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> Codex Marines vs Iron Warriors V3.1
post May 5 2016, 09:51 PM
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I really need to get more batreps done for the Iron Warriors V3.1.
I have played many games this year but they were almost all using the same list (as I was preparing for tournament play). Not ideal when playtesting an army for approval.

Anyway, here's a game from earlier this year.

Between a rock and the Iron Warriors (or what happens when EVERYTHING goes the 4th Legion's way).

The armies:
Codex Marines
DEVASTATOR [400] 4 Devastators, 2 Dreadnought, Chaplain
LAND RAIDER [450] 4 Land Raiders, Hunter, Vindicator (BTS)
LAND SPEEDER [200] 5 Landspeeder
PREDATOR [250] 4 Annihilator
TACTICAL [375] 6 Tacticals, Supreme Commander
TERMINATOR [400] 4 Terminators, Captain
TERMINATOR [350] 4 Terminators
WHIRLWIND [375] 4 Whirlwinds, Hunter

Iron Warriors V3.1
IRON WARRIORS COMPANY [440] 6 Chaos Space Marines and 2 Havocs, Warsmith (Supreme Commander), 4 Chaos Rhino, Stalker (BTS)
IRON WARRIOR TERMINATORS [350] Iron Warriors Lord, 4 Iron Warrior Terminator, Obliterator
CHOSEN [125] 4 Chaos Space Marine Scouts
OBLITERATOR CULT [350] 4 Obliterators
ARTILLERY BATTERY [350] 4 Chaos Basilisks, Emplacements
ARTILLERY BATTERY [375] 4 Chaos Basilisks, Stalker

The board (corner deployment).
IPB Image

The Iron Warriors Cruiser is scheduled for turn 1.
Throwing caution to the wind, the Iron Warriors teleport right into the teeth of the Marines (Chaos Terminators came in clean followed by Loyalist Terminators. The Obliterators then appeared in a supporting position as other Marine Terminators materialised nearby.
IPB Image

Turn 1 initiative goes to the Iron Warriors!
Chaos Terminators charge in and over 2 rounds of close combat (supported by the Obliterators) the Land Raiders (BTS) are wiped out!
The obliterators retain and double over to fire on the Land Speeders and kill one.
IPB Image

The rest of turn 1 looked like this:
IPB Image
The Marines had the wind knocked out of them but moved aggressively across the board.
Marine Terminators failed to activate and cleared blast markers.
The other Loyalist Terminators sustained fire on the Chaos Terminators placing a BM.
Whirlwinds fired on Defilers.
One mistake was landing the Thunderhawk before the Chaos cruiser had activated (giving the TK pin-point attack something to target). The Devs and Dreads did kill 2 Defilers during the combat landing but the Thunderhawk was destroyed soon after.
Defilers doubled and targeted Whilwinds.
Chaos Basilisks hit Land Speeders and Predator Annihilators.

Marines rallied everything except the Predators.
Iron Warriors rallied everything.

Turn 2.
No teleports.
Initiative to the Iron Warriors.
Defilers Advance and fire on the Land Speeders (killing 3) braking them.
Chaos Basilisks retain and Sustain on the Predators (destroying 2) braking them.
The Devastators sustain fire on Chaos artillery destroying 1 siege gun.
Defilers sustain fire on the Devs/Dread claiming a cross-fire from the Chosen, wiping them out.
Tactical Marines retain and Advance on Defilers killing 2 and braking them.
Chaos Basilisks sustain fire on the Whirlwinds.
Whirlwinds sustain fore on the BTS Iron Warriors Company.
Iron Warrior Terminators Advance on the broken Land Speeder (no effect).
Terminators follow them and fire on the Chaos Terminators.
Obliterators fire on the Whirlwinds.
Other Terminators fire on the Obliterators.
Chosen Marines March to get within 30cm of the Predators (to hinder their rally rolls and claim objectives).

After turn 2.
IPB Image
Predators and Land Speeders fail to rally.
All Iron Warrior formations rally.

Turn 3.
Iron Warrior Terminators wipe out the broken Land Speeder and claim the Blitz.
Basilisks retain and fire on the Whirlwinds.
Marine Terminators Advance on the Chaos Terminators ready to support a follow-up Fire-fight engagement from the remaining Terminators. The Iron Warrior Terminators roll incredible dice (or maybe it was that indomitable Iron Within spirit) and wipe out their opponents with the loss of only one stand!
Obliterators Double and target the Tacticals.
This is followed up by the Iron Warrior Company and only one stand of Marines is left.
Defilers move to claim 2 objectives in the Marine half.
Whirlwinds fire on them placing a BM.

At this point it's an obvious outcome.
IPB Image

To say the dice were in my favour is an understatement!
Still a fun game fro Frosthammer and I.

If there are any other Iron Warrior players out there, it's time to get the batreps flowing in. If we can get the required amount, the list is ready for approval.

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