Hi All,

names josh diffey, I'm the president of the Battle Bunker Gaming Club in Northcote. I came up to Ballarat on the weekend to play at Downfall and had a great time. With some dice going my way I was able to pick up 1st place.

The Battle Bunker Gaming Club are holding a non comp tourney called Battle Bunker Crash 2 on Saturday the 25th of June. All the details can be found under the BBC forum under VIC tourneys. We had a great turn out last time round, and it would be great to see more people again this time round.

The players get to vote for the missions out of a mission pack, and we have some more traditional ones available, and some crazy ones, what will people votre for... armata_PDT_05.gif

Its a one dayer on a saturday, so should make it a little easier for those who would be travelling.

Come on over to the BBC forum and check it out