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> The Highlander! There can only be one!, A Victorian Malifaux Enforcer Brawl Event! 1st Round Draw Up!
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Sue eyed the four other figures partially obscured by the dark. It seems he had been followed to this dank and miserable part of lower Malifaux. But why? His investigations into the disappearance of Johan had brought him here and now, it looked as if it had been a trap all along. Sue already knew he had ruffled the feathers of Guild big wigs like Lucius from his investigations, and had expected his assailants, hidden in the dark, to be officers of the Guild. But, as each of the four figures stepped into the light, none of them were from the Guild. None of them…

Still clothed in the prison garb of Earth side, followed by the clink of chains a Convict Gunslinger stared at Sue, hands dangerously close to his prison pistols. A high pitched laughter pieced the darkness and out jumped a little green Gremlin. Sue knew instinctively that this was no ordinary Gremlin but Burt Jebsen himself. His cruel smile betrayed his intentions as he patted his enormous and, quite frankly silly looking Backwater Pepperbox gun. Silently, The Lone Swordsman stepped into view. Cool, calm, measured, and at peace, hand resting on his Katana. He eyed the other combatants. Sizing up each of them. Lastly, from the shadows slithered, a mass of viscera, Yin The Penangalan. Her body, or what was left of if writhed and pulsated, excluding blood, bile and other unpleasantness. Yin hissed…

It only dawned on Sue that this part of town was notorious for the enforcer brawls. “Meetings” between, lunatics, murders and worse, that turned into a frenzy of violence and death to see who was the best at the art of killing. Here there was no law. There was no prize. Only the knowledge that there could only be one who would walk away. Sue smiled, if they wanted a good old fashioned scrap, then he was happy to oblige. Sue drew his prison pistols and fired…

From his vantage point Lucius viewed the resulting brawl and, behind his mask, he smiled. He turned to the Guild Executioner and ever so slightly, nodded. The Executioner grinned then vanished into the dark.

Welcome to the Highlander Malifaux Enforcer Brawl. Here, strategies and schemes don’t matter. The only thing that matters is that when the blood has stopped flowing, screams silenced, and dust settled, that you’re the only one left standing...
What is an Enforcer Brawl? Well I’m glad you asked…

The art of the enforcer brawl.

The Enforcer Brawl is a variant format of Malifaux in which multiple players on one table each take an Enforcer with an attached upgrade and get points by killing any enemy Enforcer they can. Each Enforcer that is killed respawns at a random table edge, at full health with their upgrade and continues the fight. Players get points for wounding and killing other Enforcers but also lose points every time their own Enforcer is killed. At the end of 6 turns, the player with the most points wins the brawl! Clear as mud? Good!

Enforcer Brawl Details

When: Saturday the 14th of May.
Where: Kayjays Games and Hobbies Café, 1/2D parker Street, Footscray.
Cost: $20: Please deposit your entry fee into the following account.
Account Name: Phillip Haintz
BSB: 06-3874
Account Number: 1006 0734
When depositing your entry fee, please leave your initials and the word “Brawl” so I can keep track of who’s paid.
Event Organiser: Pip Haintz (Wyrd: Pip/Wargamer Au: hainzy) or email palace.lad@hotmail.com is you have any questions or queries.


Now for the actual rules

1. Enforcers that bury or summon cannot use these abilities and or triggers.
2. Control hands are 4 cards instead of 6.
3. You can select any number of Enforcers from any faction. For duel faction Enforcers, you must declare the faction you are using for them.
4. When you select your Enforcer, you do not have to choose an upgrade. If you do, then the upgrade must match the faction of the Enforcer chosen. NO LAZARUS’ WITH RECALLED TRAINING!
5. Enforcers with a cost of 0 or – cannot he hired and therefore cannot be used in the Enforcer Brawl.
6. You have a pool of 40 SS to select 4 Enforcers, including upgrades. You can only use each Enforcer once each game.
7. The Enforcer Brawl goes for 6 turns.
8. During the deployment phase, each player flips a card (which cannot be cheated). The lowest card flipped deploys their Enforcer anywhere on the table, not touching terrain. Then in ascending order players deploy their Enforcers not in terrain, and not within 6 inches of another Enforcer. Any ties are reflipped.
9. Each table edge will be assigned a suit. Either crows, tomes, rams or masks. When a killed Enforcer respawns at activation order, the killed Enforcers player flips two cards and chooses the suit they prefer. This flip cannot be cheated. They then deploy the respawned Enforcer up to 6 inches in during their activation. The model then gets a full activation. Yes, even killed Enforcers get to activate and come back.
10. As there are no Soulstones in this format, players cannot use them.
11. Enforcers are friendly to themselves but enemy to all others.
12. Enforcers that are killed as a result of a condition (e.g., Poison, Burning) count as no one killing the Enforcer, thus, no points can be scored but a player still loses points for having their Enforcer killed. Bad Things Happen…
13. There will be a maximum of 4 players per table.
14. Initiative for each turn is flipped as per normal. However, with multiple players on the table, it is likely that players will flip matching cards. To alleviate this, after all players have flipped for initiative, players with matching initiative flips will flip again to determine activation order.
Example: Jack flips a 5 for initiative, Kate a 9, Dave an 11 and Amy also an 11. Dave and Amy flip again. This time Amy flips a 12 and Dave a 10. So Activation order would be Amy, Dave, Kate and lastly, Jack.
15. Each player will use one Enforcer per game who respawns each time it is killed.


