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> BIV 2017 Report, Battle and Team Report
post May 18 2017, 05:12 PM
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OK here is a report on my weekends performance and what we got from the event aka Team Aus ETC. I have added some thought process on how we review games and pairings in the effort to helping people see how we were making decisions and our viewpoints.

Firstly, thanks to Jack for running it and the Slayers and Legions boys and venue for facilitating. Also mucho thanks to all the players who came and made teams, great effort and I personally really enjoyed the format and banter. Well done all.

Teams and list were very varied and thats great for us to test, we need to run vs viable and diverse lists which turned up which was good. We also had 2 blocking lists and 2 mixed role lists so we felt chasing points would be an issue for us. This proved to be the case when reviewing uncapped points overall.

OK well from the draw I had the following in my head. Mancavers A/B would be podium placers, Mancave B had imo the best list setup across all teams, Mancavers A however had a very strong squad and quality lists so I did not know who would get on top there. Team ETC Aus/NZ would be fighting for the remaining podium spot.
With the rest I really had no clue so many good lists and teams meant anyone could win and change the placings and shoot for a podium also.

Round 1 Mancavers A
OK well no easy start and here were my predictions vs lists and my Peasant KOE list

Haig VS, I normally can grind a draw of minor loss/win depending on the build but with snipes this was a little risky and could swing a big loss if I lose my mages early, so one we looked to avoid as glen/sam were good matchups for me to get points
Isacc HE, Should get around 12-13 here we thought based on the build
Glen Dwarves 15+, its very hard for him to do enough wounds to the horde or serfs
Sam Vamps 15+, again depending on deployment I have too many guys with lethals vs knights which his lord is in

Pairing we felt the Mancavers did well on and got the better off, I had Isacc and after the team chat we predicted a highly tight round 1-2 points swing from a draw.

Haig vs Michael (Big/Decent loss)
Issac vs Akhter (small win)
Sam vs Dave (Small Win)
Jack vs Glen (Small win)
Close round

Team strategy play safe too hard to risk any mistakes or attempts to push could well be punished heavily. Try and make points in other rounds.
I had a highly tactical game as every with Isacc and we got Secure Target objective. He could not fight me I could not get to him he deployed well and sacrificed his phoenixs (one survived) to stop me making it to the other objective. In the end it was 10-10 and IMO a win to Isacc and Mancavers A I needed to make 12-13 here.

Prediction vs Actual: -2/-3, Dave & Jack were above prediction me under.
Lessons Learned: I needed to deploy my archers better and get more full ranked volleys off early, Trebs I would have had more central.
Knowledge Gained: Peasants dont fear T3 Elves 😊

Sam was unlucky to lose a few points at the end vs Dave to make the round wider than we expected.

Team Score: 46-34. More than we expected but still close in reality.

Round 2 Team Not Fun
Ok his was a bogey team as I saw it anything could happen.

Iain HE, Really strong win potential for me 14+, 13 for sure. List cant deal with the bodies. It would be a handful vs other lists.
Chris VS, Drawish hard game scenarios critical and dealing with the furnace important. No easy game.
Hugo Empire, Hell NO!!, 3 mortars and Pyro for 6 turns, no thank you very much. Hence me leading out so other lists could pair into this.
Arami KOE, Yep happy but no easy game he was never gonna charge me head on so would be me chasing for sure so a win I feel but not massive unless I got some treb love.

Our thought process re pairs, I would lead, VS and Empire get matched up to me and I take on Chris (VS) and then we may get a better pair with likely one of the others, to have an advantage in the round.
We for sure got the matchups, with us forcing proceedings with myself leading out, team Not Fun made a critical error in matching me with HE/VS and I took HE which gave us more than one good pair and we in the end got 2 which enable a big scoring potential.

Chris vs Michael (Drawish)
Iain vs Akhter (Decent win)
Hugo vs Dave (Small Loss)
Arami vs Jack (Decent Win)
Cap potential

Disclaimer we discussed the HE/KOE matchup the night before and concluded its mega bad for the HE and Iain the captain did NOT sanction the pair, but somehow it happened, so a stewards enquiry will need to take place re the remaining team members. I would also like to state Hugo was far too happy that pairing occurred and was clear to claim as non team captain he was innocent of any wrong doing, reminds me of Caeser and Brutus.

We felt a potential cap was on the table and me and Jack were to push and Dave/Michael hold for safe points collection.

Iain was a good sport we had attack/defend and I of course got the roll and defended so I had domination of the centre and could sweep left or right as needed. Secure Target was the objective. Basically I walked forward like a lawn mower and was able to take on the units simultaneously with shooting on top. Small msu T3 units no match for the list. Iain was clearly hexed with 2 miscasts in the first turns making his mage bunker and redirectors obsolete (1 guy left!!). In the end I was able to round it out with more misfortune coming Iains way re a double 9 break fail collapsing his back lines. 20-0.
If best sports scores were there he would get it he was so cool even when it was clear he was likely grass for the cows.

