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> Admonitions of a Suss Sufferer: Mark 2, all about Mark 3
post Jul 18 2017, 07:50 PM
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My first con final! Albeit a small con, I'll take it.

Final round is the Pit into podcast-average-but-loud-star, whose initials are reminiscent of a redundant form of selling music.

It's Khador once more, so at least it's a faction I'm reasonably across. It's Sorscha and Zerkova with Man of Wars. Gorten loves the scenario, but without the Siege Crawler to hide behind probably dies to Sorscha and Zerkova laughs with Cloud Walls and unpushable models. And so we end up with:

Thexus1 (Operating Theatre) - 2x Wardens, Subduer, 3x Slavers, 2x Benders, Alexia with Dominator, 2x Overlords
Sorscha1 - Conquest, Widowmakers, Kell, Max WGRC + 3 Rocketeers, Min WGRC + 3 Rocketeers, Orin, Reinholdt, Hutchuck

My local is Sorscha blind alas, so the reps aren't there alas. Will just have to roll with it and see how it goes.

One side of the board has a pair of forests and a defensive wall, then there's a hill smack bang in the zone with a trench to one side of said scenario element. The far side has a small wall around the flag and a hill toeing the zone.

I....win the roll I think? First is picked so I can get up the board a bit before the waves of gunfire come in. I get lumped with the side with forests and a defensive wall, which works for me. The central hill in the zone is going to be my bane for Sorscha's feat no matter what I do, whilst the wall around the Khador flag can hopefully help contesting models at some point.

IPB Image
Merc 1: Everything runs forward, the Monstrosities remain clumped around Thexus. I run shy of the Rifleman advance and shoot range, however I am in range of the advance deployed sniping brigade which I have to accept if I want to leave my deployment zone a meaningful distance. Those front Drudges will hardly be the first to die. A Thrall Warrior also spawns and runs up into the forward most forest, keeping three inches of trees between him and said Sniper peoples.
In a shocking turn of events the Overlords run up either flank.

IPB Image
Khador 1: Sure enough, the sniper patrol advances up a short distance and and shoots down five Drudges. Fiends! Murderers! We were here to negotiate! (In this instance Khador has more similarities to Poland than Russia).

The rifle corp run up behind the Sniper squad, stay relatively compact with a clear "Let's not get Drudged from the side" element going on. Jerks.

The Conquest advances up on the left side of the Khadoran blob, tries a long lob shot that scatters the wrong way, puts out two covering fires in front of the Sniper patrol.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Two primary concerns this turn, being setting up for Hutchuck (A drifted Brain Damage on Thexus late game would be.....unpleasant.....) and removing that Sniper squad ASAP.

I pop Ambushers on the top right, I need to stress Sorschas position early and threaten that blob of shooting. I expect they'll be dead next turn, hopefully I can get meaningful activation's elsewhere off their sacrifice.

Green/Pink Slaver Drudges run up the centre, as do the five spawned Risen who flop onto the hill.
This creates room for the Monstrosities to move up and Thexus, who feats on the front Khador models, pulling the Widowmakers, Kell and a couple Rifle Corp into the Covering Fire, killing the grunts and putting Bailoch on one box. A Rifle man also gets pushed toward the ambush Drudges.
Thexus then pops Decel and TK's himself back into Sac Pawn range of all the Monstrosities.

Had the Covering Fire not being present the plan was to run up the Subduer and spell the models to death, the feat however does it more reliably and those Snipers have to die.

The left Overlords move up and form a conga line on the board edge, so Hutchuck will only get the back strike bonus on one of them. The unit on the right does similar, with a squad of Benders also facing the edge in the vicinity. The Overlord leader on that right side also advanced to spray a Winterguardsmen, who sadly toughed.
The Ambushers charge in, four of them spinning around in case of Hutchuck. They pop the two WGRC grunts in range, spawning a pair of dudes.

Placement error with the unit leader, he should have been more central so some Drudges could engage Winter Guard and annoy them, as they have to go down in formation.

IPB Image
Khador 2: To my surprise, Hutchuck spawns amongst the left Overlords, the less relevant though far less chance of reprisal area. He shoots down one, charges another and misses his melee attack.

Alas, my previous turns smarm was unwarranted. The Overlords should have been facing to the right to deny any backstrikes, I forgot that Hutchuck could shoot prior to moving for an extra attack.

Oh well, the Overlords should hopefully kill the Ogrun then make their way in for the late game.

Sorscha charges a Risen and gets onto the hill, feats on Alexia, Risen, loads of Slaver Drudges, all the battle group bar the back Warden. She then Wind rushes back towards the Khador Flag and Freezing Grips the ambush unit.

See Thexus? See what you could do if you didn't spend so much energy sodding floating?

The Max WGRC sadly make it their mission to kill Alexia. She survives the Rockets, a few rifles eventually polish off some Risen and kill her after a successful tough.
The Min WGRC also do some potshots, they aren't hugely successful from memory.

Orin Lightnings some Drudges on the right, rolls dismally, failing to break armour even on one boosted on the end who wasn't caught in feat by dint of the forest.

The Conquest advances, remains shy of the zone. Puts covering Fire on Stationary Drudges, which sadly bypasses Deflection and is far more efficient than shooting at the blighters. The Big Cannon devastates the Blue Benders, getting the crit win which pops half the unit including the Cephalyx leader. Sigh.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Most of my models are stationary, which makes this turn relatively simple. The Drudge Orin failed to kill can get to Sorscha, so let's set that up. He won't kill her, however he should take off about half her health, then I can throw a double boosted Hex Blast at Sorscha for a couple turns and strain her pretty hard.

On the left the Overlords spin and spray at Hutchuck, one misses alas so he only loses half his health.

Drudges in Covering Fire die. Oh well.

The Subduer runs up to do some sweet arcing, keeping shy of the Conquests charge range. Thexus does TK's on Sorscha, burns through Orins remaining tokens, gets a boosted TK that misses. Well, that's annoying.
The right Overlords move around, spray down a Riflemans.

The Purple Benders Adrenal a Green Drudge up, he then charges Sorscha, due to the failed TK needs an 8 (MAT 10 sometimes ain't enough), misses.

We'll call this the turn of non-achievement then.

IPB Image
Khador 3: The Conquest toes the zone, uses its right side guns and main cannons to kill more Blue and Pink Drudges. He throws out some covering fire from his left arc to close the lane the Drudge on Sorscha used.

The Rifle Corp advance a bit, start shooting the Subduer who advances off the first damage roll onto the hill and engages a Grunt. After that they kill the most forward Overlord on the right and some Purple Benders/Yellow Ambushers.

Sorscha Freezing Grips the Ambush Drudges and falls back.

Hutchuck hits an Overlord. The Club is twice the Caphalyx' size, so he appropriately becomes a successful high school experiment as he goes from a solid to a liquid state.

IPB Image
Merc 4: Alright, threatening assassination didn't work, have to even up the attrition now.

Purple Benders and the remaining two Overlords on the right advance and spray, killing loads of the Rifle Corp.
The Ambushers, being lazy layabouts, stand there frozen.

I contemplate using TK's to have the Subduer slam a WGRC grunt into Sorscha, however I don't think I have sufficient attacks to meaningfully bust through her camp.
Instead Thexus TK's a spot for the Subduer to get into the Conquest. The Agitator advances, said Monstrosity then charges the Conquest. I was hoping that a free charge and 3 bought attacks would take out one side so that the Wardens could kill it next turn (They will certainly be sans the exposed Agitatir). Alas, the Subby rolls poorly, doing about 12ish damage I think. Hmmmm....

The left Overlord continues his epic struggle, spraying Hutchuck down to 2 boxes.

The Wardens stay hanging around Thexus, toeing the zone.

Screw up Warden placement here, I'd intended to put one forward enough to go into the Conquest next turn.

IPB Image
Khador 4: The Conquest pummels the Subduer, it's painful to watch.
The Instigator and right side Overlords die, as do all the ambush Drudges who aren't facing the board edge, still prepping for Hutchuck. They've been comatose a while.

IPB Image
Rounds 5 - 8: Under 15 minutes for both sides, we speed round a whole bunch of rounds.

After another two rounds, Hutchuck finally loses to the Overlord. If only he hadn't been on two boxes, I would have stabbed him anatomically instead of fail spraying a couple times.

Thexus runs to my flag and starts scoring, Purple Benders contests. The Rifle Corp eventually win that battle of attrition with only a few survivors left. Kell dies to an Influenced Rocket shooting him in the back of the head.

I send the Wardens in one after the other on the Conquest, they fall well short, leaving it alive on 8 boxes. I then throw what Cephalyx I have left (The Pink Slaver leader and the left Overlord) into trying to kill it. Even Thexus tries boosting Hex Blasts to kill.

I score on the Khador turns, we end up at four all. I have Thexus and those two Cephalyx left, versus the 8 box Conquest, Reinholdt, Joe, a Rifle Man and Sorscha.

