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> WGoL does LOTR WOTR, More Acronyms than you can handle
post Apr 21 2010, 02:28 PM
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So, by a not entirely co-incidental coincidence, a bunch of us WGoL boys have all started, or to be more accurate, restarted Lord of the Rings.

Everyone has some LOTR stuff kicking around somewhere, you know, from when you were 13 and the films had just come out, so it didn't take much persuading to get me going again. So, without further ado, the participants and their armies.

Me aka "Asher" - MORIA
I'm doing Moria for one reason: The Balrog. I've had one sitting around for ages and the fact that it's stupid expensive points means I don't have *that* many goblins to paint to get a decent sized army going. My current aim is to paint everything I have to get a 1000 army going, then expand it out to 1500, then add 500 odd points of Angmar as allies. That is assuming I don't go mad after the first 72 Goblins and bludgeon myself to death with my hardcover copy of the Lord of the Rings.

The army:
IPB Image
This is the army as it currently stands. It comes to a bit over 1000 points. As you see, most of it is currently painted to some degree. Let's take a closer look!

IPB ImageIPB Image
A Goblin. This was the prototype mini. I can bang one out in 10 minutes, not allowing for the time for the generous serving of Devlan Mud to dry. I have Cygnar and Tyranids to paint as well, so getting these guys painted quickly and efficiently was a top priority.

IPB Image
So far I've painted a whopping two and a captain who took a little longer.

IPB Image
And the rest. On the left you can see a goblin painted by Asher aged 13 and 3/4, before I actually had any painting talent. They'll need a lot of work to make them look acceptable. On the right is a Goblin painted by Cam. This is a lot nicer and only needs rebasing and a bit of touching up to bring it in line with the current scheme.

IPB Image
I'm painting up the rest of the characters at the moment.

IPB Image
I also have the Witch king, courtesy of Cam again.

For the Emperor! aka "Cam" - Goddamn Hippy Elves
Cam is doing all elves and stuff. They're shiny and gold and look sexy. He should post pictures and stuff that I can edit in here.

FatDamien aka "Damien" - Grima Wormtongue & entourage
You probably already know of Damien's work, so you already know about how sexy it is. He has a liking of Grima Wormtongue which is bordering on the unhealthy. If he could, he would take an army consisting entirely of Wormtongues. As it is, his army consists of Wormtongue, that magic bloke with the stick, the angry bloke and a bunch of other dudes who aren't really important. If he ******* about not having a camera, I have one he can borrow.

Things my Red Terror has Swallowed Whole: A Mentors Librarian, a Fire Warrior Sash'Ui. Total Points: 109 (so far...)

"Leapin' and Hoppin' on a Warpshadow" - Mah Nids
The Swordwind Rises! - Biel Tan. All Aspects. All the time.
"Before seeking Victory, first make yourself Invulnerable to defeat" - Sneaky sneaky Raptors
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