Prediction vs Actual: +5/+6, Team on Prediction
Lessons Learned: Could have predicted a better angle placement re his sword masters running down a flank.
Knowledge Gained: Taking time to position early was the right strat no need to force anything based on matchup.

Team Score: 50-30. Parings made this happen for sure.

Round 3 Team Mancavers B
OK upto now these guys were killing it, smashing teams. With 2 caps under their belts another hard round ahead of us.

Simon Ogres, I have duked it out with Simon several times here with this list I normally lose the objective and maybe steal 1-2 points in scores. Would be anywhere from 7-9 points most likely.
Aidan UD, this list I want nothing to do with too many big Thunderstomps, breath weapons and lots of tomb guards, needed to avoid this one if possible.
Dan Empire, Lots of cavalry yes please was hoping for this one but knew it was an unlikely event.
Johannes Woodies, Not the best matchup but hope to make some points but would be close on scores objectives would make or break this game.

We decided to pair up and feed Michael to Simon if we could this to get a potential to score down the track but nothing was looking super hot so another close round predicted. I think in hindsight it was a better pairing for the Mancavers B.
Again we felt this is a tough team and take points if you feel it was safe.

Simon vs Michael (Big Loss)
Johannas vs Akhter (Small win)
Dan vs Dave (Drawish)
Aidan vs Jack (Drawish)
Very tight will be close

I got Johannes with his 2 treeman, treekin and woodies list. Diagonal deployment and banners. This favoured me a lot and we setup. Johannes decided that we would go after me and lined up the big boys and advanced. My shooting was decent but I kept all my dice for a totem summon but alas it still cast and my machines were disabled across the turns.
My magic failed to show up with 4 critical consecutive turns with no distracting and his ward saves early on were on fire. Then a 5 combo charge treemen and Treekin was on the cards, lucky for me he rolled 4 on the treekin. This changed the game massively. I was able to lock the 3 threats with 3 blocks and keep the line. My luck then changed my wards were stupid hot both 5 ups and 6s and then I got a huge phase with rerolls, and distracting bubble and a +2ws +2i on the treekin. My archers shot off a unit for the objective and I killed the dryads, treekin main unit and one treemen in the dying phases. 12-8 with 15-5 in the end re objective but had the 5 charge made it I was looking at scraping in with 3-4 points. Really 15-5 was not an accurate reflection of the game and it was much closer I could have well lost by some margin. This list and Johanness play is very strong and solid.

Prediction vs Actual: +2, On prediction with drawish games getting small wins
Lessons Learned: Needed to deploy further back getting more flaming shots in critical vs the big trees. Had one more turn of shooting guaranteed if I did and need that.
Knowledge Gained: Peasants even without distracting for 4 consecutive turns do good with evenly spread threats in the front.

Team Score: 42-38. Very tight as expected so close.

Round 4 Team NZ ETC
OK looking forward to this test and seeing where and how we stack up vs this bunch.

Simon VS, played this multiple times, its a small win for me if we sit off each other, if he comes in its very swingy if I can deal with the disciples and get a critical spell off at the right time I win big if not he does. Dangerous match up for both of us.
Mark ID, Its nasty I am not going into the zone of shooting death, he wont likely come to mine, he should get better shots in and win small or by objective depending on which one comes, likely we sit off each other for most of the game.
Tom Woodies, This list has some tricks he has 2 nasty threat units, I need to get some core shooting off and I can do well, its uncertain if he gets in relatively intact I have a problem.
Ben Empire, Good scoring potential here its a 13-15+ Too many lethal strikes.

I ended up getting Ben I suspect they felt they could get better pairs down the road, this was one I needed to push. Strategy was jack, Dave and Michael to take points if they could but hold and me to push for points.

Simon vs Michael (Drawish)
Ben vs Akhter (Decent win)
Tom vs Dave (Drawish)
Mark vs Jack (Small Loss)
Close Round Expected - slight win maybe

Was attack and defend with secure target scenario. I won and defended to hold an advanced centre position. Really here its very hard for Ben to do much and I advanced. My shooting was solid and his machines misfired and failed to kill my trebs with low wounding on the few hits that happened. I then eventually made contact after pushing forward and got a crazy magic phase all 3 buffs came off and that was the end of the knights and the game. 20-0, Ben is a pleasure to play and chilled even after being thrown under the bus.
Tom got his movement trick off on Dave and this made his game 0-20 with a 20+ charge so we effectively cancelled each other out, Jack got very lucky with Mark and Michael did as expected so should have been closer in reality.

Prediction vs Actual: +5, Akhter and Jack well above prediction and Dave got his pants pulled down his ankles.
Lessons Learned: Was too far ahead for some of the vanguarding units allowing them to make it pass my blocks turn 1
Knowledge Gained: Pushing forward is a good thing with a wall of spears vs armour.

Team Score: 47-33. Should have been closer.