I start with 3 minutes, desperately try to map out a way to contest Sorschas flag to win. I fail to work it out, clocking back to Sorscha worth 30 seconds left, having left the Conquest on 2 boxes from despair attacks. We both go to 5 CP on my turn, then Reinhold turns to contest and Sorscha goes to 6.

It immediately gets pointed out the Cephalyx engaging the Conquest could have run to contest, risking a freestrike from the crippled side of he Conquest which would have needed a 6 to hit. Doh!

Great game, great opponent, don't think I disgraced myself to badly. Number of small activation's I definitely could have improved, though I think my biggest issue was a fixation on killing that conquest that I couldn't see my way past. Hopefully I'll get another stab at the title next year.
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post Jul 21 2017, 08:45 PM
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Weekly games delayed by the small hound getting his accursed grubby paws on a block of distilled cocoa :-(

Daythurs and Man of Chaps comes to the rescue!

Gorten1 (Modified not filthy cheating version) - Earthbreaker, Siege Crawler, Rorsh with Brine, 2x Kayazy Eliminators, Harlen Versh, Thor, Aiyanna + Holt, Anastasia
Fyanna2 (Oracles of Fairness) - 3x Neraph, 2x Angelius, Seraph, Blood Seer, 2x Sorcerress Hellions, 2x Forsaken, 2x Shepherd, Spell Martyr

I think this pans down to a feat trade in my favour, with it being a test of how many Legion Heavies I can pop before the Huge Bases can be considered safe.

Rolled up Recon 2, the first time playing it since it's CID cycle, adding the Objectives and a flag in each zone.
Terrain wise, the important pieces are a central forest, a house taking up a corner of the right zone and a wall near one sides objective. There's hills and water around, they don't really come into it.
I lose the roll, Legion pick first. Alas. I take the side with a wall near it's objective, it has better access to take the right zone for scenario advantage and can shield the Huge bases somewhat, especially with my own rock wall smashed down somewhere.

Both sides have some proxies by necessity.
I have a base + Cannon repping as the Crawler, plus some Cephalyx being Aiyanna and Holt.
Legion has Azrael as the Seraph and a Choir Member as a Shepherd.

IPB Image
Legion 1: They're coming right for us!
Hellions move up either flank, the Neraphs are spread across the formation with Angels and other smucks in the centre.
The right most Hellion has Iron Flesh, one of the Angels has Admonition while Fury is on the central Neraph.

IPB Image
Merc 1: I recall the Hellions stupid anti-shooting garbage from that time the Bell-Noise threw acid on my groin, so those things will have to die. The right one has an upkeep on it, so Harlen Versh and Eiryss hang out ready to cap it. Ninja Pig stays central, I expect he'll have to pop the other one.

Eiryss does get a shot on the right Hellion, does half its health.

Everything stays relatively compressed, next turn Fyanna likely feats and we see what I game plan is from there.

IPB Image
Legion 2: The hellions move up and pop their anti shooting auras. The right one gets shot by Witchhuntering Eiryss and Versh, who failed to do any damage. not the best boosted damage rolls...

One Neraph/Shepherd stay in the right zone with said damaged Hellion and a Shepherd. Most things advance a short distance into/beside the centre forest, the Angels firing their pew pew bang bang things at Brine, setting him fire but only doing middling damage.

One Neraph suicides forward onto a hill in front of the Earthbreaker.

Fyanna pops feat.

IPB Image
Merc 2: That forward Neraph is an almost ideal charge target for Gorten, as I can't essentially get everything in feat bar the Forsaken and Shepherd, who do stop the super pushbacks sadly.

If Gorten charges, feat pulls everything forward with Fyanna and Neraphs going into a wall, the Earthbreaker can then shoot a knockdown at the Raged beast to sit down Fyanna for a 74% assassination run with various guns.

That doesn't really teach me anything, so I make the attrition play (As well as mis-eyeballing it as being about a 60%).

Gorten charges the Neraph through the objective, going to its back edge so that when he feats the suicide fella goes no where. The left Hellion also gets pushed back hard, the right ends up outside of Fyanna's feat, Gorten hits with Forge Father for some damage. Camps four, which I eyeball as overkill for the Angel's two shots on him and what ever ######ty nuke Fyanna has (More on that later...).

Harlen moves back an inch to get out of no shoot aura, caps the right Hellion. Eiryss moves up to shoot the right side Shepherd, misses and repos back.

Back to the centre, Brine pops Animus, charges the forward Neraph for free, hits with his initial for a good belt of damage. Misses the second boosted attack, so the Neraph moves out of Melee range. Rorsh backpedals a bit and heals Brine.
Also goes out of Fyanna's control area, is charged and kill by the Red Eliminators, one of whom sidesteps to toe the left zone and not give away a free point.
The Earthbreaker moves up a tiny amount, shoots down the left Hellion.

Crawler aims on the right, shoots at the most flanking Neraph, mosses and gives away a Dodge. The Green Eliminators charge in, first does a good whack of damage, second misses and he moves across.

IPB Image
Legion 3: There's 20 minutes spent puzzling out an assassination, ending up in Man of Chaps realising he has Gallows. Woops. Could have easily put down a wall to stop this. Fyanna goes up, Gallows in Gorten rolling a 6 for distance, he gets eaten by Angels.

Well I better not sodding forget that again.

Had I put down a wall and camped two, I think Legion has two plays.
They can fall back for the most part and start a long game, can easily get two points on the left side.
I then do the same on the right, using walls on the table to prevent a landing zone and getting Gun Range, I out Gun the Dragonites so I think I pull out in that scenario.
The aggro play is to move everything within 6 of Gorten, planning to get beasts into him next turn.
This leads to a clutch turn for me, as Gorten will have to run back and I have to kill four Serpentine Heavies to win essentially, which if Brine survives the Gun Shots at him is easy. If he dies to Legion Shooting it becomes a lot more Dicey, Likely the Earthbreaker would have to go in and do Boosted Melee attacks, then have Eliminators and random solos finish things off.

I think Gorten is happy enough into Fyanna, which is good as Thexus cannot handle her if he loses the roll to go first, which is an awful proposition to be in.

Also not used to the new Recon, neither of us made plays to score off the flags which we both could have done easily and with merit.
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post Jul 23 2017, 11:02 PM
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Alas, got stood up on the opening day of the weekend :-(

Thankfully Sunday came to the rescue, with a Slam and a Warmup against Emberon, whose sadly not had a chance to play for 6ish weeks.

My plan for the day was to just run Gorten, need to determine how the list composition is going for WTC.

Gorten1 - Earthbreaker, Siege Crawler, Ninja Pig, 2x Kayazy Eliminators, Eiryss2, Harlen Versh, Anastasia, Thor, Aiyanna and Holt
Nemo3 + Finch (Storm Bringers) - Dynamo, Stormclad, Firefly, Sentinel, Junior + Firefly, Squire, Storm Lance (Max), Storm Lance (Min), Laddermore

On paper, this feels awful to me. Nemo can feat and pop a Huge Base, Lancers can run around and lightning leap onto my stack of solos.....it just looks bad. Now to verify!

Epic Recon strikes once more, seems fine. I win the roll, take first. There's a central forest which is the relevant terrain piece, Cygnar also gets a Trench near the left zone that they'll be able to use. Not a massive amount of useful stuff on my end.

I pick the repair objective, Swans take the pathfinder iteration.

IPB Image
Merc 1:Swans have thrown the Battlegroup hard to the left with Lances making up the rest of the line. Ninja Pig, Earthbreaker and Eiryss go up on the left to fight the battlegroup, hopefully Eiryss can ping Dynamo which should make the feat run on my colossal untenable.
Gorten goes up the guns, Solid Ground up, crawler is to his right. Those three will likely end up as the Lightning bouncinators.
Solos fan out and around, Versh leaning toward the right to score the defensive flag in future turns.

IPB Image
Cygnar 1: The Fireflies fan out on the left, the Stormclad gets Lightning Shroud and goes behind the Cygnar flag. Dynamo goes into the trench, as does Nemo and the Sentinel. Junior and Squire are a short distance from them.

The Max Storm Lance unit get Electrify and get behind the centre forest.
The Min iteration gets Arcane Shield and comes up aggressively in the right zone, with Laddermore behind popping on a hill.

IPB Image
Merc 2: The Fireflies are out front, so plan is to pop them now and blunt Nemo's power to blow away the Earthbreaker, begin the long haul!

I drop Solid Ground, as it isn't going to have a huge amount of value in how this match looks to be playing out. The Earthbreaker gets fully fueled up. Anastasia pops out on the top right to start a long haul of support hunting (The Squire was half an inch out of advance and throw dagger in the back range).

The Earthbreaker is an inch out of advancing and sitting down Dynamo, which would have been the best. He settles for killing the right most Firefly and knocking down two of the centre unit Stormlancers.

Left Kayazy walk around, keep distance and do a damage point to the Big Pig for Pain Response. Brine charges the left Firefly and kills it, Rorsh using the smoke maneuver to advance next to the Colossal to be a lightning rod. The Pigs death being a necessary sacrifice, alas.

Sadly the Sentinel is in Shield Guard range, so Eiryss instead disrupts the Stormclad and repo's back.

