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> [40K] Death Guard army, for FoB 2008
post Mar 29 2008, 06:14 AM
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It had to happen, I been there, done that. Emperors children done, Thousand sons done, World eaters done. SO that leaves only deathguard. Primarily a modelling project but I will play some games as I go and try and get a competitive list if I can (50% win ratio would be good).

The new FW deathguard conversion kist for PM's and Termies was the last nail so I have placed my order. The army will be all on foot.

HQ - Will probably have a Nurgle scorceror and a DP (without wings as that's just not deathguard) for some variation but I will only run 1 at a time.

Elites - 2 units of 7 terminators just because they are so cool. All will be converted using FW kist as a base.

Troops - 4 units of 7 PMs based on FW stuff.

Fast - No way, its deathguard

Heavy - Some scratch built oblits or maybe a Vindicator (cos I've never had one before)

I have already made some molds of some confrontation models (undead) of guts and ripped skin etc. Also made a copy of the 2007 nurgle banner (from CSM box).

First model (a test ?) scorcer holding a familar and a scimitar Green stuffed some guts and rips on his cloak.
IPB ImageIPB Image

Scratch built (were for 1Ksons but..) oblit with green stuff should pad. Tyring to get better results so I got some brown stuff. Looks sharper but wont know until its dry. Promising. Has anyone use this product before?
IPB ImageIPB Image

Next was trying procreate putty (grey-white colour). Seem better again but cost more.
IPB ImageIPB Image

a gut shot
IPB Image

The verdict is out until they dry. Procreate, brown stuff or green stuff.

If anyone knows of a better modelling putting I would appreciate any info


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