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> Admonitions of a Suss Sufferer: Mark 2, all about Mark 3
post Jun 13 2016, 09:32 PM
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Rebooting my old thread for the new edition.

Old Mk2 thread here.

Will keep a list of the games in this opening post.

Game 1: Bart1 vs Xerxis1
Game 2: Bart1 vs Skarre1
Game 3: Gorten1 vs Skarre2
Game 4: Gorten1 vs Ossyan1
Game 5: Gorten1 vs Doomy3

Game 6: Gorten1 vs Maddox1
Game 7: Gorten1 vs Garryth1
Game 8: MacBain1 vs Xerxis1
Game 9: Gorten1 vs Xerxis1
Game 10: MacBain1 vs Skarre1

Game 11: MacBain1 vs Durgen1
Game 12: Fiona1 vs Xerxis1
Game 13: MacBain1 vs Makeda2
Game 14: MacBain1 vs Doomshaper2
Game 15: MacBain1 vs Vlad3

Game 16: Gorten1 vs Hexeris2
Game 17: MacBain1 vs Strakhov1
Game 18: MacBain1 vs Calandra1
Game 19: MacBain1 vs Vyross1
Game 20: Gorten1 vs Ossyan1, Round 1 of Wintercon Masters

Game 21: Gorten1 vs Morghoul1, Round 2 of Wintercon Masters
Game 22: MacBain1 vs Thagrosh2, Round 3 of Wintercon Masters
Game 23: Gorten1 vs Makeda 3, ound 4 of Wintercon Masters
Who's the Boss Round 1!
Who's The Boss Round 2!

Who's The Boss Round 3!
Game 24: Fiona1 vs Naaresh1
Game 25: Magnus2 vs Skaverous1
Game 26: Magnus2 vs Reznik1
Game 27: Gorten1 vs Reznik1

Game 28: Bart1 vs Makeda3
Game 29, 31-33: Magnus1 Journeymaning
Game 30: Magnus1 vs Xekaar1
Games 34/5: Magnus1 vs Xekaar1, Ossrum1 vs Helga1 Journeyness
Games 36/7: Ossrum1 vs Kryssa1/Ragnar1 Journeyship

Games 38/9: Ossrum1 vs Malekus1/Helga1 Journeys onward
Game 40: Ossrum1 vs Malekus1 Journey 10pts
Game 41/2: Ossrum1 vs Agatha1/Syntherion1 Journey 10pts
Game 43: Ossrum1 vs Tannith1 Once more into the 10 point Journey
Game 44: Ossrum1 vs Koslov1 w/Shockies 10 pt Journeymans

Game 45: Ossrum1 vs Koslov with pew pew ninjas 10pt Journeys
Game 46: Bart1 vs Xekaar1
Game 47: Thexus1 vs Aiakos2
Game 48: Thexus1 vs Rasheth1
Game 49: Thexus1 vs Deneghra1

Game 50: Ossrum1 vs Maddox1 25 Journeymans
Game 51: Ossrum1 vs Malekus1 25pt Journeyz
Game 52: Thexus1 vs Morghoul1
Game 53: Ossrum1 vs Kozlov1 25pt ETERNITY BATTLE
Game 54: Ossrum1 vs Maddox1 25pt speed round

Game 55: Gorten1 vs Syntherion1 50 point Man of Journeys
Game 56: Gorten1 vs Ossrum1 50 Point Journeys
Game 57: Fiona1 vs Skaverous1
Game 58: Gorten1 vs Jakes2 65 pt Journeys
Game 59: Thexus1 vs Vlad2

Game 60: Durgen1 vs Xekaar1
Game 61: Durgen1 vs Zerkova1
Game 62: Durgen1 vs Goreshade2 Posted after game 68
Game 63: Thexus1 vs Nemo2 Journeymans Tourney
Game 64: Thexus1 vs Doomshaper3 Journeyman Tourney

Game 65: Thexus1 vs Kaya2 Journeyman Tourney
Game 66: Durgen1 vs Lylth1
Game 67: Thexus1 vs Gunnbjorn1
Game 68: Durgen1 vs Jarl1
Game 69: Bart1 vs Madrak2

Game 70: Thexus1 vs Aiakos1
Game 71: Bart1 vs Aurora1
Game 72: Thexus1 vs Xekaar1 Kapital Kup Heat 1 Round 1
Game 73: Thexus1 vs Garryth1 Kapital Kup Heat 1 Round 2
Game 74: Thexus1 vs Madrak2 Kapital Kup Heat 1 Round 3 (Final)

Game 75: Gorten1 vs Lucant1
Game 76: Gorten1 vs Reznik2
Game 77: Gorten1 vs Hexeris2
Game 78: Gorten 1 vs Kreoss3 MOAB Rnd 1
Game 79: Gorten1 vs Vlad2 MOAB Rnd 2

Game 80: Thexus1 vs Harbinger1 Moab Rnd 3
Game 81: Bart1 Kingmakers vs Haley3
Game 82: Bart1 Kingmakers vs Doomy2
Game 83: Bart1 Kingmakers vs Damiano1 Kingmakers
Game 84: Thexus1 vs Severius2

Game 85: Ashlynn1 vs Jakes2 Kapital Kup Heat2 Rnd1
Game 86: Ashlynn1 vs Vlad2 Kapital Kup Heat2 Rnd2
Game 87: Ashlynn1 vs Iron Mother1 Kapital Kup Heat2 Rnd3
Ashlynn Blathering
Game 88: Ashlynn1 vs Severius1

Game 89: Ashlynn1 vs Tannith1
Game 90: Thexus1 vs Aurora1
Game 91: Darius1 vs Magnus1
Game 92: Gorten1 vs Goreshade2
Game 93: Haley2 vs Aurora1

Game 94: Darius1 vs Aurora1
Game 95: Haley1 vs Thyron1
Game 96: Haley1 vs Malakov2
Game 97: Haley1 vs Damiano1
Game 98: Haley1 vs Ragnar1

Game 99: Haley1 vs Madrak2
Game 100: Haley1 vs Ragnar1
Game 101: Haley1 vs Damiano1 Kup Heat3 Rnd1
Game 102: Haley1 vs Zaadesh2 Kup Heat3 Rnd2
Game 103: Haley1 vs Malakov2 Kup Heat3 Rnd3

Game 104: Thexus1 vs Harkevich1
Game 105: Thexus1 vs High Reclaimer Slam
Game 106: Thexus1 vs Zaadesh2 Slam
Game 107: Gorten1 vs Zaadesh2 Slam
Game 108: Gorten1 vs MacBain1 Slam

Game 109: Gorten1 vs Rahn1
Game 110: Gorten1 vs Elara2
Game 111: Gorten1 vs Zaadesh2 Slam
Game 112: Gorten1 vs Damiano1 Slam
Game 113: Gorten1 vs Sorscha1

Game 114: Durgen1 vs Severius1 (50 Pointer)
Game 115: Gorten1 vs Ragnar1
Game 116: Thexus1 vs Elara2
Game 117: Gorten1 vs Maddox1 (Minimal writeup)
Game 118: Old Witch1 vs Severius1 (50 Pointer)

Game 119: Gorten1 vs Severius1
Game 120: Durgen1 vs Makeda3
Game 121: Durgen1 vs Helynna1
Game 122: Durgen1 vs Maddox1
Game 123: Gorten1 vs Haley2

Game 124: Gorten1 vs Axis1
Game 125: Thexus1 vs Brisbane1
Game 126: Gorten1 vs Brisbane1
Game 127: Thexus1 vs Damiano1 Slam
Game 128: Thexus1 vs Haley2 Slam

Game 129: Sturm and Drang1 vs Severius2 (50 points)
Game 130: Sturm and Drang1 vs Ossrum1 (Government Mule Beatdown)
Game 131: Gorten1 vs Madrak3 Slam
Game 132: Gorten1 vs Amon1 Slam
Game 133: Gorten1 vs Morghoul2

Game 134: Gorten1 vs Axis1
Game 135: Bart1 vs Testament
Game 136: Thexus1 vs Stryker2 Cancon Masters Rnd1
Game 137: Gorten1 vs High Reclaimer1 Cancon Masters Rnd2
Game 138: Gorten1 vs Una2 Cancon Masters Rnd3

Game 139: Gorten1 vs Rahn1 Cancon Masters Rnd4
Game 140: Gorten1 vs Skarre1 Cancon Masters Rnd5
Game 141: Gorten1 vs Nemo3 Cancon IG Rnd1
Game 142: Gorten1 vs Feora1 Cancon IG Rnd2
Game 143: Gorten1 vs Una2 Cancon IG Rnd3

Game 144: Gorten1 vs Witch Coven1 Cancon IG Rnd4
Cancon Speed Machine and Who'sThe Boss
Game 145: Shae1 Zoo vs Thyra1
Game 146: Bart1 vs Ossrum1
Game 147: Bart1 vs Axis1

Game 148: Bart1 vs Irusk2 Kick in the Junk
Game 149: Ossrum1 (Bunny Warren) vs Damiano1
Game 150: Ossrum1 (Bunny Warren) vs Caine2
Game 151: Ossrum1 (Bunny Warren) vs Rasheth1
Game 152: Ossrum1 (Bunny Warren) vs Axis1

Game 153: Gorten1 vs Xerxis1 Clash Rnd1
Game 154: Gorten1 vs Rahn1 Clash Rnd2
Game 155: Gorten1 vs Maddox1 Clash Rnd3
Game 156: Rnd 4 Clash
Game 157: MacBain1 vs Maelok1

Game 158: Ashlynn1 vs Sloan1
Game 159: Ashlynn1 vs Maddox1
Game 160: Ashlynn1 vs Thexus1
Game 161: Ashlynn1 vs Reznik2 Slam
Game 162: Ashlynn1 vs Makeda2 Slam

Game 163: Cyphon1 vs Hexeris2
Game 164: Cyphon1 vs Axis1
Game 165: Cyphon1 vs Vlad3
Game 166: Cyphon1 vs Scaverous1
Game 167: MacBain1 (Kingmakers) vs Feora3 (Guardians)

Game 168: MacBain1 (Kingmakers) vs Zerkova1
Game 169: Cyphon1 vs Sorscha2 50 points Hardcore Flubbing
Game 170: Gorten1 vs Haley3
Game 171: Thexus1 (Drudges) vs Reznik1 Slam
Game 172: Thexus1 (Drudges) vs Irusk2 (Stalingrad) Slam