Out on the right zone, Harlen stays away from the flag as I don't want him to die needlessly to Storm Lance shots. He shoots up the min Storm Lance unit, they have Arcane Shield so he does super work, killing two and leaving the third on three boxes. The right side Kayazy go in, finish off that last Lance with a Combo strike.

Aiyanna and Holt stay way back, will need them late game to boost the damage of my various solos against Jacks if the Earthbreaker goes down.

Anastasia runs across in the backfield, staying outside of Juniors advance into stealth and shoot range.

IPB Image
Cygnar 2: For whatever reason I didn't run Gorten nearly far enough, leaving him exposed on teh right side of the Colossal, when he should have been behind it. Fortunately Rorsh is tempting enough that Nemo feats and goes for attrition.

The old git stays in the trench, dropping most of the upkeeps. Junior moves into the trench as well and puts Arcane Shield on Dynamo.

The Stormclad advances, the Sentinel stays back in the trench. They both shoot Brine down to minimal health but fail to get the kill.

Dynamo advances and shoots at the Colossal. The damage rolls that follow are awful, doing low damage to the Colossal.

Laddermore kills the Kayazy on the right with Lightning.

The Storm Lance unit remaining gets three Assaults and two charges in, they also do mediocre on the damage roll department, though lightning leaves Rorsh on one transfer and Brine on one box.

IPB Image
Merc 3: That was an awful feat turn, if I just keep grinding out it'll be hard for me to lose from here.

The jamming Storm Lances are annoying enough that Gorten goes up and feat pushes all the Cav back, also getting Laddermore and shoving her outside of the right zone.

Aiyanna Harms the Storm Lances, then Holt/Harlen/Rorsh shots wipe the unit. Everything went better than expected. The Earthbreaker gets Tuned up, advances and blows up the Sentinel, plus knocking down the Heavies.

Brine having been healed up gets to charge into the Stormclad and eats it, plus engages Dynamo.

Cygnar concedes, seems fair. We plot out an assassination run of killing Brine, advancing with Dynamo who shoots Gorten, rolling it out does poorly.
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post Jul 24 2017, 12:49 PM
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Slam round! I've ostensibly brought both Thexus and Gorten, though as before I have intent of playing the squid heads, I'm content with my competency in comparison to my dwarf list uncertainty.

Round 1 is into a serious consideration in the randomness that is my local meta, piloted by the Wand Man.

Gorten1 - Earthbreaker, Siege Crawler, Ninja Pig, 2x Kayazy Eliminators, Eiryss2, Harlen Versh, Anastasia, Thor, Aiyanna and Holt
Iron Mother + Her Squad (Destruction Initiative) - 3x Assimilator, Diffuser, 2x TEP, Repair fellas, 3x Reflex Servitors, Flarebots

Contemplating TEP's without out sweet telekinesis and Adrenalled Drudges is weird. They definitely won't pop until late game, while the Grounder Pounders will be an excellent counter to my solos. I think this gets mitigated by CoC heavies being expensive with trash defensive stats, will just have to chew out a load of solos in the opening rounds before I can threaten meaningful stuff.

Scenario is Epic Recon again (It was already on one of the tables and I endorse lazy/effort efficient running of tourneys).

I believe I won the due roll and picked first? The memories, such blur.
I've got a pair of hills on my side, they aren't super amazing as the TEPs are unlikely to get that far up my side of the board. There's a mixed blessing/curse of an obstruction on my end at the bottom of the left zone, sweet for hiding, in conjunction with my objective outright awful for getting my huge bases anywhere.

Neutrally, there's a wall in the left zone and a central cloud bank.

Convergence have a large forest and a trench to annoy me with.

IPB Image
Merc 1: My stuff unpacks, my Huge Bases can't really swap sides so it's Crawler on the left and Earthbreaker to the right. The Ninja Pigs go on the far left as well, the Crawler will need more assistance given it'll be a few rounds of killing Shield Guards before it can do much.

Eiryss goes behind the Obstruction, Kayazy split up on either flank.

IPB Image
CoC 1:The Relex Servitors all move up and dig in, the TEP's go up either side, the right one getting Tactical supremacy.
Two of the Assimilators and the Diffuser head towards the left across from the Siege Crawler, I had an attack of the sillies and have a Kayazy die to a Grounder Pounder. Whoops.
Iron Mother, the remaining Assimilator and the Corrolary go up on the right side.

IPB Image
Merc 2: This will be a conseravtive turn for me, I have to start popping those Reflex servitors and don't want to give freebie attacks on my Huge bases in the meantime..

Anastasia ambushes from the top right, she advances in and kills a Flarebot.
The Crawler and Earthbreaker both back up, the Colossal using a Torpedo to pop a Reflex.

The Pigs dart out far to the left, sticking them outside of the TEP range.
Eiryss aims, misses a Reflex and repositions backward.

The Kayazy actually do go forward, they kill a few more Reflex Servitors and wait to die.

Aiyanna and Holt cower in the back.

IPB Image
CoC 2: The left TEP toes that sides zone, sprays down the kayazy. A flarebot runs to the CoC flag next to it.
The Assimilators advance a short way up the guts, Grounder Pounder a Kayazy on the right.
Iron Mother hops into the trench.
Right side TEP advances, sprays down the last Kayazy and Anastasia, then repositions back with Tac Supremacy to the edge of the zone.

CoC scores both zones and their defensive flag to go to 3 CP.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Board positioning wise I'm pretty happy at the outset of this turn, however CoC jumping to three points is a problem. I have to counter score and do something about the CoC flag. Obviously I would like to kill Iron Mother, who has no Shield Guards in range. Alas, she is safe by an inch from a direct attack by an Earthbreaker torpedo. Doing the math after the fact, with a three camp it's a low odds assassination run anyway (30% or so, not counting potential other attacks).

Backfield wise, Aiyanna Harms the Diffuser who is probably further forward than he should be. Holt then shoots him a bit.

In the left zone, Brine charges into the zone on a hill and kills a Reflex Servitor. Rorsh hangs back. The Crawler toes the zone, does it AoE's on the Servitor on teh CoC flag, one gets Shield Guarded by a TEP drone, the other misses. His little gun shoots the Diffuser, finishes it off.
Eiryss then toes the zone and shoots the Servitor on the flag successfully.
My intent in putting those three models (Note that Brine isn't the model at this point, it's a Green Proxy Base) in the zone is to stress the TEP, I've found the best way to stymy CoC players is give their Battle Engine two forms of unit that require different Servitor placement priorities (In this case Arm 20 versus Def 16 versus Brine not being something you can ignore).

On the right, Earthbreaker gets Tuned Up, advances into the right zone and next to my flag, he shoots at the nearest Assimilator, knocking down Iron Mother and the Corrolary. This is the point I realise I could put little gun shots into Iron Mother, in hindsight I'm glad I read it correctly and go for the attrition play, as I'm already down a boosted attack on her.
Shooting at the Assimilator is.....dissapointing. I do about half it's boxes, not exactly how I was hoping it would pan out.
Versh moves to my flag, he's going to die to the TEP however I need to score a point or else I lose to my objective dying and CoC scoring on their friendly flag.
Gorten moves behind my Colossal on the right side, I have limited solos on that flank so he'll likely have to be the flag scorer. Thor has other #### to do.

Scores now 1-3 in CoC's favour.

IPB Image
CoC 3: Left side wise, the TEP shoots at Brine, doesn't kill him but does knock him down a little. One spawned dude touches the flag for the score.
An Assimilator charges Brine and finishes him off without to much issue, oh well.
One of the few remaining Reflex Servitors (Possibly the only?) runs and engages Eiryss.
The centre Assimilator hangs in the forest, shoots at the Siege Crawler and does some chip damage.

On the right, the TEP moves up, easily sprays down Versh then backs up. Curse you Tactical Supremacy!
The Assimilator stands up (Corrolary stoof up on teh spot earlier to do the Induction chain), shoots at the Earthbreaker, takes out a column on the right side.
Iron Mother backs up, discontent with being in potential murder range now. She arcs Tactical Supremacy on the left TEP I think.

The defensive flag scores, CoC continue up the ladder 1-4.

IPB Image
Merc 4: Having Eiryss and my huge bases basically unscratched is a lot better than my fears were saying, with Brine and Harlen being perfectly acceptable losses. It's grind it on from here, with the plan being to kill an Assimilator on each flank.

Left wise, Aiyanna and Holt jiggle up, put Kill on the left Assimilator. Between Holt and Rorsh they ding the Vector very badly, leaving it on a third or so boxes. Eiryss stabs the Servitor engaging here, so doesn't add much. The Siege Crawler charges in, getting within 4 of the CoC flag. The charging Bash attack actually finishes the Inverter off to my surprise, leaving the left Cannon no target. The Battle Engine fires its shots into the other Vector but accomplishes little

Right side, the Earthbreaker gets healed by the Objective, Tuned Up then moves up and shoots down the Assimilator it half damaged the round previous.
Gorten runs to my defensive flag.

