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> Admonitions of a Suss Sufferer: Mark 2, all about Mark 3
post Oct 17 2017, 11:51 AM
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Game 253 - Arkadius (Will Work for Food) vs Siege2 (Grave Diggers)

Ye old random we-don't-know-what-we're-doing pickup game.
I dropped the War Hog and Gun Boars as being.....not quite what I want, they are naturally inclined towards the attrition style I'm trying to have a break from.

Taking their place is the glorious Rabo experiment, of 10 Razor Boars and another Gorax.
Premise being that the RaBo's clear impediments to the assassination run and the Gorax is an extra Primal for that purpose.

Arkadius (WWfF) - 2x Road Hog, 10x Razor Boar, Battle Boar, 2x Gorax, Dahlia + Skarath, Targ, Swamp Gobbers, Orin, Efaarit
Siege2 (GD) - Triumph, 2x Grenadiers, Trencher Long Gunners, 2x Siege Busters, Commandos, Trencher infantry, Cannon Crew, Anson, Finn

Scenario is Standoff, I lose the roll and get given second (Sad armpit. Sad faces are cliche.).
The centre of the table is dictated by a small forest and osbtruction, I take the side that can beter deend it's centre rectangle by bottle necking access to contest, plus with Overtake or Road Hog tramples I should be better able to force my way to the Swan zone if relevant.

Basically no other terrain is relevant for how this matchup plays out, probably should ponder on making more interesting local game terrain set ups.

IPB Image
Cygnar 1: Swans run forward. Sure is a lot of dudes. Infantry/Commandos out front, jacks behind them, Long Runngers on the right. Siege goes behind the objective.

IPB Image
Minion 1: Well, we are experimenting with wonky stuff and the Swan list is super far forward. Let's throw the RaBo's in and see how they go.

Arkadius advances, put up Aggravator, gives Primal and Forced Evo to Razor Boars. He feats, getting all the RaBo's and Road Hogs forward.
The Goraxi and Battle Boar advance and throw out more Primals.

Left Road Hog moves to toe the forest, does a shot at four or so models. Misses them all, however it was 8's with only one boost. Mweh.

The Razor Boars go into the various Commandos and Infantryman. The most effective model is Siege's Turret, that kills three or so dudes with its Sentry shot.
When the dust settles about a dozen various Trencher smucks have died and the left Grenadier has lost it's Axe arm.

The other Road Hog and Skarath get in front of Arkadius, who is also behind the Objective.

Oh, the Efaarit botched a shot on the right at the Grenadier, which I accidentally confused with another model I enver see and called it the Mariner. Such insight.

IPB Image
Cygnar 2: Incidentally my wife blame Vadge Best Guy across the table for "many wows" now being in my lexicon. These are the facts people come here for. Centre?

Swans basically start blatting. I lose the left most Rabo, who was one of the random ones who had nothing better to do than pop it's Animus before charging out of command. Another three die in the centre courtesy of Trencher Commandos, Finn and Siege.

Those kills free up models on the right, so the Grenadier, Triumph and Trencher Long Gunners shoot down Skarath. Bugger. Still, least it wasn't Arkadius. Also the Efaarit dies.

No one scores because we are still stupidly early in the game even though it doesn't feel like it.

IPB Image
Minion 2: It's time. To murder Harley Quinn and indoctrinate a new one in (You can only fail to kill the Batman so many times before you lower your goals).

Five of the Rabo's frenzy, mostly on each other, except for the one out on the far elft who passes the roll. One does get to attack Finn, promptly puts him on one box like a git.

Arkadius moves up, boosts a Crippling Grasp onto Siege, repo's back and casts Surgery to heal the Rabo's, ends with one camp from Maltreatment.
The Road Hogs move in front of him, they both spray Siege and double boost, stripping his fury camp, setting him on fire and doing not terrible damage. however, Siege still has to much health for the fire to reliably kill him.

He advances, lightnings, boosts the leap damage, puts him on three boxes.

Gobbers advances and cloud on stuff. Dahlia/Goraxes run around to try to shield Arkadius, should be fine as I don't think I can be shot off the table and Siege can't walk and jump to get to me.

Oh yeah, Hutchuck comes in from teh right and kills 4 Long Gunners because he is a bro.

IPB Image
Cygnar 3: Fire goes out. Dammit.

Turns out Siege's feat also grants him a 3 inch move. Houston, we done ######ed up.

Dahlia is in the way, after multiple failed efforts the Trencher Buster flanks with Ansom to kill her.
Siege then feats, jumps, knocks down the Gorax and kills Arkadius to the box (The chain gun could have moved up and finished him off, oh well).

Lot of thoughts on this one.

Rabo packs of 6+ on Arkadius are a very interesting puzle to plan around on the operation side. They are idal Primal targets, however you have to combine their desire to bacon each other and be base to base with their impending frenzy, controlled by an Overtake move to get them running butts and not looking at each other.

I think 8 RaBo's might be the optimal amount, which is more than expected.
Dahlia should probably leave the list if it is legit meant to be an assassination style.

Yet another game where I picked the wrong upkeep, Guardian Beast would have been far superior and possibly knocks down Siege hilariously.

I have no good reasoning or logic for that casting of Pscho Surgery instead of camping three. Well, I do, however it's because I didn't ask the relevant questions and assumed I was safe from a melee assassination run.
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post Oct 20 2017, 10:32 PM
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Game 254 - Arkadius (Will Work for Food) vs Severius1 (Creator's Might)

Thursday, the party night. Dollies-ness.

Arkadius1 (WWfF) - 3x Road Hogs, 3x Gorax, 8x Razor Boars, Battle Boar, Orin, Hutchuck, Targ, Gatormen Witch Doc, Bog Trog Trawler
Severius1 (CM) - Templar, Blessing of Vengeance, 2x Vessel of Judgement, Rhoven, Avatar, 2x Vassal, Wracks, Choir

Working on that theory of "Dahlia and Swamp Gobbers are attrition pieces" I dumped them...like....yeah, no real life experience simile applies here, more about obvlisiously failing to get into relationships that loads of dumping happening.
Dropped two of the Rabo's as well, 10 was quite excessive.

Added in a third Road Hog and Gorax to maimise Primals and get more assassination sprays out there. Points left over became a Bog Trog Trawler to threaten the sides.
Lastly the Efaarit got swapped for a CID version of the Gatorman Witch Doc, his only relevant ability being Ghostly for a beast.

Somewhat tanky version of Menoth, lots of Shield Guards that thankfully I don't care about (Alas Gun Boars, your return is more unlikely every game). Sevvy is on the squish side, so let the flameyness get going!

Scenario is breakdown. That's nice.

There's a central Obstruction, clouds on either side, Menites win the roll and pick the side with a hill, forest and a long trench.
There's terrain on my side of the board, it doesn't come into it.

IPB Image
Minion 1: I thought I had a third Road Hog ready to go, I was extremely wrong. Enter Skarath, the proxy!
The forest forces Arkadius and his Adrenaline formation Road Hogs to the left of centre, though it isn't a position I hate.
The RaBo's split evenly up either side, as do the Primal bots.
Orin goes with the Road Hog blob, there's no way to stop something getting magic nuked, might as well be the models that don't matter as much.

Targ and Witch Doc stay in the backfield, chilling out like bros.
I throw up Aggravator, opposing list doesn't list like it's going to get anywhere near for Guardian to proc. Forced Evo goes on the Skarath Road Hog.

IPB Image
Menoth 1: The Vessels run up on the left. I christen (menisten?) them K and J.
Avatar gets Vision, pops Gaze, goes up the middle with the Templar. Sevvy, Covenant and Rhoven with his ######ty High School band mates go behind the Heavies.
Blessed (Who has Defenders Ward) runs up the right into the end of the trench, arcs a couple.....whatsit....pew pew...bounce bounce....ouch....Ashes to Ashes, that's it. Kills one Razor Boar, hurts the two beside taking out both Spirits plus one Mind. Sevvy camps four.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Burn the old man! BURN! Old white guys are usually the villain anyway!

Hutchuck ambushes in off the left, Trawler pops in on the right. They kill a Wrack each.
Gator Witch Doc puts Ghostly on a Road Hog.

I drop Forced Evo off the Skarath Road Hog, Arkadius needs enemy models in his control area for the feat so he needs a space to move to. In that vein the Proxied Road Hog moves up and contests the centre zone from behind the obstruction, should be quite a safe spot.

Goraxi and Battle Boar shuffle around, Primal the two soon-to-be-suicide-squad Road Hogs and one of the right Razor Boars. Razors Boars animus if they can and move to frenzy spots using Mark 2 Arkadius tech.

Arkady stabs two of the Roads Hogs with Adrenaline, puts FOrced Evo on one of them, repos to be exactly 14 from the rightmost Battle Engine, feats.
This sends two of the left Razor Boars into the left most Battle Engine where they scratch it lightly. Ah, the gentle caress of attacking Bacon Bits.
The two Primalled Road Hogs go up toward the right-ier Vessel.
Far right, the most damaged Razor Boar charges the last Wrack, turns out it explodes on Disabled so my Snacking dreams were for nought. The Boar dies to said explosion. The other two go into the back of Blessed, Defenders Ward makes it to tough and they only scratch the paint.

The first Primalled Road Hog, the one with Forced Evo on it, assaults the J of the Battle Engines (Right one of the two). The Adrenalled spray kills a mechanic, hurts the Covenant, hits Sevvy for average damage. He then buys attacks, manages to kill the Battle Engine, alas he maxes Fury to do it so no Sprint hilarity.

The other Road Hog....is in Gaze range. Sod. I want to hurt for speed, assault Sevvy, kill a dude and sprint to engage him, that was never a workable plan. Cursed Mee-noth, think about others for a change.
Well, a less useful commitment it is. The Road Hog assaults one of Rhoven's Bros, kills him with the spray so the Sprint really wasn't going to happen. Another damage roll on Sevvy, this one strips him of most of his health, leaves him on three boxes.
Avatar Visions the first attack roll, I then max out Fury and do small amounts of damage.

Well, there's always fire.

Last bit piece activation's, two of the left Rabos just moved to body block Arkadius and absorb Vessel of Judgement bounces. Orin goes up next to the box and Stealths. Targ runs up the far left, as I expect Herding will probably have to be used next turn.

IPB Image
Menoth 2: Fire goes out. Sadface.

Remaining repair flunkies fix up the Vessel of Judgement, which then pushes the two Razor Boars and one Road Hog away, sets them on fire. It then moves to toe the left zone, which lets the Razor Boars Counter Charge it for a bit more damage.
The Vessel then pops a shot into the Road Hog, does a reasonable whack, then Reloads, shoots Hutchuck down to one box. The best of Ogruns.

Rhoven, his remaining Buddy Cop and the Avatar slap the crap out of the forward most Road Hog, easily killing it. Avatar then pops Gaze. The Book pops on the hill, does the no spell gambit. Templar runs to contest the centre zone. Sevvy goes onto the hill, just taps Arkadius with his control area and feats.

Rightwise, Blessing of Vengeance wiggles around a bit, stabs down the two Razor Boars that flailed at him. No less than they deserve really.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Fire kills one of the left Rabo, healing the other a little by the power of Bacon. The Forced Evo Hog frenzies on the Vessel, does a bit more damage. Both flank Gorax that cast Primal frenzy forward.

Well, Sevvy has camp, but also three Fury. Let's gamble!
The reserve Road Hog moves up next to the obstruction, lands the boosted 11 to hit, gets the boosted 9 to kill.

Long term prospects were looking pretty painful. Can't Primal Shock Sevvy (Sodding Menoth Casters). Reserve Road Hog proved pretty clutch. Probably going to cram in another.
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post Oct 21 2017, 11:11 PM
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Game 255 - Arkadius1 (Will Work for Food) vs Orion1 (Clockwork Legions)
Note: This' a crap one.

On the verge of the exit walk, more dollies happened instead.

Arkadius1 (WWfF) - 3x Road Hogs, 3x Gorax, 8x Razor Boars, Battle Boar, Orin, Hutchuck, Targ, Gatormen Witch Doc, Bog Trog Trawler
Orion1 - Axiom, Corollary, 2x Obstructors, Reciprocators, ADO, Steelsoul, 4x Enigma Foundries

I dislike Arkadius into the Axiom. Lack of pathfinder and stealth models makes the counterplay difficult, with the best play being to kill it on feat turn. But then, that'd be attrition and we don't want that.

Convergence is also in general not that simple to assassinate, so that's annoying.

I lose the roll, get given first. This is a manufactured end of the terrain, the central forest impedes me equally from both sides while Mage Sight neuters it for CoC regardless.
What Convergence does gain by their choice of side is not having to deal with a wall that would disrupt the Axiom's movement. It' probably the most valid terrain related decision on the board. Both sides also gain a cloud, there's an irrelevant forest on my left, the right zone has an obstruction for Convergence and a wall for me.

Well, that was shonkily put. Look at the pics instead.

Also shoddy play incoming. Mistakes were made.

IPB Image
Round 1: I continue to proxy awesomely with Dahlia, against the far less cool proxy of Syntherion for Orion (Let's face: Syntherion is the unholy merging of a pocket knife and a vibrator).

