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> Admonitions of a Suss Sufferer: Mark 2, all about Mark 3
post Jun 29 2018, 12:36 PM
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Game 331 - Kraye (HM) vs Wurmwood (BoO)
Epic Pit

Last game of SR17. Using a scenario that stayed in the packet, so nevermind!

In the wake of the sydney event and Steve's merry adventures, I concluded that Junior has successfully passed his eval with flying colours. So much so that what we need is more juniors, not less! Get down that focus strain! Apply the Pat methodology to Arlen!

Caine0 also pre-released his ruleset and the model is in the post, so back to that proxying thing we have a mild distaste for.
I really wanted Ace to fit in, his point higher than a Charger thing caused some issues. Wouldn't have happened if i'd just ignored the Loud Ones rules and had a 74 point list to start with.

I end up dropping a Centurion, a Charger and Arlen.
Caine0, Ace and a Defender go in instead. The Defender is there as an awkward compromise for the two jacks Kraye lost in his battlegroup, plus 16 points is a funky spot for Cygnar jack selection. I almost considered a pair of Firefly or changing Juniors jacks, however only two heavies seems not stellar and sometimes a Shield Guard model is clutch.

Anyway back in the land of corruption and round-a-bouts.Had a night randomly free as did our current pusher of Trees and magic rocks, so lets get rooted.

Wurmwood Megalith, a pair of Wold Wardens, triple Wold pew pew bots that make my upkeeps sad, single Shifting Stones, Double Sentry rocks, support models.

I grabbed the top stack of terrain out of the box, then deployed it via....DUH DUH DUH....the quadrant method. Remember that? Neither did I.

I lose the roll, Circle pick first. They suggest (Such impertinence!) that I take the side with the defensive obstruction. A cunning pschological play, as my contrarian instincts try to kick in and I weigh up switching sides. Thankfully that got wrestled down like a bear and a cub in a consenting adult human relationship out for a night on the town.

Ergo, I get a cloud on my left and a hill/obstruction that poke into the centre zone. There's also a small forest on my right.
Circle have a left side wall, a trench/water feature centrally and their own forest on the right.

The least live scenario in the packet I think? Feels like it won't be to quick anwyay provided I don't lose to much early on turn 2.

IPB Image
Circle 1: Everything moves up, Sentry Stones on either flank.
There's a Farrow Bone Grinder unit. They realise they smell delicous and start stabbing each other, leaving just the unit leader and Wurmwood with three souls.

IPB Image
Cygnar 1: My stuff moves up, generally out of threat ranges. Kraye puts Admonition on the Minuteman, who runs up and to the right. I have just no idea who to put Fire for Effect on (Correct answer is no one) and throw it on the Sentinel, given Junior is going to be hiding until the Wold Pew Pew things are dead and Arcane Shield is worth throwing out. Maybe still worth it on a Centurion? That's a math problem for later.

IPB Image
Circle 2: My Space Cadetness is probably punished with a hard spanking as the Minuteman gets absolutely torched by a Pew Pew Wold. Worst Admonition ever.

Manikins run around as part of a plan to double hellmouth Megalith into the two Chargers I put to far forward. It falls apart when the desire to feat is also maifested, which means Meg's has to trample and gets traded for probably only killing a single Charger.

We roll it out as though Wurmwood doesn't pop feat, instead double Hellmouthing and porting backwrds. I end up with a 60% assassination run, so it's a good thing I don't play Wurmy as that's what I would have done.

In any event Wurmy pops feats, basically taking out the centre of the board. So many trees. Everything else basically runs around in positions of safety.

IPB Image
Cygnar 2: There's a beautiful simplicity to playing on Wurmwood feat turns. Because you can do dick all.

We get a new Centurion Steve as the left msot fella charges up and kills a sentry Stone/enemy objective with the help of Horsepower, then repos out of control. Lynus and Edrea cheer him on.