I score on my flag and the left zone, now trailing 3-4.

IPB Image
CoC 4: Mother stays back, throws out her bots to Imperil things, hitting the Crawler and embarrisngly missing the Earthbreaker. She puts a gun shot into the battle Engine for some reasonable damage.

On the left the TEP advances, sprays down Eiryss and does a bit to the Crawler. The remaining Assimilator charges it in the back, leaves it on about eight boxes. The right TEP moves up to be shy of the Earthbreakers charge range, does max damage boosted sprays that don't leave as much of an impression as they should.

Gorten scores my flag, scores now equal at 4 all.

IPB Image
Merc 5: This roughly when I realise this will probably be a game decided on the Mercy rule, iron Mother isn;t going to be killed any time soon. That means I have to arrange a points lead, including further scoring on Convergence turns.

I drop Solid Ground, it's value has expired with no Reflex Servitors around.
The Earthbreaker gets repaired by my Objective and Thor, then moves up to threaten the TEP position in the right zone. Does a boosted to hit shot in the back of hte Assimilator fighting the Crawler, knocks it down. shots after that do a good chunk damage but don't kill it.
Gorten camps 3 and shuffles to be behind the Colossal.

Aiyanna and Holt shuffle back to the middle, intending to put Kiss on a TEP late game. In the meantime she does the damage buff on the knocked down Assimilator, shots from Holt and Rorsh (Who toes the left zone) finish the Vector off.
The Crawler moves up, uses his Bash attack and little Gun shots to kill the left TEP's Sac Pawn munchkins, fires his Cannons at the TEP, gets the Crit Stagger. Does some sweet damage as well, though that was just a bonus once the Crit triggered.

I score my flag, get the lead 5-4.

IPB Image
CoC 5: The Corrolary runs to the left zone, toes and enjoys its new roll as a disposable Arc Node. Iron Mother stays backfield, moving to the left to stay away from Earthbreaker murder. A Gun shot and a boosted damage Shrapnel Swarm explode the Siege Crawler.

The Left TEP spawns Dudes and is otherwise sad.
The right TEP moves up, shoots at the Earthbreaker who has been Imperilled, takes out most of the right side.

Both sides score their flag, now 6-5 to me.

IPB Image
Merc 6: Carry on, it's looking good.

Left wise, Aiyanna and Holt split in the backfield, ready to run up one a time in teh enxt two round to contests the CoC flag. They harm and shoot the Corrolary, who then gets finished off by Rorsh's Bomb. The Pig then shoots the CoC objective, putting it down four boxes.

Right wise, Earthbreaker again gets repaired by my Obejctive and Thor. The Warjack then charges the rightside TEP and easily squashes it into the dirt.

Both sides score their flags, I also get the right zone. 8-6 to me.

IPB Image
CoC 6: Iron Mother goes up behind the forest, whiel the left TEP goes up and starts spraying. First one kills Rorsh, second one targets Holt who Quick Shots it, third one misses Holt.

Seeing the writing on teh wall, Convergence concede, which seems fair enough. I'm ahead on scenario, clock and attrition with no way for Gorten to die.

Liking how this list is panning out, not sure what i'd drop at this point. That's the opening round of Slam done, should seek some targetted matchups and see how it goes.
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post Jul 25 2017, 10:20 AM
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Round 2 of slam, it's....Old Witch, what have you done!? You Maniac!!!!

Gorten1 - Earthbreaker, Siege Crawler, Ninja Pig, 2x Kayazy Eliminators, Eiryss2, Harlen Versh, Anastasia, Thor, Aiyanna and Holt
The Wanderer (Bump In The Night) - Skin and Moans, Cage Rager, Frightmare, 2x Crabbits, 2x Piggybacks, Deathknell, Dread Rots (Max), Witchwood, Lord Longfellow, Trapperkin

Arcana Cards selected were Ill Omens (I kill a model, get -1 Attack/Damage for rest of turn) and Sacrifice (I kill a model, damaged Grymkin models get healed up).

Scenario is the Championship belt (Epic Pit), which I apparently haven't played since the active CID cycle. Hmph. I'll never get to the top of the ladder doing that.

I did have a moment of super confsion when I opened up the picture to write this one, saw a TEP and did the whole I-already-wrote-the-CoC-struggle. Anyway, some proxies:
Mercs still have a huge Base with a Cannon on it repping as the Siege Crawler.
Grymkn have:
Squire - Trapperkin
TEP - Deeathknell
Stormpods - The Crabbits
Small Based Red unit I don't recognise - Dread Rots

Terrain is way to symmetrical and we should have re-done it after putting down the zones, such is life. There's a cloud to one side of the centre unit zone, then both sides have adjacent forests/hills. A trench and wall are way out to the flank where they won't come up.

I elect for Anastasia to Ambush, in hindsight a foolish move as double piggy backs will brick up in the centre and the opposing list has sufficiently few guns that Esponiage actually has good odds of being workable for once.

Having lost the die roll, I pick the side which has the cloud better placed, it being the only really distinctive note of difference terrain wise. Anastasia, why must you fail me so?

IPB Image
Grymkin 1: The Blob advances, Deathknell centre with Piggybacks eitherside and Dread Rots crammed in there.
The left edge has the Skin and Moans and the various solos (Tree thing, Spider guy [legally distinct rom Spider Man], Trapperkin [Who exists to mock Troll players that remember Digmyies]).
The Cage Rage is on teh right, lumbering behind that flanks Piggy backs.

IPB Image
Merc 1: My stuff counter advances. CHECKMATE GRYMKIN.

Ninja Pigs go up on the left, Brine in range to charge the opposing objective then be Souie'd back to relative safety. The Crawler is also on this side, where he heads to the crevasse between the left battlegroup zone and the centre unit zone. earthbreaker is essenitially covering the centre with a light leaning toward the right (Like, Pro Gun and Pro Choice sort of level).

Longfellow is actually just visible around the edge of the Forest he's hiding behind, so Eiryss advances, shoots and kills him, Repo's back. Can't beleive I wrote her off for so long, that stuff is boss.

The rest of my list compresses between my huge bases, aside from one unit of Kayazy that go in front of the Earthbreaker to stop things running up and engaging it, making positioning it annoying.

IPB Image
Grymkin 2: The Piggybacks advance and Shieldwall in blocks, the right one sitting on the hill. Cage Rager goes behind the latter.

Dreadrots run up into the unit zone, start squeling something about feeding their corpses to the Deathknell. Sigh.

Skin and Moans plus the Tree hop into the Grymkin forest on the left.

Fog of War and Star Crossed are up.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Once mroe I consider the assassination. Wanderer has two shield guards, two transfers and his Trump card. Pass. I can make an attempt, however I have to knock down a unit of Piggybacks, trigger the Shield Guards, Wanderer trumps, Siege Crawler/Gorten attack. Feels bad when I have excellent attrition possibilities in front of me.

I think I can kill the world, however the nature of the Trump cards and Star Crossed means that I want to try to kill the Death Knell first to get the best bang for my buck.

Solid Ground and Strength of Granite upkept (Strength being weirdly necessary to ensure I can kill Piggybacks in melle later in the game).

Aiyanna and Holt move up into the unit zone, she harms the Death Knell then Holt wings it for some damage.
The Green Eliminators are in the way and they can't freely stab Dread Rots (They should have been further across, the Grymkin units here aren't quick enough to jam anyway), so they run to the right zone for contesting purposes.
Earthbreaker gets Tuned Up and is fully fueled on focus, he shuffle across to be in range of the Knell and outside of Star Crossed. Starts shooting the Knell, Crabbits Shield Guard the opening shots (Including the Tuned Up one, the auto boosted damage roll thankfully doesn't kill the crabbit). The little shots hit, I boost damage and do qutie well. The Torpedoes, which I pick the rough terrain shots for, have a miss that scatters to the right and wings a Dread Rot, thankfully doesn't pop armour.
The Crawler then toes the zone, manages to land it's Big Gun shots on the Knell and blows it apart.

I duck to the left, where I pull a drunk Scotsman (distracted by the Shiny Shiny). Brine charges the Skin and Moans after Rorsh pops smoke, does Animus and boosts to hit, Star Crossed and Def 13 doesn't pan out as my initial Crit Fish fails hard.

I then go to my back up plan, as I didn't kill any of the heavy hitters and can't pop a wall, so Dread Rots can go into my Colossal and S&M will eat whatever it wants to. Ergo Gorten charges a Dread Rot to buy time, feat pushes the entire Grymkin list back, camps one.

Grymkin turn was Wanderer popping to a Road Marker and failing to kill Gorten then conceding( Hades was disinterested in trying to pull the game back through Gorten's feat), making a short game but one that was very illuminating for me.

List unpack: I didn't account for wanting to score the flanking zone, which really required the Colossal and Battle Engine to trade places. The Crawler can get that far up the board, it's a lot harder for the Earthbreaker to do it. This also affects Ninja Pig who can be the other scorer in those areas.

