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> Admonitions of a Suss Sufferer: Mark 2, all about Mark 3
post Jun 3 2017, 08:56 AM
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QUOTE(Master Chris @ Jun 2 2017, 07:07 PM) *

So, Ossrum confirmed good but not necessarily fun?

5 Gunners feel like the right number against you?

Playing against mileage will vary, playing with I've always found Ossrum powerful but snooze worthy. I find his inclusion as a caster in the Journeyman leagues utterly baffling.

You could get away with less Gunners, if we assume running in Rhulic theme I wouldn't put forward an "ideal" number of bunnies until the final form of Siege Crawler comes out in a month or so. If Fire for Effect Crit Stagger makes it through then I'd struggle arguing against its inclusion, which would be a lot stronger into my list (I like to bunch up around Def 9 heavies. Seems bad.) that's a handful of Bunnies.

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Master Chris
post Jun 3 2017, 11:59 AM
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Because Ossrum, Gunner and Energiser is *exactly* what newer players need to see on the table.

Everything that existed before I was born is irrelevant, everything that exists after I die is lucky.
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post Jun 5 2017, 12:47 AM
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Rolled into a lazy Sunday game. Kind've. Sort of. Not really. In the woke-up-late-dropping-all-my-models kind've way. Sigh.

I'm already starting to feel the pull back to Mercs, so better get some Minions going before the enthusiasm dissipates entirely.

Cribbed a quick list off the interwebz, adjusted for models I had available.
Arkadius (Thornfall Theme) - 2x Road Hog, 3x War Hog, 2x Gun Boar, Battle Boar, Targ
Dat model count....

Into some sweet vision haters:
Morghoul3 + Escorts - Gladiator, Shaman, Despoiler, Legends, Pain Givers, Willbreaker, Marketh Puffinator, Swordsman + UA, Nihilators, Master Tormentor

Scenario is Epic Recon, one side has a large central defensive forest so we both pick the pathfinder one (I do like this change to the scenario rules, if few others).

I win the die roll and pick first, the forest of inconvenience presenting an issue for me either way, either as something to go around or for the Skornites to hide behind. Dominaidon correctly takes the defensivey side of the forest, as Rush and Mirage gives Skorne better options to use the forest against me.

IPB Image
Round 1: My stuff runs up as a line, Road on either flank. Most of the beasts go in a line up the centre, with the right most Roadhog joined by one of the War Hogs to stop him feeling lonely.
I put up Guardian Beast, as the opposing list with sod all guns doesn't make Aggravator that appealing. I put Forced Evo on the Battle Boar based on no reasons of value (One of those any decision is better than no decision, it should have just gone on any of the heavies).

The Master Tormentor, feeling truly valued by management, runs up on the left and engages that sides Road Hog.
Nihilators go on the left, Swordsman on the right and everything else is behind the forest of defence.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Time to feat and alpha. There's a few too many things I want to kill this turn, I end up deciding to pop Despoiler, the Legends, the Swordsman UA (Get rid of that Power Swell) and the Willbreaker (If Haidenon has dice fixing, how is he meant to tilt?!).

I start off by walking one Warhog back into the bottom of a trench, he's the reserve beater for all the stuff I'll lose in retaliation for the alpha. This also creates room for one Gun boar to move across into min scatter range, hit the Master Tormentor with blast damage, boost and kill.
The left Gun Boar hurts himself for speed, assaults into a Nihilator, the spray kills the Willbreaker. He then maxes Fury killing the Nihilator in melee then sprinting back with his Animus. He'll still get charged and punched up a bit, should be less than would otherwise happen hopefully.

