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Full Version: new years eve bash
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throwing a bit of a bonfire drinking session for new years if anyone wants to come along and get your drink on.

Cheers Richy
Just FYI guys.. this shindig has been called off.

Big fella isn't well, and looks like he'll be spending the new years in hospital..

Anyhoo - Get well soon Richy, we'll tee up games when you're patched up again. smile.gif

definately need to tee up some games soon. I currently haven.t lost a game of 8th ed yet... Ten points to whoever guesses how many i've played. :s
Get well soon big fella.
Damn, sorry to hear you're poorly big guy, hope you're feeling better soon.

Shame too, I was looking forward to sinking some beers and maybe rolling a dice or two sad.gif

Have to catch up with all a you's soon for some dogcon practice.
So what did every one get up to anyways me I got to watch all the pretty fireworks from the 6th floor of the hospital. Mind you I was off my face on morphine which made the night a bit better. I can't say I kicked back and enjoyed some cold beers but I did do some drugs. Lol so tell ya story

Cheers Richy
do you still want us to call you richie now you've had the op, or would you prefer something more feminine?
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