Piggies run forward. Attempting to avoid the foul falafel that was having to move a Road Hog without featy goodness of last game, I only position two to receive sweet Raw Adrenaline, putting Forced Evo on the Skarath Road Hog further forward.

Everything sticks shy of Axiom walk and drag range.

Axiom moves forward, Obstructors curved around it. Medium based Shield Wallers toe into the left zone next to the Steelsoul. ADO goes extreme left. Orion stays way up the back with the Enigma's.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Let's try for the assassination, with the attrition plays of killing the Reciprocators and hurting the Axiom for a later round kill.

A Rabo charges up and kills the Steelsoul, it missed the Defensive Strike.

Hutchuck ambushed in from the left, missed the four on the knockdown grenade on the Reciprocators. Balls.
Left Rabo's charge in anyway, they do a little.
Arkadius feats on stuff. I screw up, failing to move the right Rabo's, as missing in activations as Great Malenko off that album he was supposedly the central component of.
This means that the Skarath Rabo, who has Primal and Forced Evo, doesn't have a spot to get into the Axion and kill it by 2/3rds or so. This is going about as well as a facebook convo on the Circle group.

Road Hogs go in and assault various places, killing some infantry that'll come back. Two sprays go out, they do poorly on Orion sadly. Corollary gets hurt a bit, two of the Enigma's get scratched up.

At the end of the day various Circle models die, but no complete units.

Realistically, CoC are just bad to assassinate into. Should have used the feat and RaBo's to get two Road Hogs into the Axiom and kill it. Le sigh.

IPB Image
CoC 2: Tennant was better as Killgrave than as the Doc. Deal with it.
This is pretty good vodka, I ponder as I lazily avoid writing the next stuff about gamez.

Obstructors basically shuffle out of the way. This lets the Axiom move up and kill the two nearest Road Hogs. Reciprocators swing around, taking out the third Road Hogs mind.

Enigma's float around, bring all the dudes back.

A popped Servitor scores the CoC flag, 0-1.

IPB Image
Round 3/Minion 4: Eh, I'm just not into writing this one, basically involves retreading not being enthused about how I was playing.

I make some superfluous attacks and sprint my remaining Road Hog behind the left cloud.
CoC kills more ####, returns any dude I killed.

I then have Arkadius charge up for the final assassination attempt.
I have a potential Crippling Grasp, Flame Thrower, and an Orion Lightning leap.
The Grasp and the Road Hog spray both miss. That was enough for me, concede time.
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post Oct 24 2017, 05:18 PM
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Game 256 - Arkadius1 (Will Work for Food) vs Naaresh1 (Imperial Warhost)
Epic Recon

Day of Moons! Return of one of our old nemeses, with ye old Elf Haters (Which makes them ok). Wait, Minions don't have Thexus and I have to play an actual game? (They are no longer ok).

Arkadius1 (WWfF) - 4x Road Hogs, 2x Gorax, 6x Razor Boars, Battle Boar, Orin, Hutchuck, Targ, Gatormen Witch Doc (CID), Swamp Gobber Chef
Naaresh1 (IW) - 2x Gladiator, 2x Archidon, Agonizer, Cyclops Brute, Zaadesh + Krea/Agonizer, Siege Animantarax, 2x Pain Givers (One Max, One Min)

I theoretically had a Rask list, which is an awful Hodge Podge of models I wish I had versus Models I want to have for some kind of anti-Cryx build (Dammit Calaban! Speak to me! Why do you do nothing for my inner alcohol fueled void?).

Ergo, the next version of Arkadius, with more Road Hog! Dropped another set of Rabo's, the Bog Trog Trawler and a Gorax.

List wise, it's all about trading carefully. I don't like my odds of assassinating Naaresh what with Fury and all, but eh, got to learn sometime.

Scenario is Epic Recon. I opted to try sucking it up, not like this isn't an optimal scenario for this list versus anything with Circle zones.

Skorne won the dice roll and picked first.
Extremely open centre table, I picked the side with an obstruction that can be used to contest the left zone with extremely minimal effort. I also get a semi-usefull wall on the edge of the right zone that should be handy defensively. The Skorne end of the right zone has a forest which could be annoying, that's just something I have to accept. My objective was Pathfinder, I genuinely have no memory of what Skorne had.

IPB Image
Skorne 1: One Archidon goes behind the obstruction and postures offensively (some form of agresive mooning I imagine). There's then a line of Skorne stuff, with Naaresh popping up behind his Obejctive. Zaadesh is behind him in the trench.
The Animantarax barrels forward into the right zone, with the other Archidon to his side in the trees (His name wasn't Charlie. Mild dissapointment.).

IPB Image
Minion 1: It's feating time, there's enough in threat range and it'll let me have reasonable board position. While emasuring out getting a Road Hog to Naaresh I flubbed ahrd, mid measurement forgetting the +2 Speed for my theme benefit, aka the sodding point of Will Work for Food.
Thankfully when I later calculated it out it was an extremely poor assassinatio by dint of Krea Animus and needing to use the charge attack on a Gladiator to get up to Naaresh.

In any event, Goraxi and the Battle Boar futx around and Primal three of the Road Hogs. Arkadius puts Forced Evo on one of the hogs, moves up and repositions to throw Crippling Grasp on the Animantarax. Frenzies everything forward.

One Primal Hog then goes into the Aradus, kills it and maxes Fury to do an attack on the Battle Engine. The Forced Evo/Primal Hog goes into the right Archidon, kills it and also maxes out to do an attack on teh Animantarax. The last Road Hog finishes the Battle Engine off with it's charge attack, then Sprints back to be behind the wall.

The non Primal Road Hog goes up behind the obstruction, Razor Boars go in various directions. One goes to the super safe contesting spot. Two charge into the Archidon on the left, flubb their rolls.

Not a bad Alpha, though I'll lose two Road Hogs in the Retaliation. The desire to Crippling Grasp also means I don't have Guardian Beast up, which would be nice.

IPB Image
Skorne 2: Agonizers hover around at the tops of both zones, scream the strength penalty.
Naaresh hovers over to the Skorne flag, pops feat. All of his battlegroup bar the Agonizers hurt themselves in all aspects.
Various beasts get Enraged.

The Brute and one Gladiator kill the msot forward Road Hog after the Krea paralyzes it.
That's all good and expected. The Archidon then flies over the Obstruction and attacks the non-Primalled Hog. It takes some freestrikes and a RaBo Counter charge, all of which bounce off.
Maxes Fury, kills the Road Hog to the box.

Aside from that, Skorne holds relatively far back.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Frenzy time!

After pulling Fury, a Razor Boar's only frenzy target is the left side Agonizer. Sweet. It goes in and does sod all.
The remaining Road Hogs frenzy, one is stopped by the wall, the other is a few mill shy of going into the Brute, gets near enough to be engaged by him though. Sigh.

I'm in strife at this point, I should never have Primalled three of the Heavies, that was massive overkill. The Animantarax killer didn't need it, then he could have had a full active turn (albeit probably consisting of falling back while Naaresh' feat was up). Damn you Archidon!

Priorities are killing that Archidon and getting some scoring happening.

Goraxes get Primalled. Arkadius moves up, puts Forced Evo on one Gorax, maltreats the Battle Boar, puts Crippling Grasp on the right most Gladiator then repositions back (Love Repo. So good.).

Forced Evo Primalled Gorax goes into the Archidon. Maxes Fury, but kills it.
Um....so.....that other Gorax....
Well, he's Primalled, so he moves up into the right zone to frenzy on whatever kills the top most Road Hog.
Targ Moves into the left zone for Herding, another Razor Boar charges the left Agoniser. Another damage point. Such might!

Gator Doc runs to my flag, Orin moves up and Lightings the Crippling Grasped Gladiator, bounces a lightning off the Objective and into a Pain Giver.

Ayep. Dat Primal regret is savage, both Road Hogs are probably dead which makes the attrition game out of my grasp.

I get up a point via the Minion flag, 1-0.

IPB Image
Skorne 3: Naaresh sits on the Skorne flag, kills a Razor Boar.

Krea tries to shoot the Road Hog behind the wall, misses.

Left Paingivers stabs at the remaining Razor Boar contesting the Skorne flag, defence 13 is to stronk for their puny MAT 5ness (Random aside: I loathe the phrase "5ever". It's Mimi I'mfurst levels of awful.).

Road Hog at the top of the right zone gets attacked by the Brute, however he left Naaresh' control area so only does a bit of damage (i.e. more than I'd like, being well in excess of 0).
The Gladiator then goes in, DEF 12 proves to be beyond it's means, it maxes FURY to leave the Road Hog on 6 boxes with all aspects. Well, this is suddenly going pretty good.

The other Gladiator then goes into the Road Hog behind the wall, maxes Fury trying to land unboosted 8's, manages to drop it with the last attack. Back to the status quo we go!

Nothing contests my flag, I go to 2-0.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Goraxes Frenzy, one into my obejctive for five points, the other into the Brute for a scratch.

Awkard pickle situation here. Razor Boars on the left got the scenario game down, once they are dealt with Hutchuck can ambush in and start his own chain of annoyance, however attritionally I need to kill these Gladiators. That means getting buffs out on the surviving Road Hog, which puts Arkadius in a precarious situation. Those early turns were also super long, so not to much time is available to waste here if this game ends up going the distance, plus I had a good enough clock lead at this point for that to be to my advantage.

Crippling Grasp upkept, Arkadius moves up and puts Forced Evo/Primal on the Road Hog, repositions out to the right. Any assassination run involves Naaresh needing to leave his flag and extend his control area, so hopefully that's a suitable disincentive. Arkadius is camping 3.

The Road Hog then easily kills the Crippling Grasps Gladiator, sadly the attacks on the Brute roll poorly.

Orin walks up in the way of a lane on Arkadius, lightings the Skorne objective and kills the remaining Paingivers on the right. Team them to be unpainted smucks.

One Razor Boar and the Battle Boar go into the other Gladiator, scuff it up somewhat.

IPB Image
Skorne 4: Insufficient disincentive, it's go to time for self whippy man (In a way, Naaresh is the idyllic ice cream man of Skorne).

The Krea moves through the forest, shoots Arkadius, lands the hit to Paralyse him. DANGER WILL ROBINSON.

Naaresh Cyclones across, charges the blocking Gorax, puts Rush on the Gladiator and just manages to kill the light beast. Sod. That clears a lane for the Gladiator to charge Arkadius, I get three free strikes that sadly take out the body instead of the Spirit. Gladiator maxes Fury, kills Arkadius on the final attack. Sod.

Even though that early assassination run was poor, forgetting that strong of a theme bonus is pretty bad play, so that's internally awkward. Could also have stopped that final assassination by just running the Battle Boar behind the wall.

Largest mistake on my part was definitely amount of Primals, doing that multiple times had a sever hamstringing effect on my later turns.

One day I will kill Agonisers again, but it was not this day. Nice to see Naaresh being played well, he's come a long way from those poor earlier edition days.

Oh, sprays without Raw Adrenaline suck and I completely forgot to put down my proxy for a Gobber Chef (Whose roll where I don't screw up with the third Road Hog Primal is to Comfort Food himself away to strip the Fury). I mean....I harshly enforced my minimal proxies rule. Yeah.

Last Minute realisation: I never used Overtake. Dangit. Doesn't make any huge change, but still....
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post Oct 30 2017, 09:07 AM
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Game 257 - Arkadius1 (Will Work for Food) vs Vlad2 (Wolves of Winter)
SR Round 1 - Outlast

Other gaming occasions being lacking and lacking better half supervision, I went for a joy ride through some fun Google Maps for some tounry-ness a few hours away.

The day before I constructed an ugly Barnabas list with the Vault, double min croaks, Posse, couple Spitters. It was basically a self face roll if I went up against Cryx, given I'm not eager to drop the Doc into them and Jaga/Maelok are hard to build when there rules are pending a major update. Yes, I should be doing some Calaban. I'm not, probably out of the normal SUSS nonsense, though the lie I tell myself is he just doesn't click with me.

Round 1 is Khador. Blergh. Harkevbich with double Colossal in Jaws or a Vlad list that hurt my eyebrow, so fast did it rise. Thankfully Harky doesn't get dropped, which would have been a struggle (Throw everything at the jack wall!Woot!).

Arkadius1 (WWfF) - 4x Road Hogs, 2x Gorax, 6x Razor Boars, Battle Boar, Orin, Hutchuck, Targ, Efaarit, Swamp Gobber Chef
Vlad2 (WoW) - War Dog, Destroyer, Marauder, Fenris, 5x Max Doomreaver

There's a forest bang set in the centre of the table, dividing the sides central flags. There's walls and other stuff around, they don't really matter.
I lose the roll, Ze Khadorans have ways of making you talk. And taking the side your stuff was sitting on. I'm not sure on the logic used for the table side, I didn't really give it a second thought as going first is super sweet for me with minimal terrain irritants other than the standard "look at me int eh middle" tree.

