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> MOAB 17 FOW, v4 mw
post Jun 22 2017, 05:23 PM
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MOAB 2017 October Long Weekend (Sat 30th September to Mon 2nd October 2017)
Flames of War Version 4 Mid War “Baptism of Fire”

REGISTRATION: via the MOAB website at: http://www.sutherlandshiregamers.org/MOAB-Events/ Register early to ensure space is allocated if you are planning on coming.

Hosted by the 2017 Australian FOW ETC (European Team Championship) Team.

The current Australian Flames of War ETC team is pleased to host “Baptism of Fire” an introductory tournament for the new Flames of War V4 Mid War rules set.

“Baptism of Fire” will be a 3 day tournament to help introduce players to V4 Mid War using the Battle plans in the extended mission pack. (Download the mission pack/ battle plans here http://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Docum...reMissions.pdf) as well as some variable points and “build” cards from relevant command cards so that some extra variety to lists can be made. For example the Australian Team captain will be using a German Armoured Car “build card” to add an Armoured Car formation to his German company.

So far the available Build cards are

British Desert Rats
Guards Motor Company
Indian Motor Company
Scout Tanks
Softskin Transport
Humber Armoured Car Squadron (yum)
New Zealand Divisional Cavalry
Australian Divisional Cavalry

German Afrika Korps
Captured 6pdr Anti-tank
Armoured Car Company (extra yum)
Captured 25 pounders
Softskin transport

If USA or Italian Command cards with Build properties are out in time then they can be used as well. A revised list will be made available for clarity when they are released.

In the spirit of helping players see how V4 MW works we extend a warm welcome to single day entries on all days and the most successful player on each day will be rewarded the title ‘Vanguard General”. Prizes for 2-3rd will also be made at the end of each of these days. In effect we are hosting 4 competitions within the Tournament (3 x single day events and 1 x Grand Tournament) so that those who can’t get to the whole event can still participate.

Players whom play across the 3 day tournament are in the Grand Tournament (see below) and will play for the ultimate prize of Tournament Best General. Prizes for 2-3rd will also be made at the end of each of the tournament.

Rules are the Midwar Version 4 rules, amended by the latest FAQ called lessons from the front. The current one can be downloaded from here. http://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Docum...TheFront-MW.pdf


A Force lists will be any official V4 MW list from the new V4 MW books (Afrika Korps and Desert Rats) with any relevant “Build” card from either of those books command card sets, that players may wish to use to add variety to their force. Build cards will be part of your available points. The US book and Command Cards (Build) may also be used if released in time.

80 points on Days 1 and 2,
100 points on day 3.

Lists composition
If you are playing in all 3 days of the Grand tournament then see below. If you are only going to play in one or two days of the competition then you need to submit a legal list of 80 points for Days 1 and 2 and 100 points for day 3 but you can change what list you bring to play on any of those days. So for more casual players this is a good way to try out some different lists. We will also have some pre-made lists for players to try.

For example: Ken can’t make all 3 days of the Grand Tournament because he has a ballet performance scheduled that he just can’t miss and beside he looks quite dashing…in a strange way…in his tutu. But being a stalwart he decides to enter to play on days 1 and 2. Because he is not playing the Grand Tournament he decides to give his Aussie Div Cav build card a run and submits a British Force list for Day 1. Then to mix it up he decides to run a brand new US Force on day 2.

No other command cards will be used, and the optional Objective/missions card deck will not be used.

The Grand Tournament.
A Force list for the Grand Tournament needs to be comprised of the same formations (platoons) on all 3 days of the competition, with an additional 20 points added to the existing 80 point force for the 3rd day without taking any of the original units out of the force.

For example: Patrick needs to expand the 80 points of the German Force he used in day 1 and 2 to augment his list to 100 points for day 3 of the Grand Tournament. All of Patricks existing platoon elements need to remain in this expanded list. Patrick's force, comprised of a Tank formation and an Infantry formation and some support units now needs to add 20 points of additions without removing any of its original elements. Patrick could choose to upgrade some of his Panzer IV tanks to better front armour, he could choose to add another legal support option like some 88s. He could add some additional tanks or guns to existing units on his force roster, like maybe taking a PzIV platoon from 2 tanks to 3 tanks or maybe adding an HMG and Mortar to one of his Infantry platoons. Or if 20 points is enough he might decide to add another formation altogether, like an Armoured car formation using a Build card.

List Submission*: All lists are due by the 27 Sept 2017 to yuletide@live.com.au
*The Australian team will pre-declare lists which will be published on the FOW website by the 2nd Sept 2017.

Some pre-made loan armies will be available on each day or via special request to the Australian team. Please email yuletide@live.com.au with the subject line…Hey I need an army…and we will see what we can do for you. Or so long as you point it out to your opponent, models may be substituted for something that looks similar…just this once.


Missions will use the Flames of War V4 Mission booklet and Battle plans (see attached).

At the beginning of each game player’s choose in secret a Battle Plans and both players present what battle plan they will use in the game at the same time. Once Battle plans are revealed players consult the Battle Plan matrix and randomly select a mission from the corresponding matrix.


In the case of odd player numbers a member of the Australian team will take the hit and will transform into a water boy. A bye player will receive the average points awarded for that game session.


Day 1: 80 Points
Game 1: 9:00am – 11:30am
Game 2: 12:15am – 2:45pm
Game 3: 3:00pm – 5:30pm

Day 2: 80 points
Game 4: 9:00am – 11:30am
Game 5: 12:15am – 2:45pm
Game 6: 3:00pm – 5:30pm

Day 3: 100 points
Game 7: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Game 8: 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Victory will be based on points as per Battlefront V4 Mid War scoring system and will be solely points based with ties being resolved by most wins and the second count back as “the most not Australian team member”.

Match-ups will be via random draw on Game 1 then follow Swiss cheese, Highest Points Vs Highest Points in subsequent rounds.

Sportsmanship: Well…so long as you are not acting like a complete d@ck…you can probably consider yourself a good sport. If, however, in the heat of a moment you begin to manifest “d@ck like” qualities then please rest assured that we will point this out to you and suggest an appropriate way to regain your “General like” poise and elan. It’s a game of toy soldiers after all!

History: A player does not need to submit a unit history but if they do then they go into the running for Best Competition Historian and will receive much praise, glory (3 Hails!) and a prize.


The quality of events is closely tied to terrain that is supplied. If you are able to help out with terrain or supply a table or more please let us know

All enquiries that can’t be answered via the MOAB official site can be sent to: yuletide@live.com.au

2017 Australian ETC team Fair play.

As the Australian team will be arranging, sponsoring and playing in the event we will take a handicap. We will pre-declare our lists prior to the list submission date.

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