The Enforcer Brawl is all about killing stuff and getting points, which we will call Highlander Points from now on. Scoring HP (Highlander Points) is as follows...

1 When an Enforcer does damage to an undamaged enemy Enforcer they score 1 HP. They score an additional HP if the Enforcer they damaged is a worth more Soulstones, including upgrade.
Example: A Convict Gunslinger (7 Soulstones), with the Oathkeeper upgrade (1 Soulstone) is an 8 Soulstone Enforcer. He fires at an undamaged Yin (8 Soulstones), with the Necrotic Preparation upgrade (1 Soulstone) who is a 9 Soulstone Enforcer. The Convict Gunslinger damages Yin and gets 1 HP because she was undamaged, and an additional 1HP because she’s a higher Soulstone cost Enforcer.
2. Each time a player kills an enemy Enforcer, they get 3 HP and an additional 1HP if the Enforcer they killed had a higher Soulstone cost.
3. Each time a players Enforcer is killed, they lose 3 HP.
4. HP cannot go below 0.
5. As well as HP, players will also be awarded Enforcer Brawl Points depending on their overall performance for the brawl. When the brawl is complete, players add up their HP and score points as follows. Winner of the brawl receives 4 EBP, second receives 3 EBP, Third 2 EBP and Fourth 1 EBP. In the event that players are tied for HP, kills will be used for count back, if they are still tied, the lower cost Enforcer wins the brawl and if those players are still tied, they will be awarded equal points, e.g. if both players effectively win the brawl, they shall receive 4 EBP each.
6. Players will be ranked first by EBP, then HP and lastly, kills.


After one Enforcer Brawl game which Amy wins (12 HP and 4 Kills), Jack is second (9HP and 3 Kills), Kate third (8HP and 2 Kills) and poor old Dave fourth (4HP and 1 kill) the table looks as follows…
1. Amy : 4 EBP/12HP/4 Kills
2. Jack : 3 EBP/9HP/3 Kills
3. Kate : 2 EBP/8HP/2 Kills
4. Dave : 1 EBP/4HP/1 Kill

Enforcer Selection
Players will choose a different Enforcer for each game. They can select any Enforcers from any faction but the cost of those 4 Enforcers, including upgrades must not exceed 40 Soulstones. Players cannot use the same Enforcer in multiple games. This is to encourage a diverse range of models as well as challenging players to try out Enforcers they don’t usually play often.


Game 1 Sue (8 Soulstones)+ Oathkeeper (1 Soulstones) = 9 SS
Game 2 Yin The Panangalan (8 Soulstones) + Necrotic Preparation(1 Soulstone) =9 SS
Game 3 Burt Jebsen (7 Soulstones) + Dirty Cheater (1 Soulstone) =8 SS
Game 4 Convict Gunslinger (7 Soulstone) + Oathkeeper (1 Soulstone) =8 SS
Grand total Soulstones: 34 Soulstones.

Tournament Schedule and matchup selection
Games: 4
Game Length: 1 hour 50 minutes per game. Announcements will be provided on 30 and 10 minutes remaining. At the call of 10 minutes, players are required to assess if they can all get through one activation each. Please be aware of this to keep the games fair and ticking along nicely. Additionally, matchups for rounds 2-4 will be designated by a complex algorithm in which I add my age, multiply by my height, carry the one and divide by something, something, darkside… In short, my aim is for everyone to play against each other at least once over the course of the day. This event is a mostly casual affair, so table allocations will be done on a case by case basis.

Saturday 14th May.
08:30 – 09:00 Registration
09:00 – 10:50 Game 1 – Random opponents
11:00 – 12:50 Game 2 - Random opponents
12:50 – 14:00 Lunch Break/Beauty Pageant
14:00 – 15:50 Game 3 - Random opponents
16:00 – 17:50 Game 4 - Random opponents
17:50 – 18:15 Prizes

During the lunch break players can set up their 4 best painted Enforcers for the beauty pageant. Players will then vote 3,2,1 for the best painted Enforcers.
Prizes and awards

Highlander isn’t all about smashing other Enforcers faces in and while that’s fun, there are other prizes and awards up for grabs as you can see. Additionally, while painted Enforcers are encouraged, they are not required. However, you must have 4 painted Enforcers to be eligible to be in the running for the best painted award.

For best sports, players will be asked to rank their best sports via a 3,2,1 voting system. So, their most enjoyable opponent will be 3 sports votes, next best, 2 sports votes, and so on…

1st place AKA: The Highlander
2nd Place AKA: Connor MacLeod
3rd Place AKA: The Juan Ramirez
Most Kills AKA: The Krugan
Best Painted
Best Sports
Last Palace AKA: The Sunda “Lose Your Head” award
Other prizes and giveaways to be at the discretion of the TO and available funds.

Registered Players.
1. Jason Murdoch Paid
2. Huw Evans Paid
3. Jake McClean Paid
4. Paul Scott Paid
5. Jake Mills Paid
6. Andrew Little Paid
7. James Munro Paid
8. Ben Rantall Paid
9. Evan Johnston Paid
10. Marcus Anderson Paid
11. Vaughan Keyburn Paid
12. Felix Mallon Paid
13. Ben Farrar Paid
14. Jomane Ramos Paid
15. Byron T Bornhorst Paid
16. David Duriesmith Paid
17. Adim Irwin Paid
18. Carolus Wilson Paid
19. Chris Sedgeman Paid
20. Thomas Murray Gates Paid

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