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> Admonitions of a Suss Sufferer: Mark 2, all about Mark 3
post Sep 28 2017, 03:22 AM
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Edit: Yeah, the next bunch were written when they were played, then I super slacked on putting them up (Plus they involved other peeps WTC lists, I don't care much about people knowing my scrub plays but would rather break my left pinkie than do it to someone else)

Welp, the phone camera played up and is mostly black. Awkward.

A last ditch practice game in Canberra against Eadan, once more it's Gorten vs Vlad2. The Gorten list isn't as good in the match at this point, as it's there to fight Menites and normal Khadoran lists without sodding Outriders.

It's Standoff, I win the roll as a desultory single digit appears on Khadoran dice. Yay Anastasia!

I pick first, because we've played this game before and I need some friggin board presence.

It's our WTC lists that will change dramatically afterward due to theme releases.

There's a central forest, a wall poking between the Khador Rectangle and the right zone plus a laod of other terrain that doesn't come up.

Early Game: I advance, they advance, I kill most of the Rifle Corp with the Earthbreaker. I fail to ambush Anastasia as she was .5 out of charging Kovnik Joe, should have run her on anyway.

left wise I position my Eliminators to block charges on Versh/Eiryss, this is a mistake. The right Elimiantors go in and kill their Khadoran counterparts. Silly.

Mid Game: Vlad feats, sends the relevant things in. Drakhuns come forward into the heavy bases, Outriders kill Eiryss and the left Eliminators, lose two of their number to Versh (They had Hand of Fate). Ruin kills my other Eliminators. The last Khador Eliminator murders Aiyanna. Manhuntress kills my Objective.

Vlad has started scoring on his zone.

I get super greedy in reply, not expending Gorten's feat but failing to kill the Manhuntress on a 75%ish play (She's vlad feated, Charged by Brine with Animus up and boosting all attack rolls). I otherwise kill all bar one Outrider and Dismount the left Drakhun, the Earthbreaker fails Dismally to kill the right Drakhun as I made an error in my order of activations (Gorten should have placed a wall first. Net result leads to....

Late Game: The Marauder gets into the Earthbreaker and kills most of it. A misplay stops Ruin getting in, after other pieces attack the colossal is left with 6 boxes of corte and movement, so I'm still potentially ok. Then a lone rifle shot kills Thor, stopping the repair and I'm pretty sunk.
I feat at this point to try to get back into it, killing off the Drakhuns and Marauder, alas my earlier mistkes come to the for and I concede as Vlad cruises to an easy scenario win off scoring his own rectangle.

The end state:
IPB Image

Fun game into competent opponent as always from Edon, though minorly dispiriting to make so many mistakes in a game pre-WTC. After this I made some desperate attempts at weekend games to try to get some prep and rust shaking off.

GAME 228 - Gorten1 vs Amon1

Next last minute practice game at Master of Outboards joint, Gorten into Amon with sweet Jack spam, piloted by an Avatar of Empanada.

Throw down Breakdown, feels like the Amon list can slow the scenario way down which deprives me of my primary win condition.

IPB Image
Early game: Earthbreaker moves up left, Crawler up the right. Anastasia ambushes in, right side Choir mostly get killed. Gorten ends up having to feat on the warjacks, as Versh and the Earthbreaker kill the book. Amon and the Indictor manage to stick near the zone courtesy of the anti movement upkeep, whatever it's called.
Eiryss hangs around on the right constantly disrupting a jack.
I waste Brine, sending him off to the right where he does some average-not-great damage to a crusader.

IPB Image
Menites limp forward, easily kill Brine. Heavy Jacks hang around threatening the Earthbreaker, staying outside of it's charge range.

IPB Image
Gorten tries to back pedal somewhat as random attacks get made.
Poor positioning means Amon can easily get a path to charge in and kill Gorten.

Didn't play this super well. Key points being that I certainly underestimated the strength of the Amon list, in particular the Indictor's having reach made the wall placement suuuuuuper painful.....
Brine should be kept to threaten assassination. In general any attacks on the unarmoured git are worth it, need to play on that more than grinding out the support.

GAME 229 - Thexus vs Twins

Yet another test game, this time Twins with double Thrones. No tentacle monsters down my way, have to see just how awful this matchup is. I suspect it might be playable, just have to wince and accept whatever pain comes my way. Thexus, the threat ranges of general Legion is far to brutal for the Gorten list to handle in an acceptable way.

I theorized that Recon was the best list for the particular version of Twins, so down it went.

IPB Image

Early game: I get to run my stuff forward, Thexus hangs back. He leans toward the left as the Obstruction can be used as a safety block from flying gribblies.

Legion run up in response.

Banishing Ward is on a Throne to stop it being shoved across into ambush threat range, this makes the various Legion beasts a potential target. A Warden wanders up the middle, arcs a Rampager onto the Scythean, dragging him forward to be charged by three Adrenalled Slavers and a Thrall Warrior. They leave him on one box, so that was lame. Had I done things properly I could have TKed the Subduer forward to net drag the Scythean in, oh well.

Legion's response is to zerk out, leaving thrones behind but sending in Rhyas and the various Beasts.

The two on field Slaver units both get thoroughly mangled, being left on about three blokes each. The Warden losing 2/3rds of its health but keeps its Brain.

IPB Image

Mid Game: Thexus feats and shuffles back to stay safe.

This lets Alexia charge and kill Azrael, while the damaged centre Warden knocks over Rhyas using the Seraph. The Subduer then drags Rhyas in and kills her. The ambushers flood in from the right, two get adrenalled and leave a throne on 18 boxes.

IPB Image

Abrupt end: Even with the loss of a large number of my models, Legion are quite screwed. I can lose most of my Drudges or Monstrosities, but not both. Legion pulls out a series of last efforts, I've under contested the zones so Legion just manages to clear the zones, run everything to scoring areas and featback Rhyas to kill the Subduer. Legion get to 5.

Dangit. I'm OK with Legion pulling out a scenario win on the most advantaged scenario. Long game where I lose a ton of dudes, but at this point I think it's doable (I'm going to get smashed at WTC by this exact list aren't I?)

GAME 230 - Thexus1 vs Fyanna2

Alas, mighty sickness prevented the test game against the evil robots (Though realistically no character or person of any depth is trivially labelled into one of broad 9 categories. Also, Myers-Briggs is bull######. Just saying.).

Thus, a second pew pew stab stab bang bang mosh deal into Legion. This time seeing how the Fyanna game goes.

Recon2 was probably the right scenario to test, alas it does feel a little weary. Not true statistically in a comparison of final versions of SR2017 scenarios, since when have facts stopped emotions though?

Um....anyway, randomised Standoff. An obstruction in the middle and some scattered forests look like the sort of formation that I imagine Legion flying nonsense enjoys.

IPB Image

Unpack: My stuff goes forward. In a moment that felt super weird Thexus actually did a charge to facilitate the plan for the next round.

Legion responds as expected, stuff runs up. The Angels, one with Admonition, go the most aggressive, popping up behind the central obstruction. Fyanna actually feats, accepting my large threat range. Quite the nuisance.

IPB Image

They can't all go long: Things basically go my way far ahead of expectations. I run a Warden up, he arcs a Rampager that brings the Admo Angel forward out of Fyanna's control. Thexus then Hex Blasts to be rid of that pesky upkeep. He feats, pushing back most of the Legion beasts away from him, including sending the second Angel out into the open. He then walks toward the left, behind the forest.

The left Angel then gets mobbed by Pink Drudges and easily killed. On the right, Green Drudges get Adrenalled and charge the right Angel to get some damage on. They do two 2-Drudge CMA's with an Adrenal lead, I rolled better than I deserve and murder it. Sweetness.

Thrall Warriors run up and engage some stuff.

IPB Image

The end: Hail Mary time for Legion, the attrition lead already being tilted hard.

A Neraph manages to come in, Overtake through Pink Drudges and Animus to pull the Subduer away from Thexus out of Sac Pawn range. Fyanna comes forward and misses with a Gallows (for damage, plenty of blocking models). Seraph and a Sorceress do shots, they leave Thexus on 3 boxes.

Should have run the right Warden across into Sac Pawn range. Got a good general idea of what to do at least.

I'm not going to go into any Legion am I? It's going to be Ghost Fleet uphill struggles all rounds?

GAME 231 - Thexus1 vs Wurmwood

This time it's running goldfish bowl wearing naked men at lumps of wood, a test of Thexus vs Wurmwood. Particular version pulled randomly out of the WTC lists, probably a poor selection method. Particular iteration has all the character warbeasts (Loki, Ghetorix, Megalith), some Farrow and a bunch of stones. Played it on Breakdown with a bunch of trees and an obstruction favouring the Circle side. Pretty sure I take massive casualties over the course of the matchup and just have to wait for opportunities.

IPB Image

Early Game: I take second for first scoring opportunity and to avoid having to try to force my list of huge amounts of dudes through the ######ty gap between a forest and that obstruction.

I try a silly long shot play. A Warden gets up the board and arcs a Rampager onto Ghetorix, who is penned in by stones so can't come forward to die. That's all good. However instead of sensibly popping a stone I swing at Cassius and hurt him a bit. Sillyness.

Wurmwood ends up moving toward the left and feating, a pew pew stone unit is on either flank and does quite well to pop the Overlords positioned to threaten the stones with sprays.

IPB Image

Mid leg up: I wait out the feat, ambushers swamp from the right and pop the stone over on that side.

Circle end up sending Megalith and Ghetorix forward, they clear out the centre zone and score it.

Overlrods move forward and get lucky, popping Cassius.

I feat to move Ghetorix and Megalith forward, then send a Warden into each under the Agitator aura. Ghetto pops, Meghalith manages to hold on.

Megs then kills the Warden that went him, however the right side crumbles as the Farrow get overwhelmed and I start scoring the right zone.

IPB Image

Close out: Circle clears out the left several times as I run models in to contest, however the right is mine and I keep Thexus safe. My time gets horrifically short and clearing the middle zone proves to be expensive in terms of minutes spent, so the game ends with me just right stuff to the left while I score the right outpacing circle. Concession on the bottom of round 6, as I have 2 and a half minutes which is more than enough time to run stuff into zones and take the Mercy win.

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post Sep 28 2017, 07:16 AM
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Game 232 - Thexus1 vs Karchev1 Test Game

Alright, I'm home from WTC after 20-ish hours of flight and a multi hour bus ride. Shower happened. Garbage junk food happened.

Photo sorting and Game report writing/posting wasn't going to happen, then leg cramp after an hours sleep said get the ###### up and do that. So here we are, with what everyone really wants: More pre-WTC test stuff.

He-Who-Deafens-With-A-Whisper wanted to try out Karchev vs Thexus. I.....didn't really want to? It basically takes to much time and effort to chew through everything and it's what the Gorten list is for, so I swallowed some Concrete and got on with it (It was only later I released I could have just swallowed down beer at this store and fixed such lame mental screw ups).

Ergo, it's Thexus dude swarm vs Karchev Jack bloat.

IPB Image
Early Game: I get first and push up the board. A Kodiak gets drawn in to my rectangle zone, Khador can't push the early score on the bottom of 2 due to contesting Overlords in zone corners with few ranged attacks that can try to kill them, while the ambushers pop in on the right and annoy a Marauder.

IPB Image
Mid Game: It's fairly clear to me that my best play is scenario, hence the deliberate effort to not allow Khador to get those early points. Thexus pushes to get the models toeing the centre zone out, while Alexia goes into a far forward jack and spends Risen outside the zone relatively inefficiently in order to remove all the models that would stop her scoring.

It falls apart quite quickly alas, as a Thrall Warrior, three Adrenal Drudges and an Instigated Warden fail to kill the Jack in my rectangle. Bugger. 20 Armours is plentiful armours.

IPB Image
Late Game: After that Khador jacks fling themselves forward, though a second Marauder gets distracted attacking the ambushers who don't matter.

I slowly get ground down whilst scoring. I end up 3 to 1 at the start of my 5th turn, and seemingly revert to SR2016 as I put my final pieces into suicide positions to get five control points total instead of five ahead. Well.....thank god I didn't repeat that mistake on the weekend. Right? Future Angry Norway? WHY WON'T YOU TELL ME?!

Game 233 - WTC Test - Thexus1 vs Haley2

And onto the next lets-see-how-Thexus goes for someone, it's the arbiter of B+ vs A, Sir J-Ding with Haley2.

In spite of her recent errata, I fully expected to verse the annoying Time Wizard in the tourney, so it was worth having a go.

Filthy Drudge Spam vs Haley in Heavy Metal with Hurricane, Strider, Thorn, Jakes and Junior with pew pew jacks.

It is the super live Spread the Net, so scenario it is.
My real concern in the matchup is a near paranoid delusional state of fear of.....sigh......Arcane Bolt. I want to kill Thorn super early so that I have more options on hiding Thexy.

IPB Image
Early Game: Thorn gets Arcane Shield and stays in the middle of the board. Dammit. It'll be one of those matches then.

I go first to claim board space, primarily I don't want the Hurricane to get up into my face. #### runs forward. Thexus hides behind Monstrosites. The Strider goes on the left, Hurricane on the right.

I move a Warden forward, TK the Strider to the side, send in three Adrenal ambush Drudges, 2 CMA ambush Drudges and a Thrall Warrior, sadly leave him on a couple boxes. I also screw up my placement, leaving Thexus poorly placed so that the Arcane Bolt Assassination run can happen.

IPB Image
Mid Game: Dingding elects not go for Arcaney death, instead choosing to Grind out (The attrition play. As far as I know no game time was spent on Grindr).

It stretches into a long ride, the ambush Drudges get destroyed post haste, the Ironclad gets traded for my previous Arc Node Warden.

In reply I manage to push up the left, finishing off Juniors jack and the Strider. Risen generically spam forward. The right flank has a mini war of my models contesting the Swan flag, annoying the Hunter and watching the Hurricane light up the world.
Thorn gets gummed up by said Risen, losing his arc node to a Thrall Warrior.
Haley holds her feat, popping it late in this game period. She also Arcane Bolts a few billion Drudges.

IPB Image
Late Game: I kill Jakes Hunter, and have enough pieces to stop Jakes scoring the friendly flag.

The left side becomes mine, whilst the Hurricane is outside of my killing power now and contests the centre, I have a horde of leaderless Risen that run as a blob occupying the centre.

Scenario now doomed for Haley, a heavily crippled Thorn gets up to my flag occupied by Thexus. Haley ends up charging forward for the late Arcane play, Deflection, camp and Sac Pawn stops the assassination run without to much issue. There's a concession before I trivially win on scenario.

Feeling alright about the matchup, providing I don't do that silly move of leaving Thexus open early on. By my count Haley2 killed about 12 Drudges with Arcane Bolt over the course of the game.

Game 234 - WTC test - Thexus1 vs Caine3

Next test round: Thexus with all the dudes, versus Caine with all the guns, 4 charger variant plus Hurricane. Piloted by the Aussie version of a young crippled Andre the Giant.

IPB Image
The Game: There's no middle/late stuff here. Caine goes first, moves up. I move up, running a Subduer to kill Watts with a Hex Blast.