Game 173: Thexus1 (Drudges) vs Goreshade3 (Ghost Fleet)
Game 174: Thexus1 (Drudges) vs Magnus2 (Kingmakers) Slam
Game 175: Gorten1 vs Axis1 (Destruction Initiative) Slam
Game 176: Karchev1 vs Strakhov 2 (OTC Practice, posted after 186)
Game 177: Gorten1 vs Butcher1 (OTC Practice, posted after 186/176)

Game 178: Gorten1 vs Durst1 Local SR Rnd 1
Game 179: Local SR Rnd 2
Game 180: Thexus1 vs Butcher1(WGK) Local SR Rnd 3
Game 181: Gorten1 vs Vayl2 Local SR Rnd 4 (mini)
Game 182: Thexus1 vs Calaban1

Game 183: Haley2 (Storm Bringers) vs Morghoul2 (Test of SR2017)
Game 184: Thexus1 vs Vayl1 (Test of SR2017)
Game 185: Gorten1 vs Nemo3 (Test of SR2017/Storm Strider)[External Link]
Game 186: Gorten1 (Hammerstrike) vs Goreshade2 (Thralls) Test of Themes, SR2017, Battle Engines [External Link]
Game 187: Gorten1 vs Axis1 (OTC Practice)

Game 188: Thexus1 vs Rahn1
Game 189: Thexus1 vs Fyanna2 (OTC Practice)
Game 190: Gorten1 vs Axis1 (OTC Rnd1 Tas)
Game 191: Gorten1 vs Makeda 2 (OTC Rnd2 NZS Non-Report)
Game 192: Thexus1 vs Rasheth1 (OTC Rnd3 Vic Batman)

Game 193: Thexus1 vs Deneghra1 (OTC Rnd4 NSW Try Hard)
Game 194: Thexus1 vs Stryker1 (OTC Rnd5 QLD Maroon)
Game 195: Gorten1 vs Ossrum1 (OTC Rnd6 Semi-Final Team Asian Dad)
SR 2017
Game 196: Arkadius1 vs Morghoul3
Game 197: Arkadius1 vs Thagrosh1

Game 198: Thexus1 vs Zaadesh2
Game 199: Arkadius1 vs Ragnar1
Game 200: Thexus1 vs Kreoss1 (Slam)
Game 201: Thexus1 vs Axis1 (Slam)
Game 202: Thexus1 vs Vlad2 (Garbage)

Game 203: Thexus1 vs Iron Mother19
Game 204: Bart1 Double Down Stupidity vs Iron Mother1
Game 205: Gorten1 (HodgePodge) vs Vlad2
Game 206: Thexus1 vs Nemo3 Wintercon 2017 Rnd1 - SR 2016
Game 207: Thexus1 vs Axis1 Wintercon 2017 Rnd2 - SR 2016

Game 208: Thexus1 vs Ossrum1 Wintercon 2017 Rnd3 - SR 2016
Game 209: Gorten1 vs Vlad2 Wintercon 2017 Semi-Finals - SR 2016
Game 210: Thexus1 vs Sorscha1 Wintercon 2017 Final - SR 2016
Game 211 - Gorten1 vs Fyanna2
Game 212 - Gorten1 vs Nemo3

Game 213 - Slam - Gorten1 vs Iron Mother1
Game 214 - Slam - Gorten1 vs The Wanderer1
Game 215 - Gorten1 vs Vayl1
Game 216 - Gorten1 vs Syntherion1 half Assed
Game 217 - Thexus1(Operating Theater) vs Gaspy2(Dark Host)

Game 218 - Thexus1(Operating Theater) vs Syntherion1(Destruction Initiative)
Game 219 - Haley2 (Heavy metal) vs Strakhov3 (Legion of Steel)
Game 220 - Haley2 (Heavy Metal) vs Malakov2 (Legion of Steel)
Game 221 - Gorten1 vs Lylth3 (Oracles of Annihilation)
Game 222 - Tas States Rnd1 - Thexus1 (Operating Theatre) vs Kallus2 (Children of the Dragon)

Game 223 - Tas States Rnd2 - Thexus1 (Operating Theatre) vs Haley2 (Storm Division)
Game 224 - Tas States Rnd3 - Gorten1 vs Skarre1 (Dark Host)
Game 225 - Thexus1 (Operating Theatre) vs Denegra1 (Ghost Fleet)
Game 226 - Thexus1 (Operating Theatre) vs Goreshade2 (Dark Host)
Game 227 to 231 - WTC Prac Short Form Gorten1 vs Vlad2, Gorten1 vs Amon1, Thexus1 vs Twins, Thexus1 vs Fyanna, Thexus1 vs Wurmwood

Games 232 to 236 - WTC Prac Short Form Thexus1 vs Karchev1, Haley2, Dreamer, Skarre2
Game 227 - Gorten1 vs Strakhov2
Game 228 - Thexus1 vs Kallus1
Game 229 - Gorten1 vs Karchev1

WORLD TEAM CHAMPS RND1 - Game 240 - Thexus1 vs Fyanna2
WORLD TEAM CHAMPS RND2 - Game 241 - Thexus1 vs Siege1
WORLD TEAM CHAMPS RND3 - Game 242 - Thexus1 vs Damiano1
WORLD TEAM CHAMPS RND4 - Game 243 - Thexus1 vs Madrak3
WORLD TEAM CHAMPS RND5 - Game 244 - Gorten1 vs Sorscha1
WORLD TEAM CHAMPS RND6 - Game 245 - Thexus1 vs Wurmwood1

Game 246 - Ashlynn1 (Resistance) vs Kromac2 (Call of the Wild) - Non Entity Report
Game 247 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Aurora (CL)
Game 248 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Axis (CL)
Game 249 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Baldur2 (BoO) Sydney SR
Game 250 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Vlad2 (AC) Sydney SR

Game 251 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Kreoss3 (EI) Sydney SR
Game 252 - Rask1 (BC) vs Axis1 (DI)
Game 253 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Siege2 (GD)
Game 254 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Severius1 (CM)
Game 255 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Orion1 (CL) - crap report

Game 256 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Naaresh1 (IW)
Game 257 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Vlad2 (WoW) - Bathurst SR
Game 258 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Nemo3 (HM) - Bathurst SR
Game 259 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Reznik1 (CM) - Bathurst SR
Game 260 - Rask1 (BC) vs Morghoul2 (DoA) - Non entity game

Game 261 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Gorten1 (Irregulars)
Game 262 - Rask1 (BC) vs Gorten1 (Irregulars)
Game 263 - Rask1 (BC) vs Orion1 (DI)
Game 264 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Vlad3 (WoW)
Game 265 - Rask1 (BC) vs Orion1 (CL)

Game 266 - Rask1 (BC) vs Borka2 (BoH)
Game 267 - Rask1 (BC) vs Mordikaar1 (MoW)
Game 268 - Rask1 (BC) vs Orion1 (CL)
Game 269 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Ashlynn1 (LR)
Game 270 - Jaga Jaga1 (BC) vs Orion1 (DI)

Game 271 - Rask1 (BC) vs Issyria1 (LoD)
Game 272 - Rask1 (BC) vs Rasheth1 (TE)
Game 273 - Rask1 (BC) vs Madrak1 (SotN)
Game 274 - Haley3 (GD) vs Orion1 (DI)
Game 275 - Nemo3 (HM) vs Magnus2 (Irr) - 50 Points

Game 276 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Tannith1 (TWH)
Game 277 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Xekaar (DoA)
Game 278 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Kromac2 (CotW)
Game 279 - Cancon Masters Rnd 1 - Arkadius1(WWfF) vs Vyross2(FoW)
Game 280 - Cancon Masters Rnd 2 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Rask1 (BC)

Game 281 - Cancon Masters Rnd3 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Abyslonia2 (PT)
Game 282 - Cancon Masters Rnd4 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Fyanna2 (RoW)
Game 283 - Cancon Teams Rnd1 - Arkadius1(WWfF) vs Stryker1 (HM)
Game 284 - Cancon Teams Rnd2 - Arkadius1(WWfF) vs Syntherion(DI)
Game 285 - Cancon Teams Rnd3 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Zaadesh2 (MoW)

Game 286 - Cancon Masters Semi Final - Rask1(BC) vs Harbinger1(TFM)
Cancon Who's The Boss
Game 287/88 - Jaga Jaga1/Maelok1 vs Kaya3 - Short Forms
Game 289 - Jaga Jaga1 (WWfF) vs Madrak1 (SotN)
Game 290 - Barnabas1 (WWfF) vs Kaya3 (CotW)

Game 291 - Jaga Jaga1 (WWfF) vs Kaya3 (CotW)
Game 292 - Jaga Jaga1 (WWfF) vs Vlad2 (JotW)
Game 293 - Barnabas1 (WWfF) vs Butcher1 (JotW)
Game 294 - Barnabas1 (WWfF) vs Abyslonia2 (OoA)
Game 295 - Jaga Jaga1 (WWfF) vs Wurmwood1 (BoO)

Game 296 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Malakov2 (LoS)
Game 297/8 - Arkadius/Jaga vs Hunters Grim
Game 299 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Helynna1 (LoD)
Game 300 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Magnus2 (Irr)
Game 301 - Sturm and Drang1 (TA) vs Wurmwood (BoO)

Game 302 - Bathurst SR Rnd1 - Jaga Jaga1(WWfF) vs Xerxis1 - Mini-rep
Game 303 - Bathurst SR Rnd2 - Jaga Jaga1(WWfF) vs Bradigus1 (BoO)
Game 304 - Bathurst SR Rnd3 Final - Jaga Jaga1(WWfF) vs Asphixious3(DI)
Game 305 - Sturm and Drang1(TA) vs Maddox1(SD)
Game 306 - Sturm and Drang (TA) vs Wurmwood1 (BoO)

Game 307 - MacBain1 (LR) vs Wurmwood1 (BoO)
Game 308 - Ashlynn1 (LR) vs Skarre3 (SFR) - That time I misread Distraction super badly
Game 309 - MacBain (LR) vs Vlad2 (LoS)
Game 310 - Gorten1 (Irr) vs Gastonne2 (Irr)
Game 311 - Carver (WWfF) vs Sorscha1 (JofW) - Blargh post

