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WargamerAU Forums _ Warhammer Fantasy Events _ (NSW) Wargaming on the “Actual” Balcony - 23rd of March

Posted by: KiRaHyuU Mar 4 2019, 02:48 PM

Yes this is in two weeks smile.gif

What: 4500pts - 9th Age using the current edition as of December 21st 2018.
When: 23rd of March
Where: On a balcony in the Sydney CBD.
TO: Me, KiRaHyuU
List Submission: 16th of March ( - that€™s very soon

[b]Weather Warning:
As this event will be played on an actual balcony, it will be subject to weather conditions and subject to cancellation if it is raining or too hot. I will notify all players on 20th of March to confirm if the event will be going ahead.

All your lunch money, pay on the day smile.gif

60 battle points (3 games of 4500pts)


10pts for list submitted on time and correct (lists submitted incorrectly will be edited by me to be correct with the least change as possible ie if your 1pt over I will just cut out your cheapest upgrade and yes that means you will be under pts) (no magic path selected, I will just roll you one - this applies to general too).

1. Hugo Chui (TO)
2. Max Warton
3. Scott Thompson
4. Matt Stanley
5. Simon Turner
6. Alex Schubert
7. Nick Howe
8. Akhter Khan
9. Jack Blanche
10. Bailey Blanche
11. Henry Bullen
12. William Hariman

Special Announcement:

Apparently that is also a voting day so please people vote early smile.gif

Schedule - Please vote earlier on the day smile.gif

10:00 - 10:30 Set up
10:30 - 13:00 Game One
13:00 - 13:30 Lunch
13:30 - 16:00 Game Two
16:15 - 18:45 Game Three
19:00 - 19:05 Results

Posted by: Siric Mar 5 2019, 06:59 AM

I'm in

Posted by: Draeth Mar 5 2019, 07:00 AM

Add in Nick and I.

Posted by: foodmonster1 Mar 5 2019, 07:25 AM

add da foodmonster smile.gif

Posted by: Dark Assassin Mar 5 2019, 10:49 AM

Put down myself and my brother Bailey , will confirm in the next few days if he can make it.

Jack. armata_PDT_01.gif

Posted by: Dark Assassin Mar 11 2019, 12:11 PM

Any chance of a roughtime for the day ?

Jack. armata_PDT_01.gif

Posted by: KiRaHyuU Mar 12 2019, 01:09 PM

QUOTE(Dark Assassin @ Mar 11 2019, 01:11 PM) *

Any chance of a roughtime for the day ?

Jack. armata_PDT_01.gif

Ahh yes, I’m yet to put up a schedule...

So how many people will need to vote...?

Posted by: Kristov Mar 16 2019, 07:44 AM

Hugo and I will post a promo video/podcast after all lists are in!

The main goal is to promote Ninth Age and be a bit of fun.

If it goes well we will do another one in the future for Wyong/BIV etc.

All content will be linked here and published on Ninth Age Aus page.

Maybe Hugo will put it on the Ninth Age forum (if there aren't any Aussies we cant reach otherwise)

Posted by: KiRaHyuU Mar 17 2019, 10:00 PM


Bailey "Hail Hydra" Blanche, Dread elves
1010-Oracle, General, Dragon, Cult Of Yema, Wizard Master, Occultism, Moraecs Reaping, Wondering Familiar, Amulet of Spite
295-Cult Priest, BSB, Cult of Yema, Essence of Mithril, Aether Icon, Obsidian Rock, Halberd, Repeater Crossbow
405-2x21 Dred Legionnaires, Spears, C,M, S,Academy Banner
160-2x5 Dark Raiders
731-28 Dancers of Yema, C,M,S, Banner of Gar Decos
451-7 Dred Knights, C,M,S, Banner of Blood

Jack "Dark Assassin" Blanche, Dread Elves
655-Dread prince, General, fleet commander, Pegasus, heavy armour, shield, lance, transcendence, midnight cloak, basalt infusion
550-Captain, BSB, beast master, manticore, heavy armour, shield, lance, talisman of shielding, dragonfire gem, alchemists alloy
210- 10x corsairs, paired weapons, vanguard, M
215-2x15 dread legionnaires, spears, M
165- 15 dread legionnaires
160- 2x 5 dark raiders
130- 2x1 medusa, paired weapons
355- 5x dark acolytes, C
375- 5x dark acolytes, yema, C
390-3x 1 kraken

