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> WHFB Campaign battle 2, Damo, Daniel and Rojo
post Oct 7 2013, 04:03 PM
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Hi guys,

all of you have expressed interest in participating in battle 2 of the 3 part WHFB campaign. The battle looks almost certainly to take place on a Sunday and it would be great if we could get this done in the next month. From the experience of the previous 2v2 5,000pt game, it will likely take between 6 and 7 hours, which includes breaks for lunch and such. On that note, it would be probably best to start around 11am and be finished by 6pm.

So which Sunday would work for everyone? I am pretty much free any Sunday over the next month so just post your preferred date(s).

Now to the game itself. The teams will be divided in two 2,500pt armies, with players on the following sides:

Damien S (VC) + Rojo (WoC) VS. Seth (TK) + Daniel (O&G)

Following the routing of the Empire force and the capture of the Claw of Nagash at the Battle of Himmelsdorf, the alliance of Arkhan the Black and Heinrich Kemmler soon collapsed. Arkhan had betrayed Kemmler and refused to share the power of the Claw. Arkhan hastily made his way back to his Black Tower in the Land of the Dead and Kemmler, whose own forces had been decimated by the Imperial forces at Himmelsdorf, was unable to pursue the Liche King.

Over the following years, Kemmler waited and rebuilt his own strength and that of his army. For the necromancer, time was not an issue and when he felt his full strength return, he marched south with another mighty host. Reaching the southern Border Princes, Kemmler came across an army of the Chaos God Slaneesh pillaging the citizens of a southern principality. Not wanting to waste his numbers on an unnecessary conflict, Kemmler used his magical talents to communicate with the leader of the chaos army, a powerful Slaneeshi mage, to join forces with him and take the Claw of Nagash. In reality, Kemmler had no intent to share the Claw's power with the Slaanesh leader, but the chaos mage also had ideas of his own. After coming to an agreement, the newly forcged dark alliance marched into the desolation of the Badlands.

Arkhan had not been idle since the Battle of Himmelsdorf and upon reaching his Black Tower, his focus was largely own the harnessing the power of the Claw. The artefact had shown the Liche King some of its secrets, but it would not give away everything at once. Arkhan knew Kemmler would come for him and believed that he should have destroyed the necromancer back at Himmelsdorf, yet he too was severly weakened by the Imperial forces that day and concluded that any assassination attempt on Kemmler would have failed. Many moons later, Arkhans army of spies and scouts reported that a large undead and chaos host had entered the Badlands and was moving south. Undead armies from the far north seldomly came to the Land of the Dead and Arkhan knew that the moment of reckoning was approaching. However, he had not conceived the threat of a chaos army allied with Kemmler and knew that such a force outnumbered him significantly. It was time to act.

The Liche King gathered his forces and marched north into the Badlands. He knew that the allied host was large and that it would be slowed by the supply trains needed to sustain the Chaos army. Arkhan believe that his best course of action lay in using the Claw to force a large tribe of Greenskins to fight for him. They would be pawns, but useful ones at that. Soon after arriving in the Badlands, Arkhan turned his force east to the Worlds Edge Mountains, where he soon found the grand spires of earth and snow littered with goblins. Confronted by a huge goblin force, Arkhan was able to use the power of the Claw to avoid battle and convince the goblin warboss to speak with him. Upon entering negotiatons, Arkhan used the Claw to dominate his adversary, putting the goblin warboss under a spell that binded the goblin leader's will to that of the Liche King. Arkhan now had his second army. It was now time to put the threat Kemmler posed to his possession of the Claw to an end.

Kemmler and the Chaos mage both felt the Winds of Magic pulled strongly to the east. This combined with scout reports of significant undead activity in the western Badlands convinced both generals that the Liche King and the Claw was to their east and not south in the Land of the Dead. They slowly turned their forces eastwards and began a new march. The chase was on.

Arkhan was not just a powerful mage, but a shrewed tactician and knew that the knowledge the goblins had of the mountains plus the defensive nature of mountain warfare meant that the best position for battle would be in the foothills of the World Edge Mountains. He would decide the place of battle, not the enemy. As Kemmler's dark forces approached, Arkhan decided to use the claw to further benefit his forces. He would cast a greater darkness spell to hide the positions of his forces from his enemies. Arkhan began chanting and using the Claw as a conduit to boost the spells power. However, the Liche King miscalculated the magical strength of the Claw and drew in too much of its power. Instead of hiding his own army, Arkhan had blanketed the entire region in a darkness spell. He had blinded both forces and now himself and Kemmler would go into battle with little knowledge of each others position. Furthermore, the power of the spell meant Arkhan could not end it when he wanted, meaning the battle would only start once the spell had lifted.