Arkadius, moves across, primals the right War Hog and feats. Various hogs frenzy forward, in the midst of which I realise the far right Primalled War Hog can't actually get into Despoiler. Nuts. I send up the remaining Warhog and Battle Boar, who can get to the Skorne heavy.
The Battle Boar charges up and Adrenalizes, popping a Swrdsman in the way of Despoiler. He then Berserks across, turns out Legends are bad targets to go for as he takes a Defensive strike and hits nought. Needed that Primal elsewhere it would seem.
The right Road Hog Assaults in, sprays down the Swordsman UA, kills a Grunt and sprints back.
Both Warhogs then go, given their Primalled better to have them face that way. One easily bins Despoiler, if not for the MAT buff of Primal probably wouldn't have got it done. The other gets into the Praetorians, eats three of them.
The remaining Gun Boar then shoots at the Battleboar, misses and hits all the Legends, I boost the damage and kill none of them. Hmmm. Could have gone a little better, in the same way Pixel could have been a better film. Targ Ancillaries him to try another shot, this one scatters and hits a single Legend with a couple boxes left, doesn't kill him either. Phooey!

IPB Image
Skorne 2: One the left, the Nihilators charge the Road Hog, four get in. Eyeballling that they'll miss once and do about 5 damage on each, so should have about a third of a Hog left. Nope. 2 boxes. The shaman then moves into the defensive forest and tries to finish off the Roadie, misses and knocks down a Nihilator.
One of Morghouls escorts walks around the Battle Boar, another goes into it while the big man himself goes into the War Hog. Blinds happen, Morghoul stabs the War Hog a fair few times, doesn't do that went.
The Legends stab the Battle Boar, they roll poorly, barely killing it.
The Gladiator charges said War Hog and finishes it off.
The few remaining Swordsman go into my right Road Hog, scratch it a bit. One positions to take the remaining Primalled War Hog attack to its face.

IPB Image
Minion 3: I don't really have a lot of choices to make this turn, I pull in as much fury as I can. The Primal War Hog eats the snackrifice swordsman, the centre Gun Boar frenzies into my objective for a couple points, the left Gun Boar passes his frenzy roll, the Road Hog that is barely held together by some staples eats a Nihilator.

The right Road Hog eats the two Swordsman who stabbed him, then he sprints to the back corner of the zone. Targ ancillaries, misses the last Praetorian in the zone. Arkadius throws out a Primal Shock to clear out the right zone, Maltreats, Pscho Surgeries and a tries an unboosted Primal Shock on a Nihilator that misses.
Reserve Warhog Riles and runs to be near Arkadius.
The only other activation is the left Road Hog, it hits a Nihilator who toughs.

Minions go to 1 CP off the right zone.

IPB Image
Skorne 3: Starting on the left, with the Shaman aiming and trying to kill the super hurt Road Hog. This is a pretty key event, if he screws this up then the Nihilators are gummed up around him and can't go into a Gun Boar. He got healed up to 5 boxes, with an aim it's a touch over 60% chance for him to live. He doesn't. Oh dear.
The Nihilators then charge the left Gun Boar and put it in the dirt.
Goodbye flank, it was nice knowing you.
Morghoul runs to be scoring both the flag and zone.

Marketh goes behind the forest of safety, which the Gladiator goes and sits in.
The Legends charge the up the board War Hog on the right, they roll in true underwhelm style, taking off about half his health. The Hog also gets slammed, but the dance are garbage and he stays in Arkadius control range.

Skorne pull ahead, 2v1.

IPB Image
Minion 4: So........haven't played Minions in mark3 at all. What do we do at this point in a game again?

Targ Ancillaries the Road Hog, he sprays the Legends, killing one. Arkadius throws Forced Evo on the Gun Boar near him, puts out Psycho Surgery and Primal Shocks an Escort dead (Movie Pitch: It all starts when the evil mad scientist kills an Escort by psychically blasting her through his cyborg pig beast. Script writes itself.). He then walks across to cower behind a small forest.
The Road Hog advances a short distance, we have a short convo on the epic wonderness that is the Spray template and it's illogical shape to hit the Gladiator for some damage and be outside of its threat range. It does a mighty damage point.
The left War Hog tramples, killing two Nihilators and toughing another, he toes into the left zone.
Gun Boar goes, he throws the toughed out Nihilator into one of his fellows, killing both.

Both sides get a point (The right zone and the flag). 3v2 to Skorne.