IPB Image
Round 1: Arkadius moves up the middle, pops Guardian Beast as Aggravator doesn't look super useful against so few guns.
One Road Hog moves up the left with Forced Evo on it, the other free crowd around Arkadius and desperately rub their butts in his face, begging for a hit of some Adrenaline next round.
Yeah, I had an immediate paragraph appear in my brain about Arkadius being an extremely lonely mad scientist who can modify pig people into what he wants. We are all better off the inner mental slamming of a vault door on that thought.

The Razor Boars split into two packs of three, one to the left of centre in front of the Battle Boar, who is salivating at the infantry masses before him. The right one go into the right zone.

Courtesy of a hasty measurement while advancing, a Doomreaver gets in on one of the right Razor Boars after Apparition, promptly misses. Most of the Doomreavers run up, in ordered ranks.
Fenris, Vlad with Arcane Might, the jacks and one unit move up behind the forest.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Well, the Khadorans have presented themselves and Vlad is no where near. Attrition it is.

Gorax' put Primal on a Razor and the Battle Boar.
Razor Boars then go in and oink there way through some Reavers, the Battle Boar cleans up about 6ish on the left (Curse you tough rolls! My dreams! Will I never get to 11 models in one kill spree?).

Arkadius goes, stabs two of the Road Hogs next to him with Adrenal, pops feat.
The Razor Boars, Goraxi and Battle Boar all frenzy and clear their fury, popping more Reavers.
Forced Evo Road Hog frenzies forward into a Reaver and eats it.

He then repositions back to optimistic safety. One Road Hog lacks any form of buff, as the most basic of Pigitches (Future questionable STD name?) he gets body block duties, moving in front of the warlock. The Gobber Chef and Orin run up to complete the not-great-wall (Ah, such glorious paranoia).

The two Adrenalled Road Hogs charge up, their Assault sprays kill some back doomreavers, set the jacks on fire and kill the War Doge.
Forced Evo Hog charges in, kills Fenris, then Sprints backward.

All up 24 Doom Reavers, Fenris and the War Dog get killed. That was pretty good.

IPB Image
Khador 2: Vlad feats, rolls max of six models. Conveniently there are that many Doom Reavers remaining. He moves around the flag.

The Doom Reavers move around, by dint of who survived it's mostly on the right of the forest.
They kill two Razor Boars, a Gorax and one Road Hog out on the right.
One Doomie in the forest stabs a Razor Boar, then they both die to a drift from the Destroyer.

The Marauder runs in front of Vlad.

Khador go to 1 CP, a far away Razor Boar contests the right zone and stops the Reavers scoring.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Well, scoring is going to be a slow go, might as well start it and continue the grind at this point.

Arkadius jabs some Adrenaline in the Road Hog in front of him, Repositions to the left where Targ and Razor Boars run in front of him (TWISTER IS A THING OK).
That Road Hog hurts himself for speed, assaults over most of the remaining Doom Reavers. Alas needing 11's isn't great, it kills the Assault target and roughs another out on fire. Good work Roadie, the only person you killed was the potential Sprint target. Sigh.
The right Razor Boar moves across, Orin uses it to arc a lightning and kill another Doom Reaver.

Efaarit dings the Destroyer, it then gets killed by a Primalled Road Hog who Overtakes to not have other Piggies in line of sight.
Last Road Hog with Forced Evo goes into the Marauder, gets a crit Knockdown, puts a good whack of damage, only takes out the Movement alas.

I score my flag, 1 all.

IPB Image
Khador 3: The toughed out Doomreaver burns to death, only two of the loonies remain.

One Doomie kills the last Razor Boar on the right, the other does some damage to the Road Hog on my flag.

The Marauder goes to Combo Smite the Road Hogs into each other. Misses. Bought attacks don't do much.

Vlad walks back a bit.

IPB Image
Minion 4: Two of the Road Hogs were Primalled, so Frenzy time!
One goes into Vlad for some scratch damage, the other misses a Doomreaver.
Hutchuck pops up and kills the right most Reaver with a Grenade.

Forced Evo Hog kills the Marauder.

A Reaver contests my flag. Frenzying Road Hog, a Razor Boar and Orin all fail to kill it, so the Swamp Gobber has to forgo scoring to walk up and stab him in the back.

IPB Image
Khador 4/Minion 5: Vlad is alone. He puts the Road Hog that frenzied on him to one box. Road Hogs then munch him.

Not much after thought here, Arkadius was new and wonderful.
I do like playing into Vlad2 a lot more with no damn Eliminators around to harass me. Keep those ladies away.

This game is probably a hallmark of what of my flaws as a person, in a tourney setting I do not have the ability to modulate my play. It's maximise win chance or bust, which is poor behaviour at a less cut throat meta (More on this in a couple games....).
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Game 258 - Arkadius (Will Work for Food) vs Nemo3 (Heavy Metal)
Bathurst SR - Epic Recon

Round 2, into the Tank Engine Dru-Bear. Last time we played was Wintercon, Thexus vs Nemo3 in which Drudges managed to cut out the electricity by just piling on enough writhing flesh and living emat to arc it out. It's still Swans on teh other end, so that's not good. It was Nemo3 and Stryker3, thankfully the one I have a clue about got dropped, much as Pig Heavies are susceptible to getting fried.

Arkadius1 (WWfF) - 4x Road Hogs, 2x Gorax, 6x Razor Boars, Battle Boar, Orin, Hutchuck, Targ, Efaarit, Swamp Gobber Chef
Nemo3 + Finch (HM) - Dynamo, Centurion, 2x Firefly, Junior + Firefly, 2x Storm Striders, max Mechanics, Arlen

Humbug I say to your compromise of having a unit!

I lose the roll, alas the Swans make the correct choice of picking first. I'd picked the pathfinder objective just in case anyway, it ended up not being a great decision.
There was a centralbuilding with a small footprint, then both sides had a long wall, corrosive water, a building and a blob of rubble. I did have a valid table side choice, so that was good (Note: The deployment side buildings where the 40k style ones without a footprint, basically ran it as being a solid piece so no hiding under the raised floor nonsense), specifically one side had super inconvenient central rubble and the opposite had a more central building for Arkadius to potentially hide behind, so that was a pretty easy choice.

IPB Image
Round 1: The Striders run up either flank, the right side one getting arcane Shield off Junior, who then skedalles away to the centre. Dammit! Come back to Hutchuck range!

The Heavies and Nemo go centre left, mechanics and Firefly centre right. Juniors Firefly (The Black one) is on the far right flank.

This round is the highest spike in regret and having to use the Efaarit instead of the CID version Gator Doc. Had I been able to Ghostly the left most Road Hog, Arkadius could have feated it forward over the wall and and into the left Strider. Two others would have gone into the Arcane Shielded Strider, and boom, that's the attrition straight out the gate.

Alas, it was not to be and it didn't feel worth feating to kill one. Ergo I'll have to knuckle under Nemo's feat and see how well it goes.

I stroke out on how to use the Efaarit, sending way off up the centre of the baord to waste a lightning shot and do some damage to the left Strider.
Three RaBo's go extreme left, as does the Battle Boar and the Forced Evo'd Road Hog. Targ goes this side as well, as it is highly likely I'll have to use some herding action to extend the control area.

Arkadius puts up Aggravator, hides behind the objective and a wall of the other three Road Hogs, a Gorax and one Razor Boar. In hindsight Arkadius should have been further left and the weaker beasts spaced between the heavies to better ground out lightning.

One Gorax runs up the right in front of that sides Strider as a distraction/backup beater if he gets ignored. Two Rabo run up on the far right on flanking duties.
lastly Orin hides up the back under Stealth, the Gobber Chef runs to be in position to run to my flag next turn.

IPB Image
Swan 2: Pain time! Nemo hovers in the back field, pops feat, misses the Forced Evo Road Hog with a gun shot. Camps three. Some spell shuffling happened, the relevant one being the Armour Buff going on the Centurion.

Centurion advances, toes the left zone with its Imprint up.
Dynamo stays up the back, shoots at the Road Hog. Hits the first attack, I stupidly advance into the 10 inch bubble of the Strider, only to be saved by the not-duo not-Superhero Jack misses the next attack (Even with Nemo's Re-roll. Forced Evo for the win).
One of Nemo's Fireflies walks over the Cygnar Obejctive and ends up behind the centre obstruction, shoots down the Efaarit.
The other Firefly runs up the right to be behind my forward advanced Gorax for the annoying 5 inch pain bubble.

Left most Strider charges the Forced Evo Road Hog, takes out his Body. Does his Gun shots into the Road Hog blob in front of Arkadius, suitably messes them up.
Right side Strider charges the sacrifice Gorax, hitting for some damage but not taking out any aspects. Gun shots kill one Road Hog, cause another to Hyper Aggresive into melee with the Firefly, mess up the last Road Hog and causes some damage to Arkadius that gets thrown over to a Razor Boar on the right flank.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Time to clock out, it's feat time!

Later Edit: TLDR version, I kill the Striders, the forward most Firefly, hurt the Centurion and other Firefly, get Road Hogs up in the Swans grill and score some points.

The three remaining Road Hogs are all quite messed up, though one near Arkadius has all it's aspects. The plan is to activate all the healthy beasts, get their Fury dialled, feat it off, send the Road Hogs forward, then have the heavies activate and kill other stuff.

To start off with, Hutchuck ambushes in off the right and misses his knockdown Grenade on Juniors Firefly. Sadness. Said Jack was half an inch shy of the ambush charge, so the Ogrun just chills in the back.

Battle Boar and the advanced Gorax Primal two of the Road Hogs. Gorax also pounds on the Firefly next to him, though doesn't do that great.
Targ moves up to get Herding up on the left, this lets the RaBo's on the left pop Animi and go into the Strider (Two get charges, one has to walk into herd range and boost damage). They do a bit.
Right wise, RaBo's charge into the Arcane Shielded Strider, roll poorly for the most part.

I then flubb my plans, sending the healthy Road Hog into the Strider way to early. He gets his two attacks then is repulsed away from poor placement as well. He then buys a pair of attacks to kill the Firefly and sprints to the left of the centre obstruction.

Arkadius goes, puts out Psycho Surgery to restore everyone. Puts Crippling Grasp on the right Strider. Feats.
Between the RaBo's, Battle Boar and Forced Evo heavy the left Strider dies.
Gorax and Rabo's go for the right Strider, they scratch it a tiny bit.
The Road Hog still near Arkadius feat charges the Strider, does reasonably.
Road Hog that I activated to early frenzies forward into the Firefly behind the centre obstruction, knocking it down with a crit and doing some damage.

Arkady repo's back a bit after to much thinking, the second Gorax runs in front of him.
The Road Hog on the right moves to a spot he can't be repulsed from, kills the Shielded/Grasped Strider, spints to be in front of Arkadius.

Forced Evo Road Hog on the left goes into the Centurion, dice off 4 isn't great, he does manage to take out the Shield so that's good for the late game.

Swamp Gobber Chef runs to my flag on the right, I score that flag and the right zone to be up 2-0 (left zone is contested by the Centurion).

Standard Arkadius feat turn. I had to reverse engineer some positions to work out what I even did.
Dammit, this isn't easier than Thexus at all!

IPB Image
Swan 3: Nemo stays back, misses a shot on Targ.
The Centurion shuffles around, completely fails at murder, as the Forced Evo Hog gets hits once. Suck those 7's!
Dynamo then aims and kills the Forced Evo Road Hog, hurts the other forward representative and takes out his Mind and Spirit.
Arlen runs to the swan flag, triggers two Razor Boar Coutnercharges which kill him to the box. As....expected.....yeah.....

On the right Junior's Firefly goes in and stabs the two Razor Boars scoring that side, hurting both of them. The Mechanics run in to contest the zone.

Chef scores my flag, I go up 3-0.

IPB Image
Minion 3: I only need to clear the right zone for the scenario win. Hutchuck, Razor Boars, a Gorax and a Road Hog spray get it done.

The scenario win somewhat through me, I wasn't expecting things to fold in like that. Things wre going pretty well for me regardless, I can hold the right side and contest the left much better than Cygnar. Dynamo will kill loads of stuff, however not at a rate I'd consider threatening to my chances of winning. Also Psycho Surgery good.

This is my favourite game of the tourney, Choo choo man being pretty swell.
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Game 259 - Arkadius (Will Work for Food) vs Reznik1 (Creators Might)
Bathurst SR - Standoff

Finals time! No Cryx, so plan dodge that evil stuff was a complete success. Now that the plan has succeeded once, it is clearly infallible and I will never verse Cryx again.

Menoth time! Passage is annoying for the Assault shots, though of greater concern in this particular matchup is the Scourge of Heresy, for whom I'll always have the distinct memory of barreling over the Drudge blob and nearly decapitating Thexus from an otherwise indomitable position.
Ergo, it will absolutely be worth feating to kill that one model.
Otherwise, Reznik feat + Judicator shots is an assassination run ARkadius sure doesn't survive, he'll have to use distance and blocking models pretty well.

