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WargamerAU Forums _ 40k General Discussion _ Inceptor conversion to Plasma legal?

Posted by: dvaston Feb 25 2020, 05:21 PM

I have some Dark Imperium Primaris Inceptors with assault bolters, I am thinking of converting them into plasma exterminators by cutting off the assault bolters at the hand, and then gluing on a regular sized plasma gun in its place.

Would this be ok to do / legal for a tournament? In terms of would it be confusing and not clear what it is?

I want to be wysiwyg, but am limited $$ wise.

I have some other options, for example converting a hellblaster plasma incinerator in each hand, or trying to convert up a plasma cannon in each hand. Another idea was having 2 plasma guns side by side, a bit like a storm bolter to represent a plasma exterminator.

Are these ok to do (in terms of wysiwyg)? / Has anyone had any success with converting them like this?

Appreciate any advice or suggestions thanks.

Posted by: Emperor Fooble Mar 2 2020, 03:08 PM

None of these sounds like they would be an issue really.

Inceptors either have bolter or plasma weapons, so as long as the squad is uniform and obviously has one of those weapons, it's no drama.

As for the hellblasters, similar thing. The official models are just Intercessors with a weapon swap.

Posted by: dvaston Mar 16 2020, 11:34 AM

Thanks mate smile.gif

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