IPB Image
Skorne 4: Fire on the Gladiator goes out. Morghoul goes into the War Hog contesting the left zone after the Nihilators do poorly, he manages to kill it without to much effort after it gets blinded.
Shaman moves up, pings my objective down to 9 health.
I ingeniously placed the Gun Boar to be exactly in the Gladiator's charge range. He goes in, struggles but eventually manages to kill it before smashing the Objective.
A paingiver goes into the top War Hog and hits him for a Fury, because he's a cheeky git. Also contests my zone.

Skorne again gain two points, (left zone and Objective), now 5v2.

IPB Image
Minion 5: I think this is the point we realise we didn't have a round counter? I hate having to that, feels like pointless minutiae.
I'm not in a terrible position, but contesting the left zone is really difficult. Time to just do things and hope I have a moment of cognizance at some point, I focus on clearing models that can contest to try to level the scoring somewhat. I can't put Arkadius on the flag, as he then gets Blinded and killed. Morghoul hasn't even feated at this point.

Arkadius goes in, Crippling grasps the Gladiator by poking my own small defence forest, then repoing out of it. He Psycho Surgeries and tries to kill the Paingiver on the War Hog, but misses. Alas.

The Road Hog walks across a bit, flamethrowers Marketh, leaves him on one box on fire. Targ Ancillaries him to burn a couple Paingivers. The War Hog eats the contesting Paingiver.

Scores go to 6v3, both off zones.

IPB Image
Skorne 5: Fire goes out. Throw that Birthday Cake to the ground.
Gladiator frenzies into Morghoul, does 9 points that flock back to him.
Morghoul goes back to the flag, Marketh and the remaining Nihilator run in the way. Last Paingiver goes into the top of the right zone to contest.
The Cyclops Shaman moves up and tries to one shot Arkadius, lands the hit, needs a 17 on the dice to kill. Doesn't make it, puts him on about 6 boxes. Marketh is livid at Morghouls lack of a ######ty nuke.

Now 8v3.....

IPB Image
Minion 6: Targ Ancillaries the Road Hog, knocks down the Nihilator. Arkadius then has to go, Primal Shocks that dude away.
The War Hog goes up and kills the Skorne Objective.
Road Assaults Marketh, planning to Sprint into contest range of the Skorne flag.
The Assault spray misses Morghoul, hits and kills Marketh, ergo I can't Sprint and pay for my greed in trying to set Morghoul on fire. Dangit.

It goes to 9v4, Skorne autowin on scenario at that point so it gets called.

Well, screwed that up a few times. Need a few games of maximising that Crippling Grasp + Repo, definitely out of practice with Fury, specifically the right selection of whose frenzying and mitigating that Arkadius rolls into towns with.
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post Yesterday, 09:56 PM
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T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-tursday gamz. Or gam anyway.

The good ship Minions hasn't tipped me off yet, so once more into the frenzy breach!

Arkadius1 (Thornfall) - 2 Roadies, 3x Warries, Battle Boar, 2x Gun Boar, Targ
Thagrosh1 (Children of the Dragon) - Typhon, 2x Nephilim Soldiers, Nephilim Protector, Hex hunters + Bayal, 2x Nyss Swordsmen + UA, Nyss Warlord, Shepherd

So....that's how far I got before I had to unexpectedly go interstate and deal with serious real life stuff, you thought my batreps were vague and likely incorect before? Ha! You Jon Snowed this bitch.

Legion has loads of doodz. Absolutely should have dropped the Jaga list I ingeniously invented ripped off Gaston with Nyss and the Vault. Maximising the feat is more critical than normal.

Scenario is Recon2 in its end-of-CID form, which we now know is being altered in the official release (Owned by Akira Toriyama...nope, that's DBZ. Nm. #UnrelatedI'mBadAtTwitter.), as is Outlast2.

So it's two rectangles vertically placed on either side controllable......wait....

This is the point I realised I was looking at the wrong pics and the horde of Legion doodz was in fact Skorne doodz. Forward to the right matchup and....

