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Posted by: LimitedSlip Jun 30 2019, 06:38 PM


I've been playing some smaller W40k games at lunch (around 500) points and I was wondering if anyone knew of any fast 40k rules? I remember the old W40k in 40 mins had rules like 400 pts, no 2+ saves, no characters with more than 2 wounds and no total AV above 33.

If you haven't seen any, make some suggestions to make the games fun.

Posted by: Blackhearts Reaver Jul 3 2019, 08:51 PM

Normal 40K plays OK at 500pts. Just put your own limits on it like only less than 14 wds (no defiler/LR size) and no 2+.
If you want to go even tighter 11 wounds or less would give you Dreadnaughts and Rhino's but not Predators/vindicators/ Riptides.

also you could specify no Toughness 8 will preclude a lot of beastier things that slip thru the 11 wounds.

You could also try a maximum point size for each Datasheet. 180pts-230pts limits puts the brakes on alot of the deathstar units.

Posted by: dvaston Jul 5 2019, 12:27 PM

Ive been writing up a small mission for some of my friends at work. It was a themed mission (based on the "Clash Of Heroes" from the 5th ed BattleMissions book) so they had to include some mandatory units e.g. 1 HQ and 1 troop, and then otherwise follow a Patrol detachment (i.e. no more than 1 unit from any other force org slots).

Maximum 350 points
No Toughness 8
No 2+ armour saves
No close combat weapons that cause Straight 3 damage (e.g. thunderhammer)
No invul save better than a 4+ (i.e no storm shields)

Then extra restrictions on the HQ
Toughness cannot be above 5 (whether this due to base toughness, or gained through the use of relics, psychic powers etc)
No weapon with a strength higher than 7 (i.e. no power fists on a S4 character)

I think at low points you need some kind of restrictions like this otherwise the game can be very one sided - since you don't have enough points to have redundancy built into your list.

Let me know if you want any more details.
Anyway this is just some suggestions, take them or leave them.

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