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> Heresy Legions playtesters pack PDF, 0.8.6 overhaul up on www.epicau.com
post Aug 6 2013, 03:16 PM
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Version 0.8.6 is now out at the new home of heresy, EpicAU

Please sign up to the forums there to follow latest development

Version 0.8.3 of the Heresy Legions lists have been released.
Individual legion lists use units from the main lists with additions where noted.

(main epic 30k Legions document to be used in conjunction with the following legions)

(World Eaters legion)

(Salamanders legion)

(Night Lords legion)

(Death Guard legion)

(Iron Hands legion)

(Raven Guard Legion)

(Iron Warriors Legion)

(Solar Auxilia)


Imperial Guard and Titan Legion armies can be downloaded here, and can be used in play versus or allied with Legion armies until such time as 30k era specific army lists have been created

Heresy legion lists are up!

Please make sure to email feedback to fattdex@hotmail.com

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