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Posted by: LimitedSlip Apr 3 2018, 01:17 PM

I've been looking at the Chaos Marine codex and I have trouble reconciling the points / power costs for Raptors and Warp Talons.

In casual, Raptors have power level 6 with a couple of options that viably allow you to take 3 plasma guns / melta guns / flamers in the squad. They are priced at 17 points per model in matched.

Warp Talons are pretty much identical in stats but get lightning claws and a 5++ at power level 7, but no options. This seems logical as they are slightly better than Raptors.

What confuses the hell out of me is that in matched, Warp Talons are 15 (15!) Points, 2 points cheaper a piece compared to Raptors. Yet they are more expensive in power level and have no options. Raptors get free upgrades in casual and have to pay for options in matched, so it isn't even an options trade off.

Is there a mistake in the Codex where Raptors are supposed to be 15 points and Warp Talons 17 points, or is there some really obvious thing I am missing that makes them waaaaaay better in matched?

Posted by: Fuggorf Apr 3 2018, 01:22 PM

Models in 8th edition pay a base cost for their model, and then add the cost of all their weapons. That means a Warp talon pays 15 for the model, then 12 for the lightning claws, for a total of 27pts. Raptors in comparison pay 17 for the model, and then 0 for their chainsword and bolt pistol for a total of 17.

Warp Talons are therefore 10pts per model more expensive, which makes sense as they are individually more powerful

Posted by: LimitedSlip Apr 3 2018, 01:30 PM

Oops, epic n00b mistake, I should have seen that! Thanks for clarifying : )

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