...It's Standoff, so two Circle/Warrior model zones on either flank, each side gets a defensive rectangle zone with an objective in it.

My list being 80% Warbeasts is problematic for the broad multi scoring deal, I'm beginning to see why the third Warhog wasn't in the original Arkadius list I knocked off in place of various solos. Incidentally, that list percentage math becomes super easy with 10 models.

Vague Cluster terrain deployment, with a hut in the middle. Other key features being that one side gets a forest in its rectangle zone and a wall in the right circle zone, the other gets a trench.

We both pick the Pathfinder objective in case we get lumped with the largish forest.
I win the roll and pick first, sure enough I get saddled with said forest. The Objective helps a small amount, but only a small one due to my single model list composition. However, this does get me a tasty wall that can be abused in contesting terms by making a model difficult to attack.

IPB Image
Round 1: I have a line of beasts that rolls up the board. The forest causes a division, so around my Objective ends up being Arkadius, the Gun Boars, the Battle Boar and Targ while the other two War Hogs go to the right side of the forest. Road Hogs are on either flank, their loss of Pathfinder in the Mark2>3 transition causing me some minor gripes.

The Dragon nutjobs response is to advance, though not as aggressively as they have the ability to, a mischievous attempt to make me feat for distance. Odds of that working are reasonable.
The Hex Hunters go extreme left, three of them ducking into the forest in the left circle zone so not cheek score from me.
One Swordsman unit tepidly advances into the Legion rectangle zone, set to come around the left side of the house.
Thagrosh and the Protector stay central, going behind hte objective.
The right side sees the most aggressive advance, with Swordsman running as far as they can and Typhon/Nephilim Soldiers leaning toward the circle zone as well.

IPB Image
Minion 2: I forget to use the Objective ability at the start of the turn. It's even been simplified brain, why must you fail me so often?!
I could feat and get stuff in Legion's grill, but it doesn't really tempt me, not enough on the board to entice me. Had Typhon been in a position to get War Hoged that probably would have done it, as at this stage I'd already utterly vanquished any sensible notion about remembering that Thagrosh has a feat. Pro plays.

Aggravator gets upkept, as does Forced Evolution which is on the centre War Hog.
The Gun Boars moves up a short distance, staying in my rectangle zone. They take pot shots at the Hex Hunters in the forest, clipping and killing one. Targ Ancillaries, also to poor effect.

The left most Road Hog toes the left circle zone, flamethrowers another of the Nyss. The Hex Hunters held far enough back that only the remaining jerk in the forest can get an attack, so that suits me fine.
A War Hog and the Battle Boar go behind the Gun Boars in the rectangle zone. Arkadius toes the rectangle zone and goes next to the forest.

The Forced Evo War Hog advances to the tip of the forest, starting a whole "Who pokes their head around this house first and gets it bitten off" gambit. Ah, just like being a prospective home owner. Memories.

The right War and Road Hogs toe the bottom of the right circle zone, they are sadly unable to use the wall to good effect.

That turn was so conservative it could've fallen for the politics-as-a-circle fallacy and become communist. My next round plan is fundamentally arranged now, the left Road hog will be a snackrifice to the contesting gods for the left zone, holding up the Hex hunters or better yet drawing the swordsman across. The Lights in the centre will suicide forward, hopefully taking out that central swordsman unit. I'll be on the receiving end of some charges on the right side, hopefully I can navigate via the feat to attrition that out, I've eyeballed it as my heavies should survive over there.

IPB Image
Legion 2: On the left, the Hex Hunters move up a small bit, one toes the back of the circle zone. The lone grunt that was in the forest moves up and pings the Road Hog for some points, I opt to not Hyper Aggressive given he had a fury and my control area was getting tenuous.

The Centre Swordsman unit spreads a bit, Countercharging dude in the forward ranks.
Thags, the Protector and one Soldier camp out in the Rectangle zone, smoking blunts and trading stories of their uni days. Typhon hides behind the house, fulfilling the house corner gambit.