The Defender moves across, get a bead past Wurmwoods forest to one of the Egg Carriers (Stone Shaper Wold buff doodz) and blows it away before repoing back into the cloud.
Central Centurion polarity fields and contests with a couple of the mechanics.
One Charger moves forward suidcidally, engaging Megs and a Warden to act as an annoyance. The other Charger backs up for the longer game.

Right wise the Sentry toes the zone, Junior hides behind the forest and Ace/Caine track shot the other Egg Carrier to death.

Enemy objective killed, 1-0 to me.

IPB Image
Circle 3:Time since the game is starting to build on me alas. Curse you memory wobbling.

Megalith kills the suicide Charger, one Gallows Grove and pew pew bots toe the left zone.
One warden parks in the centre of the circle zone, Strangleholds the contesting Centurion.
Rightwise the other Warden and pew pew bot kill my objective and slam the Sentinel into Ace.

Circle score on the right, with my objective killed we now sit at 1-2.

Cygnar 3: I was pretty happy with my spot at this point psot Wurmwood feat turn, casualties hadn't been the worst and I couold clear out the left with gun shots and keep my feat threat live.
I am struggling with the right side, missing that third Centurion quite badly at this point.

Lynus/Edrea, the Defender and the Charger shoot the pew pew wold in the left zone. Take out maybe half its health. Oh. Damn. I thought it would die with ease from those attacks.
Ace also has a go while Caine kills a Gallows Grove, doesn't help much.They pop Infiltrate.
Still need to score the left to keepsome scoring parity. Alas Kraye has to pop feat to wander over and land a shot, this lets Steve charge in for free after starting out of control and killing it.

Central Centurion is Strangleheld, so he just wonders forward to engage the pew pew Wold in front of him.

Right wise Junior wings the right Warden and repos back to be behind the forest.

I score the left, now 2 all. Not a success turn.

Circle 4: Megs goies into Steve on the left, strips a bunch of boxes but fails to take out any systems. Super glad I killed the Egg Carrier strength buff bros.

Wurmwood toes the centre zone and Curse of Shadows the Central Centurion, who missed a free strike on the pew pew Wold he was engaging. He than dies to the Warden in front of him.

Circle stuff takes over the right zone, easily kills the Sentinel.

Hippies score the centre and right scenariom, 2-4.

IPB Image
Cygnar 4: Four rounds and theirs a Sentry stone left alive. Not a good sign.

Defender and Steve kill Megs, the former repo's across to engage a pew pew wold.

A mechanic and the squire contest the central zone, it looks like nothing contested the right zone? That seems like some subpar playstyle there. Practically a DC movie.

The various gun shots plink the Wardens for some damage, I don't think they did a great deal.

Kraye ends up way out on the left, so the remaining Centurion is nolonger worthy of a specific appellation.

We both score on the Rectangles, 3-5.

IPB Image
Circle 5: The left Warden and Pew Pew Wold combine their powers and become a subpar Vegeta. They use this new found power to kill the Defender and contest my zone.

The contesting mechanic is brutally murdered, surprisingly the Squire sitting on the hill survives and thus Circle only score the right zone.

Now 3-6.

IPB Image
Cygnar 5: Well, this is spinning out of control pretty hard. Looking like we'll go the distance and I'll lose on control points, need to start scoring on Circle turns to even the pace.

Between the Centurion, Charger and Kraye the Warden and Pew Pew bot contesting the left rectangle are killed.

Squire runs into the Trench on the Circle side, contesting the centre zone. Ace toes it as well and wings the remaining Pew Pew thing.

Right wise Junior wings the Warden for sod all, then repos behind the forest.
Brave sir Caine runs up into the zone.

....yeah, Caine and Junior *really* should have swapped job here. Woops.

I score the left zone, 4-6.

IPB Image
Round 6/7: Yeah, this is getting foggy as. I end up killing the Wold warden and protecting my zone, scoring it in Circle turns.
Junior follows Caine in exploding whilst contesting.

The last turn of the game I kill the Wold Pew Pew bot scoring the circle right zone, so we end up leveling at 8 all, then I pip it on army points destroyed.