This then leaves Thexus with only two Sac Pawns, so the swans go for the kill, Ace Thunderbolts one away. Everything that can then shoots at the remaining Warden and Thexus, falls short needing a boosted 9. Caine is then so dead it's amazing.

Well.....good to know. Don't be sodding greedy, just remember that Sac Pawn is literally life.

Game 235 - WTC Test - Thexus vs Dreamer

Now that beer is enabled at the game store, let there be madness. Or at least Arcana. Silly, silly, Arcana.

It's Thexus Drudges vs Dreamer Menagerie with triple Rattlers. Killing those tools is the priority.
Grymkin piloted by the mighty Canadian Oak.

IPB Image
Opening Half: The Rattlers go out on the flanks, the Kenny Loggins region if you will. Rampagers pull out Ruin, still manage to get Adrenal Drudges were needed and the horrible potential of light beast blendering of innocent Drudges. I use my feat to get the early points of the centre and the right.

IPB Image
Closing Act: There's some back and forth, Overlords hunt contesting Gremlin Swarms while the Skin and Moans prove difficult to remove, plus a Desolation pull making the centre zone a great deal harder to access. I maintain a firm grip on the side zones and the Faeries have little chance to score themselves.

I end up getting ground down on clock, ending up with a speed turn to clear the left zone. Drudge hordes fail to pop the Skin and Moans, so it ends up being a desperate Rampager to close out the scenario points.

Truth be told it ended up a far more even matchup than expected. On more Spready Netty iterations Grymkin would struggle hard, here however being able to bunk down and contest with relative ease played out pretty well. Ruin turned out to be a disappointing effort, moving early corpses on the Cage Rager with central Rattlers would have made it an even more aggravating game to win (Presuming I pull that off. Like a Snake pulling off that Salsa dance he's been practicing for all his life).

Game 236 - WTC test - Thexus1 vs Skarre2

There's actually a time skip here, as we had some proper games amongst the random testing.
Ergo, a game that took place after some others. I like to think of myself as a Looper, rather than the real alternative which is a broken VCR tape.

The test is Thexus (You saw that coming right? Left? Upper Middle? Split Lip? Not just because I've started putting titles at the top of the Batreps?) versus Skarre2.

I've no idea what we thought would happen, because it's sodding non-theme Skarre2 so...yeah.....slightly outside my normal considerations.

Early Game: Skarre gets first and sets her junk barreling forward. I run stuff forward as well.
Skarre then feats on herself, Barathrum, an Arc Node, the Kraken and some other junk. Bathroom gets forward and kills a Warden who was further forward then the others. Ghost Caine follows behind, the rest of the Cryx forces hang back. Black Spot shots maul some Drudges. Ghosty Caine begins his horrific work, or would accept he rolls as well as North Korean Diplomacy.

Bathroom has Admonition, so Thexus spins him around with a TK, then an aimed Instigated Subduer shot knocks him down, drags him in and easily kills him. MAT 12ish Drudges surround Caine and alas fail to land a blow. Otherwise I easily claim the right zone while Skarre have the centre area for the moment.

IPB Image
Mid Game: The Kraken knuckles down in the middle, while Cryx tries and fails to clear the left. Lots of Drudges die, alas for the...I guess more Evil of the smucks....Caine tries to kill Alexia, only to be undone by Shield Guard and Hyper Aggressiving into engagement range. Sweet. I continue to chill out on the right, while Thexus keeps playing footsies with the Krakens threat range. I slowly take the scenario lead.

Late Game: Having kept them in reserve, the ambush Drudges push in on the left zone. Thexus feat lines up excellent Overlord Sprays. Drudges go into the Kraken, taking off half of it and contesting the centre zone hard. Enough stuff dies in this period for a victory by Skarre to be super untenable, a last ditch assassination by Kraken blasts and Skarre throwing nukes falling well short.

Strong game for Thexus. Skarre in this particular matchup needed a far better assassination potential, I'd hypothesize that a feated on Kraken barreling toward him would have been the right move, though realistically I doubt I'll ever see this list again. Bah. I'll think about it then.

I hate Ghost Caine so very much. *grumbles ignoring the personal decision to take 60+ models with super victim stats*
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post Sep 28 2017, 08:42 AM
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Game 327 - Gorten1 vs Strakhov2

Um.....Brussels....cobblestones everywhere....Beer....something about Chips....

We get the sweet chance to travel up to Antwerp for a day and inflict ourselves on super sweet locals (That I would then not get the chance to swap Jerseys with. I choose to blame vague drunk states rather than my incompetence).

We voyage down the creaking stairs of doom into a basement attached to a murder labyrinth. Good thing there were war dollies to distract me from getting lost in the (presumed) Dungeon of Madness.

I roll up into Wout, who willfully inflicts this string of madness on himself.
IPB Image

We journey to the tables, I once more lose to the mighty gravitational pull of Epic Recon ( I know, I know, I've played more Breakdown than Recon. It just doesn't feel like it dammit).

It's Mercs vs Khador, typically I'd face Vlad1 out of the opposing, miniature availability forced the Strakhov2 game. Good thing for me, I thought it was playable but hadn't practiced it at all.

The table is fog bank style, with the most important terrain piece being a cloud in front of an objective on one side. I....lose the roll? Win it? I've no sodding idea. I end up picking sides, which makes me think I lost it. I picked the defensive side of said fog blob, which was a terrible decision I'll examine later.

The Strak list is double Kodiak, Double Regular IFP, Black Dragons and standard Legion of Steel trimmings.

IPB Image
Round 1: The Khadorans are coming right for us! Black Dragons central, other IFP on either flank. Kodiaks lumber up the back with the other non-Advance Move losers.

I throw out rough with the Earthbreaker. Pigs hangs with the Crawler on the left to be the muscle.
Eiryss goes super out to the right, because I genuinely don't know how to not flank with models, a lesson I should have appreciated for later on.

After I've moved up I have the realisation that I've willfully not provided a model to score the right flag, which is the entire sodding point of Versh in this matchup. Egads man, what are you doing?!

IPB Image
Khador 2: Black Dragons pop mini feat, Strakhov pops the real version. A massive line of Shield Walls advance forward, Kodiaks flank. Buff spells are out. One Kovnik chills on the Khador flag, the physical embodiment of hte gods of strategy rolling their eyes at me. Jerks.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Those sharp pointy things that explode are way to up in my grill. It's feat to delay and try to kill as many of them as possible.
Anastasia pops in, moves over and contests the Khadoran flag (Big W astutely points out later that she could have hidden wholesale in the forest and been quite annoying to kill. Sin #271 for me).

Gorten moves up, scatters an Eruption amongst the Khadorans, then feats things. After which my other junk shoots stuff.

It's.....not an impressive effort. Strakhov's feat does an excellent job keeping stuff alive, and I wait so long for Aiyanna to activate that she Stealths instead of Harming. I have no defence or reason for that. I even fired, the siege crawler, realised I hadn't put Harm out, then started attacking with the Earthbreaker. It was madness enough that I ought to be the incompetent campaign manager for Cthulhu to stop his presidency.

I also didn't get the right Kodiak with the feat, so Eiryss disrupts him instead of running back to my flag to score (left her out further than 10, so a reposition move wouldn't get me there).

IPB Image
Khador 3: The Khadorans limp back. The vanilla IFP then pop their mini-feats as I didn't kill the UA's and basically get back to being in my grill. Oh dear....

Anastasia gets an axe the size of her body in a defenestrating position. It wasn't pretty, but it was quick.

Kodiaks stay in the back half of the zones, the Pikies pop the Green Eliminators, my objective and lightly ding the Earthbreaker.

Khador gets up 2 to zip on scenario in what we call an oh-####-this-is-the-inverse-of-the-plan situation.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Alright, priorities are digesting all this gum in the centre (the 7 year digestion thing is a fable thankfully). Well, do that and contest the Khador flag.

Rightside, Aiyanna throws out harm. Can't imagine how I knew to do that. The Earthbreaker does a Tuned Up Sweep, which mauls loads of Pikies and give me some hope in the game. Eiryss moves up and once again Disrupts the right Kodiak.
Red Eliminators also go in on this side and get some good work done.

Left wise is....not so good. The Crawler is a poor model to attack Quickened Shield Wall guys, so I lose all good ideas and throw an Eruption with Gorten to Bulldoze models in, except that Pikemen triangles effectively stopped that plan.
The Crawler has a go at killing things, predictably does poorly. Versh also lines up on the Quickened Pike men, to my surprise he is a smuck.

Lastly, Brine gets smoked up to the Khador Flag, promptly gets knocked down and nearly killed by Countercharges. Straight up incompetence on that one, though double V's excellent positioning made it functionally unavoidable.

IPB Image
Khador 4: Great Bears kill Rorsh, Brine disappears in a squeal of panic.
Pikies, Markov and the left Kodiak kill the Crawler. Eiryss, Aiyanna and Holt all get engaged. The right Kodiak Cloud Bursts to kill my remaining Eliminators.

Khador gets up 4 zip, with Strakhov hanging back while stealthed. I have a turn of models taking freestrikes trying to get to contesting positions, it was a low odds play but alas I think of no other and it all crumbles apart.

I'm sad at my poor showing here, I got cliniced. Key points, trying to go vaguely macro to micro:

1 - Insufficient understanding of the matchup. Killing the IFP Officers before they mini-feat to counter my feat is vital to gaining advantage in the feat exchange, even if said killing proves relatively inefficient versus the work required
2 - Initial move out displayed complete lack of forethought on scenario play
3 - Chose the wrong table side. With Advance Move, the cloud needed to be on the alternate side as the Pikies push far enough to make it an issue

In any event, sweet time. Belgiums are great. Would get smacked around like a smuck again.
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Game 238 - Thexus1 vs Kallus1

Second game against ze Antwerpens (we walked through sky water and stuff through a poorly planned back route of sketchiness, there was going to be more than one display of me getting super smashed).

It's the mighty Niels, with unexpected Legion. Down tumbles non themed Kallus the first, with many a Grotesque, Hellmouth and a Blight Bringer mascot.

We change table. To Epic Recon. As expected I guess?

I win the roll and pick the safety side with a sweet obstacle that Thexus will hug and love. So much love.

IPB Image
Legion 1: Grotesques come forward, Hellmouths placed to contest both zones. Which means this'll be a loooooooong game. Oh dear. Gargantuan is dead centre, with its low speed, Hellmouth and the Objective it's relatively pinned in the back or could head to the left, so that's a thing.

IPB Image
Merc 1: My stuff also runs forward. Such plays. Finesse and stuff.
I make a Thrall Warrior to annoy a Hellmouth tentacle and keep Obstructions or a pack of Drudges in the way of anything dragging a Monstrosity forward for free.

IPB Image
Legion 2: 'Ol Blighty throws out an AoE that scatters onto nothing. Two tentacles from the left runs out of command to tie Drudges up. Grotesques move cautiously. Deathstalkers kill some dudes. Placement is relatively conservative

IPB Image
Merc 2: I ambush in around the Legion flag, come in and eat Swordsman and Grotesques. Drudges otherwise move forward slowly, I don't bother killing the out of command Tentacles. A thrall sits on my flag. Things remain weirdly tied up and not filling out the centre of the board, slowed by blocking pieces and terrain.

I go up a point.

IPB Image
Legion 3: Kallus hangs back and feats. Blighty moves to a point to give the armour buff to the Hellmouths.
Grotesques come in and do some attacks. All the tentacles from the left block up the centre pink Drudges, right side do some attacks and contest.

Legion scores its own flag, now 1v1.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Let's just lower th expectations of a fast pace thriller now, this is an epic joust between two turtle swarms slowly approaching each other while sending passive aggressive texts.

There's no value to me killing the Tentacles out of command, or much at all this turn as Incubi are better than Grotesques.
I kill the right Tentacles, send a Warden into the relevant Hellmouth. Bounce off it hard.
Other grotesques die, but only when reliable follow up attacks exist in order to kill the spawned Incubi.

I sadly fail to get anything to the Legion flag, so we both score to 2 all.

IPB Image
Legion 4: The ambush Drudges get rekt, only the unit leader survives.
Grotesques and Slavers are both somewhat limited but fight on, while I have a healthy amount of Benders.
A Deathstalker chills on the Legion flag, the BLight Bringer persists in coughing out an AoE. The advanced Warden gets refueled by a few attacks, a tentacle once again spawns to contest.

Legion pull ahead, 3-2.

IPB Image
Merc 4: On the left, the lone Cephalyx ambusher kills the Grotesque assassin whilst the Warden pops the Deathstalker. Now it'll be Kallus that has to score. Said Warlock incidentally gets a Thrall Warrior to the face, though naturally he misses.
Pink Drudges keep killing Grotesques in the centre.
Left Overlrods and Benders line up to be future charge in and contest models.
Drudges and Overlords flood the bottom of the right zone, very few Grotesques now remain. The Warden flails at the Hellmouth for a few points.

Back to 3 apiece.

IPB Image
Legion 5: A tentacle spawns to contest. #R(%*_#%*^_%@^(Y(#Y@%_
The Blight Bringer charges in and eats my left Warden, the reserve Assasssin runs up to be the scoring model. The last Ambusher finally dies. Kallus chills back.

CP's are 3 - 4, Legion advantage.

IPB Image
Merc 5/Round 6: The game grinds ever on, until I finally nail down the model placement and stop the Tentacles having any placement area to contest and no Grotesques around to run into a spot they could make, so for round 6/7 I equal then overtake.

The Warden and Hellmouth fail to kill each other, and I have far tomany models that just jam in to contest for Legion to clear them all out.

Legion Concedes with 2 and half minutes, I have a shade over 3.

Great game. Sweet dude. Let's not do this nonsense again ever. Arghle Bargle.
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post Sep 28 2017, 11:43 AM
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Game 239 - Gorten1 vs Karchev1


Verily, though I walk through the valley of long games, I will fear no clock out. I might ######ing embrace it though, someone get me an assassination faction ASAP.

Final of La Antwerpness, Reds again though this time it's the angry cripple in the life support machine and his Android sex bots.

We've set down on a table I'd pick for this matchup as it has obstruction in teh centre, which forces a split and lets me be a tool with my wall.

There is a severe complication, specifically that the opposing list has two Devestators which adds a complication to my feat. Basically I have to kill one, then it's all onward and upward (Or 8 inches across, whatever).

I lose the roll I believe, end up second. I take the side which will be best positioned to use that house to shield the centre zone, as it's breakdown and the opposing list has a single unit.

IPB Image
Round 1: Battle Charged goes up, the brick advances. I have the Earthbreaker on the left, Crawler on the right. Solid Ground is up as being crucial to stopping the opposing Destroyers triggering Road to War.

IPB Image
Khador 2: The Widowmaker Marksman falls back from Ninja Pig. The Devestators lead out, each toeing one flank zone and the centre. The Khadorans split quite evenly at this point, four Jacks a side and Karchev behind.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Alright, time to get the early score. I want to kill both Devestators before I feat, so the gambit this turn is pop the Widowmaker before he hunts down Thor and the left Devestator.

