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> Geelong Heresy 2016 Player Pack, 2K shenanigans Horus would be proud of
post Aug 12 2016, 08:32 PM
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Greetings to all of our heretical friends, and welcome to the eighth Geelong Heresy tournament! You thought last year had heaps of beer and heretical times? Prepare your beer wrists/hands for more action!

Geelong Heresy 2016: The Deathly Hangover, Part 2

19th and 20th November, 2016

2000 point forces, 5 rounds, two days.

Lists Due:
Friday November 4th, 11:59pm.
(send to: geelongheresy@outlook.com)

White Eagle House
46-48 Fellmongers Road, Breakwater VIC 3219

Kingsley Muir
or the Geelong Heresy section of wargamerau.com

Saturday 19th November
9.00am: Doors open and Sign in.
9.30am: Round 1 Begins
12.00pm: Lunch Break
1.00pm: Round 2 Begins
3.30pm: Round 3 Begins
6.00pm: End of Round 3 and Day 1

Sunday 20th November
9.00am: Turn up and look extra heretical.
9.30am: Game 4 Begins
12.00pm: Lunch Break
12.30pm: Player Voting: Best Presented Army
1.00pm: Round 5 Starts
3.30pm: End of Round 5, Pack up.
4.30pm: Assemble for Presentations

Tournament Organisers (TOs)
Kingsley Muir (Swarmlord) - Biomagos Hivus
Lachlan Bryce - Lord Commissar


We've gathered a contact number from each of you, because if you are a no-show at the event, your list is incorrect, etc. you will be sent an SMS and an email. If you do not reply, your place in the event may be forfeited. All lateness issues will be handled at TO discretion... and you have fair warning.
THE BAR WILL NOT BE OPEN BEFORE 10.30AM, but after that, it is fair game! We recommend bringing some non-alcoholic hydration to survive before the bar opens, and we plan on bringing some bottled water/soda to sell as well.

A copy of this Player Pack.
A 7th Edition 40k Rulebook.
The Codex/es for your force, including supplements and expansions.
Any relevant FAQ files for your force.
All relevant rules for any Forge World units in your force.
Enough Dice to share with your opponent in case of emergency.
Scatter Dice and Templates.
Two copies of your army list (at least).
Tape Measure (or two).
Cash for food and booze, and more booze.
Your Army, Objectives and a deck of Tactical Objective cards.
A charged phone. (ie: if something goes wrong, you can be contacted)

- A Force of not more than 2000 points, selected from official Games Workshop Codex/es, including Forge World current releases.
- No more than 1000 points may be spent on Lords of War, Super heavy Vehicles or Gargantuan Creatures, regardless of formation restrictions. This means that armies such as Imperial Knights must take allies.
- The army must be selected by the Battle-forged method. Unbound armies are not allowed. See p.117 of the Rule Book for more details.
- Allies are allowed, as per the Force Organisation Chart on p.126 of the Rule Book. Levels of Alliance conditions apply, as per the Allies Matrix on p. 126 of the Rule Book.
- Formations are allowed, following the rules on p.121 of the Rule Book.
- Use of the Combined Arms Detachment will include one Fortification and one Lord of War, as described on p.122.
- Forge World units and armies are allowed, granted that they are “40K approved” or Lords of War mentioned in the Rules Update .pdf found in the Downloads section of the Forgeworld website (FW Lords of War).
- Horus Heresy armies may be used, and ignore the conventional 25% Lord of War restriction (replaced with the 1000 point limit described above).
- All models in your force must be at least basically painted with three or more colours/shades and based appropriately. Unpainted models as judged by a TO are considered casualties for the weekend!
- Each model must obviously represent the troop type intended (WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get). If your force is heavily converted, sculpted, or scratch built, you must seek the approval of the T.O’s in advance to make sure it looks clear enough to be allowed.

Lists Due: Friday November 4th, 11:59pm. (send to: geelongheresy@outlook.com)

We ask all players to bring a set of Tactical Objectives (six objective markers, numbered 1-6) to use in Maelstrom of War missions. All markers should be no larger than 40mm in diameter (your Skyshield cannot be an objective marker!).

Terrain and Fortifications:

As per the rule book, terrain setup is performed prior to deployment, and will be fixed on every table. In certain cases (where terrain is particularly dense or scattered), you may find it impossible to place you fortification/s during deployment. In such events, refer to the following amendment to terrain setup:

1. Starting with the player who rolled to deploy first, both players deploy their fortification/s with their army as follows-
a. Choose a location to place your fortification wholly within your deployment zone.
b. Move any terrain pieces that would hinder the placement of your fortification by the shortest possible distance, so that they are 1” away from the fortification.
c. If any terrain pieces hit the table edge, land within 1” of another terrain piece, or have to move more than 6” to be relocated, place them to the side until all fortifications have been placed.
2. Any terrain features that were put aside in order to place fortifications are able to be placed by the opponent anywhere on the table (not within 1” of other terrain/fortifications), including their own table half! The opponent can instead opt to remove the terrain piece from the table for the duration of the battle- if so notify a TO so we can ensure it is put in a safe place.
3. After the game has finished, try to restore the table to the same state as before the fortifications were placed.
Rules Issues:

Rules queries will be handled in the simplest manner possible, which is:

1. Refer to official GW FAQ/errata files available from their website

2. Ask a Tournament Organiser before the event. A rules FAQ thread will be generated in the Geelong Heresy section of WargamerAU for any queries that arise prior to the event.

3. If a rules dispute arises at the event, and it cannot be resolved between you and your opponent, come and see one of the roaming TOs, who will gladly adjudicate a final ruling.

We will be keeping the missions secret until the event. However, all three table deployment types will be used, with different missions to what are found in the Rule Book. Expect to see missions inspired by the Eternal War and Maelstrom of War missions, and as such you will be required to bring a Tactical Objectives deck of cards.