Needed to not waste the Minuteman and have a better plan for contesting the right zone.
Probably enough Kraye for me in the meantime, time to stop being a lazy smuck and get the Haley3 list painted. I don't have the time to get even reasonably across her prior to Wintercon, so that will likely be Winions in any case.

Game 332
I proxied Slayer spam into the above Circle list for a game.
Was weighing up how much I really wanted to write it up, which was solved by the pictures erroring out.

Not a list for me. Not just snowflakyness, I didn't feel I had to play it particualrly well. I ran stuff up, feated to early, moved loads of Slayers out of control. Combo strike and defensive stats meant I rode through with minimal difficulty/effort, jsut had to remember to camp on Gaspy and keep him safe.
Hard pass on doing that for a day of games.
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post Jul 6 2018, 12:33 PM
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Game 333 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs Kallus1 (PT)

Alright, I'm 37 games in with Arkadius. Now seems a good time to work out what counters him to make an off list. I'm sure I've tried this before? Right? Please?

Anyway, one of the things I wasn't pro since Ding whacked me with a bell at OTC(Oz Version) was Primal Terrors. Maelok didn't feel like it was cutting it, the infantry feels to me like it goes hard in the direction of Posse while the Blightbringer and Hellmouths never die.

My initial thought process is what kills Hellmouths and either gets away or is expendable. I end up going with Bone Swarms with a full Corpse load. For about 24 hours I think Calaban is worth a go, making a list and putting the models in the travel case.
I promptly ditch him like a depression in the ground as Rask seems to do everything better (Fury is easier to apply, Boundless Charge gives distance, Veil of Mists allows shenanigans).

For once I use these reps for what they are meant for, reading back through the Rask reports tells me that I mostly produce absolutely nonsense.Also that Bone Swarms actually getting corpses will be nice.

Those previous games used a Blindwater Congregation list that didn't look good enough. I was opposed to running two Work for Food lists, however Dahlia seems vital for getting past the early stages of the game and having some form of contesting.

Ends up as Wrastler, Swamp Horror, 3x Boneswarms, a Pot, Ninja Pig, Dahlia and Skarath, various solos and support packages that got rapidly changed three times before I lined up a game.

The current local purveyor of the slightly wankier Dragon (Like, Toruk at least has the respect an fear of other Dragons. Everblight is the power mad maladjusted one who got power without first dealing with their inner trauma).

It's Kallus1 with Blightbringer, Harrier, double Chosen, double Rotwings, couple Spell Slaves, Ammok, War Chief.
The bane of my attempts to not whinge: Double Hellmouths.

Scenario is Invasion, central forest and water. I lost the roll and don't find my options to be to amazing. I get a hill on the left, a defensive wall and an obstruction to my right.
Legion ostensibly get an obstruction on the left, a trench in their advance deploy line and a forest on the right.
The centre forest has an impact, otherwise most of it doesn't come up.

There are legion proxies because playing with Rotwing models is an undertaking only the mad aspire to. It is yet another Full Nelson of minis placement.
Speaking of mini's placement, there was some glorious slop this game. Like Pigs in mud we were.

IPB Image
Legion 1: Unfortunately learning has happened, so one Hellmouth is behind the central forest and the other is sheltering next to the obstruction on the Legion left. Curses. The Forest Sarlacc is preyed by the Totem Hunter with the optimistic take that it'll die and I can pick a target of opportunity.

Oh, there are no Raptors. They are just the other Chosen unit.

Everything runs up, including Kallus. Tentacles out front, Rot Wings behind, then Chosen/Blight Bringer.

IPB Image
Minion 1: Legion is far up enough that it's time Rask to feat. I hate feating on the bottom of 1, it's a sad time.

Stuff mostly advances some short distances. I put Admonition on the Squid, Fury on a Bone Swarm and Boundless Charge another.

I mistakenly think the Squid has pathfinder. He doesn't. he charges a Tentacle, irrelevant in the end as he fails to kill it.