Round 5 Team Fun
OK these guys are nuts with the spinney thing re matchups, we gave up any real strategy we knew this could well be a mad situation for us.

Scott VS, The VD what the hell I wanted this list but would not be a slam dunk. Would be interesting.
Henry Vamps, With Henry what you see is what you get, he is unpredictable and that makes him dangerous, ignore this at your own peril he does what he wants 😊, I was OK with this matchup
Will HE, Well whilst I wanted this list I knew it would run and hide from me making points chasing and scenario winning critical.
Matt Orcs and Gobo, not at all the one I wanted has big blocks, fanatics, manglers and warmachines plus a spider. Please not his one.

Parings well they offered up the spinner and boom me vs Matt first up, oh man. Attack/Defend and banners.
We knew Mancavers B were crushing opponents and Mancavers A were in the hunt we had a slender lead in the total points tally so needed a cap, we asked people to push where they could.

Will vs Michael (Small Win)
Matt vs Akhter (Small Win)
Henry vs Dave (OK Win)
Scott vs Jack (Drawish)
We need all the wins to keep a cap so aiming for that

Matt won the roll and elected to deploy first to go first and I took a flank. Matt setup his gobos deep so a shed load of ranks in front of me. I did the same to counter, I knew he was up for rushing me and I was not a fan I can tell you. 1st turn he is running at me and I roll distracting and boom miscast rolled the max and lost the spell nooooooooo. Then he moved up and was right in front of me, I got lucky and trebs killed a load of ranks and I was in, the fanatics all moved and Matt rolled perfect they all sat in front of this unit and I lost a ton of peasants. Then we got into it. We were then grinding for many turns but I got a rerolls spell off and won and ran down the big block to then engage the character block. Had the tebs not hit I was in trouble I would have been angled for another unit to flank (steadfast was also lost) and I was in serious trouble down my flank and would have been boned. In the end the grind worked for me as I was able to keep getting treb hits all game they were my MVPs. I got all the major points on units and the mage the bsb and general escaped but I was up 20-0 in the end. Totally an unfair score based on the potential after turn 2/3 I could have lost the combat and been crushed, I would have been out of room and only small archer blocks to stop the goblin hordes with the other units pincering me. Really tough early rounds and some luck on my part saved me.

Prediction vs Actual: +8, Akhter, Michael and Dave above prediction, Jack pulled it out of his bottom to keep to his, scott had him on the ropes
Lessons Learned: Needed to have my reliquaries in the advancing blocks to guarantee stubborn was nearly toast.
Knowledge Gained: Gobos are still a great army to have in the ETC!!!

Team Score: 50-30. Some lists need some work here but still they were no push overs.

I think Simon T was best General with 88 and Haig and me drawing second with 85 (Iam well pleased to have a score on par with Haig 😊) I think Isacc was next with something in the low 80s a good result.

Placing VP's Capped BPS Uncapped BP'S

1. AUS ETC 43242 235 252
2. Mancave A 50317 226 258
3.Mancave B 49668 224 261
4. Not Fun 48080 222 241
5.NZ ETC 44694 183 171
6.Legion A 31561 181 141
7. Fun 41956 170 147
8. Legion B 28603 159 129

As can be seen it was very tight with Mancave B/A smashing the uncapped BPs both close, Moral victory to Mancave B closely followed by Mancave A. Team Not Fun almost sneaking into the podium by 2 points less thats 1 objective!!!. IMO had they paired better vs us there would be a real potential they make a podium.
Glad my team predictions were on par.
As expected we did not have huge wins our list designs and roles in the team proper did not allow this.

Thanks heaps all I can tell you this is soooooo important for us as a team re testing, so from me and I can speak for the team thanks a million for the teams event and contributing. Last few BIVs have been teams events and for us ETC players an invaluable test so top job all.

Again well done all this was only good because of all the people that made time and contributed here.

Hope the details help people understand a bit more about how we did pairing and team analysis.


Akhter aka Foodmonster 😊
ETC Aus Captain 2013-2017
ETC Player 2011-12

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post May 18 2017, 10:41 PM
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Good write up mate, good to see how the direction the team is heading


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post May 18 2017, 11:25 PM
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I don't think I was far too happy....I genuinely am pleading ignorance, both Arami and I were sorta in agreement that it was a decent matchup.....

But nevertheless we learnt a great deal from that pairing mistake and tried to turn the boat around hard on our last three rounds...we would have liked to play either of the mancavers....with hindsight of the results smile.gif

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post May 19 2017, 09:51 AM
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Thanks for the write up Akhter! We were pretty happy with our matchups as well.

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post May 19 2017, 09:50 PM
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But nevertheless we learnt a great deal from that pairing mistake and tried to turn the boat around hard on our last three rounds...we would have liked to play either of the mancavers....with hindsight of the results

yea you guys did well very close to a podium small margin only, good play on the day just missed out

Foodmonster formally known as the Chairman of IBAC
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