The Pit: I should have gone up at least three points, however I made numerous errors here. The biggest one is randomly firing rough terrain, which was fine except that Gorten's feat could have cleared the zone if not for hte half movement potentially. Equally, Brine should have gone for the Objective and Souie then been safe from S&M, next turn the Earthbreaker knocks him down outside of Star Crossed and Brine can easily kill them then if I don't win on scenario.

Not informative massively on Grymkin, though the playout of Arcana cards was already interesting in its effects.
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post Jul 25 2017, 12:50 PM
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Random pick up on Garfield Day. Still ricking the stunty with a terribad Crawler Proxy.

Gorten1 - Earthbreaker, Siege Crawler, Ninja Pig, 2x Kayazy Eliminators, Eiryss2, Harlen Versh, Anastasia, Thor, Aiyanna and Holt
Vayl1 (Oracles) - 2x Angelius, Carnivean, Seraph, 2x Sorceress on Hellions, Forsaken, Spell Marty, Black Frost Shard

Scenario is Spread the Net, so each side has a defensive flag/rectangle zone and a centre unit zone.

I lose the roll, get given given first. This lumps me with a huge forest, though for once my list has a passable amount of pathfinder. There's an obstruction in the centre zone, which favours the Legion side. There's then a wall on the Everblight side just outside of hte Circle zone, various other terrain bits around that I don't think become relevant?

IPB Image
Merc 1: I apply the lessons of the last game and eyeball where the Crawler might need to go for scenario. The right defensive stone is somewhat ideal for the Earthbreaker to toe onto, so Pigs and the Crawler are on the left to potentially make scoring plays on the Legion Rectangle.

My unpack is basically along those lines, Pigs out left, Crawler and Earthbreaker going up either side of the central zone, Kayazy and other solos spread out, Gorten centre, Eiryss goes up behind the Obstruction.

IPB Image
Legion 1: One Angelius, with the Frost gives defence penalties upkeep, goes up behind the Obstruction. Mean.
The Carnivean gets Leashed, puts up Spiny Growth and goes up into the Circle zone.
Second Angel goes out to the left, toes the Legion rectangle.
Black Frost Shard Stealth themselves and move out to the right.
Seraph and Ravagore chill out in the back, spitting out a Scather Template toward the left.

IPB Image
Merc 2: The Carnivean is exposed and only one Angel can charge in, so the plan is to focus fire that beast down.

Aiyanna moves up and Harms him, then Holt/Harlen/Eiryss/Earthbreaker, happily shoot it off the table. Gorten goes behind the Breaker and pops out a wall, it won't achieve much but I have little reason not to.

Ninja Pigs and Kayazy go way out left, either they get to make a play for the zone or draw an Angel toward them.

IPB Image
Legion 2: The Black Frost Shard run up and contest my rectangle.
The rest of Legion compacts behind the Obstruction, one Angel charging the Crawler and theother beasts shooting it up, then falling back with Vayl's feat.
At the end of the process Aiyanna is dead, the Crawler is left one one box on top of a Scather template. No one scores points.

IPB Image
Merc 3: I want to pop both Angels and get the scenario lead.

Anastasia ambushes in from the right.

Brine gets smoked forward, pops Animus, charges the left Angel, I hit the boosted Charge, hard roll an 8 to hit on the second attack, boost the damage and kill it. Totes skill at work.

The Crawler aims, as it will die trivially and RAT 8 is the point of hte bell curve in my favour against DEF 14. The little guns chip at the Angel, the Cannons shoot the Ravagore but fail at Crit Fishing, does kill the Spell Martyr. Crawler then melts into a puddle.

Harlen, Holt and Earthbreaker shoot the remaining Angel, put it down to five boxes. The Breaker also faced toward the Black Frost Shard to clear it for scoring, killing the contesting unit member, the Forsaken and a Hellion Rider. The best.

Anastasia goes to the Legion flag, Rorsh moves to the defensive flag.

Gorten runs to be out of any charge range behind the Colossal.

Mercs go up 3 points.

IPB Image
Legion 3: The Sorcerress flies over, melts a Kayazy, Harlen and Holt. The Ravagore eats Brine. Seraph shoots down the Kayazy survivor, the Black Frost Shard attempts to stab Anastasia futiley.

Legion concedes before the inevitable scenario loss. I think there was a low odds ranged assassination, of the Seraph coming up and Vayl arcing spells, the odds were very poor though.
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post Jul 31 2017, 09:39 AM
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So I've had a downturn in enthusiasm for pickup games alas.
Still love the game, however what I want to do is play in tournaments, not practice for them. I'd lined up a rather silly 16 hour round trip drive and playing one on sod all sleep, only to be torpedoed last minute by real life. At the same consideration, reversing a downturn in the local meta isn't achieved by people not answering the call to games.

Ergo, it's a Sunday midday bash into Stovepipe hat man. It's the home turf, so out comes some clockwork. Once again I should run Thexus, but I'm lazy and pulled out the low model count list. I mean...erm....getting generic practice to see how the bad matchups turn out. Yeah.

Gorten1 - Earthbreaker, Siege Crawler, Ninja Pig, 2x Kayazy Eliminators, Eiryss2, Harlen Versh, Anastasia, Thor, Aiyanna and Holt
Syntherion (Destruction Initiative) - Axiom, Assimialtor, crappy True Sight heavy with the dumb buzzsaw gun, 3x Diffuser, Repair dudes, loads of Reflex bots, Flare bots

Scenario is Recon2. Going to shorthand this one as I'm not feeling it.

We both run up on our opening rounds, the matchup being awful hits me witht he realisation the realisation the Prime threats 14 sodding inches with magnetic Hold and Flare.

I spend my top of 2 killing a Diffuser and failing hard to pop a second. The Breaker gets a wall to protect it, the Crawler gets fort Eliminator. The Kayazy sadly get mauled and Brine, who is super outflanking, gets Magnetic Held. CoC also go up a couple points.

Top of 3, Gorten has to move up and feat to clear out the right zone to net me some points, plus letting the Earthbreaker move up the board and have a turn of out threating the Axiom.
I stupidly forgot to put a wall in front of Gorten, so Eiryss and the Obejctive get cleared out to let the Axiom drag him in and easily kill him. I've made that mistake before, so.....whoops.

I could have played this game out better courtesy of an obstruction near the right zone, what I should have done is just ran Gorten to the defensive flag, had the scenario loss risk higher but no chance of an assassination. I then play a game of running a suicide model into the elft zone while the Earthbreaker/Rockwall holds down the right zone.

Petty excuses about poor list matchups aside, Abedon played the game correctly, utilising his threat range to make things awkward and grinding on, plus correctly playing out the assassination run. Back on the Thexus Drudge madness from here.
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post Aug 1 2017, 07:21 PM
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Opening day of the week dollyness.

Less mopey about random games, got to hammer in some Cryx which is definitely a faction I need some reps against. Match ends up as:

Thexus1 (Operating Theatre) - 2x Wardens, Subduer, 3x Slavers, 2x Benders, Alexia with Dominator, 2x Overlords
Asphyxious2 (Dark Host) - Desecrator, 2x Bitey Nodes, Bane Cav, Bane Knights, Bane Warriors + UA, Skarlock, Wraith Engine, Darragh Wraith

Ah. Gaspy2. de-Mothballed to awaken my ancient Mark2 nightmares. Gorten with a pair of huge Bases isn't going near that garbage.

Thexus it is, big fears being how to handle the Wraith Engine on conesting terms and dieing to Gaspy getting souls and popping Excarnates into Thexus over a couple turns.

Scenario is Epic Pit, Cryx pick the healing objective and I pick the magic weapons one. Truly a shocking turn of events.

I lose the roll, get given second. The centre of the table is marked by an obstruction, then it's a matter of choosing the side with a wall/forest/trench versus a hill/forest on the opposing side of the centre zone. There's also a forest/hill deal on the far left, they are unlikely to matter a great deal.

IPB Image
Cryx 1: Slayer is a proxy for the Desecrator.
Knights go up the left, Warriors centre and the Bane Cav cram into a forest on the right. Gaspy, Wraith Engine and Darragh hang back a little in the centre.

IPB Image
Merc 1: Aside from just running up, I also want to try to pop the damn arc nodes. One has run up to be beside the Bane Cav on the right, so plan is to throw a shot into that.

Stuff runs up, while the Wardens and Thexus hang back behind my sides forest. Subduer gets up on the right, using the Objective to stop easy charge lane from the Cav next turn, arcs a fully boosted hex Blast. Hits the Bones jack, does 12 damage, alas the only system removed is the head. Ideally I'd have thrown two Hex Blasts in with boosted damage, alas Monstrosities have to be fed at some point and unboosted 6's to hit suck hard enough to make an exhaust pipe sparkle.

Otherwise, Overlords go up either flank, the left Benders get a little more exposed than the right as they are more likely to have to support Ambushers, as the Bane Cav have kept more central.

IPB Image
Cryx 2: Left side, the Knights run into the top edge of that rectangle zone and triangle up. The Desecrator joins them, firing a shot that kills a blue Bender and causes two to tough.