The Crawler falls back, Periscopes the Marksman. Aiyanna Harms the left Devestator which Holt then dings. Rorsh shoots down the Marksman and pops a round into the left Devestator.
Earthbreaker whirls up, shoots the Devestator. The Khador jacks ends up on 7 boxes before Gorten's activation, which is one point to high for ideal.
Gorten misses the Molten Metal on the Devestator, then falls back. Pops a wall in front of Aiyanna, if she gets hit by a Bombard it's probably all over (Road to War, Feat, Bombard, Dead Huge Base). Awkward to miss with that Molten, could have then pumped in a POW 16 to finish it off but whoops a daisy.
Versh goes into the centre zone behind the behind, where he's super hard to get to.
Eiryss disrupts a jack on the right.

IPB Image
Khador 3: Khador limps forward slowly, barely moving. Versh can't be Devestator clouded. I've left the contesting Kayazy on the right outside of Solid Ground, however the Destroyer on that flank scatters to far to hit them.
The left Destroyer does some damage to the Earthbreaker.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Alright, no ones scored, so the plan can still be a go. I'll have to pull Versh back and concede early points until some damage can go out. Earthbreaker gets some focus, I want to keep Gorten back for now.

Gorten has to go early to put down a safety wall to protect the Crawler from the now enroaching Marauder.
Aiyanna harms the Devestator again. He then gets shot by the Earthbreaker, Holt and the big guns on the Crawler. It takes in the region of 2 points of damage or so.

Well, this ain't good. Ninja Pigs hold back, they've already been messed up by Counter Charges once today.

Eiryss disrupts a jack on the right.

Khador scores, now 1 up.

IPB Image
Khador 4: Disruption and the wall keep the Crawler safe, Khador hunkers up. Battle Mechanics get to the left Devestator and roll quite well to heal him up. The other half of the unit toes the right zone, then the repair grunts that did the work get killed.

A bombard hits and destroys Aiyanna. Alas.

Khador moves forward very little, but now score the centre and the right to go 3 up.

IPB Image
Merc 4: No choice but to commit pieces now.Anastasia ambushes.
Gorten moves up, feats, kills the left Devestator with double Molten Metal. The Earthbreaker moves up and shoots the left Juggernaught somewhat. Red Kayazy toe the left zone with Ninja Pig. Versh toes the centre again. Green Eliminators and Anastasia contest the right. Crawler does some shots, killing the Battle Mechanic unit. Eiryss disrupts a jack on the right.

I score the left zone, now 3-1 for Khador.

IPB Image
Round 5: The Khadorans limp forward, the forward Juggernaught toes the left zone. Karchev moves out from behind the house a little.

The Earthbreaker has no choice but to move into the zone, triggering the contesting Juggernaught and Destroyer into counter charge. I then make melee attacks on them, Tuned up with a full focus load and fail to kill it either, the Destroyer is left on enough for Brine to come in and kill him.

Eliminators do suicide charges in the right to contest and hold the jacks up.

Eiryss disrupts a Marauder on the right and repos back.

I score the left zone, now down one point to Khador 3v2.

IPB Image
Round 6: The Khadorans kill the contesting Eliminators, Karchev runs across to the right side of the board. One Marauder and the extremely damaged Jugger are left on the left side of the house, said damaged jack hurts the Earthbreaker a tiny amount.

I can win this. Just have to score the left and body block Khadors from getting in/make it hard for them to score with high Def solos, achievable with a wall and sacrificing the Crawler for the Great Good.
Earthbreaker kills the damaged Jugger. Brine then goes in to the Marauder, if he throws him away then I can make it very hard for Khador to stop me scoring a point ahead or at least leveling it then I win on tie breaks as I've lost very little.

Brine hits the throw, promptly loses the strength rolls, snake eyes versus a 6.

I blink for a moment at the sudden void where hopes and dreams used to be.

Holt and Harlen run into the Khador Jack brick, functionally as mission distraction while I try to think of something. Holt dies to a counter charge. Eiryss disrupts the Marauder, repos to toe the right zone. Anni toes the top of the same.

The Crawler charges a jack, as I might as well put some damage out. He pews pews a bit.

IPB Image
Khador 7: Karchev feats, there's no impediments so basically everything dies. Marauders implode the Huge bases, a Jugger lands a hit on Eiryss, the Forge Seer gets Anastasia with blast damage from his spell.

Khador get another point of Karchev in the right zone, 4 to 2.

I quickly map out if Brine can get to Karchev somehow, it's not doable so down goes the hand shake.

Content with that. My plans didn't work out, but the options were there, even though things went wrong. At this point I regain a bit of faith in Gorten and relief that Clam Jacks aren't super popular.
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Alright, we're finally here!

Thexus1 vs Fyanna2

The Ruskies gave us Medium Proxy bases that say "From Russia with Love". I'm a smuck who didn't have a present, so.....don't do that. No one likes smucks.

My grids into all the Russia teams weren't great, in this instance I had a pair of weak games and three coin flips. Captain Badge Vest Guy did pretty good all weekend, opting generally for tables (given the slant on WTC terrain this year made it even better) but stilling getting playable games for majority of us every round.

We screwed the process up a little bit this round, as neither team had done the matchup process before. The end was that we picked tables and they got four of the match choices, oh well.
Realistically I got the matchup I was most comfortable with out of the opposing team, getting Leonid with Fyanna2 and Lylth2.

Scenario was Breakdown, I got to pick a table with basically the most Thexus building ever, being located in my backfield with a safety nook. The only other terrain of relevance was another building in the centre of the board, placed such that it only provided average contesting ability for the FLying Dragon minion winiony oniony drubbz.

Match up ended up being Thexus vs Fyanna2, which was a mild relief. I know how to play that game, whereas I'm unpracticed into Lylth2 and Scather templates like, really suck.
The opposing list is atypical, not being one of the 8 clones on the day (Plus a 9th who essentially had dyed eyebrows), having triple Angelius, the support beasts, the support package and Bayal with Hex Hunters. Speaking in strictly hypotheticals during match ratings, it was posited they were there as a unit for scoring stuff.

I lose the die roll. Disaster is heralded. All is lost.
No, wait. He picked first. Yay! The Legion did have a wall I could have used, but I needed the sense of invulnerability.

The game when I practiced it is basically about me taking Beasts and keeping Thexus safe. Typically I can just drown Legion out in a protracted battle of the dollies.

Unpack Moves: Legion slants heavily to the left, Fyanna hides out behind the wall. One Angel gets Admonition in a stunning turn of events. Hex Hunters are the left most flank, while a Shepherd is basically the centre of the right flank and screams "I'm here to contest".

I have a Warden go on the far left for Arc Nodey goodness, the other Monstrosities hang near Thexus in case Angels get good enough position that he needs boxes around him to prevent a landing zone being formed.
My far right units have to run towards the centre to be impactful to the game, the normal flanking Overlords ready to be the primary scorers for the right circle zone.

Legion 2: Beast placement proves to be no where near as excessive as expected. The Admo Angel, one Sorceress and the Forsaken go behind the central building, the rest of the beasts and Fyanna stay in the vicinity of the back wall, Hex hunters form two lines of dudes on the far left with the other Sorceress on the left table edge.

IPB Image
Merc 2: I'm in a good position at this point. None of the Angels are in place to even been in distance to Thexus, let alone get through the bodies around him. There's also certain counter plays against Ambush models of facing and board position that haven't been done, so time to roll out.

Left side of the board, a Warden moves up and Arcs a Rampager at the nearest Angelius, moving him into the left circle zone (Still outside of killing Thexus range just in case I fail to kill it). Three Pink Drudges get Adrenalled, charge him in the back and easily kill it, saving the backup pair of Thrall Warriors from having to get in.
The Yellow Ambushers come in, eat the Hellion and a couple of the Hunters. One Thrall runs up and engages some Hexies as well.

Centre wise, the other Monstrosities stay safe, the Green Drudges move up and have a few of them toe the centre zone.

Right wise the Overlords toe the circle.

I go up a control point off the right zone, now 1-0.

Legion 3: Fyanna stays up the back near the wall.
The Bloodseer, Seraph and Naga move to the left and assist the Hex Hunters in killing the Yellow and Pink Slaver unit leaders plus various grunts, though they don't position super aggressively. I lose about 8 Drudges overall.

The Angels move back behind the house, the remaining Sorceress toeing the centre zone.

In a shocking turn of events, the Shepherd runs to contest my right zone.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Grind out time. The lack of Green Drudge casualties and rubbish Alexia placement meant she got no corpses, otherwise it's going pretty well.

Left side, Overlord Sprays and Drudge attacks reduce the Hex Hunters to a single guy outside the zone. The Warden chills in a trench. A Thrall missiles into the Seraph, I believe he misses.

Centrally, the Green Drudges just run more guys into the zone and don't trigger Admo. The Angels could come in and Overtake them all, that's basically what I want them to do so I can kill them with minimal effort.

The Overlords and Purple Benders spray down the Shepherd, then make an abysmal show of attacking the Sorceress contesting the centre zone, non of them landing a hit (Curse you 7's and 8's!).

Unfortunately optimizing Sprays on the left meant that I didn't have a full cohesive unit on the left, so I only score on the right, now 2-0.

IPB Image
Legion 4: Fyanna stays camping behind the wall, safe but not contributing.

Left wise, Blood Seer, Seraph and Naga cut into the numbers of the Pink Drudges.
Spell Martyr runs up, drags the flank Warden forward to the edge of the zone where a Fury'ed Angelius comes in and kills him while toeing the zone.

Centrally, the Admo Angel hides behind the building as much as possible and toes the central zone.

Right side, the Sorceress toes the zone and sprays down all the Overlords. Sadness.

No scores by Legion.

IPB Image
Merc 4: The dance continues.

The Subduer moves up in front of Thexus' safe haven, allowing a Rampager to be arced on the Fury Angel on the left zone. It is then killed by the remaining Adrenalled Pink Drudges and a Thrall Warrior. The Overlords move in to claim the left zone at last.

The Green Drudges continue their Admonition please-feed-Alexia-dance.

Right side the Purple Benders run up, engages the Sorcerress. A spare Thrall Warrior runs and toes that zone just in case.

I score the left, now up 3-0.

IPB Image
Legion 5: Fyanna moves up behind the central building, feats. Seraph frees up the Blood Seer.
Blood Seer goes into the left zone, kills off the Pink Drudges.
Naga toes the central zone.
Remaining Angel gets Fury, charges and kills the Subduer. Alexia Revels in her one corpse I guess?
Right side the Sorcerress sprays down the Bender unit leader.

I talk through my next turn with my opponent (Feat clear the left and centre zone, run Warden to score and get up 5-0 and we call it.

I played this super safe and don't think I was ever in a position to lose, something basically dictated by the fact I'd played the matchup and L champ hadn't. The Hex Hunters did more work than expected, otherwise everything came up slinky.

We get through this round 3v2 and that game knocked out my jitters, so onward!
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post Sep 29 2017, 01:30 AM
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Thexus1 vs Siege1 - Standoff

Of all the Swede teams, this one had the worst grids for us. Double Cryx and Rahn isn't something I want to deal with. The tables were also not skewed as badly, no fort von Exulon on this set.

Once again the captain saves me from the worst, I end up into Cygnar which I rated at the time as a 50/50, which is the best situation we could get. Piloted by Robin, he's rocking the double battle engine, Triumph and half a dozen light jacks.

Let's just drop the pretence of trying to remember the die roll, I end up going second. My table side choice comes down to either a far that is a bit to far back to be immediately useful or an obstruction that is off to the side that could be a clutch point for Thexus to run away to if the Swans get aggressive. I select the building side, it is otherwise a mostly foresty table with some outlying hills.

Unpack: The Striders stay central with Jakes Sidekicked Firefly between them and Siege behind. A fellow brave Warcaster takes to the field it would seem. There's then two lights on either flank, with Triumph added to the left.
I in return run my stuff up, doing the weird spacing and clumping forced by Cygnar gun to protect the valuable ####. Thexus chills near all his monstrosities with Decel up.

IPB Image
Cygnar 2: Time for the innocent hordes to die.
Siege stays behind his various hidey models, throws out a shot and a Rift for some rough terrain in front of his model Bunker. The Striders and various jacks do some shots, I get reasonable amounts of tough and a nice Hyper Aggressive move by the Subduer gets him out of line of sight of the Strider that was trying to murder him.
Placement is conservative, the swans basically forting up their rectangle and otherwise toeing the flank circles. Arcane Shield is on the left Strider, Sidekick remains on the chump jack in front of Siege.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Time to make like the penultimate villains of Halo1 and flood crap forward, got to gum up the works. Thexus must cower at all costs, though realistically there isn't much that is going to threaten him with the current Swan placement. I'm nervous regardless, keeping Decel and floating him to the right half of the back field. Swan jacks are to annoyingly placed to make it worth coming up to feat in any event.

Left side, Ambushers get plopped down.
The Subduer and Agitator come forward, Net and Drag in Reliant. Turns out the dude has a buckler, who knew? Damage inflicted is not stellar. Pink Drudges and Risen have a go, they leave him on a handfull of boxes with just movement. One Risen also gets up and toes the opposing rectangle zone.
That stuff now done, the ambushers get two Adrenals, they go in and start attacking the two light jacks still in that sides circle zone.

Right side, my Drudge units do a weird spread due to terrain and lightning leap issues, the Green Slaver actually runs into the middle of the forest ahead of his unit, intent basically being for him to draw line of fire as it doesn't matter that much if he dies (Command 4 is not the lodestone people think, it's more a minor aggravation). Overlords on this side also send in two dudes to spray, from memory they don't do much.

I score on my defensive rectangle, go to 1-0.

IPB Image
Cygnar 3: One of the Striders wastes a shot on the stealthed green drudge leader. Round plan success!
He then gets Mage sighted. Not so success.

The Yellow Ambush Drudges and all bar one of the Pinks, all situated on the left, get devastated by shots while, with the two light jacks and the Strider contesting the zone.
Reliant stands up at an awkward time, giving the Subduer an almost real defence score.

The Bunker in the swan rectangle breaks up, with Jakes Sidekick jack coming up into my rectangle where he butchers the Dominator, Siege falling back a bit and getting Arcane Shield.

The right zone sees the Charger fall back while the Firefly mans the zone, using a wall to make pushing him out super inconvenient. A few Green Drudges and their unit leader end up dying.

Swans return the scoring favour, now 1 all.

IPB Image
Merc 3: I think this is the first time the Dominator has died before Alexia. Pretty sure that's a severe sin in Cephalyx society.

Primary plan is to push the scenario play on the the circles, get rid of this annoying side kick jack and try a low odds assassination play for giggles.

On the left, Overlord sprays kill the Charger and mess up the Firefly. Risen Jam around.

In my defensive rectangle, the Agitator Instigates, the Wardens charge the Sidekick jack and with boosted charges and hard rolling 8's manage to kill it without to much issue (straight dice on damage). The jacks def makes Thexus feel OK about moving into said Rectangle on the hill.

Right wise, Green Drudges get Adrenalled, after Overlord sprays soften the contesting Firefly they kill it with ease.

Lastly, my bodgy assassination run.
The last Pink Drudge gets Adrenalled by the Blue Bender unit leader, then charges and kills Reliant.
This frees up the Subduer to walk forward, toe the Swan Rectangle, be in the Instigate Aura and attempt to drag in Siege. I boost and hit, after which the Subduer makes attacks. It's a 36% after the net hits, so I'm not shocked when Siege lives on five boxes. Still, he's knocked down in front of a heavy, so I'm super content with this turn.