The Bone Swarms all move up, the left most goes in and kills the Tentacle that Squidhead failed at. Other pair of Bone monuments buddy up, one is the Boundless Charge version so he goes up and eats a tentacle. The Fury'ed one runs up next to him to stop drag effects.

Alten and the Efaarit try to get a free Chosen, targetting the right most fella who is well outside the Blight Bringer aura. Alten does his bit, the Efaarit flubs it hard. They then reposition out of dodge.

The Swamp Gobbers run exxxxxxxtreme flanks each, going up the left and right board edge.

IPB Image
Legion 2: Kallus stays were he is, behind the forest. He puts Ignite on the right Chosen unit and pops Dark Guidance, which I hear is a Welsh controlled Podcast.

Rot Wings run up into my Grill. It's a sad time. Skarath tries to spray a pair, flubbs it.
I admonition the Squid to move up a short distance. The thinking was that I might be able to engineer getting him onto the Blight Bringer somehow.

Chosen flood forward and get into my Bone Swarms pesonal space. Forgetting Dark Guidance means I only lose the Furyed fella. Rotwings giving -1 Def is weird and nonsensical (All that other magic and Dragon stuff is totally real and logical though, can't question it).

IPB Image
Minion 2: By god. I'm so boned. This is way worse than I thought it would be. I teched for Thagrosh dammit!

A bunch of the Rotwings are out of Kallus' control, so I could spend my turn wiping them I guess. Or I could just try to kill Kallus.

It's all about Ninja Pig at this point. Edrea clears Rot Wings off, also nuking a Swamp Gobber.
Totem Hunter clears out a blocking Spell martyr and the Incubi that spawns afterward.
Right Boneswarm kills the Harrier.
Rask moves over, drains his Fury and ends up with Admonition on himself.
Cauldron goes, the Gator smacks Brine on the butt.
Rorsh pops smoke to get Brine up.

Brine is Furyed, Boundless Charged, Puppet Stringed, Pain Responsed. He Pig Farms and charges the back Chosen.
Hits, Chosen passes tough roll. Oh dear. Next initial kills the chosen, last Initial is boosted to hit and burns the Puppet Strings to kill the Incubi and let him Overtake to Kallus. He has to boost to hit his one bought attack, so this dream is looking dead. I knock him down, max Fury to leave Kallus on 5 boxes. Oh well, it was low odds by the end of it anyway.

Wrastler killed some Rot Wings. Swamp Horror and Bone Swarm contest the centre zone, they achieve little.

Leftwise Skarath kills three Rotwings, Dahlia runs into the left zone.

I ran out of attacks to kill the Chosen contesting the right zone, so don't even score. Quick games a good game?

IPB Image
Legion 3: Alright, Rask is camping 0 and Admonition isn't that good a protection.

Things do not go as expected.

Blightbringer shoots the Swamp Horror and gets the strenth buff out.
Right hellmouth uses its spawned tentacle to drag Rorsh in and kill him. Alas poor Ninjas.
Remaining handful of Rotwings move up to Rask, who Admo's away.
The right Ignited Chosen struggle around, killing the blocking Mist Speaker and Boneswarm.
Objective survives longer than expected but ultimately does pop.

Left flank is somewhat stymied by Dahlia stopping charges, this sides Hellmouth does nothing of note, the Chosen pop the last Boneswarm and roll horribly on Skarath, doing a single damage point. The Swamp Horror gets messed up however it somehow survives, albeit it almost as messed up as a Tween getting really into Twilight.

The only score was the objective kill, so Legion go up 0-1.

IPB Image
Minion 3: On the verge of a clock win, so it's just hold on time. Otherwise it's just make attack rolls and see what happens.

The only things that threaten Dahlia are the Bling Bringer and Kallus casting Eruption, so Skarath uses Gunfighter to spray down a Spell Slave, also killing the War Chief. Dahlia keeps fiddling the left zone (Create your own priest joke here as your taste level determines).

Swamp Horror still has Spirit, so boosts attacks to kill the Rotwing holding up the Wrastler.