Right wise, aside from Typhon, the other Soldier runs into the zone onto the hill. The Swordsman unit on this side charge up, a pair gets on each Hog, they do average damage. Countercharging dude is in the non engaged group.

My rectangle zone wasn't contested (which I agree with, wasn't worth it for Legion to come in for it), so both sides go to 1 CP.

IPB Image
Minion 3: This is definitely feat turn, though it'll mostly be for Fury management over getting the speed buff.

Prior to feating, I *think* the following happens:
1 - The left Road Hog assaults the lone Hex hunter, lining up the spray on Bayal. Double boosts, hits and kills. Lands a melee attacks, which then allows him to cast Sprint, which he uses to advance further up and arc his facing to be on the Hex hunter toeing the back of the zone.
2 - The Gun Boars advance up the centre, they shoot down the Countercharge Nyss and the Warlord, catching another Nyss with some Blast damage.
3 - Forced Evo'd War Hog in the centre, having received Pathfinder from Objective, charges the Nephilim Soldier on the hill, maxes Fury but sadly leaves him on a couple boxes.
4 - War Hog on the far right kills three of the four Nyss blocking him and the Road Hog in.

Arkadius then goes, he feats.
The left Road Hog charges the Hex Hunter in the forest and kills him using sweet facing tech from Mark 2. Not fully redundant Hordes skillset woo! He drops all his Fury.
The Gun Boars charge up and eat another pair of swordsman.
In the right zone, the frenzy attack from the Forced Evo War Hog kills the Nephilim Soldier, he drops all his fury. The other War Hog charges the remaining Nyss on the Road Hog, this triggers a countercharge, it thankfully doesn't take out any aspects. His frenzy attack (And subsequent Fury cleanup) frees up the Roadie, who then Frenzy attacks the Counter Charger and kills him.
Arkadius Primal Shocks, which I think kills one of the centre Swordsman. He maltreats and Pscho Surgeries in the midst of this junk as well.
The looney bin warlock then has an attack of the braves and falls back to be jsut behind the forest, the left Road Hog is out of control which given his status at contesting chump doesn't bother me. Not as much as the prospect of Thags getting up in my business, or realistically Typhon somehow getting in a position to do some sprays.

That nice and simple feat part done.......remaining normal activations.
The right Road Hog sadly frenzy charged at an angle that puts Typhon out of his line of sight. He's unbuffed, so killing Typhon isn't on the cards anyway with his weedy P+S and the inherent armour buffs. I should have set things on fire, didn't think about that. He goes up to Typhon, manages to get the one hand throw off which chucks Typhon on top of Thags, slightly bruising their skin and...I guess kneecapping their pride?
The Battle Boar moves across in the rectangle zone, hoping that the swordsman surround the Gun Boars to open up a sweet Berserk chain.
Back up War Hog just runs to block LoS to Arkadius, the turn had run suuuuper long and protecting the old mans stats leader of the army is a reflex.

One of the Gun Boars toed the opposing Rectangle, so I get up on CP's 2v1.
Running Arkadius still mind boggling, though slightly less so. It's something.

IPB Image
Legion 3: Dragon recovery time.
On the left, the Hex Hunters charge the Road Hog, they roll on the low side, taking out about a third of the Hogs health. Looks like he might live longer than expected.

The centre Swordsman charge into the Gun Boars, one of them puffs into a fine enough mist that it doesn't leave stains. The other Gun Boar gets three charges, which he manages to live through with a handfull of boxes.
The Nephilim Protector and Thagrosh chill in the centre of the Rectangle zone.

Typhon moves in, starts eating the Road Hog on the right flank. I finally remember Retaliatory Strikes, though it doesn't do squat. After killing the Roadie, Typhon has a bite at the Forced Evo War Hog, who turns around and also doesn't get the low odds crit knockdown. Oh well.
The remaining Nephilim soldier charges the Forced Evo Hog, discovers that being a three Fury beast that wants to boost to hit is super lame.
Three Swordsman remain on this flank, they go into the right most War Hog, leave him on about half health.

Both sides Rectangle zones ping, 3v2 CP in my favour.

