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> WargamerAU Forum Rules (Updated 3-Dec-2013)
post Nov 21 2004, 07:37 AM
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WargamerAU Forum Rules

Being able to share ideas and opinions with others around the world is one of the most exciting benefits of the Internet. People you have never met from countries you may never have visited will be able to read your posts and gain insights from you opinions, and you will be able to do the same from theirs. Over the past year the WargamerAU Forums have grown to become a close knit community, and in the interest of that community, we have made this Code of Conduct, to enable everyone to get the most enjoyment from our Forums.

Rule 0: Don't Be A Douche
The most important rule of all. The spirit of this rule is key, and may be enforced above the letter of any of the rules below. Don't attack or belittle the other people you share these forums with: they have as much right to be here as you do. Don't goad people into breaking our rules. We understand that everyone perceives their own behaviour differently, and so we'll always endeavour to give fair warning before taking disciplinary action.

WargamerAU has a team of moderators who help keep the peace on this site. These are the people who will use their judgement on when to apply Rule Zero, always after consulting with the other moderators. If you are given an official warning or asked to lay off someone, we expect you to follow that warning.

Rule 1: Be Polite
This seems obvious, however many people can sometimes forget that common courtesy goes a long way to lending respect to both you and your opinions. Just because you don't see the other readers' faces doesn't mean they don't have feelings and won't be hurt by rude comments. When you read something that you find silly, rude or insulting first assume that perhaps there is more to the post than you initially thought. Re-read it keeping in mind that tone and inflection is difficult to convey in written form. It may be that the person is attempting a joke or is exaggerating on purpose. It is best to politely request clarification before accusing someone being ignorant, a liar, or worse.

If after clarification you still disagree with the person then politely outline your points. Try to avoid name-calling or even implying insults wherever possible. These tactics generally only inflame a situation and lead to what are known as "Flame Wars." Whenever a flame war starts it usually ruins a perfectly good discussion. Others will lose interest in the thread and the discussion board in general if this kind of interchange is found here.

It also should go without saying that swearing, profanity, sexual references, etc. are strictly forbidden. This includes bypassing the swear filter in any way shape or form. If the filter stops you from posting a word then it's obviously not acceptable to post a slightly altered version of it. Remember that we have readers of all ages and both sexes. Please also consider the content of any pictures or links that you post here in this context. This goes for text in the images as well.

Rule 2: Stay on Topic
After reading and posting at WargamerAU for a while you may feel as though you have developed friendships with some, perhaps many, of the other posters and readers. This is probably one of the most rewarding parts of participating in a discussion area. It is only natural to occasionally want to share information with your friends that is "Off Topic" (i.e. not related to the subject matter of the forum you are in).

While it may at first seem harmless to post a bit off topic (OT) in an unrelated thread, it can become a slippery slope. If others join in on OT posts then soon everybody has sent the discussion threads on so many tangents that it is difficult to follow the original topic. Further, posting off topic essentially violates Rule #1. People come to the WargamerAU forums looking for information related to the hobby. It is not polite to post off topic frequently.

But never fear! The WargamerAU Off Topic forum is here to serve your OT needs. Use this area for discussions that aren't related to our other forums, but remember that these rules still apply - in particular, rules 1 & 3.

Rule 3: No Spam or Advertising
Spam refers to invasive, unsolicited information, commercial or otherwise. Posting advertisements for web pages, retailers or services is simply not acceptable. Non business or Sponsored web-sites are exempt from this, as are other information sites like WargamerAU. In addition, posting many repeat posts just to increase your post count or to generally be 'cute' is also inappropriate. All "spam" is a violation of Rule 2 and certainly Rule 1. Please also refer to Rule 9 (Commercial Posts). This also includes the mass posting of gaming events across multiple forums.