Centre wise the Warriors advance forwar, spreading out and using the centre obstruction to put models in positions that are hard to clear. The Officer stays super far back, the standard bearer stands so far back he thinks steam powered toilets are a far fetched idea.
Gaspy moves up onto the hill and in his theme cloud, arcs through the right node to put out a Death Knell that melts most of the Green Slavers including the Cephalyx Leader. He then throws a Parasite onto the Subduer. Wraith Engine, Tartarus and Darragh go up behind him.

Right wise, the Cav Press Forward, one comes up and pops the Thrall Warrior I ran up as a distraction, one gets to the Subduer and does eight points. They then Repo back, while the rest of the squad stayed in the forest.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Gaspy is camping nothing and doesn't have Hellbound up. I can get three Adrenal Drudges into him.

I set up an attrition play as well if I need to, ambushing Drudges in on the left as they can get into the Bane Knights. and hopefully the Objective.
The Wardens stay as Thexus' bodyguards, moving forward just far enough for Thexus' feat to trigger.
Thexus wobbles forward, feat pushes for days, clumping up the Bane Cav, moving some of the Knights out of a triangle, pushing Warriors out of the way amd opening a path to Gaspy. There was one obstinate Warrior in the way, so I Hex Blast him down with an arc via a Warden.

I do my attrition work on the left, Overlords spray down some Knights. I should have just ran one up to provide the to hit bonus on the assassination, oh well.
Blue Benders Adrenal three Pink Slavers, the unit Press Forwards, they charge Gaspy and the first two kill him.

Had that failed I lacked the tools remaining to clear the centre zone due to a Bane Warrior at the back that my feat couldn't push far enough, the few Green Slavers would kill a Bane Cav and rightside Arc Node then the Subduer would go up and knock down all the Cav. It looks like a good attrition position, however it is hard to calculate how far Gaspy's feat can pull it back, assuming it's not used to kill Thexus if I give an opening.
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post Aug 5 2017, 11:25 PM
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Specific weekend pickups, once more into the sentient clockwork that has dreams of deity use as a weapon of global terror.

I only need to have Gorten stupidly killed so many times, ergo:

Thexus1 (Operating Theater) - 2x Wardens, Subduer, 3x Slavers, 2x Benders, Alexia with Dominator, 2x Overlords
Syntherion1 (Destruction Initiative) - Axiom, 2x Assimilators, 3x Diffuser, Corrolary, 2x ADO, Flare bots, 3x Reflex blobs, Mechanicy chumps

Scenario is ye....not old.....Barbell, with one side dominated by forests with a trench, the other getting a wall and most importantly a nice small obstruction.
I win the roll, pick the table with the terrain that can be used to stop Tow Cables and doesn't slow down the Drudges as much.

I'm finding Syntherion a harder matchup than other Convergence, which weirdly enough I think is a result of an over developed focus on killing TEPs and a slight panic induced by 14 inch threat Axioms. Basic plan is to use the obstruction to keep Thexus safe using Sac Pawn and make a push to score up early, using the lack of opposing units weakness to win out on the long game on the flanks.

IPB Image
CoC 1: The Gear buts and nuts run up, one Flare bot and ADO chump coming up in the left. Axiom is central with the various other Vectors either side.

Reflex Servitors go all college level experimental, forming up as a big blob on one side of the board.

Hot Shot goes on the Axiom, Synergy on Syntherion.

IPB Image
Merc 1: The ADO's are there to arc out Magnetic Holds, so I figure it is worth running up the Subduer behind the obstruction for Thexus to arc a Hex Blast out. Alas, he misses. Deflection goes up, Risen/Agitator used to give a focus to the Wardens for them to run up to good spots in Thexus' vicinity. Drudge blobs run up, I spawn a Thrall Warrior to get up into the centre forest to be annoying.

IPB Image
CoC 2: The Vectors stay clumped centrally like a.....clumpy......thing......
The Reflex Servitor blob on the right split into two groups, the front rank run and engage Drudges, the forward Warden and an Overlord, the back ones fall back a bit.

The Vectors do various ranged shots, their non-Mother ranged limitations leave the Assimilators to random scatters rather than sweet Grounder Pounders. The shooting overall is rather disappointing, blowing up maybe half a dozen Drudges and the Suicide Thrall.

One ADO runs up the right and arcs Magnetic Hold on the Green Slavers, which is a right nuisance.
Reconstruct goes on the right Assimilator.

IPB Image
Merc 2: So I'd like to Hexblast off Magnetic Hold. Really, that'd be super. Alas, Thexus is to focussed strained for such an activity, as I have an angle to get the Subduer on a Vector but it requires most of his resources. I opt not to ambush, reasoning I'll probably want the troops next round after Syntherion feat devastates mah doodz. Plus what they'd want to do is score the right zone, however I lack the means to get rid of the far Reflex chumps. Stupid floaty orby mines.

Alexia goes first, Risen pop a few of the jamming Reflex dudes and spawn a Thrall.
Risen moving also lets Thexus fall back a little after he feats, which primarily moves CoC models back and pulls forward the Corollary. He TK's the Subduer, pops Decel and sits in Sac Pawn range of Wardens and outside of Axiom maximum threat range (LIVE IN FEAR!).

The Subduer is, alas, to far for an Instigate aura, so he has to try to do things the hard way. He walks forward a bit, boosts and hits the Drag, then whacks the Corrolary down to about half a dozen boxes. Doh, going to have to throw more resources at it.
Continuing on the left side of the board, the Blue Benders Adrenal three of the Pink SLavers, who charge up to kill a flare bot, whack a helmet on an ADO and finish the Corrolary.
The Overlords on this side run to toe the edge of the zone for sweet pointitude.

Centre wise the Green Drudges spew forth obscenities about their over charged Nipple Rings as they shamble in a limited manner and do little.
The Thrall Warrior charges up to engage a Diffuser and pop a Reflex (Trade the free models, hear some white noise, doo doo doo dah)

Right hand/foot/eyeball wise, the Purple Benders pop three of their number to spray down Servitors and this flanks ADO. We are now in an ADO free world, which would be perfect if sodding Magnetic Hold wasn't already tormenting my world.
The Overlords just move around to pop another one, a member of the unit contests the right zone out of old habits not relevant when the only opposing unit is the mechanics.

I get up by one point off the left zone.
While I was content with my successes this turn, the time it took was disappointing. I ended my turn with 29 minutes to go versus 31, so a clock play is on the table, it just isn't as firm as I would like.

IPB Image
CoC 3: Killing Corrolaries actually tends to be an even effect at best. It's most powerful thing is to tilt your average CoC player, however if they have the mental fortitude to not be sad about losing the ring around pony focus then it super simplifies their game plans as they don't have to worry about forming a focus spend chain. Alas, Abedon is sufficiently proficient as to be content and throw down focus as appropriate, so.....doh?

Syntherion Feats and chills up the back.
A Diffuser on the right pops the offending Thrall Warrior.
The left Assimialtor charges the Subduer, misses the charge attack and ends up only popping half its boxes (Though this does include the Brain alas), plus does a gunshot that kills some Pink Drudges.
The Diffuser on this flank (The left) wonders into my Circular zone as well and shoots a guy.

The Axiom shuffle in the centre, throws out Toe Cables, lands both so manages to bypass Shield Guard and drag a Warden in to easily mulch it.

Right wise Vectors mostly hang back in expectation of ambush, popping Risen and Green Drudges.

CoC score the centre zone, now at one apiece.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Bought the Ceph digital forces book for a pittance to read the fluff. Was quite good, really makes me wish the relevant fluff novella from Skull Island had been solely Cephalyx perspective. Rutger and Taryn are garbage guys, give screen time to pretty much anyone else, even Sam and the Devil Dogs had a more interesting take.

Plan is to play for time, however in meantime make scenario plays off the circle zones. I decide at this point that there is minimal value in trying to pop the Axiom, stuff can't get to it. I won't be able to score the right side as one Diffuser is to far back, but whatever.

Left wise, Thexus hovers around a bit, keeping the Obstruction between him and the Axiom with a Warden in Sac Pawn Range. He TK's the left Assimilator out of the left zone, pops Decel and Pschyo Surgery to make the Subduer less Garbage.
Continuing in that zone, Overlords spray at the Diffuser, spike for good damage. I left the Blue Benders a bit far back, so instead of channeling the unit leader casts a single manual Adrenal on a Pink Drudges. It's sufficient as the Pinkies pop the Diffuser, clearing the zone.
Agitator advances behind the obstruction (Wait......Agitator has Sac Pawn Monstrosity. HE COULD HAVE EASILY STOPPED THE WARDEN BEING DRAGGED TO DEATH. I'M A MORON.).

*sigh* anyway, Subduer moves across a bit, hits the Assimialtor and does a free hit for piss all.
Alexia charges him, throws some Risen into the centre zone. Burns all bar three of the Risen to kill the Assimilator.

The Green Drudges keep disappointing their adoptive Cephalyx fathers as they amble about, two of them move into Thexus Hex Blast range to get rid of this stupid testicle clamp issue they are having.