I score my rectangle and the right zone, get up 3-1.

Round 4: The Subduer predictably gets shot off by the jacks. Siege then feats, walks back and the Striders move in front of him. Alexia and a horde of Risen get killed by the Battle Engine shots courtesy of the armour halving, while lights go back to contesting the right zone. A Lightning leap also kills the Agitator.

At the end of the Swan turn both sides score their rectangles, so 4-2.

I have to score three to win, so the Drudges on the right get Adrenalled and kill the contesting Firefly, I TK a Warden, who charges and pops the opposing objective and contesting their scoring zone.

Scenario win for me, 7-2.

We were both a little surprised how well that worked out for me, a lot of my models died but no where enough to threaten my back field.

Alas, it was not to be and we went down this round 2-3 after a cliffhanger from our Grymkin verse Denny Ghost Fleet match. Pressure off now, drinking bracket ahoy! (Well....I'd already had a few, I work on a rewards based system).
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Thexus1 vs Damiano1 - Epic Recon

Ah, the drinking bracket. Beers are had. Everyone is a scrub. Only easy games await. We play Ship Captain Crew and postulate theories on just how Taylor Swift will reveal her Super Villain powers and destroy civilization as we know it.

By which I mean there's a sodding Dam next to us and Canada Beaver is here to wreck it and drown us.

Grid, I'm mostly happy here, the only list I don't really want to see is the Thagrosh double Throne by dint of inexperience, otherwise the Khadors are fine and the Swan is manageable. None of those were to be, as instead Asian Jesus (Calm down, that's his self proclaimed title) descended like the wroth of Merc sensibility, pointed at my Gorten list and with a raised eyebrow asked "You played him yet?"

Oh, fine, the descending and stuff didn't happen, the Black Eyed Peas did weird things to my Cerebrum.

It's Charles Soong, which is a problem. The worst problem for Thexis playing against people that know how all his crap works.

Also, Canada had best Jerseys. There. I said and sit by it (Standing is lame).

It's Thexus once more (Gorten is a tailored matchup dammit! I swear there was a point to my pairing!), this time into Damiano. So. Many. Dudes. Kingmaker with trip Nomad, Trenchers, Croes and Steelheads into horde of Drudge.

Recon. Bleurgh. This crap again. I go second, predictably taking the side with a forest for Thexus to cower behind. Other important terrain this game is a defensive hill for Damiano, a central fog blob and some burning earth on the right.

The matchup is problematic for me a number of ways, Damiano has a highly applicable feat and I have to live in fear of Road to War (Thexus is the spaghetti noodle against the Panzer divisions in that melee).

Note: Dropped my Subduer and snapped him off his base just prior to the game start. Sadness.

IPB Image
Damiano 1: The forces of evil approach. Trenchers central, Kell pops into the cloud from where he can be a massive headache. Croes go up on the right half. Damiano chills the hell back.
Trenchers have Surefoot, Croes get Death March.

IPB Image
Thexus1: Such quality photos. Many wow.
I run my brave legions forward, keeping Monstrosities central so they can body block for Thexus in future turns. Per the usual the Overlords flank it up. Decel goes up.

IPB Image
Damiano 2: Spells upkept. Damiano continues to kill up the back, Deadeyes go out.

Mild advance, the Trenchers fan out and dig in the cloud. Croes advance, shoot and repo back. When the smoke blows over I've lost about ten Drudges.

IPB Image
Thexus 2: Drat, someone that knows to position for Ambush. How uncivilized ('Tis cowardly to use rocks to hide from our machine guns! Damn these Boers!).

I get two thoughts lodged in my head, both concerning this being the turn to feat. Sigh.
The first involved popping some of those damn Trenchers. Start by putting down a Risen engaging a free Trencher, removing Dig In. Feat push him across, Hex Blast him in the open needing a boosted 7 to strip Sure Foot, then Risen with the help of a Subduer Shot get some Corpses (Subduer probably misses, not a huge deal, just convenient if he hits).
The second involved pushing Croes into the fire.

Those....aren't terrible plans I think? Except the Risen when placed couldn't actually get in melee with the Trencher, so he would stay Dug In. That was a classic "STOP YOU FOOL DO SOMETHING ELSE!", sadly I ignored the internal voices (Which, long term, is a better way to go probably).

Thexus goes into the woods and does feat pushes. Four Croes get set on fire, the Trenchers get bunched up. Decel is popped. I miss the Hex Blast on the Trenchers.

Oh dear. Monstrosities sit around Thexy, Risen engage the Trenchers. Alexia stays in the forest, tries a boosted Handcannon shot on Kell that misses (I think I lost shot her Handcannon....200 games ago? Possibly Mark 2?)

Drudges run forward, the right Overlords (minus a casualty to the Croes) run to the back, as I'll need their sprays later it seemed.

The Ambush Drudges popped up around the Damiano flag, they get Adrenalin and eat some Steelhead Halberdiers.

I get a Control Point with the Agitator on my flag, so 1-0.

IPB Image
Damiano 3: Moana is a super good movie. Just sayin.

Damiano moves forward a short way, feats, throws out Dead Eye.
Around his flag the Halberdiers and Stannis clear out some of the ambushers, I end up keeping one contestant as he is the unit leader away from the remaining five Drudges.

Centrally, Trenchers keep doing their evil work, killing a bunch of Drudges and the engaging Risen, plus popping my Objective. Kell aims, shoots Alexia down to a box.

On the right, the Croes shoot and move around. Jerks. The Agitator dies.

Jacks advance in the back field,one killing a Warden I think?

Now 1 all for CP's.

IPB Image
Thexus 3: Well, it's Damiano feat turn. You know that spiel you're meant to get about you can do anything you want? Yeah, not this turn. Dream small is the go.

Overlords move up on the left, spray down a halberdier or two and more importantly kill my Drudge Ambush Leader, so promotion allows the rest of the unit to go. Those Drudges then charge into Stannis and promptly do no damage. Bugger.

The last Pink Drudge gets Adrenalled, charges a Nomad and bounces off.
Risen swarm into the Trenches once more.

Around my flag, the Warden and sprays clear out my flag, allowing a new Thrall Warrior to go to my flag.

I go up 2v1, however I've killed very little comparatively. It's not looking to good.

IPB Image
Damiano 4: The opposing flag gets cleared out by Stannis and Steelheads, Orin gets to the flag.
Rangers the left Nomad clear out that sides zone.

Centrally, the Trenchers must be growing weary as they yet more Risen. Kell and a Nomad pop into the cloud, the former killing the Thrall Warrior on my flag.

On the right the Nomad and Steelheads chill out at the top of the zone.

Damiano scores the left zone and flag, pendulum swings back to 2v3.

IPB Image
Thexus 4: It's struggle town at this point.

Around the Damiano flag I have some luck, as the remaining Overlord lines up a spray that kills Orin. It's something.
Risen, to the shock of all, flood around the Trenchers.
On the right I spray inefficiently and fail to clear enough infantry to get the right zone, so I send a Warden up to slam the right most Nomad into the backfield. Alas, Rommels free strike book was read, so no free focus generation for me.

Once more I score my flag, scores level at 3 all.

IPB Image
Round 5: My contesting models are cleared out and the Nomads kill the forward Warden, Stannis ducks back to Damiano's flag. Alexia finally dies. Scores go to 3-6.

No chance of a clock out, so it's run the Subduer, arc Hex Blasts and hope the 2% assassination works. It's a no go (Damn these perfectly reasonable dice!) and out I go on scenario.

I want to watch Whats82 vs Bobliness, that'd be the friendliest competitive match in the world.

Alas, this is probably the game I'm most disappointed with personally. Can't afford to waste the feat against those that know what to do and how to threat. Right side Overlords would have been better served centrally placed, plus more aggressive Monstrosity use (As always, if you had TK and used it once, you probably didn't do it right).

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Thexus1 vs Madrak3 - Spread The Net

It's the matchup we could only have dreamed. Bin Chicken vs Leftover. My suspicion of a set up is strong.

Mostly a happy grid for us with a few underwhelming matches. By our grids the Finns made the right matchup choices, with myself ending up in a 50/50 by dint of glorious splash damage from people teching for Ghost Fleet. Alas poor Drudge Peasant, you suffer unnecessarily due to the wrath visited upon that foul Nobility, the Revenant Pirate.

Spread the Net is pretty gold for the matchup, the table I got to pick was even better, as the innocuous corner building was brutally set up once the flags were in place.
I won the roll and practically dived for the side of the table with said flag. It was near impossible to contest.

It's a Madrak3 with loads of Fennblades, some Champs, double Bomber battlegroup in Band of Heroes.

IPB Image
Unfortunately my photos for this one are worse than normal.
I basically camped a Thrall on my flag and ran a Monstrosity to the nearest contest point, feating on the bottom of 2 to kill sod all versus Madraks own feat but scoring the centre zone. My ambushers flooded the Troll flag.

Bottom of 2 I was up 3-0, The trolls contested what they could but couldn't stop the score going to 4-1, then on my turn I killed a Fennblade and TKed another to win 5 points up. I genuinely have no idea what poor Juha could have done about it.
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Master Chris
post Sep 29 2017, 10:02 AM
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"the angry cripple in the life support machine and his Android sex bots."

Possibly the best description of Karchev I have ever read.

Also, are you seriously onto almost 250 games of Mk3?

I think I stopped counting at about 30 or so. I've probably played another 5 since then. smile.gif

I suppose that's why you went to WTC while I stayed here and cheered you on while drinking bourbon.

Everything that existed before I was born is irrelevant, everything that exists after I die is lucky.
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post Sep 29 2017, 01:41 PM
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QUOTE(Master Chris @ Sep 29 2017, 10:02 AM) *

Also, are you seriously onto almost 250 games of Mk3?

I think I stopped counting at about 30 or so. I've probably played another 5 since then. smile.gif

Bah, you have natural talent so you do fine
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post Sep 29 2017, 03:33 PM
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Gorten1 vs Sorscha1 - Epic Pit


Every match of mine was a playable rating, with two actual Gorten drops. I end up going into mighty Wolfie, one of the two Khadorans on their team.

Loud Chris functionally beat the desire to play Thexus against Sorscha1 out of me at Wintercon and it was quite playable with Gorten, so here we go.

Gorten is a Crawler, Earthbreaker, tiny units and solos.
The Sorscha has the Loud Chris Carriage, Winter Guard weapon crews and the Rocketeer boat, a Spriggan and a Destroyer.

This matchup leans toward me in my opinion, with the sole difficulty that any middling mistake is hard to recover from, just one of those "I have very few models" dynamics very normal for battlegroup heavy lists. You know, the opposite of the Drudge Spam.

I specifically pick the table with a building in the centre of the zone, the intent being to combine it with a huge base and the walls to make it impossible to assassinate Gorten, get a Heavy to my Huge Bases combined with Rock Wall and let me feat on the centre with impunity.
The plan is essentially to trade Battle Engines, using the Crawler to absorb the shooting for two rounds while Gorten gets up to the building.

IPB Image
Round 1: Khador run forward, various Weapon Crews in the back field. Dicklings Love Vehicle goes up on the left, battlegroup up on the right. ROFL corp and Widowmaking factory up the centre.

Pigs go up on the left, Brine goes up to to be in charge range of the opposing objective.
Crawler goes up across from the Gun Carriage, a wall and Eliminators in front to deny a placement position for the opposing Battle Engine.

Eiryss moves up, Disrupts the Spriggan at max range, then repos back out of Stealth removal range.
Earthbreaker moves up on the right.
Gorten goes to be behind the Crawler with Solid Ground up.

IPB Image
Khador 2: A Field Gun knocks down Brine, then the Carriage gets Boundless charge, goes into Big Pig, kills him with all his attacks and repos back a bit. Acceptable, puts him in Harm range as hoped.

So....then it all goes wrong. I eyeballed this as the Crawler will live with about 15-25 health after everything that is in range takes their shots.
The dice had other ideas. Such different, horrible ideas. Every damage roll spikes, enough to the point that after the Widowmakers add their contributions the Crawler is left on one box.


Oh, Fog of War is up.

IPB Image
Merc 2: So this is alright. My original plan is now a no go as the Crawler is a dead man walking (A Widowmaker is about to have just the best of days).

New priority list: The Carriage must die this turn no matter what, plus as many of the infantry blob as possible. Eliminators can start Weapon Crew hunting. Anastasia ambush from the right as well, she doesn't have any real targets of opportunity.

First half of the plan: Kill the Batman.
Aiyanna and Holt chill in the backfield, hit the Kiss and do no damage on pot shots.
The Crawler charges the Carriage, does good damage across his charge and big guns. Little gun does nothing, which is not a huge shock. Ninja Pig then says "I got this", does his shots at boosts damage. It turns out that no, he don't got this, he leaves it on......one box.....

Um.....OK....lets leave that for now.....

The Earthbreaker gets Tuned Up, and now we are to the most critical part of the turn. He advances and line up on the middle of the blob, using the right edge of his base to draw line of sight into the mob. Basically, I do a Tuned up Knock down shot to kill half the blob, this gets me line of sight to the left with the other Torpedo that I manually boost to hit a knock down, then finish off models with my little guns. The Rifles and Widows are bunched up enough that this should kill 80ish%.

Need a boosted 9 due to Fog of War 7 (Corrected after the fact, rolled a 5 on the dice anyway) due to Torpedoes ignoring concealment, I miss. The scatter kills nothing. By dint of how I had to line up the weapons, the left Torpedo has no viable targets (Line of Sight is blocked to things in its Arc). The little shots miss hard.

This was super funny turn of events to me, sometimes fate just says no. Nonetheless Wolfie presumed I was a sane individual, so stopped the clock to get me a beer. Cause he's a legend. Would play again (My love is cheap in Europe. About the cost of a drink in fact).

Alright, the excellent game plan died. The good plan just burst in cinders.
Gamble on baiting an assassination run time!

My conundrum here is an awkward one. If Gorten just camps, he'll probably survive, but then the Khador Jacks melee the Earthbreaker and with Gun shots probably kill it, ergo I have to Rock Wall both to entice the attempt on my caster and ensure attrition viability. Also I still have to kill the Gun Carriage.

Ergo, Gorten moves as far across as he can while keeping a line on the Carriage. It's in the open and that's unavoidable. A double barrel shot kills the Carriage, a Rock wall goes in front of the Earthbreaker, he camps two with Solid Ground up.

In bit piece activations, Eiryss Disrupts the Spriggan, Harlen goes up behind the wall and shoots ineptly, Eliminators stab some of the Rifle Corp to engage rockets and be annoying. Anastasia runs to engage the right side Mortar.

Khador 3: Sorscha goes for it, advancing and Wind Rushing up to be next to the building, pops feat and shoots Gorten, rolls average.

Gorten gets shot for a bit by various artillery and the Destroyer, loses focus camp but it actually is going OK. Then Wolfinator does a clutch play, shooting his destroyer to kill the Green Eliminator engaging the important guns in the middle, getting the blast damage. This lets the Widowmakers move around. I'm four tough rolls to victory!

IPB Image

I fail the second.

IPB Image

Edit: Sniper should have stopped the tough rolls. Knowing is half the battle.