Game 312 - Kraye1 (HM) vs Bradigus (BoO)
Game 313 - Maelok1 (BC) vs Sorscha (JotW)
Game 314 - Maelok (BC) vs Elara2 (LoD)
Game 315 - Maelok (BC) vs Wurmwood (BoO)
Game 316 - Maelok (BC) vs Magnus2 (Irr)

Game 317 - OTC Rnd1 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Thagrosh1 (PT)
Game 318 - OTC Rnd2 - Arkadius(WWfF) vs Bradigus1(BoO)
Game 319 - OTC Rnd3 - Arkadius1(WWfF) vs Absylonia2(OoA) - SMRT
Game 320 - OTC Rnd4 - Arkadius(WWfF) vs Morghoul3 (MoW)
Game 321 - OTC Rnd5 - Arkadius(WWfF) vs Strakhov1(WoW)

Game 322 - OTC Rnd6 - Arkadius(WWfF) vs Thagrosh1(PT)
Game 323 - Test - Thagrosh1 (PT) vs Thorle1 (BoO)
Game 324 - Kraye1 (HM) vs Wanderer1 (DM) - Shortrep
Game 325 - Kraye (HM) vs Anamag1 (PT)
Game 326 - Kraye (HM) vs Axis1 (DI)

Game 327 - Kraye (HM) vs Orion1 (DI)
Game 328 - Kraye (HM) vs Orion (DI) - Syd SR Rnd 1
Game 329 - Kraye (HM) vs *sob* Rahn (FoW) - Syd SR Rnd 2
Game 330 - Kraye (HM) vs Irusk2 (WG) - Syd SR Rnd 3 (Shorty)
Game 331/332 - Kraye (HM) vs Wurmwood (BoO) + Gaspy3 vs Wurmwood footnote

Game 333 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs Kallus1 (PT)
Game 334 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs The Child1 (DM) - Mini Rep
Game 335 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs Wurmwood1 (BoO)
Game 336 - Rask1(WWfF) vs Thagrosh1(PT) - Wintercon Rnd1
Game 337 - Arkadius1(WWfF) vs Heretic1(BitN) - Wintercon Rnd2

Game 338 - Rask1(WWfF) vs Harbinger1(FM) - Wintercon Rnd3
Game 339 - Arkadius1(WWfF) vs Kaelyssa1(LoD) - Wintercon Rnd4
Who's The Boss!
Game 340 - Rask1(WWfF) vs Terminus1(DH)
Game 341 - Ossrum1 (Irregulars) vs Kreoss2 (EI)

Game 342 - Ossrum1 (Irr) vs Locke1 (DI)
Game 343 - Ashlynn1 (LR) vs Mohsar1 (TDH)
Game 344 - Ashlynn1 (LR) vs Haley2 (SD) - GIF Garble
Game 345 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Baldur2 (BoO) - SA Champs Rnd 1
Game 346 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Orion1 (DI) - SA Champs Rnd 2 - Shorty

Game 347 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Vlad1 (WGK) - SA Champs Rnd 3
Game 348 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Gaspy3 (BI) - SA Champs Rnd 4
Game 349 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs Ashlynn1 (LR) - SA Champs Rnd 5
Game 350 - Cyphon1 (OT) vs Locke1 (PM)
Game 351 - Cyphon (OT) vs Morghoul2 (DoA)

Game 352 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs High Reclaimer1 (FM)
Game 353/4 - Cyphon1 (OT) vs Locke1 (DI) plus Footnote
Game 355 - Cyphon1 (OT) vs Krueger2 (BoO)
Game 356 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs Gunnbjorn1 (KC) - Sydney SR Rnd1
Game 357 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Sorscha3(AC) - Sydney SR Rnd2

Game 358 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs High Reclaimer (EI) - Sydney SR Rnd3
Game 359 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs Harbinger1 (EI)
Game 360 - Morghoul2 (DoA) vs Krueger2 (BoO)
Game 361 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Stryker2 (SD) - Tas Champs Round1
Game 362 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs Ashlynn1(LR) - Tas Champs Round2

Game 363 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Bradigus1(BoO) - Tas Champs Round3
Game 364 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs Kallus1(PT) - Tas Champs Round4 - THE FAIL GAME
Game 365 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs High Reclaimer1(EI) - Tas Champs Round5
Game 366/7 - Arkadius (WWfF) vs Krueger2 (BoO) w/rerack
Game 368 - Rask1 (WWfF) vs Kaya2 (CotW)

Game 369 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Baldur1 - Rnd1 Oktoberkrieg2
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post Jun 13 2016, 09:37 PM
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Game 371 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Wurmwood1(BoO) - Rnd3 Oktoberkrieg2
Game 372 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Axis1(DI) - Rnd4 Oktoberkrieg2
Game 373 - Barny2(BC) vs Venethrax1(BI)
Game 374 - Barny2 (BC) vs Gaspy2 (BI)
Game 375 - Barny2 (BC) vs Lylyth3 (OoA)

Game 376 - Barny2 (BC) vs Iona1 (TDH)
Game 377 - Barny2 (BD) vs Iona1 (TDH)
Game 378 - Jaga Jaga1 (WWfF) vs Gaspy3 (DI)
Game 379 - Jaga Jaga1 (WWfF) vs Kallus1 (PT)
Game 381 - Jaga Jaga1 (WWfF) vs Cyrenia1 (FM) - Syd SR Rnd2 (+Game 380)

Game 382 - Arkadius1 (WWfF) vs Rask1 (WWfF) - Syd SR Rnd3
Game 383 - Jaga Jaga1 (WWfF) vs Lucas1 (MO) - Stub
Game 384 - Naaresh1 (DoA) vs Deneghra1 (BI) - 50 points
Games 385/6/7 - Casual Biffs
Game 388 to 391 - Cancon Masters With Trash mercs (MacBain/Durgen)

Games 392 to 394, Cancon Teams (3man, 50pts) - MacBain
Game 396 to 398 - Cancon SR MacBain/Cyphon, 395 footnote
I'm back, dubiously better than ever...
Game 399 - Gorten1 (Irr) vs Morvhanna2 (DH)
Game 400 - Gorten1(Irr) vs Child1(DM) - OTC Round 1

Game 401 - Gorten1(Irr) vs Skarre1 (DH) - OTC Round 2
Game 402 - Gorten1 (Irr) vs Vlad2 (WoW) - OTC Round 3
Game 403 - Gorten1 (Irr) vs Wurmwood1 (DH) - OTC Round 4
Game 404 - Gorten1 (Irr) vs Ashlynn1(LR) - OTC Round 5
Game 405 - Gorten1(Irr) vs Madrak1(BoH) - OTC Round 6

Game 406 - Magnus1(Irr) vs Vlad-1(CM) - League Round 1
Game 407 - Caine3(LR) vs Wurmwood(DH)
Game 408 - Gorten1 (Irr) vs Denny1 (DH) - League Rnd 2
Game 409 - Thexus1 (OT) vs Krueger2 (DH)
Game 410 - Gorten1 (Irregulars) vs Goreshade1 (Black Industries) - Shorty

Game 411/2/3 - Wintercon Shorties

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post Jun 13 2016, 10:33 PM
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Member No.: 10,012

Mark 3 is now amongst us in an official, non-super dodgy translator copy way.

Wintercon, the local big tourney in the middle of the year, is a month away.


I'm clueless on lists. I know I want to pilot Mercs for the opening jaunt, going with Bart, Gorten and maybe Mags 2, but my lack of normal Merc heavies in my collection is a bit of a stymieing effect.

Compelled by Laziness, the day before my first Mk3 games I threw together a Bart, Gorten and Karchev lists on the newly downloaded War Room. They were tiny and weird. That happens when you make 50 point lists instead of 75, so a random extra 25 points of proxies got added.

Bart1 - Galleon, 3x Nomads, Commodore Cannon, 2x Eliminators, 2x Tinkers, Reinholdt
Objective: Stockpile

Theory being that Nomads sacrifice to give the Galleon time to drag in and kill opposing Heavies, assuming most lists will be a stack of Heavies.

First game into the Pottsinator, with a rejigged iteration of Xerxis' infantry mob.

Xerxis1 - Brute, Archidon, Agoniser, Radheim, Tycom, 3x Karax, Legends of Halaak
Objective: Fuel Depot

Don't know the name of the scenario, pair of flags on the centre line, AD line Objective for each side, Killbox.

Not sure how this pans out, blast immune Karax seem bad, but not sure how they pull down all my heavies. As new Xerxis was being raed out to me I wasn't exactly impressed (Either Fury or Inhospitable Ground would have given me something to worry about...)

IPB Image
Merc Deploy: I won the roll and got given a great stonkin forest in front of my deploy.

My Proxies:
Snapjaw = 3rd Nomad
Press Gangers = Eliminator squad 1
Thrall Warriors = Eliminator Squad 2
Bullsnapper = Tinker

IPB Image
Skorne Deploy: It's a block! Some proxies for Karax.

IPB Image
Merc 1: Ah, potato pics return!
Everything runs forward. Or limps forward in the case of the Cannon.
Galleon goes to the right of the objective, pair of Nomads go left.

IPB Image
Skorne 1: X chump Defenders Wards himself, Tac Supremacy goes on the central Karax. Radheim moves up into the left Forest, Tycom behind him. Xcher, Archidon, Legends and Agoniser go on the right hill behind a wall of Karax.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Yada yada, bad pic.
Feat time! Steady opposing models are whoever gets the Brute Animus, Radheim and the Archidon.
Plan is for the Galleon to pop the Archidon, Commodore to go for Radheim and everything else to hide.
The Cannon slams Radheim back, killing a Karax and doing a mighty damage point to him.
Galleon gets Artillerist, shoots at the Archidon.

Mark 2 trip up: Artillerist works on one shot. This was a terrible plan.

Sure enough I do sod all to the Archidon, I'd hoped blast damage was going to kill the Agoniser but instead it gets lightly tapped on the forehead.
Bart feats and hides behind the left Nomads behind the wall.
Eliminators hang around both flags, left ones in a scoring position, right ones at max contest range.