Overlords, Purple Benders and Yellow AMbush Drudges get into the right zone, popping a couple Reflex Servitors on the way. I clump up the Yellow Drudges thinking they'd take loads of time with a Grounder Pounder, though really I could have done that with less of them as I had a weird obsession with getting the whole unit into the zone.

I score the left, get up 2v1.

IPB Image
CoC 4: The Axiom stays central, rolls like Garbage to Accel Spike Pink Drudges. Drags in and kills the Subduer.
A mechanic runs to contest the left zone.
Diffusers and Assimilator contest the right zone, shoots the crap out of the Yellow Drudges, leaving most of the unit dead.

Super low on clock CoC flip the time, they don't score courtesy of the Risen. Good work boys.

IPB Image
Merc 4: Thexus stays cowering, finally Hex Blasts off Magnetic Hold.
Overlords on the left zone kill the Mechanic, in hindsight I forget to activate the Blue Benders who should have advanced to threaten the Axiom. Oh well.

Alexia, Dominator and Risen make laughably bad attacks on the Axiom. As the saying goes, every little bit gets easily fixed by auto-repair.

Green Drudges get Adrenals off the Pink Benders, they charge up and kill a Diffuser while the Yellow remnants engage the other and that sides Assimilator.

I score the left, get up 3v1.

IPB Image
CoC 5: CoC make the best of it, using the Axiom to contest the left and centre zone while flailing at Alexia and popping some Drudges. Time out mid Diffuser activation.

Interesting matchup to me, vastly more so than the Axis/Mother stuff I've gone into a lot at this point. I think if both sides play to clock it favours me, now that I've woken up to the Agitator positioning (Such derro-ness. Cogsarnat.).
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post Aug 11 2017, 04:14 PM
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Once more into the breach! Accept not in any way, I threw down some laziness with the weak justification that it totes gives me a better clue on the side I played. For sure.

Haley2 (Heavy Metal) - Hurricane, Thorn, Firefly, Squire, Storm Strider, Junior + Firefly, Jakes + Reliant, Arlen Strangeways
Strakhov3 + Bros (Legion of Steel) - Conquest, 3x Max IFP + UA, 2x IFP Kovnik, Markov

So wall of Pikes against a few innocent robot electric chairs.

Scenario is Spread the Net, I won the roll, dismissed the terrain and picked first.
There's a large house in front of my deploy, a central forest and a hill next to my defensive flag.
Khador basically gets a trench and a moderately aggressive hill.

Oh, because I'm a scrub Cygnar player, behold the Proxy-palozza:
Siege Crawler = Storm Strider
Earthbreaker = Hurricane
Renegade(s) = Firefly(ies)
Mule = Reliant

IPB Image
Still trying to apply the whole think-about-the-scenario-elements-at-the-start thing, I definitely didn't have to think about it as much for SR2016.
Arlen goes central, him and the Squire are likely the defensive flag scorers. This Swan list works for this scenario as the Central zone being scored only by Haley isn't the worst thing ever, Outflank would be a lot harder. Junior and Jakes have to do work, so no peaceful flag sitting for them, they can go right while the Hurricane and Disco ball make a play for the Khador rectangle.

The Conquest goes opposite my huge bases, looking to be the defensive scorer on the Khador Rectangle, then it's pikemen for days.

The left most Pikemen unit does the Advance Move Dance.

So.....seriously.....the ###### is a Reliant?

IPB Image
Cygnar 1: The Strider and Hurricane get up the left side of the board, the Battle Engine further left. Figure it'll be more independent and annoying for the Reds to turf, while the Hurricane is more anchory.
Arlen runs up behind my Colossal, in range to get to my defensive flag next turn.

Thorn, Haley and her Firefly get up in front of the house, keeping shy of the Advance Movement units Quickened threat range.

Junior bravely cowers behind the house, his Firefly toeing the left side of my rectangle zone, Jakes puts Sidekick on the Reliant, they chill out on the far right.

Hurricane has Arcane Shield, Force Field is up.

IPB Image
Khador 1: All the IFP pop their mini feats, running forward with Shield Wall Triggering. The left most unit with the extra distance up the board gets Inviolable Resolve, Quickened meanders over to the colossal. Strakhov Stealths, the solos hang behind the mob.

IPB Image
Cygnar 2: It's lock down with Feat turn. Otherwise it's ensure I contest, give no models away. Haven't even got a dozen models, losing an early piece would be garbage.

The Storm Strider charges a Pikemen, getting the distance to toe the Khador Rectangle. Bash and one pew pew kills a couple IFP, another shot goes into the Conquest and bounces for a box on the nearby Kovnik. I wanted to put both shots into the Colossal, but that would have been hard/effort to line up while also toeing the zone.
Hurricane saunters up, does a Sweep to crunch four of the Pikies. I intended five, but didn't eyeball the position well enough with Thorn in the way.

Thorn moves up a short wayin the centre, stabs a Pikeman down. Haley then arcs a Time Bomb onto the Conquest so it can't get out of Hurricane threat range and Arcane Bolts down the left most IFP Kovnik. I forget to take his free move for being arced through, so whoops. She feats on 95% of the Khadorans.

Right most is a fairly dead flank really, Junior's Firefly sticks between the circle and Swan rectangle zone, does a body gun shot. The Reliant move up, shoots the lone triangle of Pikemen out of haley's feat range, kills one then gets Energisered back.

Arlan runs to the Swan Flag.

IPB Image
Khador 2: The Pikement Shield Wall and move up, engaging Junior's Firefly, Thorn and the Hurricane.
The Conquest becomes a Wreck Marker for convenience, moves back and stays toeing the Khador Rectangle.
Strakhov stays back and Stealths, pops Feat.
Markov runs to the Khador flag.

Quicken stays on the Conquest, Inviolable Resolve moves to the centre metal pikemen unit.

Reds go up a point, 0-1.

IPB Image
Cygnar 3: Plan is to extricate Thorn, kill centre Pikemen with Cannoncs and fire Big Guns into the Conquest.

The Strider moves across, shoots at the four remaining Red Pikemen, sadly leaves on alive engaging Arlen. This messes me up quite a bit, as I don't have a huge amount of attacks around.
I revise my plan, instead the Hurricane moves up a little bit and kills said contesting tosser, then throws Shots to maul the centre IFP unit.

Haley falls back out of sheer bravery, to keep the Hurricane safe has to throw Time Bomb at the Conquest again. Thorn can't get away, so he's toast.
Haley's Fire fly toes the back of the circle, will need him to have models that can fight in the next few rounds while the Colossals bash for a bit.

Juniors Firefly stabs futiley (Couldn't move as it would trigger a countercharge from a Kovnik). Junior also falls back to further behind the house obstruction.

Far right, the Reliant shoots Markov, does a damage point, Energises back. Jakes also does a gun shot that fails to break armour on a Pikemen then gets back out of Quicken charge range.

Both sides score their defensive flags, 1-2 to Khador.

IPB Image
Khador 3: Centre IFP get Last Stand, Inviolable goes on the right black unit, Conquest remains Quickened.

Conquest aims, boosts to hit Arlen on the hill, leaves him on 2 boxes.

Metal Last Stand IFP charge Thorn, implode him. Take out a column on the Hurricane, unit gets left with a couple members.

The Black Metal IFP move up and Shield Wall, stab Junior's Firefly down to three boxes that the Kovnik has no issues getting rid of.

Strakhov hangs back in the Trench, his dudes go forward, one hits Haley's Firefly for some reasonable damage.

Markov moves out of the Reliant's Electro field, sticks on the flag.

Both sides score their flags, 2-3 Khador advantage.

IPB Image
Cygnar 4: It's send Hurricane into the Conquest time.
Haley's Firefly moves up, stabs down one of Strakhovs minions and the blocking IFP.
Haley throws out Temporal accelerate, Shelters behind the building toeing out of killbox.

Hurricane charges the Conquest, takes out a side and a bit. Well, that wasn't how I wanted that to go.
Storm Strider shoots Conquest, electro leaps kill the Metal IFP standard bearer (Woot?). I get lucky on the boosted damage rolls and take out the Conquests remaining arm.

Not what I'd hoped, but still pretty good.

I finally get a bit more woke about how needless it is to contest my rectangle when the Flag scorer is right their doing the same thing. Reliant is a mill out of charge range, so he gets Energisers and runs to contest. Markov Counter Charges for some damage becuase I'm a derp captain, low rolls mean poor damage. Jakes stays way back out of control, whatever.

Squire runs far left, it lacks focus points now so it seems more valuable being kept as a contingency scorer.

Lastly Junior moves across, double boosted shot kills the remaining Kovnik, then Repositions back out of threat range. The random solos are now gone, so I'm pretty happy with how that panned out.

I score my flag, scores now level at 3 apiece.

IPB Image
Khador 4: Strakhov puts Last Stand on the Conquest, then uses move and Repo to get to the Cygnar Rectangle. The Black IFP stumble through the central forest, one gets a stab on the Firefly for some reasonable damage.
Markov flails at the Reliant a bit more.
Conquest takes out half and a touch of the Hurricane.

