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post Dec 10 2015, 11:53 PM
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Hey Team!

Had another mid week battle against the A-Game. It was my Thousand Sons versus Al's Goff Orks.

We both looked at our lists from last week and made an effort to put in some more activations. I dropped the Demon Pool for the Greater Spire. Al Dropped the zzaps from the Big Mobs, made them huge mobs and managed to fit in five more activations.

My List continued with the Alpha Strike idea and after some thoughts from the previous game I was hoping things would work out better. My BTS was the 555pt Rubric Marine Unit with Defilers and Thrall AND a single Dreadnought which i neglected to add to the unit picture.

Al's list is Goff Clan themed and looks great on the table with the Huge Mobs lead by the Gargant. This list had a lot more flexibility with the extra activations, especially since they were all fast moving detachments. Al's BTS was the Gargant.

I had another crack at the old school WD BatRep format. This game was much busier so I hope its not too hard to follow. Once we get the table spray painted to add some texture ill begin posting in-game pics too. Well enjoy armata_PDT_34.gif


3000pt armies:

IPB Image


IPB Image


My BTS sat on my Blitz...In hindsight I think thats a bad idea as opponent can gun for that unit and if he kills it gets 2 VCs without much effort...?

IPB Image

Turn 1:

- TS teleport Terminators next to Buggies.
- TS wins strategy. Terminators conduct ENGAGE action against Buggies. Dice are rolled and Buggies are wiped off the table. Terminators consolidate to OBJ-C.
- Fighterbombers ground attack Silver Towers on flank and destroy one.
- Towers DOUBLE towards OBJ-C
- Fighterbombers ground attack Silver Towers against but miss. Enough to break them.
- Silver towers on right flank ADVANCE in city killing 4 grots and 3 boys.
- Gargant MARCHES
- Rest of Ork army DOUBLES forwards preparing for turn 2.

IPB Image

End Turn: Silver Towers on left flank fail to rally. No flyers are lost disengaging.

Turn 2:

- TS teleport Ahriman's Chosen and Terminators next to OBJ-1.
- Orks win strategy.
- Gargant DOUBLES back within FF range. Shoots and kills one Chosen.
- Hmob retains initiative and ENGAGES terminators. Ahriman's Chosen are in support. Dice are rolled and Terminators WIN. Many grots and 4 boyz killed.
- Greater Spire ADVANCES and shoots at Ork on OBJ-2. Kill grots.
- Silver Towers on right flank SUSTAIN FIRE at Hmob. 2 Grots and 8 boyz are killed. Orks broken and withdraw from OBJ-2.
- Hmob in centre DOUBLE at the TS BTS. No TS die.
- TS BST SUSTAIN FIRE back. Defilers shoot well and kill 4 boyz.
- Ork Bikes and Stormboyz DOUBLE forward prepared for turn 3.
- Fighter-bombers ground attack Towers. No effect.
- Second unit of Fighter-bombers fail to activate.

IPB Image

End turn: All TS units FAIL to rally, All ork units DO rally. No flyers are lost.

Turn 3:

- Orks win Strategy again.
- Orks on OBJ-B DOUBLE back to OBJ-1. Shoot to no effect.
- Gargant retains initiative and ENGAGES. Calls intermingled on Terminators and Chosen. Dice are roll and Gargant WINS. TS only lose 1 terminator and 1 chosen are are broken. Gargant lost ALL shields, 2 DC and caught fire!!!!!
- TS BTS Marines ENGAGE Ork Bikers. Dice are rolled and Bikers are wiped from board.
- TS fail to retain with towers.
- Ork Mob DOUBLES at OBJ-A ready to support combat with Stormboyz. Shoots to no effect.
- Orks retain initiative and Stormboyz ENGAGE BTS Marines on OBJ-A. Dice are rolled and Stormboyz are wiped from board. TS lose 1 marine and 1 rhino.
- Greater Spire DOUBLES and shoots at Gargant. does 1 more DC and another fire starts.
- Fighter-bombers ground attack against TS Marines on OBJ-A. 1 F-B is lost to flakk. Shooting has no effect.
- Terminators on OBJ-C go on OVERWATCH.
- Fighter-bombers ground attack against TS Marines on OBJ-A. Shooting has no effect.

IPB Image

End Turn: Silver Towers rally. Gargant fail to extinguish fires and another fire starts loses two more DC. No flyers are lost disengaging. Either of us hold enough Victory Conditions so game continues to turn 4.

Turn 4:

- TS win Strategy. The Thousand Sons can see the changer of ways guiding them!!!!......
- Terminators ADVANCE and shoot Gargant. It loses another DC and Terminators are in FF range.
- Chosen retain initiative and ENGAGE Gargant. Dice are rolled and Gargant WINS. Gargant saves 8 saves. Chosen fail 5 of 7 saves. They break and withdraw.
- Ork Mob moves to OBJ-B to contest and shoot at Greater Spire giving it a BM.
- Fighter-bombers, sensing Gargant is near death, retain initiative and ground attack against Greater Spire. Fails 2 saves and is broken.
- Towers on left flank DOUBLE and shoot Gargant. No effect.
- Fighter-bombers ground attack against TS Marines on OBJ-A. Killing a Defiler and a Rhino.
- Ork Mob retains and ENGAGES Marines on OBJ-A. Dice are rolled and Marines WIN. 4 Orks and killed, a Defiler and a marine are killed. Both units end up broken.
- Towers fail to activate.
- Mob Doubles to OBJ-A to claim BLITZ but OBJ-2 is contested by Towers.

IPB Image

End Turn: Not enough Victory Conditions are meet and game goes to VICTORY POINTS.

Thousand Sons kill: 1050pts worth of Orks.
Orks kill: 770pts worth of Traitor Marines.

Wow how tough is RA????... I didnt lose a single unit. I know i used the Towers alot better this game and I co-ordinated my Teleporting better too. Not sure what I would change. The Greater Spire is very fragile and very slow moving too. but it is a cheap activation for me. The Terminators holding OBJ-C for the entire game seemed like a waste. yes they have the punch to wipe the bikes 1st turn but then they became a 540 pts unit wasted on holding an objective when they should have been in amongst the real fighting. Possibly drop that Terminator unit down to 4 bases.

Al was happy with the way the Orks played and gave him more options than 4 massive units with zzaps. He is aware that a Landa is the way to go as he has used them extensively in the past but he is trying to go for a foot-slogging Goff list.

Anyways thanks all for reading armata_PDT_34.gif



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post Dec 11 2015, 11:18 AM
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Bloody sweet biggrin.gif really enjoyed the report..

Also nice to see you tweaking the list...I think the Greater Spire are worth taking in two's...

looking forward to see the army at cancon...


Not against change, so long as it done fairly and no one is left behind....

I'm human and not a !@#$%^# Robot..
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post Dec 11 2015, 01:37 PM
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Nice report, thanks for the read
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post Dec 17 2015, 08:06 AM
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Nice one, old school WD style. Great report mate keep them coming.

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