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> 2019 ETC Australia open applications
post Oct 8 2018, 04:28 PM
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Here is an open application for provisional placings for the Australian ETC 9th age team for 2019.

We are looking for serious interested parties so we can form a provisional team structure we are looking to have a team selected and completed by Dec/Jan.

Like every year the team and selection process evolves this year in particular we have debated the team goals at length and aspirations noting the players commitments both financially and the large personal time sacrifices to the cause. As such we have moved to look at a more competitive team makeup and to move from a mid-tier placing team to a strong solid team with a circa top 5th position capability. As always reputation is key and will remain a strong ethic. We will therefore look to pick the best team members across the community and potentially other regions to achieve this.

To kick the process off open applications have been activated best of luck in your application to join the team should you put your hat in the ring. I strongly encourage people to apply it is an amazing event and IMO the best tabletop miniature experience.

Following are some questions to find availability, commitment for the year. Our hope is to get the team finalised across the Dec/Jan period to allow people to have as much time as possible to prepare.

Applications must be completed and sent to "ak_etc_australia@hotmail.com".

There are a minimum of 7 playing spots open for this process with 1 coach ideally.

The Team is made up of:
- 1 Captain Spot (Akhter Khan)
- 2-8 Open applications
- 1+ Coach Spot
- TBC Secondary player(s) as a backup to the present team

Team Goals, we feel its important to set a target and position so people are aware of what is expected:
1. Be a competitive and strong 9th Age Team - finish circa 5th at the ETC and win the Ashe/Bledisloe.
2. Each representative is to be a positive and active team member that puts team performance and enjoyment ahead of their own.

There are some deliberate implications of the above such as you may need to play an army and a style that might not be your preference. You need to know when to have fun and when to focus on the team objectives (ie having a clear head on game days, adhere to the schedule). You need to dedicate time per week on specific ETC practice and preparation (this is outside tournaments and social games and hobbies). You need to play fair and accept the decision of the team and direction with good grace.
** I cannot stress how important this section is, you will need to accept team review and group decision making. Practicing and applying the advice and team direction is a fundamental element to players roles. **
Usage of Universal Battle 2 will be critical and there will be an expectation for heavy usage of this tool and games put in.

You will be asked to play specific styles of play and on games at the ETC put under pressure to push/play bad matchups or asked to restrain and conserve points which will be essential for the overall team position. Whilst appearing obvious some players really struggle with this concept please note this is crucial and you will be put in this position often.

There are many factors to be taken into account when choosing the team, see the following as a guide:

What criteria can help an application (but which won't make you a dead cert)?
- Having prior ETC experience (for any country)
- Good placings in Aussie Tournaments/Events
- Playing multiple armies (circa 4) to a strong tournament standard
- Being familiar with Universal Battle 2
- Travelling interstate to tournaments

What criteria will not be helpful to an application (but may not be deal breakers)
- Having a history of being a bad loser
- Only playing 1 army- Only playing 1 army
- Only playing a limited number of tournaments and comp packs per year
Player/Team synergy is crucial, it is important team members can work well and Gel with each other this is an important criterion.

Raising funds from the community is welcome and everything helps but please note any raising of monies goes to a central bucket for the entire team. We will not support anyone raising funds from the community for an individual basis.

When answering the questions please elaborate, simple yes/no answers dont give us much of an idea of how to fill the available positions.

Please remember we will be picking players who fit into a group dynamic with synergy and a highly competitive environment. There will be a stand-by list made, this in-case someone pulls out due to unforeseen circumstances to fill any vacancies.

Also be aware that if successful you will be part of a team, a team that everyone will be committing large amounts of time, money and effort to be part of. So please dont try to say you can fulfil an obligation you wont be able to, be honest and hopefully the outcome will be a team that can proudly represent Australia in Serbia.

OK some prerequisites:
1) How available are you for the dates for the tournament 2nd week in Aug Novi Sad (Serbia). (i.e. are you definitely able to make it, available depending on money/other factors.)

a. Make sure you can Fund this- allow at least circa $4k (from Australia) unless you want to go for longer, then its naturally more but obviously in turn you can shoestring this for less. This is critical for the team if you cannot make it say so and dont put 7+ other players trip time and effort at risk by committing to something you cannot any last min pull out can put us in deep water.
I cannot stress this point any higher if you cannot commit financially please consider the others and dont apply.
b. Have time off work/study
c. Wife, Girlfriend etc make sure your permission slip is signed

2) We will expect a significant level of commitment re practice, play-testing during the year. This involves actively working as part of the team to develop your armies. This involves trying new combos that might not inherently suit your play style, and trying your army out at tourneys regardless of how that may hammer you in comp. You would need to commit to practicing your armies at the majority of tourneys for the year if not all. In addition, the use of UB "Universal Battle 2" for practice/test games is essential.

We will look to have a weekend meet up in Australia either NSW or VIC at least once before the event where practical (typically around an event). Typically, prior to list submissions to iron out the kinks and tweak lists effectively.

Bootcamp prior to the event is also something we will look to organise, to practice and get ETC play routine. This has been the single most positive change to the team in years to improve our game and play hence the requirement to attend. We will agree a location Australia/Other closer to the event day.

We will be doing skype calls regularly on tactics and lists, games played etc and a whatsapp group, all typical items.

Here are the questions for this years ETC 2019 9th Age please evidence your responses as much as you can to help you and us in the selections, more detail the better.

1) Name, age and state/country
2) How many armies have you played regularly and to what standard, what's your best top 3?
3) What armies have you got the experience with to play at the ETC level under the current edition, and what strengths/weaknesses do you see those armies as having under the ETC system?
4) Are you prepared to play an army designed for draws?
5) What describes your play style best, mixed, aggressive, defensive?
6) How many practice games and competitive tourneys of a decent size 30+ do think you will attend from now (October to July 2019, include CA if you attended), how many did you do last year (Oct-July 2018) ?
7) Are you prepared to invest the time required to discuss tactics, help with list-building, assess other teams lists and generally being an all-round team player?
8) The previous years ETC teams have put Australia on the map as a team that plays Warhammer in the spirit of the game. Playing well but most importantly playing fairly and ensuring a competitive yet challenging game for all involved. Winning the tournament but coming away with a reputation for dodgy playing or as a team of wingers will not be acceptable. The language barriers heighten these factors and miscommunications are common. How do you feel you would be able to fulfil this role as ambassadors for our country?
9) Can we have a brief wargaming experience profile from you including what you see as your personal best achievement in wargaming?
10) What do you think you can bring to the team?
11) What 9th age experience do you have todate?
12) What else would you like to add in support of your application?

In respect to a coach position during the application process we will approach players re this important role but any interest please mail.
As previous years a selection committee will be used a combination of several players from last years ETC campaign. We will hold skype calls with prospective players to help with the selection process and assist candidates with any queries/questions.

Please email your application to the following address


Lastly I would say this is a fantastic event, best play and social experience I have encountered you wont regret going. We will also help all new players and the group is well tuned in assisting new candidates your in safe hands, good luck.

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post Nov 29 2018, 08:34 AM
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Is there any reason they keep going back to Serbia. All of Europe to choose from and novi sad again.

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