Arkadius1 (WWfF) - 4x Road Hogs, 2x Gorax, 6x Razor Boars, Battle Boar, Orin, Hutchuck, Targ, Efaarit, Swamp Gobber Chef
Reznik1 (CM) - Scourge of Heresy, Revenger, Crusader, Avatar of Menoth, Tristan Durant1 + Judicator, 2x Vassal Mechanik, 3x Wrack, Alten Ashley, Choir of Menoth (Min)

The table obtains the at time dubious merit of being quite interesting.
There's an Obstruction of super height in the centre of the board. The left zone has a long wall and a pair of small forests, the right is surrounded by a literal river of rough terrain with "bridges" of normal terrain represented by trench templates. One side has a wall in a defensive spot.

Menites win the roll and take the side with the wall. I'm super relieved to have first so I can dictate lay of the land as it were.

So...that line two games ago about not realising I'm the unwitting shark? Yeah, I realise way to late how this matchup should have been played (i.e. nicely not brutally).

IPB Image
Round 1: I bank hard to the left, if there's going to be a game damned if I want to fight it over a horde of rough terrain. Forced Evo Road Hog goes out as a lone ranger sort of guy, the others assume the jab position around Arkadius. One Razor Boar goes exxxxxxtreme left. A couple Rabo's go right as my weak play toward scenario. Effarit goes to the other exxxxxxxtreme flank.

Judicator on the left has max Focus, moves up and swings shots forward, setting two of the Rabo's and a Gorax on fire. One mechanic goes behind the Judicator, Tristan ambles up behind.
Centrally Reznik chills at the back, putting Ignite on Scourge of Heresy. Scourge, the Crusader and the Revenger go up into the Menoth rectangle. The Choir put Passage out on those jacks, reposition to be behind the wall.
Far right has the Avatar and a Mechanic, ready to fight their most fearsome foe, an Efaarit. And some Razor Boars.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Hutchuck ambushes in on the left, throws a grenade to kill the Mechanic and knock down Tristan, charges and kills him, the Judicator shuts down.
I don't think Hutchuck will ever have a better ambush turn.

Some models move around. Arkadius feats, Razor Boars on the left kill a Wrack and Alten. The Forced Evo'd Road Hog gets Primal, charges up and kill Scourge of Heresy. Another Road Hog with some Adrenaline moves up and sprays down two Choir.

The Efaarit moves up, shoots the Avatar's Mechanic and Repo's forward, ending up in the Menoth Advance Deploy zone.

I did some screw ups, primarily the right side Razor Boars were meant to move up and feat frenzy into the Avatar, instead they just put up Still as Death and wonder into the zone.

IPB Image
Menoth 2/Minion 3: Reznik kills the Road Hog that destroyed Scourge of Heresy, the Redeemer charges a Road Hog for some damage, Crusader runs up the board. Avatar runs backwards and gets the Efaarit into Gaze range.

Hutchuck knocks down the Crusader. One Road Hog kills the Revenger, the next with Primal and Forced Evo easily pops Reznik. Efaarit also shot Avatar for five damage.

That was that. An excellent viewing portal at my abject lack of success in selecting a caster less complicated than Thexus. Haley3 is also tempting, the hell is wrong with me.

Would Bathurst again, sweet venue, great people, wonderful prize support (Disgruntled murmur against the concept of sportsmanship scores, but it's not my meta to preach at). If it happens will have to adjust my style and approach to fit (i.e. run Carver, piece trade, present options when odd moves are happening).

It is probably time to be sane and put two Warhogs and Swamp Gobbers back in the list in exchange for two Road Hogs. But don't wanna.

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Game 260 - Rask1 (Blindwater Congregation) vs Morghoul2 (Disciples of Agony)

After some real life navigation, dolly times are here again.

Into the chief of Bin Chickens, we both drop down lists we felt like. I went with my theoreticaly Cryx drop while I twiddle my thumbs for the finalized Jaga rules, Skornites dropped traitor Minions models. Fiendish fishes.

Rask1 (BC) - Swamp Horror, 3x Bone Swarm, Sacral Vault, Mist Speaker, 2x Croak Raiders (Max), Bokor + Shamblers, 2x Thrullg, Totem Hunter
Morghoul2 (DoA) - Archidon, Gladiator, Swamp Horror, Blindwater, Farrow Brigands (Max) + Warlord, Paingivers, Bloodrunners, Taskmaster, 2x Willbbreaker, 2x Farrow Razorback Crews

My list is bad and I should feel bad.

To be honest there isn't much to write about here.

I lost the roll, picked the side with a defensive cloud.

Skorne ran forward. I feated, killed a Razorback Crew.

Morghoul then moved up to toe the forest in the centre of the board, feated on 90% of my list.

IPB Image
Rask shuffles a little bit, shoots Morghoul with a Paralysis shot. Opponent cocnedes before the Vault and the Fury'ed Boundless Charged Swamp Horror gets the job done.

That....was something?

We then threw down some Company of Iron. It was fine, but wasn't warmachine.
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Game 261 - Arkadius1 (Will Work for Food) vs Gorten1 (Irregulars)

After my soul was ground to dust by staring at prospective houses for no purpose, onto the purposeless activity that...ungrounds...souls.....yeah.....

Arkadius1 (WWfF) - 2x Road Hog, 2x War Hog, 2x Gorax, Battle Boar, 6x Razor Boars, Efaarit, Orin, Targ, Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew
Gorten1(Irregulars) - 2x Driller, 2x Gunner, Siege Crawler, Forge Guard, Herne and Jonne, Aiyanna and Holt, Horgenhold Artillery, Anastasia, Eiryss1, Orin1, Eillish1

I finally went all sensible and dropped the quad Road Hogs, adding in War Hogs in order to actually be able to kill Colossals and some Bellows screw for unit scoring or clouding up Arkadius.
Still the Efaarit as we lack a damnable CD changeover for the Witch Doctor at this point.

Going into Gorten? What is this madness?
Well, I know how to play this one anyway. All about not getting Arkadius killed and forcing him to use his feat for not the best trades.

Standoff, I win the roll and take first, there's a central forest and a hill for the other side. There's other terrain, it doesn't come into it that much.

IPB Image
Minion 1: The Efaarit moves forward, gets to plink one of the Advance moving Drillers for a bit then re-positions behind the forest.

The War Hogs go up on either side of the forest, the left most gets Forced Evo. I'm expecting to feat them as the initial suicide models for my feat and want to make sure the damnable Crawler dies. The Drillers have a far more tolerable and manageable threat range (Or so my own GOrten experiences tell me. Threat 8 heavies are a little sad.).

Arkadius puts up Aggravator, gets shielded by beasts, for he is a brave fellow. Raw Adrenaline is unlikely to be super maximised until Gorten pops feat and the Doc can be less afraid.

IPB Image
Mercenaries 1: Everything moves up, the Crawler pounds on the left most Razor Boar for lack of other targets. Drillers and Forge Guard run up. On the right Eiryss shoots a Razor, who advances forward and gets charged and stabbed by an Eliminator.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Feat and kill stuff time. The Irregulars haven't advanced super far, so it's get in their and force them to have difficulty contesting plan 24524.

The Battle Boar and right Gorax hide out on the right behind a rock, popping Primals on Razor Boars who run forward. Other Razor Boars move forward to be War Hog feat targets.

Arkadius puts Primal on both War Hogs, moves across, feats.
Off the feat the Primalled Razor Boars on the right kill two of the Eliminators, the War Hogs get forward and....kill the Razor Boars assigned to them. As.....planned......ya....

The War Hogs then charge forward, they kill the Crawler and left Driller, then cripple both Gunners. Good times.

IPB Image
Merc 2: The Dorf wants to preserve their feat for a play that isn't directly dictated by me trying to control the game. How rude.

Gorten moves forward and puts down ye old safety wall.
Aiyanna and Holt engage the Forced Evo War Hog, miss the kiss attack.
The Gun Bunnies get out of the way, one of them imploding to a free strike.

Forge Guard charge in, kill the non-buffed Hog, Forced Evo proves to be pretty good and they do sod all comparatively to the other War Hog.

Kayazy, some solos and the remaining Driller move up on the right, killing a Razor Boar.

Alas, the slowness of the Irregular list bits it somewhat, as I get two CP's off my rectangle and the left zone, then I just send a Road Hog (Who advanced off a last minute Artillery shot) into the opposing objective and got to 5 CP's.

Accurate parody songs are nice, as they let me buy into the sound of a song I don't want to admit I like.

Key points here being that the ELiminators and Anastasia needed to be on contest suicide duty, that Crawler Anchor can't hold a regular battle line flank in this set up (Ossrum speeds the stubby's enough for it to work).

*Starts thinking of Gorten lists*
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Game 262 - Rask1 (Blindwater Congregation) vs Gorten1 (Irregulars)

Yikes, they'll let anyone be on a podcast these days. ANYONE.

The previous flubbing was over quick enough that we could throw in a re-rack, I'm happy with my Arkadius experiences/play even if the list is pending fine tuning, so let's get some literal Toad Quisling action going.

Rask1 (BC) - Wrastler, 3x Bone Swarm, 2x Croak Raiders (Max), Bokor + Shamblers, Sacral Vault, Totem Hunter, Mist Speaker, 2x Trawler
Gorten1(Irregulars) - 2x Driller, 2x Gunner, Siege Crawler, Forge Guard, Herne and Jonne, Aiyanna and Holt, Horgenhold Artillery, Anastasia, Eiryss1, Orin1, Eillish1, Ragman1

I basically stopped giving the Thrullgs a chance and dropped the Swamp Horror, adding in the Wrastler and a pair of Trawlers (One free, one paid) to be ambushing contestors given most of the list doesn't want to get stuck in on things. If Gator CID releases were dropped in the short term I probably lose a Bone Swarm for a Croc Pot, pending doing a large change in the infantry make up.

This time is Outlast, so I have plenty of units and not so much with the disposable solos. Staring at these scenarios is what occasionally tempts me to put River Raiders in before my tenuous grasp on sanity re-latches.

I eventually lose the roll after Anastasia makes us attempt the process three times. Dangit. Where's the super spy frog/toad/gator/sentient slime for me?

Mercs pick first, so I take the side which can better hide behind the central obstruction. I also get a trench on the left and forest on the right, Mercs get a central hill and a forest on their left.

I dither around on Prey for a while, I end up selecting the Siege Crawler on the basis I have to kill it anyway, then I can select a relevant target. If I pick an Eliminator or solo they can potentially be hidden away somewhere annoying and deny me the bonus (I've done it enough times after all).

Bullsnappers proxying as Boneswarms.

IPB Image
Merc 1: Stumpies attack!

Crawler moves up on the left, Dorf infantry and jacks up the centre. Gorten pops down a wall that doesn't really matter, charges up. Kayazy and super solos come up on the left, Eiryss pops a Croak Raider.

IPB Image
Minion 1: The Croaks can fling stuff at the armour on the left, so lets do that. Also pop feat time to keep board space and allow Rask to be in position to chock up on the centre obstruction if Gorten tries the feat assassination.

Rask gets Guidance from the Mist Speaker, moves up and shoots down Anastasia. Sweet. Throws out Admonition and Fury on a pair of Bone swarms. Feats.

Orange Croaks on the left advance, Oil both the Crawler and the left most Driller, I get one shot on the Battle Engine and seven on the warjack. To my surprise I roll extremely well and kill the Heavy. Well, that was nice.

The Vault is in an awkward decision moment. The Crawler is it's foe, but the Hammer Dwarves next to it are it's natural food source. I opt to keep it on the left, figuring it'll draw the Crawler fire while my beasts can get up and kill the opposing Battle Engine.

All my beasts go up on the left, Wrastler in the back, Swarms around the Croaks.

Totem Hunter runs up to my flag, sits next to my flag behind the obstruction.
Shamblers run around Rask in the same vicinity.
Blue Croaks don't have much to do in their area, they run around into my feat and the right side forest.

IPB Image
Merc 2: The Crawler moves forward, the Admonitioned Bone Swarm moves forward off of it. Half of the yellow Croaks unit die to the blasts and pew pew, plus the forward Bone Swarm takes some damage.

Eiryss goes to the Merc flag, Hammer Dwarves blob up next to her. A wall gets thrown out in front of said Hammererererers. Strength of Granite goes on the remaining Driller.

Kayazy mostly hang back on the right, aside from one that comes forward and engages some Shamblers and stuff on the right.

IPB Image
Minion 2: By incidental spacing that I'm going to pretend was on purpose, the Crawler coming in to shoot was just enough for the Wrastler to have charge distance on it. Unfortunately it's not as simple as all, for Rask to buff said Wrastler he has to come out into the open where he doesn't want to be, plus there's a bunch of stuff in the way. Ergo it's miscellaneous attacks on the Crawler and hope it all comes together while I'm doing it.

Leftwise, it being the flank that matters, the remaining Croaks move around and oil/dart the Crawler for some damage. I then have a bone swarm kill to of them that couldn't get into the left zone to score without blocking the Wrastler.
The Fury'ed Bone Swarm (The angriest pile of knee bones you ever did see) charges the Crawler, maxing Fury to do some damage and eat a Hammer Dwarf for a corpse.

After that, the Crawler has 21 boxes remaining and I feel super awkward about the Wrastler activation. He ends up putting Rage on himself and charging, I remain super uncertain if that was the right move. He gets one bought attack which with the initials gets the job done by a couple of boxes (Self applying Animi suuuuuuuuucks. In the bad way.).

