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Full Version: How to make a wargaming table?
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I want to build a 6ft x 4ft wargaming table, can anyone offer some suggestion about how to do this?

What sort of wood should I use, ply, mdf, chipboard?
Did you by chance perform a search on the forums for tables?

Desert Table
Ice/Snow Table
Forest Table
Ultimate Gaming Table/Cabinet

Just a couple of Tables I have made and posted, but there are many others I am sure.

Thanks, i'm actually more interested in how to build the table itself, e.g. materials, construction techniques etc.

Just the table part (not the legs).
My method is quite unorthadox.

*is at Bunnings for some reason*
"Eh might as well look at wood."
*sees extremely cheap 6x4 board of about-right thickness*
*buys, nails onto old table set of legs*

If you're REALLY fancy you might want to *gasp* paint it first.

((On a more serious note, I've never gotten the whole foam craze, the stuff is aweful the cut, gets stuff EVERYWHERE, and I've never bothered to find out what to seal it with. As such, the landscaping on the board I'm making is large rough chunks of foam with a thick layer of gyprock cement plastery stuff on it, which is nice and easy to shape when you put on, then simply sand back. Nice and hard.)
Hapless Peon
I'm currently building one on the cheap made from a real-estate sign. Those big fibre-board ones with the wooden framing on the back. Got it for free and after counter-sinking the screw heads and giving a coat of poly-filla for the holes I have given it a coat of black-board paint.

Voila, hard wearing gaming surface for less than $20.

Otherwise MDF with timber bracing is a good bet.
I just use a very sharp craft knife to cut foam (I have a hot-wire cutter, but it needs some more wire and I can never get around to the mate who has a coil of it (15 metres or so) to get more.) - the snap-off blade type.

If it starts to rip (not cut) then the blade is blunt and needs changing).
Haven't had a snowstorm in the backyard for quite a while this way.

Seal with plaster filler (for hills). Smooth and sand and paint.
Foam glues readily with liquid nails - to all kinds of things.
Captain Rossco
I used ply, make sure you get thick enough so it does flex too much.
I have two sets of free standing legs, like saw horses.
that way it is easy to set up and pack away, also the board is desert theme on one side.
Desert :PVA -> Sand -> highlighted with spray paint -> sealed with a can of clear spray
The other side is blank but am planning to paint and maybe flock for a jungle theme.
What about like legs or something?
any idea where I could get some foldable legs
might actually make a table myself if i could get foldable legs
Captain Rossco
I went to revolve to get all the stuff for my table. revolve=tip shop
No one is going to stop you from turning in circles if you want to smile.gif
With very little experience in wood work I managed to build this a while back - the secret is planning.

IPB Image
I took a different route with this and built a 2 piece table overlay instead - using 2 pieces of 3ft x 4ft MDF I built a timber footprint under each and added some long bolts to the footprint to join them together using a washer and wingnut. I had documented this as a diary but it vanished at some point. I've still got all the posts in a TXT file I think - I should repost it.
I've used a folding table, pick them up from bunnings or Aldi or go-lo etc, then I got a 8x4 ply board from bunnings (which I got them to cut down into 3x4 ply), that sits on top of the folding table.
Paint the ply, sand it or what ever you want. Easy, cheap and able to be put away when not in use
Mr Peon
I have got 2 sections of 2x3 ply and got some hinges and made a foldable table. It takes up less room and if you put the hinges down when you unfold it its not an issue. In hindsight I might have gone with thicker Ply but my bunnings was a bit low on options
Blackhearts Reaver
Will the table have to be packed up or can it stay where it is?

If it is permenant, just get a 16mm ply top and put on what ever stuff will get it to the right hieght. Perhaps try your local shipping companies/concretors that might use Thick ply as packing or formwork = cheaper but might require a bit more cleaning/lokking to find a good one....

If it is to travel or be packed up :

get 12mm MDF (paint several layers to make it water resistant.(green one side and grey/sandy the other) and buy one of the bunnings cheap fold tables(about 70cmx150cm?($48)when on special...
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