IPB Image

Skorne 2: Centre Karax sit still under Barts feat. Reivers mini-feat, and shoot a Nomad in paired CRA's, they ding it a bit.
On the left, Radheim comes forward, misses the effectively DEF 19 Eliminators and Repositions to the side.
The Archidon tries to kill the rightmost Eliminator and flubbs it.
The Hill side patrol moves up and and around the edge of Bart's feat.

I go to 1 CP off the left flag.

IPB Image

Merc 3: Simple enough, jam up the Karax, claim left flag, fall back with Galleon.
Commodore hits and dismount Radheim, who then gets gutted by the Eliminators. Damaged Nomad claims the left flag and gets repaired fora good chunk by a tinker. Other Nomad that was shielding Bart jams up the centre Karax.
Right most Nomad walks up, hits the Archidon twice with it's blade, taking off its remaining 20 boxes.
Galleon kill s Legend of Halaak, the Objective and a couple of Reivers.
The Thrall Eliminators try and fail to get to the agoniser, isntead they jam up the right Karax.

I go to three CP, Pottsitron concedes.

Damn, Xerxis has fallen on his face this edition.

I like premeasuring, it's clean as I remember (Especially without a weird rule change to compensate like... I don't know.....2d6 charge range...).

Commodore and Nomads are near perfect for their points.

Not sure about Dougal, though if I prioritise the Artillerist shot it might still be worth it, though odds of it going on the Cannon instead for the Fire shot are high.

Nabbed a second one into the Mark 2 menace of of the Cryxites.

Rocking the same list as the game that happened just before it:

Bart1 - Galleon, 3x Nomads, Commodore Cannon, 2x Eliminators, 2x Tinkers, Reinholdt
Objective: Stockpile

Same proxies as previously (Crocs aren't crocs, most infantry models are actually Eliminators).

It's a Skarre!

Skarre1 - Kraken, Nightmare, Skarlock, Scrap Thralls, Tartarus, Bane Knights, Soulhunters

Close Quarters is the scenario, play is to pew pew, block Kraken with Nomads, trade feats, pew pew.

IPB Image

Merc Deploy: Won the roll, pick first. Galleon in the middle, then stuff spread out in a line. Commodore Cannon, courtesy of the hill of doooooooom, will be a green proxy base all game.

IPB Image

Cryx Deploy: Thralls go to the side which is safer from the Galleon, courtesy of the house in the middle of the table (Terrible place to live really).
Soul Hunters and Nightmare go across from the Cannon, Kraken is straight across from the Galleon.

IPB Image

Merc 1: Everything runs forward, Hot Shot goes on the Galleon.
Cannon trundles up the hill.

IPB Image

Cryx 1: Soulhunters run forward and engage the left Eliminators, otherwise spread out.
Skarre/Nightmare hide behind the wall. Banes spread out.

IPB Image

Merc 2: Easy enough, use my feat to delay the inevitable, kill off as many Soulhunters as I can, use a Nomad to block the Kraken.

The decision point I had was whether I shot down half the Kraken or killed Tartarus. Given my feat would protect me from the Banes, I decided to go with the simpler Kraken plan (Tartarus involved Reinholdt, Double Powder, and focus to ensure the hit). I went with the Kraken (Regrets incoming!).

The left Eliminators combo Smite a Soulhunter down, the left Nomad charge and kills one whilst Roadblocking the Kraken. The Commodore Slams a forward Soulhunter into the one in teh trench, killing both.
The right Eliminators kill a Thrall, the other Nomads run in front of the right flag to try to keep the Banes back.
Galleon moves up, shoots at the Kraken, rolls fairly miserably and doesn't do much.
Bart feats, Battens and goes to the friendly flag.

IPB Image

Cryx 2: Skarre hides behind the wall, feats on Tartarus, Kraken, herself, Nightmare and the last Soulhunter and casts Dark Guidance (I hate that spell so much...)
The Soulhunter kills both of the left Eliminators and repositions into the trench.
The Thralls swarm over on the right side and fall over in droves, three Knights and Tartarus hang out of Barts feat.
Nightmare slams the blocking Nomad, we had some issues with when the Knockdown from the Feat occurred and the Rulebooks weren't loading (PDF issues on small tablets at the moment) so we weren't witht eh rule of cool, he gets the slam then slips on the grass and falls down.
The Nomad goes back two inches, enough for the Kraken to get forward and punch the Galleon, which it does.
The dice skew both directions like mad, pretty much perfectly averaging out. Galleon survives on 12 boxes.

Merc 3: No Pic alas. I'm out of practice I guess? Not that this didn't happen all the time.
Skarre's feat turn is an issue, plan is to delay as much as I can and kill Thralls.
I dislike my odds of doing much to the Kraken, so time to try to knock the arms off Nightmare.
One of the right Nomads runs to block the Kraken again, allowing the Galleon to backpedal again after the tinkers heal him up 12 points. The Collosals Harpoon embarrassingly misses, but thankfully spikes well on a high number of nip shots. The Nomad that got slammed moved up and did another chunk with his battle blade. Lastly the Commodore slammed it back five inches past the Kraken, it ended with no left and Cortex, pretty much the best result I could get.
On the right Dougal had a go at popping thralls, rolled low on shots and killed just one, though it was the one blocking the Snapjaw Nomad.
That Nomad then slammed Tartarus five inches back.
Bart got reloaded and sprayed a pair of Knights down, then the Eliminators stabbed another couple.

Mercs go to 1 CP.

IPB Image
Cryx 3: Skarre goes to the Cryx flag, as Nightmare trundles forward to engage. The Kraken tries to splat the damaged Nomad and leaves it on a box of movement.
The Soulhunter runs forward and engages the Commodore Cannon. The thralls and Tartarus basically flubb around.

Mercs go to 2 CP, Cryx go to 1.

Martorestor concedes at this point, I'll kill Nightmare, block Kraken, keep repairing, win up on scenario.

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post Jun 19 2016, 01:53 AM
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Journeyed into the wastes of the North side of my glorified country town for some shenanigans. And a game.

Into the Mass Effect protagonist, going into more Cryx (Clearly not nerfed enough!)

Current lists I'm tinkering with being Bart, Gorten and Fiona. Bart isn't perfect as I don't own a third Nomad, so currently has a non-optimal Talon + solo combo. Fiona's battlegroup is a puzzle that deftly defies me, currently it's a pair of Mules but if I owned Mariners I'd try that (Eugh. That sentence is so wrong to me).

Anyway, dice roll picked Gorten!

Gorten - Earthbreaker, 3x Gunners, 2x Blasters, Wrongeye + Snapjaw, 2x Eliminators, Aiyanna + Holt
Objective: Stockpile

Basic theory is the Bunnies are great self powering attacks, as well as relatively hardy disposable models to block up and keep the Earthbreaker safe.

Crocs and Khadorans are there to run as an independent module, as the Gorten battlegroup lsit is very confined by his tiny weeny control area.

The minder of Sheeps wave of sadness:
Skarre2 - Barathrum, Slayer, Bone Chicken with Gun, Satyxis Raiders + UA. Satyxis Raider Captain x2, Satyxis Gunslingers, Carrion Thralls
Objective: Fuel Cache

Backlash/Feedback for days. Seems bad.

Scenario is Entrenched, a somewhat combo of SR 2015's Two Fronts and Incoming. Two zones, Objective centrally placed in each, typed as friendly/enemy with scoring normative to that (Dominate friendly, control/dominate opposing zone, pop enemy Objective).

IPB Image
Cryx Deploy: Raiders on the left, Crocs on the right, everything else in the middle.

Drudges = Carrion Thralls
Gun Mages = Satyxis Gunslingers
Erebus = Barathrum

IPB Image
Merc Deploy: Earthbreaker went behind the forest, near enough to the middle and one of my few (only?) pieces with pathfinder. Secondary battlegroup of Crocs and Kayazy go on the left to contest the opposing zone, Bunnies and Gorten hang around in the middle.

IPB Image
Cryx 1: Stuff moves forward outside of Bunny pew pew range, the Fuel Cache pops a cloud. Admonition goes on Barathrum.

IPB Image

Merc 1: Fort Gorten forms towards the right zone. I put up Strength of Granite on the Earthbreaker for......giggles I guess?
Aiyanna and Holt hold back in feat, Team Croc moves up under Star Crossed.
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post Jun 19 2016, 02:06 AM
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IPB Image
Cryx 2: Front Gun Bunny gets hit with an arced backlash then winged by a Captain's hand cannon, then demolished by Carrion Thralls (Finisher huh.....that's a thing....). Gorten papercutting begins!
Satyxis Gun twits kill Carrion Thralls to create a cloud wall of sadness.
Raiders and Heavies otherwise hold back just behind the midline.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Plan is to clear off the jam with a spray bunny, fall back with stuff, start the scoring, hold feat for now.
The forward Bunny moves up, sprays off all the Carrion, leaving one behind the cloud wall. Crocs, Kayazy, Aiyanna/Holt and most of the bunnies go left into the Star Crossed bubble, they shoot the Objective down to one box.
Earthbreaker, one Gunner and Gorten go to the right, Gorten heals some of his papercuts. Earthrbeaker puts down some rough terrain.

Mercs go to 1 CP.

IPB Image
Cryx 3:Gorman advances forward, Blinds Gorten, the right Bunny and the Earthbreaker.
Barathrum moves up, kills my Snapjaw.
Raiders come up and kill the right most unit of Eliminators, they stab the Blaster down to a box of Movement, Gorten papercuts to 12 health.

Skarre toes the zone.

Cryx go to 1 CP.

IPB Image
Merc 3:Gorten moves up, feats back a chunk of the world, uses an Eruption to kill three Satyxis Raiders grouped around the Slayer.
One blaster moves up, clears out most of the Raiders.
Earthbreaker fails to kill Ragman, should have activated my colossal first, targetted my own objective with templates to blast damage Rags to death (Alas Sac Pawn). Rough terrain gets placed to slow Snapjaw.
Remaining Eliminators get to Skarre, one charge one run, they miss.
Wrongeye goes way to the left.
Holt finishes off the Cryx Objective.

Mercs go to 3 CP.
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post Jun 19 2016, 02:12 AM
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Pretty sure this is roughly when my nightmares came true and my tablet ran out of power mid game. The damage on jacks was easily reproduced, but back to being faithful to cards I go. The cunning trick here is when you plug your charger in, make sure you haven't been a numpty and plugged the other cord end in. Le sigh.