I super love how this game played out actually, in the same vibe as when I played test games back home and you assume the worst is going to happen, cause....well....it did, and that's something I wish people were better at accepting in general.

Don't worry Gorten, we'll get back together soon. Can't resist that Landslide, Minions will be brief. Or Cygnar. Whatever faction I screw up next.

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post Sep 29 2017, 08:24 PM
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Thexus vs Wurmwood - Outlast

Alright, final game, into Ze Spanish. Also met one of the sweet people from Room 262, apparently I'm to blame for someone drinking. It's probably true, I do that to people.

Mixed ratings for our matchups here, I end up being in the last two selected which I believe was the opposite of every other round (I think prior to this one being the middle man was my latest, usually I was in one of the opening pairings).

I get Wurmwood. Yeah, that last relaxing round thing? Not today folks. My primary win condition against the accursed sentient branch is to clock, though I reserve a table at the start of the round and viciously defend it against the rest of my team with invective. Basically is has a building smack bang in the middle of the table, which means I have a secondary win condition if I get to go second of scoring last on that flag provided I contest as appropriate, though realistically I should be able to clear the circle zones and outscore in any event. Easy Peasy. Totally.

Still Drudge spam of doom obviously, while the Wurmwood list is non theme with max Stones, triple variety of Werewolf, Wrongeye/Snapjaw, Gobbers, those Wolf stabby dude guys.

I win the roll and pick second per the scenario plan.

IPB Image
Round 1:Circle advances in a central blob, Sentry Mannikins going to either side. A forest gets spawned next to their flag. Wold dudes kill each other for souls.

I run my own nonsense forward, one Warden goes way up the field and arcs a Hex Blast to kill the Gallows Grove (No arcing onto Thexus plz k thx bai). Dec goes up.

IPB Image
Circle 2: I've mostly spaced out alright, accept for one grievous era: I left a Drudge in Hellmouth drag range of Alexia. Oh dear.
Wurmwood hugs the circle flag, arcs through Cassius to Hellmouth on Alexia and the Pink Drudge leader, rolls pretty garbage for damage on Drudges but boosts on Alexia and cranks it massively (Dice neg 4, does something like 16 damage). I pass my tough roll and ergo haven't thrown the game straight away.
Mannikins spray on either side, doing not that much on the left, killing some Green Drudges and one Overlord on the right.

Wurmwood feats, the Spell Ward Woofer contests my flag.

IPB Image
Merc 2:Wurmwood feat stops me getting the early score, as line of sight to the contesting Pureblood is super hard to get. Alas. I could feat to push him out, however that doesn't feel like a strong use when it will achieve little else so I accept that Wurmwood will score first, should still be workable.

Overlords spray through the trees, killing Mannikins and little else. Some damage on the stones would have been nice, but oh well. Otherwise stuff just runs up, Alexia spawns a Thrall that runs up and contests the Circle flag. Drudges move further than bloody 3 inches from Alexia.

IPB Image
Circle 3: Mannikin sprays in either side push the Overlords to a single member apiece.
Cassius moves out, does a Hellmouth on some dudes, ports back and pops a forest to the left side of the building. This will be an ongoing pattern.
The Wolf units move into the left zone and stab some dudes.
Stalker/Pureblood chill out on the right zone, killing a bunch of the green Drudges.

Circle score on their flag, now 0-1.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Got to kill that damn Pureblood, Spell immune things are just the worst.

Thexus feat pushes him towards me, TK's the Subduer so he can walk up and drag him in, for him to then be finishes off by Green Adrenalled Drudges (A slight shame, had he died outright then I could have used to them to kill the last contesting shifting stone and had the right zone. Oh well.
Sprays and Pink Drudges maul the Wolf unit and otherwise get in the way of things.
Thexus hugs the back building with Wardens in front of him.

I score my flag, 1-1.

IPB Image
Circle 4: Mannikins, the Feral and a Hellmouth kill all the Pink Drudges on the left. Snapjaw also moves up and contests the zone.
A Shifting Stone comes forward to contest my flag, a Mannikin spray injures the remaining right side Overlord.

Circle scores their flag, 2-1

Merc 4: I pop out my Ambushers to sure up the left flank, they charge up some minor stuff and contest the zone,the Overlord sprays down Mannikins once again.
A Thrall Warrior contests the Circle flag again.
I clear the Sentry stone contesting the right and otherwise run Drudges around the place.
Thexus stays cowering.
This is dragging and we're both low on clock, however my opponent isn't spending enough time. Ergo I run the Subduer into the centre of the right zone, surrounded by 5ish models for a time consuming Hellmouth target.

I score my flag and the right, now 2-3

Circle 5: Sure enough the Hellmouth happens, dragging stuff in and consuming plenty of opposing clock. The Stalker then goes in, kills the Subduer and Sprints back to behind the building.
On the left both Crocs have to get involved, eating up Ambush Drudges. The annoying defence forest remains.

Circle get their flag, 3-3

Merc 5: I Adrenal an Ambush Drudge, who gets in on Wrongeye. Snapjaw is maxed out, so he dies and gets rid of that duo. Both zones get flooded by dudes, Thrall contests the Circle zone, contesting Sentry Stone gets killed.

I get my flag, 3-4

Circle 6: Well, it turns out we both screw up and think this is round 7. Balls.

Feral runs up on the left, Stalker on the right kills my forward Warden and sprints to the right contesting point of my flag, Circle score their flag with 19 seconds to spare.
Other pieces crowd on the edges of the Round zones to contest.

Score is 4-4, Circle end turn with 19 seconds left.

Merc dammit-not-7: I had 10 minutes of clock to start with, and thinking it's round 7 my play has to be remove the Warp wolves to score my flag.

Remaining Ambush Drudges go in and contest the Circle flag.
Warden slams the right side Werewolf away,follows up and does some attacks just in case, rolls alright.

Thexus moves forward, boosts a Rampager on the other Werewolf. Misses the boosted 8.

Well, ####.
Try to clear out the right circle zone, after the slam killed some busy bodies this leave the injured knocked wolf and a damaged Sentry Stone. Overlord and three Bender sprays go in, on average they kill both. I do no damage to the Stone and lightly singe the Wolf.

Alright, final backup, Alexia with about 10 Risen charge the left Werewolf. She spikes her damage pretty well, but not well enough, leaving him on four boxes.
I have nothing left.

It's game over, we tally up army points destroyed for the first tie breaker and down I go.

I was basically dead after this and didn't want to move.
Honestly it wasn't an ideal game, I'm poor at enforcing the standard of play I want in games as it is and the language barrier was problematic, exacerbated by two complex casters playing each other in which neither player was experienced with the opponents. That said the Spaniards were nice dudes and I still loathe Circle. Stupid trees.

Wait....that's it? I'm caught up on reports?
IPB Image
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post Oct 3 2017, 09:18 AM
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Theme lists for all have dropped!
So...I suck at making lists in a vacuum. A blank canvas doesn't inspire me toward creativity, it just drives me to google unsatisfying gifts of tumbleweeds.

For the sake of getting the dissapointment over with, through together Ashlynn in Resistance with Storm Lances, triple Nomad, Max Trenchers, loads of random solos.
Went into Kromac 2, wasn't much of a game. There's probably a spiel here about answering your opponents questions versus the implied intent, not feeling it at the moment.
Short version is we run at each other, I shoot something, Stalkers walk up with Hyper Aggresive, I have to feat with bad focus allocation so kill sod all, lose all my heavies, fail the assassination and die.

One game, sadly not as horrible as I kinda wanted (All I really need in life is to be affirmed that Llaelese sucks). Quicked Storm Lances are sweet, I lack practice running Cavalry. Ashlynn still badly wants whatever CID changes come her way.

That said, think I now have the impetus to try to run Minions for Cancon. Jaga for the lame faction, start with a Rask WWfF as the generalist though I will have to contend with my weird desire to make Barny the man. Gator. Mangator.
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post Oct 6 2017, 12:01 PM
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Game 247 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Aurora (CL)

Have successfully made the first step of Merc Anonymous and pulled out the Winions. Let the failure to make a Cancon pairing commence!

My new non-wealth driven horde of minions aspirations immediately suffered an attempt to be crushed by a horde of cogs rambling down the stairs. I can only assume it's one of my natural predators.

All of Winions is super exploratory territory for me, but Arkadius + Beasts seems like something that should just work.I basically choose between either Retaliatory with Farrow options or Overtake and flashbacks to the Nature of the Beast. The Latter had the weight of good mark 2 memories plus Will Work For Food lets me take my favourite models to play with in the game, ye old lesser warlocks.

Arkadius (WWfF) - 2x Road Hog, War Hog, 3x Gun Boar, Battle Boar, Gorax, Dahlia and Wriggling Length of Poison Spewing Meat, Swamp Gobbers, Targ, Alten, Efaarit, Hutchuck

The triple Gun Boar is a model consideration, if I had them available it would be Splatter/Batter boars of some combination (As it is, I only have a BB thanks to the lovely Chap-chap).
Gorax was both convenient and Azahul convinced me not to hate him (Greater late game impact versus harder targets than the Battle Boar by dint of Pain Response/+1 Strength).
Dahlia and Snake. Because like Madmartigan they are great.
Gobbers are a point fill that happens to be a unit for scoring stuff.
Alten/Hutchuck/Efaarit are free models I wanted to try out. Grievous, ambush goodness and repo 5 pew pew all seem like they should be good.

Abeddon meanwhile finds himself in a bewildering landscape. What is this madness with a second tier list?
Aurora (Clockwork Legions) - Conservator, Diffuser x2, Corollary, 3x Obstructors, Reductors + UA, Eradicators, ADO, 4x Enigma Foundry, Steelsoul

So loads of Advance Moving Shield Wall units, some Vengeance Medium Base Side Steppers, super low range spray dudes, token Jacks there to throw out Beacon.

On paper this seemed.....poor. Loads of recursion dudes. All my beasts had Overtake, which can do some work, but is a lot of time consuming effort and doesn't help when the 12 dudes respawn. I expect I'll have to use my long range sprays to finish units off, which becomes the single point of failure in plans style of play that is my natural demise. Other than that what I'm really hoping for is to assassinate Aurora, if not that then use my feat after Overtaking to get charges deep in the field into the Enigma Foundries.

Rolled up Standoff, throw down a central house, some outlying clouds, forests on the left. After that one side gets a wall, the other a trench.
My hopes of getting first turn and ravishing the concept of board space sadly weren't to be as CoC win the roll. The house slightly favours one side, however it would still be further forward than I want Arkadius to be, so I take the side with the more useable wall.

I take the pathfinder obejctive, I think Convergence took repair? As far as I know it never triggered.

IPB Image
CoC 1: The metal hordes are coming right for us!
Obstructors are the first wave, then the Enigma Foundries pair up on either flank. Eradicators and Battle group stuff is in the centre.
Reductors are on the right flank.
Admonition goes on the Conservator.

IPB Image
Minion 1: Well, I wasn't going to get to use the speed boost to hyper threaten Aurora. I decided to shift my stuff out to the left in a semi-refused flank play as CoC lean toward the right the Conservator and Reductor placement. Alten, the Efaarit and when he ambushes in Hutchuck will be the contesting pieces on the right, though Hut man will also be the clutch play to kill an Enigma if the comes up (Ideally it goes kill some infantry, fill Enigma with souls, kill Foundry, sneer at their puny glorified calculator they call a Goddess).

To that end, most things run across. Alten ducks behind the wall and shoots the Diffuser. It is in range of the Conservator Shield Guard, alas Lin-ris correctly deduces this is an attempt to bait out that defensive tech to allow for the Armour Piercing shot from the Efaarit. I get some damage, so that's nice. The Efaarit then runs back to the right, outside of camera shot.

Forced Evo goes on a Road Hog, who also ends up so far left that it's out of the camera shot. In a shocking turn of events, I continue to not be employed for my leet Photography powers.
Beasts basically make a line outside of the CoC threat range, hang super back. I opt to put up Guardian Beast on Arkadius. Multiple Counter Blasts go up from the Snake and Gun Boars.

IPB Image
CoC 2: The Cog Teeths react extreme conservatively, the Obstructors falling back in the left and centre with the Enigmas, coming forward slightly on the right with the Reductors.
The Eradicators instead move up as the front line, one Diffuser toes my zone with teh Admonitioned Conservator not far behind it in the right zone.
The Steel Soul runs up into the left zone.

There was excellent use of homework determining my threat range, however to much value was placed on my threat ranges. Symptomatic of going from a list where most models have value (Destruction Initiative) to one where 95% of the list is chaff on the wind.
The Diffuser contesting was also odd, as it just gives me a free model to kill and won't stopme scoring next turn, whilst models not being in the right zone nullifies the need to contest, letting me eke out another turn of suicide solos running into that circle to contest.

IPB Image
Minion 2: I have the option of clearing out the left zone and getting a slight lead on scenario, Aurora appears to be sufficiently cagey and aware that grinding it out in the meantime has to be the play.

I needed something to Maltreat, so a Gun Boar shot the nearest Eradicator, hits, boosts damage, to my horror kills it. This is a problem because he was the ideal Crippling Grasp target and I thought he'd survive the shot. Oh well. had other CoC elements been further forward this would have been an appaling problem.

As it is, Arkadius moves up, Crippling Grasps a different Eradicator, Repositions back.
The left Forced Evo Road Hog hurts hismelf for speed, charges the Steel Soul who misses her Defensive Strike. Flame Thrower damages Eradicators, he kills the Steely in melee then he Lightning Strikes backward. Sweetness.
Gorax kills a nearby suicide Obstructor.
The Snake moves up into the left Zone, throws down Counter Blast, kills the two nearest Eradicators and puts up Counterblast. Dahlia stays the hell back and drains her Fury.

Around my Rectangle, Alten, the Efaarit and Gun Boar shots kill the Diffuser. I forget to Repo the Efaarit back. The Road Hog on this side charges an Eradicator to teh right of the central house, forces the Admonition trigger on the Conservator. Kills the chump in melee, sets the last Eradicator on fire and quite damaged, Sprints back to be behind the wall.

War Hog and Battle Boar functionally stick back as reserve pieces.

Both sides score their Rectangles, by dint of Swamp Gobbers I get the left zone.
2-1 to me.

IPB Image
CoC 3: For the record, every round Aurora goes early and pops the stupid "everything-has-wings-why-doesn't-Helga-have-a-version-of-this-spell-instead-of-dash" spell.
Continuing to live in fear, she flies over to the right and forgets to feat.

On the left, Obstructors come in, Skarath sprays down some of them with a Counterblast. A two man CMA does some damage to said Danger Worm.

Centrally, around the Convergence rectangle the second unit of Obstructors chills in the back, the remaining Diffuser shoots my objective and does no damage. The ADO arc node chump runs to contest my rectangle.

Right side, the Conservator walks up to the Road Hog that was cowering behind the wall, burns all his focus to kill it.
This flanks Enigmas, the last Obstructor unit and the Reductors all crowd in the back of the circle zone.

Convergence score their rectangle and the right zone, they take the lead 2-3.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Simple enough, clear out the left zone, maintain the scenario lead, kill relevant stuff.