I need to clear a Rotwing off Rask, so Edrea goes into melee and nukes it. Also does a damage point to herself, kills a Swamp Gobber Bellows fella and rolls Box Cars on Rask. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE DEATH INCARNATE.

Rask Rages the Wrastler, then shuffles across to Fury/Boundless Charge the Totem Hunter and to the right zone, paralyzes a Chosen. Said Chosen is then killed off by Alten and the cauldron shooting it.

Wrastler walks up to the centre zone, overtake, damage die spikes and garbage tough rolls lets him kill four Chosen. That Gator is so good I wouldn't even throw him at someone to stop them talking about Last Jedi Fan Reboots.

I fail at target selection, so the Efaarit moves up and shoots Ammok for three points while the Totem Hunter charges the Hellmouth for 6 damage.
The Gobber Chefs continue the long play, running around to the Legion side of the Circular zones.

I score the zone and this game of nonsense continues. 1 all.

IPB Image
Legion 4: Clock win to me this turn, we play on as I'm curious as to what happens from here.

Blightbringer charges in and kills the Wrastler. That's the attrition possibilities lost, he probably could have used overtake moves to get out of threat. Whoops. Or Admonition, though I didn't have the Fury for everthing last turn.

Kallus continues his healing protocol from the objective and lame Hyper Regen, now has 9 boxes. Puts up Dark Guidance, moves forward somewhat and throws Ignite on the Chosen around Skarath.

Chosen around Skarath stab, now with the ability to actually hit him. He gets left on three odd boxes of Spirit.
Left side Hellmouth Tentacles just wiggle around and regret life.

Right Maw and Ammok try to kill the Totem Hunter, they roll poorly and only do a couple damage points.

Legion score the centre zone, now up 1-2.

IPB Image
Minion 4: Only one thing left to us at this point. The Kallus must be jabbed with a pointy enough implement to crack it down to the sweet tender skin underneath.

The right Swamp Gobber Chef is rewarded for his efforts, charging in and killing Ammok. As...planned....
Rask tries to finish off the Hellmouth to cycle Totem Hunter Prey and let him charge, he cocks it up.
Efaarit moves up, manages to do 6 points. Good stuff.

Totem hunter walks over, jumps, Stabs Kallus and kills him.

Not how I thought things would go. I had no attacks I could do on Kallus after that, Skarath wouldn't survive the freestrikes to spray, Alten and Cauldron couldn't get line of sight.

Matchup Wise: Might be ok? It's no hard counter but bring enough tools and stuff happens.

Swamp Horror should have used Drag/Puppet Strings to drag Rotwings out of Kallus' feat, getting kills and denying Incubus spawing. Poor Admonition use, should have been on the Wrastler from the get go. Biggest screw up was throwing away Bone Swarms, who should have been further back out of Chosen advance and punch range. Ninja Pig probably should have been central to threaten Hellmouth Maws, though pathfinder being charge dependent is not ideal.
Cauldron is awesome.

Only thing currently in the air is the support package. Both a Witch Doctor and a Spell Slave Gator would be nice, however they only get in by cutting stuff. Still loving Lynus and Edrea because I have a disease. Deep in my membrane.
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post Jul 17 2018, 12:17 PM
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Game 334 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs The Child1 (DM) - Mini Rep
Epic Recon (v2.3, ye slight flag shuffle)

Had a quick bash on the zap night commemorating Gyebaek's not very good day.

Laziness compelled me to randomise the terrain. I lose the die roll, get given second.It's relly a choice between a conjoined pair of walls or a cloud, I opt for the walls given my significantly better pathfinder options, though adding Veil of mists to the cloud bank would have made me happy as well.

Grymkin run forward as a brick with flanking Gorehounds. One S & M runs just into range of Alten and the Efaarit, so they move up and knock it down to 15 boxes. Pretty happy with that. I feat on the bottom of 1 which felt sad.

Second round Grymkin move up somewhat more cautiously, the pair of Crabbits hover over to the injured Skin and Moans. One of the Gore Hounds was designated as the Totem Hunters Prey, so that fella runs out to the left. The unfortunate result of Prey against a battle group heavy list, mayhap the Death Knell would have been a better option.

