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Posted by: Papa Darryl Apr 28 2014, 03:09 PM

The Northern Breach
Malifaux Tournament 21st of June 2014

A one day Malifaux tournament held at the Group North Historical War gaming Society and is sponsored by The Hobby Matrix (
and Military Hobbies, 300 Port rd Hindmarsh South Australia

36 Woomera Ave, Penfield

A.E. Martin Hall (Building 36)(First one on the right as you enter)

 Penfield Sporting Complex

Adelaide,    South Australia 5111

The tournament will be using the Fixed Faction rules with a Soulstone limit of 40SS.
Wave 1 and 2 models will be allowed, for any wave 2 you MUST have the most up-to-date rules in printed format (these will be checked by the TO).
Avatars and wave 3 upgrades will not be used.

There are only 24 tournament places and these are exclusive, you may book your place with the TO via email or PM.

To express your interest and to get a players pack send an email to:

Players pack

Painting checklist

Player list

1. James paid
2. Karen paid
3. Tim W paid
4. Matt H paid
5. Micheal B paid
6. Paul H paid
7. Don
8. Kylie
9. Micheal knight paid
10. Phil (pip)
11. Jason
12 Daniel paid
13.Tyson Elwood paid
14.Royce Phillips. paid
15. John H paid
16. Hugh

Waiting list

Posted by: dominus nox May 4 2014, 12:10 PM

Count me in, Michael Knight.

Might be able to get 2-3 others on board as well smile.gif

Posted by: Papa Darryl May 4 2014, 03:04 PM

Did you need a players pack and painting checklist?

Posted by: NailBunny May 4 2014, 04:30 PM

Hey I'd be one of Michael's 2-3, could you post a download link for the players pack? Also what's the stance on proxies for models that don't exist yet, i.e. Lone swordsman being represented by a ronin or something else some that represents the core concept of the model or character.
Also is it just fixed faction not fixed master? If so is list checking just done by opponents?


Posted by: Papa Darryl May 4 2014, 05:18 PM

Links added
Proxies are at TO discretion, basically if it's clear what it represents and it's not going to cause confusion it should be ok

List checking is done by opponent during warmup period before actual game starts

Posted by: Papa Darryl Jun 3 2014, 06:14 PM

First place prize

Posted by: Papa Darryl Jun 21 2014, 10:25 PM

Awesome day of Malifaux
Massive thanks to the sponsors, the helpers, and most importantly the players.
Results and pics will be posted soon

Posted by: Papa Darryl Jun 24 2014, 09:35 AM

Here are the results from the first Northern Breach Tournament in order of overall standing

Congratulations go to Michael Knight who won all 3 of his games, had an amazingly painted crew and even picked up a couple of favourite opponent mentions as well, a very well deserved victory.

Other special mentions should go to Matt Hill, picking up favourite opponent votes in all 3 of his games and giving up his Friday to help set up the tables, and Dave who not only put on an amazing lunch but kept us all in coffee during the day

Player Game score Painting score
Micheal Knight 9 4 1st place Overall
Paul Hodkiss 8 4 2nd Overall
Tim Wyatt 7 3 3rd Overall
Tyson Elwood 5 4
Royce Phillips 7 1
John Hawkins 5 3
James Dekort 5 1
Matt Hill 3 3

Micheal Knight Best Painted
Paul Hodkiss Best Apperance

Matt Hill Best Sports

As the tournament organiser I was really pleased with how everyone played in the spirit of the game and I have to say it was the easiest tournament to run because of it

Thank you all very much for attending and I hope you all had a great time.
Keep an eye out for the next one, The Northern Breach summer edition.

Posted by: GodOfNothing Jun 24 2014, 12:37 PM

Was well worth the sick day to attend 11-10 would play again :-)

Posted by: TimW Jun 24 2014, 04:04 PM

Yeah I had a blast, thanks for organising Darryl. Was my first tournament for a minis game, and everyone was great fun to play. Even Michael who absolutely destroyed me in about 2 turns :-) Despite that it was probably the funnest game I had on the day.

Will definitely be at the next one ;-)

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