The Vault, feeling happier with it's life now, aims and kills three Hammer Dwarves. Those guys then go on to kill Aiyanna, Orin and crit slam Eiryss into Ragman killing them both.
Just....the best.....MVP even if it ######s the bed for the rest of the game.

Right side, both Bog Trog Trawlers ambushed in, one tries to kill the Ogrun half of Herne and Jonne and flubbs it, the other kills the Dwarf.
I had planned to send the Totem Hunter after the Ogrun, who was his new Prey, then Sprint to somewhere mean. Alas placed Shamblers make it not doable so he just camps the flag.
Shamblers swarm and eat the forward Eliminator. Other SHamblers and Blue Croaks run around Rask to stop him being dragged to death.

Rasks actual activation is to put a disruptor shot into the Driller, knocking off Strength of Granite. Good times.

I get 2 CP from the left zone and my flag.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Gorten goes down to the Merc flag and walls himself up. One Gunner kills a Trawler.
Forge Guard go into the beasts that killed the Siege Crawler, they kill the Wrastler and heavily damage the Fury'ed Bone Swarm.

Holt toes the left zone, shoots down the two remaining yellow Croaks, no easy scoring for me. Sad.
Eilish hides behind the forest on the left, having Puppet Stringed the Forge Guard Earlier.

Eliminators charge in, one gets to the Totem Hunter and manages to kill him. Dammit.
Herne? Jonne? The one with a gun that lived. Moves up and kill a pair of Blue Croaks.

Gorten scores his flag, now 2-1.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Time for Rask to get out of dodge and continue the grind.

Left wise, the two Bone Swarms that do stuff kill off the Hammer Dwarves.
Vault toes the left zone and ensure it is contesting my flag, shoots down the Horgenhold Artillery guy and pings a Gunner for a bit.
Rask drops some Fury, runs over to be behind the Vault, then gets the last Bone Swarm hanging next to him.

Shamblers swarm around the two forward Eliminators, they kill one, alas it wasn't the contesting model so the Mist Speaker just runs to be near Rask.

The remaining Trawler charges Herne, toughs him out. He then gets killed by the Blue Croaks, who also set the Driller on fire.

I had insufficient attacks to kill everything I wanted to, so no scoring for me alas.

IPB Image
Merc 4: Gorten charges a Shambler out on the right, feat pushes Shamblers and Blue Croaks backward. One Eliminator charges the Bokor, does some damage to him
The Driller and Artillery munchkins go beside the Merc flag behind a wall, Madelyn behind them ready to score.

Aiyanna and Eilish go into the forest of the left zone, plus a Gunner shot they kill off the Fury'ed Boneswarm at last.

Other Gunner pops the Trawler in the right zone.

Mercs go to 2-3, alas they clock out this turn.

Played it out a little bit, I can't contest the right but do score my friendly flag, Gorten scores the right zone due to an inability to contest, however from there I definitely clear the left zone and flood the rest of the board so we call it.

Should have kept a Trawler in reserve to run in the late game and contest a zone, whoops. That'd be ambush greed.
List hitting power remains a concern, looks like I'll consign Rask to not being my armour drop as it is to reliant on one Wrastler. Being able to give Corpses to the Boneswarms would be nice, get them up to P+S 21 with minimal barriers would make me a lot happier.
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post Nov 7 2017, 11:50 AM
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Game 263 - Rask1 (Blindwater Congregation) vs Orion1 (Destruction Initiative)
Epic Pit

As we flee in terror from the imagined prospect of mangled root canals, we fall face first into the old standby of the local meta, clocks! I dropped Rask for the whole need-to-stop-crutching-on-Arkadius'-feat.

Rask1 (BC) - Wrastler, 3x Bone Swarm, 2x Croak Raiders (Max), Bokor + Shamblers, Sacral Vault, Totem Hunter, Mist Speaker, 2x Trawler
Orion1 (DI) - 3x Assimiliator, Corrolary, Mitigator, 6x Diffuser, 2x ADO, 3x Reflex Servitor Lots, Repair Bots

So....Grounder Pounder turns out to be super bad for Rasks feat, so going in the plan is to focus on killing the floaty heavies. Otherwise this DI list is basically a vague version of Convergence Gun Bunnies.

I win the roll and pick first, I get some water, a useless obstruction and a left side hill.
A small forest owns the centre of the table.
Convergence get a long wall on the right that allows pretty good contesting of that flanking zone, a hill up the back and a trench on the left.

IPB Image
Minion 1:Totem Hunter preys the Corrolary. Contemplating playing some sodding Heretic to get up to speed with allocating this ability, it hasn't been one of my strengths.

Still using Bull Snappers as Proxies for the Boneswarms.

Croaks run up and spread around, CoC could try some Scatter shenanigans but such is life.
The Vault is not set to have a great day into the horde of Vectors, it runs up the left. At least it's self powered, generating a pair of Souls.

Two Bone Swarms go up the left, one with Fury on it. Wrastler goes up the centre with Admonition (I'd intended to Admo one of the Bone Swarms, but screwed up my deployment). The third Boneswarm goes out on the right as the nominal score-the-friendly-zone guy.
Shamblers go up in lines at the back, the Mist Speaker hides behind the obstruction.
Totem Hunter also runs up the right flank.

IPB Image
CoC 1: Proxies being Syntherion in place of Orion and Galvanizers instad of Diffusers.

The Reflex Servitors advance and Dig In, all the Vectors move up with Orion and the Corrolary popping up on the hill.
Avenging whatever it's called gets put up (Kill Warrior model in Orion's Command, Vector gets to do a short move and attack).

IPB Image
Minion 2: Well, priorities are simple enough. Assimilators must die. It'll be feat turn regardless, it doesn't exactly generate super value by being held.

Extreme right, it looks like the Totem hunter can get a free stab in, so he charges a Diffuser, attacking over the wall, while getting base to base with a Reflex Servirot to trigger Sprint.
It goes horribly wrong, as it turn out Reflex Servitors DO have pathfinder and a Counter charge happens over teh wall from a Servitor further back. It misses the attack and only does a couple damage, however the blast kills the Sprint target. The Hunter then snake eyes the Diffuser, so things looked pretty bad.

The left Yellow Croaks move up, the Counter Charges get held back for the most part (I was hoping for some fuelling up of the Sacral Vault, oh well).
It takes a couple attempts to Oil the left most Assimilator, then the Darts start. I end up doing quite well, stripping off most of it's boxes and putting it down to a handfull of boxes, enough that maybe Fire will get it done.
The vault also moves up and misses it's attacks like a chump.

Bokor moves up in the backfield, Stationaries the Reflex in the middle of the forest to stop Countercharge.

Blue Croaks move around on the right, they start wailing on the far right Assimilator, they roll garbage on the to hit, ending up only doing a about half a dozen damage points after applying Oil.

Rask moves across, shoots the centre Assimilator with a Disruptor Bolt. Puts Rage and Boundless Charge on the Boneswarm with Fury. Pops feat as well.

Said Boneswarm charges into the Disrupted Assimilator, also engages the Mitigator. Misses the charge and the first bought attack. Oh dear. Two more attacks do land, straight die do a pretty good amount.

Other beasts just shuffle about, I purposely short myself on Fury to make it less tempting for Orion to feat, by which time hopefully I'll have killed enough stuff that attritionally I'm well ahead anyway.

IPB Image
CoC 2: None of the fire go out, alas I roll low and fail to finish off the left Assimilator. This is balanced out by the right most iteration taking a 9 damage hit that blows off an arm.

The Avenging Shot kills a couple of the left Yellow Croaks, a Reflex mine pops some more of them.
Left Assimilator moves in and scrags the suicide Bone Swarm, left Diffusers and the Mitigator move up and shoot the actual Boneswarm, roll not greeat on damage so only take out his Body and knock him down. They then Repo back.

Right side Assimilator puts a Grouner Pounder down that kills four Blue Croaks and hurts the Wrastler somewhat. A Diffuser on the right mvoes up to shoot the Heavy again, I pop Admonition to advance and engage him, breaking the end of the chain. Remaining two Diffusers out on the right don't achieve anything.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Just kill everything. There's no subtle plans available really. A load of Shamblers get plopped down. There's 20 health boxes between all three Assimilators.

The Trawlers pop in on the left, oneaims and drags in a Diffuser, rolling Box Cars on the gun damage. He then Snake Eyes the melee attack roll, so swings and misses.
Other Trawler charges up and kills a Servitor.

Yellow Croaks move up, they damage a Diffuser.
Vault blows up the left Assimilator and hurts the same Diffuser.
Bone Swarm kills the light vecotr later in the turn.

Rasks tays chilling up the back, puts Fury and Boundless Charge on the Bokor.
Bokor charges up, kills the most healthy Assimilator (Had 10 boxes) and burns most of his unit to kill two Diffusers. A bunch of Shamblers had also ran out of his command to be Sacrifice targets for Rask.

Blue Croaks on the right embarass the swamp nation and fail at everything.
Totem Hunter charges the Diffuser on teh right with 9 boxes left, misses both attacks. Sprint jsut isn't happening today.
The Wrastler rolls its eyes at their efforts, picks up the slack by killing two Diffusers. He'll die for sure, but I have the pieces to spend.
Right side Bone Swarm just toes the right zone.

I get a CP off the right zone.

IPB Image
CoC 3: Orion feats, shoots down the Bokor.
Diffuser on the right moves into the right zone, kills the Totem Hunter.
Last Assimilator easily kills the Wrastler.

IPB Image
Minion 4: Blue Croaks kill the remaining Assimilator, right side Bone Swarm gets Fury and Boundless Charge, kills the right side Diffuser.

Left side the Vault, Yellow Croaks and one Trawler kill the opposing Obejctive, Bone Swarm kills the last contesting Servitor.

Orion concedes, as Rask cannot be killed, I'm pretty safe on clock and the scenario win can't be stopped.

Bizarrely happy wih Bone Swarms. Should probably find a better free solo than the Trawler maybe? Croaks + Vault + Shamblers working out reasonably. Need some local Cryx to see how that goes.
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Master Chris
post Nov 8 2017, 12:09 PM
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What's your rationale for Bone Swarms being good?

Everything that existed before I was born is irrelevant, everything that exists after I die is lucky.
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post Nov 8 2017, 01:56 PM
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QUOTE(Master Chris @ Nov 8 2017, 01:09 PM) *

What's your rationale for Bone Swarms being good?

Expendable, relatively cheap, can be buffed in the list (ostensibly +9 damage when the croc pot releases), deliverable under Rask, threatens RFP against ghost pirates and Goreshades Bane Cav.

Gator wise, they are the only cheap melee missile beast, the Bullsnapper being MAT 5 and Fury 2 making him suck a great deal more.

Realistically right now they are average, Croc Pot, Steady and Pathfinder coming to them will make them perfectly Servicable.

That said, I now know the Croc Pot won't be out until February, so I won't have it for Cancon alas.
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post Nov 9 2017, 09:38 AM
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QUOTE(Angry_Norway @ Nov 8 2017, 02:56 PM) *

Expendable, relatively cheap, can be buffed in the list (ostensibly +9 damage when the croc pot releases), deliverable under Rask, threatens RFP against ghost pirates and Goreshades Bane Cav.

Gator wise, they are the only cheap melee missile beast, the Bullsnapper being MAT 5 and Fury 2 making him suck a great deal more.

Realistically right now they are average, Croc Pot, Steady and Pathfinder coming to them will make them perfectly Servicable.

That said, I now know the Croc Pot won't be out until February, so I won't have it for Cancon alas.

Whatever 'croc pot' is, It's a great name.
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post Nov 9 2017, 09:51 AM
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QUOTE(Dr_kebab @ Nov 9 2017, 10:38 AM) *

Whatever 'croc pot' is, It's a great name.

It's that fiery pot we're bemoaning on FB
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post Nov 14 2017, 05:56 PM
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Game 264 - Arkadius (Will Work for Food) vs Vlad3 (Wolves of Winter)

It is Tyr's day! (Yes, by force of habit I originally referenced Monday via the moon. I know it's old. I'm working on it. Narcolepsy.). Got to wonder how ye olde Danes would feel about Thor Ragnarok, do you need to know who Jeff Goldblum is to not love his movies and hate his ads?

Into one of our oldest of foes (In game amounts, damn fiend is younger than me the vain monster that he is), with the accursed Katya's. The pair is Vlad3 and Malakov2 with half a dozen heavies. Outriders are poor for my Rask list, whereas Arkadius probably has game into both?

Scenario being Outlast and favouring units drives the Ruskies into the unit laden choice, and thus we get:

Arkadius (WWfF) - 2x Road Hog, 2x War Hog, 2x Gorax, Battle Boar, 6x Razor Boar, Targ, Orin, Hutchuck, Efaarit, Swamp Gobber Chef, Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew
Vlad3 (WoW) - 2x Juggernaught, Devestator, Fenris, Doomreavers, Nyxx + Valachev, Outriders, War Dog, Greylord Forge Seer

Tangent: I have come to loathe scenario dictating list selection, it's a known factor that I feel should be addressed in design so that list matchups are more easily selected/dictated by you. This does put a burden on a list pair in that both must have capability for the most difficult scenario (Spread The Net), which is a direct reason for both my lists having ambush pieces.