How would the battlelines look upon the spell ending? None of the generals present knew and only strategy and a bit of luck would decide....

VC/Chaos alliance
- Heinrich Kemmler must be the general of the VC side. The VC army still may take a Vampire Lord but he will not be the general despite his leadership of 10.
- WoC force must have a sorcerer lord with the Mark of Slaneesh as its general. The WoC army may take a Chaos Lord but he will not be the general despite a Chaos Lord's higher leadership.

TK/O&G alliance
- Arkhan the Black must be the general of the TK side. The TK army still may take a Tomb King but he will not be the general despite his leadership of 10.
- The goblin army must be led by a goblin or night goblin warboss. The goblin force cannot contain any orcs.

Other selection rules
- No special characters other than Arkhan the Black, Heinrich Kemmler and Krell (Krell is optional) can be taken
- Common items are cannot be replicated on both sides. For example, on side cannot have two dispel scrolls.
- Lord and Hero selection percentages are combined into a 'Character percentage'. Characters may make up to 50 per cent of your army.

- Each player makes two lists. The first has everything listed on it, do not show your opponents this list until after the game. The second list is shown to your opponents AFTER DEPLOYMENT and does not show the following: Magical items, spells, hidden units (ie assassins), unit and character points costs. Instead list the total points cost under CHARACTERS, CORE, SPECIAL and RARE. Mundane items, mounts, wizard level, wizard lore and unit command are listed as normal (not magic banners though)
- MONSTERS GO "RAAAAAGGGHHHH!". On top of your list, each individual army gets ONE (and only one!) free monster valued up to 250 points (taken from your own army book). The monster must be classified as a monster and must have a base size of at least 50x50mm. The monster can be a mount if you like and it may take options usually available to it but the monster itself cannot exceed 250pts. Note that the 'free monster' does not come out of any of your usual army selection percentages.

1) Roll for spells, do not show your opponents
2) Sides are deployed 24 inches apart.
3) To represent the Darkness spell a curtain will be placed across the centre of the table, before deployment is finished no side is to look at their opponents half. TK/O&G players deploy first followed by VC/WoC team. To represent their overall command of their armies, Arkhan the Black and Heinrich Kemmler must be deployed within 6 inches of the tables centre line. Following regular deployment, the vail is lifted and scouts are deployed followed by vanguard moves.
4) Both teams then show each other their 'summary lists'
5) VC/WoC go first.

- Each army's general receives a 2+ ward save against warmachine shooting attacks whilst in a unit containing five or more rank and file models. This works in combination with the look out sir rule.
- Arkhan the Black and Heinrich Kemmlar cannot be immediately killed due to rolling a 1-3 during a Dimensional Cascade on the miscast chart. Instead, if either rolls a 1-3 during a Dimensional Cascade, then Arkhan or Kemmlar immediately suffers the additional effect of a miscast Power Drain. Furthermore, if Arkhan or Kemmlar is on a single wound and suffers a final wound due a miscast effect (NOT A DIMENSIONAL CASCADE ROLL RESULT of 1-3), then instead of being killed, they lose 1 wizard level and a spell determined at random.

- Before the first magic phase of the game, determine which players will be 'linked' in the magic phase. This will determine your dispel dice number when it comes to your opponents magic phase. Durng your own magic phase, both players on a side roll 2D6 for the winds of magic (4D6 in total). The 'linked' opposing player will receive the number of dispel dice rolled by their 'linked' opponent. For example Seth is linked to Damien's magic phase (and vice versa). Damien rolls a six and a one for power dice. Seth receives six dispel dice. Daniel is linked to Rojo's magic phase (and vice versa) and Rojo rolls a double three, Daniel will then receive three dispel dice. Two players cannot ever combine dispel or power dice to cast or stop a spell. However, players can opt to dispel a spell affecting an allied unit. For example, even though Daniel and Rojo are linked in the magic phase, Seth can dispel one of Rojo's spells to save Daniel from a spell.

Primary Objective- Kill Arkhan the Black
Secondary Objective- Kill the goblin general

Primary Objective- Kill Heinrich Kemmlar
Secondary Objective- Kill the WoC general

If Side A achieves its primary objective and Side B does not, then Side A wins (and vice-versa).
If Side A and Side B both achieve their primary objectives, but only Side A achieves its secondary objective, then Side A wins (and vice versa).,

If neither side achives its primary objective or both sides achieve all their primary and secondary objectives, use Victory Points to decide the victors.

Enjoy the game. The first one was a ripper and hopefully this one will be even better!


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post Oct 16 2013, 10:49 AM
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DATE: Sunday, 3 November
TIME: 11am
LOCATION: Damien Stallard's place
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