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> [40k] World Eaters modelling project, My finished army.
post Apr 20 2007, 02:04 PM
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I'm starting to get the 40k urge after painting about 4 confrontation armies (see 2 of them archeron and behemoth orcs)

This army is primarily a modelling project that I have always wanted to do. Basically its and undivided army with all the cults included. so EC, WE, PM and not to forget TS.

so first some Khorne terminators. Using the article in WD so had to make and use lots of green stuff. I;m getting better at making molds.

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

after the base coat IPB Image

and icon bearer IPB Image

a bloodletter (test model to check colors), only 7 more to do

IPB Image

My commander on a steed , large 50mm base and lots of green stuff moulding on legs

IPB Image

based coated IPB Image

with hq, changed head from khorne to the double mutated head from chaos sprue.

IPB Image

will try and post some more soon.


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