IPB Image

Cryx 4: Ragman contested my zone.
The Jacks move up into aggravating positions.
The Gunslingers fail hard to kill the contesting Eliminator, do blow up his buddy.
Skarre feats on a bunch of my stuff and camps three.

IPB Image
Merc 4:Gorten heals for a few and falls back.
Admonitioned Barathrum pins down some of the left stuff, everything else tries to fall to the right.

Mercs go to 4 CP.

IPB Image
Cryx 5: Earthbreaker gets Backlashed, Barathrum goes in and papercuts Gorten to death.

Welp, that's the anti-warjack reaction to a possible warjack heavy meta. It's goddamn terrifying.

Only real list question is the Earthbreaker.

I think it goes away. The Rhulic heavies are so cheap I didn't believe it when it came up in the after game discussion. The rough terrain templates were good, but not enough to save the damn thing.

Don't own Drillers, think first change will be double Bashers, Pig Ninja and Savio.
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Master Chris
post Jun 20 2016, 09:25 AM
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Aside from the model not existing yet, do you think having Gibbs feed Gorten a Hot Meal mid-way through his 100 Lashes would help here?

It's nice that there exists a pretty hard counter to 'Butcher + 12 Mad Dogs' but yeah, Backlash is going to be a very interesting part of the meta for a few months, if not longer.

Everything that existed before I was born is irrelevant, everything that exists after I die is lucky.
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post Jun 20 2016, 11:53 AM
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QUOTE(Master Chris @ Jun 20 2016, 09:25 AM) *

Aside from the model not existing yet, do you think having Gibbs feed Gorten a Hot Meal mid-way through his 100 Lashes would help here?

It's nice that there exists a pretty hard counter to 'Butcher + 12 Mad Dogs' but yeah, Backlash is going to be a very interesting part of the meta for a few months, if not longer.

I think he still dies, had he been on full health final turn Barathrum puts him on about 6-8, Slayer takes off another 4-5, then Raider Hand Cannon's and Gunslingers finish him off.

In theory the saving grace is the Earthbreaker dies, but if that happens my path to victory (Gorten can't clear the bottom zone himself) is Wrongeye and the Kayazy clearing the top zone, which relies on Robitron not contesting by spreading out the Gunslingers. Seems bad.

More likely I'd play the other half of my pairing, presuming the other half is not as Jack Heavy. This incarnation of the list is going dodo regardless, I dropped the Earthbreaker the following two games.
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post Jun 20 2016, 03:18 PM
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Pseudo slam time! Not an actual Slam, because we'd all clock out and that'd be lame.

It's time for Gorten list version #3 (Like #2, but with models I actually own).

Gorten1 - 2x Bashers, 3x Gunners, 2x Blasters, Rorsh + Brine, Wrongeye + Snapjaw, 2x Kayazy Eliminators, Aiyanna + Holt, Acosta, Tinker
Objective: Stockpile

First game into Chibinero with the people that didn't deserve Deadeye:

Ossyan1 - Hypnos, Hydra, Sillys Wyshnallyr, Ghost Sniper, 2x Arcanist, pEiryss, Strike Force, Invictors, Invictor's speed boosty guy, 2x Mage Hunter Assassins
Objective: Effigy of Valor

Scenario is Recon, glad this one stuck around from 2015, I like it.

IPB Image
Ret Deploy: The Elves won the roll, went first.

Proxy time!
Grey Jack on the left = the Hydra
White bloke next to him is an Arcanist
White Jack on the right = Hypnos
Sentinels on the far right = Invictors
Strike Force, Eiryss, Sylyss, Assassins, Ossyan are the actual models!

IPB Image
Merc Deploy: I pick the side that lacked a super annoying forest. The crocs meant I at least had some models that could move through the water.

My proxies are the assassins representing the Eliminators.

IPB Image
Ret 1: It all moves forward, Hydra gets powered up. Invictors cling to a hill with Quicken.

IPB Image
Merc 1: Well, Ossyan's feat is incoming, can't really stop that. plan is to throw away the Crocs/Kayazy to take away Invictor shots, bunker up Gorten. Depending on what pieces I have and whether I can pop the Objective determines my turn 2 plan.

The Rhulic Jacks mostly bunker up next to my Objective in front of Gorten.
The Pigs move forward, a Gunner then headbutts him down for Feign Death.
Aiyanna and Holt go way forward than they should, in range to Harm the objective if they live, or to set off Savio's Righteous Vengeance if they die.
Crocs and Kayazy go way to the right, they don't submerge as that would be counter to the point of them going that way. Also there wasn't something to charge for ideal placement.Probably should have just put them in the water, but oh well, concealment only does so much against Deadeye with base Defence 12.
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post Jun 20 2016, 03:26 PM
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IPB Image
Ret 2: Sure enough, Ossyan comes forward and feats. He also puts a def/speed debuff (With his gun?) on the right Basher.
The Elves then do their unit mini-feats and blow up the world.

The Invictors kill the Eliminators, then kill Wrongeye to the box. Snapjaw, being the Cat of Lesser Warlock beasts, sods off without a care.
The net result is Acosta, Aiyanna, Holt, one Basher also die. All teh Rhulic Jacks and Gorten suffer shadowbind. The Blaster in front of Gorten loses it's Cortex.

A Mage Hunter Assassin is also left engaging the remaining debuffed Basher.

IPB Image
Merc 2:Ossyan is within 14 of Gorten, so it's kill time.

All the Rhulic Jacks that can shake of Shadowbind as does Gorten.
A gunner moves a little to the right, to then be slammed over the engaging Mage Hunter Assassin. The solo doesn't die but gets knocked down (There's only so much you can expect from Strength 6 after all....).
The Basher slams across into a Strike Force member, Defence 14 is still golden as I miss the boosted eight. It's not ideal, but he's placed well enough to stop my feat jamming up the Pigs.
Gorten moves up, drags Ossyan and Strikeforce forward. Most chock up on Light jacks or the Basher.
Gorten then does an Eruption on Ossyan for a bunch of damage.
Ninja Pig then pops smoke, killing two Strikeforce, Brine goes into Ossyan and kills him with a couple Fury to spare.

Happy with that, had I used the Earthbreaker I expect it would have been deleted under Ossyan's feat and I'd have been max sad pander. And Ninja Pig!
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post Jun 20 2016, 04:04 PM
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Next pseudo round, Gorten unchanged.

Gorten1 - 2x Bashers, 3x Gunners, 2x Blasters, Rorsh + Brine, Wrongeye + Snapjaw, 2x Kayazy Eliminators, Aiyanna + Holt, Acosta, Tinker
Objective: Stockpile

This time it's the Wussel, Doomy 3 on The Pit.

The Pit is one of the new Killbox scenarios, can score off the central zone, Dominate the friendly flag or offensively score off the enemy flag.

Doomy3 + Scroll slave - 2x Glacier King, Highwaymen, Warders (min), Stone (min)

IPB Image

Troll Deploy: Rustorfoson wins the roll and goes first.

So.....proxies. It's what we're about.
The Colossals are the Gargantuans.
The Troll...kriel unit? spread out on the front line is the Highwayman unit.
Hidden behind that front stuff Doomy, Scroll Bearer and the Stones are the actual models (The unpainted ones).
The Warders, if revealed in the footage at all, are repped by those Black Ogrun.

To be fair, if I had giant Trolls to hide behind I'd probably do that.

IPB Image

Merc Deploy: I gave the Trolls the side with the super aggravating obstruction on the edge of the zone, my deploy is hampered by the water in front of it and the forest in the middle of the board.

Crocs go behind the water, given the Gargs will contest the zone and be hard to clear I put Gorten out in the boonies to prep scoring off my flag.

IPB Image
Troll 1: They're coming right for us!

IPB Image
Merc 1: Savio goes hard up the right flank for the sake of a convenient distraction. He would have been better off on the left under Star Crossed, but I was having issues unpacking as it was.

Speaking of which, the Crocs Submerge, Star Cross and move forward. Gorten hides behind some Lights. Pigs hide behind the forest, eagerly anticipating some truffles.
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post Jun 20 2016, 04:08 PM
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IPB Image
Troll 2: Doomy moves up, pops his feat defensively and the scroll of war models hit boostingness.
Highwaymen move up, ping some shots. They miss Acosta, manage to pop an Eliminator under Star Crossed. Dangit.
The Glacier Kings move into the zone, the stones goes between. One of them shoots the right Basher for a few points, takes out no systems.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Simple enough, score defensively, wait out Doomies feat.

Acosta goes in and hacks down two of the Highwayman.
Gorten stays behind the lights on the flag, casts Solid Ground.
The Bashers clear off all bar one of the central Highwaymen.
Crocs Submerge and Star Cross again.
The Gunners shoots at the stone, one hits, gets Shield Guarded to a Warder who toughs.
A brave Eliminator runs to choke up the left Glacier King. No regrets.

Mercs go to 1 CP.

IPB Image
Troll 3: On the right the Highway try to kill Acosta, the first attack misses so he gets gutted by the return strike, Dodge then puts him int eh back arc of the other attacker.
The Glacier Kings move in, they each kill a Basher, the left one also pops the engaging Eliminator, the right one knocks off Acosta.
The Warders go base to base for the Defensive line bonus.
Scroll Bearer pops Lamentation.

Mercs go to 2 CP.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Hold off, keep scoring!

The Eliminators go, one runs to engage, the other charges the Scrollbearer and kills him, then side steps to hit the stone and remove a unit member.
Aiyanna harms the left Garg, Snapjaw goes in and leaves it on 19 boxes.

Gorten walks back out of Lamentation range, puts down a wall.
Lights then fort up in front of Gorten behind the wall under Wrongeye's Star Crossed.
The Gunners ping the damaged Garg, the Warders Shield Guard, killing one of them.
Pigs fall back out of charge range of the Glacier kings.
Tinker tires of life, runs into the zone and ponders the writings of Tacitus.

Mercs go to 3 CP.

Troll 4: The Gargs overloaded on Fury, so the left one Frenzies and punches Snapjaw for a little. Trolls concede.

