Road Hog with Ghostly assault through the forest, flames down a bunch fo the min reeve unit and damages Loki for a good whack. Melee's a stone to death, Overtakes back, then sprints to behind the forest again toeing the left and centre zone.

Primalled War Hog destroys the Pureblood.
Battle Boar moves up and has a go at mauling the Argus, puts it on two boxes.

In the centre the Primalled Forced Evo'd Road Hog hurts itself for speed to get to walk up to Loki, easily bins him, puts a stone on a box and gets a hit on the Pureblood for not much.
The right War Hog charges into the Primal, booss all it's initials to hit, doesn't do super great and the Feral lives. Doh.

Arkadius gets a gobber cloud, the Chef runs in front of him and Orin stays nearby for Arcane Vortex.

I Primalled to much stuff. The left Road Hog should have been rewarded for it's yo yo with the Chef running up to self cook for a fury strip, oh well.

IPB Image
Circle 2: The Wolves ambush in from the left, they come in and murder the left most Gorax.

Tannith hangs up the back, shoots the Primalled War Hog, Shadowbinding him and the blob of Razor boars around him. Doh. Still as Death denied.

...in gravity zero...

Argus and left Reeves stab at the Battle Boar, take out his body.

Right side, big Reeve unit moves up, does a big CRA into the right Road Hog. First Shot does a whack of damage. Second misses, re-rolls for melee into the Pureblood, spikes the damage roll and kills it. Not Circles day at all (That Unit can CRA melee targets, this faction is weird and I fundamentally don't understand it).
Gallow Grove and Feralgeist move up in the right zone.

Nothing got to the central Rectangle, so I score and go 1-0.

IPB Image
Minion 3: I strip Fury off the left Road Hog. Nearly every other beast frenzies and kills basically nothing. The death of all the Circle heavies means that this is fine.

Said Road Hog gets Adrenallined by Arkadius, who then camps four and chills out.
Road Hog sprays deown most of the ambush Wolves unit. Orin lighting the remaining three, though he is accidentally to good at his job and also zaps Targ, putting him on a box.

Swamp Gobbers run to score the left zone, I get the centre rectangle again so it's 3-0.

IPB Image
Circle 3: Assassination or bust. If the Argus can get up Arkadius can be spell damaged that attacked by four or so of the right Reeves.
Reeves attack the engaging Battle Boar and basically fail at life. Argus dies to the free strike and that's basically game.

Rolled out the assassination on Tanith's feat, alas her ######ty nukes were garbage on the attack rolls after Affliction landed and it doesn't happen.
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post Jan 19 2018, 10:50 PM
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Game 277 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Xekaar1 (DoA)
Breakdown Standoff

I kinda forgot Breakdown existed as a Scenario. Seems weird. Odds of being self inflicted? Immense.
Woops. It's Standoff. Nevermind me. Yes, it would be easy to delete the above. Puggles.

It's a time of Dolly, in which Vest man has foolishly been seduced by the Champions format and the Dracodile mode.

Arkadius1 (WWfF) - 2x Road Hog, 2x War Hog, 2x Gorax, Battle Boar, 6x Razor Boar, Targ, Orin, Hutchuck, Efaarit, Swamp Gobber Chef, Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew
Xekaar - Dracodile, 2x Archidon, Battle Boar, Krea, Agoniser, Farrow Valkyries, Bloodrunners, Pain Givers, Master Tormentor, Feralgeist, Willbreaker

I win the roll. First, cause it makes working out the feat turn easier. Not much second there to be honest.

I end up with some rubble on the left, defensive fog, a central obstruction and a right side forest.
Skorne get a trench and other terrain that doesn't matter.
Definitively not a fan of 2d obstructions, I struggle to mentally compute that they are meant to block line of sight. That's on me rather than the terrain itself alas.

It's simple enough. Key is getting a Forced Evo'd War Hog into the Dracodile and kill it.

IPB Image
Minions 1: Per the plan, we Force Evo the War Hog on the same side as the Dracodile, Ghostly him and run him up into the forest.
Promptly remember that the front skirmish line of Blood Runners can make attacks and run everything else up shy of the death range.

Arkadius puts up Guardian Beast, Aggravator looks less useful particularly as we were playing with the expected Unyielding change impending.