I score the flag/rectangle on the left side of the board courtesy of the Conquest Last Standing, Strakhov gets the right rectangle.

Now 5-4 to Swans.

IPB Image
Cygnar 5: Strakhov is finally not Stealth, I can get Junior, Jakes and Haley's ranged attacks/magic on him. He has one camp, it's tempting but feels like a bait play. I have enough time for 7 rounds if I pace correctly and feels like a firm path to winning, so I went with that.

Firefly pops the last metal IFP, Hurricane and Storm Stider toe the centre and left rectangle between them, kill half the Black IFP. Arlen heals the Colossal and falls back.

Squire goes to my flag in case Arlen somehow dies.

Junior shoots a Black IFP, Repo's back.

Reliant kills Markov, Jakes runs up the elft edge and camps three to try to get to the Khador flag next round.

I score on the left flag/rectangle, Strak scores the right rectangle.

7-5 to Swans.

IPB Image
Khador 5: Black IFP get Last Stand, kill the Firefly and rekill the damaged side of the Hurricane.They end up with a pair of dudes remaining, contesting the left Rectangle.

Strakhov scores the defensive rectangle, I get my flag.

8-6 to Swans.

IPB Image
Cygnar 6: Hurricane gets repaired, Arlen repo's back to his flag, Colossal kills the Pikemen, everything runs in to score, I win on scenario.

Haley remains.....Haley I guess. Cygnar needs their Skorne/Cryx low already.

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Like a dead fish, Haley flops on the ground and spews vomit on everyones shoes.

Haley2 (Heavy Metal) - Hurricane, Thorn, Firefly, Squire, Storm Strider, Junior + Firefly, Jakes + Reliant, Arlen Strangeways
Malakov2 (Legion of Steel) - War Dog, Destroyer, Kodiak, Juggernaught, 2x Marauder, Markov, 2x IFP Kovnik, IFP + Black Dragon UA, Great Bears

This time we have some sweet Outlast, one side gets a trench/forest, other side gets a wall/cloud hill. Also a forest on one far flank.
I win the roll and pick first, content that both sides had something to give cover or a line of sight block. I end up with the trench/forest.
There's also an obstruction on my right, it had so little effect in the game that I had no memory of it being there.

As last time, I'm captain proxy.
Siege Crawler = Storm Strider
Earthbreaker = Hurricane
Renegade(s) = Firefly(ies)
Mule = Reliant

It's not my primary faction dammit! Money doesn't grow on or as a result of trees here, it's all plastic (Though US money isn't from trees either. Anyway....)

Pointed out by CS, I did screw up last time I played this as Storm Striders are Cygnar models, ergo don't have to deal with that arced gunfire like the rest of us. Sigh.

IPB Image
Cygnar 1: The IFP advance move forward.
My stuff runs around, the Strider goes super left , Fireflies/Thorn/haley central, Hurricane to the right and jakes/Reliant right flank.
I do the weird move of Arcane Shielding Arlan. He's the most likely piece to be sitting on the flags, and one of the few pieces vulnerable to a one shot by the Destroyer.

IPB Image
Khador 1: The IFP unit pop their mini-feat and come forward in pairs (Triangles being royally mucked up by the Hurricanes Momentum guns).
Jacks form a rough line, going across the board in order of Marauder/Destroyer/Kodiak/Marauder/Juggernaught. Kodiak and Vel of Mists add to the Cloudness of the table, Malakov Stealthing himself. Markov goes out back right.

IPB Image
Cygnar 2: I've been short on games, which means I lacked the impetus to get this written in a timely manner. Ergo vaguer memory and shorter points.
Plan is kill IFP, save feat until it can go on Jacks.

Far left, Storm Strider toes the left zone, shoots the nearest Marauder and Lightning pops some IFP.
Fire Flies stay centre near Haley, Hurricane edges up to teh right, Reliant stays far right. All of that shoot IFP aside from the Hurricane throwing some shots into the right side Marauder. Basically thsoe Jacks have to die, so softening them up is nice.

I have an odd line of Firefly/Arlen/Thorn. This is because I feared I'd left Junior exposed for a gunshot/repo back action and didn't want the Destroyer to be in, I suspected he was out but copping a shot on those models seemed better than losing Junior.

IPB Image
Khador 2: The few IFP come in, they damage Haley's Firefly and scratch the Hurricane.
Kodiak runs up to the Swan flag, jacks move up both side. Kovnik goes to Khador Flag, Markov ducks right, Malakov, Mechanic and IFP flag bearer hang back amongst clouds and the wall.

Great Bears run up the far left behind a forest.

Khador score to 1 CP.

IPB Image
Cygnar 3: The Jacks are in my face now, no choice but to feat and start grinding, with the side intents of killing off units and solos to equalise the scoring pieces.

Haley feats, stabs an IFP down, TK's the Kodiak away and turns him around.

The Great Bears are out of Haleys Feat, the Strider retreats away from them toeing the zone. Strider shoots the left Marauder again, plus does a shot into the Khador backfield that kills two Mechanics and the IFP Standard. Haleys Firefly kills the IFP grunt, stays in the trench and contests the left zone.

Centre wise, Juniors Firefly shoots the left Marauder mabe? Thorn goes into the back of the Kodiaks, knocks out his Cortex with the pile of nonsense Shield.
Something kills the Kovnik on the Khadoran flag, buggered if I can remember how, best guess is Junior's Firefly.

Right wise, the Reliant moves up and shoots down Markov. Hurricane moves up with Temporal Acceleration, kills the Marauder and hurts the Juggernaught, taking out it's Cortex.

Junior runs way over to this side to cower behind a forest.

No scores, so Khador stays up a point.

IPB Image
Khador 3: Malakaov goes behind the wall, stealths a Kovnik who goes the Khador flag in Veil of Mists. Mal feats.

Left wise, the Great Bears move up in the forest threatening that sides zone. The Destroyer pot shots the Strider, the damaged Marauder moves up and engages Haley's Firefly.

Centrally, the Kodiak falls backa nd stays contesting the Swan flag. The Juggernaught also shuffles from the right towards the same spot, where the remaining mechanics repair both for two boxes restoring their Cortexes.

Khador scores their flag again, now up 2 zip.

IPB Image
Cygnar 4: Mal's feat is somewhat annoying. My concerns are not giving an advance that threatens Haley, otherwise it's kill what I can. I'd hoped the Mechanics would repair only one so de-Cortexing was back on the table, oh well. Also I have to start scoring.

Left wise, the Strider backs up a bit, shoots down the Greeat Bears. Both Firefly go into the zone engaging the damaged Marauder to get int eh way of it killing the Battle Engine.

Right end, Hurricane moves up, shoots to kill the Mechanics, does damage on the Jugger who shifts around.
Thorn charges the Jugger, hoping to take out a couple systems with the charging Spear given it's damaged state. This triggers the Kovnik Counter CHarge, he comes in, does 11 points, takes out the movement and ends the activation. Nuts.

Haley is satisfied she'll be safe, Dominates the Kodiak to walk across and kill the Kovnik, then hides behind the Hurricane.
Junior moved Arcane Shield to the Hurricane at this point.

The Squire is drained of focus and feat is expended, so goes the Swan flag.

I score a point on my flag, still down 1-2.

IPB Image
Khador 4: On the left, the damaged marauder advances and Combo Strikes Juniors Firefly 6 inches out of the zone. The Destroyer moves up and eats haley's Firefly, clearing the left zone. malakov then puts up a Veil at the back of the zone, Stealths himself and moves in to score.

Around the Khador flag, the Kodiak moves up, contests the Swan flag, chews up Thorn and spits him out like he was Sauerkraut.
The Juggernaught moves up to contest my flag as well while toeing the right zone and wailing on the Hurricane. It's been stripped of both arms alas and does does little.
War Doge moves to the Khador Flag.

Khador scores 2 off the left zone and their flag, now in the lead 1-4.

IPB Image
Round 5/Cygnar 6: It becomes time to knuckle down and get the points back before this end on 7.

My 5th turn:
Hurricane moves up, cops a freestrike from the Jugger for not much. Kills the War Dog, Juggernaught and Kodiak. Squire runs to the Khador Flag, arlen to the Cygnar one. Reliant moves across.

In the left, Strider charges in before Juniors Firefly moves up for the damage boost because I'm dumb. The Strider attacks the Marauder with everything but achieves little, Juniors Firefly moves to contes the left as well.

Haley stays in the forest of the right zone.

I score 3 points off both flags and the right zone, now tied at 4 apiece.

Khador 5th: There's not a lot left after my last turn, there's little Khador can do. malakov stays where he is, shoots down the Squire. The Destroyer kills the Strider, the Marauder is to crippled to get the job done against Junior's Firefly.

I get my flag and the right zone while the Firefly stops Khador from scoring, now 6-4 in my favour.

My 6th turn is just Arlen running to the Khador flag, Jakes running to the Swan one and that's game on points.

Well.....that's Haley. I don't mind her occasionally, would definitely struggle with her in the long term as she feels inherently unsatisfying to me.
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