On the left zone between the Snake, the Road Hog and Targ Ancillary on the snake the Obstructors that can contest all die. Those sprays and a good Gun Boar shot kill the Diffuser, freeing a spot for another Gun Boar to run and toe the CoC rectangle (Gained pathfinder from the objective).
Arkadius chills out in the forest, ready to score the left zone when the Swamp Gobbers get nutted.

In my rectangle, the Battle Boar sits their waiting to chew on future chain of dudes.

Alten moves out, shoots the ADO and repos back in position to run into the right zone next round.
The Effarit moves up, shoots the Conservator in the back, Repo's to toe the right zone.
The War Hog then charges into the Floaty Vector, hurts himself for damage, kills it with his initials.

I score my rectangle and the left circle, now 4-3.

IPB Image
CoC 4: Aurora stays chilling in the back, feats, Aero-lameness.

Enigma Foundries respawn the Obstructors that are available.

CoC Rectangle, Obstructors go in and kill the contesting Gun Boar, they move into the Circle zone. I forget to trigger Counterblast like a numpty.

In my Rectangle, Obstructors from the right charge in and Reductors spray, all going into the War Hog. They do damage but fail to kill it.

CoC right Circle, the Efaarit predictably explodes.

Convergence score their rectangle and the right zone, now 4-5.

IPB Image
Minon 4: Continue the plan, contest, clear the left, move pieces up to start the fighting over the CoC rectangle.

Skarath goes up, uses reach and Overtake to clear out the left zone. Road Hog, Gorax and left msot Gun Boar all move up and toward the right, given we're now fighting from the flanking board edges. One of the Swamp Gobbers gets up and contests the CoC Rectangle.

In my rectangle, Arkadius pokes his head through the bushes, Crippling Grasps the Reductors, Primals the Battle Boar, repo's back to safety of the left zone behind the trees.
The Battle Boar then chews on Reductors, turns out the Primal was super overkill, he pops 6 of them and then hangs back.

The War Hog kills the last contesting Obstructor, ducks back to behind the wall with the Overtake move.

Lastly, Alten charges into the right circle. He misses.

Once again, it's the friendly rectangle and the relevant circle. 6-5.

Early into round 5 CoC clocks, the natural danger of running a horde of screaming nobs with chains.

We play it out for a bit, a Counterblast shot hilariously stops theone CoC model that went to contest my left zone. The War hog and Alten die.

In reply I get my Road Hog and Skarath up toward the Coc Rectangle, mess up the objective. The lights contest my rectangle. Hutchuck ambushes in from the right to contest that circle, kills an Enigma Foundry in the meantime.

Top of 6 Obstructors fail to kill the Battle Boar, CoC concedes as the attrition and scenario play are both out of the picture.

That didn't play as expected, though it will be laods mroe difficult once Abon gets some infantry reps. Heartening for the list though, Overtake was super good to have.
Thought Raw Adrenaline would be super handy, positioning and the relevant targets never made it super relevant versus jsut boosting. Lack of opposing Guns let me feel super free to drop Arkadius to sod all fury, plus always having the fat in reserve to clean up the tokens on teh baord if needed.

Realistically the Gun Boars are the largest eyesore worth looking at changing, though I am reticient to change it up after one game. Weirdly tempted by Razor Boars.
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post Oct 9 2017, 11:02 PM
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Game 248
Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Axis (CL) - Outlast

Denied the weekend pushing of dollies by dint of princesses, power rangers and enmassed flowers, we come at last to the next Monday scrap.

It being the Meta it is, I dorp Arkadius into an entirely different player trying to remember how units work after being spoiled by Destruction Initiative so long.

Arkadius (WWfF) - 2x Road Hog, War Hog, 3x Gun Boar, Battle Boar, Gorax, Dahlia and Danger Noodle, Swamp Gobbers, Targ, Alten, Efaarit, Hutchuck
Axis (Clockwork Legions) - 2x Inverter, Corollary, 4x Enigma Foundry, Eilish, 3x Obstructors, Reductors, 2x Clockwork Angels

Scenario is anything-but-Recon. Or you can call it Outlast if you want.
Clutch Scenario Bellows Crew it is!

I lose the roll, get given first. Relevant terrain on my side is a large forest on the left. Both sides have to contend with an obstruction between the flags, though it is not the most obnoxiously placed example of its kind. CoC take the side with a trench up the back, which isn't super relevant, though they do get a potentially inconvenient wall for me that protrudes into the left zone.

Deployment wise, I'm somewhat symmetrical with the snake on the left to pathfinder his way through the forest. Hutchuck ready to ambush.
CoC is a massive advance moving blob (If your CoC resembles a blob, consult your local surgeon), Inverters split on either side with outflanking Angels.
Guardian Beast and Forced Evo are up for me, Onslaught is up for Axis.

IPB Image
Round 1 produces no super shocks, I move my stuff up the middle . CoC retaliates by Shield Walling into triangles and moving forward. The left angels have one of their number get in the grill of my left most Road Hog (Who happens to be the Force Evo'd one), the right ones go behind a random forest.

IPB Image
Minion 2: First question, can I kill Axis? He's sitting on one camp in a trench, two triangles of Shield Walled Obstructors in front. I examine the possibility for about a minute, opt out. I was discouraged by the need to kill the Obstructors, after which I could get lights in. In hindsight I should have checked to see if the left Road Hog could get in with the feat move, alas I remain an attrition player at heart.

I'm waited to the left side, so it's try to wipe out the nearest Obstructor unit.
Arkadius moves up, stabs two Gun Boars with Adrenaline, Primal Shocks the annoying Angel off the Road Hog and Repo's back out of death range.

The Road Hog, Skarath, Alten and the two Adrenalled Gun Boars then wipe out the unit and put Counter Blasts up.The Roadie does this via an assault that sets the left Enigma on fire, before killing a dude and sprinting back.

A line of bodies then shield the naked Arkadius (Some form of unexpected Battering ram assassination would be super embarrassing). The Gobbers make a cloud to stop the Angels flying and trying to pot shot Dahlia.

The remaining Gun Boar hovers around my flag, the right Road Hog toes that zone. They both kill some dudes to at least blunt the counter strike a little, given that the Obstructors they kill will 100% return.

IPB Image
CoC 2: Fire proves to be an inept killing device. Clearly robot bodied people need to be more flammable to keep the classic lazy mans murder weapon effective. Think of the flamethrowers!

Axis moves up to be an inch or so from his flag, feats. Doesn't get my Forced Evo Road Hog, Gobbers, Dahlia, Arkadius or the Efaarit, definitely the most vital models that will let me do loads in return. Yeesh.

The Obstructor units charge forward, Counter Blasts and Guardian Beast do their part and kill three guys coming in on the left, so happy with that. They hammer one of the Gun Boars, puts him down to one box. Three get in on the right Road Hog, belt out his Mind.

The lone Angel on the left charges the Forced Evo Road Hog, does a casual 10 points. Like you do.

The Inverters each toe a zone, Enigmas hang back.

Eilish, proxied by some kind of Convergence infantry guy, moves up and does his super wooje gymnastics jump to get to the CoC flag.

CoC score their defensive flag, go to 1 CP.

IPB Image
Merc 3: That did not pan out the way I expected. I'd based my Fury Management on one of the Gun Boars dying, so I was now a point over. Truly, mine was a harsh struggle (Akin to trapped Chilean miners not realising how deeply I am burnt by my distaste with interacting with my phone company to pick a better phone contract).

The one box Gun Boar draws the short straw, eats an Obstructor.

Axis feat turn, so no wild plans at this stage. Akin to last games it's become a refused flank situation, the right is self evidently going to be in the grip of the Clockers in a couple rounds, so the goal this turn is push the left as hard as possible. Obstructors have been underwhelming at best with their hitting power, so I'm liking my odds of winning the battle for hearts, minds and flags in the centre.

Skarath starts us off by eating the left Angel and the most irritating Obstructor, pops up Counter Blast. Dahlia stays laxing behind the forest.
The Gorax joins the most dangerous of noodles, crawling through the woods to Primal the left Road Hog.
Alten shoots the left Inverter for Grievous action.
Said Road Hog gets a bit smarmy and up itself, does the whole revving the ground with it's foot as it charges forward into the left Inverter. It has to hurt itself for speed in the process. Flamethrower shot kills a dude and scratches the same Inverter it attacked last round.
It then maxes Fury, rolls unreasonably well and on straight dice damage pops the Inverter and an Obstructor in the vicinity. Overtake moves shuffle it back toward the wall, though hardly in a super safe spot.

Gun Boars then do shots, I'm not wiping out a unit this turn but again, better for them not to attack. I can only afford one counter blast this turn, as one boar has to boost damage rolls to kill Eilish and a contesting Obstructor (POW 10 blast damage is pretty nice).
Targ moves to my flag, Ancillaries an attack to kill a dude on the right in a contesting spot.

Arkadius stays chilling up the back, throws out some Psycho Surgeryness.

The Efarrit moves up, wings a foundry for a bit, repo's back.
The Right Road Hog kills the Obstructors that attacked it, using the Overtake moves to shuffle to the right away from the Inverter.
Hutchuck ambushed in from this side to get in on a Foundry, charges in and promptly fluffs the damage rolls. What a git.

I score my flag and the left zone, now 2-1 to me.

IPB Image
CoC 3: Axis moves up behind the obstruction and touches his flag, stays camping heavy now that my feat for assassination is back on the table.

Left zone wise, the Reductors move up, a pair die to a Counterblast. They spray away, killing the most injured Gun Boar. Obstructors then go in, they punch up the Forced Evo Road Hog for a bit. Enigma's restore the dead, the damage Foundry gets repairs by one of the techs.

Right wise, the Inverter ambles up behind the obstruction. The Obstructors and ANgels mob and kill the contesting Road Hog. The destroyed models pop back.

CoC score the right zone, a plucky Gun Boar stays contesting their flag. 2 all.

IPB Image
Minion 4: It's time. Battle Boar time. No overall plan revisions, in an ideal world the Battle Boar would clear a path for the War Hog to get to Axis, alas I'd sodded that up with my placement last turn.

Remaining Road Hog suffers the Primal consequences, eats a Reductor.
War Hog shuffles along and toes the left zone, an embarrassment for a Heavy. They wouldn't put up with this from a Warjack man.
Arkadius moves up, Crippling Grasps the Reductors, heals stuff, repo's back. Gorax Primals the Battle Boar.
The Gun Boar in the centre eats an Obstructor and two Reductors using Overtake.

Battle Boar hurts itself for Berserk, charges a Reductor, maxes fury to eat ten models wiping out another Obstructor unit and leaving a single Reductor left, who dies to Targ Ancillarying a Gun Boar.

Gun Boars and Skarath finally kill the left most Foundry.

Right wise, Hutchuck charges the Foundry again. Puts it on one box. Imph.

The Efaarit has a theoretical Impact attack of doom against five models, I don't bother due to being uncertain if he could charge (He can) and because I'm close to winning on time and don't want to cede the clock advantage. He just runs in a wide loop to contest.

I score my flag and left zone, now 4-2.

IPB Image
CoC 4: Gear Kidneys clock out this round, we play on for a bit to see how it pans out.
Obstructors munch the Efaarit without issue and put Hutchuck on two boxes.
Axis hides behind the obstruction after using Battering ram to push back the contesting Gun Boars, a Foundry moves to the CoC flag.
The lone mechanic runs and contests the left zone, staying just out of Skarath's Counter Blast attack.
Clockwork Angels do a CRA on Targ, put him on one box.
The Inverter runs to contest my flag, going to a spot outside of the War Hogs line of sight.

CoC get their flag and the right zone, even it out at 4 apiece.

IPB Image
Minion 5: Grind grind grind. Move heavies up to kill Axis next turn now that clock isn't a priority.

Arkadius Crippling Grasps the Inverter, Forced Evo's the War Hog, gets out of dodge. Gorax Primals the right most Gun Boar.
Said Gun Boar walks into the Inverter and contests the right zone, does some solid damage. Targ then activates to get out of the way, Ancillaries him for some more damage.
War Hog then tramples to the Heavy Vector, buys a couple attacks and kills it.

Other various beasts move across, contest the CoC flag and shoot down the scoring Enigma Foundry. Axis also ends up on Fire, Corroded and down half his boxes.

CoC concede, which is entirely fair. I remain unimpressed with Obstructors offensive power.

Play flaws:
* Raw Adrenaline served best as a Fury saver in my limited use. Spacing has made it unusable on the various 10" sprays in the list, which seems like super suboptimal play. Need to control my reflex to flank with the Road Hogs, Skarath to often gets dictated by terrain as one of the few pathfinder models.
* Related, Arkadius defence. Clockwork Legion is giving an inflated sense of security by dint of sod all ranged attacks, he's been sitting on basically no fury for both games. Gun Boar Bunker potential answer, seems limited and problematic (Blasts/Electroleaps)
* Feat laziness. The ostensible point of picking up Arkadius was becoming a better assassination player, that sure as sod isn't happening yet.

List change wise, I'm now conflicted. Multiple Counter Blasts was...just super cute. Brain says drop two Gun Boars for RaBo's or something, this game made that a much harder proposition.

Looks like Arkadius is going to be the Minion main. Maybe I just like casters that leave in immortal fear of Arcane Bolt? Need to test into Jack Spam, concerned about the Khador matchup. Legion of Skill should be fine, Jaws.....not so much. Beasts trade super poorly into Marauders.
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Game 249 - Arkadius (Will Work for Food) vs Baldur2 (Bones of Orboros)
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Well, when you haven't got any tourneys happening locally, the only real move you've got is to drive 3 hours away. To my own surprise I held to me commitment to Winions, though the CID releases seemingly popping the same month as Cancon is making me antsy (Ability to resist Croc Pot + Corpse reliant models is weak at best).

I have Arkadius and Ostensibly Rask. The second was basically just quadruple Posse and a terrible list I obviously hadn't played, so I fully expect I was just going to drop Arkadius all day. I essentially had no Cryx drop and didn't really want to see Khador, as they can normally spam enough Heavy crap that killing them is difficult. Hypothetically anyway, double Clockwork Legion games as the beforehand practice isn't amazing.

Only change to the Arkadius list was dropping Alten. At some point I bemused myself with realising I'd taken another caster who was piss weak against Arcane Bolt, with the joyful recognizance that I could at last take the anti-magic protection Thexus lusts after (Cephalyx society is sufficiently repressed that the lust is manifested n super unhealthy ways, like doing enough anti-body building that you end up looking like a chewed up redskin).

Round 1 is Spread Your Legs. That TO Rev's name for it and I'm to lazy to try to be original.

Arkadius (WWfF) - 2x Road Hog, War Hog, 3x Gun Boar, Battle Boar, Gorax, Dahlia and Sooper Dooper Snek, Swamp Gobbers, Targ, Orin, Efaarit, Hutchuck
Baldur2 (Bones of Orboros) - Woldwrath, Megalith, Wold Guard, 2x Stone Shapers, 2x Blackclads, shifting Stone, Sentry Stone, Celestial Fulcrum

Other list was Tannith, which I would have at lest had the dint of a tiny amount of experience into.
That Gargantuan is going to be an issue. Will always be Armour 23, can't be Crippling Grasped.....euch.

