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Posted by: Rod.H Apr 15 2018, 09:25 PM

IPB Image the link is there because I can't seem to get the Reddit hosted image to embed & I've not hosted it elsewhere yet.

It's also an indicator of how much of a painting 'n' modelling slump I've been in, as I started them back in 5th and it took me getting the Forgebane box to come back to them, though GW doing a rattle can of Leadbelcher has helped me, oh and the same with airbrush ready Leadbelcher. Yet I still needed some flow improver, though that might've been down to the cheap airbrush I got from ALDI.

Cause after Forgebane, I picked up their new Start Collecting box & found some more Necron parts/sealed boxes in my pile of shame. At least I finally remembered what the purple shade I've used is: Daemonette Hide.
'Crons are my only Xenos army, though I've the Orks left over from Black Reach if I want to go down that rabbit hole. At least I know where to get the plastic Deffkopta & Warboss if I wanted them: GW's Build & Paint range.

Yeah, I know I'm short some Warriors they're in the parts pile or still on sprue, I've obviously liked Immortals more and I've still got the ones from the Start Collecting box to assemble. Don't know why I'm thinking of building them as more Deathmarks, five of them should be enough, shouldn't it?
Edit: well got the image to work, but yikes
IPB Image

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