In any event, my bottom of two sees me get a bit stuck. I want to score the right zone, which means killing a pair of Dread Rots and a Gremlin swarm. This means triggering Sacrifice as the Crabbits will stop Alten applying Grievous wounds to him. Solvable with the application of mroe quality guns in the area, alas I lacked them. Better to pop Sacrifice now than later, not like Alten and the Efaarit are done with their damage for this game.

Dahlia and Skarath use the walls to contest the left zone. Good luck popping that nonsense, only thing Grymkin have is Force Hammer to threaten the flutist, boosted 13's to force a transfer. Glorious.
Alten and the Efaarit wing a Crabit on the right, Totem Hunter gets magic weapons and charges it. Rolls the 1 and 2 to miss it, so that's a shame. His shield pops the Gremlin Swarm then he sprints toward the right.

Attacks on the Dread Rots whiff pretty bad, so it looks like I'll only score one point this turn off my flag. Alas.

The Bone Swarms pop their animus and walk up onto the hill. Opposing list doesn't have a massive number of pieces, pretty sure whatever comes in to kill those things will let me trade up. One also has Admonition.

Grymkin 3 there's a large tank stop. The Dread Rots charge the Swarms, the Admonition one triggers it to move forward and shield his comrade.
Embarrasingly it takes two of the Skin and Moans to kill the fetid pile of skulls. Swarm successfully fills it's niche (Lots of missed boosted 8's).
A Gorehound goes into the Totem Hunter and kills him. Such evil. He's the only one of his kind until Zu come out! (Though I guess he stopped me a character in teh transition from Mark 2 to 3, so that statement doesn't mean very much). Then again, I don't give a sod about Zu.

IPB Image
Child ended up moving forward, so Rask lands a Paralyze shot and a Bone Swarm + Skarath kills it without to much trouble.

Bit awkward to write this one truth be told. Ultimately I won on clock and was always going to due to opposing analysis paralysis. I weighed up just doing a short paragraph deal, the Boneswarms using their Animus with success however jsut sticks with me. By the power of Swarm.

I'd forgotten just how much I liked Boneswarms.

Coming soon to a low ranking in Frawleys Cave:

Minions - Swarmin'
Theme: Will Work For Food
3 / 3 Free Cards 75 / 75 Army
Jaga-Jaga, the Death Charmer - WB: +27
- Targ - PC: 4
- Blackhide Wrastler - PC: 16 (Battlegroup Points Used: 16)
- Blackhide Wrastler - PC: 16 (Battlegroup Points Used: 11)
- Boneswarm - PC: 7
- Boneswarm - PC: 7
- Boneswarm - PC: 7
- Boneswarm - PC: 7
- Boneswarm - PC: 7
- Boneswarm - PC: 7
- Boneswarm - PC: 7
- Boneswarm - PC: 7
Gatorman Witch Doctor - PC: 0
Gatorman Witch Doctor - PC: 0
Eilish Garrity, the Occultist - PC: 0
Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron - Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron: 5
Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron - Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron: 5
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post Yesterday, 03:24 PM
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Game 335 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs Wurmwood1 (BoO)

One last gasp of practice before Wintercon. Not hugely feeling it alas, need a holiday from the daily coal mine which isn't on the horizon so the weekend tourney will probably be tepid results wise.

Think I played this one without to much stupidity, alas I'm somewhat disinthralled from introspection and thinking through my plays so this won't be a deep dive (On scale from 0 to American invested in their local politics I'd rate myself a 62.7%).

Playing into Wurmwood, dropping Rask as he needs more practice. Definitely in a better position with him than I was at Cancon (Every so often I still here the screams from the night of a 1000 kicky monk heals).

Doesn't feel great for me. Hellmouth bad for low model count lists, Haunting Melody is in the bin with all the construct warbeasts, Swarm does sod all.