Rabo's triangle up with each other because they enjoy sensually rubbing up against each other.

IPB Image
Skorne 1: Blood Runners up and around, most of them jam forward. I should have triggered Guardian Beast to kill one, instead I get greedy and wait int eh hope of one more trigger for a Road Hog to flame down multiple of them. Curses.

Valkyries move up and threaten the left side.
Archidons go up the middle.
Dracodile is on the right.

Various support models (YES XEKAAR THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE) go up behind the beasts.
Xekaar feats because he apparently doesn't want his soul extinguished. What a wimp.

Oh yeah, Skorne is using the nightmare multi headed horse thing as a proxy for the Battle Boar.

IPB Image
Minions 2: Dammit Xekaar, that's some negging for a feat. Screw it, I'll just move back a bit and wait.

Most stuff shuffles around. I forget to move stuff out of the way of the way of the Road Hogs, so instead of killing a Blood Runner and Sprinting away the right one awkwardly shuffles back and wait to die.

The left decides to die with style, getting Raw Adrenaline, assaulting in and do a high damage spike to an Archidon with a flame thrower shot.

RaBo's spread out, kill Blood Runners and pop their Animus a few times.

Swamp Gobbers move toward the left, as the left zone lacks the Dracodile and is thus actually scorable.
Hutchuck ambushes in on the same side and starts jogging forward, contesting the left zone. Skorne is staying central enough that he'll need the time to get stuck in.

IPB Image
Skorne 2: Battle Boar Primals himself and clears out a blocking Razor Boar.
Valkyries charge up the left, they obliterate a Razor Boar. They somehow have 2 inch melee even though their hammers are small and dinky. DINKY I SAY.

Archidons gets Enraged and Primalled, they charge in. Left one maxes Fury to kill a Road Hog, the other does well enough to kill the second Road Hog and sprint to be in front of the Forced Evo War Hog.
I did trigger Guardian beast to get a War Hog to attack the left, damaged Archidon. He missed. No Kipper for his breakfast.
King Salty the Dracodile killed a blocking Rabo in the midst of this, ending up on the right with an Agoniser in the poop position screaming a muscle relaxant.

The Feralgeist contests the right zone.

Skorne score their defensive zone, now 0-1

IPB Image
Minion 3: Alas, ye old phone camera decided enough was enough and bugged out on me. Oh well.

Arkadius stays chilling around the fog of protection in the rear, not that the opposing side is really replete with long range offensive action. He ends up feating and casting Psycho Surgery.

On the left, RaBo's and the Gorax kill the hyper damaged Archidon and the two Farrow in the left zone.
The War Hog on this side Frenzy charges the Battle Boar for some good damage.
He then kills the last Valkyrie who had toughed out, Overtakes across, kills the Battle Boar, murders a Paingiver and falls just shy of Xekaar so whacks the Krea for a reasonable amount.

Right side, Frenzy attacks and Rabo/Gorax/Battle Boar efforts kill the Archidon, freeing up the Primaled Forced Evo War Hog to go into the Dracodile. Alas he leaves Salty on one box.
A Rabo on this side charged Xekaar, rolls like mad on damage (12 points or so) to strip his last transfer, hence the attack by the War Hog before to Overtake his way across.

Looking pretty good for me. I'll likely lose the last of my heavies, but Skorne is pushed on the scenario defence and I only need a light beast to kill the Dracodile at this point.

I score my rectangle and the left zone via Swamp Gobberage, now 2-1.

IPB Image
Skorne 3: Skorne recovery time.
Xekaar steps back a little, casts Psycho Surgery (Thief! Vandal! That was my spell first!) and kills the Razor Boar that miffed him earlier, then scratches up one of the War Hogs.
This frees up space for King Salty the Dracodile to move over and eat both War Hogs, I'm now heavy-less, a sad day for Mysterion.
Agoniser does it's scream again, Paingivers heal the Dracodile up.

Alas, Skorne has to few pieces and nothing could get up to contest, so I score my two zones again while Gorax' contest both the Skorne Rectangle and right Circle. I auto-win on Scenario on my turn.

Sorry Xekaar, I still feel somewhat dismissive of you.
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