Nick "Certified Trainer" Howe - Kingdoms of Equitaine
745 - Duke Leon, General, Hippogriff, Might, Questing Oath and Bastard Sword, Shield, Fortress of Faith, Basalt Infusion, Bastard Sword, Lance, Divine Judgement (Lance)
320 - Paladin, Barded Warhorse, Piety, Questing Oath and Bastard Sword, Battle Standard, Shield, Bastard Sword
320 - Damsel, Divination, Wizard Adept, Barded Warhorse, Book of Arcane Mastery, Wafers of Penitence
285 - Damsel, Druidism, Wizard Adept, Barded Warhorse, Talisman of the Void
668 - 12x Knights of the Realm, Standard Bearer, Banner of the Last Charge
230 - 5x Knights Aspirants
230 - 5x Knights Aspirants
814 - 9x Knights of the Grail, Standard Bearer, Banner of Roland, Champion
390 - 8x Knights of the Quest, Champion
130 - 5x Yeomen Outriders, Throwing Weapons
125 - 5x Yeomen Outriders, Bows
120 - Scorpion
120 - Scorpion

Henry "Sorting Hat" Bullen - Sylvan Elves
Druid, wizard master (random) , dragon, paired weapons, heroes heart-870
Forest prince, general, great elk, wild hunter, elven cloak, shield, light armour, sylvan lance, titanic
might, death cheater-605
Thicket shepard, bsb-300
2x 12 dryads-222
2x 9 heath riders, heath hunter-353
2x 4 Thicket beasts, champion-405
5 kestral knights, shields, champion, standard, banner of deception-570
6x sylvan sentinels-195

Simon "Mr T" Turner - Orcs and Goblins
Feral Orc Shaman General warcry wizard master Shamanism Talisman of the void Skull fetish paired weapons -560
Goblin Shaman wizard adept witchcraft book of arcane power, obsidian rock - 275
Goblin BSB crown of the cavern king bow -215
20 feral Orcs B Aether icon -250
3 x 20 feral Orcs B paired Relentless company -295
5 x 15 Iron Orcs -295
4 x 10 Gnashers -120
4 x Skewerers -90

Alex "Draeth" Schubert - Ogre Khans
515 - Shaman, General, Shamanism, Wizard master, Iron Fist, Ritual Bloodletter (Iron Fist), Magical Heirloom, Potion of Strength
425 - Mammoth Hunter, Trolleater, Light Armour, Wrestler's Belt, Iron Fist, Hunting Spear, Dragon Staff, Vanguard
395 - Khan, Cult Leader, Battle Standard, Heavy Armour, Ghostly Guard, Iron Fist, Heart­Ripper (Iron Fist)
585 - 8x Tribesmen, Iron Fists, Standard Bearer, Pennant of the Great Grass Sky, Champion
185 - 3x Bruisers
185 - 3x Bruisers
185 - 3x Bruisers
390 - 5x Yetis, Champion
80 - Sabertooth Tiger(s)
80 - Sabertooth Tiger(s)
409 - 5x Bombardiers, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion
185 - 3x Bombardiers
475 - Rock Aurochs, Ogre Crossbow
405 - Frost Mammoth, Ogre Crossbow (first rider), Ogre Crossbow (second rider)

Scotty "Two Shins" Thompson Warriors of the dark gods

590 - Chosen lord, black steed, entropic aura, halberd, Talisman of shielding, immortal gauntlets
460 - Sorcerer, general, wizard master, evocation, ledger of souls
505 - Doomlord, spiked shield, halberd, dusk forged, basalt infusion, potion of speed
761 - 24 warriors, great weapon, M, S, zealot€™s banner
145 - 15 barbarians, shield
472 - 6 forsworn, spiked shields, M, C
544 - 7 forsworn, spiked shields, M, C
540- 10 Warrior knights, great weapon, M, C
160 - 3 x 5 flayers, shields, bows

Total: 4497

Max "12:01" Warton - Warriors of Dark Gods
Chosen Lord on Winged Chimera w Warband Standard, Favour of Gluttony, Idol of Spite, Paired Weapons, Symbol of Slaughter, Basalt Infusion, Talisman of Shielding and Immortal Gauntlets - 795
Sorcerer on Battleshrine w Alchemy, Wizard Master, Plate Armour, Paired Weapons, Heros Heart, Gladiator’s Spirit and Talisman of the Void - 845
25 Warriors w Full Command and Legion Banner - 665
16 Barbarians - 137
15 Barbarians - 130
10 Chosen w Favour of Gluttony, Paired Weapons, Full Command and Wasteland Torch - 725
Giant w Tribal Warspear - 300
Giant w Tribal Warspear - 300
Chimera - 200
Chimera - 200
Chimera - 200