IPB Image
Minion 4: Aggravator/Forced Evo upkept. It's looking pretty good for me, so I default to just attrition playing it out.

Left wise, the Road Hog eats a Hex hunter. Nom nom. He's healthy enough that he'll last a turn longer than predicted, so that's nice.

Back Up War Hog runs on the spot.
Arkadius puts Primal on the Battle Boar, maltreats his protecting War Hog, Psycho Surgeries, tries an unboosted Primal Shock that does nought. He stays hiding, having moved forward as little as he could to keep his control area relevant.

The Battle Boar Adrenalises, charges a centre Swordsman, I roll 7's like a loon for him to cruise through all bar two of the unit and contest the Legion rectangle. The Gun Boar then punches those two remaining Swordsman to death.

Right zone time! Typhon isn't quite in the circle zone, so plan is to nab a score here and keep that slow 6 ahead to win thing going (Prior to them downgrading this to 5).
The Forced Evo War Hog goes up to three Fury to kill the Nephilim Soldier, then maxes to attack Typhon for a good hit that takes out an aspect.
Last War Hog to go clears the three Swordsman in the right zone that attack him.
Targ then runs over to be behind the wall.

I score my rectangle and the right zone, now up 5v2. Like Bon Jovi's followers, we're halfway there. Status of Prayers lived on unknown.

IPB Image
Legion 4: Out on the left, the Hex Hunters do their pew pew on the contesta-Hog, taking out his Body aspect, the least relevant. He's now injured enough that he's doomed.
Thagrosh tires of my Light Warbeasts shenanigans. He goes into the Gun and Battle Boar, burns a bunch of his stack to mulch them both and put up Excessive Healing.
Right side, Typhon Regenerates himself to gain his body back, uses his first two initials to eat the Forced Evo War Hog then sprays at Targ, fortunately for me he misses.
The Nephiilim Protector runs to toe the right circle zone then gets his fury knocked off by the Shepherd.

If memory serves, Thagrosh put himself and all his beasts out of his rectangle zone, so I go up a point off my rectangle to 6v2.

IPB Image
Minion 5: I really want to get the left Road Hog back in my control area and score the right zone. Neither option is viable, putting the Hog in my control means arkadius gets charged and killed by Thagrosh and I definitely can't pop both Legion beasts contesting the right zone. At this stage it's just play it out, maintain the CP lead and see if we get the full 7 rounds in.

On the left, the Road Hog stomps more Hex Hunters, leaving three alive. That's actually sufficiently auspicious a result then my pessism about his death may be incorrect.

Arkadius moves up, Crippling Grasps Typhon, Repo's into the forest. The right War hog then charges Typhon and easily bins him. Targ moves across to be barely toeing the right zone, outside of the Nephilim Protector's charge range.

The reserve War Hog runs to be between my objective and the house. Thags can come forward and kill him, that will however let my War hog go into the Legion objective and score up their, which will balance that out. In that event Arkadius runs the hell away toward the right.

I go up 7v2, just plugging at that rectangle zone. Again, pre official launch, so win condition is 6 up not 5 up.

Legion 5: Under clock, ye old photos have to stop.
Thagrosh flies to be behind the house and feats back Typhon in front of the War hog. Ah. Ayep, that got me pretty good. He puts Bad Blood on the War Hog that previously murdered Typhon. The Nephilim Protector runs up and engages Targ. The Hex Hunters finally kill the left side Road Hog.

Legion score off the left zone, alas nothing is in their Rectangle so we go to 8v3.

IPB Image
Minion 6: After some double checking to make sure I've got the CP's correct, the reserve War Hog runs to contest the legion Circle zone. Arkadius gets to 9 CP's and that's the game.

Slogathon. Think I feated well, but skated through in the end. Far to cautious with the reserve War Hog, had he been up in the fray at the same time as the Battle Boar Thag's feat probably doesn't rubber band back enough. Very much seeing the drop-the-Warhog for mixed support pieces perspective. Adding a small unit would likely also be good given that they are now the Circle zone scorers.
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