Well, looks like armour busting isn't happening with this list. Probably should have saved one of the Bashers, but even with Harm they don't really do damage. Still happy with the list otherwise, just control/assassination weighted.
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post Jun 20 2016, 10:40 PM
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Monday games return!

Guess I still just like the same dorf, new edition or no.

Gorten1 - 2x Bashers, 3x Gunners, 2x Blasters, Rorsh + Brine, Wrongeye + Snapjaw, 2x Kayazy Eliminators, Aiyanna + Holt, Acosta, Tinker
Objective: Stockpile

Into Haideosiouses with new swan junk.

Maddox1 - Rowdy, Stormclad, Junior + Firefly, Storm Lances, Laddermore, Gun Mage Adept, Gun Mage....uh.....sniper guy, Storm Blades, tormblade Captain
Objective of regret: Fuel Cache

Scenario is the forums current favourite, Linebreaker. Objective either side, pair of aligned flags, can only score off enemy flags.

IPB Image
Cygnar Deploy: Swans win the roll and pick first (Starting to get a theme here....). Ponies go left, heavies up the guts, Storm Blades on the right.

IPB Image
Merc Deploy: Picked this side to avoid trying to get my models to the flag on the left in the forest.

The Pigs went far left, long game being to outflank and start scoring on that flank, as the Ponies are pretty likely to be the pieces that go into my battlegroup.

Gorten and Jacks went central to do the main work.

Crocs went right, eliminators optimistically hoping they'll get to go for the Stormblades. I expected them to be electro leaped to death long before.

IPB Image
Cygnar 1: Stuff advances! Everything stays behind Gun Bunny range, bar one that goes into range inside a trench.
Stormclad gains Assail, Storm Lances gain Maddox' superior Arcane Shield, Rowdy gains the normal version off Junior.

IPB Image
Merc 1: Stuff moves up in return, Kayazy space out on the right, Crocs Submerge.
Gorten casts Solid Ground and charges forward, Bashers shield up in front of him.
Rorsh moves Brine up, who knocks him down for his trouble.
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post Jun 20 2016, 10:46 PM
Post #14


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IPB Image
Cygnar 2: Opening positioning errors are joyfully revealed as Rowdy and the Stormclad thunder up and splat the Bashers and a Gunner. It's going bad quick!
The Ponies get up in my face. Stormblade Captain hangs back on the left Cygnar flag and contemplates Disney villainhood.
Storm Blades run, one goes way afield to let the Firefly arc a lightning bounce and kill a pair of Eliminators (Misplaced one, left it in within 4. Dangit.)
Saddest of all, the Gun Mage solos kill Acosta.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Well, it's gone balls up. Going to have to feat to live and try to re-balance the equation by popping the Swan heavies.

On the right, a Spray Bunny and the remaining Eliminators pop five of the Stormblades, so that was nice.
Gorten feat pulls all the Ponies and Jacks to the right. He then blasts Ol' Rowdy with two Molten Metals for 12 damage. The remaining Spray Bunny then Slams Rowdy into the Clad, knocking them down. Aiyanna Harms Rowdy, Holt causes one of the Stormblades to tough out.
Snapjaw goes in, kills Rowdy and dings the Stormclad. I then let the Crocs go in my brain, as Wrongeye has to charge in to finish the Clad off, which he does.
The remaining Gun Bunnies aim and kill a Storm Lancer.
Rorsh and Brine run up the left near their target.
Tinker runs to stop one Lancer having line of sight to Gorten.

That was a better recovery than I think I had any right to expect.

IPB Image
Cygnar 3: Maddox feats and moves some spells around, hangs behind the Fuel Cache cloud.

On the right, the Storm Blades get Arcane Shield and go in, killing one Eliminator with a big CMA. The Firefly gets Assail, charge Wrongeye and just kills him.
In the centre, the Storm lancers splat the Tinker and the forward Spray Bunny.
On the left, Laddermore moved over to contest the flag, the Gun Mage Solos shot Brine, after which the Storm Captain charged Brine. Mostly they missed bad.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Simple enough, start scoring on the left flag, fall Gorten back, kill some of these damn Ponies.

Centre wise, Aiyanna Harms the Ponies, then Holt kills the one box one. Gorten falls back, double a double barreled shot to pop the right Pony.

On the right the Eliminator stabs a pair of Storm Blades. The remaining spray Bunny cops a free strike from the Firefly, which arcs to kill the Eliminator. It then is way short of Junior, because I didn't pre-measure at all like a schlub. It sprays another pair of Blades left, one lives behind the Obstruction courtesy of my feat keeping him out of the line of fire.

Left wise, Rorsh pops smoke, does some points to the Captain, moves the Pigs around him. Rorsh goes to the Flag, Brine goes to Laddermore and throws her away from him, killing both Gun Mage solos.
The Gun Bunnies move up, one kills the Captain, the other bounces off a Pony.

Mercs go to 1 CP.

The Firefly move was just silly. I should have given the Spray Bunny a focus, boosted a head butt on the Firefly. Gorten could then Molten Metal, shoot it and wall up to save himself.
Regardless, I was happy enough. Holt was holding up the Ponies, the Pigs looked quite safe with Laddermore knocked down. The firefly could start scoring, but I still had a pair of Gun Bunnies to pop cav and opposing Objective to score ahead.

IPB Image
Cygnar 4: Up front, the Firefly aimed and shot Aiyanna, killing her. The electro bounces went for max, from Gorten, to my Objective, to Holt, killing him and freeing up the Cav.
The Cav then charged the Gun Bunnies, splatting one.
In the backfield, Junior moved across and shot Rorsch. Damage dice came up a cruisy 16. Rorsh is stripped of his transfer, which goes to Brine.
Maddox walks over lines up Rorsch. Promptly misses.
Laddermore then comes over and shoots the little Piggy, rolls enough on the damage. I fail the tough roll and it's all bad.

IPB Image
Merc 4: This is pretty bad. Gorten must Dwarf mode the world!
Gorten charges a Lancer, I boost the to hit roll and hope for a crit. I don't get it. I burn down to a focus, killing the Lancer but failing to Crit Slam to free the Gun Bunny up for a meaningfull activation.
The Gun Bunny cops the freestrike, not like I can afford to have wasted activations with two models. He survives the hit, shoots Laddermore, lands it, puts her on 1 box.

IPB Image
Cygnar 5: The Firefly, being a model that is apparently the bane of my existence, tots over to the right Merc flag. The last Stormblade runs into the open, because he's a git.
Laddermore charges the Gun Bunny, knocks off the Cortex.
The last Lancer pops my objective.
Maddox gets Arcane Shield, sprints into the trench.

Cygnar goes to 1 CP.

IPB Image
Merc 5: Terribad assassination time!

Gorten charges Laddermore, crit slams her over Maddox. I then cast an eruption on Maddox finishing Laddermore off. The Gun Bunny shoots her. I did some damage points, but ultimately Madox burns her focus each hit and takes about half a dozen points.

The Firefly puts Cygnar on 2 CP.

IPB Image
Cygnar 6: Junior advances into the Fuel Cache Cloud, shoots down the remaining Gun Bunny. I can't stop Maddox going to the left flag and Cygnar cruising to a scenario win.

That took a while, well played by the Barbados man. I don't hate Linebreaker, though I'll need a few games of it to forget this tragedy of mis-positioning. I had no business putting my Bashers there. No idea why I haven't been using Rock Wall or Strength of Granite in this list, need to start doing that. A pair of Bunnies would also have been sufficient cover. One conceivably should have gone to the right of the objective, doesn't need focus to Slam so could have started mucking up the Storm Blades. Acosta waste was just terrible, no reason he also couldn't have been hiding behind Bunnies. He's even immune to the electro leap nonsense.
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post Jun 24 2016, 11:36 AM
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Midweek Joltness!

Had a not-Gortenoption, but the cloud save on War Room decided armies with no models was the go, so I went with the one list I'd memorized and could quickly punch in.

Gorten1 - 2x Bashers, 3x Gunners, 2x Blasters, Rorsch + Brine, Wrongeye + Snapjaw, 2x Eliminator units, Acosta, Tinker, Aiyanna and Holt

Into the Southie with the rubbish pile recycled into awesomeness:

Garryth1 - Moros, Chimera, Sphinx, Arkantrik Force Generator, Sentinels + UA + Soulless Escort, 3x Arcanist, 2x Ghost Sniper, Fane Knight Skyreth, 2x Magister

Rolled up Recon, asked for a zone as I'm a scrub, Southie put down a circle instead of a rectangle. I'm lazy, so The Pit it is!

Terrain is a bunch of forests, a couple wall and a pool of water.

IPB Image
Ret Deploy: Gave Ret first turn to score first and avoid the more annoying forests.

Ghost Snipers take a flank each, Sentinels go on the left, Noisy Cockroach is centre piece, Garryth and mean jacks on the right.

Proxies list:
Green Bases = Ghost Sniper
Aiyanna = Third Arcanist
Heavy jack = Sphinx (Might be the right model, I have no idea)
Brown light jack = Moros

IPB Image
Merc Deploy: Got some alright walls on my side, my plan is to just fort up around my flag so might not get as much use out of the terrain as I should.

Gorten goes far left, positioned to get to my flag, surrounded by lights. The Crocs go behind the pond, because amphibious is as close to pathfinder as I get. Bashers are in the middle, Ninja Pigs on the far right to threaten the enemy flag if Garryth goes for the slow score as well.

IPB Image
Ret 1: Everything runs up, the Sentinels get horribly bunched up by the forest.
Noisy Cricket gets Sentry, Mirage goes on....Moros? Maybe? I'm writing this two hours after game and I already have no idea what happened.

IPB Image

Merc 1: Crocs Submerge, Eliminators go up front, Gorten puts Granite on a Basher and Solid Grounds, then hides behind a pair of Rhulic lights.

Ninja Pigs move up on the right.

Everything stays out of the threat range of the forward Ret pieces.

IPB Image
Ret 2: The elves reconfigure a bit, the Cricket toes the zone and plonks down some rough ground that scatters onto my Bashers and Acosta, then shoots one Basher for some damage.

Garryth touches the Ret flag.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Keep Gorten back, start the slow score train.