Victory Conditions apply as per p.133 of the Rule Book to determine the Win/Draw/Loss result, and there will be additional bonus Battle Points available.
Tournament Structure:

Some gamers excel at creating a force with aesthetic appeal, or storyline, or creativity being the main focus, rather than tournament effectiveness. Others prefer to take a strategic or battle oriented approach to army design. In most tournaments, the presentation of your army, and its performance in battle, combine to give an overall tournament result. This will still be the case for GH16, however, we are endeavouring to allow a separation of these two approaches to the game.

We are therefore providing equal emphasis and prize support for the three Best General placings, and the three Best Presented Army placings. If you want to compete, but know you are not a master painter, you can fight it out for the Generalship category, as long as your force meets minimum presentation standards. You could also choose to take your prettiest models, which may not be particularly battle effective, and still compete for the prestige of the Presentation category.

Whichever you prefer, you will still compete in 5 games, and sportsmanship still matters for both.
As well as these two equally prestigious competitions, we will also engrave the name of the Overall Champion of GH16 on the Beerhammer Perpetual Trophy! This all round hobbyist will be decided through all categories of the event, and there can be only one.

Composition Points (and lack thereof):

There will be no composition scoring for this event, given the scope and variety within 7th Edition thanks to Allies, Fortifications, Lords of War, Formations, and the additional confusion of Forge World.

We have given the players this freedom so they may take awesome units and cool models that otherwise gather dust on the shelf. With this in mind, please be aware that there is a good chance of seeing a super heavy vehicle, strength D weapon or AV15 building at the event; make sure to keep this in mind when preparing your army for the weekend.

Finally, this may be a no comp event, but we are entrusting you all to bring an army that is going to be fun to play against. Do not forget that your opponents are also at GH for a good time; be considerate of the enjoyment of your peers before you start piling on too much filth. You all know how to play nice, OK?

Each player will mark their opponent's Sportsmanship Score after each game. We will endeavour to keep the emphasis of the score card focused on the etiquette of the game, and the spirit in which it was played, because not every two personalities end up best friends. We try to keep subjective marking to a minimum, because that is what player votes for Best Sportsperson are for. If your opponent is amiable enough, and plays fairly, they should gain a maximum score.

The Best Sportsperson Award will combine the scores earned from games with the votes cast by opponents. In the event of a Draw for this prize, the winner will be decided by lowest placing from the drawn contenders (if you can be a great sport while losing games you probably deserve this award!).
Army Presentation:

Aside from unacceptably unpainted models (which are casualties as per the Forces description in this document), all reasonable painting efforts receive the following Presentation Points (PPs):

Good: Three colour minimum, with base at least painted- 30 PPs.

Better: A reasonable degree of shading and detail, possible effort for unit differentiation, textured bases- 45 PPs.

Best: Considerable shading, weathering, highlighting and detail, with all the bells and whistles. This is a standout effort that deserves a chance for the podium- 60 PPs.

This year we are inviting everyone to put their army on show to receive Presentation Vote Points from their fellow competitors. We will ask players to make use of the front tables only to make the voting process less strenuous on the players (expect 4-6 armies per table). These votes contribute to the Best Presented award, which also count for the Overall Champion award. Note that Presentation Points have no effect on the Best General placings.

Army Presentation scoring is at the discretion of the TO team, and is subject to TO opinion without question.

In the event of a Draw for the Best Presented prize due to player votes, the placing will be determined by an odd number of TO members voting for the preferred army. All TO votes are final.
Battle Points:

We will be utilizing the Victory Conditions outlined on p.133 of the Rule Book to ascertain the Win/Draw/Loss result for each mission, as follows:

Crushing Win = 16 points
Win = 13 points
Draw = 10 points
Loss = 7 points
Crushing Loss = 4 points

- If both players score the same number of Victory Points, then the result is a Draw
- If one player scores more Victory Points than their opponent, they get a Win result, and the opponent gets a Loss result.
- If one player scores twice as many Victory Points as their opponent (or more), or achieves a Sudden Death Victory as per p.133 of the Rule Book, they get a Crushing Win result, and their opponent gets a Crushing Loss result.

In addition, there will be a number of bonus points that can be achieved for each mission from Bonus Objectives. These will be outlined on the mission sheet, and will add a potential four points to your final score, regardless of your W/D/L result.
Score System Summary:

Battle Points (BPs) /90
Sportsmanship Points (SPs) /30
Presentation Points (PPs) /60

Sports Vote Points (SVPs) = 5/vote
Presentation Vote Points (PVPs) = 5/#1 vote, 3/#2 vote, 1/#3 vote

Overall Champion of Geelong Heresy 2016 (All Categories Included- BP+SP+PP+SVP+PVP*)
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Best General (Battle Points & Sportsmanship- BP+SP+SVP)
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Best Presented (Presentation & Sportsmanship- PP+PVP+SP+SVP)
Best Sportsperson (Sportsmanship Points & Player Votes- SP+SVP)
Encouragement Award (Last Place)
Other Random Prizes Because We Said So (T.O’s discretion)

* PP+PVPs for the Overall Champion will be capped at 90 points total, giving a 1:1 weighting of max Battle and max Presentation. The Overall Champion is deemed equally good at both!

The policy for prize distribution is as follows.
Trophies will be awarded to the players who earned them, but if a player receives multiple awards, the lesser prizes will be passed down to the next best player in the category.

Example: Should Best General also be crowned Overall Champion, they shall receive both trophies and the Overall Champion prize, with the Best General prize going to the 2nd Best General (along with the 2nd Best General trophy), and so on, with the 4th Best General receiving a 3rd Best General prize, but no trophy.

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