I win the roll and pick first without thinking about it. The terrain isn't onerous enough to force me into a particular side and dash infantry are going to be super annoying without the extra board space.

IPB Image
Minion 1: So the Efaarit doesn't have advance deploy. Whoops. Back to the regular line with you!

Symmetrical deployment from me faces down Nyss on the left, battle group in the centre, Outriders on the right and Doom Reavers out front.

My beasts divide in roughly equal halves, one pushes up the left with backfield swamp gobbers, thinking they will be better positioned to clear the left zone as the right iteration has a forest of contesting powar in it. This glob also has Forced Evolution on its Road Hog.

Other Beast block goes up to my flag, mostly staying shy of Doomreaver range aside from some Razor Boars that go forward to be bait.
Arkadius puts up Aggravator.

Efaarit runs out to the right, anticipating being a contesting model. Or at least being able to survive potentially given the Nyss would just kill it with a small CRA.

IPB Image
Khador 1: Nyss started with Hand of Fate by dint of the theme list, they advance and shoot down a pair of the Razor Boars, then Zephyr around like jerks, putting their leadership models in the back and toeing with three of the grunts. There's a hill on the Khador side of this zone, one Juggernaut and the Devastator run to this general vicinity.

The Forge Seer moves to jsut contest the Khador flag range, Vlad and the War Doge run behind a defensive wall. The remaining Jack, being the second Juggernaut, runs to be loosely in front of Vlad. Fenris runs between that jack and the right zone forest. The Outriders get hand of Fate shifted to them, they run around behind the forest.

The Doomreavers charge up, I mucked it up and let one get to the Road Hog on the left. The dice save me from my poor positioning as the masked loon misses with his compensation blade. Most of the unit went up toward the Arkadius block, killing one Razor Boar and hurting another, though an awkward column roll meant the damaged mini-pig had all it's aspects.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Feat time, after this the distances won't matter. Plan is to kill off the right Juggernaut, the Destroyer and clear the left zone.

Argh, the horrible headache that is trying to work out how the hell the Arkadius feat turn went. Um......a step to the left, a jump to the right and an awful sequel?

The Doomreavers get cleared out by the left msot Gorax, the central Road Hog and the damaged as Razor Boar (Getting some snacking in the process. Sometime BACON EATS YOU.). One Doomreaver is left behind the house outside of camera shot.

Of the other Razor Boars, the left most pops his Animus and charges a Nyss, leaving Arkadius' control area. He misses, but oh well. The right most runs up, the plan being to frenzy onto an Outrider. I screw this up, using up all his movement without checking for the 3 inches forest line of sight. Sod.

Hutchuck popped out on the right, a grenade throw kills an Outrider, he then charges another and misses, becoming Stationary from Winters Wind. Not how I thought those attacks would go.
Efaarit gets to aim, kill an Outrider and reposition out of camera shot (He's shy, and cameras steal the essence of the moment).

Lastly pre-feat, the left most War hog had received Primal from the Gorax, hurt himself for damage and charged the Devastator. This was the point I realised I'd mucked up quite badly with my Forced Evo placement, as POW 20 isn't enough in this instance and I take out no systems and wasted a heavy.

Arkadius then starts trying to Shovel and feats. The War Hog that charged in does another attack on the Devastator that bounces off. I don't frenzy my back support pieces to clear extra fury because I am not a smart fella. The Razor Boar that charged into the Nyss kills one. The right most War Hog (Who got hot swapped to have Forced Evolution and Primal) plus the Battle Boar go toward Fenris, who I had just toeing Arkadius' control area.

Said super buffed War Hog dials for strength, walks up to the Juggernaught. I completely space on the Raw Adrenaline I gave him. He kills the Khador Heavy with two Fury to spare, Overtakes up a bit, dismounts Fenris. The Overtake advance was also mucked up, so Fenris dismounts to a position of safety. Imph. The Battle Boar then charges in and kills Fenris.

Orin moves up, Stealths, toes the left zone. Swamp Gobbers run to the back left, as I want them to live to score late game. The left Road Hog moves onto my hill in the left zone, misses a Nyss.

IPB Image
Khador 2: Gah. Text. So much text.

Leftwise, the Nyss eat the forward Razor Boar. Two also get charges in on the hill based Road Hog and take out his mind. The Juggernaut gets topped to max focus by the Forge Seer, who goes to the Khador flag. Said Jugger eats the left War Hog with minimal effort. The Devastator tries to slam the Gorax on that side and misses.

Right side, the remaining Outriders move around, they spray Hutchuck and leave him toughed out on the ground. He's still Stationary, so he's not having a great day at this point. One Outrider re-positions to take the War hog Primal induced Frenzy attack.

Time for Vlad to be the dude he wants to be (Was going to have a he-asks-Sorscha-out-at-last joke here, the Empress sodding ruined that one).
The War Dog moves up to give Vlad Parry at the appropriate locations.
Vlad puts Hand of Fate on himself, charges the Rabo and kills it with his opening initial, Sidestepping to engage the War Hog and Battle Boar. He buys Flashing Blade attacks on them, doesn't do super great, taking out the Mind of the War Hog and leaving the battle Boar with one box of Spirit. Vlad then Sprints into the centre of the right zone.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Vlad's aggressiveness is basically a clock response forced by list unfamiliarity. I have to take the assassination attempt out, as my poor Fury management causes a variety of Frenzies. Both Road Hogs Frenzy ineffectually, the remaining War Hog and Razor Boar both miss Frenzy attacks on Outriders.

Gobber Chef charges the War Dog to stop him counter charging into giving Vlad his defence boost (The warcaster sprinted further than originally planned to be out of Road Hog charge range).

That sorted, Arkadius maltreats off the Razor Boar, moves up lands the Crippling Grasp on Vlad, Forced Evo's the Battle Boar, Psycho Surgeries and repo's back.
The Efaarit moves up, shoots Vlad for about half a dozen points.
Battle Boar moves in, 6's to hit, dice minus 1 on damage, positions to be in leap range for Orin to try to finish it if he flubbs it. First attack puts Vlad on 11 boxes remaining, second initial and first buy misses, second buy hits, I boost the damage because unboosted 6's are just, like, the worst. I do 13 damage points and win the game.

Woot woot!

Dammit Efaarit stop doing good things, you're a placeholder model!
Not our best game, I'm really not used to clam jacks. I blame Marauders and Juggernauts for my errors. I mean theirs. It's their fault.
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post Nov 25 2017, 05:08 PM
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Game 265 - Rask1 (Blindwater Congregation) vs Orion1 (Clockwork Legions)
Epic Pit

It has been 12 days since my last game, and I'm super grumpy about that. Need mah gamez.
Answered the call, once more Legion of dudes with shields and lacking sweet mortal corpse flesh. Sadness. Well, not really, I think this is a perfectly viable drop from Rask. I'm certainly more optimistic of the ##### Bog Trog in the match than the crazy Doc who hates tow cables.

Rask1 (BC) - Wrastler, 3x Boneswarms, Posse (Max), Croak Raiders (Max), Bokor + Shamblers, Sacral Vault, Bog Trog Mist Speaker, Totem Hunter, 2x Bog Trog Trawler
Orion1 (CL) - Prime Aziom, Corrolary, 4x Enigma Foundies, 2x Obstructors, Reductors, Angels, ADO, Steelsoul Protector, Eilish

I pulled out one of the Croak Raider units and put in some max Posse. More flexible and slightly changes the matchup leanings, plus big Posse units are an actual Fury viable target.

Epic Pit, both sides take the healing/repair objective. I lose the roll and get first, giving me a left side trench with a hill and forest in my centre.
There's a central objective and an awkward forest on the right that intrudes into that flanks rectangle zone.
CoC get there own hill and a wall, though neither terrain piece plays a big part.
Didn't investigate the choice of side, was probably worth examining. I feel that I can play either way, however going first allows better timing for Rasks feat. Though there is certainly an argument that seeking to score first/have the last turn is a good standard choice in SR2017.

IPB Image
Minion 1: This should be the last game wherein I have Bullsnappers repping Bone Swarms, so woot woot.
Rask throws out Fury and Admonition on a pair of the Swarms, throws down a Veil of Mists for giggles.
Posse go up on the left, with the various Beasts spread out on this flank.
Croak Raiders and Vault move up on the right.
The Totem Hunter, who Preyed the Angels, runs way up. Possibly not the best location for him, however he lacks much value on the flank given the Ambush awareness currently out there. Plus being centre makes Boundless Charge an actual option.

IPB Image
CoC 1: We play Avenging Force wrong, it's put as an upkeep on the Axiom when it ought to have been on Orion. Ah well.

Axiom runs forward, the Obstructor units Shield Wall and advance either side of it.
The Foundries go behind them.
Angels move up on the right, they CRA and implode a Croak Raider. He ain't going to be raiding no more, poor old Sammy Salmon.

IPB Image
Minion 2: So the left most Enigma Foundry is in charge of the Bog Trog Trawlers if they ambush in. This doesn't happen because:
a) Abe points out the math isn't ideal, on average damage the stupid thing lives on one box
b)The Trawlers are super handy late game pieces
c) I forgot about them when I started doing simple activation's for the sake of not burning the clock to the ground.

Everything moves up, no radical redeploys. Rask feats, keeps Fury/Admonition around, shoots Avenging Force off the Axiom (In erroneous fashion). The Croak Raider unit moves into can-be-attacked range, I want to get some plinking done on the Colossal. Plus their deaths will fuel up the Vault to let it get some work done. Some small damage happens.

The Totem Hunter charges up, kills an Angel and the ADO, sprints to engage the remaining flying bots in the back.

IPB Image
CoC 2: Alas, the Gearbods don't advance the Axiom to get work done. This would see it get horribly killed after all. Rasks feat forces a conservative turn, with movement of Enigma Foundries to not be Ambushed on. The slain Angel returns back to play, which I don't particularly agree with. The Angels aren't going to do a super amount of work once the Croaks are gone, whilst that soul could be used to combat the Vault being a meany stone head block.

Obstructors advance and Shield wall, four Croak Raiders get killed by their efforts and Reductor sprays. There's also a couple spray attacks on the Posse, the hill proves to be quite helpful and ultimately a single box of damage gets done.

Eilish and Orion (Repped by Syntherion) stay bravely behind the Axiom (Hum bug. You'll never match Rasks cowardice! You don't even have the concept of a tribe to betray anymore!).

IPB Image
Minion 3: My feat has put me into the opening scoring position, so that's excellent. The Vault can make clearing out the centre/right zone a practical impossibility, so it's a matter of pushing up on the left and forcing the Axiom to stay back.

Left wise, one of the Trawlers comes in and shoots down the safety Obstructor, hanging out to prevent a full unit wipe. I'm not super married to the idea of getting rid of them, it'd just be a nice bonus if that happens as well as the left zone being cleared.
Wrastler puts Rage on the left Bone Swarm, it walks up and maxes Fury to pop the objective.
Posse of Tamatoa land charge in, with their 10 attacks they kill the 9 remaining Obstructors in the left unit. Neat.

Right wise, the Vault edges forward and clears out the infantry contesting the right zone,claiming their Souls. The Croak Raiders futz around, kill another pair of right side Obstructors and more importantly popping a blocking Reductor to the left of the Obstruction.
The Totem Hunter Charges a Foundry, takes off half it's health, uses its shield to kill a Reductor and Sprint back to engaging two of the Angels.

Centrally, Rask fall back with Shamblers and the Admonitioned Bone Swarm in front of him. A Tow Cable would be the end of him, so there have to be sufficient bodies/distractions in the way.
The Axiom stayed shy of the Wrastler murder range, however it disregarded the Fury'ed Bone Swarm. Said Swarm gets Rage and Boundless Charge from Rask, goes into the Axiom as the Croaks had cleared the lane, it does a decent whack of damage taking out the left side.

Overall, I go to 3-0 on CP (Both rectangle zones, opposing objective) with an unexpected attrition success. A great turn for me.

IPB Image
CoC 3: Dammit camera.
Convergence is in a tricky spot, clearing out the zones is hard however without counter scoring I have a clear and simple path to victory.

The appropriate steps do get made, Orion feats and the Enigma Foundries run in to contest.
The Axiom has a super dreadful time, managing to drag in and kill the Admonitioned Bone Swarm but absolutely flubbing on the Fury'ed beast.

The Recipricators have a go at kill the Furyed Swarm, end up leaving it on one box and missing a Posse with nearly every attack. The Swarm does die at some point, however the Axiom is awkwardly back little Board Space has been earnt.

Two Angels fail to kill the Totem hunter, one of its fellows contests the right zone.

IPB Image
Minion 4: The left Bone Swarm and Posse have little difficulty clearing out the left zone.
Between Croaks, the Vault, the second Trawler, the Totem Hunter and a last Rask shot the right gets cleared out and I get the 5 CP.