Vampire Covenant – Akhter "Foodmonster??" Khan
810 - Vampire Count, General (The Dead Arise), Strigoi, Ghoul Lord, Chamanism, Wizard Adept, Halberd, Hypnotic Pendant, Necromantic Staff
430 - Vampire Courtier, Strigoi, Bestial Bulk, Chamanism, Wizard Apprentice, Halberd, Talisman of the Void
660 - 40x Ghouls, Champion
205 - 34x Zombies, Musician
133 - 8x Dire Wolves, Champion
133 - 8x Dire Wolves, Champion
655 - 8x Ghasts, Champion
350 - Cadaver Wagon
560 - 7x Vampiric spawns
560 - 7x Vampiric spawns

Empire of Sonnstahl - Iain "Fun List" Holt
Marshal, Battle Standard Bearer, Great Tactician, Shield, Blacksteel​, Death​ ​Warrant​ 325
Prelate [Army General], Great Weapon, Plate Armour, Imperial​ ​Seal​, Locket​ ​of​ ​Sunna​, Mantle​ ​of​ ​Ullor​ 385
Wizard (Alchemy, Pyromancy), Wizard Master, Light Armour, Arcane Engine: Arcane Shield, Alchemist's Alloy, Essence of a Free Mind Dominant, Talisman of the Void 675
20x Light Infantry Handgun, Standard Bearer, Marksman’s​ ​Pennant​ 295
3x15x Light Infantry 200
18x Light Infantry 239
35x Imperial​ ​Guard​, FC, Rending Banner 665
5x Knights​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Sun​ ​Griffon​ 480
Artillery, Mortar 200
Artillery, vollygun 200
Steam​ ​Tank​ 475

Matt "Blue Lid" Stanley - Infernal Dwarves
940 - Prophet, General, Engineer, Wizard, Alchemy, Pyromancy, Wizard Master, Temple Lamassu, Wizard Adept (Lamassu), Witchcraft (Lamassu), Shield, Alchemist's Alloy, Essence of a Free Mind, Heat Haze
325 - Vizier, Battle Standard, Flaming Standard, Banner of the Relentless Company, Blunderbuss, Great Weapon, Talisman of the Void
775 - 30x Infernal Warriors, Shields, Great Weapons, Blunderbluss, Musician
390 - 39x Hobgoblins, Backstabbers, Musician
185 - 5x Taurukh, Shields, Infernal Weapons
130 - 5x Hobgoblin Wolf Riders
130 - 5x Hobgoblin Wolf Riders
300 - Titan Mortar
150 - Infernal Artillery, Volcano Cannon
150 - Infernal Artillery, Volcano Cannon
575 - Kadim Titan
450 - Infernal Engine, Steam Hammers

Will "Make you laugh" Hariman - Dwarven Holds
245 - Runic Smith, Shield, Rune of Devouring
365 - 15x Greybeards, Shields, Throwing Weapons
285 - 11x Clan Marksmen, Guild-Crafted Handguns, Shields
240 - 10x Clan Marksmen, Guild-Crafted Handguns
235 - 10x Greybeards, Shields, Throwing Weapons
885 - 8x Hold Guardians, Standard Bearer, Runic Standard of the Hold, Musician, Champion
350 - Grudge Buster
204 - 8x Rangers, Crag Warden, Crossbows, Shields
204 - 8x Rangers, Crag Warden, Crossbows, Shields
305 - 2x Steam Copters, Attack Copter
305 - 2x Steam Copters, Attack Copter
320 - Field Artillery, Organ Gun, Rune Crafted
300 - Field Artillery, Catapult, Rune Crafted
255 - Field Artillery, Cannon

Hugo "Nearly two of everything" Chui - Daemon Legions
660 - Omen of Savaar, Wizard Master (Thurma), Dominion of Pride
395 - Omen of Savaar, Wizard Apprentice (Divination)
405 - Kuulimas Deciever, Wizard Adept (Evocation, Witchcraft)
638 - 22 Lemures, Full Command, Chilling Yawn
250 - 10 Lemures, Champion, Unnatural Roots
250 - 10 Lemures, Champion, Unnatural Roots
468 - 4 Brazen Beasts, Incendiary Ichor
468 - 4 Brazen Beasts, Incendiary Ichor
330 - Blazing Glories, Cloven Hooves
330 - Blazing Glories, Cloven Hooves
150 - 5 Furies
150 - 5 Furies

Posted by: KiRaHyuU Mar 17 2019, 10:35 PM

Yeah sorry guys a podcast was meant to be up but we casually forgot to test it first so it basically recorded nothing...

"Cause we're professionals"...

Hopefully we'll have it up tomorrow night smile.gif

Posted by: KiRaHyuU Mar 18 2019, 10:57 PM

Link to Podcast:

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