A somewhat open table, especially now that I'm still trying to normalize after the WTC being skewed to suite the team matchup environment. There's a small forest in the centre zone, then I end up with the side with a wall and a couple hills, Circle gets a trench, a blob of water and rubble around their flag.

I think I won the roll? Nabbed first to get up the board and deny some board space.

IPB Image
Yes, we're fighting in space. The natural area of Pig Mosnters vs Hippies.
Minion 1: The opposing list has some form of ranged attack on most of the models, so Aggravator is an easy choice over Guardian Beast. Forced Evo goes on the left most War Hog, though everything is far more blocked up than normal.

Follow the Raw Adrenaline lessons of the last game, I have Arkadius sit in a bubble of the non-Evolved Road Hog and two of the Gun Boars for some potential Raw Adrenaline action next turn.

The Efaarit on the left had the joy of the Sentry Stone deploying directly opposite him, so he gets to move up and take off half it's health before Repoing back.

Dahlia and Snek are on the right, as they can either stay defensive and score my rectangle or push up for Dahlia to take the Circle flag.

IPB Image
Circle 1: Circle moves it's stuff up. The Fulcrum hits the Forced Evo with it's first shot, so he Hyper Aggressives forward into charge range. He also gets sprayed by the Sentry Mannikins and shot by the Wold Wrath, he ends up losing his Spirit.

The Sentry Stone pops a forest to stop the Efaarit finishing it off.

Baldur dives into his trench, puts Roots of Earth on the Wold Guard and the Fulcrum. Throws out a rock wall at an inconvenient spot (I had to sharply repress joyful Gorten Rock Wall memories. Curse you pleasant remembrances! I'm trying to throw Bacon on the wargaming grill!).

Also Megalith pops Undergrowth. It's super irritating.

IPB Image
Minion 2: My plans of feating and alphaing into the Wold Guardian are rendered not worth it by said Undergrowth. Yeah, pathfinder is something I'm going to have to address at some point...
In the meantime, Baldur is just to far back to be killed, so the long game it is. There's few enough Circle models that the basic intent is to just keep the line of battle back enough that they can't stop me racking up defensive control points.

The Efaarit has no targets in range, so just goes to my defensive flag.
Hutchuck, having ambushed in off the left, charges and pops said Sentry Stone. Team Solo, getting it done.

The soon to be suicide Road Hog has to be healed, which necessitates activating the Mad Scientist that definitely isn't wanted for suspicious behavior with Porcine's in civilised lands.
Pops Psycho Surgery, stabs the two Gun Boars near with Adrenaline, then repositions backward.
Gorax primals the relevant Road Hog.

I then go with the Road Hog and realise my error, as I've moved Arkadius to far back for an Assault spray to conveniently get random extra targets (Optimistically, it'd be a stone, Baldur and a blackclad, realistically that'd probably put Arkadius in a bad spot however a spray on a shifting stone definitely should have happened). He maxes Fury, leaves the Battle Engine on about eight or so boxes.

The Adrenalin-ed Gun Boars then move up,it takes both shots but they finish it off.

All my other beasts hang back, I doa weird threat range dance where Orin positions to stop the requisite Hunters Mark. Some Lights are in danger of being killed and the Primalled Road Hog, which I'm happy with.

Gobbers cloud in front of Arkadius, Dahlia and long friend move further out to the right to optimistically draw resources to do something about them or they go up the flank and start being an annoyance.

IPB Image
Circle 2: After some convoluted measuring, the central Black Clad moves up to Hunters Mark, Orin cancels it.

Baldur stays in his trench (A mans hole in the dirt is his fortress!), feats and puts a Rock Wall down that protects the Wold Wrath somewhat.

Megalith goes into the back of the Road Hog and punches him to death (As I type I realise I could have used Aggravator to turn around. Likely negligible with Weight of Stone added, but rumour in Downunda is that occasionally Megalith whiffs when he tries to kill things).

The Wold Guardian charges up, kills the forward most Gun Boar.
Wold Wrath moves up a little, gun shot takes out the left most Gun Boars Mind.

Shifting stones contest the left and centre zone because they are ######with rocks that I hate.
The Stone Shapers and one Shifting pebble hide behind the Wold Warath in a clump.

The other Black Clad runs to the Circle flag.

I score my flag and zone, Circle score their flag.

2-1 to me.

IPB Image
Minion 3: I've placed my models such that the central forst makes assassination mvoes an insurmountable obstacle. Quite annoying. I also want to hold my feat to let the War Hog get into the Wold Wrath.

Plan is to kill the Wold Guard and clear out the Circle flag.
I spend a silly amount of time thinking I could run a light to score the Circle rectangle, until the Efaarit tries to shoot a stone and get reminded that the Shifting Stones are super tough right now.

Hutchuck and the Efaarit basically dance on their respective spots, scoring my flag and contesting the circle Rectangle.

Out on the right, things go pretty well.
Dahlia moves up to get the scoring Black Clad in her control area, the Snake moves up and explodes him. The Gun Boar out on this flank then moves up, shoots the clump of Stone Shapers + Shifting Stone. He boosts the various damages, kills one Shaper and puts the other on one health. Sweet.

Arkadius pops his Surgery healing spell again, Forced Evo's the other Road Hog, Crippliing Grasps Megalith to slow him up then retreats out to the left behind another Gobber Cloud.

The Gun Boar in the centre zone moves, shoots the remaining Stone SHaper, kill him and the Shifting Stone he was next to. Rocking.

Battle Boar Primals the Road Hog. The Roadie then goes into the Wold Guardian and does......an insufficient amount. The Gorax then goes in, without buffs it's a futile effort.

Targ runs across to the right, with Arkadius making his way to the left Herding will likely come up.

I score my flag and zone again, now 4-1.

That was an awful Crippling Grasp. Megalith was facing the wrong way anyway, with the armour levels out there a concerted effort needed to be made to destroy a single piece. With some better placement I could have also run a light in front of the Wold Wrath to block it up and be a pain in the Amoeba.

IPB Image
Circle 3: Unfortunately for Circle, Not Weasley critically forgets about applying enough scenario pressure. The Wold kill a solid chunk of my beasts and magic attacks kill Hutchuck, my defensive elements however don't get contested and I auto win 6-1 on scenario.

That Spread your legs action.

Highlights the issue I already suspected the list had, armour cracking just isn't the degree of potency the current meta is asking about. Though that is obviously based on a puny sample size, onto the next round to try to prove myself wrong.
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Game 250 - Arkadius (Will Work for Food) vs Vlad2 (Armored Corp)


Goddamit. Why have you forsaken me Bacon Overlords?

Realistically, this is good for me, need to play and see what can be done.

Arkadius (WWfF) - 2x Road Hog, War Hog, 3x Gun Boar, Battle Boar, Gorax, Dahlia and Danger Noodle, Swamp Gobbers, Targ, Alten, Efaarit, Hutchuck
Vlad2 (AC) - 2x Destroyer, 2x MoW Shocktroopers (Max) + UA, 2x MoW Kovnik, MoW Bombardiers (Max), 2x MoW Drakhuns, Saxon Orrick

The other Khador list was Strakhov with 5 jacks and....some other #### I don't remember. Either way there's beef to chew.

Scenario is Outlast, so Swamp Gobbers value vastly exceeds their measly 2 point expenditure, though normally from when I play it is all about how the flags go down.

I lose the roll and get given second. Sadness.
Went with the side with a back defensive wall. Otherwise there's a central cloud bank, a couple hills and a tiny obstruction on the Khador edge of the right zone. There's also water/trenches on the table, I don't believe they come up in a meaningful way.

Round 1 is the exciting run stuff at each other phase.
Khador is somewhat symmetrical at this point, aside from the Drakhuns going left and centre.
I put Dahlia and snake on the right, otherwise have a disordered mob. Road Hog with Forced Evo moves up to toe the left zone.

IPB Image
Khador 2: Vlad Feats, which completely throws me. It pops on the left Shocktroopers and Drakhuns, who flood the left zone and killed the Forced Evo Road Hog. Annoying, but not as bad as it probably would have been in a later round.

Bombardiers and the other Shocktrooper unit hang around the Khador flag, the former to the left of it and the latter to the right in Shield Wall, with one buffoon contesting the right zone from behind the small obstruction.
The Destroyers each pop each the back of each zone, with a Kovnik near each where they've just been popping Desperate Paces like meany pants on head people. One of the Jacks also blows away the Efaarit.

Saxon Orrick goes onto the Khador Flag.

IPB Image
Minion 2: The Khadoran weighting to the left is firmly established by the feat.
I'm not enthused about attacking the feated Shocktroopers this turn, especially with the Drakhuns also being in the vicinity, so plan is to sacrifice a Gun Boar to contest on that side and start the chipping on the right, plus start the CP count.

Leftwise, I back the War Hog up so that he can threaten coming in next turn (Given he's one of the few models that of his own accord can happily pop Shield Walled MoW).
One Gun Boar runs into the zone, engages the right most Drakhun to stop Counter Charge Sillyness.
Arkadius throws Crippling Grasp into the back of a feated Shock Trooper.
The nearest Shockie also dies to a Gun Boar shot later in the turn.

Centre wise, Dahlia moves to my flag and puts Haunting Melody in range of all the opposing units. Snake stays out on the right, throws a spray out at the MoW Shockies next to the Khador Flag for not much (dice -9, didn't exactly have high hopes).
Gorax/Gun Boar/Battle Boar all form a line in front of Arkadius, with Orin and Targ in the vicinity.
The right most Road Hog with Raw Adrenaline, Forced Evo and Primal from the Battle Boar hurts himself for speed and Assaults said Shocktrooper unit, the spray puts fire on a Shockie and Bombardier but more importantly kills Saxon, relegating flag scoring to either Vlad (Who fears the feated assassination run) or the Kovnik who are way out on either flank.
The Road Hog then starts swing and moving forward with Overtake, end of the turn three of the Shocktroopers die including the UA.

Rightside, the Gobbers run across in this portion of the back field to be future turn scorers on the right zone.
A Gun Boar moved up in the zone, pot shotted the contesting Destroyer for a handful of damage.
Hutchuck had ambushed in, he knocks down the Kovnik with a gunshot and kills him with a charge.

Mostly contest with the turn, though I shouldn't have bothered with the Skarath spray and jsut camped three on Dahlia, her safety being paramount at this point.

I score my flag, 1-0.

IPB Image
Khador 3: Vlad moves up a bit on the left side, getting that Arcane Might goodness field further up. Like a jerk. One of the Drakhuns runs across to be in front of him, like a Peasant buying into the foolish notion that the autocracy must be saved from random assassination runs.

Leftwise, the Crippling Grasped Shockies go into the random contesting Gun Boar, barely break a sweat to poke him into oblivion. The Destroyer pot shots the War Hog, takes out his Mind (Afterwards we'd note that this should have been the first of several Bombards targeting Dahlia/Snakeness).

Around the Khador flag, it takes the Drakhun, some of the Bombardies and the remaining Shocktroopers to kill the Forced Evo'd Road Hog. One Shockie also contests the right zone.

Right side wise, the Destroyer shuffles to be behind the mini Obstruction and pot shots Hutchuck, putting him on three boxes.

Khador score their flag and have the Drakhun contesting, so scores level at 1-1.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Ah. Drakhuns are solos to and super annoying. Better deal with that.

Left wise, the War Hog moves forward tepidly and gets healed by Psycho Surgery. A Gun Boar moves up behind the wall, shoots a Crippling Grasped Shocktrooper, hits three of them, boosts damage against them all to leave them each on about 3 boxes.
Targ accepts his grim fate, running to contest the left zone.

Centrally, Dahlia moves to the far side of my flag to keep things under Haunting Melody.
Skarath gets Primalled and charges in, eating the Drakhun and a Bombardier, keeps to 3 Fury for Dahlia transfer action.

In my backfield and to the right Arkadius hides behind the Gorax, Battle Boar and small cloud from a Bellows Gobber (The other moved far right out of command in the event the other Gobber got capped.

The right zone is fairly barren as I need to do something about the sodding Destroyer. Hutchuck throws a Rust Bomb and misses badly, then charges in and does three odd points.
The Gun Boar, who is Primalled and Forced Evo'd, then charges in and maxes Fury which rips off the Axe and gets the Cortex. Good little Piggy. ######ty Ogrun.

I get my flag, go up again 2-1.

Not an ideal turn. I wanted Skarath to eat up the regular Man-O-War units around the Khadors flag, the Drakhun threatening the Countercharge however was just to problematic. Ideally Skarath doesn't go in to keep Dahlia's transfer opportunities alive, however I just didn't have beasts in position to do and it still felt like a poor time to feat when holding that was keeping Vlad and for this turn a Drakhun up in the backfield.

IPB Image
Khador 4: The fire started a couple rounds ago kills a Bombardier. Success!

Out on the right, the three man Shocktroopers scuff up the Gun Boar and kill Hutchuck, the Destroyer attacks with it's broken axe and misses.

Centrally, the Bombardiers and some of the Crippling Grasped Shockies come in and kill Skarath (The first attack from the Chockie UA got the crit Stationary. *Sad trombone*).
The Drakhun moves up to the Khador Flag.

The Destroyer on the left then shoots Dahlia and implodes her. Targ dies to a Crippling Grasped Shock mans.
Vlad stays chilling on that side.

Per the established routine, the active side scores it's flag, Khador also gets the left zone so now 2-3.

IPB Image
Minion 4: Alright, need to rubber band this crap, feat turn out of desperation.

Both Gun Boars frenzy, one into the wall, the other scratches more paint off the right Destroyer.

Between the War Hog, Gorax and Battle Boar all the Crippling Grasped Shockies and the Bombardiers are killed, with feat clearing out the Fury. Forced Evo ends up on the Battle Boar. In teh midst of these Overtake attacks the Gorax gets Counter Charged by the Drakhun and loses some health.

Orin claims my flag, with Arkadius behind with Guardian Beast up. Swamp Gobbers contest the right zone in case the suicide Gun Boar finally bites it.

Back to 3 all.

Just stabbed my gum with a pretzel I was noming. It sucked.

IPB Image
Round 5/6 top of 7: Um....it all becomes a blur?
The Destroyer and Vlad kill the War Hog as they get up into the left zone, while the Drakhun and Kovnik fail to do anything to the Gorax who stays contesting the left.

The remaining Shocktroopers leave one fellow contesting the right zone, sending back a pair of fellows to kill the Battle Boar. The Destroyer impotently fails to hit the damaged Gun Boar in teh right zone.

I end up limping ahead in points, using Orin to score while the Gorax kills the Drakhun. Between them (With Crippling Grasp help) the Gun Boars kill the remaining Shocktrooper, on teh bottom of 6 to my surprise the Gun Boar also finishes off the Destroyer.

Unfortunately I was low on clock and make a critical error. Arkadius had to charge in to kill the last Shocktrooper, he then repo'ed to score the top flag, putting him in Vlad murder range, when he should have been placed to Repo to toe the right zone instead out of threat range (The Gobber had to move out of the way and I didn't risk the freestrike).

Ergo, alas, Vlad charged and killed Arkadius on the top of 7.

Khador had Vlad, the Kovnik and the Destroyer, I had Arkadius, the super damaged Gun Boar on the right, a Gobber and Orin. Bizarrely if not for that end position error I think I win this one at games end on 7 on control points. Ah well.