Good to roll dice again. Love the Vault in this matchup, even losing the control model text. Soul Stealing against Clockwork Legions is pretty good. If CoC pairings end up being one Clockwork list and one Destruction Initiative that'll be an annoying choice for me, as Rask's ability to deal with TEP's isn't the best.
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post Dec 3 2017, 12:35 AM
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Game 266 - Rask (Blindwater Congregation) vs Borka2 (Band of Heroes)
Spread Your Legs

All weekdays with no games makes me sad.

At some point I drank to much and rambled online

Mainly so I wouldn't ramble to much when I went to despoil a better product

And yes, I did then listen to the podcast I was on. I'd forgotten there was a specific reason for the title. It's super weird to be able to track my stages of inebriation (Tipsy > Offensive > Minor recovery).

Ye old Lockster came to my rescue, providing some dollies time as the clouds grew angry and tried to drown us.

Rask1 (BC) - Wrastler, 3x Boneswarms, Posse (Max), Croak Raiders (Max), Bokor + Shamblers, Sacral Vault, Bog Trog Mist Speaker, Totem Hunter, 2x Bog Trog Trawler
Borka2 (BoH) - Rok, Mauler, Bomber, Basher, Krielstone unit + Northkin UA, Champs + Skaldi, Longriders

The Basher being proxied by a Bouncer. PP, can you crowd source some names? Everytime it got brought up I had momentary discombobulation from suddenly thinking I should be looking for a Rhulic Slam bot on the field.

Matchwise, I don't like how these feats are matching up. The way I hypothesized it plays out is we feat trade, however mine being based on a 5inch distance versus melee attacks likely forces it to be used first which feels not so good. More guns that get stuffed by Stealth would fix the issue, encouraging an early Troll feat pop, alas we'll just have to see how it plays it with low expectations.

Scenario is Spread The Net. Let the scores RISE FOR GALLIFREY. Rasillon was a much nicer dude before the time hissy fit lark.
I lost the roll and get given first, biggest factor for my side is a large forest making an awkward divide for me in the middle of the board. Otherwise no other terrain really affects the game.

IPB Image
Round 1: Stuff runs at each other.
Totem Hunter Preys the Long Riders, who are clearly going to be an annoying flanking piece so I want something with equitable melee threat range to hassle and threaten them.

Trolls go hard refused flank, I opt to not go for super redeploys, much as I'd like the Posse to go up the left instead to combat the Troll Cav.
Two of the Boneswarms; one with Admonition; the Totem Hunter and the Sacral Vault go left. The Battle Engine is their anchoring and dealing with the forest slowing up the Bone masses.

Sidebar, Boneswarms are awesome to paint. Cause I'm lazy.

Rask, Wrastler, Bokor/Shamblers and Mist Speaker take centre rear position as the support module.

Posse, Bone Swarm with Fury and Croak Raiders go up on the right, these models basically facing off against the block of Troll Beasts and the Champs on the far right.

To my surprise Trolls do pop feat with the intent to deprive Minions of the Alpha. I also lose a Croak to a Borka bomb throw.

I've already made a bad mistake, I've not really assigned a throwaway solo to score the friendly flag. Awkward.

IPB Image
Minion 2: Well, lets counter feat and backup, start chipping at the Cav to push scoring on that side.

For the left module, the Sacral Vault generates a couple souls and toughs out a Long Rider. The Totem Hunter then charges and kill him, then Sprints into the forest to be closer to the Troll board edge than any of the Trolls.
Bone Swarms over here spread out in contesting flag distance.

Far right, the Croaks intend to split up to put fire on the Champs and get some damage spread amongst them, keep some back to apply fire over the next few rounds.
I misplay quite badly as I seemingly forget how Croaks work, applying Oil super late and missing a few attacks. One is on regular fire, two are Oiled and burning.

The Fury'd Boneswarm toes the right zone.
Rask/Wrastler/Shamblers/Posse all chill in the middle. Feat gets thrown out.

IPB Image
Troll 2: The photo was a lie. To me anyway, somehow I doubt my photography track record is inspiring many positive expectations for any other meat sacks. That I am one of. Don't question citizen, Democracy was proven to fail and the movie point was missed.
Ok, after writing that it turned out I did have a photo. Genius.

Tuffalos just run way up on the left, ignoring the Totem Hunter enticement.

Borka goes to the Troll flag. The beasts and Stone unit go in front of him, Rok eats a few Croaks. The assault spray killing a Raider is one of the few friendly Corpses I'm going to gain with the load of RFP on the side of the theoretically-Blue boys.

Champs on the right take some spread out fire damage, they move up and kill a few Raiders.

Rok sadly didn't come quite far enough forward, so I score the right rectangle while Borka gets the Troll flag. 1 all.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Alright, feat burning is done. Now to suicide pieces on the right to get damage out and start chipping on the warbeast health. Primary target this turn is to pop Rok, add more fire to the Champs and throw Posse forward to hold the Troll Beasts back.

Right side, my one spawned Shanmbler appears at a place to mess up Counter Charges from teh Troll beasts, as Borka put up Battle Charged the previous turn.
Croaks put another Champ on fire, oil the some of the already burning models in the unit and makes the Krielstone tough out.
The Wrastler shuffles in the back, puts Rage on this flanks Bone Swarm. Said Swarm already has Fury, so it charges into Rok and maxes fury to chew into his health.

Rask cycles Fury onto the Bokor/Shamblers, shuffles to the left and shoots a Long Rider for some damage. A couple Shamblers hang outside of command area for call to sacrifice, as does the Mist Speaker.

The Bokor charges Rok, burns all the Shamblers in command to fall short leaving Rok on two boxes. Doh.
Posse go, two hang back. Three charge into the non-Rok beasts and fling some pretty good damage out for -7 attacks.

Left wise, I ambush in with a Trawler. List designing for your deployment ###### ups success!
He runs to the left flag. The Vault Aims, kills a Long Rider and toughs out another. Sadness, in this instance with an irrelevant amount of single wound models or offensive spells carrying one soul in far worse than randomly generating d3 at the start of the turn.

Rask shuffling over lets a Bone Swarm be in Control, he goes in and eats one Long Rider and toughs out another.
The Swarm with Admonition wonders into the top left rectangle zone.

Totem Hunter runs in the back field, basically awaits the Riders dying to cycle Prey opportunistically.

I fail to contest the Troll Flag, however I Manage to get both Rectangle zone and my own flag.
Now 4-2 to me.

IPB Image
Troll 3: Alas, to much Fury there is, the Bomber frenzies and does some damage to a Posse. Also a Champ burns to death, fire on the stone goes out.

Borka sits on his flag, pops the Far Strike Animus, heals Rok and kills the furthest away Croak that is contesting the right Rectangle.
The Champs kill more of the Croaks, leaving two left, plus the Bokor.
Rok Regenerates, smacks down the Bone Swarm that dared to try to slap him up.
Mauler and (sigh) Basher maul a couple Posse. Well, the Mauler does, Basher is king of the Participation trophy.

Far left, one Long Rider moves and contests my flag, the toughed out one sits up and smack the Bone Swarm, a bad column roll stops it losing an aspect.

I get the left rectangle, Trolls score their flag and the right rectangle. Now 6-4.

IPB Image
Minion 4: We're one shaved chimp away from the handsome orange coat of victory. The Trolls are to slow to deal with me scoring on the left, so wipe out the Cav and it's pretty much coat. I mean game.

Left wise, the Trawler, Vault and Bone swarm finish off the Long Riders. A Bone Swarm with three corpses it gained by it's own hard work, a rare sight. Prey cycles to the Bomber.

Rask Throws Rage and Boundless Charge on the Wrastler, throws Fury on the Posse.
Wrastler charges Rok, misses his attack. Hmph. Claw initials scratch up the Mauler. Bought attacks kill Rok and hurt the Mauler a fair bit.
Posse charges kill the Mauler and hurt the Bomber.

Croaks back up, put Fire on two more of the champs.

The second Trawler ambushed in to contest the Troll flag, he also shoots and kills the Northkin Elder in the Stone unit.

I score the left side elements, 8-4.

IPB Image
Troll 4: The Posse get put down to a single Croc, the Champs attack the Wrastler and thoroughly embarrass themselves.
Borka kills the Trawler and repositions backs to his flag, I win on scenario 10-5.

Posse continue to not be bad and give nice board presence. Probably going to be revoltingly bad when I actually try a Cryx match.
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Game 267 - Rask (Blindwater Congregation) vs Mordikaar1 (Masters of War)
Epic Pit

The beacons of Skorne Gondor were lit. Alas, the best they got was Wormtongue Rask.

Rask1 (BC) - Wrastler, 3x Boneswarms, Posse (Max), Croak Raiders (Max), Bokor + Shamblers, Sacral Vault, Bog Trog Mist Speaker, Totem Hunter, 2x Bog Trog Trawler
Mordikaar1 (MoW) - Aradus Soldier, Gladiator, Cyclops Brute, Ferox, Rhadheim, Tycom + Standard, Preatorian Swordsman + UA, Paingivers, Wrongeye + Snapjaw

Had run Arkadius last time in the player matchup, so decided to give Rask more of a go. Yes, this is becoming the diaries of Bog Trogism. Definitely don't really like the idea of Ferox hunting Arkadius, though he definitely has the tools to deal with it and makes an awkward question for Mordikaars feat.

In the actual matchup, Vault definitely has a the Praetorians as a target. Arcane Vortex may also be clutch to stop Essence Blast doom. There's a Defence skew plan going on here, going to have to do something about Wrongeye, I'm expecting either an Admonitioned Bone Swarm maneuver or optimism from the Totem Hunter.

Scenario is Epic Pit, I lose the roll and end up with second.
My side ends up with a defensive forest, from which I'm hoping to contest the centre flag, hide Rask and send the Totem on merry Sprint adventures.
Skorne gets a cloud and hill that have minimal effect, and a wall on the right I didn't think all the way through in terms of complications.
There's also a forest on my left and an obstruction on the far right that don't do a huge amount.

IPB Image
Round 1: Skorne run forward without dramatic redeployments.
Left side is Preatorians, Beasts in the centre, Ferox run up on the right and make use of the wall. Hmmm......####. Didn't consider that would happen. Doh.

The Totem Hunter had Preyed the Aradus, expecting it would need to do work and ergo getting clocked by Bone Swarms/Posse allowing it to be re-picked. Not a good move, the correct choice was the Ferox who were definitely going to be in my face and need to be dealt with.

Sacral Vault moves up to the left, starts singing the Doom song at the Praetorians. It only randomizes one soul, so that's unfortunate.
Bone Swarms and Totem Hunter form the front row of my middle bloc, one with Admonition, the one in the forest gets Fury hoping to dash itself to death one day against an enemy beast.
Rask and Shamblers go behind the Swarm wall, alongside the Wrastler. It's a blob of madness to disincentive the Ferox coming in.

Right side, four Croaks move forward and hit Rhadheim, one Ferox and the Tycom Standard Bearer with flaming darts. An oil is attempted that misses hard.
The rest hang back with the Posse for the inevitable Cat attack.

IPB Image
Skorne 2: As the Skorne tide starts rolling forward, I realise I'd totally failed to give any thought to popping my defensive feat. I successfully convince myself this was part of the plan, as none of the beasts can get to anything I care about, the Swordsman are quite restricted and the Ferox aren't stopped in the least.

Fire kills the Tycom Standard Bearer and damages Rhadheim/a Ferox.

Swordsman and Beasts flood the centre zone, putting a token effort into contesting the left rectangle.
One Praetorian does get to stab a Bone Swarm and do a chunk.
Rightwise, the Ferox move in and stab down four of the Croaks and wound a Posse, they develop a bizarre penchant for the entire game of missing butt bites on Gators.
Rhadheim goes into the Fury'ed Bone Swarm and outright kills it. Hmm. Alright then.

Mordikaar hangs back on the hill and pops feat, Wrongeye throws down all his defence tech and Snapjaw goes over to the right. Mordikaar also tried an Essence Blast at one point, the Vault Vortexed it.

IPB Image
Minion 2: If Martians were real and more advanced, they'd probably consider Humans to be sex obsessed naked Molerats.

That started of as "Everything was fine until..." then I lost my spaceship of thought.

The feat did a good number on my ooda loop, was quite content with how things were going up until that +3 defence nonsense.
Plan defaulted to clear the left zone, feat to keep the beasts back and wait out Mordikaar's Benevolence of Poltergeistism.

Leftwise, the two Bog Trog Trawlers pop out and charge the Objective, putting it on four boxes.
The Sacral Vault moves across into the left rectangle outside of Aradus murder range. It kills the Objective, then flubbs it on the contesting Swordsman. Said Swordsman then dies to a Boneswarm, who readies itself to die for the cause.

Centre/bottom of the circle zone: A Bone swarm kills a Swordsman and misses Rhadeim.
Rask walks back and feats, camps some focus and gets surrounded by Shamblers, he shoots off Hollow from the Swordsman this time.
Bokor charges Rhadheim, misses his first boosted attack so the Skornite dodges away. Quality trade that one.
Totem Hunter jumps backward like a coward, Wrastler toes the zone. I'd really hoped to be able to deal with Rhadheim to get the Hunter into the campless Wrongeye, alas it wasn't doable.