Rule 4: News, rumours and posting of rules
The posting of gaming-related news and rumours is something that we welcome. Everyone loves to hear what the next new release is going to be. However, the content of such posts should not contain any text from rulebooks or other copyrighted publications. Such an act is a breach of copyright law and can give the website a bad image in the eyes of people, something we want to avoid. In general, with rumours, please edit out any exact details.

By all means still post interesting info, but don't copy directly from the book: describe how it works in your own words. The same goes for rules discussions. While quoting a couple of lines to prove your case in a rules dispute is ok, wholesale posting of rules is not. Use your common sense, folks...

Rule 5: Signatures
Avatars and signatures are seen by almost all users on these forums. As such, there are some guidelines surrounding their use to ensure that they don't drown out the actual content in each thread.

At this point, a range of avatars are available through the Profile button at the top of the page. Remotely hosted avatar images should not be used. Support Members, Sponsors and Staff can also use Custom or Personal Avatars - a bonus for supporting this website. Please do not upload a custom avatar if you are not a Support member. Animated avatars are not allowed as they typically involve large files, and slow page-loading times for other users.

We ask that you do not include any images in your signature, even though the forum software allows you to include them. Signature images, offensive text and excessively long signatures may be removed at the discretion of the forum moderators. As a rough guide, 6-8 lines of text is fine - beyond this, you may be asked to shorten your signature.

Rule 6: Copying of miniatures and / or other items
While we are fairly relaxed at WAU, there is no tolerance for this practice. Copying of rules, software or miniatures (or anything else for that matter) is a breach of copyright and probably theft of Intellectual Property. Please do not post here asking questions like 'How do I cast GW miniatures?', 'Where can I find a copy of the XXX rulebook?' or 'Can anyone burn me a copy of XXX game?'. This includes any information specifically aimed at instructing people on how to copy or obtain copies of such items. Attempts to bypass this rule by being vague will still be viewed in the same way. So will notices about pirated products becoming available even if there are no explicit instructions on how or where to find them. Any such posts will be deleted and if the poster continues after that, well, see below..

Rule 7: Language
While we don't want to appear to be the grammar police and profanity has already been mentioned as forbidden, we want to keep the forums as clear as possible for people to read. As such we ask that people refrain from using 'leet-speak' or 'text-talk'. The same goes for messages that are completely in capital letters. In any case, the clearer your post is the more replies you are likely to get.

Rule 8: Multiple accounts
Multiple accounts are not permitted on WargamerAU, as they are typically used to sidestep posting bans, or to "anonymously" flame other members. If you currently have more than one account registered on WargamerAU, please contact an administrator to have excess accounts deleted. When discovered, additional accounts may be deleted without warning. Where these accounts are directly used to bypass banned accounts, ALL of that user's accounts may be deleted.

Rule 9: Commercial Posts
Please note that posts of a commercial nature (i.e. advertising) are not permitted on WargamerAU. This includes but is not limited to the following: Posting ads for gaming stores (physical or online) that are not WAU sponsors, posting ads for auctions or stores on eBay, offering painting or conversion services for hire or on-selling items that you made or bought in bulk.

This includes any form of advertising - posts, links, etc in threads or post signatures. WAU Sponsors have paid for the right to advertise freely on this website and it is their funds that help it keep running. We will defend that right. In a nutshell, if you are posting an item or service for sale to make a profit, it can be considered commercial. If you are interested in becoming a WargamerAU Sponsor please see this thread.

Rule 10: Advertising fundraisers for community events
Forum members may use WargamerAU to announce the launch of a fundraising activity such as a raffle or auction (where relevant to the WAU community) with a Gaming News & Rumours topic, but sales must be conducted off this site, and it must be made clear that WargamerAU takes no responsibility for the outcome or the integrity of the random draw.

We encourage any group intending to use a raffle or similar activity to carefully check their legal obligations first - these vary in each state, and you may require a licence or permit to run one. Make sure your permit covers you for selling to a national audience, as we have members from across the country and overseas.