Terrain wise there's a cenralish obstruction, a fog bank on the centre left and a deep wall on the circle side. Other terrain does not make an impact.

IPB Image
Minion 1: Stuff runs up. Wurmwood is going behind the house, so the plan is to just assassinate when the opportunity allows. Veil of Mists goes out touching the fog bank, Squid thing gets Fury, one Boneswarm gets Admonition and triple corpes from the Pot Saucing it up (The teasing minx).

Deliberately ran some beasts in walk and spray range of the Sentry stone units, hoping to entice some sprays rather than things being run into position.

Totem Hunter Preyed the right Sentry unit. Didn't feel like there were strong choices, Cassius would be ideal but it highlights that I really want to kill that sodding.....sodder.....

Fury on the Hentai beast was a mistake, it should have gone on the Totem Hunter. Stealth and being further left would have helped future turn decisions.

IPB Image
Circle 1: Alas, the enticement works just as well as trickle down economics as twigmen run around for future turns and to hellmouth the Squid into the fog bank. An issue easily solved by keeping him 3 point a Bee's Baby Gravy Maker away from the Fog Bank (Opening turn means Wurmwood has no souls and can't pop a second Hellmouth).

Fortunately there's only one Anti Magic Pew Pew Wold on the left side, so the Squid beast survives with half a dozen boxes.

Super unfortunately both it and Bribe get Strangleheld by Wold Wardens. Sadness. No straight up killing Wurmwood this turn it is.

IPB Image
Minion 2: The only thing the World Cup reminds me of is David Beckham jokes. Basically, to my understanding, he's not the brightest of lads and Posh Spice didn't cease to exist when the girl group broke up.

One Boneswarm gets all the buffs (Fury, Elasticity, max Corpses, Puppet strings, Boundless Charge), charges next to the house to eat Cassius and break the Stone unit. Good Boney Pup. Shame you are going to die so hard.
Other Bone Swarms sidle up behind the house, intending to kill the now immobile Wurmwood next turn.

Everything shuffles around. Alten kills a Gallows Grove on the left.
Gobber Chefs run into threaten scoring/contesting things.

Rask has feated this turn.

IPB Image
Circle 2: Megs kills the forard Bone Swarm Hero, a different Warden pops one of the others. Squidy pops to various attacks.

Michael Bay makes both trash and piles of money. SAD. Remember SAD?

That's all good. Reasonable casualties.
Wait.....Skarath gets hellmouthed forward and dies to Wold Wyrd shots.

Circle scores the left flag and their zone, 0-2.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Gah, bored now.

Can't get anything onto Wurmwood. Stranglehold and feat sadness, maybe everything should have just pushed up harder and accepted some casualties? Oh well.

Totem hunter jumps in, kills the Blackclad on the left flag, sprints behind the wall. Goodbye sweet prince.
Remaining Boneswarm gets Fury, moves up and kills Megalith after an Efaarit shot. Well.....damn son.
Brine kills the left Sentry Stone, the nearby Woldwyrd and then gets Souied backwards.

I score my zone and the centre/right flags, now 3-2.

IPB Image
Circle 3: Feats are expired. Wurmwood can't move. Unfortuantely....

Strangle death times! Brine and the Blackhide both get pinged. Boneswarm and Efaarit both die, Totem Hunter survives Wurmwood trying to nuke him.

Circle score their zone and left/centre flag, now 3-5.

IPB Image
Up to Circle 5: My heavies stay Strangleheld, my bit pieces remaining lack the hitting power to clear out the Wold Warden contesting my zone. The plan to win on clock falls short by a pair of minutes as Circle cruise to a scenario victory, needed to focus fire on solos more early and palce better to allow the assassination after the good start.

List feels okayish. First game I wish Lynus/Edrea and Dahlia/Skarath were something different, though both of those would be ameliorated by better play (Casting Counter Blast on my feat turn, positioning all three models better).

Temptation to just do the Bone Swarm list is stronger than it should be (aka at all).
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Lo-Fi Version Time is now: 21st July 2018 - 06:37 AM