On the right, Croaks basically twiddle their thumbs, Posse scream Blood Thirst and kill a Ferox, one contests the right zone.
I failed to spot at the time that I should have tried to set up a friendly model to target with a couple Oils to get the effect on Rhadeim.

I get two control points, one for the objective and another for the left zone. 2-0.

IPB Image
Skorne 3: Fire dismounts Rhadheim and kills a Ferox. Teach you to not wear Asbestos.

Left/centre wise, the Swordsman walk in, pop their mini-feat and kill the furthest forward Boneswarm and put the last one on a couple boxes, to then die to Rhadheim. A single Swordsman contests the left rectangle.
Aradus goes to the end of the forest, basically in the centre of the board. The Cyclops Brute wades into the forest with Rush and pops the Bokor Shambler.Wrongeye goes behind the forest and pops Submerge/Star Crossed.

Right side, Snapjaw and the Ferox leave a single Posse alive. Gladiator goes into the Objective and demolishes it.

Mordikaar and Paingivers hang back on hill/wall land.

Skorne replicate my last turn of scoring, now 2 all.

IPB Image
Minion 3: Attrition is looking poor, in particular Heavy Trading isn't on the cards with the Bone Swarms spent to get this far. Thankfully Rhadheim got distracted, as he could have walked up and made a go at the Totem Hunter, having him alive gives me a chance of some rubber banding (Some Lap Banding would also not go astray).

It's continue the left side scoring play, with the real struggle being whether or not I can manage to contest the Skorne grip on the right zone, a difficulty made by the Ambushers needing to come in for objective killing previously.

Left wise, Rask puts Fury on the Totem Hunter then shuffles next to the Vault and Paralyzes the Aradus. Admonitions himself.
Bog Trogs, Vault and Wrastler wipe out most of the Swordsman, leaving a pair left one of which is the standard bearer.
Mist Speaker and remaining Shamblers array themselves in Call to Sacrifice locations.

Right wise, the Totem Hunter walks up, jumps over everyones heads into Wrongeye's back arc. Takes both attacks and a failed tough roll, gets it done. Game state saved. he then sprints to the Roackwall in the Skorne zone, he' going to die but dream lived.
Croak Raiders and the last Posse member kill a Ferox each. It's all coming up slinky.

I score the left zone, now 3-2.

Admonition on Rask is a mistake, ought to have been put on the Wrastler, given he's the vital piece at this stage (Ever seen a Vault versus a Carapced Skorne Beast? I ahven't and I don't want to).

IPB Image
Skorne 4: Fire kill Rhadheim. Long play for the win!

Paingivers and Swordsman run toward the left zone, one Giver and the Swordies both make it into my zone. Those that didn't make it up spread in front of the Aradus, who limps to threaten the Wrastler.

The Brute stays int he forest and kills a couple Croak Raiders. Tyrant Commander kills the Totem Hunters. Gladiator runs toward the left a short distance, toes the centre and right zones.
Last Ferox jumps into the final Posse's back, puts him down to four boxes.

Mordikaar stays chilling on his hill.

Skorne score their right zone, 3 all.

IPB Image
Minion 4: Clock win is looking very good for me, have to not let scenario get away just in case though. Critical factors are removing that last Ferox and removing all the little pieces that can contest my zone.

Need to fill up the Sacral Vault. To my shame and representative of my poor Minion-ness, I put Rask into melee. He shows my folly to me thoroughly, as he only kills a Paingiver and fails to get the Swordsman he engaged, though he did have to burn most of his stack to put Fury and Rage on the Wrastler.
The Trawlers resuce me from ineptness, one popping the Standard Bearer, the other killing the dude on Rask, though only thanks to the Mist Speaker being a Vet Leadery dude. THAT'S HOW IT'S DONE RASK.

My favourite play of the game, the Vault aims and shoots the remaining three Paingivers. Sends them out of collection range to hit the Gladiator and load it up with Fury. All your rules belong to us.

Wrastler easily smashes the Aradus into the ground.

Right side, where things didn't look so rosy to start.
The Posse goes base to base with the Ferox, screams for re-rolls, manages to land both his attacks and eat him.
Two Croaks go either side of the Brute, the other two toe the right zone and set the Gladiator and Tycom on fire.
Should have oiled the Tycom.

Score on the left, now 4-3.

IPB Image
Skorne 5: Brute frenzies on a Croak, turning to no longer be engaging the other. Both Fires run out, though I'd gotten more than my fair share of murder by the crackling process anyway.

Gladiator slams the Wrastler. Sure would be good to have Admonition on him....
A middling roll lets the Gladiator follow up and contest, alas the single pip makes a showing.
The Beast follows up anyway, buys attacks to hit the Wrastler, takes off about half it's health and gets no aspects. Skorne beasts with Enrage seem so much friendlier.

Mordikaar moves to the right zone, between his ranged attack and the Tycom the zone is cleared.

Both sides score their rectangles, 5-4 to me.

IPB Image
Minion 5: Wrastler gets to use Rise! Posse charges and eats the Tycom. Rask Paralyzes Mordikaar, Vault shoots him twice, opponent concedes rather than transfer for the inevitable round 7 loss.

It's pretty hard for Skorne from here, it's an absolutely fair concession. Rask has plenty of Call to Sacrifice, no real targets for Essence blast, I'll kill the Gladiator and score the centre zone this round.

Sweet game, felt quite swingy. One of the more enjoyable games in recent memory.
Ferox remain a pain in the enigma, Vault keeps printing money. I was expecting the Posse/Croak combo party to be weak, however it is definitely being flexible in different matchups.

Real issue is that this is my off list and the factions it's meant to face aren't represented. Still, creates neat coin flip game into Clockwork Legions. Speaking of which...
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Game 268 - Rask1 (Blindwater Congregation) vs Orion1 (Clockwork Legions)
Epic Pit

Rask1 (BC) - Wrastler, 3x Boneswarms, Posse (Max), Croak Raiders (Max), Bokor + Shamblers, Sacral Vault, Bog Trog Mist Speaker, Totem Hunter, 2x Bog Trog Trawler
Orion1 (CL) - Prime Axiom, Corrolary, 4x Enigma Foundry, Eilish, Steelsoul Protector, 2x Obstructors, Reciprocators

Shuffled terrain around, kept same scenario.
I.....win the roll? Right? That sounds correct. I pick first.

I get a cloud on my left and an inconvenient forest on the right.
Convergence get a hill on the left, an obstruction in the cleavage of the left rectangle and the circle zone, a central forest and a wall on the right. Plus irrelevant water in the background.

Defining points being handling the central forest and the pinch point the obstruction creates for access from the CoC side. The latter ends up being key to my game plan.

I have the Croaks out left, bulk of the list in the centre and the Vault/Boneswarm out right.
I'll push on the left with the intent of long term scoring on that flank while we fight it out on the rest of the zones.

IPB Image
Round 1: Our stuff runs at each other, the Croaks face off against Obstructors on the left, Posse and Beasts are centrally opposed by the Reciprocators, right flank is the Vault and a Swarm against the Axiom and more Obstructors.

Going by the layouts, I feel positioned to get the left pretty well and seize most of the ground in the centre. Reciprocator armour and the forest make clearing the centre zone untenable alas, whilst the Vault definitely doesn't want to have to deal with the Axiom.

The left most Bone Swarm has Fury so it can take on the Objective, the right has Admonition.
Orion has Unhallowed Avenger, or magical-angry-robotness for it's country name.

There was a Totem Hunter. I ran him forward shy of Cable Tow Range. I dun goofed, he got Mage Sighted and killed by the Azioms none Tow Cable Guns. SMRT.

IPB Image
Minion 2: This is feat turn, which will allow me to seize scoring initiative.

Left wise, half the Croaks aim and pop the front Obstructors. The other five move up, intending to pop the two Enigma Foundires on this side that are base to base. The initial Blind shot misses (RAT 6 gave me hope I should not have had). I end up Oiling and Darting them both, but neither solo dies, putting me at the mercy of fire rolls.
Posse lean over this way, expecting to go in when the Croaks pop.

Right side, the Wrastler moves up to be in charge range of the Axiom, the Admonitioned Bone Swarm hides next to the Veil of Mist I put down and the Vault moves up into the zone.
Theory being if the Axiom advances, the Bone Swarm can hide behind the cloud or duck further than 5" away and the Wrastler kills it.

The Vault got a shot at Eilish, alas with only one soul it boosted to hit and failed to kill. Had I rolled max souls I would have attempted some shots at the Corollary instead, next time gadget.
The Vault got a couple souls afterward from BoneSwarm/Rask attacks, it couldn't be fuelled prior to shooting due to soul collection primacy of the nearby Enigma's.

In hindsight I should have thrown the Wrastler much further forward and to the right and put Admonition on him, doubled down on the threat and given the potential option of using him to eat Reciprocators then body block the Axiom with Bone Swarms.

IPB Image
CoC 2: It's forced to be a minimalist Gear Groin turn by dint of my feat.

On the left, I luck out and one Foundry dies to fire, the other is damaged a bit more.
Some Obstructors get returned by the living Foundry, they advance and Shield Wall, pop a couple of the Croaks.

Centrally, Orion/Eilish/Corollary hide behind the Shield Walled Reciprocators.
Axiom backs up behind them.

Rightwise, Obstructors come in. One dies to Soulstorm, Bone Swarm Admonitions back so there's only one attack that misses.

No scores by either side.

IPB Image
Minion 3: On the left the Croaks aim, aside from one poor little amphibian who has an Obstructor trying to poke him. They kill about three or so of the metal peeps and finish off the Enigma Foundry.

The Bone Swarm with Fury goes onto the CoC objective and destroys it.
A few of the Posse go in, they finish clearing Obstructors out of the left zone, lightly ding a Reciprocator and kill the Steelsoul (Who missed the Defensive Strike, like a robot chump constructed of mushroom meat).

Rask cycles Fury onto the central Bone Swarm and Boundless Charges him. He then cowers behind a blob of Shamblers with the Wrastler. Realising the Heavy Warbeast is positioned to be susceptible to Tow Cables, the Mist Speaker moves in front and clouds with a general sense of futility.
The Buffed Bone Swarm bounces off the Reciprocators hard.

On the right, the Vault aims and kills a couple Obstructors. It doesn't get the Souls, though the intent was to remove models that could threaten the objective without getting into murder by Axiom melee range. Bone Swarm then kills an Obstructor to add a soul back to the Vault.

I score the left zone and the objective kill, 2-0.

Urk. Bad turn in hindsight. Left side done reasonably well, right was poor. Vault should have moved to the left and had the Wrastler behind him, started marching toward the Axiom.

IPB Image
CoC 3: Avenging Force does an Orion shot that wounds the Wrastler. Turns out Reciprocators have Vengeance and lightly scratching them is an awful move.

Orion feats, throws down a Mage Sight on the Wrastler.
Axiom kills the Mist Speaker, drags and kills the right BOne Swarm, drags the Wrastler into the Medim infantry.
Reciprocators finish it off, kill a Posse and leave the central Boneswarm on sod all health.

The few Obstructors on the left go into that sides Bone Swarm, roll awfully.
Right side Obstructors and other flunkies spread around that flanks zone.

No points scored.

IPB Image
Minion 4: Left side, the Bone Swarm kills the contesting Obstructors. Croaks shuffle forward to start walling the Gears and Greasers out of the left zone. Posse shuffle around a bit, I can't kill the Reciprocators in a meaningful way that stop them outhitting with Vengeance, ergo let's just tie them up. One Posse also kills the Steelsoul.

Right side, a Trawler runs in to contest and feed a soul to the Vault, said Battle Engine backs up as it's now a cycle of trade models one at a time to contest on the right while playing the 7 round/clock win conditions.

I score the left, now 3-0.

IPB Image
CoC 4: It is time for the fearsome combat Vector to come in.

By which I mean the Corollary charges on the left, kills a Croak and repositions into the left zone. Clever floating ball.

Reciprocators stay Shield Walling and kill off the Bone Swarm engaging them.

Axiom and few Obstructors on the right sadly manage to kill both the Objective and the Trawler. That wasn't the plan at all.

3-2 due to CoC scoring the right and killing my objective.

IPB Image
Minion 5: Rask retreats to the far left, just has to avoid the Axiom drag death to pull this through. He also shoots the Corollary, which dies (Took incidental damage from a Croak Shot earlier). Shamblers run in front of him, a few stick around the right ready to be run in and contest models.

Remaining Posse spread out in the centre circle, engaging Reciprocators, contesting the right zone and basically twiddling their croc claw thumbs.

Vault moves over to toe the right zone, shoots an Enigma down to a box.

I score the left, 4-2.

This was way to late to realise that I should have used that wall in some way, though it's made difficult by Rask not wanting to be that far across.

IPB Image
CoC 5/Minion 6: The Axiom easily kills the Vault, CoC however can't stop me scoring on the right. The final Bog Trog Trawler ambushes in to contest the right, CoC concedes rather than drag it out for the 7 rounds as Rask does the super cower.

Hmm, found more mistakes going over that than I spotted immediately after. Lack of Robot Corpse gathering is sadness. Need to hammer out some Arkadius, that's enough Rask for a while.
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