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WargamerAU Forums _ Modelling Diaries _ [Confrontation] 400 points of Behemoth Orcs

Posted by: Magnus Jun 22 2007, 07:00 AM

Thought I'd better get this army finished but new mystic look awesome so had to make a few tweaks.

1 Kolghor @ 83 AP
Elokani's Sling;
1 Elokani's Sling @ [15] AP

1 Brute Standard-bearer @ 24 AP
1 Brute Musician @ 24 AP

1 Moutanieer of the Behemoth @ 35 AP
The Mountaineers of the Behemoth;

2 Moutanieer of the Behemoth @ 70 AP
The Mountaineers of the Behemoth;

1 Mystic of the Behemoth @ 28 AP
Gift of the Mongoose;
Kiss of the Earth

1 Troll @ 73 AP
The Trolls of the Behemoth;

3 Brutes (Machete) @ 60 AP

So will need to convert some brutes and a WoS to a mountaneer. Thought I'd just replace spear with a club. Would like a better mage but non available (A Behemoth Sun of Thumder would be cool).

Posted by: Magnus Jun 22 2007, 07:02 AM

So here are some painted models , not quite finished (need to detail and sparkle) but ok to play with. These models (especially the moutaineers) has so much detail its incredible. You don't really see it until you paint them.

Mountaineers -
IPB Image
IPB Image
Warriors of stone -
IPB Image
Brutes -
IPB Image
Troll -
IPB Image
IPB Image
War staff -
IPB Image
IPB Image
some of the boyz
IPB Image
Have ordered a new mystic but only power 2 so will do until a proper mage is released

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