Make your prize draw as transparent as possible: if you're connected to a public event, draw it there instead of just posting a winner online. If one person sells a bunch of tickets and gives the prize to their flatmate, that damages the trust the whole community places in any future events.

Ticket sales may not be solicited through the Buy/Swap/Sell area as that forum is for the sale of models, books and other physical items related to tabletop gaming. Other subforums on WargamerAU should not be used for any form of sales activity.

If you break the rules...
While we all have the best of intentions occasionally mistakes happen. Unfortunately there will be people who sometimes try to goad others into acting in a manner they would otherwise avoid. Many of us are very passionate about this hobby and can get on each other's nerves occasionally either by accident or on purpose. When this happens sometimes things are posted that are later regretted. This happens to the best of us, and with a quick apology you can usually repair any damage done.

In addition to the occasional loss of temper, there are a few folks out there who seem to enjoy causing trouble. They will post inappropriate information in various forums and make comments with intent to start flame wars, add spam, etc.

To keep such occurrences to a minimum WargamerAU has moderators who read the forums and try to keep things polite and on topic. If posts occur that break any of the above rules the moderators may take some or all of the following actions, often without warning:
  • Posts that are in the wrong forum (e.g. modelling questions in the News and Rumours) will be moved to the correct forum. If your post just disappeared DON'T PANIC! Check the other forums to see if it was moved.
  • Threads that get long because they have wandered off topic will be closed. People can still read the thread, however no new posts can be added. If you'd like to continue your ideas start a new thread with an appropriate title in the correct forum.
  • Posts that contain profanity, insults, blatant attempts at baiting a flame war, racial slurs, etc. will be edited or deleted. Repeatedly posting such comments may result in temporary or permanent suspension of posting privileges.
  • Occasionally whole threads may have to be deleted if they degenerate into a situation described above.
  • Spam posts (ads, attempts at attention, etc.) will be deleted on sight. Repeat offenders may receive temporary or permanent suspension of posting privileges.
...that posting on this forum (or any Internet forum, for that matter) is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT. Please treat it that way. If your posts are removed due to one of the issues outlined above do not be offended or take it personally. Evaluate what you posted and think about why it might have been removed. If you have any questions as to why your post was deleted or you lost posting rights please feel free to e-mail any questions or personal message any of the Admin team...

Please note that the WargamerAU forum rules are subject to change at any time. Minor changes (rewording guidelines, examples, etc) will generally not be flagged, however, any major changes will be brought to your attention by new posts in this thread.
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post Nov 21 2004, 07:55 AM
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What to do if you read a post that you think breaks one of these rules..

On occasion, you will come across a post that you think breaks one of the WAU rules, most likely rule #1.

In the past, people have sent a PM to a moderator about the post. This new version of the forums has an automated system for doing this.

If you look at the bottom left hand corner of any post, there is a small blue button with the word '!REPORT'. Pressing this will send a message to the moderators (with a link to this specific thread) that is effectively a 'complaint'. If you do feel the need to report a post please make a note in the thread to say you have done so - that way there aren't 100 reports coming through on the same post.

IPB Image
The button

Once you have hit the button it will ask you to 'enter your report'. This is where you can type a brief description on why you are reporting the post. Once you have finished that you simply click 'submit report' to send it off to the Moderators.

As a result, please only use the panic button system if you really feel that it is warranted. Deliberate misuse of this system will have consequences.

While the WAU staff do their best to monitor the forums they don't always see every infringement of the rules. If you see something that you find offensive please use the report button to bring it to our attention.

In the same vein we do our best to be even-handed when dealing with infringements. Sometimes the difference simply comes down to how the person reacts to us. If you 'fess up and apologize you're more likely to just get a warning. You come back at us with vitriol and abuse and you're more likely to get banned..

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post Dec 3 2013, 09:14 PM
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Updated on 3/12/13 to add Rule Zero.

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