Gorten throws out an Eruption cloud that sticks in the zone, stays behind the lights.
The Gunners move up, two crack off shots into the Cricket, I roll obnoxiously high and do a dozen damage points between them.
Aiyanna moves up to be in Harm range of the Cricket.
One Eliminator runs forward to contest the Ret flag, keeping in Swift Vengeance trigger range of Acosta.
Ninja Pigs move up the right side of the board, hoping the forest is enough of an irritant to keep the Myrmidioniony things back.

Mercs go to 1 CP.

IPB Image
Ret 3: Wherein Southy causes me to panic.
The Cricket revs up, slams a Light over zero camp Gorten.
I now know it can do that.
Gorten gets shot down to nine health.
The left Ghost Sniper proves to be short on range for an aimed shot, so shuffles around a bit.

Garryth contemplates wondering up and doing two boosted gun shots, elects not to (Rolled after game, because Warmachine hindsight play is all about torture, came up three boxes short).

Garryth hangs around the Ret flag instead, the Magisters Whiplash the contesting Eliminator to move jacks around.
Moros runs to the left, the Sentinels push forward, half go into the zone. One gets a charge on an Eliminator under Star Crossed, obnoxious rolling is returned in kind as she blats. They pop Iron Zeal.
The Sphinx edges out to the right, shoots Brine for another cranked damage roll, knocking out the Big Pigs tiny Mind.

Mercs go to 2 CP.
Ret goes to 1 CP.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Ranged Slams aye? Time to reconstruct the Gorten fort, but Better, stronger, faster....um...harder. Also going to pop the Cricket, opening up an offensive feat turn for the scenario win in round 4.

A Gun Bunny moves up, blows away a Magister (Whiplash putting the fear in me....).
Aiyanna/Holt advance as the opening of the plan.
Aiyanna misses the harm.


Killing the Cricket plan is now off, try to clear out other stuff, hope that Savio and a Basher can hit the Battle Engine down.
Holt then takes two shots to kill off the other Magister.

Spray Bunnies go, they end up killing a mighty three Sentinels between them, less than I'd hoped.
I set up fort Gorten, this time with a wall up in front of him and Snapjaw/repaired Basher in front of him.
The surviving left Eliminator goes in and stabs two Sentinels, because when it all looks grim throw some pseudo-Russian assassins at it.
Savio walks up, smacks the Cricket for an average amount.

It was only at this point that I realised the Basher couldn't go into the Cricket with its hide under the staircase magic, so I spent a heavy to slam a Sentinel to death. Mistakes were made.

Rorsh heal Brines mind, pops smoke, moves up behind the forest.
Brine walks into the Sphinx, assuming the Skorne position (That of a violent Heavy Beasts Behind leading the charge), maxes Fury to take out it's Cortex and the right arm.

Mercs go to 3 CP.

Not the proper use of Brine or Savio. The remaining Eliminator on the right should have run in to contest the flag, Acosta should have stuck behind the wall for later. Brine could have advanced, thrown the Sphinx at Garryth to cause Focus shaking issues, then get healed Souie'd back by Brine.
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post Jun 24 2016, 11:43 AM
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IPB Image
Ret 4: Southie tries to line up the assassination, but fortunately I'd defeated my normal habits and not Submerged Snapjaw.

The Cricket pings Snapjaw for a bunch. It also misses Savio and cops a retaliation strike.
Moros gets buffed up by the Arcanists, then goes in to the big Croc. He cops a sweet free strike from the Basher, which busts through his Shield and takes out his right arm. Still takes off Snapjaws head alas.
The Sentinels kill the remaining left Eliminator, the forward Basher and have a couple guys jam up behind Moros.
The Sphinx stabs Brine hard, though thankfully it hits his Body and doesn't take anything out.
The Chimera and the whathisname Character Horsey Guy both swing on Acosta and get stabs for their trouble.

The assassination being currently off the table, Garryth walks to the top edge of the zone and feats, camping most of his stack. He also shoots Aiyanna down to a box.

IPB Image
Merc 4: Just have to Dominate the zone to win, though Garryth's feat is damn annoying. I also contemplate killing Garryth, but being unable to spend Focus/Fury just makes it untenable.

A Basher gets out of Gortens way, misses Moros with a strike. Gorten feats, pushing the Chimera/Sentinels out of the zone, one snags on a wall alas and keeps Moros in the zone.
I try to line up a Harm, but Aiyanna's range isn't enough to get out of Garryth's bubble. Holt shoots the Cricket ineffectually.
A spray bunny moves up the left out of Ret feat range, kills the impudent sentinel and cracks a good roll on Moros.
A Gun Bunny backs up and shoots at Moros. He has stealth, so that fails hard.
The other spray Bunny goes, he also cranks it hard after backing up to finish Moros off.
Acosta then goes, hits the Cricket and pops it.

I jump to 5 CP and that's that.

Not how I thought that list would play out, the damn Cricket with an extra shot in an appalling irritation. I liked the Antarctic's use of the feat, I dreaded having a turn of my list being impotent, though at least it didn't herald Gorten's imminent demise.

Struggling on pairings right now. Use to make a baseline of a list that it could play around an opposing colossal, now that benchmark is 4-5 heavies, the problem is dealing with heavies that are Sayxis or Disruption heavy, which look like logical reactions to everyone popping out their previously unused jacks.
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post Jun 26 2016, 10:03 PM
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Sunday has a morning. I'm displeased by this.

Had to be up anyway, so snuck in a pair of games with the Jeffermensch.

Game 1, new caster/list time!

Robethusalah has scarred me with the Satyxis, so I needed something that could:
1 - Not die to feedback/backlash
2 - Kill high defence infantry
3 - Be immune to Disruption
4 - Deal with 4 heavies or a colossal, which is what I expect to be the early meta at Wintercon

I wished so much it would be Fiona. The Commodore cannon is great, but Bart has the same weakness as Gorten (In this case die to Satyxis), Shae needs Privateer jacks for Coup de Main. However, try as I might every Fiona list was unsatisfactory as soon as I tried to make a battlegroup. I ended up with two Mules, which feels bad.

Breaking it down to particular pieces, I ended up realising what I really wanted was to use Dahlia and Skarath. After some screwing around:

MacBain1 - Galleon, Sylyss, Dahlia + Skarath, Alexia2, Anastasia, Gorman, Ragman, Aiyanna + Holt, Kayazy Assassins + UA
Objective: Effigy of Valor

Theory is Galleon can drag in a heavy, Skarath with Fortune and the Beast Bond mulches infantry, Kayazy block and Countermeasure as needed. Gorman provides a cloud for Dahlia to stealth and shield MacBain. Alexia is just utility.

Unsure on the Kayazy, but at first they were Wrongeye/Snapjaw, which is just a tiny, terrible list. Even when I put this on the table Jeffocker asked if I had the full 75 pts, a testament I think to the cost of Colossals now on a comparative basis to regular battlegroups.

Anyway, into el Skorneo on totally not Close Quarters.

Xerxis1 - Tiberion, Gladiator, Agoniser, Tycom, Paingivers, Venator Reivers + UA, Karax, Nihilators, Willbreaker

IPB Image
Merc Deploy: I won the roll, picked first to get my full stack of upkeeps out.

Galleon went left, in a position to contest my flag. Snake and lady attendant went central, there are going to be stacks of infantry around for it to munch up.

Basic idea is to push forward, have MacBain hide behind the Galleon, mulch infantry and tremble before the might of Tiberion.

IPB Image
Skorne Deploy: Nihilators left, Beasts in the centre, Karax (Black unit) on the right then Reivers next to them.

One proxy, Taskmaster subbing in for Willbreaker.

IPB Image
Merc 1: Everything moves up, Anastasia sits near my friendly flag.

Failsafe goes on the Galleon, Fortune on Skarath, Counter Measures on the Assassins.

IPB Image
Skorne 1: The Nihilators get Defenders Ward and run up to the hill in the middle of the table, beasts follow up behind them. Karax and Venetors form into a phalanx on the right.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Feat turn time. I pondered sticking back, but quickly discarded that notion as the losing play against the brick near the Skorne flag when they score first.

MacBain moves up, gets just in range of Tibbers for a double shot, does some damage points. Feats on five Kayazy and all the important solos.
Gorman clouds up, Dahla moves up and pops both her spells, catching the Nihilator unit leader in Mistwalker, so no Orders. The Snake then moves up, boosts some spray attack rolls to crunch three Nihilators, puts up his Animus.
Galleon walks forward, out of Heavies charge range and kills the Agoniser.
Immortal Kayazy go into the face of the Karax, a couple also go to shield the Snake from the rage of Tibbers.
I actually forgot to move Anastasia, she was going to run up and get in Tibbers face, but oh well.

IPB Image
Skorne 2: Defenders Ward sticks around.
Nihilators move forward, they miss Anastasia a bunch and bounce off the Galleon.
The Karax all CMA and knock down the front row of Immortal Kayazy.
The Reivers start waiting to clock off the job, Countermeasures being very painful.
Lastly, Tibbers puts up Unstoppable force, charges the Snake, brushing aside the Kayazy in the way. The Character Heavy with a giant club starts thumping the poor snake. At the point of the first buy, Skarath has one box. He then misses the rest.

IPB Image
Merc 3: Kill the world time! The Snake had survived well and truly against the odds, saving me the head ache of getting stuff out of the way for the Galleon to get in.

Ragman moves over and Dark Shrouds, Aiyanna/Holt then Harm him and do a couple points with the gun. Dahlia puts up Mistwalker, heals the Snakes Spirit and Body and moves back to the wall.
The Snake then arcs up, maxes Fury to kill Tibbers. Undeserved glory!
Alexia burns some souls munching Nihilators, Galleon with max fury line sup on the Gladiator. I burn a focus to kill a Nihilator blocking the drag line. I decide to not boost the Harpoon drag, as I'll need the bought attacks to kill it. I promptly miss.
The Kayazy variously stand up and walk around, they kill a bunch of Karax.
Gorman clouds up MacBain.
Anastasia then goes in, triggers Esponiage.
Gorman drops a Blind grenade on the Gladiator, the Kayazy stab more of the world, Galleon shoots the Heavy and drags him in for a punch.
I do some random solo attacks on the Gladiator, lastly Alexia moves around and stabs him in the back.