I didn't realise it at the time, but I ought to have put Forced Evo on Skarath. He still gets crit on the boxcars, just wouldn't have been the sounder mechanical play.

This played far better than expected, solely because of Dahlia's effects on the opposing list, doesn't make me feel good about trying to deal with half a dozen plus Khador Jacks.
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Game 251 - Arkadius (Will Work for Food) vs Kreoss3 (Exemplar Interdiction)
Epic Pit

It's round 3 and in the funsies bracket. The opposing lists are Kreoss3 and Reznik2, it should probably be Rask vs Reznik. We both independently said ###### it.

Arkadius (WWfF) - 2x Road Hog, War Hog, 3x Gun Boar, Battle Boar, Gorax, Dahlia and Danger Noodle, Swamp Gobbers, Targ, Alten, Efaarit, Hutchuck
Kreoss3 (EI) - 2x Reckoner, 2x Vengers, Idrians + UA, Choir, Gravus, Vassal, whatever that stupid solo with Eyeless sight is called

Worth mentioning I got a brief spark of hope for humanity here, which nearly imploded by shrunken and withered section of brain we erroneously refer to as "heart". I'd played Craycray a couple times before, and I simply didn't find those games particularly fun, that'd trickled down and genuine effort was made so this one was a cracker and I look forward to the next time dollies try slapping each other on the table as we despair looking onward.

I won the roll and nabbed first.In line with how together I was for this flopsadoodle, enjoy some short form reports. Or don't. I'm not the little dog person in charge of your life. I think.

IPB Image
Round 1: Forward stuff! Kill kill kill!
Skarath goes centre because the water terrain is annoying for Pigs (I'm assume it's like mud and they just start rolling in it, ergo they pseudo lack pathfinder).

The Menites spread out, Idraisns on the right do a big CRA for some damage on one of the Gun Boars.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Well, I'm playing this nonsense to try to get better at assassinations, LET'S JUST DO IT.
Kreoss through out all his upkeeps and thus is camping one.

Arkadius moves up, feats both Road Hogs forward. Both are Primalled.

One then charges up the left to kill Gravus, then sprints back and engages a Venger. It also misses a boosted Flamethrower on Kreoss, like a chump.
The other also has Forced Evo at this point, charges into Kreoss. Alas, Reckoner placement means I just can't quite not attack over the wall, so need 10's. The Crit fish for the Knockdown (The reason I killed Gravus) manages to hit but alas, he remains standing up. I boost the other initial, burn his focus and leave him on two boxes. Damn.

I hadn't really prepped for well for that failing. Arkadius had Repo'd back as far as he could, the War Hog and a Gun Boar go in front of him, Gobbers cloud to cover his flank from Idrian shots. A Gun Boar moves up and kills the Idrian Scout, Skarath goes up and pops the Eyeless Sight solo guy.

The Battle Boar hangs back. He was somewhat screwed anyway, he wants to munch Idrians but at defence 15 from the Arcane whatsit spell he's unlikely to get the hits he needs (8's with Primal. Eww.)

The Efaarit is on the left outside of the picture, he shot a Venger ineptly then repo'd back.

IPB Image
Menoth 2: Kreoss feats, dropping some Counterblasts and stuff, to far away from Dahlia to strip Haunting. He Ignites himself and kills the Road Hog in his face, then puts Arcane Reckoning (Whatever it is, +2 Def and no spell targeteru) and continues to hug the wall of safety.

One Reckoner charges up, turns Skarath into a literal noodle instead of a danger version. Sadness.
The other Reckoner goes into the War Hog. Full stack of Focus. Makes four attacks needing 6's. Misses every time.
Worst Reckoner at Prom award goes to....

The Idrians and right Vengers all charge forward, dinging up the Battle Boar, putting the Warhog on half a dozen boxes and killing two of the Gun Boars, plus leaving the Objective on 4 boxes.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Well, no spell targeting means no Primal Shock to take off Kreoss final boxes. Doh.Guess it's just slog it out and hope for a miracle.

The Road Hog frenzies on a Venger, knocking him down and doing....a single damage point. Pretty good at giving away this Battle Driven stuff.
The Efaarit kills one of the Vengers and moves up the board, Hutchuck charges the knocked down Vengers and leaves him on one box.

Gorax hurts his hand wailing on a Venger, doing a mighty damage point.
Battle Boar kills a couple Idrians and a right side Venger, then falls short of getting into the rest of the unit. Stupid .5 inch melee range.
Warhog wastes an attack on a pseudo def 14 Venger, then spends his attacks on the fail Reckoner, hurting him but not killing him.
The remaining Gun Boar maxes his Fury to kill a Venger in the other unit. Good times.

Dahlia/Targ/Orin/Arkadius/Gobbers hang out in the outback, checking for Spiders.

Menoth 3: Whoops, image skipped. Let's jsut say it ain't going well.
The Vengers on the left kill the Road Hog, the healthy Reckoner kills the Gorax and Gun Boar.
Idrians, right side Vengers and loser Reckoner kill the Warhog and Battle Boar.
The Vassal moves up and does the final points to kill my objective.
Kreoss runs up to toe the right zone to score. Menoth go up 0-3.

IPB Image
Minion 4: I literally have one attack I can make on Kreoss.
Arkadius walks up with his one power token. He lands the unboosted attack on the Vassal, leaps to Kreoss. Boosts the Lightning Roll (Yes he gets to do that).
POW 10 vs ARM 18 with focus and 2 boxes. A strong 6.69% play.

I roll 16 on the dice, overkilling by a box.

Sweet completely undeserved victory! I scored a mighty 10 army points destroyed. Glorious.

I would say that the assassination plays need......just a little bit of work.
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Game 252 - Rask1 (Blindwater Congregation) vs Axis1 (Destruction Initiative)

Day after the Sydney tourney, it's midday-wake-up-hey-Gear-Master-wants-mash-some-dolls time.

There was some hypothesizing, I ventured that Destruction Initiative (Ayep, Convergence games for daaaays) with double TEP's gets smashed by Arkadius (Roads Hogs with Primal and either Forced Evo or a Rust Bomb have a 90 off percent chance to kill a Battle Engine each) and...well, I was still carrying around my tourney lists. Let's show the Posse some lovin.

Rask (BC) - 2x Blackhide Wrastlers, 4x Posse (Max), Swamp Gobbers, Totem Hunter, 2x Bog Trog Ambushers
Axis1 (DI) - Inverter, 6x Galvanizer, 2x Diffuser, 2x TEP, 2x Flarebot lot, 2x Elimination bot lots, Reflex Servitor lot, repair doodz

Didn't think about it to much, didn't feel super strong for me guess we'll have to see how it goes down.

I random up Breakdown/Barbells, so I have a lot more scoring potential on theory however the circle zones are the easiest scenario element to contest. The lack of opposing living models also cuts out my charge distance boosts and Maneater on the beasts, so that is not ideal.

I lose the roll and get given second. There's a smallish central obstruction, i take the side with a hill and a cloud in either side with a back forest I was hoping Rask could hide behind.
CoC get their own cloud, a defensive trench, a forest at the top of a right zone and a long arse wall out on the left.

Symmetrical deployments, the Totem Hunter Preys the Corollary.

IPB Image
CoC 1: Grind forward they are. Axis is dead centre with the Iron Aggresioned Inverter, then Galvanizers evenly split, TEP's and Diffusers on either flank. The Reflex Servitors end up on the far flank.

IPB Image
Minion 1: I...do not like how this early game looks. If I don't get up the board, my front line dies and Counter Charge messes up the retaliation. I have to feat to have a game, so that's the plan.

Rask puts Rage on the Purple Posse (2nd lot from the right), Admonition on the right Wrastler. Wonders up and to the right with two Fury on him. One TEP can do attacks on him, I hope it does, it's unlikely to kill Rask and gives me an easy Battle Engine kill. Feat gets popped.

Everything runs up, I avoid Galvanizer walk and punch range. The army tilts to the right, with the Admonitioned Wrastler leading forward.

IPB Image
CoC 2: Axis moves up and feats, basically getting everything bar the very back line of Posse.
The Galvanizers all advance short distances, staying out of my now mighty 5 inch threat. Admonition gets popped to move the Wrastler forward.

The Reflex Servitors come forward on the left, while a Diffuser goes and sits behind the wall of safety.

The TEP's move around, the left one targets some Servitors to spray at a pair of Posse, one on a hill.
Elevation bonus turns out pretty well, while poor damage rolls leaves the one in the open on a pair of boxes.
Rightside TEP city causes a Posse to tough out and hurts the Wrastler a fair amount.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Twiddle thumbs time.

Extreme left, the Gobbers run to contest in the future, distant enough to be out of the photo.
The left Posse (Bone/Grey tribes) pull back a little. My limited speed forces them to bunch up, here's hoping the TEP doesn't murder the world to badly.

The Totem Hunter backs up into the forest, Corrolary hunting will have to wait.

Right side, the Fury Purple Posse move up, the front one triggers a Counter charge, though the relevant Galvaniser struggles to get three inches and so only ends up doing a couple points of damage. The rest hold back as they would give me targets I could walk up to and stab. The relevant Gator does get his glorious attack on the Light Vector, scratches it a bit.

Tamatoa squad (Gold, far right) limp forward, the Wrastler falls back amongst them.

Lastly, I'd ambushed both Bog Trogs, originally with visions of them running int eh backfield for the true hunt-the-corrolary mission, instead they take the target of opportunity and go into this flanks Diffuser, which they scratch up a fair bit. The 2 inch melee range was a pleasant surprise.

IPB Image
CoC 3: Leftwise, Grey Tribe has a sad time as the TEP and Diffuser kill a pair of the tribe. One of the Galvanisers charges the brave lead front Gator, gets the crit Grievous but fortunately leaves him on 2 boxes. The other Galvanisers on this side and the Inverter chill out around the Obstruction.

Right side, one Galvaniser kills the forward Purple Member, another tries to beat another Purple Member but merely leaves the Gator excited. The third Galvaniser on this side went into a member of the Tamatoa Gold's and sadly kills him, compounded by the TEP killing another two members of the unit and leaving the dancing jolly murderous Crab tribe down to a pair of Gators, one of them toughed out on the ground.

Axis and Corrolary chill out the back, where they watch an Elimination Servitor kill one of hte repair guys so they can run into the left zone.

CoC score the left and centre zone, score now 0-2.

IPB Image
Minion 3: That turn gave me a lot of hope, I was expecting to be obliterated and simply not accounted for just how many boxes this lead really had, with defensive stats jsut enough to eke out the TEP's with only mild agony.

The plan is simple: We kill the Batman Mobile. Or Rick and Morty Spaceship. Whichever reference floats your murder boat better.

I have to cycle Fury, so the Purple Posse charge into the right side Galvanizers first. I do a dumb, my first charge going up into the middle one allowing the Gal still in the rectangle zone to charge him in his scaly arse. I wasn't to concerned, reasoning he'd just be left on a couple boxes, only for him to have to tough. That wouldn't be so bad, except he was the Posse in range to kill a Servitor toeing the zone. Eek. The rest of the Purple tribe go in (Three left in the squad), they kill the middle Gal and hurt the other two somewhat.

Rask basically stays where he is, cycles Fury to the right Wrastler, puts Rage on him and heals him a point. The TEP is going to die, so that means he's safe to be on no camp.

If I just keep looking, I'll find the right cover of "Where is my Mind". Or not, I'll just circle around Youtube for an hour and end up back at The Pixies.

The Wrastler walks up, I misplay both Strength buffs as being +2 when they are in fact +3's. The TEP and nearby Galvanizer get thrashed with a Fury to spare.

The Bone and Grey Posse charge around, the Bone tribe being quite spread out as I thought they might be a Fury cycle target. The remaining Galvaniser on the right dies, the Inverter gets a Counter charge I can't really avoid, he rolls crap on damage though and only does a couple boxes (Knock down arm was saved at this point). Remaining Galvanisers get dinged somewhat, one Grey Posse toes the left zone. A Swamp Gobber runs up to toe the left zone, engages a Servitor.

Trawler wise, neither is engaged, so one walks around and drags out the pesky contesting Servitor. Noice as Kath would say. But then, she's a ninny. The other Trawler walks back, shoots the Diffuser, drags it in and does it's melee attack to get some more damage on.

The Totem Hunter darts off to the left, jumps and kills the two remaining repair guys to make scoring harder for the Cog teeths. He Sprints back, sadly has to take a Galvanizer freestrike and dies (In hindsight shouldn't have been greedy and just jammed up).

I score the right zone, now 1-2.

IPB Image
CoC 4: The Swamp Gobber kills a Servitor on the Freestrike, moral victory obtained (Mat 3 P+S 5 might!).
Left side, the Diffuser aims from behind the wall and tries to pop said Gobber, misses.
The TEP moves up, sprays four Posse (2 Grey, 2 Bone). Kills one from each unit and makes the Bone tough out, the remaining Grey stays quite healthy.

The three remaining Galvanisers, all to the left of the obstruction, move around. Two wiggle around and attack Grey Posse, hurting them but not killing them. The third backs up to teh CoC edge fo teh centre zone.

Inverter then comes over, keeps it's knockdown ram attack for Coutner Chargness, flubbs the rolls and kills the Grey unit leader but not the Bone fella.
Corrolary ends up near the back Galvaniser for Induction cycling.

A Servitor contests the right zone, three Eliminators move over and attack one of the Bog Trog Trawlers, an entering melee early error makes him only take one damage.

Gobber stops CoC scoring, we stay at 1-2.

IPB Image
Minion 4:I can get a Wrastler into the Inverter, killing him should give me an insurmountable attrition lead.

The lone Grey Posse stays on the hill, eats the super damaged Galvanizer next to him.
Bone Posse just shuffle around, the unit leader being in a precarious spot where he has to move for the Wrastler to get in while not giving away a Counter Charge to stop the play.

Left most Wrastler gets Boundless Charge, Fury and Rage from Rask (ALL THE BUFFS AND ANGER IT MAKES ME STRONG), charges the Inverter, maxes Fury to kill it and the Galvanizer next to it,

Around the top of the Obstruction, the remaining Purple Posse goes into the Corrolary and remaining Galvanizer, do some dinging.

Tamatoa Gold squad just chills to score the right zone.

Bog Trog Ambushers kill an Elimination Servitor and roll box cars on melee damage to pop the right side Diffuser.

I score the zone, now at 2-2.

IPB Image
CoC 5: A Flare Bot plus the aimed boosted Diffuser finally kills the contesting Swamp Gobber.

The TEP tries to spray the lone Grey Posse on the hill, flubbs both to hit rolls.

Galvanizers and Corrolary scratch at Posse and do poorly, Axis hangs back.

Nothing can get to the right to contest, so we end up 3-3.

Gear chuckles giggle out on the clock this turn, we play it out a bit anyway, from here I have an easy time killing the Galvanisers and just attritioning it out.

That was super surprising to me, Posse where jsut fine, even with the poor feeling feat exchange. Don't have a palce for the list pairing sadly, but it is fun to just throw Posse around (well, the plastic models anyway, would have disliked using the old metal junk).

Bog Trogs also surprisingly killy, felt like a good choice for the free model provided you can get past the irrelevant point cost of something you get for free.
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