There was a Skorne assassination plan, based on Xerxis moving forward, the Gladiator slamming Aiyanna into MacBain, following up with Grand Slam and buying attacks. It didn't work due to the Gladiator having no Spirit so being unable to shake Blind, but when we diced it out the job got done comfortably. That Drag was a horrible error.

I was worried Kayazy at Def 13 was going to be rubbish, but that didn't matter with the feat and Anatomical Precision is a joy to inflict.
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post Jun 27 2016, 12:11 AM
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Round 2 of Jeffietsche!

Zone appeared, so moved the flags out and made The Pit, or as I now think of it, re-balanced Destruction.

I've popped out the current Gorten, X man has another go.

Gorten1 - 2x Bashers, 3x Gunners, 2x Blasters, Rorsch + Brine, Wrongeye + Snapjaw, 2x Eliminator units, Acosta, Tinker, Aiyanna and Holt

Xerxis1 - Tiberion, Gladiator, Agoniser, Tycom, Paingivers, Venator Reivers + UA, Karax, Nihilators, Willbreaker

IPB Image
Overall opening Deploy Pic! Because I took one for some reason.

IPB Image
Skorne Deploy: I won the roll, gave Skorne first to my score train rolling.
Reivers left, Beasts/Karax in the middle, Nihilators on the right.

IPB Image
Merc Deploy: Gorten left to get to the friendly flag.

I wanted to run the Lesser War Beasts on either side, but the forest made that untenable and the Ninja Pig was better off keeping away from the Reivers, who will shoot down Brine.

Thus, the Crocs went in the middle, the Pigs to the right across from the Nihilators.

IPB Image
Skorne 1: The infantry blocks go straight forward, everything else moves up behind the Karax in the centre. Defenders Ward goes on Tibbers and I am sad.

IPB Image
Merc 1: I put down a wall and Strength of Granite, then move everything up. I decided not to with Solid Ground as the opposing list had no blast damage beside Rift. If one of the Kayazy I put forward managed to die then they trigger Acosta, so that would be fine and dandy.
The Crocs Submerge and put Star Crossed up.

IPB Image
Skorne 2: On the let, the Reivers bunch up and do a pair of CRA's into the forward Gunner, dinging it up a little bit.
In the centre, Defenders Warded Tibbers sits in the zone, Karax either side, Agoniser wails behind it.
On the right the Nihilators swarm forward, a couple engage Brine.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Begin the scoring train, with the added difficulty of Tibbers being in my grill. He needs to die, if he doesn't it early enough I can try to clear off Karax and score the zone. Backup plan is to feat on Tibbers and slow him up, but that's a really awkward use of Gorten's feat.

On the right, a Spray Bunny moves up and blats a line of Nihilators. Aiyanna moves up, Harms Tibbers, Holt pops another pair of Nihilators.
A Basher Slams slams a Nihilator, boosts to hit and misses. Alas. Drops Grenades to kill the Slam target.
The right Eliminators go forward to get out of the way, pop four Karax between them.

Acosta then goes into Tibbers and the ship snags on a rock. I'd calced for Defenders Ward, the Shield and Harm, but missed the Agoniser's wail effect. Quick, find an Oar!
The Gunners that were shielding Gorten move up, both take shots at the Agoniser. First one gets Shield Guarded by Tibbers, the second knocks him down to about four boxes.
The left Eliminator unit goes, one runs to give Gang. The second charges a Karax, guts him, sidesteps to the Agoniser and finishes it off.
Situation salvaged, now for my decreasing list of heavy hitters.

Snapjaw charges in, maxes Fury, high nutso damage rolls on the last few bin Tibbers. Skillful luck applied again!

Wrongeye moves in, casts Submerge and Star Crossed. The Pigs go up the right, a popping of Smoke and a throw from Brine finish off the Nihilators. The idea being if Xerxis kills them, he's not scoring, if tries to camp the flag Brine can go in and mess him up a bit.
Gorten touches my flag and shelters behind the spray Bunny and the Strength of Granite Basher. Tinker repairs the Gunner that got dinged up.

Mercs go to 1 CP.

IPB Image
Skorne 3: The Reivers group up, do two big CRA's. One goes into Acosta and splats him, to my eternal sadness. Eternal being one game anyway. The other CRA lightly dings the Basher in front of Gorten.

On the right Xerxes feats and puts Tac Supremacy on himself. He goes in, has to burn a couple Fury but send Brine 37 feet under, then repositions behind a wall on a Fury.
Centre wise, the anti-Agoniser crew of Eliminators get kills by the Tycom and a CMA from the Karax.
The Gladiator slams Snapjaw away, he then follows up into Wrongeye, buys an attacks splats him. Goodbye Crocs!

Mercs go to 2 CP.

IPB Image
Merc 3: The loss of the Lessers is unfortunate, but I'm otherwise doing quite well. Plan this turn is kill the Gladiator, if I can then I'll also clear the zone but can live without it, either way I'll be able to feat clear the zone to get the scenario/assassination win next turn.

First off, an aimed Blaster shoots away six Venator Reivers. Glorious.
The Eliminators clear off a pair of Paingivers and Karax in the zone.
Gun Bunnies move around, the first two blow up the last Karax in the zone and the Willbreaker. The third one shoots a Venator for something to do.
Aiyanna tags the Gladiator with Harm, the Strength of Granite Basher then Slams in, follows up and headbutts the Gladiator to death.
Rorsh moves to the right and lightly wings Xerxis, doing sod all.
The rightmost Basher and Blaster move back into Gorten's Control range, as I left them outside of previously.

Mercs go to 4 CP.

IPB Image
Skorne 4: Tycom stabs Basher for a bit, Xerxes can't do anything to stop the tide and concedes.

Few things compare to the sweetness of Rhulic Bunny Jacks. Glorious Mercing!
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post Jun 28 2016, 09:49 PM
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Monday with Marteen!

It's Cryx, so Satyxis fear has me put down MacBain.

MacBain1 - Galleon, Sylyss, Dahlia + Skarath, Alexia2, Anastasia, Gorman, Ragman, Aiyanna + Holt, Kayazy Assassins + UA
Objective: Effigy of Valor

Gorman is currently dueling with Piper, courtesy of the 11th hour Pod people I now know Gorman clouds centred on himself, so he can't get Dahlia in their for Prowl. Awkward. Piper can make the Snake Stealth and make the list pathfinder friendly, which is otherwise a hole in my current pending. Laziness won the day for now, with Blind also being great for the running Jackhammer plan, so it's a hard choice.

Looking at it now, the float in the list is ostensibly Alexia and Anastasia,though I do like getting MacBain's buffs out going first, which the spy lady helps with, while Alexia gives me a touch more staying power with Thrall spawning.

Take on Hold into this drekk:

Skarre1 - Kraken, Aikos + Kraken, Inflictor, 2x Necrotechs, 3x Scrap Thralls, Skarlock

IPB Image
Cryx Deploy: Anastasia fails me! Cryx win the roll and choose first.
Bonejacks are actually Necrotechs.
Aikos Kraken is the one on the right.

IPB Image

Merc Deploy: Galleon went on the side with the friendly flag, it isn't going to get far enough up the board to do anything about the right flag. Alexia/Snake went to the right to outflank or see if they pull a Kraken away from the Galleon side.

IPB Image

Cryx 1:Escort goes up, it all moves forward, Krakens toward the Galleon, Inflictor on the right.

IPB Image
Merc 1:Basically I have to one round each Kraken and nullify Skarre's feat. MacBain's Galleon with Ragman, Aiyanna and Gorman gets through even Skarre's feat, so ideally I can move up and force a defensive feat. If not, then I'll have to take it from there and it gets tricky.

Failsafe goes on the Galleon, Countermeasures on the Kayazy. Fortune isn't especially valuable in the match.
Galleon moves up to be just shy of the charge range of Aikos, Kayazy spread out up the guts. MacBain goes behind Gormans cloud. Snake thing goes into the forest with Prowl up, Alexia goes way right to outflank (Not like she has much else to do...).

IPB Image
Cryx 2: Martauce weighs it up, he elects not to feat. I think this is the right decision, without it a single Kraken doesn't kill the Failsafe Galleon and I have a relatively easy time.

The Cryx Colossals advance, Aikios' punches out four Kayazy. It does a Killshot targetting Aiyanna which misses and scatters away, his compadre tries a regular shot at Aiyanna which scatters to teh same useless location.
The Inflictor goes forward, kills two Kayazy and Anastasia. Skarre camps out on the hill. Ritual Snackrifice happens.

IPB Image
Merc 2: Kill Kraken and feat delay time!

In the bonus action on the left, Alexia rides up, misses the Inflictor in the back with a Hellfire and Repositions up the flank.
Dahlia goes into the forest with Prowl, sends in her Snake. He does...unimpressively. Dice minus 3 is an awkward spot on the curve. Damnable shield, I end up stripping armour boxes off the side columns.

Aiyanna and Gorman tag the forward Colossal with their damage debuffs. Galleon then charges, does well at dice plus seven.
MacBain feats on nearly every model left in the list, barring Alexia, Holt, Sylyss and a Kayazy. He then uses a single Jackhammer for the Galleon to polish off the Aikos Kraken.

Ragman and Kayazy then run forward and block off the Skarre Kraken from moving into melee range of the Galleon. Two Kayazy also charge the Inflictor, roll like nuts to leave it with just a Cortex.

Lacking any means to remove my damage debuffs or get the Kraken into the Galleon, Marty concedes. There was a plan for Aikos to move forward and drag a Kayazy out of the way, but Countermeasures killed that.

Yay MacBain! Sadly Gorman making a strong case for his place is....not helpful? If I drop the solo lady A&A duo and throw in Piper, that leaves me an awkward 6 points and a support percentage to make MK2 Menoth proud. Ho hum.

The meta is more varied than I expected, I thought people would be jumping to the 4-5 heavies band wagon to maximise powerup, but I think I've seen more things that counter that than actually are that. This list is predicated on being able to remove a couple heavies a turn with the Galleon after all.
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post Jul 3 2016, 03:10 PM
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Gorman clouds up MacBain.
Anastasia then goes in, triggers Esponiage.
Gorman drops a Blind grenade on the Gladiator, the Kayazy stab more of the world, Galleon shoots the Heavy and drags him in for a punch.

How did Gorman cloud and blind? Espionage doesn't let you make an action any more.

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